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Full text of "A glossary of Cornish names, ancient and modern, local, family, personal, &c.: 20,000 Celtic and other names, now or formerly in use in Cornwall:"

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With derivations and significations, for the most part conjectural, suggestive and 

tentative of many, and lists of unexplained names about which 

information is solicited. 


Rev. JOHN BANNISTER . LL.D., Vicar of St. Day. 

" Si quid novisti reotius istis 
Candidua imperti ; si non, his utere mecum. 


14, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London; and 20, South Frederick Street, 

Edinburgh ; 

J. R. NETHERTON, 7, Lemon Street, Truro. 
Price in Cloth, Twelve Shillings, 


Entered at Stationers' Hall. 




B.W.G. Master of 




This attempt to illustrate the Nomenclature of the 

"First, Last, and Best County in England," 

and to shew how much of the old and but recently extinct Vernacular is still 
preserved in 


Those of Towns, Villages, Hamlets, Hundreds, Parishes, Manors, Estates, Farms, 
Tenements, Fields, Moors, Mines, Hills, Headlands, Rocks, Rivers, Streams, 
Coves, Camps, Tinbounds, Fishermen's-marks, &c. ; 


Both ancient and modern, native and foreign, territorial, local and official, 
patronymics, sobriquets, &c. ; 


Those found on the ancient Inscribed Stones of the County ; the Patron Saints of the 

several Parishes and extinct Chapelries ; manumitted Celtic Serfs in the 

Bodmin Gospels, their Saxon Manumitters and Witnesses ; 

Tenants in Domesday, &c., &c.; 

by giving 

the various meanings that have been assigned to many of these, and the authorities 

for the same ; conjectural derivations and teutative renderings of 

others ; lists of unexplained names, &c., &c. ; 


Is BY Permission dedicated by his obedient and obliged servant and beotheb, 

JOHN BANNISTER, P.M. TreguUow, 1006, 

P.P.G. Chaplain of CoHNWALi. 

Vicarage, St. Day, Cornwall, Feb. 25, 1871. 


Introductory and Supplementary to 

The Glossary of Cornish Names, 

By the same Author, 






Hints and Helps Solicited. 


rpHE close of the 18th century witnessed the final extinction, as a spoken language, 
-■- of the old Celtic vernacular of Cornwall. Dolly Pentreath, who died in 1788, has 
had the credit of being the last person who could talk and scold in this tongue ; but 
William Bodenner, who died about the year 1794, at a very advanced age (102, the 
same as Dolly Pentreath's), could " converse with old Dolly," and " talked with her for 
hours together in Cornish"; so says the historian, Polwhele*; and further he says f of 
Tomson, " a native of Truro, an engineer or maker of engines for the use of mines," 
who, as well as he knew, might be alive when he wrote, " he knows more, I believe, of 
the Cornish language than the old lady, whom he celebrated, ever knew." " I met him 
at Plymouth Dock " (now Devonport) "in 1789; the old man, hearing my name an- 
nounced, saluted me instantly with the motto of my family," Karenza wlielas karenza, 
love worketh love. 

The only known literary remains of the old language are very meagre. They are 
the following + : "Mount Calvary," a poem of little more than 2000 lines, of the 15th 
century ; five miracle plays (Guaremirs) or dramas — three, " The Origin of the World," 
The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ," and " The Eesurrection, with the Death of 
Pilate," of about the same date — one dated 1611, " The Creation of the World, with 
Noah's Flood," — and another dated 1504, " The Life of St. Mereadocus, Bishop and 
Confessor," discovered in 1869, by Mr. Wynne, among his manuscripts in the Peniarth 
library ; a Vocabulary of the language as it was spoken about the 10th or 11th century || ; 
another Vocabulary, § with the corresponding Welsh, Armoric and Irish words, col- 
lected by the learned Edward Lhuyd, at the beginning of the last century, when the 
language was fast dying out ; a Grammar by the same with a Preface in Cornish, of 
the language as it was spoken in his day ; he also gives us an old " Tale " ; and, 
"An Elegy on the death of William the Third," of his own composing. There 
are also two or three versions of the first chapter of Genesis, the Creed, the 

* " Language, Literature, and Literary Chaiacters of Cornwall," p. 19. tit)., p. 43. 

t "The Ancient Cornish Drama, edited and translated by Mr. Edwin Norris," v. 2, p. 437 ; Preface to 
" Lexicon Cornu-Britannicum, a Dictionary of the ancient Celtic language of Cornwall, in which the 
words are elucidated by copious examples from the Cornish works now remaining, with translations in 
English, and synonyms from the cognate dialects of Welsh, Armoric, GaeUc, and Manx," by the Rev. 
R. Williams, of Rhydycroesau ; " Chips from a German Workshop," by Professor Max Muller, v. 3, p. 268. 

II " Vocabularium Latiuo-Cambricum," British Museum, Bibl. Cotton., Vespasian. A 14. printed as it 

written, by Zeuss in his " Grammatica Celtica," p. 1100 ; and by Mr. Norris arranged alphabetically, &c., 

in his" Drama," V. 2, p. 319. t *v 

§" A comparative Vocabulary of the Original Languages of Britain and Ireland," Title II of hi* 
Aichseologia. In Title I, " Comparative Etymology," there are also long lists of Cornish words. 

Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments ; • a pastoral song ; another on the curing 
of pilchards ; many proverbs, wise saws, and riddles ; some colloquies and colloquial 
phrases ; a few mottoes on the coats of arms of the old families, and epitaphs ; a letter 
written in 1776 by William Bodenner ; and a few other small trifles.f 

But though these are the only known literary remains, they are not the only rem- 
nants of the old tongue. Scawen, writing about two centuries ago, says, " The Cornish 
tongue hath mostly resided for some ages past in the names of the people, the gentry 
chiefly (?), and in the names of places observed to be significant mostly as to the site, 
(fee, or for something eminent about them. "J The discovery of a meaning of these 
names in the old language, which would fit the places, has long been a favoiorite pursuit 
with the antiquary ; Camden in his Britannia, Carew in his Survey, Norden in his 
Speculum, (i.e. Mirror), Scawen in his Dissertation, Hals, Tonkin, Polwhele, Hitchina 
and Drew, Davies Gilbert, Sir John Maclean, and others, in their Parochial and Family 
Histories, Baxter in his Glossarium, Lhuyd and Pryce in their Aa-chaeologia, Bor- 
lase in his Antiquities and Natural History, Whitaker in his Cathedral, Blight, Murray, 
Black, Besley, &c., in their Guides or Handbooks, and many others in various works 
and papers on the peculiarities of the county, have thus given translations of many 
hundreds of these names, some good, some bad ; some right, but perhaps more wrong. 

The first aim of the compiler of the following work was to collect together as many 
as possible of the names which had thus been translated. He then saw that tha^ 
analogy of these, assistance that he might expect || from various parts of the CountyJ 
a knowledge of the old language, and some acquaintance with its kindred dialects,' 
would enable him to give fair and reasonable explanations of many other names. He 
proceeded to collect these names from the histories, gazeteers, and directories of the 
county ; from old deeds and other documents ; from maps § and plans ; from newspapers 

* To be found at the end of Davies Gilbert's " Mount Calvaxy " and " Creation," and of WiUiams's 

t Most of these minor pieces may be seen at the end of Pryce's " Axchseologia " ; Davies GUbert'g 
"Mount Calvary," <fcc. ; and in the Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, No 5, p. 7. Amongst 
others Mr. Davies GUbert gives "A protestation of the Bishops in Britain to Augustine the monk, th» 
Pope's legate in the year 600 after Cluist " ! ! a piece of not twenty words. Bodenner's letter is given in 
" Archseologia," v. 5, p. S3, and an extract in Mr Sandys' " Specimens of Cornish Provincial Dialect." 
Boson's song on the curing of pilchards is in the .loui-nal R.I.C., No 5, p. 14. Mr. WUliams gives a cor- 
rected version of the Creed, Lord's Prayer, Ten Commandments, and First Chapter of Genesis at the end 
of his Lexicon. He is also prepaiing for publication the " Life of St. Mereadocus." 

t Davies Gilbert's " Parocliial History," v. 4, p. 209. 

II That the compUer was right in his expectations, the list of authorities, references, abbreviations, it'o.,, 
p. 207, will prove ; and he desires to express his best thanks, not only to those whose names are there given,: 
but also to the many others who have rendered him assistance, some of whom have desired that thelK 
names might not be published, and as a consequence, when he has agreed with their views, he has noti 
distinguished their renderings from his own, except it may be by the omission of a ?, the m ark of imcertainty.i 
Among his helpers he can reckon dignitaries of the church, and members of both houses of parliament ; 
learned professora at the universities, parsons, and methodist preachers, both roimders and local; doctors, 
and lawyere, and land surveyors ; officers of the army aud navy, and members of the society of fiiends j 
national schoolmastei-s, and registrars of births and deaths ; mine agents and minei-s ; master mailuers 
and fishermen. The following notice of the Glo-ssai-y in the Western Daily Mercury, almost too flattering 
to be republished by the compiler, shews well how these and others can help. "To criticise adequately 
Buch a work as this would demand an acquaintance with its subject-matter as great as Dr. Bannister him- 
self possesses, and to this not even the omniscience of a journalist would pretend. But to make surigestiona 
cu to the correct rendering nf special words is icithin the province of any native of the district, and'we can 
hardly recommend Cornishmen with a little leisure a more graceful employment, than thus helijing Dr. 
Bannister in his illustration of their county's history." By such help, in some cases, crude guesses at the 
meaning of the n.imes have been turned into correct renderings. 

§ More especially MartjTis', 1748, &c. In these, and the Index he published, which was afterwards re- 
published by the late Rev W. WaUis of Bodmin, the names are most accurately spelt ; and a reference to 
these will generally shew in what parish in the county the more important places, the names of which are 
given in the Glossary, are found. 


and bills of sale ; and lastly from the Tithe Apportionments of the several parishes. 
These last have proved a most prolific source, but at the same time a very puzzling one. 
Here, in many parishes, every field has its distinctive name ; and, more particularly in 
the western parts of the county, many of these are decidedly Celtic ; some so cor- 
rectly spelt that it can«at once be said what the derivation is (i.e. what words enter into 
their composition), and what is the plain meaning of the names. But in a far greater 
number of cases it requires a familiarity with the general Celtic nomenclature of the 
county to enable one to see in the badly spelt name, resemblance to any known words ; 
and often they have been so distorted from the fair, simple, rational meaning that they 
bore in the Celtic, that they appear to be common English names with a frivolous, 
foolish, absurd meaning. In giving these and other names in his Glossary, the com- 
piler has not attempted to correct the spelling,* so as to make the meaning he supposes 
the names ought to bear more evident. In every case, as often as seemed necessary, 
he has given in italics {luithin parenthesis) the Celtic words, generally in their primary 
I form, which he supposes have entered into the composition of the name. Very often, 
I in consequence of the grammatical laws of initial mutation, f common to all Celtic 
languages, and still oftener, from there being no fixed orthography for the Cornish 
branch, and the utter ignorance of the language by the surveyors, who wrote down the 
names of the fields, and the labourers and farmers who told them the names, |j names 
that perhaps had never been written or spelt before, there may seem to be little re- 
semblance between the supposed roots and the name ; and hence it has often been 
said, by a little manipulation you can make a name mean anything j'ou like : vowels go 
for nothing, and the consonants f may be changed for any other. But this is not the 
case ; as, notwithstanding a great amount of latitude that is allowed, there are certain 
fixed canons, which must be attended to, and which limit the range of conjecture. 

What has just been said with regard to field names, given in comparatively recent 
times, and which, to those who gave the fields the names by which they are called in the 
Tithe Apportionments, were scarcely proper names at all, but common appelatives, 
descriptive, in their vernacular, of " their scite on high or low ground, their relative 
situations," J their shape, particular trees growing in them, their produce — wheat, 
barley, <tc., or derived from the animals feeding in them, or birds frequenting them, 
some event that happened in them, or some former owner or occupier, is true of other 
names. Those who first wrote them down were probably ignorant of the language in 
which they were significant ; and those who pronounced the names commonly had no 
idea of their etymology, || and could neither write nor spell ; so that the scribes had to 

* It is possible that the spelling, though bad, may lead another to a better derivation and meaning 
than the compiler has been able to discover. 

t In all languages letters of the same organs are liable to be mutually interchanged, often according to 
the caprice of individual pronunciation ; but in the Celtic languages this is done by fixed grammatical rule, 
e.g. ire, a dwelling, becomes in certain cases dre, drea, but could not become, as Dr Charnock in the preface 
to his Patronymica Cornu-Britannica, p, xii, says it does, fra, fre, free, frea, &c. ; d is a dental, / a labial, 
and they are not thus interchanged ; but 6 in brea, bre, a hill, is a labial, and therefore this word assimiea 
these latter forms in certain cases when entering into the composition of proper names 

X Polwhele's " Histoiy of Cornwall," vol 1, p 166. 

II Tonkin, writing to Gwavas, 1736, a sort of dedication to his Cornish Vocabulary, the manuscript oi 
which came into Dr. Pryce's hands, and, as he acknowledges, was largely used by him, says, " I may add too, 
that very few of those who speak the language, can give any tolerable account of the orthography, much 
less of the etymology or derivation of those words which they make use of, and are many times apt to 


\frite and spell according to their several ideas of propriety, or individual fancy 
caprice, as well as they could catch the names from their ignorant informers, who also 
might differ among themselves in their pronunciation of the same names' or words, 
thus introducing another element of discord and diflEiculty. 

Some may say, such being the case, where is the good of attempting to recover 
the meaning of a host of "uncouth," "barbarous" * names of places, &c., of which 
very few persons ever heard, and still fewer care. With much to encourage him in his 
long and arduous task, the compiler has had many discouragements ; and his endeavours 
have been spoken of as hopeless and useless. He himself thinks otherwise. Within 
the last one hundred years, a language or dialect believed by some once " to have been 
spoken throughout the central and southern divisions of England by the original in- 
habitants, "f has died a natural death, and every effort ought to be made to preserve 
what little remains of it. Even with regard to proper names, permanent as they may 
seem, they are liable to be changed or lost. Within two miles of the place where this 
is written are villages now known as Higher and Lower Cusgarne. Not a hundred 
years ago they were Cusgarne Wartha and Wollas ; the meaning of Wartha and Wollas 
is now unknown to everyone in the two villages. In the same way, many of the field- 
names in the Tithe Apportionments, made forty years ago, have been changed ; though 
in some cases the English name, substituted for the old Celtic one, has much the same 
signification as the latter, the tenant having been guided by the same peculiarities of 
the field as his predecessor; but ask him about the field by its old name, and he will 
not know which it is. Hence the importance of at once collecting together these old ': 
names, while some of those still live who made the sui-veys for the Tithe Apportion- 
ments, or who gave these persons the names they entered on their plans, &c. 

In the opinion of the compiler, old personal names, the names of individuals, 

oTti^ yZlre'S'er/to*^f^fr; I^^T^ ''"*°°f °"^^°^ ^^' *^°' ^^^Y Vronov^ce them rightly enough . 
one to^at^^ ?f it h!fl hi ^ f^^l ^o^e "^stances, as in merastadu, which they thus pronounce in 

^God and ancientl^ttPri,^''^' ^^T^n'* ^ ^ contraction of four, ^uor 'ras tha Dew, much thanS 
,m.^ ' n aJ^P'^JJtiy ^™t.en, maur gras Ilia Deu ; and merastawkv, much thanks to vou a contraction of 

p^f ;"ft."pSe;-p^SSm •"'"™"'' ''''' '" "^'^^ " ^-^ ^'^'^y Prince Lo'4\C;n'Cap^r ^ 
''more'^:pT.S^^^)Erglh*'ram^^^^^^ '""V^ ^''^^,' J^^ Comishmen, who prefe^-red the 

^ Karn e quiden, pol pen henna ; Praes an bygle, vellan vrane 

Treg a varah ; treeu, chi kembra, Amal veer, drul as, tre neere, 

ire j,i w.iircn parK m skeba, Dnm. be jowa ; crouse en vra 

Ches, tre ge. then ;ambejuah, Kille ankar, been, trem baS:» 

Professor Max MUller speaking of the language says ("Chips," v 3 n 257> "It Beems tn T,o, v 
melodioiLs an.l yet by no means an effeminate lan^age and Sciwen ninrp, 4 ,t. thtfT ^J^^^^ ^een a 
of the other Celtic dialects :-' Cornish,' he savs ' k not to h«tntT,!v.^ ]^ ""^R^"^ ""^"^^ most 

most part is, nor mutteringly, a. the Armox^^k ' r.^^fh^ningiras tfe^'rir 7whth' VolT'"" 'T *« 

«... t Advertisement of a "Gerlevar Cemewac," ?.e Cornish Word-Ronk in mo i,,. +i, n 

TsB ""'th' .^{'ydycroe^au, which he pubUshed or rather oomplet Aav^ pre^oify^ublishrd na^^ 

1865, as the " Lexicon Cornu-Britaunicum " ; see p. v, Note j' ^ y " i^uaij- puoiisnea part, m 

enter largely into the composition of Cornish local names. In all ages and countries, 
persons have been in the habit of calling their lands and their houses after their own 
names, or others have so called them. There are not many ancient purely Cornish 
personal names extant as such, but there are very many Welsh, Armoric, and Gaelic 
s. The reason of the difference is plain ; while these languages have very ancient 
records, poems, legends, histories,* fee, there are no very ancient Cornish writings, no 
ancient history of Cornwall, and not many references to it in the histories of other 
30untries. In Domesday Survey we have the names of tenants, both in the Conqueror's 
own time, and in the time of Edwardjthe Confessor ; but nearly all these are plainly 
Teutonic, and, with a recognized meaning in the Anglo-Saxon tongue, which will be 
generally found given in the following pages ; and these names, Teutonic though they 
are, very often are found suffixed to the Celtic Tre-, Ros-, Pol-, Lan-,Caer-, and Pen-, as 
well as prefixed to the Teuton -ford, -ley, -ham, and -ton, in names of j^laces in Cornwall. 
Older than Domesday are the records of manumissions in the Bodmin Gospels. f In 
hese, while the manumitters and witnesses bore for the most part Teutonic names 
of the same character as those in Domesday, and used in like manner, many of the serfs 
manumitted have names, so peculiar, that they are at once seen to have their origin 
from another, and altogether different, language. Some of these are very similar to 
those found in the genuine ancient Welsh genealogies and other writings, and they 
are, without any doubt, pure Celtic, though badly spelt by Anglo-Saxon scribes. But 
while there are a few here, that may be possibly thus identified, very numerous are 
the instances in which the suffixes in local names are the same, or nearly the same, as 
those old Welsh and other Celtic personal names ; and the compiler has not hesitated 
to use them in explaining the Cornish names of places. Many of the ancient inscribed 
stones of the county also bear similar names ; and the saints, whose names enter into 
the composition of the names of parishes, have names closely resembling those found 
in Wales, Brittany, and Ireland. What the meaning of many of these is, the compiler 
cannot say ; others may be able to suggest a meaning, and so trace out remnants of the 
language that have escaped him. Doubtless many of these names are not indigenous, 
but adopted, with certain variations, from the nomenclature of other people, introduced 
by foreign merchants and immigi'ants. Christian missionaries, or Eoman and other 
conquerors ; but where they are indigenous, taking their rise in the land, given by the 
people themselves from their native language, they will commonly be' found significant 
in the vernacular, as the others are in the tongues whence they are derived. 

* Contrast the meagre remains of Cornish literature, enumerated on page v., with the account Mr. 
M. Arnold gives in his essays " On the study of Celtic literature," in the " Cornhill Magazine " for 1S66. — 
The Myrvyrian manuscripts (Welsh) in the British Museum amount to 47 volumes of poetry, containing 
4,700 pieces, in 1,600 pages, besides 2,000 Englynion, or epigrammatic stanzas ; and 53 volumes of prose, 
in about 15,300 pages. In the librai-y of Trinity College, DubUn, and in that of the Irish Academy, there 
is, according to Professor O'Curry, even a greater number of Irish manuscripts. There are the Book 
of the Dun Cow, the Book of Leinster, the Book of Ballymote, the Speckled Book, the Book of Leain, itc, 
<fec. The Annals of the Four Masters give the years of the foundations and destructions of ch\u-ches and 
castles, the obituai-ies of remarkable personages, the inaugurations of kings, the battles of chiefs, the 
contests of clans, the ages of bards, abbots, bishops, &c. There are books of pedigi-ees and genealogies, 
mai-tyi'ologies, and festologies, and topographical tracts, in which we touch the most ancient traditions, 
traditions which were committed to writing, when the ancient customs of the people were unbroken. We 
get the origin and history of the countless monuments of Ireland, of the ruined church and tower, the 
sculptiired cross, the holy well, and the commemorative name of almost every townland and parish in the 
whole island. Such materials are invaluable in the study of nomenclature, and they have been made 
good use of by Mr Joyce in his excellent work on " The Origin and History of Irish Names of Places." 
Such helps, alas ! are altogether wanting in ComwaU. 
t See B.m. on page 207. 

A greater variety of family names or surnames exists in Cornwall than in any 
other county; for, in addition to the common ones found in all parts of England, espe- 
cially patronymics, there are many names that are peculiarly Cornish. Some of these 
are the Celtic equivalents of common English ones, which are found in Cornwall side 
by side with them, and are derived from that infinite variety of sources that have 
given rise to surnames, such as trade, occupation, rank, profession, natural tempera- 
ment, bodily peculiarity, animals, birds, trees, &c. But others, and these more easilyi 
recognized as Cornish, are the local names beginning with the well-known prefixes 
" Tre, Bos, Pol, Lan, Caer, and Pen," by which, as Camden says, "You may know the' 
most Cornish men." Not that persons bearing such family names are the most numer- 
ous in Cornwall, they are far outnumbered by those who have simple patronymics • 
but these are the most distinctly and peculiarly Cornish names; and persons bearing! 
such names, wherever found, may, as a rule, but not without many exceptions, be con- 
sidered as from Cornwall, i.e., taking their name from some place in Cornwall, whether 
their ancestors, who first had the name, were originally Cornish, or only Anglo-Saxon,. 
Norman, or other settlers, connected with the place whence the name was taken, by' 
ownership or otherwise. Many however of these local family names have been so- 
altered, through ignorance, or caprice in spelling, that one cannot say positively, in 
the absence of documentary evidence, whence they were originally derived, and they 
may be referred to several places as their possible source. 

In conclusion, the compiler would apologize for the many irregularities and inac- 
curacies, mistakes and misfits that he knows exist in the Glossary He must plead in 
extenuation of these, want of experience in the art of book-making ; the nature of his 
undertaking, something like a first attempt to recover a lost language ; and the length 
of time the work has been passing through the press.* It is more than six years since 
it was announced as shortly to be published, and subscriptions solicited to enable him 
to bring out his book, a work of immense labour, but one, in which, from its nature, 
bt^t few could be expected to take any interest. He has at intervals published parts of 
the book, to show the progress he was making, excite and keep up an interest in the 
siibject, and obtain hints and help. He has never wished it to be supposed that he 
considers himself to have succeeded in discovering or recovering the original, and there-, 
fore the correct, rendering of all, or even most of the namest he has attempted to' 

* It might be thought that the length of time the work has been in hand ought to have made the 
result more perfect. The compiler has constantly been adding to his materials, and seeking fresh infor- 
mation, by communication i\-ith persons in all parts of the county, correspondence in the public papers, 
and lecturing in various towns lie has again and again had to modify his views as to the meaning 
of words and names ; and now after being so long occupied with this, he feels less inclined to speak con- 
fidently with regard to many of the names, than he did when he began to publish nearly three yeai-s ao-o 
He has been blamed for giving so many and so different meanings to the same names ; but where authori- 
ties are given, he thought it best that each writer should be heard, and where no authority is mentioned 
the names seemed to him fairly to admit of these varied renderings ; and he would say as E Lhuyd 
formerly said, " Eligat lector quod maximfe placet." It is possible, too, that as the same names occur over 
and over again, in various parts of the county, the different derivations and meanings may fit different 
pl.aces. It is the same with proper names, as Professor M tiller says it is with other words, while one word 
miiy, by a varied process of corniption, assume different forms, widely different words may by the same 
means, assume the same form ' 

t Many of the names in the Glossary, to which a conjectural derivation, often little better than a 
guess, has been given, might rather have been relegated to the Lists of Unexplained Names ■ and the 
compiler thinks, if he had to do his work over again, he should now so do ; but at the time he was 
influenced by the feeling that led Lhuyd to write his Cornish Grammar. In his preface he says, " I know 
very well that the inhabitants could have done this work much better than is done by me. ' But yet I 
considered, that H irnn better to give aome sort of help, than no help at all, and likewise that this poor work 
of mine might induce another to begin a good one." 

xplain. The number of notes of interrogation (??), marks of doubt, and also the 
'arious renderings he has given of the same names, shew this. It would require a 
auch better acquaintance with the history, traditions, and peculiarities of so many 
amilies and places than is attainable, to speak with certainty of their true derivation 
,nd real original meaning. He wishes his renderings, &c to be considered for the most 
»art as conjectural — tentative, and suggestive. He courts correction, and would be 
bliged by anyone pointing out tnistakes and misjits with regard to their own names, or 
he names of places in their owai neighbourhood ; and to scholars living in other 
ountries, where not only a Celtic nomenclature prevails, but also a Celtic language is 
itill spoken, if, from the analogy of their own nomenclature, they would point out -what 
nay seem to them more probable meanings of these names in Cornwall. It is possible 
hat these latter persons may see in the many names found in Cornwall, which are in 
he Glossary characterized as Teutonic, a Celtic derivation;* and also that the general 
philologist may detect in many of the names, especially in those in the lists of Unex- 
plained Names, traces of other languages, and proofs of various theories that have 
)een propounded as to a Semitic or Turanian element. The compiler does not at 
present enter into a discussion on these points. Whilst giving the best explanation he 
ould of the apparently non-Celtic names, referring them to what appeared to him their 
)roper languages, his chief aim has been to shew how much of the old Celtic vernac- 
ilar appears to be still preserved in the current nomenclature of the county. 

* Dr. Sti-atton, in Ms interesting little work on the "Celtic Origin of Greek and Latin," gives the 
_„eltic roots of many classical proper names ; but, W. ObermiUlei in his " Deutsch-Keltisches GeshichtUch 
jeogiapisches Worterbuch," goes much beyond this : reversing the plan followed by the Rev. W. Lysons 
n liis " British Ancestoi-s" and holding that the Celt was the precursor of civilization everywhere, and 
;hB univei-sal nomenclator of the world, he gives Celtic derivations not only for the names of nvers, cities, 
Dro\iuces. peoples and persons belonging to the Aiyan ftimily in Europe and Asia, but also to the Tura- 
lian in China, and the Semitic in North Afi-ica and Pidestiue ; and has a Celtic derivation even for the 
sacred, incommunicable and Lnefiable name 
of the incomprehensible, self-existent, all-creative, omnipotent, omnipresent, 
eternal and immortal Most High God, 

m n ^ 

POSTSCRIPT.— Unexplained Names.— Page i;>3.— It was intended, as is intimated at the foot of 
page 192, to have had inserted after the Glcssary, the third and foui-th pages of the wrappers of Parts I 
to IV on which were given the names the compiler had met in his researches, but for which he could not 
at the time give a reasonable conjectural rendering. He has, however, been pereuaded to reprint these 
names, and has added many others which he has since foimd in the Tithe Apportionments of the parishes 
referred to in the number put after the name, the key to which will be found in the list, page xu. He 
solicits assistance from persons connected with the places, to enable Mm, if possible, to get at the true 
derivation and meaning of these names, and to trace in them any relics of the old vernacular. To some 
of these persons many of the names mav seem to require no explanation ; but, it may be otherwise with 
those who have not the knowledge they themselves possess of local Mstoi-y, traditions, peculiaiities, 
'usages idioms, &c , and therefoie it may be desirable that explanations should be given. Some of the 
names, doubtless, are plain English, "meamug what they say ;" and either, given with some definite 
reason, or are mere " fancy names," or, "called after some other place " But, on the other hand, some 
of these apparently English names may be modifications of good old Celtic words, disguised by bad orthn- 
graphy, or changed by the " metamoi-phic process" common in aU "countries where two languages comem 
contact with each other, and where, in the end, one is superseded by the other." (Max M., Chip.% v. iii., 
p 300) Some again may be the result of mistakes, either from the imperfect pronimciation of those who 
gave the names to the surveyors, or fi-om the difficulty tliese foiiud in catcMng the sound, or m spelling 
names that never before had been spelt ; or they may arisen fiom their own mistokes m copj-ing 
from " rough notes," or are misprints. As a cousequence many may Vie of little v;due. However, it has 
been thought desirable to give all. Thev will serve to iUustrate the nomencl.atui-e of the county m a way 
that has never before been attempted, and those who may follow the compUer, in the same held of i.hi- 
lological research, wiU be saved the immense labom- he has had in amassing and arrangmg them. The 
names explained in the Glossary wiU enable any one to see a probable, possibly the conect, meaning of 
many of these Unexiilained names. 

A LIST of the 208 Ancient Parishes wholly or in part in the Countt or Archdeaconry of Cornwall, 
Ai-rauged and numbered so as to shew their relative situation, east and west, beginning with the Isles o 
Scilly and going from the Land's End towards Devonshire ;— 1-12 are as far west as Penzance ■ 13-68 as fai 
we3t a.s Truro ; 28-35 in the Meueage or Lizard district ; 69-114 as far west as Bodmin ; and' 137-208 an 
beyond the Umit laid down by Mr. Herman Merivale, in his Historical Studies, as the boundary between 
Celt and Saxon. 
1 Isles of Scilly, (S. Mary's; Trescoj S. Martins; Bryher; S. Agnes). 2 Sennen. 3 S. 
Levan. 4 S. Just in Penwith, (Pendeen). 5 Buryan. 6 Morvah. 7 Sancreed. 
8 Madron, (Penzance, S. Mary's and S. Paul). 9 Paul, (Newlyn Bast). 10 Zennor. 
11 Gulval. 12 Towednack. 13 S. Ives, (Halsetown). 14 Uny Lelant. 15 Ludgvan. 
16 S. Hilary, (Marazion; S. Michael's Mount). 17 Perranuthnoe. 18 Breage, (Godol- 
phin). 19 Sithney, (Porthleven). 20 Germoe. 21 St. Erth. 22 Phillack, fS. El- 
wyn, Hayle). 23 Gwythian. 24 Camborne, (Treslothau ; Penponds). 25 Givinear. 
26 Crowan. 27 Wendi-on, (Helston ; Carnmenellis). 28 Gunwalloe. 29 Mullion. 
30 Landewednack. 31 Grade. 32 Euan Minor. 33 Ruan Major. 34 Cury. 35 Maw- 
gan in Meneage. 36 S. Martin's in Meneage. 37 S. Keverne. 38 Manaccan. 39 S. 
Anthony in Meneage. 40 Constantine. 41 Maionan 42 Budock. 43 Falmouth. 
(Penwerris). 44 Mate. 45 Stithians. 46 S. Uny, Eedruth, (Treleigh). 47 Illoganj 
(Tuckingmill ; Trevenson or Pool; Portreath). 48 S. Agnes, (Mount Hawke), 
49 Gwennap, (S.Day; Lannarth). 50 Kemvyn, (Chacewater; S. Johns and S. Georges. 
Truro ; Tregavethan). 51 Kea, (Baldhu). 52 Perranworthal. 53 Gluvias, (Penryn),' 
54 Mylor, (Flushing). 55 Feock, (Devoran). 56 S. Anthony in Roseland. 57 S. Justi 
in Koseland, (S. Mawes). 58 Gerrans. 59 Philleigh. 60 S. Michael Penkivel} 
61 Lamorran. 62 Merther. 63 S. Clements, (S Paul's, Truro) 64 S. Maiy's, Truro. 
65 S. Erme. 66 S. Allen. 67 Perranzabuloe, (Mithian; Perranporth). 68 'CubertJ 
69 Crantock. 70 Neivlyn East. 71 Ladock. 72 Probus. 73 Cornel/y. 74 Euan! 
Lanihorne. 75 Veryan. 76 S. Michael Carhayes. 77 Cu6i/, (Tregony, S. James).; 
78 Goran. 79 Mevagissey. 80 S. Eive. 81 Creed, (Grampound). 82 <S. Stephens in{ 
Brannell. 83 S. Enoder, (Michell). 84 Colan. 85 S. Columb Minor, (Newquay).! 
86 S. Columb Major. 87 Mawgan in Pydar. 88 S. Eval. 89 S. Ervan. 90 S. Merryn.l 
91 Padstow. 92 Little Petherick. 93 S. Issey. 94 S. Breock, (Wadebridge) 95 S,: 
Wenn. 96 fVithiel. 97 S. Dennis. 98 Roche. 99 S. Mewan. 100 S. Austell 
(Pentewan; Charlestown; Treverbyn). 101 S. Blazey. 102 Luxulyaii. 103 Ty-i 
wardreath; (Par;Tregaminion). 104 Fowey. 105 S Sampson o;- Golant 106 La n- 
livery. 107 Lostwithiel. 108 Laniret. 109 Lanhydrock. 110 Bodmin. Ill E^los- 
hayle 112 S. Minver, (S Enoder; Porthilly). 113 Endellion. 114 S. Kew. 115 S 
Mabyn. 116 S. Tudy. 117 Helland. 118 Cardinham. 119 S. Winnow (S 
Nighton's). 120 S. Veep. 121 Lauteglos by Fowey. 122 LansaUos, (Polperro)' 
123 TaUand. 124 Pelynt. 125 Lanreath. 126 Duloe. 127 Boconnoc. 128 Bruaduak 
129 S. Pinnock. 130 Warleggan. 131 Temple. 132 Blisland. 133 S. Breward or Simon- 
ward. 134 Michaelstow. 135 S. Teath. 136 Tintagel. 137 Trevalga. 1 38 For- i 
rabury. 139 Minster. 140 Lanteglos by Camelford. 141 Advent. 142 Lesnewth. 
143 Davidstow. 144 S. Clether. 145 Alternon, (Holventor). 146 S. Neot's 147 S 
Cleer. 148 Liskeard, (Dobwalls). 149 S. Keyn. 150 Menheniot. 15i Morval" 
152 S., Martin's, (East and West Looe). 153 S. Germans, (Tideford; Hessenford) 
154 Sheviock. 155 S. Emey. 156 Landrake. 157 Quethiock. 158 S. Ive 159 Lin- 
kinhorne. 160 Northill. 161 Lewannick. 162 Trewen. 163 Laneast. 164 Tre- 
neglos. 165Warbstow. 166 Otterham. 167 S. Juliot. \6Q S. Gennns 169 Poimd- 
stock. 110 Marhamchurch. 171 Stratton, (Budej. 172 PoughHl. IIZ Kilkawpton 
174 Morwenstow. 175 Launcells. 176 §Bridgerule. 177 Jacobstow. 178 Week S 
Mary. 179 Whitstone. 180 N. Tamerton. 181 Tresmere. 182 Tremaine. 183 Eslos- 
kerry. 184 *N. Petherwin. 185 Boyton. 186 *Werrington. 187 S Stephens bv 
Launceston, (Newport). 188 S. Thomas the Apostle, Launceston. 189 S Mary 
Magdalene, Launceston. 190 South Petherwin. 191 Lawhitton. 192 Lezant 
193 Stoke Climsland. 194 5om/^j7/. 195 Callington. 196 Calstock, (Gunnislake) 197 s" 
Mellion. 198 Pillaton. 199 S. Dominick. 200 Botusfleming. 201 Landulph 202 s' 
Stephens by (saltashj. 203 Antony East, (Torpoint). 204 S. John. 205 Rame 
(Eddystone). 206 \ Maker. 207 §S. Budeaux. 208 *S Giles in the Heath. 
* Marks the parishes in the County of Devon but Archdeaconry of Cornwall ; t a parish nartlv in 
Devonshire but wholly in the Archdeaconry of Cornwall ; § parishes partly in the County but not iu tha 
Archdeaconry of Cornwall. See also p. 207.— The Tithe Apportionments of the Pai-ishes in iU.U,Th-Zl 
not yet been examined ; the loan of these is solicited. The places within parenthesis are towns new 
parishes, or chapebries, now or formerly, w)h>i1v or in part, dependant on the ancient parish mth which 
they are here joined. 



Continued from Page 200. 

Tenements, Estates, &c.-Coose Mr. 163, Cope H. 114, Copper Thorn J60, 
Copple Stone Heath 139, Corgorland 151, Corks 110, Cothouse 10, Cotislost 92 Cottys 
Point 67, Couches Folly 114, Counse 1, Courlands 119, Court Place 111 -Toll 40, Cow- 
bridge 106, -ders 202, -dery Bridge 184, -land 65, -lisborough 169 -Sutton 167, Cox 67, 
-Burrow 100, Crabbe Walls 197, Crabtree 110, Cracketton 168, Craft 102, Crastis 119, 
Cray- or Creathoru 169, Crebinack 101, Creeken 71, Creeps 202, Crefle 153 Cresars 8, 
CrevalB, Cribbrick 75, Cribinnick 1, Criffle 150, Crig-miuTian 59, -toll 91, Cnll 42, 
Crimble Passage 206, Cripples Ease 14, Croft-a 95, -hole 154, CroswoUa 27, Crowbridge 
106, Crowders House in the Ball 20, Crowns 33, -Zawn 4, Crow-pound 144 -snest 47, 
Crumple Horn 122, Crylla 148, Cuddle Eock 1, Cullendi-aft 75, Culver-hole 1, -lake 190, 
Cumbletor 202, Cur-gell 102, -gotha 82, Cusveorth 51, Cyprus P. 189, Dalsou lo9, 
Dark Lane 86, Darleyford 159, Dassell 174, Daws-Hugo Lizard, -lands 192, Daycombe 
75, Deacons 132, Deary 80, Deep Hatches 145, Deers 193, Delank to«s Demains 74 
Demeans or Dimeans 106, Dengle 87, Dennabowl 160, Deright 147, Diddis 171, Diddy 
Lake 144, Dighouse 193, DiUand 179, Dimma 177, Dimson 196, Dmnerdake 158, 
Dipper 179, Dobriggo 67, Dolgas t.h. 48, Dollys 37, Donniton o Durreton 31, Down- 
athan 112, -Rose 136, Dranna Point 37, Dregennes Common 144, Dribbles 132, Di la- 
viUe 135, Drissels Rock 67, Drocombe 189, Drugletts 132, Drump 46, Ducks Pool 200, 
Dussard 185, Dutchmans Carne 1, Dymlank 133, Dysart 168, Eanes-manen & -triven 
7, East-coombe 122, -Cott 180, -Hay 175, -Heal 177, -Lawns 160, -ros 133, Egens 
Warra 175, EUdown 174, Elmgate 202, Empacombe 206, Endsleighs 100, Enescayen 
97, Enquhe the way 157, Ex-mill 190, -well 159, Faby 28, Farewel Lane 1.2 Fella- 
more 158, Fellover 133, Feltrick 47, Fine Apple 200, Fishes 171, Flanders 168, Flea- 
hill 173, -trap 49, Folly 114, Fox-Holt Cliff 113, -Tor 145, -Water 173, Fral an g, 
Franchise Lizard, Freewater 72, Frel 27, Frightens 16, Frogapit 183, Frosswell 184, 
Frost P. 187, Frowder 29, Furland 125, Fursnap 158, Fuzlow 157, Fuzzoe Chzow tb 

II, Camper Rock 3, Gan-nick or enick 1, Ganniornick 1, Ganoak 193, Garhdinma 27, 
Gazza 57, Geen Mill 72, Gew Skerton Bottom Kynance, Gibraltar 176, GiUy Bold 203, 
Gillhayl91, Gilstone 1, Gimble Forth 1, Gimbletts 164, Gists 171, Glubhole 160, 
Gnatham 193, Godarick Wood 17s, Golden Ball 1, Gomghter 74, Gonowrias 82, Good- 
man's Farthing 191, The Goose rocfc 69, Goreggan 1, Gravelings 114, &regland98, 
Grent Torfrey 105, Greystone 157, Gribbes Mill 45, Grinnaw, rocks Mount s Bay, Gue- 
thens Brass rocks 2, Gulcellars 4, Gutterages rocks 1, Gwallanmayn 36, Gwarthandiea 35, 
Hadvs 157. Halgineck 185, Hallworthy 143, Hammetts 171, Handoran 88 Hardeuf-as, 
-ast 198, HardowDi.wns 189, Hard to come by 85, Har-dlewis, -lewis ,.c//^ 1, Harll 18b, 
Harrowbiidge H. 144, Harsdon 153, Hatches 196, Hats 1, Haycommons 189, Hajda 178, 
Haycrock 94, Haygomme 28, Hay well 153, Hella point, 3 Hellacanoe 24 Hellgelders 

III, Hellweathers 1, Helstone Water 51, Hemmick 78, HenderguUmg 123, Hento on 
148, Hengeys 28, Hennard 136, Hensall Cove 30, Hensvissen 82, Herdstand 173, Hether 
Butts 113, Hervon 32, Hitherlands 193, Hodgland 145, Hoe Ditch 19 Hogs Cross 187 
Holdavit, 184, Holecoombe 148, Holestrow Kynance, HoUabury 172, HoUacoombe 150, 
Holla-, Horle-french 180, Holland 125, Hollyvage 161, Hopewell 1 6. 48 Hopwell 157, 
Horn Hill 136, Hot Point 30, House-1, -hole 30, Howard 171, Huas 80 Hurlas Rock 
37, Inasidgenl, Indian Queens ?, Industry 160, Innisvouls 1, Inow 40, Ivyleat 172, 
Jackford 189. The Jay roc/: 37, Jericho 21, Jews-Piece 1, -\n atering T,uro River Jillmg 
the Tinker 168, JoUows 138, Joppa21, Joy Rocks 37, Jump 141 Justing Place 202, 
Jutsworth 202, Kamplo 34, Kann-ap -or -ep 27, Kanes Thorn 179 Keeper Corner 1, 
Kellan Head 113, Kellecough 111, Kelsters 51, Kensey nver, Kerpit 90, Kernack Cove 
47, Kesworthv 184, Kewberr -ie, -is 51, KiUednan 35, Killewad-den 12 I-ilso'iie Hs 
Kinsom 119, Kingbath 120, King-lets 135, -ole 120, -sand 205, -ford Bridge 184 -slaiid 
206, -smiU 201, -s Palace 100, -swood 118, Kistle Morris 37, Kittern 1, Kitter Vale i. 
Kit Worm 132, Knagat 119, Knaggery 119, Knaland Point 100, Knap roc/c Plymoutli 
Sou.d, Knapmelake 165, Kurkunuwan 46, Lady Vale 118, Laerenton 149, Lamelgate 
147, Lan-agath, -egarth 50, Land-avissick 132, -J^on^^ ^^ Lane-end 98, ^head 140 
Lanet 108, Lan-, Lar-, Las-senwith 45, Lanvons 51, Lape 50 Lark-Bill 144, -Holes 
147 Lawley 18, Lay-hayes 118, -Mill H. 159, Lazingey 8, Lea Zawn 4, Lead Pool 

Lizard, Lean Ham 145, Leatlaud 147, Lean pe re Numphra 4, Leathern Bridge 144 
Leball W. 118, Leburnick 191, Leconnoes Plantation 118, Lecrenton 149, Ledgeree 18, 
Leddra Castle Bellau 10, Leeches 114, Leech Pool Lizard, Leedstown 26, Leficick 99, 
Leg Brake 158, Legereath 18, Leighs Ash 177, Lamallyn 101, Lamanna 34, Lemeers 
57, Lemelgate 147, Lenondams Haldron 10, Lentevern Well 1, Lentj'on 105, Leonards 
H. 1(59, Lenty ("rock 115, Le-phesant, -fesant80, Leperry 108,LesceaYe 18,Lesneague37, 
Lestraines 40, Leth-as, -egas Seven stones 1, Letheriug Bottle 139, Letterage Wood 177, 
Levalra 80, Levals -cus, -us, -oe 80?, Lewham 191, Leymill 159, Lezingy Bound 8, 
Lickham 171, Liftetha 148, Linamoor 169, Lions Den 2, Litter 163, Little-Beside 49, 
-between 50, -Bridge 176, -Comfoi-t 192, -Hay 148, -Regarded 50, -Worth 115, Linstone 
171, Lizowes Point 78, Load-ia, -ja heach 8, Lobber Rock 113, Lock-engate, -ing Gate 
102, Lock-et and -ington 193, Loggans 22, Lombard 121, Long-Bridge 11, -carne 140, 
-coombe 122, -cove 90, -Downs 44, -Island 137, -land 169, -lane 62, -ridge 159, -Bock 
11, -ships 4, -Stone 5, Lon -or Lun-singarth 63, Loskeyle 116, Loste Goonlase t.b. 48, 
Lower-hill 177, -Lake 58, -Stock 126, Lucies 30, Ludgy 53, Luitreth ledge 1, Lunoy 
160, Lye Rock 136, Mad-ers, -us 194, Maetail 29, Maer 172, Malledgan 1, Mallacorn 37, 
Malloorn 34, Mark Rock 1, Marrowbone 47, Maxe 1, Meacbard rock 138, Mean-dell 37, 
-dower 4, -es 138, -Pearne 40, -s 140, -Talc Point 29, Mearfield 193, Meggs 175, Meigh 
108, Mejuggam 114, Meliackwartha 84, Melluke 169, Men-ardew 45, -dennick 204, Meor 
27, Meres 29, Merlin Retarrick 87, Merope Rocks 90, Merra H. 20, Mertha 123, Mesne 
Ground Wood 156, Middle Hampt 193, Midlanes 110, Millaton 159, Mill-endrem 153, 
-ewarne 34, -ford 182, -ham 119, -hook 169, -mehall 37, -Zawn 4. Mineer 100, Missick 
Point Truro River, Molom Inn 140, Molsters 193, Montvill 116, Moor-gate 141, -swater 
148, -s Washford 198, Moruick 194, Morwelham 196, Mots Hole 168, Mount- Ambrose 46, 
-Carbiss46, -Edgecumbe 206, -Flaggon 1, -Halmont 27, -Horam 133, -Joy 84, -Pleasant 
41, -Racket 40, -Rattle 72, -shire 186, -Tallant 14, -Todden 1, Murs 114, Music Water 
89, Nackaby Carn 1, Nafrego 29, Nanceddan 47, Nancent 94, Nancenturies 63, Narrada 
144, Narrow Zawn 4, Napps 144, Navax Point 23, NecoUa 70, Negibga 27, Nellar 147, 
Nenna 71, Nescot 184, Nether-bridge 186, -cott 179, Neviges 1, New-acott 176, -Bridge 
195, -churches 187, -coombe 194, -Ground 110, -hams 160, -man 1, Newel Tor 147, 
News Rock 1, Ney Downs 169, Nigh Tor 100, Nine Maidens 27, -sisters 95, -stones 100, 
Ninnis Hobnoham 50, Nodden 150, Nogist 133, Norbruns 140, Nornour 1, Northern 
Door rock 168, Nossingtons 136, Nub/.m. 123, Nullo ], Nundeeps 1, Nur-tho, o. -cho 1, 
Nut Rock 1, Nympha Bank Land's Eyid, Nyvrane 37, Old-Living Badarlick 183, -Man 1, 
-Whit 184, Wrack 1, Olders Farm 142, Orchard Marries 178, Orehats f.m. 123, Ormill 
198, Oxford 124, Pabeer 78, Pa-ise, -se 1, Pampeluna 44, Parbola 25', Parloe 54. Pa- 
therrow 10, Peathick 152, Peduathi-as, -s, -se 1, Peekwater 122, Pegdon 173, Pelageuna 
147, Pelborder 198, Penadgy 1, Penbole 114, Penbow 35, Pencrowd 150, Peuderlath 12. 
Penfoot 190, Peuhale Jakes 18, Pensidon 121, Pensinger 199, P&thins 160, Petticoat 
Lane 180, Pevally 138, Pick Comer 83. Piddic 196, Pidney Brown 1. Pigs Parks 110, 
Pilmgarrow 114, Pimligo 117, Piuchla P. 118, Pips-hill or -well 174, Pittacies 175, 
Plain Street 112, Playing or Plain Place 57, Plash Mill 159, Plem -min, -ming 11, 
Pol-chanterel Water (?), -dory 49, -egne 124, -inick 190, -keeres 123, -garrowll4.— 
For continuation see Page 203. 

Domesday. — Arganlis, Argentel, Bentewoin, Betnecote, Bewintone, Bochenod or 
Botchenod, Borge, Botcinii. Botchatuuo, Brocclesbeorge, Cabulian, Cariahoil, 
Dovenot, Egloshos, Elent, Elil, Ermeuhen (e), Ghivaile, Gloeret, Heli, Herminhen 
(e.), Karsalan, Lancharet, Lanchehoc, Landelech, Landicle, Lanehoc, Lantloha, 
Lavredoch, Lisnestoch, Melledham, Nanchert, Nantuat («. Namteciat), Odenol, Pen- 
nadelwan, Peret (c. Pedretj. — F<tr continuation see Page 205. 

Domesday Tenants. — Aluiet, Chitel, Uorgeret, Edzi, Haemar, Haeche, Merken. 
Inscribed Stones.— Alroron 101, Glotuali 22, Icdinus 8, Isnioc 63. Morgratti 22 — 
For continuation see Page 205. 

Bodmin Manumissions. — Aedoc (s.), Adoyi-e («>.), Artaca {w ), Cili-sri or -fri, Diuset 
(s.), Glowmoed [s.], Gluiucen (.s.), Gua-dret, -ithrit [iv.), Guenguin (s.), Guennercen (.«.), 
Guenneret {s.), Guentunet (s.), Gurcantcest («.), Gurcenor (s.), Gurheter [s ), Gurient 
(s.), Guruaret (s.), Heneriat (.5.), Hincomhal, Hresmen (w.), Iliuth («.), Inaprost («.), 
Inisian {s.), Judhent, Lecem («■.), Lethelt, Loc or Loi («.), Macoss {w.), Macurth [w.), 
M»illoc.(i.), Madsuth (.s.). Medguistil [f.s.), .Vledhuil (./.«.), Methwiustel (.«.), Meore , 
C/'.i.j, Milian {w.), Modred, Morh-atho, -aeththo. -sedo, -aytho, -ith {w.), Moriw, Ogiircen ! 
{$.), Osian (u».), Ousduythal (.s ;. — For continuation see Page 205. 

Family Names.* — Addi-cat, -cot, -son; Agnew, Ailes, Aitken, Akenbead, Alban, 
Mdridge, A"Lee, Alford, Alger, Allauson, Allicott, AUig, Allin, Allport, Alms, Alsyn, 
\.merdyther. Amice, Amory, Amwelle, Amy, Aueray, Augel, An-gelly, -giloy ; Auglesea, 
iiiicar, Anson, Auterson, Anthony, Aiapleton, Arcedekne, Ardelle, Arewood, Armstrong, 
yrues, Arnoutin, Ai-undell, Ash-born, -ford; Atkins, Aty, Audley, Anger, • Aumarle, 
Vuney, Anre, Aust-tn, -yn ; Axworthy, Aylworth, Aymaud. Ayshton, Babbage, Badyng, 
Sagh, Bail-ey, -ie, -y, -lisbury ; Bakes, Bale, Ball, Bal-abam, -san, -som, -sdon ; Ban- 
)ury, -dry, -dyn, -field, -om ; Banks, Baukart, Bant, Barclay, Bard, Barentin, Bari- 
soat, Bark-ell, -la, -ley ; Barlow, Barnby, Bar-on, -ron, -ons ; Barrabill, Barry, Barsow, 
Barter, Bart-le, -ley; Bast-ard, -in, -ian, -ion; Buswednack, Bat-ershill, -eshull, -teshnll, 
tison, -ton ; Bather, Batting, Baivdry, Bayb-ey, -is ; Baynard, Bayth, Bazeley, Beaden, 
Beamish, Bealmeis, Beunbulk, Bed-dard, -doe, -dow, -egree, -ford; Begech, Behanua, 
Behaven, Bel-champ, -etede ; Bell, Bell-amy, -ingham, -man, -ringer, -ot, -ton ; Bem- 
■ose, Ben-ne,- -ney, -nett, -netts, -oy, -son; Bern-ard, -bury; Berri-ball, -man; Berson, 
Bessake, Bestall, Bet-ard, -euson; Bett-any, -esworth, -ie, -ies, -ison, -ons, -ringer; 
Bevant, Bevetto, Beueli, Bevil, Beyle, Bickerleg, Biddick, Bigglestone, Bilkey, Bin-den, 
es; Birch, Birkhead, Bisc-oe, -ow ; Bissicks, Bisthop, Blacker, -ler, -pole, -ney, -well; 
Blamey, Blanchminster, Blanuing, Blasinpain, Blatch-ford, -ley; Blitch-ford, -ley; 
Blekennock, Bleukinsop, Bletsho, Blew-ett, -etts ; Bloom-er, -field; Blowey, Blu-at, 
ett ; Blundell, Bloy-e, -on, -owe, -ye; Blunt, Boa-s, -z ; Bobb-et, -ot ; JBociinj^an, 
Bod-carme, -cuike, -dey, -dy, -ecastle, -elsgate, -enck, -gener, -inel, -kin, -leat, -mer, rig/iam, 
rugon, -ymel ; Bogg-an, -ans, -ons, -as, -is ; Bohay, Boileaux, Boisragon, Bol-and, -land, 
eigh, -igh, -len, -t, -ytho ; Bond, Bon-etto, -ifant, -ithan, -man, -ny, -nyman, -ser, 
thron, -ythorn ; Boon, Boot, Booth, Bor-aston, -den, -deny, -dinner, -chard, -ehard, 
las, -mas, -row, -rough, -thy; Bos-anker, -cathnoe, -euse, -inneij, -kea, -metherick, -per, 
varthick, -veal, -warthick, -waydel, -wellick ; Bothell, Botr-all, -eux ; Bott, Boucher, 
Bouges, Bouhard, Boul-den, -der, -derson, -dry, -ger, -t ; Boun-d, -dy, -sail ; Bourchier, 
3ov-ey, -ill ; Bow-cher, -er, -Ies, -man, -se ; Box, Boyeer, Boyle, Boyne, Boynes, Brad 
in, -yn; Bracey, Brad-hurst, -shaw, -y; Bragg, Bra-imer, -mer; Brak-gysh, -kish; 
Bram-ble, -well ; Branch, Bran-di-eth. -ton, -tons, -well ; Braun-d, -ton ; Brealey, Bree, 
Bree-kin, -n; Bregnan, Brentyngham, Brereton, Brestow, Brew-eter, -ster; Brice, 
Bricknell, Briddon, Bridges, -man; Brigh-t, -ton; Brim-acombe, -macombe, -macorn ; 
Briutou, Brit-nall, -ton ; Broad, -lick, -ley ; Brock, -hill, -man ; Brodrigan, Brogden, 
Broke, Brokenshar, Brokenshaw, Brokenshir, Brokenshire, Brokenshow, Bromell, 
Brom-ley, -ond; Bron, Brood, Brook-iugs, -s, -sbauk; Brooming, Bros, Brougham, Broun, 
Brown, -field, -ing; Browse, Bru-ere, -er ; Bruu-sham, -ton ; Bru-res, -yn ; Brush; 
Brj-an; Buck, -ett, -ingham, -nam, -nail, -nell, -ston, -thought, -well; Bucton, Budd, 
el ; Budeauxhead, Budok, Builder, Buglehole, Bulford, Bull, -cock, -ivan, -un ; Bunk 
ing, -um; Buuney, Bunster, Bunt, Burchell, Bur-den, -eil, -gan, -gon, -wood; Burgh, 
Burke, BiTrn-and, -ard. -bury, -er, -erd, -ett, -ey ; Burr-al, -idge, -ow, -ows ; Burt, -on ; 
Bus-combe, kay, -kin, -sail, -scowen, -ustow, -vargus, -well; Bush, -ell ; But-cher, -ler, 
lin, -son, -ters, -terworth, -ton ; Buxton, Buzon, Buzza, Byamj)re, Byestecolomp, Byle, 
3ad-dy, -y, -well; Caeron, Caesar, Calf, Call-agan, -ard, -away, -ey, -ick, -mady ; Cal-way, 
woodley ; Camul, Cann-iford, -ing, -on ; Canter, Cantik, Capelayn, Caprust, Car-ah, 
ahayes, -bery, -berry, -bines, -binis, -hurra, -bj'on, -d, -dell, -devile, -geege, -inthen, 
leton, -Han, -na, -nail, -nhal, -rah, -rel, -rew, -rey, rio, -rivick, -row, -ru, -ry, -ruthers, 
slegh, -swell, -ter, -vail, -vill, -y, -yhaes ; Cnsnbom, Case, -boume, -ley ; Cash, Cas-ley, 
sell, -tine ; Catch-er, -jireist ; Cater, Cattell, Caunter, Caurie, Caus-e, -se ; Cauthern, 
Dav-al, -all, -anagh, -ill ; Cawadley, Cawdell, Cawrse, Cawse, Caynges, Cayzer, Cecely, 
T-eeley, Cennick, Cerhis, Ceriseaux, Cernick, Chacepore, Chadwick. Chaiutley, Chal-ers, 
ey, -law, -m, -mers, -on; Chamb erlain, -ers, -ron; Cham-ond, -pernoon, -peruon, -pion ; 
3han, Chanceaux, Channing, -on; Chap-ell, -lin, -man, -pell, -pelayne; Chard, Charke, 

* The names in Italics have not been foiind in, or connected with Cornwall, ty the compUer ; they 
ire given on the authority of Dr. Charnock's '' Patronymica Cornu-Britaniiica," in wliich there are some 
,600 names. A review of this book in the "West Briton" of July 7th, 1870, says "Many of these n.ames 
ire altogether new to us, and we do not believe they were ever in use in the county." The compiler 
vould not speak so positively. Many a Cornishman has wondered where he has picked up his 20,000 
lames. Doubtless some of his, as well as Dr. Charnock's, are the result of bad spelling, affected ortho- 
fraphy, arbitrary change, or even misprints ; and persons bearing some of the names may have been only 
)fficially, or accidentally, connected with the county. 

Charles, Charlton, Chasepore, Chatten, Chaumond, Che-ffers, -gin, -gwidder, -mhall 
-mall, -nhalls, -tmell, -nock, -nnock, -noweth, -rlew, -Yerton, -ynalls ; Ches-ter, -well 
Chi-dley, -gwidden, -Icott, -Ids, -n, -ng, -ner, -nery, -noweth, -pman, -sley, -ttock, -val 
Her, -valliers, -vel, -veil; Cho-lwill, -ne, -unens,-wne, -owns; Christ-oe, -opher; Chubb 
Chudleigh, Church, Churke, Chygwyn, -ke, -mmowe, -nk, -noweth, -vals ; Cithared 
Clackworthy, Clamo, Clar-ges, -"idge, -k, -ke ; Clatworthy, Clay, -pole, -ton; Clegg 
Clem-euce, -mow, -o, -oes, -oor ; Clen-ick, -soe ; Cleverton, Clift, Climo, Clin-ch 
-nack ; Cloake, Cloen, Clogg, Cloke, Clouter, Clo-wberry, -berry ; Clushbecke, Clyes 
Clym-a, -o; Coak-er, -es ; Coant, Coast, Cobbeldick, Cobham, Cobon, Cock, -ing 
-worthy, -s ; Codd, Code, Cog-worthy, Cok-er, -yn; Gol-a., -burn, -eford, -ense, -euso 
-ensoe, -es, -eshill, -Ian, -lard, -lect, -leton, -lick, -lier, -ling, -lings, -lins, -liver, -man 
-mer, -nay, -pit, -well, -will, -yn ; Comb-ellack, -rigg ; Gom-erford, -merford, -ming 
-mins, -man, -mons, -plin ; Con-dor, -derow, -dray, -dura, -gdon, -ner, -ning, -ock 
-norton, -or, -way ; Coo-e, -ch, -che, -k, -ke, -kworthy ; Coo-m,-mbe, -me, -pe, -per, -t, -ze 
Cop-elin, -p, -pen, -pin, -plestoue ; Cor-am, -ant, -by, -c, -clew, -field, -en, -in, -ington. 
-ton, -k, -khill, -/yer, -lyon, -nbm-gh, -nelius, -nellow, -nish, -now, -rah, -rdy, -teis, 
-vyens, -y, -yton, -yn ; Cos-bey, -by, -grave, -sa, -sentine, -tine, -way, -worth ; Cou-1 
-lam, -mbe, -rtice, -rts, -sins ; Cov-en, -in, -er, -erdale, -erthorne ; Cow-ard, -d, -1, -lin. 
-ling, -lins, -Istock ; Coy-nte, -sgarne, -thmore; Cox, Crabb, Cracherode, Crad-dock, -ick; 
Crag-e, -o, -gs; Crahart, Craise, Crake, Crang, Crart, Crashdoor, Cravarth, Craveigh, 
Crawling, Cre-agk, -ak, -ba, -bo, -ber, -eper, -ckledene, -ech, -eke, -gan, -geen, -goe, 
-llis, -per, -sa, -stowe, -ws ; Crid-dle, -land, Crigan, Cripps, Croc-hard, -kard, -ken; 
Crogg-in, -on; Crofts, Croker, Cromwell, Crook, Croome, Cropp, Cross, -antine, -man; 
Crothers, Crou-ch, -gey, -th ; Crow-e, -1, -ley, -nem ; Cruse, Crutchley, Cruves, Cryffle, 
C170I, Cudlipp, Cuer, Culling, Cum-bellac, -ing, -mins ; Cun-dor, -nick, Cur-ganven, 
-genwen, -le, -ra, -rah, -ry, -ris, -teis, -teys, -ties, -tis, -toys, -y; Cus-den, -din, -wath, -wyn; 
Cut-tel, -ecliffe, -till, -tofre ; Cyrson, Dabern-oun, -on ; Dacon, Dadd-a, -ow ; Dag-ell,: 
-g, -worthy ; Dal-by, -ly, -phin, -ton ; Dale, D'Alneto, D'Alton, Dame, Dan, -caster, -gar, 
-iell, -iels, -nan, -ny, -t, -vers ; Dar-by, -ell, -rant, -t, -ton ; Dash, Daubuz, Daunt, 
Dav-ey, -ie, -y, -ies, -is; Daw-barn, -ning, -son; Day, -man, -men, Dea-con, -ly, son; 
Debett, De Cant, Decoy, Decker, Deimans, Dell, -ridge ; Demble, Denn, Den- band, -high, 
-ham; -ithorne, -ison, -isel, -isly, -nis, -ny, -nyngton, -ton, -zjV ,- Derueford, Derr;c/f, 
Deson, Dev-any, -onshire ; Devyock, Dewrant, Dick, -son ; Dighton, Dilleu, Dimond, 
Din-ch, -ely, -gley, -gleys, -ner, -nes, -nis, Dir-a, -daunt ; Ditton, Dixon, Dobree, 
Dobson, Doc-at, -ton, -kton, -kin; Dodge, Dogge-t, -tt; Dol-ben, -Iman, -man; Dom- 
mett, Don-aid, -es, -ey, -ney, -nithorne, -y; Doogood, Dor-mar, -mer, -rington, -wick; 
Dow-ding, -er, -erick, -laing, -rick; Down, -e, -ey, -ing, -hault; Doyle, Doyloy, Doyn 
-ell, -gell ; Drain, Drewry, DriseoU, Drown, Dryden, Duance, Duckham, Dudley, Duff, 
Dug-dale, -gar; Dunn, Dun-calf, -gay, -kin, -ning; Duppen, Dure, Durham, Durnford, 
Dust-ing, -ow; Dy-ala, -mond, -nrust, -nstone, -sart, -son; Ead, Earle, Earnell, East 
-brook, -cott, -lake, -man, -mead; Eathorne, Ebbott, Eccless, Ede, -n, -vean, -veain, -y; 
Edge-cumbe, -rs ; Edmonds, Edsall, Edwards, Edy, -vane, -veain; Egar, Egbert, Eggins,- 
Eggo, Eglington, Eihrid, Eldridge, Elford, Elias, Ellary, Ellio-t, -tt ; Elson, Elvins,^ 
Elwin, Ely, Emans, Emidy, Eng-land, -lish ; Ercedekne, Erskine, Eryugton, Escudi-i 
fer, Espi-akelin, Estorun, Euren, Eusti-ce, -s ; Eva, Evel-combe, -eighs, -yu; Ever ett,r 
-son, -y; Evil, Ex-elby, -ton; Eykyn, Eyres, Eyst, Eyte, Fac-ey. -y; Fair-child,! 
-weather; Fal-cke, -k; Fan-ce, -ning, -shawe, -stone; Fare, Farr, Far-ley, -mer/ 
-naby, -quharson, -rell, -thing ; Fatta, Fauckner, FauU, Favihild, Fawlyns, Fawn-hop, 
-hope; Fayrer, Fas;-aw, -on; Fell, -enoweth ; Fenwick, Fermack, Ferrill, Fes-ant, -tas, 
-ting; Fid-dian, -ick, -ock; Field, Finch, -er; Pinter, Finn-amore, -emore; Firrel, Fish, 
-er; Fissaere, Fithian, Fitz-e, -Gerald, -Eichard, -Rogonis, -Smith; Flavell, Fled, Flete, 
Fletcher, Fliggard, Flindell, Fiynn, Foard, Foggit, Fol-ey, -ly ; Fonerau, !■ ookes, Foote, 
For-esight, -rester, -far, -saith, -sett, -ster ; Fouyer, Fow-ler, -nes ; Fox-well, -worthy ; 
Franc-es, -is, -h ; Fra-ser, -zer, -zier, -than, -wne ; Fre-athy, -deriek, -eman, -ethy, -they, 
-ize, mewan, -wartha ; French, Frend, Frere, Fricker, Fridge, Friend, -ship ; Frig-gen, 
-gens, -nis ; Fruren, Fugler, Fulford, Fur-long, -medge, -neaux, -ye, Furse, -brook ; 
Fynneux, Gadgcumbe, Gal-dsworthy, -sworthy, -gey; Gale, Galy, Gandi, Gar-ry, -tarell, 
•trell, -y ; Gashry, Gav-ed, -id ; Gawman, Gayry, Geady, Gechard, Geddey, Gedge, 
Geer, -e ; Geffrie, Gentil, George, Ger-amandy, -man, -nigan, -ningham, -veys ; Gevers, 
Gew-en, -ett, Geyre, Gibson, Gichard, Giles, Gillet, Gimblett, Gist, Glading, Glasson, 

(jllazc, Glemham, Glissan, Gluas, -^<is ; God-man, Gogay, Gold-iiey, smith, -son ; Goley, 
omersale, Good-fellow, -land; Goiicb, Goude, Govt, -ley, lly; Gowf-yd, -man; 
_ oyn-e, -es, -s ; Gran-ger, -gey ; Graves. Gray, Green. -wood; Greeves, Grenge, Gren- 
ieli. Grew, Grey, -nfelde ; Grieve, Gribb-eu, -ens, -le ; Grig, -er; Grills, Grimaldi, 
Crimes. Groub, Grove, Groves, Growdon, Grub, Gryke, Gnuvlry, Gryllo, Guavas, 
jubs, Guillez, GuUick, Gum. Gumma, -oe ; Gunn, Guppy, Gur ney, -tyboys ; Gushry, 
theridge, Gwa irnick, -rnack, -vis ; Gwe-ator, -ric/f ; Gwiu, -un ; Gwy-n, -un, -une, 
ther; Gyans, Hage, n; Hai, -le, -mes ; Hall-ep, -op; Hal my, -uwick, -y; Ham-bly, 
blen, -blyn, -elye, -ley, -ilton, -min, -pden ; Hand, -ley, on, -ra ; Hankey, Harbord, 
Eard-eshuU, -way; Herepath, Har-peudene, -ris, -t, -top, -topp, -wood; Haweish, 
Eawk, -e, er, -ins; Hawton, Hayden, Head, Heath, -cote, -erington ; Heckens, Hedge 
land, -s ; Hedsore, Heeldon, He'ither. Helens, Hell-ear, -ier, -yar, -ins ; Hend, -eman, 
ersou ; He nn a, -essy; Hens haw, -leigh ; Her-bert, -goe, -epath, -naman, -nes, -ring, 
^tlaud; Hewis, Hey-den, -gsham, -le, -nes, -wood; Hichens, Hicks, Higg-ans, -ens, -ins; 
aighman, Hin-der, -■lom, -ds, -gaston, -gstou ; Hitch ens, -ins ; Hoar, -e ; Hob-house, 
lah, -liug, -son; Hockbridge, Hod-ges, son ; Hoggatou, Hoige, Hold, Hol-dau, -land, 
ley, lole; Holly-combe, -wood; Holt, Honey-wood, -chuich ; Honicomb. Honor, 
Sou viand. Hop-good, pen, -per. -y; Horde. Hor-man, -nby, ndon, -uington ; Hors 
eking, -ford, -well; Hor-top, -skin, -wood, -well, -will; Hosk-en, -iug, -ins; Hotton, 
Eonghton. House, Howar-d, th; Hoy, -ge, -te, -ten ; Hugh, es, -son; Hugill. Hull, 
ah ; Hume, Hungate, Humph-ery, rey, -reys, -ries ; Huuken, Hunt, -ford, -ingdon ; 
3urd, Hus-band, -sey ; Hutching, Hutton, Idless, lUingworth, Ingham, Inness, Ir-by, 
ving. -wine; Isaacs, Isseham. Ivell, Ivey, Ivimey, Jaca. Jackson, Jagoe, Jaen, James, 
on ; J'Ans. Janys, Jaques, Jasper, Jeeves, Jelbert. Jemmat, Jenk-ens, -ins, -yns ; 
Fentle, Jer-dan, myn, -und ; Jilbert, Joachim Job, Joel, John, -son; Jolly, Jone, Jope, 
rorey, Joublev, Jul-eff , -iffe ; Jnliim, Kali-nkiss. -ynack ; Kaymerllmarth, Ke-am, -em ; 
Keand, Kearizew, Keckwitch, Keels, Kelby, Kellock, Kellyow, Kelynack, Kembre, Ke- 
cniel, Ken-alle, -bond, -dale, -sham, -shom, -way -yon; Kepper, Ker-akosse, geek, km, 
nahan, -nock, -swill, -yell ; Keve-ar, -rand; Key-me, -mer ; Kibwinmith. Kidd, KiUi-ck, 
grew, -rin^ton ; Kilvard, -vert, -warbv ; Kim her. -iell, -ywith ; Kindly, King, -dom, 
•ston; Kirby, Kirk, -ness, -wood; Kitson, Kitt, Kittow, Knapp, -er ; Kmverton, 7i//twc 
■i, -«'; Kuo kell, His, -wlys; Ki-abbe, Ki-uckenburge ; Kyvera, Laas, Labatt, Ladd, Lad- 
aer, Laffere, Lait. Lake-man, -y; Lam-b, -be, -badarn, -born, -brey, -brick, -ergh, 
peck, -peer, -penc ; Lan-caster, -dary, -den, -dey, -dry, -uzelle ; Lane, Lang, -ford, -ier, 
maid -man, -sford, -worthy; Lan-;mf/er», -hedrar, -herch, .hidrock, -hoigy, -igan, ksbury, 
-neray, -ning, -sdell, -tegles, -thois, -wordutn, -, Lap-ham, -idge, -on; Larmer, Lasky, 
Late, Lath-an, -ean, -on, -rope ; Lauelis,Laun-drey, -tyan ; Lavedwen. Law-er, -hyer, -nee, 
•rake -ranee, -reuce, -rie; Le-athan, -gue, -lean, -min, -Neve; Len deryow -</r«cA-, 
-orgy; Leonardin, Les-birel, -cas, -nestock. -ter, -twithiel ; Leukost, Le-vela, -velis -vis 
-vy warn -Warn ; Lew-is, -kenor; Leycock, Lezard, Liardett, Libbey, Liddicoat Light 
foot -ly; 'Lillalhew, Limbrick, -bury, -met ; Lin-ford, -ton, -tern; Lissiait; Little, -cot, 
-iohn, -ton; Livins. Loan. Lochard, Lock, -yer ; Lo-doung, -haryng ; Long, -bound, 
-lands, -man; Lonsdale, Looks, Loose, Lor-d, -ing, -nock, -y; i.M-arw -ndes ; Lov-ell, 
-eport -ibond. -ing, -y ; Lowe Lowrey, Luby, Lucas, Luce, -cy ; Lud-dington, -low; 
Luer, Lug-ans, -un, Lukes, -ie, -ies ; Lun et, -ey, -y, -yon ; Lusk-ey, -y ; Lutay, Lye, 
Lvn-n -am, -om , Lyones. Lyths, Lyttleton, Mably Mac- Adam, -Ahster. -armick -tar- 
thie -coll, -cooey, cormick, Crachan, -Donald, -Dougall, -Dowall, -Ewan, -ey, -Fadyean, 
-Farland, -Ghee, -chin, -k, -alkin, -elkine, -Keand, -kenzie. -kinnom .k^vorth -lean, 
-leod -manus, -MiUan, -Mullin, -querd, -y ; Maddwis. Madge, Maet. Mattatt, Malnm. 
Mail Mainprice, Maiowe. Maj endie, -oloue ; Mal-herbe, -yon; Man-cliester, -daville, 
■eton -ners, -ning, -scomb, -sell, -uell, -ute, -waring, -weryng, xel ; Mapowder. Mar 
-chant, -com, -es. -hus, -kis, -ks, -ley, -ney, -rat, -riott -sden, -shley, -ston, -tm -tine 
-tvn- Mas-ery, -selegh, -selyn, sey, -ters; Mathadarda, Mathew-mans, -s ; Matteis, 
Matthew, -s;Maule, Maxwell, May-ell, -hope, -/-ou- ; Manser Meadway, Meager, goi-^ 
.ker- Uea\,Meanwe!l, Mease, Mealbre-l, -11 ; UeA-hove, -hn ; Meech. Mees, Megia. Meh 
-ieui, -uish; Mella-dew, -odew, -ow, -ows; Melyngissy, Meua.daa^, -due ■'!.["':' J ^^/^ '•.;;" 
.ear, -adue. -edew, -heMck, -hinack, -hinnick. -weneck, -wenick -zant ; ^e^^etield -iton, 
-Tin -sey, -ton; Mewsam, Meyn, Meyrick, Mich-ael, -amp; Middleton, Mil-dum e, 
-eto^ -iton. -liton, -ford, -roy. -wain; Mill, -e. -an; MimprUs, Min-ar -ard. -a -ch n 
S -ors -taye,-ty; Miron, Moderet, Moffett, Moger, Molenneck, Mon-aghan, -daj. 

-eron -hure, -ton, Mont-acute, -agiie. -gomery ; Moor. -man ; Mor. phew, -rish. -shea3| 
timer- Moss, Mottie, Mount Edgcunibe, -Stephens, -Steven, Mowne, Moyses, Moytt 
Mudge,' -on ; Mugfor, -d; Mules, Mur-ray, ry, -rice, -rish. -t ; Mushell, Myn e. -on .«r 
ors -taye; Mythian, Nan-collins. -garthen, -Julian, -kevill. -keviUe, -;;/,a;-/, -savallen 
scawen, -scorus, -scuke, -sevallen, -skevall; Napleton, Nause, -nell; Neame, Neal. -es 
Neilder Neloude, Nett-ing, -el. -le ; Nevel, Nev.etton, -oil;, -son; iSias 
Niblett, Nichol, -1, -as, -Is ; Nick-ell. -els, -ett, -s ; Nicols, Night, Nile, -s ; Nm-is3 
niss • No-all -hie, -ell, -le ; Nor-man. -way ; North, -am, -cott, -y ; Nostunell, Not-hey 
well'- Noy, Nu-hal, Nute. Nye, Nyvett. Nywelling : Oakes, -ton, Okestone, Ooat-es 
ten. 'Obbs, Obern, Octauell, Odgers, O'Dogherty, OffiU, Old-brook, -ham, -s ; Olford 
Olive, -r ; Olliver. O'Niell, Onslow, Or.ven. -well ; Os-berue, -ler; Ough, Owens, Ox 
enberry, -ford; Pa-ige, -get, Pal-eologus. -mer, -ms ; Panks, Panter. Pappin, Pans, -h 
Park-inge, -ings, -s ; Par-miter, -row, -sons ; Pase, Pashley, Pas more, -siugham; Pate 
fond, Pat-erson, -herick, -riern, -ten. -terson, teson ; Fau-coc 11, -lett, -ling; Paver 
Pawl-ey, -ing, -yn ; Payton, Peake. Pear-i/cn, -don, -n. -son; Pease Peckard, Ped-der 

• igree, -lar, -ler,' -rick, -roncelli, -yfar ; Peel, Peern, Peg-geh, -o, Pel-amoimtain, -ena 
-lamounter, -low, -lowe, -mear, -mounter, -niddon ; Pember, bridge, -ewan ; Pen alurick 
-bery, -betin/, -carow, -cavel, -(/ene, -deray, -dered, dred, -dry, eligan, -estone, -eyslone, -fern 
-fowne, -gursick, -gelley, -gitlay, -gold', -gree, -guick, -gully, -halurick, -halunick. -ikett 
■ket, -keth, -ktU, -kethley, -kethman, -kevil, -kivil, -kerviel, -lease, -lez, -lerick. ley, -ligan 
-lirick, -nalyky, -nerkes, .niketl, -phraise, -price, -rhyn. -rin, -ludduck, -ruddocke, -tecosi 
-tine, -tquit, -ularick, -warn, -warverell, worverell, ystone ,- Per-cival, -cy, -er, -rer, -nail 
-ken, -kin, -kins, -s, -son, -ue, -yes, Pet-aaleway, -er, -ers, -et, -ite, -yt, -ty, -tygrew 
-igrew ; Petkeick, Peure, Peyntour, Peyton, Pheasant, Phillip, -s ; Phythinn, Pick-e 
-ford ; Pidwell, Piers, Pig-got, -ot ; Pike. Pile, Pill-amontayne, -ivant, -ow ; Piltenam 
Pine, Pin-cerna, -found, -kerviel, -ney, -vick, -nock; Pleinivg, Plenderle-ath, -ith ; Plomer 
Plum-ber, -mer; Plymm, -in; Po-e, -er, -her, -heden; Pol-amonter, -amountain, -ard 
-cearve, -egreen, -gauhorn, -ghse, -kearve, -kenhorn, -kinhorne, -korn, -lamountain, -lo 
mounter, -omounter, -Ian, -Icowe, -lev, -ley, -liii', -lyblcmd, -lyn, -mere, -porth, -und 
-u'aive, -wart, -luarlh, -wel, -well, -uheile, -whyll, -whyle, -wyl, -ybland ; Pomeroy, Ponna 
Popplestoue, Port, -el, -eous, -er; Porthkellompen, Pothlony, Potter, Powerman, Pown-e 
-ing, -re ; Poydas, Poyle, Poynter, Praise, Pread, Precheur, Preen, Prest-on, -wood 
Prethowan, Prewbody, Prin, -06, -die ; Pris, -k, -ke ; Proc-ter, -kter ; Pro-fett, -fit, -phet 
-wer, -use ; Prydiaux, Prye, Pryn, -ne ; Punnett, Purling, Pye, Pyp-ard, -er ; Quin-D 
-tral ; Ead-cliffe, -dall, -die; Ealeigh, Eamback, Ean-dall, -die, -k; Ras-coilen, -oihen 
-pey, -saunt ; Eatty, Eawling, Eeburn, Eedding, Relton, Eem-mick, -phry ; Een-dall 

• dell, -fry, -phry ,- Eepp-er, -uke ; Ees-cassa, -corlia, -kelly, -kruge, -preme, -prynne, -j 
-tallock ; Eetoliock, Ehead, Ehyderarch, Eich, -ardson ; Eid-del, -die ; Eilstoue, Eing 
wood, Bise, Eiston, Eitson, Elvers, Eob-b, -bins, -yns, -inson; Eock-s, -wood; Eodd, -a 
Eodeney, Eoe, Eogger, Eoll-e, -ing, -s; Eonalds, Eooper, Eoper, Eos-carrack, -coe 
-cur Ha, -craw, -crowe, -crowgie; Eose-monde, -wliarm, Eos-ken, -killy, -killey, -se, -veare 
-vere ; Eothern, Rous, Eowly-n, -ngs ; Eunnalls, Rns-coe, -cow, -crowe, -sell; Ey-al, -alll 
-an, -ce, -se; Salts, Sam-mals, -psons, -uels ; -Sand-elands, -ers, -erson, -ford, -ilandsi 
-oz ; San-gar, -sbury, -to, -ty, Sar-gent, Satterley, Saunder-cock, -s ; Savage, Saw, -dy. 
Saygemoor, Scaberius, Scawin, Scho-bell, -lar, -ler, -oles ; iicorse, Scort, Scott, Scoverm 
Scown, Screech, Scriven-s, -er; Scudamore, Seal, -ey; Sedg-emoor, -more; Sedman' 
Setleg, Sel-ke, -ioke, -lek, -lick; Sell-er, -ars, -ors; Selwood, Semple, Senior. Ser-eod 
-geaux, -jeant, -jeaux; Shadford, Shakelok, Shaptou, Sharp, -e; Shaw, Shell-ibear 
-y ; Shentelbury, Shep-hard, -heard, -herd, -pard ; Sherris, Sherston, Shillebear, Shop.i 
cott, Shovel, Shugg, Shuldham, Shute, Shuttleworth, Sickler, Silk, Silvest-er, -on; 
Sim-cock, -pson ; Skelton, Skerreston, Skewys, Skeynock, Skinnfield, Skuse, Skyburiow 
Skyrme, Slaughton, Slegh, Shght, Sloan, Slo-eman, -oman ; Slugg, Slurbridge, Sly. 
Sniart, Smedley, Smith, -am, -em, -eram, -ram, -rem; Smyth, Sob-ey, -y; Somerset, 
Sondry, South-cot, -well, -wood; Spar-e, -goe, -nail, -nel; Spear, -man; Speck, Spink, 
Spoure, Spra-ke, -gge ; Sprid al, -die; Spur, -rier; Stan-naway, -tan, -way; Start, 
Steer, Stenlake, Stewart, Sticker, Stirrup, Stoddern, Stonnard, Stokes, Stone, Strangar, 
Strathon, Strick, Strood, Stroute, Stuart, Stubbs, Sturt-on, -ridge; Stuttaford, Sullivan, 
Summertield, Sumpter, Sutherland, Symon, -ds, -s; Tadd, Tagert, Taken, Tall, -ard, -at, 
-eni, -ick; Tan-cock, -k, -gje, -nahill, -ner ; Tape, Tap-perell, -rell ; Tat-am, -ham; 
Taunton, Taufield, Tavernor, Tayldor, Teazer, Tell-am, -an; Tencreek, Tevisdeu, 


haekworth, Thanck, Thom-as, -pson ; Thorn, -e ; Thuniay, Tice, Tickell, Tilbury, 
ill ey, -ie; Timewell, Timmius, Tin-cock, -ner, -uey, -ton; Tink, Todd, Tol-ceanie, 
tinman, -er, lervei/, -vie, -putt, -veriie ; Tomlinson, Tong, Ton-kyn, -sen; Torley, Towey, 
bwnsend, Tra-go, -hem, -in, -yvur, -vnier, -then, -veller, -vil, -yhearne ; Tre-ago, -agus, 
lis, -ays, -asure, -barfoote, -derrick, -dethy, -eves, -fay, -felens, -fethen, -fey, -ffey, -gaga, 
garrek, -gassan, -glidwith, -glissau, -ghma, -gonel, -gonnell, -gonwell, -goz, -gulla, -hair, 
harne, -havarike, -hearue. -hern, -heme, -iogji, -ineer, -kellern, -lago, -lawnay, -lawnee, 
lavvuey, -lawnye, -leaven, -lego, -lewan, -living, -loer, -lowick, -ludro, -ludrow, -man- 
leere, -marne. -mayn, -nibant, -mbarth, -mblant, -mellan, -mellen, -milling, -menheere, 
mewan, -rule, -rulett, -naco, -natiall, -naran, -ncer, -ncrow, -vdiimick, -neman, -ner, 
ners', -nessi/, -ngone, -ngore, -ngreeue, -nhail, -nheale. -nner, -pess, -rellevar, -ry, -saga, 
scothick, -sider, -sidder, -silian, -sonna, -ssider, -tgotlman, -thawan, -thearth, -therde, 
tlierfe, -theway, -tbinick, -thoan, -thcwoav, -thurf, -thurffe, -thyrfe, -uagnian, -uanian, 
uilian, -uisa, -vages, -vailor, -vullion, -valyan, -vaunance, -var, -varrick, -varrow, -vars, 
vaskiss, -vaze, -vel/e, -velun, -veunard, -verdem, -virlyn, -ves, -vetlmick, -vihen, -villiuion, 
villizik, -vronck, -vylian, -vyllian, -warverrell, -waves, -why, -weeke, -wern, -wethy, 
wliele, -widdle, -winard, -winn, -winwick, -wissan, -woofe, -worthike, -wrin, -xpcuet, 
zeguet, -zevant, -ziddar, -zidder, -ziese ; Tri-bhel, -gge, -gwell, -mby, -vellian ; Troane, 
["rownson, Trudgian, Trn-body, -eman, -man ; Turffrey, Ty-ars, -ers, -hiddy, -hyddy ; 
Jddy, Uglow, Umfry, Umfraville, Ust-eck, -icke ; Vacy, Vage, Vale, Van-derheyden, 
nar, -stort ; Vell-enoweth, hi^ish, Velnowarth, Venn, Verrant, Viant. Vickary, Vicount, 
^igf), -e ; Vine, Vin-icombe, -sam, -ter ; Viuian, Viv-an, -en; Vodd-en, -on; Voss, 
SVaade, Wal-degrave, -estbren, -key, -ker, -kyngdon, -per, -stenholme, -ters, -ton; 
W^andsworth, Ward, -ham, -our; War-n, -rick, -wick, -yn; Wasek, Wat-erman, -ers, 
kin, -kins, -kinson, -son. -ters; Wovis, V\ aymouth, M'enks, Week-es, -s ; Weale, 
Weather-all. -ley: "Webb, Well-esby, -s ; Wemyss, Wen-moth, -sent; West, Wett-er, 
on; Weymcuth, Whear, -e ; Wheatley; Wheel, Whele, Whit-aker, -by, -church, -ford, 
ing. -tarn; Why-att, -te, -tefen ; Wegram, Wild-bore, -man; Wilkin, -s, -son; Will 
Cock, -cocks, -ey, -imott; Wil-mot, -shaw, -son ; Windham, Wiu-j«cA-t«, ninrketl ; -nin, 
wick, Wisdum, Withell, With-erick, -ey, -y; Wolrington, Wolstemholme, Won-acott, 
nacott; Wood gate, -house, -ley, -ville, -wards, -yard; Wool-combe, -f; Wor-gan, 
lidge, -ral; Wriford, Wright, -ington ; Wul-coke, -ff ; Wyatt, Wymhall, Wynn, -hall, 
ivck, -ter; Wyvill, Yeamon, Yeat-es, -s; Yelland, Yeoldon, Yew-ens, -ins; Yoe, York, 
5foung, Yurie, Zelley. See also Page 205. 


BiNDON, little down, C. 

BiSCOVEY, =pisgioydd, lime or linden 
trees, w., C; 1 bishop's (escop) 
place (ma, va), G.H. 

Blood Park, ] i.q. Park Plud, 

BODBRANE, the rookery, C. 

BoDELLis, 1 Ellis's house, B. IV. 

BoDiNALGAN, house (lod) by the 
(cin) tin (alcan, v:.) works, C. 

BODINNICK, abode by the fortress 
(din, -ic, adjectival), C. 

BoiA, 1 = hui, yellow, i. 

BoiETONE, d.d., ? "Boia's enclosure,^. 

For BoLANKEN, read Bolankan. 

Bonny, n.f., 'i^ bonne hate, good en- 
closure,/.; i.q. Fairfield. 

BosAVERN, fm- "tree," read "trees." 

BoTHOG, 1 = hothoc, a cottage. 

BowDEN, hill (din) house, ?F.JI. 

[^THOC, for "rich oak, t.,Y.," read 
I " fiery." 

Alshir, high (/MV,long) cliff (als), Cu. 
Alvern, add "i.q. Alverton." 
Appledore, add "1 = apulder, an 

apple tree, 5." 
IArallas, add " 8.3, ] = ar-gollas, 
[ bottom or low land, B.M." 
Arrow ^ garrow, rough, E.G.H. 
I Arganteilen, 1 silver harp {telyn, lo.) 
Bacchus Park, 1 bush (hagas) close 

Bagh Barrack, for " stubble," read 

" falloAV." 
Bain Park ? i.e. Park Bean. 
BEHENNA,/(9r "little," read "Littler, 

Bargains, 1 i.q. Park Eanes. 
Bequest, 1 i.q. Park Quest. 

Bfiand-ICE, -ize, -ys, ? three cornered 

[field], /. 
Brodehoc, d.d., % from hro, a country, 

and Hoc, a farmer, W.S. 
BucHENT, d.d. 1 cow (hmh) path 

(hent, IV.), W.S. 
Bullock, n.f. 1 = a. Balch, haughty. 
BuRCOM, iq. Berrycombe. 
Busveal, 11 Beal's, or Veal's house 

(bos) ; or bus (i.e. calf, m.c.) field. 
BusviGO, 1 Vigor's (n.f.) house. 
Cabel Cut, 1 wood (coed) chapel 

(capel) T.C. 
Callibudgia, 1 fold (boudghi) field 

((jweal), or grove (celli). 
Callington, 1 i.q. Collenton. 
Callm-ady, -udu, 1 Madoc's field, 

Cancer, iq. Cansford, 1 the ford 

causeway or path (caunse, m.c.) 
Carbilly, after "castle," add "or 

town (caer), 1" 

'ewrge goats, p/. 

Carewrge, add 

iorch, JT.S." 
Cariorgel, dd, iorgel: 

young roe, w., W.S. 
Carn GtOLEUA, rock of adoratio 

(gol) of the moon (leua), C. 
Carnkief, rock basin, C; rock 

castle of hiding (cuddva), Ev. 
Carn HOAR, ] boundary (or) rock, ik 
Carnedjack, add "hynadzha, t 

groan, sigh." 
Chillcott, back of the wood, W.^ 
Crinnis, ] = gorennys, a peninsula 
Feock, 1 = fiach, a raven, e., Cu. 
Garverot, d.d., 1 rough (garo) acre 

(eru, pi. erot, w.), W.S. 
Huel Bags, 1 = gweal bagas, bush- 
For " Hythancer," read " Hytha 

Kerr Park, ? oat (cerh, w.) field. 
Park Paw, dirty (baw) close, M. 

Baldhu, black hill. Spelter is a name in commerce for the impure metal, but 
one would speak of a spelter mine. R.H. 

Bellyache, the vulgar or slang name for a place, where smuggled brandy (a cui 
for the complaint) was formerly to be got, A.A.V. 

BoLVENTOR, m., = Bol ven tor, mountain of (china) clay stone, or, little (veari) cla 
{bolj hill (tor), F.R. ' ^ ' m 

Bodmin, in note strike out "monk's house, B." and add " fi" after " tVh.'' 

Bddock, in line 2 from bottom of foot-note, /or " S. Budeaux, partly situated we6 
of the Tamar," read "partly in Cornwall though wholly east of the Tamar." 

Castel an Dinas, the earth-fort with a stone citadel, C. 

CoBBLETY Cut, Coblidoice, &c., names derived from a boy's game with nuti 

CoNiUM, m., given from supposing that Truro river was the Kenion of Ptolemy. 

CoPAKCENABY, to be Struck out; (a legal term that has crept into the Tithe Appor 
tionment, and means property in undivided shares, T.C.) 

GooNOLAZE, add, the sea, or green (glas) plain {gwon), B. 

Hellmouth, m, derived from a black gloomy gap in the cliffs : there is no water 
it IS not the Hegelmithe of Malmesbury. 

Kniohtons Kieve, the vat (cyf, s.), or, retreat (cuddva, w.) of S. Nectan. 

Lauoher, 7i.f., pronounced Laefer, T.C. ,- = [an vear, great enclosure 

MoRWENSTow, place [stow, s.) of S. Morweuna, R.S.H., of S. Wenna by the sea C. 

Myendd, "blak (du) mouth (min) or chimne," Le. " ' i 

Park Olvin, ? sparrow (golfi,,, w.), or bench (colfin, w.) close, M. 

On Page 209 under Nord., for "written 1584," read "the survey is supposed to 
have been made in 1584, but it must have been written much later as he rnakes fre- 
quent references to Carew's Survey and Camden's Britannia. 

On Page 210 for " Ta'' read " T.a. ;" and instead of "Wanted, &c." rearf &e List 
OF Parishes, &c.. Preface, Page xii. 

^'"' Thert strike ont^i?Ki°A7^' ""^ ^fl-^^^t *^« Wrappers of Parte i., iii., and iy. ; also, Page 206 

where strike out in line 34 from bottom, "see also Page 200," and the whole of the last line 

For Authorities, Repkrences, Abbreviations, &c., see Page 207. 

For UNtxPLAiNED Names, Set Preface, Page xii., and 193. 




iXBBOT's Hendra, Abbot's old- 
town (liendra). 

Ables Field, from personal name 
Abel, w.B.m., diminutive of aho, 
a man, t., F. C?) ; or, colts' (ehol) 

AccASiNNY, 1 Acca's manor-liouse 
{inne, s.). 

Aghym, n.f., a descendant, issue, 
offspring, H. (ach, E.JF.)—1=s. 
ac-ham, oak home, or boundary. 

Ackey's field, Hercules' ^'- field. 

ACKLAND, n.f., oak (ac, s.) land, t. 

Acre Croft, 1 daisy (egr) croft. 

Acton, oak town or enclosure (ton, 
s.), or hill (dun). 

Actsworthy, ? Acca's field or farm 
(ivorthig, s.). 

Adalberd, presUter, B.m., noble 
bright, t. 

Addalburg, s.B.m., noble protec- 
tion, t. 

Addicroft, Addy's (?=Adam's or 
Eddy's) croft. 

Addis, ?i./.,=Addison. 

Addit or Adit Field, the mine 

conduit or water-course field. 
Adelces, presbiter, B.m., noble 

pledge, t. 
Adgeveor, 1=an chy veor, the great 

Adgewednack, 1^=an chy wednack, 

the (an) white house. 
Adgewella, l^^an chy uhella, the 

higher house. 
Adjels, 1 low (isal) [fields]. 
Adlgun, f s.B.m., % noble war, t. 
Adnis, % = St. Agnes. 
Advent, (parish), from patron saint 

Adiven, (0.).\ 
^DOC, f. s.B.m., % rich oak, t., Y. 
^lchon, ^ulcen, s.B.m., % i.q. 

^LFGYTH, f S.B.m., elf gift, t. 
^lfric, B.m., elf ruler, t. 
^LFWERD, B.m., elf protection, t. 
^LFWINE, B.m., elf friend, t. 
^LGER, W.B.m., formidable (egel) 

spear, t. 

* Hercules is a not uncommon /orcname in the County, sometimes represented by 
the equally Jt/ichristian name Archelaus. 

■)• S. Adwen, given by Leland as one of the twenty-four sainted children of King 
Brechan [oth cent.), is not found in the Welsh lists, though they give him twenty-four 
suns and twenty-four daughters, aU saints. The Inquisitiones Noiiarum, according to 
Dr. Oliver, calls the saint Sea. Athewenna. 



tElsio, ^lfsie, JEilsig, iv.B.m., 
% elf, or formidable, conquest, /. 

iELWOLD, B.m., elf power, t. 

^TH.ESTAN, lu.B.m., = Athelstane, 
noble, or precious, stone, t. 

^TiiAN, s.B.m., fire, t, Y. 

^THELFLiED, B.m., noble increase, t. 

^THELGAR, B.m., noble spear, /. 

^THELHIDE, B.m., noble cheer, t. 

tEthelr.'ED, B.m., noble counsel, t. 

^THELWERD, B.m., noble protec- 
tion, t. 

^THELWINE, B.m., noble friend, /. 

Agar, n.f., = Egiheri, formidable 
warrior, t. ; or,^CEgir, the god of 
the sea, Y. 

AiLBRic, AiLBRiHT, t.d.d., noble 
bright, t. 

AiLM, t.d.d., 1 formidable (ag) helmet 
(helm), t. 

Aire, back, behind, the poop or 
stern, Pr. {euros, E.JV.). 

AissETONE, d.d., = Ashton; or, Salt- 
ash, " Esse his towne," Car. 

AiULF, t.d.d., = Agilulf, formidable 
wolf, t. 

ALAN,=a/Zaow, white river, ga.,I.T. 

Albalanda, i.(i. Blanchland, White- 
land, lat. 

Albaston, 1 Alva's (Alueua) town, t. 

Albury, 1 moor (hal) by the hill 
{bre) ; or, old (aid) fort (hury), t. 

Aldercombe, alder vale, o?-:=Algar's 
coombe, t. 

Aldermylle, corruption of Algar's 

Aldestowe, the old {aid, s.), or, 
Athelstane's place {stow), t. 

Aldon, = hal dun, hill moor ; or, 
aldion, old town, s, 

Aldren, 1 thorn {dren) moor {hal), 
or, hill {alt). 

Aldwinnick, % the marshy {gwinnick) 
height {alt). 

Ale and Cakes, 1=hal an cegas, 
hemlock moor. 

Alesdon, open {ales) height, or, 
hill {dun), Pr. (?). See Alston. 

Alestan, t.d.d., 1 i.q. Alstan. 

AhFEd, t.d.d., ^^fhoig, high as an 
elf, t. 

Algar, t.d.d., hall, or noble, spear, t. 

Alice Vean, little (vea^i) broad {las), 
or green {las) moor {hal). 

Allan gue, l^ial an gew, moor by 
the gew, or, best field. 

Allen, n.f., from Alan or St. Allen. 

Allen Croft, for hurling croft. 

Allercombe, alder-tree-vale, t. 

Allerton, alder town or enclosure 
{ton), t. 

Allet, Alet, Alliot, '?=/m/ yet, 
moor gate. 

Alle \yYJ)ii,1—hal y widn, white- 

Alleys, Alice, l—hal les, broad 
moor; or, green {las) moor. 

Allgate, l^hal goed, the wood 
moor, or Moorgate. 

Allows, Aloes, for hallow, moors. 

Almar, t.d.d., hall, or noble, fame, /. 

Alnod, t.d.d., hall, or noble, com- 
pulsion, t. ., 

Alric, t.d.d., noble {adel) ruler, t. | 

Als, Alsa, Halse, cliff". * 

Alsephran, Alsifarn, the hellish 
cliff", i.e., deep as hell, B. 

Alsi, t.d.d., 1 i.q. ^lsig. 

Alstan, t.d.d., hall, or old, stone, /. 

Alston, high-cliff" hill {dun), Po. 
1 the town of Alsi, d.d. 

Alsvear, great {reor) cliff". 

Altarnun, Alternon, the altar of 
the nun, or, of St. Nonna (the 
patron saint of the parish). 

Alterwen, 1 the oak {derwyn) moor 

ALTON,=a/c? ton, old town (5.). 

Aluredus, t.d.d., elf peace, t., Y. 

Altjric, t.d.d., i.q. ^lfric. 

Aluuold, t.d.d., hall power, t. 

Alvacot, {d.d. Alvevacote), the 
cottage {cot) of Alva, {Alueua, 
d.d.). Howling {olva) cot, Pr. 

Alvardus, Alward, t.d.d., hall 
guard, t. 

Alver, n.f., I^ial veor, great moor. 

Alvern, alder {gwern) moor {hal). 


Alvertox, the town, or enclosure, 

(ton) of Aluuard (d.d.). — High 

green hill, Pr. ( ! ) 
Alviggan, little (bichaii) moor (hal). 
Alwin, t.d.d., hall, noble, or, elf 

friend, t. 
Ajmal, Amel, Amylle, 1 1=^ymyl, w., 

a boundary. 
Amalibria, hill {bre) Anial. 
A:\ialveor, great (veor) Amal. 
Amalvean, Ajnialwidden, little 

Ajvianeth, '\=an menedh, the moun- 
Ambers Hill, Ambrose's hill. 
Ajible, Ammel, ']from St. Adhelm, 

or, i.q. Amal. 
Anaguistl, s.B.m., ? Ana {% ph. = 

Grace) the hostage (guistl, vj.). 
Anaoc, iv.B.m., 1 Ana, or Grace, the 

younger (ocj, L). 
Anau, imest B.m., ? Grace. 
Anaudat, s.B.m., Ana, or Grace, the 

wise (doeth, iv.). 
Anchor, the hermitage, Pr. (Ancar, 

a hermit) ; 1 the corner (cor). 
Andardon, Anderton, the (a?i) 

oak (dar) hill (dun), Pr. 
Andennis, the fortification (dinas). 
Anders Field, Andrew's field. 
An Dinas hill, the fortification 

Andre, the town or dwelling (tre). 
Andreas, t.d.d., = Ai\(\.vqw. 
Andrew, n.f., I^ianderu, a cousin 

german ; or,^an derow, the oaks. 
Andrewartha, Andwartha, n.f., 

the higher toAvn. 
Aneray, o.n.f., I^^an Mr hay, the 

long enclosure. 
Angarrack, the rock (carrac), Pr. 
Anger, n.f., 1=an gaer, the camp. 
Angeval, the horse (cevil).* 
Angew, the support, Pr. 
Angewnack, 1=an chy ivednack, the 

white house. 

Angle Ditch, earthworm (angle- 
twitch, m.c.) [field]. 
Angolla, the bottom (golcs). 
Angoose croft, the wood (coos) 

Angove, n.f, the smith (gof). 
Angrouse, the cross (crows). 
Anguidal Downs, the Irishman's 

(givyddel, w.) downs ; or from 

givyddwal, a place full of thorns, 

brambles, bushes, w. 
Angwin, n.f, the white. 
Anhay, An hey, the enclosure (hcnj). 
Anhell, the hall (hel), H. 
Anjarden, l^an chy ar dun, the 

house on the hill. 
Anjewinjack, 1 i.q. Angewnack; 

or^an chy ivin issack, the lower 

white house. 
Ankerbury, the camp hill (hre) ; m- 

a reduplication, bury = castle, t. 
Ankeryis, '?=a?i gaer ves, the camp 

An marogeth arvowed, the armed 

knight, H. 
Anneal, /i.f.,1 = an hal, the moor; 

or, heyl, river. 
Annear, Anaer, n.f, 1—anhir, the, 

Annersey Field, 1 the long dry 

(an hir sicli) field. 
ANNETT,r=:^^Ke/^e, little Agnes. 
Anstey, Anstis, ?i./.=Anastasius. 
Antertaves, i.q. Hantertaves. 
Antony, (parish; d.d. Antone), 

1 from former patron. Saint 

Anthony, [now Samt James, 0.). 
Anticoose, 1 = hccnter coos, half the 

Antron, the (an) promontory, nose, 

tongue, or projection of land, Pr. 

— I^ianter oon, half, or middle, of 

the down. 
An tyer deweth, the Land's-end, H. 
Aplin, n.f, son (ap) of the king, 

(belin) ; or=aplyn, apples, ^\ 

* Gavel, w., is a fork or pass in a mountain; Angeval might be "the mountain 
pass," (R.W.). 



Appledore, apple, or colt's (ebol), 

land, (dor). 
Appledorford, Appledore road 

(fonlh), or passage. 
Apple Park, 1 colt (ebol) field. 
Apps, n.f., l:=^iv.,happus, happy ; or, 

lujos, m.c, a half door. — Son of 

Appe, from ajjr, fierce, t., F. 
Arallas, upon {ar) the cliff {ah), 

Arawan, upon the down {pon), or, 

rivulet (tivon), Fr. 
Archdekne, o.n.f , archdeacon. 
ARDEVORA,=ar devra, upon the lap, 

or bosom, or lake; or, upon the 

haven, Wh. 
Argall, Argle, Argoll, 1 on the 

ridge, promontory, or point {col) ; 

or, in front {cirag) of the moor 

{hal) ; or,^=iu. argel, a concealing, 

Argallack, 1 ? upon the rock 

Argallas, on the bottom {goles). 
Arganbri, s.B.m., % silver {argant) 

honour {hri), u: 
Arganteilen, f. s.B.m., 1 silver fore- 
head {talcen), w. 
Argantinoet,s.^.?;i.,'? silver fortune 

{tijngecl), w. 


Argue, o.n.f., on the best field {gew) ; 

or, high {ard) gew. 
Arish Park, stubble {arish, m.c.) 

Arlyn, on {ar) the lake {lyn), or 

grove {llwyn, w.). 
Arnall, Arnold, n.f, eagle {am) 

power {ald=^v(dd), t. 
Arrish Croft, stubble croft. 
Arry or Arra Venton, spring 

{fenton) field {eru). 
Arscot, n.f, 1 boundary {hars) wood 

{coed, 10.), or cottage {cot, t.). 

Arson Beon, = arish cm bean, the 

little stubble [field]. 
Arson Broaze, the great stubble. 
Artaca, w.B.m., 1 = Jrthgal, high 

courage, i. 
Arth, high {ctrd, artli) ; or,^=ctrdd, 

ploughed land, w. 
Arthur, high {ard) land {doar).^- 
Arvose, upon the ditch or entrench- 
ment {fos), Fr. 
Arwennack, upon the marshy 

place, Fr. — 1 From arwyn, iv., 

blissful, happy, N. 
Arwothal, upon {arworth) the salt 

river {heijl), Fedler. — See Perran 

AsGAR, t.d.d., divine spear, t. 
Ashley, the ash pasture {leu), t. 
AsHTON, the ash enclosure {ton, s.), 

or = isa ton, lower lay. 
Athalberth, ])resbiter, B.m., noble 

brightness, t. 
Athill, Attle, by the hill, t. 
Athwart piece, the cross-piece. 
Atleys, by the pastures, t. 
Atwell, Atwill, by the well, /. 
Atwood, by the wood, t. 
Audit Field, = Adit Field. 
Austin, Austyn, n.f., = Agnstmus, 

B.m. ; AgiLstin, s.B.m. ; Austins, 

AvALDE, d.d., 1 apple {aval) land 

(foV), = Albalanda. 
AvARD, n.f, summer {hcf) height 

Aver, n.f.,=:eaver, a kind of grass. 
AvERACK, the fallow {havrec, a.). 
Avery, n.f, 1=haf vre, summer 

AvoH BiCKEN, the signal, beacon, 

or proclamation, house, //. (?).■ 
AwsGoTT, i.q. Arscot. 
AxFORD, Acca's ford, t. 
Axle Close, % the low {isal) close. 

* The name of King Arthur is derived from arth, a bear, ir., {B.W.); or from 
ardri(jh, ardheer, the higliest chief, /., {¥.). Some of the Cornish Arthurs are corruptions 
of Andrewartha. Arddior, lo. is a husbandman ; ardwywr, a governor. 



Aylmer,?!./. (t.d.d.AimmR), = Athel- 
mar, or, JEgelmar, noble, or, formid- 
able fame, t. 

Aysland, waterfall {eas, ga.) land, 
Beal. ? eas = hays, enclosures, t. 

AzzEL Park, the low {isal) close 
(jJarc) ; or, hazel field. 


AAL Field, the mine {hal) field. 
Bab, n.f., I^papar, an anchoret 

father, o.n. 
Baber, Bab's land (ar). 
Babbington, the enclosure (ton) of 

the descendants {ing) of Bab, /. 
Bacchus Park, field (pare) at the 

back of the house. 
Bach, Bache, Bagge, Bagh, n.f., 

=10. Baugh — little, R.W. 
Back Bean, ? little {hyan) back 

[field] ; or i.q. PARK Bean. 
Backwell, n.f., 1=parc uchel, high 

Back Widow, 1 1 = trees close, 

(ioidotv = gwydhow), R. W. 
Bacon Park, the beacon, or the 

little (hichan), close. 
Badaford, 1 house {hod) by the ford 

or road (fordh). 
Badcock, 7i.f., 1 red (cocJi) house. 
Baddon, Bad Down, 1 house (bod), 

or peat (beat), down. 
Badge, Badgey, n.f, 1 = boudzhi, 

Badger Park, 1 long (hir) cowhouse 

Badger Y, 7i.f., 1 cowhouse (boudzhi), 

or the badger's field (eru). 
Bad HAM, 1 Adam's house, [bo = bod). 
Badharlick, 1 house by the battle 

(heir) stone (lech). 
Badwannick, ? house in the downy 

place (gioonnick). 
Baga Park, % little (bach) close. 
Baggans, ? =parc eanes, lambs' close. 

Bagh Barrack, 1 = pare havrec, 

stubble close. 
Bagnel Field, i.q. Parc an hal. 
Bagston, bush (bagas) hill (dim), 

Pr. — 1 Bagge's enclosure (ton), t. 
Bagwell, n.f, i.q. Backwell. 
Bahon, Bain, n.f., = byhan, hyan, 

Baincoat, n.f, little wood. 
Bake, the beak, point, or promon- 
tory, Pr. (pyg, a projection, to., 

Bake Rings, small (bach) circular 

entreuchment, M'L. 
Bal an dreath, mine (hal) on the 

sand (traith). 
Bal, Ball, a mine ; also, a place, 

a spot ; a field, Halliwell. 
Balcoath, the wood (coat), or old 

(coth), mine. 
Balcombe, ] ] field (ball) in the 

Balcouthy, 1 woods' (coitau) mine. 
Baldees, *? the people's (dees) mine. 
Bal Downs, Baal's, or the mine, 

Baldue, Baldhu, David's, or the 

black (d^i), mine or place.* 
Balhatchet, n.f, 1 the mine, &r 

field, with the hatch-gate (yet). 
Balins, 1 lambs' (eanes) field {ball). 
Balkin, 1 mine on the ridge (cei?i). 
Balkwell, n.f, the boundary-ridge 

(balk) well, Halliwell. 
Ballance, 1 lambs' (eanes) field (&«//). 
Ballard, 1 the high (ard) place. 
Balleswhidden, the mine by the 

white (givklu) court (les). 
Ballet, n.f, 1 mine gate (yet). 
Bal Lode Zawn, mine lode cave, 

or cove (zaim). 
Ball-luhol, (Nord.)=hal uhal,high. 

Ballyack Downs, 1 hedge-hog (^bul- 

laivg, w.) downs. 

* Baldhu, a new vicarage in Kenwyn, is "black mine," from the spelter, zinc, or 
black jack mines there. The churcli is dedicated to Saint Michael. 



Balmanear, long stone {maen Mr) 

Balnoon, mine on the down (an 

Balrose, the heath, or moor {ros), 

Balscat, the stopped, bankrupt, or, 

knacked {scat), mine. 
Bamfield, Banfield, n.f., tree 

(beam) field, t. 
Bajvipush, 1 =parc an bos, the bush 

Bannel Croft, broom (banal) croft. 
Bankey Field, the field with banks 

in it, or = pare an ce, the hedge 

Bans, ban, a mountain, hill, high 

ground, Pr. 
Baragwanath, %./., wheat (givaneth) 

bread (bara). 
Bakallan, corn (bara) enclosure 

(km), Pr. 1 i.q. Borallan. 
Baranwoon, top (bar) of the down 

(an ivoon). 
Barapill, corn harbour (jnll), Pr. (1) 
Barbalingy, ? field (pare) by the 

house pool (jwl an chy). 
Barbary, Barberry, n.f., 1 top 

(bar) of the hill (bre). 
Bareppa, Barreppa, Barrippa, 

Barreper, &c., ? = Pare hafmaur, 

the great summer close ; or, = 

Beo.nrepaire, fair retreat, /. 
Bargus, top of the wood (cilz) ; or, 

wood close {pare). 
Bargwanna, i.cp Baragwanath; 

or, wheat field {j)are). 
Barham, «./., the bear's home, t.,F.B. 
Barlandew, "God's acre" {lan- 

clJm) summit ; or, top (bar) of 

David's enclosure. 1 Black orchard 

(perlan, w.), E.}r. 
Barlanzy, top (bar) of the dry 

(seek) enclosure (Ian). 
Barlowena, Mount (bar) Joy (low- 

ene), or Mount Pleasant. 
Barnacot, 1 barn by the wood 

(coat) ; or, the barn cot, Pr. 
Bakncoos, top of the Avood. 

Barnett, % barn gate (yet) ; or, little 
bear, t. 

Barnigoat, n.f., i.q. Barnacot. 

Barnoon, Baron, Baranoon, the 
Barroon, i.q. Baranwoon. 

Baroglaze, niekname, grey beard, 
Gw.z^barv glas, R.W. 

Baroke, over (bar) the oak, Pr. (T) 

Barraball, Barrable, n.f, ^ bar- 
row field (Ja/Z) ; or, i.q. Barapill. 

Barras Nose, 1 cod-fish (barvas) 
headland (ness, t.). 

Barraton, ? barrow enclosure, t. 

Barrett, n.f, little bear, t. 

Barsheba, = pare seaber, barn close. 

the Barteress, li.q. ParkDaras. 

Barth, Bard, Bath, nf., a mimic, 
bard, poet, Pr. 

Bartilever, 1 great (veor) Barthol- 
omew's (Bartle) meadow (lea, t.). 

Bartine, Bartinney, hill (bar) of 
fire (ta,n, e., teine, i.) ; fiery top, B. 

Barton, the demesne lands of a 
manor. — The enclosure for the bear 
or crop, T, 

Barwell, 1 = bar-uchel, high summit. 

Barwigk, 1 = beor-wic, barley village, 
t. ; or, over (ivar) the creek (gwic). 

Bar WIS, n.f.,^o.h.g. Berwis, Bear- 
bold, F. ; or =parc ves, outside 

Bascombe, n.f, i.q. Boscombe. 

Baseley, Bazeley, n.f, 1 birch (be- 
so) pasture (lea, t.) ; or bees', or 
bays' pasture. 

Basher, n.f, l^^bashdour, low water, 
Pr., a ford, B. 

Basil, a herb, a palace, T. 1=bos- 
hal, moor house. 

Baskafull, n.f, i.q. Baskerville, /. ; 
or = Bosca field, cottage field. 

Bassett, n.f, diminutive of bassi, a 
bear, 0. norse, F. 

Bassow, 1 = bissoe, birches. 

Bastain, Bastin, Bastion, n.f, Hin 
(stean) house ihos), or mine (bal). 

Bat, Bate, Bath, Batt, n.f, i.q. 
Barth, or = Bartholomew ; or, bat, 
a dormouse; or, bath, a coin, money. 


B ATAVELLAN, mill {meliii) house (bod). 

Batten, Battin, Batton, n.f., di- 
minutive of Bat; o/- = Bawden, 
or Battern. 

Battern, fire (bat, ga.) place {em, s.), 

Battershill, Batteshull, o.n.f., 

1 i.q. BOTESHALL. 

Battison, Batson, n.f.. Bat's son. 
Bawdex, castle or hill {(km), house 

Bayscaberry, ? = losca bre, the cot- 
tage on the hill. 
Bazone, '? house {bos) on the down 

Beacon, Beaken, an eminence, a 

token, a look out, Pr. 
Beaden, n.f., 1-pea.t {beat, m.c.) down 

{oon). Park, ? outer (ves) close, T.C. 
Beagle hoe, n.f, 1 corruption of Bea- 

glehole, n.f., 1 = Hal an beagle. 
Beagle Moor, shepherd's {bigel) 

Beagle Eose, shepherd's heath or 

Beagle-todden or -ton, shepherd's 

pasture {ton), or hill {dun). 
Beak, ] i.q. Bake. 
Beal, Be ale, Beel, n.f, li.q. Belt ; 

or = Baal ; or, Bal. 
Bealbury, 1 Baal's hill {bre) ; or, 

Beli's castle {bury, t.). 
Beanchy, n.f, 1 little (bijhan) house 

Bean Park, little {bylian) close. 
Bean Stitch, Httle long narrow 

Beard, n.f, ? i.q. Barth, or, Birt. 
Beardon, 1 the farm {bere, t.) on 

the hill {dun) ; or, barley {bere, s.) 

Beaee, 7i.f 1 = veor,gve^t ; or, bere, s., 

a farm. 
Bear Field, great {veor), or barley, 

Bearford, n.f 1 ^ Barf id, barefoot, 

or bearfoot, t. 
Bearland, ? barley {bere, s.) land, t. 

Bearrah, Beara, ] the farm, or, 

the barley enclosure {haij), t. 
Beatley, the peat {beat,m.c.)\:>astViYe. 
Beaton, n.f, 1 peat down {oon). 
Beat Park, peat field. 
Beauchamp, n.f, = de bello cam.po, 

of Fairfield, /. 
Beaucombe, Beaucamp, n.f, tJie 

same ; or = Bod combe, vale-house. 
Beauford, n.f, - bod-fordh, house 

by the road ; or = Becoufort, fair 

castle, /. 
Beaureper, (15 cent.), i.q. Bareppa. 
Beaupre, n.f, = de bello prato, of the 

fair meadow, /. 
Bechan, little [field]. 
Beckerleg, nf., % i.q. Bekelege. 
Becket, n.f., 1 little {bech) gate {yet) ; 

or, little {beck) brook, t. 
Beckon hill, beacon hill. 
Beconnion, i.q. Boconnion. 
Becoven, 1 i.q. Bosco\t;an. 
Bedack, 1 the place of birches. 
Bedeue, 1 = bedho, birches. 
Bedlake, 1 willow (/ie/ic) house (bod). 
Bedman- or Pedman-dowe, Nord., 

for Pedn-mean-du. 
Bedrawel, ] the house {bod), or 

grave {bedh), of Eiowal. 
Bedrewthan, Bedruthan, = beth- 

ru-haun, the graves on the sloping 

haven, M'L. ;— 1 red (nidh) cove 

{haun) grave or house. 
Bedrick, 1=p)arc douricJc, watery 

Bedroge, ] Eioc's grave. 
Bedrona, 1 long (Jiir) grave (bedh) 

on the downs {oonou). 
Bedruggan, i.q. Bodrugan. 
Bed win, the aspen; or, i.q. Bodwin. 
Bedyer, long {hir), or battle {heir), 

house {bod), or grave {bedh). 
Bedzangavar, ? cowhouse {boudzhi) 

for the goat (gavar). 
Beef Park, Bee Park, 1 cow, or 

beeve {bench), close. 
Beeny, 1 % the lesser (byhenna) [field]. 
Beer, ] the farm (bere, s.). 
Beersheba, i.q. Barsheba. 



Beeston, 1 the bees', or the cattle 
(best) enclosure (ton, t). 

Befarnel, moorfield (pare an hall) 
house (hod). 

Befillick, i.q. Bofillick. 

Beg Meadow, 1 little (hech) meadow. 

Behan Park, little (hyhan) field. 

Beheathland, Bohelland, = ho- 
hel-lan, the dwelling by the water 
nigh the church, Pr. — % Heath- 
land, or, moor (hal) house (hod), 
or field (pare). 

Behenna, n.f., 1 a comparative of 
hjJmn, = " Little " (le, less). 

the Beheury, li.q. Park Wherry, 
or Bohurra. 

Beirah, li.q. Bearrah. 

Bejosah, Bejawsa, Jose's house 
(bod) or field (jmrc) ; see loSA. 

Bejowan, = Bod jowan, the lonely- 
dwelling, or John's house. 


Bekelege, (lith eent.), 1 little (hich) 

Bel, Bell, fair, or far off, Pr. 
Belatherick, i.q. Bolatherick. 
Belerion, the Land's-end of Diodorus 

Sie., (BOLERION, Ptolemy), ^z hoi e 

rhin, head of the promontory, Bax. 
Belhay, the fair enclosure, Pr. 
Beli, s.B.m., a giant, from helian, to 

bellow, 0. norse, F.* 1 irom ph. Baal. 
Belingey, the mill (melin) house 

(chy), Pr. 
Belinnis, fair, or distant, island 

(ynys), Pr. 
Belitho, n.f., i.q. Bolitho. 
Belkey, 1 far (2)el) hedge (ce). 
Bellasize, 1 lower (isa) pillas [field]. 
Bellesdone, d.d. 1 Beli's hi\l,'(dun). 
Belling, n.f, ? the descendant (ing) 

of Beli, t. 
Bellooan, Bellowan, ? distant 


Bell Eick Field, distant (pel) 
stack field. 

Bells Downs, 1 pillas, or Baal's, 

Bells Gwidden, 1 little (vidn = vean) 
pillas field. 

Bellurian Cove li.q. Belerion. 

Bellyache, Belly Hake, 1 = bolec, 
calves' house; or, i.q. Ballyack. 

Beloitha, Boloytha, Belowdy, 
Belowda, 1 house (bod) by the 
dairy (laity) ; or = Park Laita. 

Belover, "? chimney (lwfer,iv.)h.o\ise; 
or, the great (veor) calf's (loch) 

Benallock, Bennallack, Benal- 
leck, broomfield, or, the broomy 
place, (banal, broom). 

Benathlack, n.f, the same. 

Benbole, Benboul, ? i.q. Penpol. 

Benbow, n.f, 1 = Park an Beu, or 

Benedic, s.B.m., blessed, lat. 

Benethic, 1 =parc en ethic, the great 

Beneval, ? i.q. Park en Able. 

Benfield, n.f, ? little (by an) field. 

Benhore, ? i.q. Park en Hoar. 

Beniamen, w.B.m., = Benjamin. 

Beniskey, 1 ^parc en is ge, close be- 
low the hedge. 

Benithen, % i.q. Park Nithan. 

Benmer, nickname, great head = Pen- 
mer, Gw. 

Bennerton, C? d.d. Bennartone), 
1 Bernard's town, t. ; or, long (Mr) 
hill ('pen) enclosure (ton, t). 

Bennigke, o.n.f., 1 =pinnick, the wry- 
neck, Po. 

Benny, ] the same ; or == Behenna. 

Bennyon, 1 i.q. Benithen. 

Benock, Benoke, n.f, 1 i.q. Ben- 

Benorth, 1 =parc en arth, the high 

* This and other names of serfs in the records of manumissions in the Bodmin ' 
Gospels, referred by Mr. Ferguson to the Teuton, belong rather to the Celtic or Phce- 
nician. "Beli was a great prince of the ancient Britons. See Williams' s Eminent 
Welshmen." {E.W.). 



field ; or liigh, or bear's {arili, w.), 
hill [pen). 

Bentewoin, d.d., 1 i.q. Pentuan, 

Bentley, n.f., 1 couch grass (bent) 
meadow, t. 

Benveth, n.f., 1 i.q. Penwith. 

Beorlaf, iv.B.m., bear relic, t. 

Beow, 1 cow {heuch) [field]. 

Bephillick, i.q. Bofillick. 

Bepolvea, i.q. Bespalfan. 

Bercle, n.f., Car., the birch (beorce,s.) 
lea, t. 

Bercoe, n.f, 1=parc do, snipe close. 

Berdinnick, 1 = bar dinnick, the for- 
tified hill, T.C. ; or, =parc dinnick, 
hilly field. 

Bere, the farm, t. ; or, - veor, great. 

Bere Park, 1 barley (bere, s.) close. 

Berges, li.q. Bargus. 

Beries, Berries, li.q. Praise. 

Be RIO w, Berriowe, Ij^l. of bar, the 

Beripper, Berreppa, Berripper, 
Berruppa, i.q. Bareppa. 

Bernard, t.d.d., firm bear, t., F. 

Bernel, d.d., li.q. Brannel. 

Berner, t.d.d., bear warrior, t., Y. 

Bernerh, d.d., "Wong (Jiir) hill (bro?i). 

Berras, Berryas, ? i.q. Praise. 

Berrigot, n.f, 1 castle, or, hill cot- 
tage or wood (coat). 

Berriman, n.f, castle, or, hill man, 
or, stone (maen). 

Berry, = bre, a hill ; or, bury, a cas- 
tle, t. 

Berrycombe, the castle vale, t. 

Berry Hill, the castle hill. 

Berry Park, the castle close. 

BeRSEY, nf., = BiRHSL 

Berthey Brune, Car., 1 Beort's en- 
closure (hay), Brune's part. 

Berwinney, ■? =parc winnic, marshy 

Besanko, n.f., i.q. BosANKO. 

Besawn, cove or cave (zawn) house 
(bos) ; or, house on the down (oon). 

Bescarn, rock (earn) house (bos). 

Bescassa, house (bos) by the woods 

Bescolla, school house, Pr. 
Bescollln, 1 holly (celin) house. 
Besgowes, 1 outside (ves) elder-trees 

(scaw) field (pare). 
Besider, 1 = besidar, a window. 
Beslow, 1 =parc isala, lower close. 
Besoar, Besore, the clomb, mud, 

or earthenware {oar) house, Pr. 

1 i.q. Basher. 


Bespalfan, prayer on the palm of 

the hand, H. (!). i.q. BosPOLVAN. 
Bessoe, Bessow, the birches. 
Bessy oon, 1 birch, or, cowhouse 

(boudzJii) down (oon). 
Bestall, n.f, 1=pistyll, waterfall, w. 
Best Park, 1 cattle (best) close. 
Bestrase, 1 the tailor or cutter's 

(trahes) house. House in the mea- 
dow (pras), Pr. 
Besurrel, = 1 bos ar hal, house on 

the moor; or, Seiriol's (w.) house. 
Beswarigk, Beswetherigk, n.f, 

i.q. Boswetherigk. 
Beswiddle, i.q. Boswiddle. 
Besworm, T.A., 1 for bee-swarm 

Betallick, i.q. Botallack. 
Bethanel, 1 the grave (beth) on the 

moor (hal) ; or, = benathel, broom. 
Bethaw Hall, ] = bethow hal, graves' 

Bethednigk, the lonely (idnic) grave. 
Bethego, % lago's grave. 
Between, 1 i.q. Bedwin. 
Beuty Bill, T.A., 1 field (gioeal) by 

the cow (bench) house (/i), (w.beudy). 
Be van, n.f, = ab-Evan, = John's son. 
Beverly, n.f, beaver pasture, t. 
Be ves, =23arc ves, outside close. 
Beveshoc, d.d., 1 Bevis's oak. 
Bewes, Bews, n.f, 1 i.q. Bevis,/. = 

boge, Y. See BoiA. 
Beyle, n.f., i.q. Beal. 

BezAGK, i.q., BeDAGK. 
Bezoan, = bos oon, down house. 
Bezuen, i.q. Bos wen. 
Bice, n.f, % = bais, a ford, passage, w. ; 
or, bois, a wood, /. 




BiCKE, n.f. % = Uch, = w., hack, little. 
BiCKEL, n.f., 1 = bigal, a shephei'd. 


LY, n.f., = Bekelege. 
BiCKFORD, n.f, little {bich) passage 

Bickley, n.f, little pasture (lea, t.). 
BiCTON, {d.d. Bighetone), little town 

or enclosure. 
BiDiCK, n.f, 1 = buddic, an axe; or, 

iq. BUDIC. 
BiDiGO, 1 i.q. Bethego. 
BiGGAL, little islet or rocklet, A.S. ; 

shepherd, iV. 
BiGLETUBBEN, shepherd's bank. 
PiGLOUN, o.n.f, 1 shepherd's down, 

BiLCROOK, ] barrow (cruc) field {gweal). 
BiLGARS, BiLGORS, 1 fen {cors) field. 
BiLKUM, the coombe field. 
Bill, n.f., % i.q. Beli. Aii axe, gen- 
tleness, t., F. 
BiLLACOT, ] Beli's cottage. 
Billet, n.f., % i.q. Blight, or, Blew- 

BiLLiN Croft, ? ball (jpellen) croft. 
Billing, n.f, i.q. Belling. 
Billows, pillas [field]. 
Billy Bounder, 1 lane field (giveal). 
BiLSON, 7i.f., 1 pillas down (oon). 
Bindon Beacon, top (pen) of the 

hill (dtm) beacon. 
Bin Down Hill, 1 a triplication of 

hill ; or, little down hill. 
the Binn, ■? the little (bihan) [field]. 
Binner, 1 long (hir) hill (pen). 
Binner Vean, little Binner. 
BiRCHiNHAY, ??./.,birchen enclosure,^. 
BiRHsi, Bryhsige, Byrehtsige, &c. 

w.B.m., bright victory, t. 
Birt, %./., = Bright (beort, s.). 
BisCAVlLLET, 1 the cottage (bosca) in 

the quillet or little field. 
BisCAW WOUNE, Cam., the cottage 

on the downs (gicon). 
BiscovALLACK, lower (wollacli) cot- 
BiscovEY, 1 little (bich) cottage. 
Biscow, Nwd., the cottage. 

Bishops Balls, ? Bishop's fields. 

BisKEY Broom, % pixey, or fairy, 
broom [field]. 

BisSA, BissoE, Bissow, BizzA, birch- 

BissiCK, the birch (bezo, a.) place. 

Bla Land, 1 plain (ble, w.) land. 

Blacaler, n.f., 1 cleared land (clar,i.) 
by the calves' house (bolec, Po.). 

Blackadown, 1 calves' house down. 

Blaceajnioor, % calves' house moor. 

Blackaton, 1 black hill, or town. 

Black Hay, 1 calves' house close. 

Black Park, \ calves' house close. 

Blackum, 1 calves' house coombe. 

Bladder Park, ? dog-stones (bal- 
dar, w.) close. 

Blagdon, ? calves' house hill (dun). 

Blake, n.f., 1 = bolec, calves' house, 

Blarick, Blary, ? the place abound- 
ing with water cress (beler). 

Blass, n.f, 1 i.q. Bellas; or=plas, 
a palace. 

Blayble, Blable, l:=pol ebol, the 
colt's pool. 

Blederic, Duke, ? Beli, the red 
(dearg, ga.). 

Blee, n.f, 1 i.q. BoLEiGH or Bligh. 

Bleidiud, s.B.m., •? from blaidd, a 
wolf, 10. 

Ble-kennok, W. Wore, 1 parish 
(plu) of Caenog (w.s. 5 cent.) ; ^Bo- 


BLE^■co^VE, nf., % the mound (Jioio) 

of the Billings, t. 
Blenville, "iball (pellen) field (gweal). 
Blerrake, a place of content, Sc. 
Blethcuf, w.B.m., ? wolf belly 

(kof a.). 
Blethros, vj.B.m., 1 wolf warrior 

(rhys, w.). 
Blethu, t.d.d., 1 black (du) wolf. 
Bleu Bridge, parish (2)lu) bridge, Bl. 
Blewitt, Bluett, n.f, hair (bleo, a.) 

corn (et, id), i.e. barley, TF.N. 
Blight, n.f, 1 i.q. Boleit ; or, blaidh, 

a wolf 
BLishAi^D,parish (o.Bliston), 1 Beli's 



land or enclosure, {c.d. St. Pro- 

tasius, 0. ; St. Protus, v. Pratt, 

Bliss, Bliss Park, pillas field. 
Blithe, n.f., 1 i.q. Blight. 
Blohin, t.d.d., 1 = blaen, w., head, 

point, chief, E.JF. 
Blowse Hay, Bloyse's or pillas close. 
Blue Park, ? parish ( j?/m) close. 
Blung Close, = belein, priest's, 07; 

Uueun, hairy field, B., {T.C.). (i). 
Blunt A, B.m., sleepy, /., F. 
Bo ADEN, BoDEN, n.f., i.q. Bawden. 
BoAL Field, mine (bal) field. 
BoASE, BoAYS, n.f., 1=bo.5, meat; a 

house, a dwelling ; a bush. 
BOCADDON, 1 the house by the wood 

(coat) on the down (oon). 
BocARNE, = bod cam, rock house. 
BoCHYM, cow or cattle (beuch) house 

{ham), H. {f). 
BOCONNION, % cold (ian) down {gon) 

BocoNNOC, j9ans/i, iCaennoc's house 

(bod), or, parish {plu). (p.s. not 

known, A.T.). See Ble-kennok. 
Bod ANNAN, ■? bod an oon, down house. 


Hhe exiles' {gwr deol, w.), or, Gwr- 

thwl's (tv.s.) house. 
BoDBRANE, the crow (bran), or, 

Bran's house. 
BoDBREAN, hill (bryn), or, tree (pren) 

BODDENNAR, BODINAR, ? high (arth) 

fort {din) house. 
BoDEAN, 1 John's {can = Evayi) house. 
BoDEEVE, 1 1ve's, or, summer {haf), 

BODEGGO, the smith's (go) house,ifc. W. 
BODELLAN, 1 fir tree (aidhlan) house. 
BODELLICK, 1 Alexander's {Allick), 

or, willow {helic) house. 
BoDELLis, step-son's {els), or, green 

moor {hal las) house. 

BODELVA, 1 Alva's, or, moor place 
{h'.dva) house. 


BODENNICK, bod an ick, house by the 
water, H. ; solitary (unic) house 


? long house by the grey stone 

{llwijd van, to.). 
BoDERWENNACK, 1 the monk's {man- 

ach) long house {bod Mr). 
BoDEWORGOiN, d.d. 1. Wurcon's 

house ; or, house on the down. 


house on {loar) the water {gio^j). 
BoDGATE, 1 the serf's {caid) house. 
BoDGURY, BODGARA, the further 

(gwarra) house. 
Bo DIG A, 1 lago or James's house. 
BODILGATE, Elchut's (w.) house ; or, 

Bodillan, 1 church {Ian) moor or 

hill {hal) house. 


Bodilly, house by the church (illy = 
eglos), T. ? i.q. Bodillick. 

BODINALGAN, 0., 1 u^ElCHON's hill 

{dun) house {bod). 
BODINAR, a habitation on a hill, Gw. 

C? bod an arth). i.q. Boddennar. 
BODINIEL, the house by the river 

{heyl, T.Q.C.), or, on the hill {hal). 


BODITHIEL, 1 1thel's (w.) dwelling. 
BoDiviAL, 1 Eval's {c.s.) dwelling. 
Bodlay, lay or pasture house. 
BoDLEiT, 1 milk {lait}, or Elaeth's 

(w.s.) house. 
BoDLEVAN, Levan's {c.s.) house. 
BoDMAN, BODYMAN, 0., the monk's 

{manach), or, stone {maen), house. 
Bodmin, parish, {d.d. Bodmine), the 

monks' {menech) house; {c.d. St. 


* " Bod-men, stone-house ; bod-myn, the kid's abode ; also, the dwellings on the 
ridge, or, edge of a hill. Lh." Pr. ; " monk's house," B. ; " mansion of the monks," 
Le., Cam., Car., Wh., &c. ; " preacher {bode) man or men," T. (!) 




BoDOWAL, Howel's (w.), or, high 

(uchcd), house. 
Bod-, Bos-pro wel, 1 Riowal's (a.) 

son's (aj)) house. 
BODRANE, BODREAN, the thorny 

(draen) dwelling (bod, Fr.), or close 

BODREGAN, Regan's house. 
BoDRiFTY, 1 the house by («r) the 

summer shed (hafty). 
BoDRiGY, house by the sea side, or 

tide place (frigva), Fr. 
BoDROLE, Raoui's house. 


BODUELL, i.q. BODOWAL ; Or, = 10. 

Bodvel, house of honey {mel), E. JV. 
BODULLA, elm tree {elau), or, owl's 

(ida) house, Giv. ; ( 1 ivollach, lower). 
BoDULGATE, 1 = bod licil cocit, More- 

wood House ; or, Moorgate House ; 

or, moor house gate. 


chon's house. 

BODVILLE, ??./., ] i.q. BODUELL. 

BoDWAiN, Bod WAN, 1 i.q. Bodwin. 
BoDWANNiCK, down igicon) house. 
Bodway, house by the river {gicy). 
BODWEEN, BODWEN, house near the 

poplars or aspen trees {bedeioen), Fr. 
BoDWiN, white house, w, house on 

the marsh {win), Fr. 


1 house near the trees (gwith) by 

the river (gwy). 
BoDWiTHiEL, Withiel's house. 
Body, Boddy, n.f., 1=parc fy, field 

house ; or, bodi, a messenger, o.7i. 
Bodyford, n.f., i.q. Badaeord. 
BoFARNELL, i.q. Befarnel. 

BOFILLICK, Phillack's house. 
BoFiXDLE, ^Gwendal's («(?.), o?-, little 

(bihan) dale {dol) house (bod). 
Bog AN, n.f., 1 = bochan, little ; i.q. 

BoGEE, Bojea, = boudzhi, cowhouse. 
BoGER, n.f., ^ = Bouchier, or Bour- 

chier, (/.) ; or Bowyer, see BoiA. 
BoGiEF, % % summer {haf) cowhouse. 
BOGULLAS, lower (gullas) house. 
BOHAGOE, ] Iago or James's house. 


Bohenna, n.f, = Behenna, or, Bo- 


BoHETHERiCK, ?Ydroc's {ic.) house. 
BoHURRA, BoHURTHA, higher or 

further (urra, urtha, = gwurtha) 

BoiA, w.B.m., BoiE, t.d.d., I^boge, a 

bow, s., whence 7i.f. Bowyer. 
BoJE'w^AN, 1 i.q. Bo JO WAN. Abode 

of the Jews {edzheicon, B.), A. Es- 

BOJIL, 1 the moor or hill (hal) cow- 
house (bondzhi) ; or, low [isal) house. 
BoJOWAN, 1 John's {Dzhuan), or, the 

lone (Joican) house. 
BoJUDNO, 11 cowhouse {boudzhi) on 

the high naked exposure {vthno, 

Bokelly, GroA^e (celli) House.t 
BoKENNA, 1 Caenog's (iv.s.) house. 
BoKENVER, 1 Cynvor's {w.), or, the 

great {veor) ridge {cein) house. 
BoKiDDiCK, Cedig's {tv.) house. 
BoLANKEN, Luncen's house {bod) ; or, 

the pool {pol) on the ridge {an cein). 
Bolase, n.f, i.q. Borlase. 
BoLATHAN, 1 ox {lodu) pool.;}: 

* Druid's house, B. ;=" Bo daro gun, the house on the oak do-wns," Pr. and Po. ; 
? " =Bod ni goon, the house on the sloping down," M'L., [or on the slope of the downs) ; 
"the king's (dragon) house," Wh. ; "the cows' (bo) sea side or tide (trig) habitation 
(ham) ; or the (an) cows' {bo) sea-shore or tide {trig)," H. 

f Carew derives the family name from Bach. " a goat," and Kelly, " to lose,' 
" The loet goat," and adds " a goate he beareth for his coate." 

* The Chronic. Alexandrin., as quoted by Mr. Lysons in Our British Ancestors, says, 
" The Phoenicians and Syrians call Cronos " {Saturn) " El, and Bel, and Bolathan." 



BoLEGH, BoLEiGH,?.^. BoLEiT. Baal's, 
or, the long {pdl) grave-stone 
{lech), JV.N. 

BOLEIT, the dairy or milk {hit) cot- 
tage {hod), Pr. ; the place of slaugh- 
ter (ladh), BL; — ? house of the 
clan {kid). 

BoLENNA, BOLENNOW, house by the 
lakes {lynnoiD) 3I'L. 

BOLHAM, o.n.f., 1 1 field (bail) dwell- 
ing {ham, s.). 

BOLIXGY, i.q. Belingy 

BoLiTHO, 1 great {itho), or, most 
distant {eWiaio, w.) hill {bol), or, 
pit or pool {pal) ; or, i.q. Boleit 
or Beloitha. A huge belly {hoi), 

Bollowal, high {uchel) pit or pool. 

BOLOGGAS, mice or rats' {logcjas) 
house, Pr. ; {locus, tofiie, m.c). 

BoLOTHAS, BOLOWTHAS, house near 
the tumuli or barrows {loio, t.), M'L. 


Bolster, the entrenchment (holla), 

or clay {hoi), ground {tir), Pr. 

1 Pillas ground. 
Bolventor, new parish, &c. {c.d. Holy 

Trinity) ; = hol[d ad\venture, J. T. 
BOLY, n.f., i.q. Bodilly. 
BoNADY, n.f., •? Eddy's house on the 

down {ho-oon). 
BoNAFORD, 71. f., 1 down house by 

the ford, or, road {fordh). 

BoNALVA, Bonealva, Bony Alva, 

1 Alva's down house. 
Bone, Boon, n.f., down house. 
BoNEAR, n.f, long {Mr) down house. 
BoNiTHON, BoNYTHON, the furzy 

dwelling, Pr. {hod an eithen). 
BoNNAL, the house on the cliff {an 

alt), Pr. 
BoNY, %./., 1 = ho an hay, house in 

the enclosure. 


Boo Town, Bove Town, [field] above 

the town place or farm buildings. 
Borallan, the house {bod), or hill 

{bar), opposite (rag) the lake {lyn), 

BoRDEW, ] black {du) summit {bar). 
Borease, 1 lower (isa) summit. 
BoREW, the bleak dwelling, T., {rew, 

frost, ice). 
Borgwitha, 1 higher or farther 

{giourfha) summit. 
Borlase, the green {glas) summit or 

top, Pr. 
Borlase Vath, high {ivarth) green 

BoRNUiCK, the dwelling {hod) by the 

(a'«) harbour or village {gicic), Pr. 
BoROPARK, Borough, Borrow, the 

barrow, or, mine-heap close. 
BoRSNEEUAS, {a barrow), "i7i English 

cheapfuU," Car. ; 1 i.q. BosNiEVES. 
BoRT Hay, ] broad, or, Beort's (s.) 

enclosure {hay), t. 
BosADON, 1 the house (bos) on the 

hill (dim) ; or, Sadwrn's (w.) house. 
BosAHAN, ]3oSHAN, the summer {han) 

house, Pr. ; or — bos-haun, house on 

the haven, Po. 
BosANKEN, a disquiet house, or, 

house of trouble {anhen, a.), Gkv. 
BosANKETH, the Same, Pr. (16 cent. 

Bussanguithe, wood house). 
BOSANKO, house of death, {ancow). 
BosANNETH, dwelHng house, N. ; 

house of rest, Pi. W. ; {annedh, a 



Bo-SAUSACK, -SAWSEN, the Saxon's 
{saws) house. 

Bos-AVA, -SAVA, apple-tree {aval, ap- 
ples) house, T.C. 

BosAVERN, alder-tree {gwern) house. 

BOSAWNA, haven {hauen) house, Wh. 


castle house. 

BosCARNE, rock {cam) house. 

BosCARNON, ] down {oon) rock house. 

BoscASTLE = BoTREAUx's castle. 

BoscATHO, the boats' {scafha) house. 

BoscAVERRAN, marsh (gwern) cot- 
tage {hosca) ; or, alder {gwern) 
thicket (pose, o.n., I.T.). 



BoSCAWEN, n.f., elder-tree (scauan) 

house, Pr. ; = hosca woon, the cot- 
tage on the down, Gw. 
BoscAWEN Noon, the dwelling (hos) 

on the down (an oon) of elders 

(scaw), Pr. ; 1 down elder house. 
BoscAWEN EosE, the house in the 

valley of elder trees, Pr. ; 1 moor 

{ros) elder tree house. 
BoscEAN, BosCEHAN, 1 house on the 

ridge {cein), R.fV. 
BoscoBBO, BoscopPER, house by the 

barn {scalier). 
BoscoLLA, school house, Pr. 
BoscOMBE, Vale House. 
BoscoswYN, 0., white (wyn) wood 

(cos) house. 
BOSCO-VEAN, -YEN, -VEY, the little 

(vyhan, vich) cottage. 
B0SCOP.LA, the house by the sheep- 
fold (cwla). 
BosCREEGE, barrow (creeg) house. 
BosCREGAN, 1 little (a?i) barrow, or, 

rock (carrag) house. 
BosCROWAN, 1 house by the hovel 

(crow) on the down (oon). 
BOSCUBBEN, little {en) coombe house. 
BoscUDDEN, % wood-pigeon (cudon) 

BoscuNDLE, ? family (cenedl, w.) 

house, Pi.. W. 
BosENCE, BosENSE, holy residence, 

M''L. ; (syns, saints). 
BosENT, 1 the saint's (sant) house. 
BosENVER, 1 house by the road (ro?-). 
BOSFRANCAN, the beaver (francon, 

w.) house; or, great (veo7-) house 

on the down (an goo7i). 
BossiGAN, BossiGANS, twenty (igans) 

houses, Pr. ; (? i.q. Bosigran). 
BosiGRAN, house of sand (grean), 

T.C. ; ^Eigron's (w.) house. 


soc's house. 
BosiRON, 1 i.q. Bosigran ; or, long 

(Mr) house (bos) on the down 

BosissEL, 1 lower (isala) house. 
BosiSTOW, BossusTOW, ? the advo- 

cate's (sistwr, w.) house; or, i.q. 


BosiTHNEY, 1 Sithaney's house. 
Bos-iTHY, -ITHOW, 1 ivy (idhio), or, 

great (ithic) house. 
Boskear, castle (caer) house ; (cear, 

lovely, Pr.). 
Bos-kednan, -kenna, the house on 

the ascent (ascen), Pr. ; or, on the 

ridge (cein). 
Boskell, 1 house by the hazels, E. W. 
Boskennal, 1 the house on the as- 
cent [ascen) of the cliff (alt), or, 

of Seachnall (w.). 
Boskenso, Boskixsow, the first 

(censa), or, Chenisi's house. 
Boskenwyn, Kenm^n's house. 
BosKERR-AS, -IS, the dwelling on the 

summit (gwarhas), Pr. 
BosKEVELLiCK, Cyfelac's (w.), or the 

woodcock's (cyvelac), house. 
Boskinning, Cynin's (w.), or, leek 

(cennin, w.) cottage (hosca). 
BosLAMAN, Salaman's house. 
BosLEAXE, Helig's (w.s.), or, willow 

Bos-, Bus-LEVAN, 1 St. Levan's 



BosLOVER, 'ii.q. Belover. 
BosLOW, li.q. Boswallack. House 

near the Avater {Teau, /.), Pr. 
Boslowack, i.q. Boswallack. 
Bosmawgan, 1 St. Mawgan's house. 
Bosnanarth, 1 high {arth) down {an 

oon) house. 
BosNiEVES, Nywys's {iv.) house. 
BosoLLAN, 1 Salenn's, or, Allwn's 

(w.) house; or house by the church 

BosoRE, i.q. Besore or Bosour. 
BosoRN, ? corner {orn = corn) house. 
Bosour. sisters' {hoer) house; or, 

house by the water {dour), R. W. ; 

or, i.q. Basher. 
Bosowsa, i.q. BOSAUSACK ; or, healthy 

(sawsac) house. 
Bosparva, 1 marsh {morva) house. 
Bospebo, Bospibo, ?Pabo's {w.s.), or, 



the baker's (jjeher) house. 
BosPOLVAN, house by the little 

(vean) pool. See Bespalfan. 
BosPRENNY, 1 the wooden (prennyer), 

or, crows' ihnjnij) house. 
BosPRENNis, the prince's (prennis) 


1 castle (dinas) gate {porth) house. 



1 1sNioc's or Esne's house. 1 = Bos 
an z'c^', house near the stream, M'L. 


BosSOON, house on the down (pon). 
Bossow, Bussow, 1 = hassow, shal- 
lows ; or, i.q. BiSSOE. 
BossuLiAN, BosuLiAN, Sulenn's, or, 

Sulian's (w.s.) house. 
BossuLVAL, ] Gulval's house, T.C. 
BosTOCK, n.f., Doc's {w.), or, the 

leader's [doc, tv.), house ; or, — bus- 

tach, w., a steer. 
BosTOWDA, 1 Dodo's (/.) house. 
BOSUE, black house {bos dn), Pr. 
Bos-UEN, -WEN, white 'yWeii) house, Pr. 
BosuRREL, i.q. Besurrel. 
BosusTiCK, Usteg's {w.s.) house. 
Bos-, Bus-v ARGUS, house on the top 

{bar) of the wood {mz), Pr. Bar- 

gus, a kite. 
Bos-VARREN, -verran, 1 alder or 

marsh {gwern) house. 
BosvATH-iCK, -OCK, Maedhog's {iv.), 

or, the fugitives' {fadic), house. 
Bos-VELLICK, -WELLOCK, house by 

the mill stream {ick), T. 
Bos -VENNEN, -VENNING, the woman's 

{benen) house, Pr. 
BosviGO, 1 house by the little {go) 

stream {gwy),H.M. JV. ; or, Wiga's, 

or, the warrior's {iviga, s.) house. 
Bos-, Bus-vine, little {byhan) house. 
BosviSAGK, % outer {vesach) house. 
BOSVISICK, house by the river's 

creek {ick), Pr. % House by the 

birches {bizzo). 
BOSWALL-OCK, -ow, 1 lower {wallach) 


BOSWARTH, high {givarth) house. 
Boswartha, higher or further house. 
BoswARTH-AN, -EN, house on {war) 

the hill {dun), T.C. 
Bos-, B US-WAR VA, % i.q. Boswartha. 
BoswASE, 1 outside {ves) house. 


BOSWAVAS, 1 outside {ves) winter 
{gwaf) house ; or, Gwavas's house. 


BOSWEDDREN, 1 Medron's {w.) house. 
BoswEDNACK, 1 Wednoc's house. 

White igwidn) house by the water 

{ack), T.C. 
Bos-WEN, -WIN, -WYN, white house. 
BoswENNEN, i.q. Bosvennen. Bees' 

(gtienen) house, T.C. 
BoswENS, windy house, B. {gwefis, 

BoswETHERiCK, 1 Petherick's house 


BoswiDDLE, 1 Irishman's {gwidhcd) 
house. House in open place, or one 
easily seen from, T. ; {guydh, con- 
spicuous, high, B.). 

BoswiNGRAN, 1 white sand (Win 
gran) house, E.JF. 

BoswiNGY, white {gwi7i) house by 
the rivulet {gwy), Pr. 

BOSWOR-DY, -GY, -THA, -THY, 1 house 

on {ivar) the river {gwy) ; or, 

i.q. Boswartha. 
BOSWORLAS, 1 lower {wollas) house ; 
or, house on the green {war las), R. W. 
BoswoRLAS Lehau, "? Bosworlas flat 

stones {lechau). 
BoswYLLiCK, 1 Meilig's {w.), or, the 

priest's {belec, a.) house. 

BoTAD-EN, -on, 1 i.q. BOSADON. 

BoTALL-ACK, -ICK, -OCK, = bad tolog, 
house on a promontory, R. W. ; 
high {tallick) house, Pr. ; house of 
the serpent ()iac) god {al, ph.), 

Botardell, i.q. Bodardle. 

BoTATHAN,l^.BoTADEN. Thepope's, 
or father's [tad, tat) house, Pr. 

BOTCONOAN, d.d., i.q. Bocconion. 




BOTEN, (Id., 1 i.q. BOWDEN. 
BOTENDLE, 1 house in the vale (dol). 

BOTERELL, BOTTRELL, n.f., I^bod ttr 

hal, house on the moor; or, hot- 
ter ol, a toad, /., W.N. ; or, potrael, 
shepherd, /. ; or, i.q. BoTREAUX, 


BOTERNELL, fire {hot) land (tir) hill, 
ga.. Beat. 

BOTISHALL, 0.??./., 1 house (lod) un- 
der {is) the hill or moor (hal). 

BOTHARDER, d.d., ? long {Mr) hill 
{ard) hut {both). 

BOTHERAS, n.f., '? = BOTREAUX, Or, 

BOTIVAL, d.d., 1. high {iuhcd) house. 


BoTREA, ? = hod tra, house beyond. 
BoTKEATH, 1 red {ridh) house ; or, 

house on the sand {treath). 
BoTREAUX, BoTTERAUx, n.f., from 

Les Botteraux, in Normandy, Lo. ; 

castle on the sea or waters {eanx, 

/■), Pr. 
BoTREVA, ? the tax-gatherer's {refa, 

s.) house (hod). 
BoTTERS, 1 Botreaux's [farm]. 


tage {hoth) on the hill {dun). 
BOTUSFLEMING, {'parish), 1. Fleming's 
parish, {j)hi, H.), or station {hetws, 
w.). {c.d. St. Mavj, 7V.E.F.). 

BOU-EGIE, -DZHI, -JEY, COW {heucJl) 

house {cJiy) or fold. 
BouDZHi PARK YET, gate {yet) close 

{pare) with the cow-house. 
BouNDA Park, 1 lane {bounder), or, 

boundary close. 
BouNDANYET, the boundary by the 

BOVEHAY, above the enclosure, t. 
BOMTDEN, n.f, i.q. Bawden. A sorry 

fellow, a bad man, a nasty place, 

Pr. {Boden, a grove, thicket, a.). 

cow-house {boudzM) ; or, long {Mr) 
house {bo) by the Avater {gvjij), Pr. 

Bowhay, cow {beuch) close. 

BowiDOC, d.d., 1 Quithiock's, or the 

wild-sow's {givi/ddMvch, w.) house. 
BowiTHiCK, 1 the same ; or, BuDic's 

house; or, house in the woody place 

BowJEY BEAGLE, 1 shepherds' {hegel) 

BowjEY REEN, hill {rMjn) [field] with 

the cow-house. 


BowLAND, 1 cow field ; or house {hod) 

in the enclosure {Ian). 
BowzY FIELD, cow-house field. 
BoYER, n.f, 1 i.q. Bowgeheer, or 

BOGER, or, BoiA. 
Boy-land, -park, 1 cow field. 
BoYTON, parish, {d.d. Boietone), 

Boia's enclosure, t. Ox {bin), or, 

wood {hois, f) town, T. ; Colony 

of the Boii, H. {p.s. not known, 

BozACON, ? cow-house (houdzM) on 

the down {goon). 
Brackberry, 1. brake, or, badger 

{broch, w.) hill {bre). 
Braddon, Pi.q. Brandon. 
Bradford, broad ford, t. 
Bradingham, 1 dwelling {ham) in 

the broad meadow {ing), t. 
Bradock, = Broadoak, parish, {p.s. 

St. Mary, 0. ) '? place of treachery 

{brad, w.), R.W. 
Bradridge, broad ridge, t. 
Bradsworthy, ^ Beort's farm {weor- 

thig, s.). 
Braes, 1 Bray's [farm] ; or, lower 

{isa) hill {bre) ; or, hills. 
Bra-han, -hane, 1 summer {han) hill 

{bre) ; cow brannel, Pr. 
Brakesdon, ? the brakes' hill {dun). 
Bran-dise, -dis, -Dish, 1 i.q. Park 

AN DiSE. {brandys, m.c, a tripod 

used in cooking, T.Q.C.). 
Bran-don, -ton, 1 crow hill. 
Brandy, ? crow {bran) house {ty) ; 

or, i.q. Park an Tye. 
Brannel, 1 = bar an hal, top of the 

moor or hill. 
Branson, % Bran's {w.) town. 




Brasacot, *? 1 meadow cottage. 
Brasmore, Brazenmore, 1 the great 

{inaur) meadow (pras). 
Brass Well, 1 high {uchel) meadow. 
Bravery, ? further (guarra) hill. 
Bray, Brea = bre, mountain, hill. 
Breack Park, 1 brake close. 
BRi:.AG'E,,2Mrish,fromp.s. St. Breaca, 0. 
Breanick, i.q. Bryannick. 
Bre AS, 1 i.q. Braes, or, Praise. 
Brea Vean, little (bihan) hill. 
Bre-ga, -ja, -edga, 1 lower (isa) hill. 
Breman, ? hill with the stone (riiaen). 
Brenci, s.B.m., 1 king (bren) dog 

Bren-don, -ton, ■? king's hill. Crow's 

(brahan) hill (dun), Pr. 
Brenn, Brent, Brenta, the hill, /. C. 
Brentor, hill (tor) of burning (bren- 

ning, s.), T.Q.C. 
Bret, 1 corn {ed, et) hill {bre). 
Bretel, t.d.d., % bright helmet [helm), 

t. ; or, i.q. Britail. 
Bretha Tor, hill of judgment 

{breath, ga.), Beal. 
Brethei, d.d., i.q. Burthy. 
Brethoc, S.B.m., 1 = bradaivg, traitor, 


Brew, 1 high (uch) hill {bre). 

Brewe-r, -rs, ^from bruyere, heath, 

Brewinney, ? = bruinic, rushy place. 

Brey Down, hill {bre) down. 

Brictric,, bright rule {ric), t. 

Bridgerule, parish, Raoul or Regi- 
nald'sbridge, t. ; {p.s. St. Michael, 0.) 

Bridgevine, stones {myin) of judg- 
ment {brys), T.C. 

Brien-d, -sius, t.d.d., i.q. Bryant = 
Brian, strong, i. ; or, bruyant, noisy, 

Briggernok, cent. 14, Cornish bridge. 

Brightor, little {biggan) hill {tor), 
Pr. (1) 

BtiiGHTON, 1 clay {pry) hill {d^in). 

Brihferd, <.dd, brightpeace {frid),t. 

Brill, 1 1 moor {hal) hill {bre). 

Brimboit, i.q. Bromboit. 

Brimmell, 1 broom or bramble hill. 

Brin, Brinn, = &re?i, a tree, Pr. 

? Hill, bryn, iv. 
Bris-mar, -mer, bear (bersi, o.n.) 

fame {mar, s.). 
Brisons, the prisons, Bl. 
Briston, 1 Brice's, or, Birhsi's town 

or farm, t. 
Bristual, t.d.d., % bright {bricht) 

power (^ivald), t. 
Brit, Brita, o.n.f., % the Briton. 
Britail, iv.B.m., "^Brit the generous 

{hael) ; or, i.q. Bretel. 
Britnod, t.d.d., "? bright {bricht) com- 
pulsion (vzo/), t. 
Britton, Briddon, n.f., U.q. Bray 

Down ; or, reduplication of Hill. 

BrIXI, t.d.d., i.q. BiRHSI. 

Broada Park, the broad close. 
Broadoak, parish, {d.d. Brodehoc), 

see Bradock. 
Brocka Barrow, badger's barrow. 
Brockle, ] badger's {broch) hill. 
Brode, o.n.f., % = Beort, bright, s. 
Broken Park, the badger's close. 
Brodre, t.d.d., 1=Beohrtric, bright 

rule, .s. ; {brodre, brothers, d.). 
Bromboit, the boor's {broman) hut 

{both), ga., Beal. 1 = Broomwood. 
Bromhill, broom hill. 
Broneyr, cent. 14, 1 battle {heir) hill. 
Bronsehan, the dry {sech) round 

hill [bron), R.W. 
Brotheck, Car., i.q. Bradock. 
Browndeep, 1 = bron dubh, black hill. 
Brown GELLY, i. grove {celli) hill. 
Brown Queen, Brownquin, white 

{(jioin) hill. 
Brownsue, 1 black hill. 
Brownwilly, = w. Bronwylva, hill of 

watching, E. JF. ; highest {vhella) 

hill, J.B. ; female {bran) attendant 

{giolla), ga., Beal. 
Brownwithan, tree {gividhen) hill. 
Bruin Close, rushes close. 
Brun, B.m., brown; or, impetuous, 

Brune, n.f, 1 the same. 
Brunnion, 1 = brunnen, a rush. 
Bryannick, % = bruinic, a rushy 




place ; the place under the hill ; 
rather, = imjan /c^-,the place of clay, 
Pr.; the hill {hre) by the {an) 
water {klc), M'L. 

Bryant, n.f., li.q. Briend. 

Brydon, clay {pry) hill {dwi), Pr. 

Bryher, 0. Breher, long {hir), or, 
eagle (er) hill {hre), N. 

Bryn, i.q. Brin. 

Brytthael, w.B.m., 1 i.q. Britail. 

Buccas Meadow, scarecrows' mead- 

Buck, n.f., = boch, a he goat. 
BuCKA, ]cow {bench) field {hay). 
Bucka Borrow, ? scarecrow harrow. 
BuCKENVER, 1 great {veor) ridge 

{cein) house (bod). 
BucKLESOME, 1 Buggle's home. 
BuCKERNE, Nord., i.q. Bocarne. 
BuCKLAWREN, 1 fox {lowem) hole 

BUCTON, n.f., % cow {bench) enclosure. 
BUDDA, W.B.m., a messenger, t., F. 
BuDDLE, n.f., l — budel, a beadle, t., 

BuPE, a haven, Pr. (1) 
BuDEAUXHEAD, n.f, St. Budeaux 

Budge, Budgell, n.f, dim. of boda, 

a messenger, t., F. 
Budget, 1 cow-house (boudzhi) gate 

{yet) [field]. 
BUDIC, s.B.m., victorious {buddic, w.). 
BUDLA, '? house {bod) by the en- 
, closure (Ian). 
BuDNiCK Field, ^bunchy {hothan,B.) 

BuDOCK,t V. BiDDiCK, parish, from 

p.s. St. Budocus, i.cp Budic. 
BiTDOCK YEAN WARTHA, higher little 


Budy Barn, cow-house {beudy, w.) 

barn [field]. 
BuFTON, ? ox close ; or, i.q. Boo 

BuGGEL, o.n.f, 1 = bugel, a shepherd 

or herdsman. 
BUGGIN, 7i.f., = Bacon, H. ; 1 i.q. 


Bugle, 1 cow (bench) hill. 

BuLLAND, BuLLEN, clay {fJol) en- 
closure {km), Pr. 

BuLLAPiT, 1 the bulls' or clay pit. 

BuLLER, 7i.f., a deceiver, /., Lo. ; 
1 = belour, a combatant, a. 

BuLLMORE, n.f, 1 great {mawr) pool 

Bullock, n.f., ? = bloncli, without 
hair, a. 

BuLLREATH, 1 red (rydh) pool. 

BuLSE, 1 = PiLLAS. 

BULSEBEAR, 1 pillas or poor farm 

BuLSWORTHY, 1 bulls' field {loeorthl, 
s.) ; or, i.q. BUSWORGY. 

Bumble, rock, 1 from pvmipl, a bub- 
ble, 10. 

Bunerdake, 1 = pen eru tec, fair 
field end. 

Bunny, Buny, 1 i.q. Bony. 

Bungays, Bungs Park, 1 cooper's 
(bynciar) close. 

Bunkershill, 1 cooper's hill. 

Bunt, n.f, a swelling in a sail, &c., 
o.e. ; or, i.q. Bennet. 

BuRCOMBE, 1 birch {heorc, s.) vale. 

BURDOWN, 0. BURDON, 1 top {bui') 

of the down, or hill {dun). 
BURGERED, t. d. d. , 1 city council {red, s. ) 

BuRGET, ] =2xirc yet, gate field. . 
BURGHGEAR, redttplicatiou of castle. 

* B.nXhev^^^ Buddie -boy , he who attends to the washing away of the impurities from 
the tin ore that has been crushed in the stamping mill. 

■f BunocK, hyth'ick, oak haven, or, the border or skirt of the harbour, Pr. ; from 
/)((•//(, a hut, cottage, or booth (ic), and ick, adjectival, or a creek, Ped. St. Budeaux, 
partly situated west of the Tamar, is also declicated to St. Budocus, and is one of the 
rfry few parishes in Devonshire called after the patron saint. 




BuRGWALLANS, 1 lower [gwalla) 

lambs' (eunes) field (pare). 
Burins, ? =parc eanes, lambs' close. 
BuRiTON, (now Penzance), castle 

town, Po. 
BURKEHAM, 1 birch (heorc) border 

{ham), t. 
BuRKENHALL, ? birch moor or hill 

BURLAND, 1 top (bar) of the en- 
closure {kS) ; or barley {here) 

land, t. 
Burl ACE, Burlase, i.q. Borlase. 
Bur-lawn, -lorne, ? fox {lewarn) 

hill {bar). 
B. EgloS, Burlawn by the church. 
B. Fellow, % further {ikUci) Bur- 
BuRLEY, 1 burdock pasture, t. 
Burlowena, i.q. Barlowena. 
BuRMSDON, 1 % Abraham's hill. 
Burn, Burna, Burne, 1 = hurne, a 

stream, s. ; or, bron, a hill. 
Burnawithan, i.q. Brownwithan. 
Burncoon, 1 down (goon) hill. 
BURNCOOSE, the high or hill {bro7}) 

wood {eos), Pr. ; % wood hill. 
Burnere, % i.q. Bernerh, d.d. 
BuRNGULL-A, -OE, -ow, 1 lower 

(gicoUa) hill. 
Burn-on, -oon, -Downs, the high 

downs, Pr. ; 1 top of the (bar an) 

BuRN-UHALL, -EWHALL, Well (bume, 

s.) in or above (yu) the moor (hal), 

Pr. ; 1 high {vchal) hill (bron). 
BuRNWELL, the same. 
BuRRACOT, 1 barrow cottage. 
BuRRATON, 1 barrow hill {dun). 
Burrow Belles, the far (pel), 

broad, or large {les), burrow or 

sepulchre, H. 
Burrow Gaves, 1 barrow outside 

(ves) the fence (ce). 
Burr-ell, -ill, 1 bar hcd, top of the 

moor or hUl. 
BuRRiDGE, 1 1 = broad ridge, t. 
BuRRUPPA, i.q. Bareppa. 
BuRSUE, the black {zu) top, Pr. 

BURT-HAY, -HY, % i.q. BORT HaY ; W, 

bush (perth) enclosure. 
BuR-THOG, -THOGGE, n.f., 1 ? the same. 
BuRTHY Brewing, i.q. Berthey 

Burthy Eow, ? Rowe's, or, rough 

Bur well, 1 i.q. Burnuhall. 
Burwin, white {gicin) top {bar), Pr. 
Bury as, "iiq. Praise. 
Bury, i.q. Berry. The tumulus, C. 
Bury Camp, castle or hill camp, t. 
Bury Park, castle close. 
Busallow, i.q. Boswallock. 
BusAVEAN, 1 little house (bos). 
BuscADJACK, 1 dirty {eassic) house. 

old house, Pr. 
BUSCAREN, 1 the same ; or, i.q. Bos- 


BuscoLL, li.q. BoscoLLAj or, house 
by the hazels {coll). 


dwelling by the cross or barrow, 


BusKEYS, 1 shade {sees) close {p)arc). 
Bus-low, -ella, -sullow, -wallow, 

i.q. BOSLOW. 
Buss Meadow, calf (buss, m.c.) 

BussAS Hill, ? hill where the urns 

(bussa, m.c.) were found. 


Bussow, li.q. Bossow, 
BussY, li.q. Boudgie. 


BUSVEAL, the calves' house, Pr. ; 

1. house on the bare hill, ( = iv. Bod 

y voel). Pi. W. 

BuswASBER, % Vosper's house 





BuswoRLAS, i.q. BoswoRLAS ; house 
on the high (warth) green {gltt^), Pr. 

BuswoRGY, i.q. BoswoRGY ; house 
above the river, Pr. 

But-, Butt-Park, archery close. 

BUTRis, ? i.q. Barteress. 


Butcher's Field, ? i.q. Boudgie. 
BUTS-BER, -PUR, 1 Butt's farm {bare). 
Butteraville, Butter's house; or, 

place where there is a view (willy), 

Butterdon, i.q. Botterton; or, 

long (hir) house (bod) hill {dun). 
Buttern, 1 i.q. Battern. 
Butter WELL, ] i.q. Butteravill. 
Button, i.q. Bufton ; or, = hod oon, 

doAvn house. 
THE Buttress, i.q. Butris. 
THE Butts, the place where archery 

was practised, J.M. 
Butty, % i.q. Budy. 


BuzzA, n.f., = BussA, or, Boudgie. 


Byerlee, n.f., 1 i.q. Burley. 
Byhst AN, s.^.m., 1 = Br)/chstan,hng\\t 

stone, t. 
Byrchtylym, s.B.m., 1 i.q. Bretel. 
Byrhtgyvo, B.m., bright gift, i. 


AASE, 1 lower (isa) enclosure (ce) ; 

or, the wood {cois). 
the Cabe, 1 = cajjc, promontory. 
Cabilla, i.q. Carballa. 
Cab LAN, = Cahn Alan, the crooked 

(cam) Alan; Po., (now the Cajmel). 
CADAriT, ] battle pit. 
Cadd, n.f., ] battle (cad, iv.). 
C^vdes, % = caites, a bondwoman. 
Cadge-, Cage-with, battle tree, H. ; 

1 = sccdgivith, privet. 
Cadjiadoc, ? Madog's battle-field 

(cad, w.). 
Cadock, Duke, = cadwg, warlike, w. 

Cadon Barrow, ? battle hill (dun) 

Cador, Earl, warrior (cadwr, w.). 
Cadson, 1 bondwoman's down. 
Cadson Bury, Cadson Castle. 
Caduualant, td.d., 1 = Cadicallon, 

war lord, Y. 
Caduscot, 1 battle-field (cad, w.) be- 
low (is) the wood (coat) ; or, 

bondwoman's cot. 
Cad win, ^j?-. Caden, soldiers' hi\l,M'L. 
Caer an Kledh, the camp with the 

ditch or trench, M'L. ; (cledh, left, 

Caer Bran, crow village, Gw. ; 

Brennus's Castle, Po. 
Caerfos, -fossou, -foza, -voza, 

camp with the foss or dyke, B. 
Caer Gonin, Conon's castle or camp. 
Caerguidn, white castle, B. 
Caerheiz, barley village, Giv. 
Caer Kief, companion castle, PFh. ; 

castle with ditch, M'L. 
Caer Kynock, 1 Caenog's (w.) castle. 
Caer Laddon, 1 broad (ledan), or 

bank (ladn) field (cae, w.). 
Caerleon, Lleon's {w.) castle. Castra 

legionis, Pi.W. ; li.q. Callean. 
Caerngrey, the grey rock (cam). 
Caerthillian, 1 the owl's (dylluan) 

Caffil Meadow, 1 horse (cevil) 

Cair, = caer, a camp, castle, city, 

village ; or, care, the mountain ash. 
Cairne Hay, earn or rock close. 
Cairo, 1 = caerau, the camps. 
Cakeval, ? horse (cevil) close (cae, iv.) 
Caladdrick, 1 Edrick's field (givea^l) ; 

or watery (douric) fields (gtvealow). 
Calamansack, the hard (cal) stony 

place, or, the stony grove, (celli), 

Cala-mere, -meer, 1 great (mear) 

Calarth, 1 high (arth) field. 
Cal-artha, -atha, 1 higher field. 
Calcuff, Uhe smith's (gof) field. 
Caldown, 1 = cold down. 



Cal-edna, -idna, -endo, -enno, U.q. 


Calen-dra, -dry, old house (hendra) 

field; or = celin dre, liolly house, 

Calenick, holly (celin) place; or, 

moist {lynnic) enclosure {cac). 
Call, «./., hard, flinty, obdurate, H. 
Callase, % green {glas) field. 
Calle-AN, -on, 1 lamb {ean) field. 
Call -EE VAN, -evan, 1 smooth {levan) 

Callengia, 1 = gweal an chy, field by 

the house. 
Callestock, hard (cal) broad (les) 

oak, T. ; 1 broad field (gweal) with 

the dead stock of a tree (stoc). 
Callibarret, 1 Barrett's grove. 
Callibudgia, cowhouse (boudzhi) 

grove (celli), or field (gweal). 
Callilond, 1 grove land. 
CallIjNLIY Point, from the Breton 

festival Kalamae, on the calends 

of Maij, N. ; * ^6-. Calanmai, R. IF. 
Callington, v. Kelliton, d.d. Cal- 

wetone, (p.s. St. Mary), chapel 

(oil, H.), or, grove (celli, T.) town. 
Calliwith, ] = w. Collwith, hazel 

grove, R.JF. 
Calstock, d.d. Calestock, (jhs. St. 

Andrew, 0.), hard stock or oak, 

Calvenor, % slaughter (ar) stone 

(maen) field. 
Calver meadow, ? great field (gweal 

veor), or, pigeon-house (culver) 

Calvorry, % further (ivarra) field. 
Cambeak, crooked (cam) point (pyg). 
Camberdeney, Camperdeney, 

Welshman's fortification (dmas),N. 
Camberdown, Welshman's hill or 

Cajiblan, Camb Alan, Cam., for 

Cabm Alan. 
Camborne, o. CajMbron, (c.d. St. 

Meriadocus, 0.), crooked hill (hron). 

The crooked or arched hurne or 

well, H. ; crooked river (hirne, s.), 

C. VEAN, little Camborne. 
C. VEOR, great Camborne. 
Cambridge, crooked bridge, Pr.; 

1 bridge over the crooked [river] ; 

0. Cambrose, 1 = carn bras, great 

earn, T.C. 
Camel, crooked river, Nord., ( - cam 

heyl, T.Q.C.). 
Camel Field, = camomile field. 
Camelford, the passage over the 

river Cajiel. 
Camerrance, i.q. Carmerrance. 
Ca3I0EN, 1 crooked down (ooii). 
Campassuck, i.q. Carnpessuck. 
CajVIPBELI;, Cajviel, n.f., ?from the 

river, C.S.G. 
Canakey, i.q. Carnakey. 
Canal-idgey, -issey, -egie, St. Issey 

Creek, B. 1 earn on St. Issey moor 

Cana Park, 1 = Corner close. 
Canarthen, i.q. Carnarthen. 
Candra, 1 white or singing town. 
Candrow, Mown (goon) of oaks (deru). 
Caxe Park, 1 ridge (cein) close. 
Canean, 1 lamb (can) rock (cam). 
Canedon, i.q. Carnedon. 
Canenv-or, -er, 1 rock (cam) by the 

road (en vor). 
Can-era, -ara, field (eru) ridge (cein), 

Canhallack, i.q. Carnhallack. 
Can-hewas, -vass, i.q. Carnhewas. 
Can HILLY, ? i.q. Goonhilly. 
Cann, n.f., 1 = can, white; a song; 

a hundred ; the full moon, Po. 
Cann-ellas, -ills, i.q. Carnellas. 
Canner Park, 1 = corner close. 
Cannick Park, ■? rocky (canu'c) close. 
Cannicoose, ? rock (cam) by the 

wood (cuz). 
Cannyglaze, ] i.q. Carnglase. 
Canodgeox, Iox (udzheon) earn. 
Can Orchard, ] Orchard's down 

(goon), or, earn. 
Canretheo, deacon, w.B.m., % singer 

(cantor) of merit (reth), F.B. 




Cantgueithen, Cantgethen, Can- 

GUEDEN, deacon, tv.B.m., 1 singer 

of prayer (gweddi, w.), F.B. 
Can WORTHY, i.q. Carnworthy. 
Cara, n.f., 1 - carrag, a rock, a stone ; 

or, carow, a stag. 
Carac diu, black {du) rock. 
Cara-close,-clouse,-clowze,-cluz,, -GLOZE, -gluz, the grey 

{ludzh, Lh.) rock. 
Cara clowse en cowse, " the hoare 

rock in the wood " [cuz), Car.''^ 
Cara Croak, = carrac, i.e. the rock, 

a reduplication. 
Caradjer, 1 = caer-, cam-, or cue issa, 

lower castle or town, earn, or close, t 
Caradogus, kmg, w. Caradwg beloved. 
Caradon, ? ? castle on the hill {dun). 

Sheep [caor, ga.) \\i\\, Betd. (o. Car- 

Caralla, 1 lower {gwolla) close. 
Car ALVA, ■? Alva's c. 

CarB-ALLA, -ELLA, -ILLA, 1 lower C. ; 

or, i.q. Carbilly. 
Carb-arrow,-urrow, -orro, ^higher 

(gwarra) c. 
Carbean, d.d. Carbihan, little c. 
Car-beele, -billy, a rock mentidce 
formce, Sc. ; ? rock of Bel or thesun. 
Carbiglett, ] shepherd's (higel) gate 

{yet) close [cae). 
Carbilly, % Beli's castle, i.g. Blis- 

Car-bis, -bos, -bus, rocky wood 

{hois, /.), m; house or castle {hos) 

of stone, Pr. 
Carblake, 1 priest's {helec, a.) town. 
Carbonenellis, i.q. Carnboneles. 

Carbouling, ? Peulyn's {w.) c. 
Carbowl, % the pool {pol) c. 
Carc, ^ = carrac, a rock. 
Carcarick, 1 rock c. 
Carglaze, grey {glas) rock {Pr.), or 

castle, Po. 
Carclew, 0. Crucglew, the barrow 

{cruc) with the ditch or fence, 

{clidh), Po. ; the enclosure (? cleiv) 

of barrows, H. ; the rocky-land 

{carrak) of the creek {loo), Ped. 
Carg-ow, -oe, 1 barrows {cregow).^ 

Camp of the warrior or dog {cu, 

g a.). Beat. 
Car-dew, -du, black rock or castle, 

Cardi-est, -east, % c. of the witness 

Cardiggan, Isack {tigan, B.) close. 
Cardinan, n.f., Dinan's c. 
Cardinham, Dinan's or Dinham's 

town; {p.s. St. Meubredus, 0.). 
Cardinney, 1 hilly {dinnick) c. 
Cardoddan, % the c. below {dodn). 
Cardreavy, 1. the c. of the house 

{tre) by the stream {gtoy). 
Cardrew, oak {deru), or Druids' c. 
Card WEN, 1 = gard loen, white garden, 

Care, i.q. Caer. 
Careg-loose, -looz, i.q. Carag- 

Caregroyne, the seal {groyne) rock, 

Careg Tol, the holed rock, Bl. 
Carenick, 1 the rocky place. 
Carew, n.f., = caerau, pi. of caer, a 

camp, castle, &c., R.W.X 

• Cara Cowz in Clowze, given in " Carew's Survey" (fol. 154), is either a misprint, 
or a corruption, of Cara clowse in Cowse, " the ancient name of Saint Michael's Mount," 
(foL 3.). 

f In the following names, when from want of sufficient knowledge with regard to 
the several places, it is doubtful whether Car stands for caer, cam, or cae (the Welsh 
equivalent of ce, " a hedge, enclosure," &c.), the abbreviation "c." is used. 

♦ The name is pronounced Car'-ew in Ireland ; Ca-rew' in Devonshire ; Ca'-rey in 
Cornwall and Wales. The old historian gives his patronymic a Norman origin, 

" Carew of ancient Carru was, And Carru is a plowe, 

'• Romanes the trade, Frenchmen the word, I doe the name auowe." 



Carewr-ge, -ga, d.d., the c. on the 

water; H.(?. Treworgy. 
Carey, river, 1 = carow, a stag, or, 

garw, rough. 
Carfury, '?the camp on the hill (bre) 
Carg-AAL, -aul, -ol, the holy castle 

Fr. (d.d. Cargav). 
Carg-allon, -ollon, 1 the enemies 

(galon, w.) c. 
Cargease, 1 lower [isa) barrow (crug) 

or, i.q. Carkease, or, Carnkez. 
Cargelly, grove (celU) c. 
Cargellyo, the groves c. 
Cargentle, 1 family (cenedel) barrow 

Cargenwen, 1 Kenwyn's c. 
Cargerragk, 1 rocky or higher 

(givarrach) c. 
CARGiBBET,Uhe miser's (c?/%fM, w.) c. 
Cargloth, the veiled or concealed 

castle or town, ga., Beal ; •? trench 

(dawdh, IV.), or, glutton's (glwth, 

w.) c. 
CARGREAN,rock in the gravel (grean), 

Sc. ; sun {grian, ga.) rock, Beal. 
Cargurrel, court {cur) castle (caer) 

wall (gual), JVh. 
Carhall-ack, -ick, -ock, moor {hal) 

castle port (pck), or, the rocky moor 

of oaks, Pr. ; 1 i.q. Carallack. 
Carhangives, 1 1 castle of the gyves 

or fetters ; or, i.q. Carnhangives. 
Carharrack, the long {Mr) rocky 

dwelling, Pr. % further {givarrach) 

c. ; or, i.q. Carcarick. 
Carhart, 1. high {arth) c. 
Carhayes, the enclosed castle, Pr. ; 

the barley (heiz) village, G-w. 
Carick Roads, rock roadstead. 
Carick Starne, saddle (tjsdarn, w.) 

rock, N. 
Carig-on, -one, 1 rock {carrac) on 

the down (gwon). 
Carin Croft, •? earn croft. 
Carines, ] lambs' {eanes) c. 
Carinna, I? castle on the promontory 

Carjeway, ? David's {Dewi) close. 
Carkease, ? lower {isa) rock (carrag). 

Carkeek, 1 look out c. {geek, to peep, 

Carkeel, " i.q. Carbeele," Sc. ; 

? leech (gel) c. 
Carkeen, 1 St. Keyne's c. ; or, lamb's 

{ean) rock. 
Cark-eet, -eit, n.f., 1 i.q. Gruggith. 

{carcath, a ray fish; gurcaeth, a 

Carkeval, % horse {cevil) c. ; or, St. 

Eval's rock. 
Carkew, l.i.q. Carcow. 
Garland, ■? thee, of the enclosure (lav). 
Carl-anick, -innick, i.q. Calenick, 

or, = kea linec, a field of flax, Pr. 
Carl-ean, -een, -ine, -ion, 1 i.q. 

Caerleon ; or, = celyn, holly. 
Carlennow, ? linen clothes {lennow) 

field ; 1 the c. of the learned {lien, 

learning), R. JV. 
Carlerrick, ] the c. of the lunatic 

{loerig, lo.), or, of Lleurwg, w. 
Carlescas, ] the burnt {leskys) c. 
Car-lidden, -leddon, the broad 

{ledan) earn. 
Carligga, 1 i.q. Clighar. 
Carlow Rocks, 1 the martin {carlo, 

o.n.) rocks. 
Carloggas, 1 mice or rats' (loggas) c. 
Carloose, grey {ludzh) rock, Pr. 
Carlyon, 0. Caer Lyghon, the 

camp {caer) place {le) on the downs 

{on = gwon), M'L. 
Carmailoc, cent. 11, Mailoc's c. 
Carmeal ball, " a honey {mel) hill 

of the beneficiall workes," N'ord. 
Carmellow Rock, 1 i.q. Cariviailoc. 
Carmelor, ? Meilyr's {w.) c. 
Carmerrance, 1 the c. of death 

Carminnis, i.q. Carnminniss. 
Carm-innow, -ennow, little {minow) 

city, Pr. ; the monks' {menech) 

castle, T.Q.C. ; the rock hill {me- 

nedh), H. ; a rock immoveable, Sc. 
Carn, Carne, rock, rocky place, 

natural pile of rocks. 
Carn-abeggas, -BEGGAs,bush(6ap'as) 



Carnacanow, 1 Caenog's (w.) earn. 
Carnadnes, St. Agnes earn, or earn 

of warning, protection (adnes, w.), 

Carnadon, 1 rocky hill {dun). 


(gwidn) earn. (Karnawethan, 

the tree earn, B.). 
Carn Aire, the inner point, or cairn 

of slaughter, Bl. ; % long {hir) carn. 
Carnakey, ] carn by the hedge (ce), 

or, of the spirit {nuggij). 

CARNAillNA, % i.q. CaRMINNOW. 

Carn an Peal, the spire rock, B. 
Carnans, 1 lambs' (eanes) carn. 
Carnanton, rock (cam) valley {nans} 

town, H. ; 1 i.q. Carnadon. 
Carnarthen, ? carn on the hill (ar 

dun) ; or, Arthen's (w.) carn. 
Carnbangas, 1 carn at the end {pen) 

of the wood {cus). 
Carnbargas, kite's (hargus) cam. 
Carn Barra, % loaf {hara), or, higher 

{gwarra) earn. 
Carnbeak, 1 carn promontory {2Wj 

Carnbin, 1 little {bihan) carn. 
Carn-boneles, -Bonelles, -Bonels, 

? the son-in-law's {eh), or, green 

moor {hal las) down-house {ho oon) 

Carn Brane, the crow {bran) carn. 
C. Bras, -Brose, big (bras) carn. 
Carnbrea, Le. Carnbr ay, the moun- 
tain (bre) rock, Fo. ;1 = caer an bre, 

the castle on the hill; or, i.q. 

Macpherson's "cairn-crowned hill." 
Carnburyanack, the still, quiet 

(anach) spar stone {cam) grave or 

buryingplace,//. {See Bryannick). 
Carn Cavas, 1 earn outside (ves) the 

hedge {ce) ; or, dirty (caivijs) carn. 
Carnclew, 1 earn of light {goleu,w.). 
Carn-clog, -clougy, the cairn of 

hard rock, Bl. 
Carncravah, ] carn of the banshea 

{craevagh, i.). 
Carn Creagle, the crying cairn, Bl. 
C. Creiz, the middle {crez) carn. 

C. Grouse, 1 the cross (croes) carn. 
Carndeaw, 1 south {dehau) carn. 
Carn-dew, -du, black {dv) carn. 
Carndrose, % carn of the boast 

Carnebin, little {bihan) carn. 
Carnebone, ? down-house {ho oon) 

earn. J 

Carnedon, the rocky hill, T. \ 

Carnegg-an, -on, •? carn on the 

downs {goon). 
Carneggo, Hhe smith's {gof) carn. 
Carne-ggy, -gie, 1 the inside {agy) 

Carneglos, the grey {glas), or 

church {eglos) carn. 
Carnegoes, % carn of blood {goys). 
Carneguidden, i.q. Carxaguidden. 
Carne Hallow, 1 rock moors {hal- 

Carnellan, ?elm tree {ellan, Pr.) 

Carnell-a, % -ow, ? carn by the 

Carnellas, 1 green-moor {hal las), 

or, church {eglos) carn. 
Carnels, the same ; or, son-in-law's 

{els) carn. 
Carnemogh, the pigs' {moch) earn. 
Carnentral, ] the carn in the mid- 
dle {hanter) of the moor {hal). 
Carn Enys, island {enys) carn ; or, 

lambs' {eanes) c. 
Carn-ethen, -ithin, the birds' {ed- 

hen) carn. 
Carneton, i.q. Carnadon. 
Carnervas, ? outside {ves) the long 

{Mr) earn. 
Carn Evall, ? St. Eval's, or, the 

bald {y voel, u\) earn. 
Carne Warra Carne, the rocky 

waste about the higher carn. 
Carne Wartha, the higher carn. 
Carn Ewas, ? the carn of desire 

C. Frankas, the crow {bran) carn in 

the wood {cus), T.C. 
C. Gla-se, -ze, the green or blue 

stone, or, grey rock, Pr. 




C. GoLEUA, rock of lights, B. 
C. GOLLA, % lower (gwolla) earn. 
Carngrean, the rock or altar of the 

sun (grian, ga.). Bed. 
Carn-greeb, -gribba, the rock like 

a bird's crest or comb {crih), Bl. 
Carn-gress, -crease, L<i. C. Creiz. 
Carn grey Eock, grey rock earn. 
Carngurtha, higher {gwartha) carn. 
Carn-hale, -hall, -hill, the carn 
on the moor or hill (hal) ; or, rock 
by the river (%/), C. ; or, white 
moor {can hal). 
Carnhangives, 1 carn of the house 

(an chy) outside {ves). 
Carnhaut, 1 sea shore {aut, B.), or, 

duck {hoet) carn. 
Carn Hermen, long {Mr) stone 

{maen) cairn, Bl. 
Carn-Himbra, -Kimbra, the Welsh- 
man's carn. Associated rocks, C. 
Carnhingey, 1 1 carn by the house 

{an chy). 
Carnhoar, the sister's {Jioar) carn. 
Carnick, the rocky place. 
Carniddris, "? Idris's {w.) carn; 

{eclris, learned). 
Carnidjack,* {Nord., Carnuiack), 

the hooting {idzhek) carn, B. 
Carnifriars, the monks' carn, N. 
Carninney, ] i.q. Carnhingey. 
Carninous, 1 lambs' {eanes) carn. 
Carn Irishman, 1 1rishman's carn. 
Carnithin, the birds' {edheii) carn. 
Carn-kee, -key, the stony hedge 

{ce), Po. ; U.q. Carnkie. 
Carnkez, cheese {ces) carn. 
Carn-kie, -kye, the dog {ci) carn. 
Carnkiefs, i.q. Caer kief. 
Carn -Lea, -Leh, the group of flat 

rocks. North. ? lesser {le) carn. 
C. Lehau, flat rocks {lechcm) carn. 
Carnlksboel, 1 1 the broad {les) 

carn by the ox-cliff" (Inmllt, iv.). 
Carnleskys, the rock of burnings,^. 
Carnloge, the calf's {loch) carn. 
Carnlusack, 1 i.q. Carnleskys. 
Carnmannal, *? i.q. Carvannal. 
CARN-MARTH,t open rock, C. 
C ARNiMEAL, honey {mel ), or, Michael's 

Carn-mear, -meor, great carn. 
Carnmeasure, 1 1 the moon {misor, 

Mur.) carn. 
Carnmellyn, yellow {melyn), or, 

mill {melin) carn. 
Carnmen, 1 kids' (mm) carn. 
Carnmenellis, 1 green {glas), or, 
broad {les) moor {hcd) stone en- 
closure {maen hay) carn. Manal 
yz, a sheaf of corn, Lh. ; {c.d. 
Holy Trinity, Du B.). 
Carnminnis, Ithe small {minys) carn. 
Carnmoan, 1 the maimed man's 

{moun, a.) carn. 
C ARNMORVAL, whale {morvil ) cam, N. 
Carn Murr, the rock frequented by 

the sea bird " murr," JFoodley. 
C. Near, = cam Mr, long carn. 
C. NiEGAN, twenty {ugain, w.) 

rocks, C. 
C. Olva, carn at the head of the 

beach, Bl. {olva, lamentation). 
Carnon, 1 carn on the downs {oon) ; 

or, rock downs. 
Carnoru, 1 rough {haroiv) carn ; or, 

carn on the slope {rhiw, iv.). 
Carnparee, 1 i.q. Carnbre. A 
quantity or heap of rocks, {parri, 
w., a flock), C. 

* Cakn Keni-dzhek, -jack, according to some ; rendered " the head indented, 
notched, or jagged [kermeagach, ga.) cairn," Beal ; " the ridge or head {kean) of the 
flying (niedga) serpent (hac)," BuMer. An old west-countryman, whose family (including 
himself) always prided itself on keeping up the meaning of Cornish names, makes it 
"the carn of the nineteen [navmzac) dogs (cei)," T.G. 

+ ? i.q. Chenmeech, d.d. ; Norden has " Kern-mabgh Beacon or Caen maeigh, 
signifyinge rocke wher horses (merch) shelter" ; Whitaker, " the knight's [marheg] cairn 
or barrow " ; Polwhele, " the carn at the boundary {mearc, s., mars, w.). ^^—'^ '° "'-•" 
" daughter," c. 


Merch is also 




Carn-passack, -pessack, 1 Easter 

(pasc) earn. {Pesach, rotten). 
Carn Pope, Pope's cam; p^^b, to 

C, Prior, the prior's carn. 
C. Eaw, Ealph's, or, the rough carn. 
C. Eos, the carn of heath or moss, Bl. 
C. Scathe, the boat carn, Bl. 
Carnsew, black or bream rock, Pr. ; 

the dry (sew, m.c.) carn, Bot. 
Carnsmerry, 1 1 St. Mary's carn; 

or, Game's miry hay or close. 
Carn Sper-n, -nag, braml)le carn, C. 
Carn-sullan, -sulan, 1 Sulcan's 

(s.B.m.), or, Sulien's (w.s.) carn ; 

= Bellevue, prospect rock, C. 
Carnsworth, 1 Cam's farm, t. 
Carntiscoe, 1 elder-tree house (ty 

scotv) carn. 
Carn Tommen, the little hill (tom- 

men) with the heap of rocks. Heath. 
C. TORK, loaf-like {torth, iv.) carn, Bl. 

(tiorch, a hog, w. ; torch, a collar, iv.). 
C. Tyer, 1 thatcher's carn. Spar 

stone (cam) land (tir), H. 
C. Uny, St. Uny's carn. 
Caenvassack, outside rock, Bl. 
Carnventon, well (fenton) carn. 
Carnvesilen, the carn outside (ves) 

the enclosure (Ian), T.C. (meslan, 

a mastiff). 
Carnview, '? cow (heuch), or, look-out 

"Carnvoel, i.q. Carn Evall. 
Carn-vorth, -y vorth, ship {aorth, 

ga.) carn, Beal. 
Carnvres, rock of judgment (hres), 

C. Watch, ? look-out carn. 
Carn-weather, -worthy, 1 further 

(ivarfha) earn. 
Carn-whidden, -wythan, -y with- 

AN, the tree {giueclhen), or, white 

(givicln) carn. 
Carnwinn-eck, -ick, 1 boggy carn. 
Carnwynnen, Gwynen's {iv'.s.) carn. 
Carnyorth, i.(/. Carn VORTH; carn 

of the bear {orth), Buller. 
Carn Y Vellan, i.^. CarnMellyn. 

Carn y Verth, ? hawthorn {frith) 

Caroe, i.q. Cairo or Cara. 
Caron meadow, 1 rock meadow. 
Carpalloe, % calf's house {hod loch), 

or, further {pella) c. 
Carpenter, 1 the c. on the head- 
land, {pen tyr). 
Carpuan, little {hilian) c. 
Carrack an Loar, Imoon (/oer)rock. 
Carrackdues, 1 sheep or tongue 

{(levas) rock. Black rocks, C. 
Carrack Gladden, 1 broad (Man), 

or brink or edge (glan) rock, C. 
Carracks, rocks, Bl. 
Carra Ground, rock (carag) land. 
Carran Carraw, Istag {carow) carn. 
Carraton, ? i.q. Caradon. 
Carraw, ? brook {carrog) [field]. 
Carrean, % lamb's {can) c. 
Carr-eas, -ies, lower (m) c. ; or, 

i.q. Carines. 
Carrellowe, ? c. on the moors {hal- 

loiv) ; or, i.q. Car ALL A. 
Carrenack, 1 rocky [piece]. 
Carrenver, 1 c. by the road {an vor). 
Carrick Calys, % the submerged or 

lost {collys) rock ; {calys, hard). 
C. -DEW, -DHEW, i.q. CarAC DIU. 

C. GLOOSE, i.q. Caraglose. 

C. Howell, -Owl, high {uhal), or, 

Howel's rock. 
Carricknath, bare {noth) rock. 
Carrig Gonnyon, white stones, B. 
Carr-ine, -ion, i.q. Carrean. 
Carrines, rock island {emjs) ; or, 

island city or castle, Pr. ; 1 i.q. 

Carrivick, ? Herwig's {t.) c. 
Carrock Goal, ? moor {hal) rock ; 

or, i.q. Cargaul. 
Carroget, ?Argwedd's {w.) c. 
Carruan, rocky river, or, castle on 

the river {aun), Pr. Rium, = 

Roman, Po. ; St. Rumon, C. 
Carrygloose, i.q. Caraclose. 
Carsawsen, the Saxons' camp. 
Carscain, sedge {hesken) moor (cors), 

or c. 




Carsella, d.d. Karsalan, 'Jmoor 
of the sun {lunil) eiiclosui'e (Ian), 
M'L. Stone of tlie view, (suliv, 

h:), a 

Carsewes, 1 outside (ves) the dry 
{seek) c. 

Carsilgey, rocky (earn) river (gu-jj) 
or house (chi/) in open view (sul), 
Pi: ; 1 rocking (sighi) stone, C. 

Carsize, 1 Saxon's (sais) camp. 

Carskilling, 1 holly (kelmick) moor 
(cors) ; secluded rock, C. 

Carslewye, rock reflecting light, or, 
very bright, C. 

Carsullan, ? i.q. Carsella. 

Cartartha, ? higher {artlia) en- 
closure [garth, w.). 

Carthamartha, rock over the 
Tamar river, C. 

Carthew, black {dim) rock, Gw. 

Carthion, 1 John's enclosure. 

Carthvean, little (bihan) enclosure. 

Cartowl, 1 the devil's (diaiol) c. 

Cartreeve, 1 rock of dwelling, C. 

Cartuthek, 1 Tudor's c. 

Carvabin, ? Mabin's (w.) c. 

Caevaen, stone iinacn) fort ; or, i.q. 
Car WEN, white castle, T.Q.C. 


the castle with the deep trench, 

Po. ; C? loollach, lower). 
•Carvannal, broom (banal) c. 

Broomy place among the rocks, Pr. 
Car-varth, -vath, the high (ivarth) 

castle, Pr. ; varth, splendour, C. 

CaR-VEAN, 0. -VIGHAN, d.d. -BIHAN, 

little camp ; (or marsh, fFh.). 
C AR-VEDR AS, -WEDRAS,"? wether sheep 

(gwedhar-es) c. 
Car -Veer, -Veor, great marsh or c. 
Carveldra, ? castle of cunning or 

subtlety (feldra), C. 

Carvenner, 1 long-stone (menhir) 

Carverth, the green (verth) place, 

Pr. ; flat or sunk-in rock, C. 
Carver Y, i.q. Carfury. 
Carveth, city (caer) grave (beth), or, 

castle burying place, Pr. 
Carvin-ick, -ack, stony (maenick) 

town, B.JF.--' 
Carvolth, 1 Walloth's (iv.B.m.) 

town. Molletha, to curse ; emladhe, 

to kill one's self. 
Carvorry, 1 stone of direction ; 

(forry, to shew the way), C. 
Car-vossa, -vossow, -vowsa, -voza, 

the intrenched castle, Pr. 
Carwalsick, 1 Wulsige's (P.m.) c. 
Carwarthen, the c. on (war) the 

hill (dun). 
Carwedras, i.q. Carvedras. 
Car-wen, -win, -wyn, white, fair, 

good, or advantageously situated 

camp, T.Q.C. White rocks, C. 
Car WICK, 1 creek (gwic) c. ; or, i.q. 

Carwythenigk, or, Carwinnick. 
Carwine, i.q. Carvean, or Carwen. 
Carwin-en, -ian, -in, -ion, i.q. Car- 
wen ; or, white (gwijn) c. on the 

downs (oon). 
Carwinnick, the dwelling on the 

marsh, Pr. ; 1. i.q. Carvinick. 
Carwithen, the c. by the tree 

Carwither, 1 Uther's c. 
Carw"OLL-en, -on, 1 the high (tthal) 

c. on the downs (oon). 
Carworgy, i.q. Carewrge. 
Carwythenigk, the castle in a 

woody place, Pr. 
Carybullock, = caer bidach, prince's 

town or enclosure, T.f 
Caryquoita, quoit-shaped rocks ; 

* The city, dwelling [caer), or stony (earn) marsh (ivinnick), Pr. ; the rock (earn) 
spring, or fountain {fenton), leat, or rivulet of water (ike), H. Sharp-edged rock, C. 

f Tonkin adojDted this from Baxter, having previously rendered the name " the 
entrenched (boll) enclosure (caer) on the river (ick). Carew, /b/. 115, tells us this was 
>once a deer-park of the dukes ; but " now it hath lost its qualitie through exchanging 
Deere for Bullocke." See D.G., iv, 8. — BvLhocK=bivlch, iv., a pass, a ravine, C. 



or = car y coedau, to., the rock in 

the woods, C. 
Carzantick, sacred (santic) rock, C. 
Caspard, 1 wood part (parth). 
Cassaca-dden, -wen, 1 elder tree 

(scmven) wood {cus). The trench 

(civijs, w.) of the battle-field {cacl- 

va), a 

Casslake, willow {helaJc) wood (cus) 

or marsh (cars). 
Castallack, castle place. 
Castel an Din as, a redujjUcatmi.^ 
Casteril-ls, -lis, ^wood (cus) land 

(tir) by the green-moor (hal las). 
Castick, 1 Usteg's enclosure (cae). 
Castilley, ] Tilley's wood or 

Castle anowthan, the new (noiveth) 

C. Bean, little (hihan) castle. 
C. Brose, great (bras) castle. 
C. Bury, a rediiplication ; or, hill 

(hre) castle. 
C. Caerth, % high (arth) enclosure 

(cae) castle. 
C. Carnuiack, see Carnidzhek. 
C. Cayle, % see Cayle. 
C. Coffer, 1 rivulet {gover) or goat 

(gavar) castle. 
C. CoMBRiA, 1 hill (bre) combe castle. 
C. Door, -Dore, -Doar, castle by 

the water (dour). 
C. Fust, club or mace (fust) castle. 
C. GoFF, -GouGH, the smith's (gof) 

C. GoTHA, -Gothea, castle sur- 
rounded by woods (coedau), M'L. 
C. Hay, castle close. 
C. Hewes, 1 outside (ves) castle close. 
C. Horneck, the iron (haiarn) castle, 

Pr. ; corner (horn) castle, Wh. 
C. Kaer Kief, i.q. Caer kief. 
C. Keynock, Kjnnick, Canyke, 

Canock, &c., king's castle, H. ; 

% Cynoc's castle. 
C. -KiLLY Biry, -Kelly Bury, 

grove {celli) castle, (redup.). 
C. Mawgan, Mawgan's castle. 
C. Menn-ack, -eck, the castle on 

the hill (pen) near the water (iclc), 

M'L. ; ? monks' or stony castle, 

C. Pencayre, ? head (pen) camp 

(caer) castle. 
C. ScuDziCK, = Lescudjack castle. 
C. Terrible, treble walled castle. 
C. Vean, i.q. Castle Bean. 
C. Wary, -Werry, -Wharry, castle 

on (ivai-) the river (givy), M'L. 
Castlewitch, ^ i.q. Castle Hewes. 
Castlezance, holy (sans) castle. 
Cata-clew, -cluse, corruption of 

Catacombe, ? wood (coat) vale. 
Catch, % % = cae issa, lower close. 
Catcher, t long (Mr) Catch; or 

daisy (gajah, B.) [field]. 
Catchfrench, = cadge fryns, the 

prince's enclosure, Wh. ; =/. chasse 

franche, free chase or warren, E. 
Catgustel, ? s.B.m., war (cad) 

pledge (guistel). 
Catin, m.s. Worthyvale, 1= Cadvan, 

war horn, Y. 
Catston Bury, i.q. Cadson; ?war 

hill castle. Camp down barrow, C. 
Cattebedren, id., cadyhedren, battle 

burying place, C. 
Catticoombe, i.q. Catacombe. 
Catuutic, s.B.m. U.q. Quethiock; 

or victorious (budic) battle (cad). 
Caunce, Caunse, the causeway. 
Causeland, 1 moor (cors) land. 
Causewell, 1 well by the causeway. 
Cautrell, 1 wood (coat) on (ar) the 

moor (hal). 

* Castellan Denis or Danis, the camp of the Danes, Car., Cam. ; Tonkin has 
Castle Caer Dane ; Whitaker suggests Castle on the hill (dun) ; Norden, the isolated 
castle, made by its ditch like an island {Castle en Inis). Dinas might he di7i enys, 
island fortress. Some make Castle to be a fortification of stone, dinas of earth. 




CavaPvAH, 1 higher (gwarra) close (ce). 
Caveldra, i.q. Carveldra. 
Caverlo, 1 close (ce) over (icar) the 

pool (lo). 
Cavewednack, 1 - ce wednac, white 

Cavil close, 1 horse (cevil) close. 
Cavinack, i.q. Carvinack. 
Cawdery,'? = IV., coed dent, oakwood. 
Cawespark, 1 causeway {coanse, 

m.c.) close. 
Caweth, 1 i.q. Carverth ; or, Car- 

VETH, (? stone grave, C). 
Cawj-gortha, 1 higher (gwartha) 

wood (ciiz). 
Caws AWN, i.q. Coswinsawsen. 
Cayle, ] castle {cacr) on the Hayle. 
Cayse, i.q. Caase. 
Cazehill, 1 Avood (cois) hill. 
Ceexguled, s.B.m., 1 ieast (gidcdh) 

supper (cean). 
Cengar, s.B.m., 1 jewel (cein) of a 

friend (car). 
Cenhuidel, s.B.m., ? whelp (ajn) of 

scent (huadl), C. 
Cexmenoc, B.m., 1 chief (cyii) monk 

Cenmyn, preshiter B.m., 1 jewel of a 

mouth (meyn, u:). 
Cent-ry. -ury, i.q. Sanctuary. 
Chacewater, 1 hunting ground by 

the stream; (c.d. St. Paul.) 
Chair Ladder, 1 rech]). of cliff 

(scar, t. ; ladr, h.). 
Challacombe, the valley of jaw- 
bones (cludla), Pr. 
Chall-acot, -cot, the cottage near 

the shed where kine are housed 

(chall, T.Q.C.). 
Chall Park, % kine house close. 
Champernowne, «./., = Arnulph's 

field (cJiam]), /.). 
Channel Croft, moor house (cJuj 

an hal) croft. 
Chapel Amble, the dull, blockish, 

or ignorant chapel, H. See Amble. 
C. AN Crouse, chapel of the cross. 
C.-an Gadar, -Engarder, 1 the 

pirat&'s (ancredour) chapel. 

C. An jew, the ruined (andivy) chapel, 

C. AuNGER, hermit's (ancar) chapel. 
C. Carne Bray, Carne Brea with 

the chapel on it. 
C. Hayes, chapel fields. 
C.-Idne, -Jane, the narrow chapel, H. 
C. Uny, St. Ewinus' chapel. 
C. WiDDEN, ? little (vidii = vean) 

chapel. "Whitechapel, C. 
Charaton, Chariton, = car y don, 

rocky down, C. ; or, play (choary) 

Chark, 1 cinder; or, i.q. Chork. 
Charlack Croft, wild mustard 

Charleton, i.q. Charlestown, or, 

the churl's (ceorl, s.) enclosure. 
Chaumond, n.f., = De calvo monte, of 

the biire hill, Car. 
Chaypole, 1 house (chy) by the pool 

(jjol) ; or = chapel. 
Cheater, 1 house by the tor. 
Checoose, wood (ciLz) house. 
Checouch, house of blood (gudzli). 
Chedden, ? i.q. Chytane. 
Chedodden, house in the lay field. 
Cheesewring, jjile of rocks like a 

cheese- (or cider-, C.) press; 

(choarion, games), B. 
Chefrye, house on the hill (vre). 
CHEGARDER,'?higher(r/;(;a?-^/ia) house; 

garden (gardda) house, C. 
Chegenter, 1 nail (center) house. 
Che-gwidden, -gwin, white house. 
Chei, d.d., % enclosure (hay) house. 
Chelean, linen (I'm) house. 
Chelenoch, d.d., li.q. Calenick. 
Chellew, house in the leio or 

shelter, Bot. 
Cheltan, under (tan) moor (hal) 

Chen-all, -hale, -hall, house by 

the moor (an hal) ; (heyle,ri\'er, C). 
Chenduit, 1 David's old (hen) house. 
Cheneathro, 1 ] house on the rough 

(raiv) heath (heyth). 
Cheney, 1 = Chy an hay, house in 

the enclosure. 



Chengwerth, 1 house in the green 

(gwyrdh) [field]. 
Chenisi, t.d.d., 1 = censa, the first. 
Che-nowath, -nowah, -nowth, i.q. 

Chenowen, house on the downs (an 

oon) ; new (noiven) house, C. 
Chengwens, = chy an gwens, the 

windy house. 
Chenret, t.d.d., ^bold counsel, t. 
Chenton, hill {dun) house; or, 

house on the lay. 
Cheque-, Chequer-Park, 1 = Park 


Cherease, middle (crez) house. 
Chereen, house on the hill (rhyn). 
Cher-gwidden, -gwin, 1 white long 

(hii-) house ; or = Chegwidden. 
Chesewarn, lower {isa) house by 

the marsh (gwern). 
Ches-teway, -tewi, ? David's (Deivi) 

lower (isa) house. 
Chetan, ] i.q. Chytane. 
Che-toadn, -todden, li.q. Chenton. 

Toad's house, or h. on the hill, Pr. 
Cheva field, i.q. Park skeber. 
Chevelah, = chy vaela, house of 

trade, i.e. the shop, C. 
Chevytodden, 1 barn (shier) lay 

or unploughed field {toda). 
Cheyney, 1 i.q. Cheney. 
Cheynoy, 1 nephews' (noi) house; 

or, i.q. Chenoweth. 
Chib Field, 1 = sheep field. 
Chibragged, house of metheglin 

{hraggavd), T.C. 
Chickembra, Chikembra, = chy cam 

bre, house of crooked hillock, C. 
Chid A, t.d.d., 1= Ceadda, war. 
Chidow, 1 house by the water (dour). 
Chielow, cell, or house, by the lake 

(lo), Po. 1 i.q. Chellew. 
Chiengweal, Chingweal, house in 

the field (giceal). 
Chigoolin, 1 house in the little field 

(giveal vean). 
CHiLBROOK,?grove(ci7/i)hy the brook 
Chilchetone, d.d., 1 i.q. Kilk- 


Chilcot, n.f., 1 i.q. Chilcoit, d.d. ; 

1 = Colquite. 
Childenny, ? house on the hUly 

(dennick) moor (hal). 
Chiliworgy, 1 grove {celli) on (iva7-) 

the river (gu-y). 
Chillien, 1 linen (lin) house. 
Chillowbett, ? Chielow by the 

pit or grave (beth). 
Chill Park, 1 moor house (chyhal) 

Chilly willy wattle borough, 

t.b., 1 1 grove (cilli) &e\d {giveal) 

refuse {aitle) heap {burrow), T.C. 
Chilorgoret, d.d., ? i.q. Killigo- 


Chils-WORTH, -worthy, 1 children's 

settlements, or, homestead for the 

husbandmen {eeorles, s.). Beat. 
Chimder, ? reaper's (meder) house. 
Chinestan, t.d.d., 1 1 jewel {cein) 

stone, t. Tin (ystean) house, C. 
Ching Park, white house {chy wyn) 

close, C. 
Chingwith, house by the trees 

Chinhale, house by the river {heyl), 

C, or, on the moor or hill {hal). 
Chin-hals, -als, house on the cliff 

Chinoan, 1 i,q. Chenowen. 
Chinvy, 1. house by the river (gwy). 
Chiowne, Choon, = chygicoon, down 

Chip Park, sheep close. 
Chipper Close, i.q. Park Skeber. 
Chipponds, ? house by the bridge 

Chipye, 1 magpie {pia, w.) house. 
Chir-gwidden, -gwin, -gwyn, white 

long {hir) house ; or, chir = chi. 
Chiron wartha, higher long down 

house ; or = chy an wartha, the 

higher house. 
Chisel Park, low (isal) house close. 
Chitodden, i.q. Chetoadn. 
Chitol, house by the hole {tol), C. 
Chiverton, house upon {luar) the 

hill {dun), Pr. ; green {gwyrdh, w.) 




lay {ton), Gw. ; (i;o?i = down, C.)- 
Chivilas, % house in the green field 

{giveal las). 
Chivorloe, house over (war) the 

pool (16), or, by the great {yeor) 

pool, Pr. 
Chol, 1 house on the moor or hill 

{hal) ; or, kme house (chall). 
Chollow, house by the moors (hal- 
Cholwater, higher (wartha) Chol ; 

or, Chol stream. 
Choons, % lower (isa) down house. 
Chori,, 1 = choary, a game. 
Chork, ? roebuck's (w?'c/t) house. 
Chorley, n.f., klarnel {jure,Fo.) field. 
Chose Field, 1 Joe's field. 
Chough Eock, daw or Cornish 

chough rock. 
Christane, 1 middle {creis) under 

(tan) [field]. 
Chubacombe, Chub's vale. 
Chubb, n.f., 1 house in the opening 

(hop, m.c). 
Chudley, n.f., 1 1 war (chad) pasture. 
Chune, i.q. Chiowne. 
Church Hay, church-yard or close. 
Churchtown, village by the church. 
Chureen, 1 games (choarion) ; or, 

house on tlie hill side (rhyii). 
Churn Park, 1 games' close. 
Chyanchy, house by the hovise,E.R. 
Chyakdaunce, 1 dance or castle 

[dinas) house. 
Chyandour, house by the waterside 

{dour), Po. 
Chyangwens, 'ivfindij (gwens) house. 
Chy-anhall, -enhall, house on the 

moor (hal). 
Chyan Nance, % house in the vale 

Chyannor, the ram's (hor) house,i/i. 
Chyanwheal, house by the work 

or mine (whel). 
Chybarlees, house on the high 

(warth) green {las), Pr. 
Chybarrat, 1 Barrat's house. 
Chybilly, 1 Beli's, or, the colts' 

(ebilli) house. 

Chybucka, the cows' cot, Pr. ; % the 

haunted house (hucca, a spirit). 
Chycan-dra, -dria, house of the 

singing (can) town (tre), Po. ; 

candre, white or bright village, C. 
Chycarne, the stone house, or, on a 

rock, Pr. Eock House. 
Chycarradre, i.q. Chycandra, Po. 
Chycoll, house by the hazels (coll, w.) 
Chy-coose, -coise, -ncoose, wood 

(cms) house. 
Chydow, Ihousebythe water (dour) ; 

house of the scold (doiv), T.C. 
Chyendour Weeths, Chyandour 

border fields or trees ; C? givydd, 

wild, untilled, ?<;.). 
Chyfons, 1 bridge (jw)is) house. 
Chygajowan, ? John's down (goon) 

house; i.q. Tregajoran, /. Ca. 
Chygarder, 1 fiddler's (crowder) 

Chygarkie, house by the low hedge 

(gurgey, m.c.) ; or, Gwrgi's (w.) 

Chygrous, cross (crous) house. 
Chygwidden, white house. 
Chyheir A, battle field ( heirua) house. 
Chyjah, lower (isa) house. 
Chy-kembo, -kembra, house of the 

Briton, £. ; i.q. Chickembra. 
Chylan, enclosure (Ian) house. 
Chylas-on, -son, house on the green 

downs (glas oon). 
Chymblo, 1 Embla's (t.) house. 
Chymder, i.q. Chimder. 
Chymow, the hogs' (mogh) house. 
Chyn-ale, -hale, i.q. Chinhale. 
Chynance, i.q. Chy an Nance. 
Chyneedy, ? the great (efhy) house. 
Chyoister, i.q. Chysauster. 
Chyoon, i.q. Chiowne. 
Chypit, pit or grave (beth) house. 
Chypons, bridge house. 
Chyprase, meadow (pras) house. 
CiiYRANCHY,the place of the breach, 

the house by, or rather, over 

against («?■), the house, E.R. 
Chy-rase, -rease, the middle house, 


CHY 3 

Chyreene Warra, higher iwartha) 
house on the hill (rhyn). 

Chyrose, heath (ros) house. 

Chys-auster, -oister, heap- (saivch, 
w.) shaped {i.e. bee hive) houses, 
C. ; dwellings on the south, Bl. ; 
house of lodging (ostia), B. 

Chyshore, 1. sister's {hoar) lower 
{isa) house. 

Chytane, lower house, Pr. {tan, 
under). ? Fire {tan) house, R. IV. 

Chytryan, a house of cob or clay 
{in-yan) walls, Po. ; {tryan, a third 
part, R.W.) ; 1 house of home- 
stead, C. 

Chyvarton, i.q. Chiverton. 

Chyvavian, ] Peiban's {w.) house. 

Chyvelin, mill {melin) house. 

Chyverans, 1 crows' {branes, ic.) 

Chyvoage, -vogue, house in the 
hollow or by the cave {vug). 

Chyvounder, house in the lane 

Chywednack, white {giuednack) 

Chywh-ela, -eela, house in the 
fields {gwealou). 

Chywitta, 1 the widow's {gwedho) 

Chywoon, down {gwon) house. 

CiRUSUiS, m.s. Fowey, = Kerus, be- 
loved, Ped. 

Clah-ar, -air, 1 = i.q. Clare. 

Clam-, Clamp-, Clan-Park, 1 close 
with the foot bridge ; 1 = Ham, w., 
a leap, a stride. 

Clampits, 1 the holes near the foot 

Clan, Claun, 1 = w. llan, an en- 
closure ; or, glan, a bank. A foot 
bridge, T.Q.C. 

Clandice Close, 1 stack {dise, B.) 
close {llan, xv.). 

Claper Park, % 1 mire {clabar) close 

Clapper Eocks, humpy rocks, C. ; 

{clapier, to speak, Pr.). 
Clare, U.q. Cleghar. 


Clarkenwater, Clerkanwater, 

1 the parson's stream, t. 
Clease, Cleese, 1 lower {isa) field 

Cleather, n.f., from St. Cleather. 
Cleave, Cleeve, the cliff. 
THE Clede, 1 the trench {cledh). 
Cleest, 1 east {est) field {gweal). 
Cleghar, = elegar, a rock, cliff. 
Clelar, liar's {w.) field. 
Clemowe, n.f., = Clement. 
Clench Zawn, 1 cave {zaivn) into 

which the tide flows, {clench, to 

flow in), C. 
Clen-ick, -nick, i.q. Calennick. 
Clenicome, Clincombe, holly {cel- 

inic) vale. 
Clew, 1 grey {llivyd, iv.) [rock]. 
Clewis Fjkld, t iGrLUis's field. 
Clias, Clies, Clyes, Clijah, a 

wattled fence. Bat. 
Cliddern, 1 thorn {draen) field. 
Clidgey, i.q. Clias or Clodgy. 
Clifton, the cliff enclosure, t. 
Cligga, i.q. Cleghar. 
Clike, 1 1saac's {Ike) field. 
Clims-land, -ton, Clement's en- 
closure {Ian, c, ton, s.). 
Clinick, Clink, i.q. Clenick. 
Clinton, 1 holly {celin) hill {dun). 
Clisey, 1. i.q. Clidgey; or, lower 

{isa) field. 
Cliver, 1 great {veor) field. 
Clobery, Clowberry, 1 echo {cloio) 

hill {bre) or barrow. 
Clode, n.f., 1 = clod, praise, fame. 
Clodgy, Clowgea, Clowggy, miry, 

sticky [field], Bot. 
Clogdon, i.q. Cligger downs, M'L. 
Cloppe Combe, Clapa's {d.) vale. 
Cloque, 1 = clog, a steep rock. 
Clowance, = clownance, the hearing, 

or valley of echoes, Pr. ; the 

valley of moorstones, T. ; 1 many 

{llaiver) dingles {nans), C. 
Clown, ] down {oon) field {gweal). 
Clubberley, % clover, or, dove-cot 

{culver) meadow. 


Clucka Mill, 1 rock (clog) mill. 
Clumyer Field, dove-cot field. 
Clunewic, (Id., 1 i.q. Galenic. 
Clunk, 1 i.q. Galenic. 
Clusion, = IV., dues y on, encamp- 
ment on the down, or, by the ash 

trees, C. 
Cnegumi, ms. Matogan, % = lo. 

Cnecus, Avrangling, jarring, C. 
Goad, Goat, Gode, n.f., wood. 
Go ADD AH, 1 wood enclosure {hay). 
Goal Park, 1 cabbage (caol) close. 
GoANSE, the causeway. 
Goarse Hecker, i.q. Goose Hecca. 
GoARSE Moor, 1 a reduplication. 
GoATH, the wood (coed, w.). 
Goat Hill, wood hill, or moor (hal) 

GoAVER Field, field with the rivulet 

COBALAND, ] rivulet land. Graves 

(cohra) of the temple (lann),ga. , Beal 
Cobb, {n.f.) '?from coh, to break; or, 

cob, mud or earth for building. 
Gobbet Thorn, i.q. Coppet. 
COBBLEDICK, n.f., = Gobbler Dick, 

S.P.A. ^ i.q. CuBLiDOiCE. 
CoBBLETY Gut, 1 smithy (govail) 

house {ty) wood (coat). 
CoBBSHORNE, 1 Cobb's corner (Jiorn). 
GOBER, {river) the stream. 
GoBHAM, 1 dwelling {ham) on the 

summit (cop), t. 
CoBMOOR, 1 top of the moor. 


Cockalorum, 1 1 ram's (hor) dung 

(cagal) low-field (ham). 
Cock Grigate, 1 1 heron {crychydd) 

down (goon). 
CocKFORD, Ired (coch) passage. 
COCKINGTON, ? ] the enclosure (tun) 

of the descendants of Cocc (t.). 
COCKLAKE, 1 boat (cioch, w.) lake ; or 

willow (helak) down (goon). 
COCKLEMOOR, the moor where the 

weed Cockle grows ; or, Cuckold 

moor. See Cogland. 
Cock Moyle, Uhe mule's (moyle) 

basin (cawg, w.). 

Cock Pulmary, "? red (coch) pool of 
Mary, (C), or Meore, s.B.m. 

GoCK^VELL, 1 1 = red (coch) well. 

Godiford, the passage (fordh) by 
the wood ; or, wood by the road. 

Godna Coos, neck (codna) of the 
wood (cuz). 

Godna Porth, neck of the bay, T. C. 

G0DNA\viLL-Y, -AN, lapwing (codna- 
hwilan) [field]. 

GoDNEREETH, ] = coed an rydh, Eed- 
wood, T.C. (ryd, a ford). 

GODNIDNE, the narrow (edn) neck, 
Pr.; ? fowler's (idne) wood, T.C. 

God Park, Iwood (coed, w.) close. 

GoFFEN OWLA, llower (golla) exca- 
vation or open working. 

Gogegoes, v. Jiggas, 1 ? mallow 
(hocys, IV.) wood {cuz). 

GoGGAN EoCK, 1 1 the red (coch) rock. 

GoGLAND, 1 red land. (? from gogelu, 
w., to conceal or shelter, C). 


the Fal. 
GoiSPENHAiLE, wood at the river's 

(heyl, Pr.) or moor's (lial, E.JF.) 

head (pen). 
GoiTE, = coed, the wood, w. 
Golan, from p.s. St. Golanus, 0. ; 

from glan, bank ; or, clone, a cave, B. 
GoL-, GoLD-BiGGAN,the little (hichan) 

neck or ridge of the hill, Pr. 
GOLBORNE, the dry well, Pr. (?) 
GoL-coiT, -QUITE, neck or ridge of 

the wood, Pr.; Wood-hUl, C. ; 

or, = w. Calcoed, thistles (call) 

wood, R.W. 
GoLCURROW, 1 deer (carroiv) ridge. 
Gold-, Cole-brook, 1 cold stream. 
COLDCADE, 1 i.q. GOLCOIT; 0?', battle 

(cad) ridge. 
GoLDGARE, ■? snipe (giach, w.) hill 

(col), C. Castle (caer) hill, R.W. 
COLDGOWREY, play (gnarc) ridge, T. C. 

1 rock (carrag) field (gweal). 
Gold Harbour, 1 cold shelter, I.T. ; 

the narrow neck (col) over (ar) 

the camp (burg), 3PL. ; 1 soldiers' 

(arfwr, w.) hill. 





C. North, "? north ridge. 

C. Quag, 1 hollow or empty (uag) 

COLDRIGGEN, ? king's {clrarjon) ridge. 

CoLDRiNNECK, sharp-pointed {ryn- 
ich) ridge, IVh. ; thorny (draenick) 
hill (col), C. 

Cold Rose, % ridge of the heath (ro.s). 

COLDRUGLAR, % heathy (grugla) hil- 
lock, a 

Cold-, Col-slogget, ? Sloggett's 

Cold-, Cole-vaze, hillock (col) of 
open field (maes), C. 

Coldverth, 1 green (givyrdd) ridge. 

COLDWEST, hill of lodging or enter- 
tainment (givest), C. 

CoLD-wiN, -WIND, ? white (gwyn) 

hill, a 

CoLDWORTHY, •? = gweal wartha,hig]i- 

er field. 
Cole, n.f., 1 = coll, the hazels. 
COLEAN, lamb's {can) field. 
CoLEBROOK, % hill near the stream ; 

or, i.q. CoLDBROOK. 
CoLENZO, 0. Kcdenso, 1 nettly (lenzac) 

enclosure (cae). 
Cole Park, 1 cabbage (caol) close. 
CoLEZENT, 1 holy (sant) hill, C. 


CoLGREASE, middle (creiz) field 

(gweal) or ridge (col). 
COLHAY, '? ridge enclosure (hay). 
COLHENDER, 1 field by the old house 

CoLLACOT, 1 loAver (golla) cot. 
COLLAND, 1 hazel (coll, w.) land. 
COLLATON, 1 lower town or hill. 
CoLLEDROY, 1 oak (deru) field. 
COLLEGREEN, 1 granite (grouan) hill, 

C. ; 1 gravel (grean) field. 
COLLENTON, 1 hazels on the hill. 
COLLERY, 1 hazel field (ertt). 
Collet, 1 = gweal yet, gate field. 
COLLEVOR, 1 great {veor) field (gweal). 
Colley Park, 1 hazel close. 


Colling, 1 = w. collen, a hazel. 

COLLON, 1 = collen, the hazel, w., C. 
Collurion, 1 boundary (yrhian) 

ridge or field. 
Colly, 1 — celU, a grove. 
COLLYVEAN, ^ little grove (celli). 


CoLMETTYN, % stone {maiden = maen) 

field (givecd). 
Colperrel, ? orchard (jMrllan, ic.) 

hill, C. ; 1 rose (breilu) field. 


COLSHILL, n.f., neck (co/) shields, H. ; 

?= Cole's hill. 
CoLSLUiCK, 1 Solveig's (t.) ridge, or 

ridge of prospect (sidva, w.). 
COLVANNICK, stony (maenic) ridge; 

speckled (manog, w.) with boulder 

stones, C. 


CoLVENOR, i.q. Calvenor. 
COLVERNES, 1 alder (gwern) fields. 
Colwith, ? hazel (coll) wood. 
CoLWOOD, 1 the same ; or wood on 

the ridge (col). 
Com, Combe, Coombe, = w. civm, a 

bottom, a vale, a place between two 

hills, a dingle. 
Combe Keal, ] the concealed ravine, 

(celu, to hide, tv.), J.JF.M. 
Combeland, 1 valley enclosure (Ian). 
CoMBEROW, 1 valley of pear trees 

(penvydd, iv.), J. Jr. 31. 
Combullock, n.f., 1 calves'-house 

(bolec, Po.) valley. 
Come to good, = civm ty goed, wood 

house valley, Belloios. 
Com-ford, -fort, the great road or 

pass (fordh) between the hills, Pr. 

The combe with a road in it. 
Commends, ? fields at the end of the 



Commow, "? pigs' (mogh) valley. Dark 

or close place, Pr. 
Com-oere, -uyre, iv.B.m., li.q. Con- 

mor, strength great, Y. 
CoiMPASS, ? shallow (has) valley. 
CoMPRiGNEY, 1 fertile (hijgain, iv.) 





valley, JJK.M. ; % down {goon) by 

the Avood {hryccim, T.R.) 
CoNAGON, ] corner of the down (goon). 
CoNAN, 11. f., speech, i.e. orator, iv., 

CoxAXDERS, % Andreas's {t.d.d.) 

COXARD, Ihigh {arcl) do\\ai. 
CoxcE, Coxes, i.q. Cauxce. 
CoxDER QUOIT ToR, 1 Condor's (c.) 

quoit peak. 
CoxDOLDEX, ? Gundulf s woody pas- 
ture {den, s.). 
COXDORA, Hhe head {cemi, ga.) be- 
tween the two waters {dourau), 

CoXDURR-A, -OW, druids' down, B. ; 

the neck of water, Pr. ; % oak {deru) 

down {goon). 
CoxETOCUS, m.s. Cubert, 1 = gonidec, 

victorious, a. 
CoxEY Ear, 1 = goon y Mr, the long 

COXGDOX, 1 king's {konge, d.) hill. 
CoxGiER, ?camp {caer) down. 
CoxGWixiAX, ? bees' {givenyn) down. 
CoxiUM, 1 coney or rabbit border 

(Item) [field]. 
CONLY Park, % down pasture {lea, t.) 

CoxxAMAXXiXG, 1 butter {manen) 

CoNXA-, Conxer-Park, 1 = corner 

CoxNERiES, 1 dream {henrus) down. 
CONXERTOX,* the scolding {conner) 

place' Pr. 
CoxxiXGS Wood, 1 king's wood, t. 
CoxxiROX, ? the down at the bound- 
ary {yrhian). 
COXXOCK, n.f., rich, prosperous, H. 
Cox-XOR, -ORE, 1 sister's {hoar) down. 
Conquer Dowxs, 1 Cougar's downs. 
CoxQuiDXO, '?Gwyddno's(ip.) downs. 
CoxsTAXTiXE, from|>.s. King Con- 

stantinus; {v. Custextox). 

CoxvEXE, 1 little {bihan) down. 
CoxvEXXA, lesser {behenna) doAvn. 
CoxvEXOX, 1 butter {menan) down. 
CoNYCOMBE, rabbit valley. 
Coxziox, i.q. GOONZIOX. 
CooD, CooDE, n.f., i.q. Coad. 
CooF, 1 summer {haf) down. 


Coox, 1 = giuon, goon, a down. 
Coos, CoosE, the wood {cn.z). 
CooSEBEAX, little {bihan) wood. 
CoosEHAY, wood close {hay). 
CoosEHECCA, Dickie's {Hecca) wood. 
CoosPOST, ? pillar {post) wood. 
CoosvEA, Coozrv^EAN, little wood, Pr. 
CooswoRTH, high {gwarth) wood. 
CoozwARRA, higher (icartha) wood. 
CoPARCEXARY, 1 the stream {cober) 

near field ridge {kein ery, Ped.). 
Cope Hill, 1 top of the hill. 
COPPET Thorx, tufted {coppog, w.) 

CoQUARXELL, 11= ogo gwar an hal, 

the cave on the moor. 

CORAX, COREN, ] i.q. CaRN, 
CORDEW, 1 i.q. CaRDEW. 

CoRG-A, -AY, -ee, 1 = gurgy, a low 

hedge, m.c. 
CoRGARAH, 1 further {givarra) moor. 
CoRGELLY, 1 the moor {cors) grove ; 

or, i.q. Cargelly. 


Cor-lain, -lean, 1 = corlan, a sheep- 

CoRLONEN, 1 nettle {linhaden) close 
{cae) ; ? joyous (lion, w.) circle 

CoRMiGAS, ?Maccos's {B.m.) close. 


CORX-AIL, -ALL, -EAL, 1 corner {corn) 
of the moor; or, i.q. Corxhill. 

CoRXEGOES, % earn of blood {gois). 

CoRXELLOE, 1 corner of the moors 

CoRNELLY, from^j.s. St. Cornelius, 0. 

* 0. CoNMAWKTON, the town of the great {mnr) hundred (cant), or, the great hun- 
dred town, C.S.G. ; ? d.d. Conaeditone, the town of Conard. 





Corn-, Cor-Pesack, Lq. Carn Pes- 

SACK (pasgaid, rich, vx, M.). 
Cornwall, the horn (corn) shaped 
land of the foreigner."' 


CoRSULT, Le., the conspicuous (sull) 

moors (cors), Wh. 
Corugan, % Eorcon's court (cor). 
CORVA, '? the court, carnp, moor, or 

circle place (va). 
CoRVissACK, '{ ivy (klzMo) croft. 
CORVODE, Irich (voeth) moor. 
CORWENNA, •? white (wennack) rock. 
Cory, n.f., li.q. Carey. 
CoRWENS, windy [giuens) moor. 
CosAW-ES, -IS, the woods, Fr. ; i.q. 


Cos-en, -sen, n.f., li.q. Cosawsan. 
COSGARNE, rocicy {cam) wood, Pr. ; 

% crane's [garan) wood. 
CoSHAN, ] summer {han, a.) wood. 
Cosmeal, Michael's or honey (mel) 

CosPOST, scratching post, w., J. W.M. 
CossAWSiN, the Saxon's wood, Po. 
Costa Loss,, = Cost is lost, i.e. 

Good for nothing [field]. 
Coswall, 1 wall {gwal) wood. 
Cos-, Coso-warth, high (givarth) 

wood (ciiz) or woods {cuzoiv). 
Cosw-iN, -YN, white (gwyn) wood. 
CoswiNSAWSEN, Saxon's white (giuin) 

wood, (sawch, a heap, iv., C). 


CoTHELE,the river (heyl) wood (coat); 

= cotele, a wood, R. IF. 
CoTTAPiT, 1 cottage by the pit. 

COT-TEL, -TLE, n.f., i.q. COTHELE. 

CoTTERELL, n.f, 1 wood on (ar) the 
river, {coterellus, a cottager, lat). 
CoTTEY, n.f., ? wood hay, or close. 
Cotton, n.f., ? = down {oon) wood. 
Cotton Weith Zawn, 1 neck {codna) 

of the waste (givydd, w.) Zawn. 
Cotwyne, n.f., 1 white wood. 
Couch, n.f., = w. Cocli, red, R. IF. 

? = gudzh, blood. 
CouLHENDERS, % old house (Jundra) 

fields (giveal-s). 
CouLSON, n.f, son of Cole (d.). 
CouRLANDS, 1 coarse lands, or, i.q. 


COLTRTENAY, n.f, 1 = f. Court nez, 
short nose, Lo. 


lat. cors, cortis, a pen, cattle yard, 

Max M. 
Courage, n.f, i.q. Crowdgie. 
Court Pelles, ? distant court. 
Cove Bean, little (bihan) cove. 
Cov-EN, -IN, n.f, r - cefn, a ridge. 
CovERACK, 1 stream [coher), or goat 

(gaver), place ; or, = Cober rock. 
Cowan Park, 1 down (gwon) close. 
Cow Heels, 1 i.q. Gweal Gullas. 
Co win AC, 1 i.q. Cavewednack. 
Cow-issACK, -YJACK, lower (issach) 

enclosure (can, lo.). 
Cowling, nf., 1=--colle7i, a hazel. 
CowLOE, 1 = cowlas, the bay with the 

building, Bl. 
Cownance, 1 enclosure in the valley. 
Coyspenhilek, 14 cent., 1 broomy 

(bencdac) wood, f coys = coed J. 
CoYTMOR, n.f., great (mor) wood. 
Crabbins Park, 1 lambs' {eanes) 

summer {haf) rock {cam) close. 
Crab Eock, ? = creeb, a crest. 
Cracadillock, 1 Dillic's barrow 

{crug) or rock. 
Crack, = carac, a rock. 
C. AN Godna, ] rock of the neck 

Cracker, 1 long {hir) rock. 
Crack-ha]\ipton, -ington, ? rock on 

the hill {an dtm) ; ? d.d. Crach- 

ENWE, rock by the river {gwy). 

* d.d. CoRNVALiA, CoENVALGiE ; 0. Kernow, Cerniw, the horns or promontories, B. ; 
Fidmmes derives it from ph. Cheren, a horn ; Bp. Gibson from carn, a rock ; others from 
Cnrineus, Companion to Brutus; Whitaker makes it "Wales" (from wealhas, s^i'he 
Welsh or foreigners) "in the corner" {corn). 




Pr., Cracketton, a place {ton) 

where are shells [crcgyn). 
Crackland, rock field. 
Cradgy Crack, *? Crowgey barrow 

(cricg), or rock {carrag). 
Cradock, n.f., = tv. caradog, beloved. 
Crafthole, ? hill (hal) croft. 
Cragantallan, the high (tal) bar- 
row (crug). 
Craggy Tor, rocky peak. 
Cragoe, n.f., r = CREGO. 
Crake Dew, black {du) rock. 
Crams, ? outside (ames) rocks. 
Crane, ? i.q. Carn; or = garan, a 

crane, H. 
Craney Hay, ? frog (crrmec) close. 
Cranis, ? lambs' (eanes) rock. 
Crankan, ? white (can) spring (cren), 

B. ; ? rock {cam) of song {can). 
Crankum, ? crane's valley (cirm). 
Crannock Park, frog (cranog) close. 
Crannow, 1 the same. 
Cran-sea, -seck, -jack, 1 dry (seek), 

or, lower (issach) rock (cam). 
Cranson, Uhe charm {swyn,w.) rock. 
Cransworth, ? crane's field, (icorth- 

ig, s.) ; or, i.q. Carns WORTH. 
Crantock, /rwi^^.s. St. Carantocus, 

0. ; (d.d. St. Carentoch). 
Cranydon, ? frog (cranec) hill. 
Crapp, n.f., } = gwrab, an ape, iv. 
Crasken, ? i.q. Carskain. 
THE Grasses, the middle (cres) 

Crathen, Creathen, ? the birds' 

(edhen) rock ; or = certhen, the 

mountain ash. 
Crava, ? wild garlic (crav) close 

Crawle, ? close (ce) on (ar) the hill 

(hal) ; or, hovel place {le). 
Craw Park, ? hovel (crow) close. 
Craze, n.f, ? i.q. Carhayes. 
Creadle-, Cradle-Field, ? = w. car- 

dail, manured land. 
Crean, ? = grean, gravel. 
Creany, ? = greanic, gravelly. 
Crebar, ? mountain ash (care) sum- 
mit {bar), or close (pare). 

Crebawethan, the crest (crib) [rock] 
with a tree (gic edhen). 

Cre-, Creg-billiow, the round (pel) 
barrow (redup. crug, L, low, t.), 

Creeb, the crest- or combe-like rock. 

Credacot, 1 Cerdic's (/.) or Ceredig's 
(i.v.) cot. 

Creeb, from 2^.3. St. Crida. 

Creedls, 1 St. Crida's [cell]. 

Creeg carrow, the cleer's (carow) 
barrow {creeg), Pr. ; or Eoman 
{row) castle (caer) barroAV, Po. 

C. BROAZ, the great (bras) barrow, Pr. 

C. GLAZE, the green (glas) barrow, Po. 

C. LOGAS, the mice (logos) barrow. 

C. MEAR, -MEER, the great (meor) 
barrow, T. ; the rock (carag) on 
the sea (mor), Nord. 

C. MURION, the ants' (murrian) bar- 
row, Pr. 


C. SILLICK, the barrow in open 
view, T. (syll, a view, prospect). 

C. TOL, = careg tol, the holed rock, Bl. 

C. VOSE, the intrenched barrow, Pr. 

Creeken, 1 little (vean) barrow or 
rock ; or, i.q. Cregan. 

Creek Luddra, ? thieves' (ladrou) 

Creens, 1 i.q. Carn Enys. 

Creep, l^i.q. Pengreep. 

Creeper, n.f, li.q. Crebar. 

Creffel, 1 = cyrafol, service berries,?/;. 

Creftoa, strong hatch or poleaxe, H. 

Crega, Creggo, Crego, ? = cregow, 
hillocks, mounds, barrows, tumuli. 

Cregan Field, ^little \YiW(crechen,a.) 

Cregarland, ] partridge (gregor) 
close {Ian). 

Creglow, rocks by the pool (lo), T. C. 

Cregoose, 1 barrow in the wood (cuz). 

Cregworthgan, 1 high (ivarth) bar- 
row on the downs {goo7i). 

Creiswell, 1 middle (cres) well. 

Crell-a, -ow, -y, Creilly, ? i.q. 
Creglow, or Crellas. 

Crell-as, -ys, 1 = crehyllys, ruined 



[dwellings]. Green {glas) hillock 
(crecg), HE. 

Crp:m-ble, -ill, {Car. Crymell), the 
hill {aill,ga.) oi CYom,Beal ; sharp- 
edged {crimp) hill, 31. 

Cren-ick, -nick, 1 i.q. Carmck. 

Crenval, 1 i.q. Carn Evall. 

Crenver, 1 i.q. Carrenver. 

Creskin, 1 i.q. Carscain. 

Creslow, 1 i.q. Carsella. 

Cress ARS, midway (cres) [rocks], T. C. 

Cresta, 1 the scrubby {crestu) [field], 

Crestick, ? Ysteg's (tv.) rock (cam). 

Crevellan, ? i.q. Carwollen. 

Crewe, n.f., 1 i.q. Carew. 

Crewell, 1 high (uhal) castle or rock. 

Crewes, Cruis, n.f., curled, cI.,'F. 

Crib an Zawn, 1 the crest (crib) by 
the Zawn. 

Cribbage, 1 lower (iza) crest. 

Cribba Head, the crestlike head- 
land, Bl. 

Cribbawidden, i.q. Cbebawethen. 

Crickapit, ■? the pit near the bar- 
row (cri/g) or rock (carrac). 

Crickey Park, ? rocky close. 

Crickley, 1 rock pasture {lea, t.) or 
place {le, to.). 

Criddle, n.f., 1 = gwrcleol, an exile, w. 

Criff, Criffet, Crift, = croft. 

Criffier, 1 long {hir) croft. 

Criftoe, Crifts, 1. the crofts. 

Crigantallan, the high {ted) bar- 
row {cryg), Po. 

THE Crigg, the rock or barrow. 

Criggles, ? church {eglos) rock. 

Criggmajor, 1 rock feeding ground 
{jnager, Pr.). 

Crili^a, -ey, 1 i.q. Crella. 

Crim, Crimp, sharp-edged [rock], M. 

Crine, = cacr rhyn, the castle on the 
promontory, M'L. 

Crinnis, % rock near the island [enys). 

Crip-son, -ton, ? Crapp's town, T.C. 

(Jkist, 1 east {est) rock {cam). 

Cikjagan, 1 hut on the downs (goon). 

Croan, tlie cross, Pr. ; ? the hut or 
stye {crow), {crwn, round, iv.,E. W.). 

Crockadodon, 1 the under {cladn = 
clan) barrow. 

Crockadon, the barrow {cruc) or 
rock {carrac) on the hill {chin). 

Crockard, n.f., high {ard) barroAV. 

Crocker, Croaker, n.f., i.q. Crock- 
er ; or = hrogour, a hangman, a. 

Crocket, *? barrow gate {yet). 

Crockwood, barrow or rock wood. 

Crof Her, long (liir), or, higher 

Croft an Brose, the great {bras) or 
thicket {hroiisc) croft. 

C. AN Cons, causeway (coans) croft. 

C. AN Creek, the field with the tu- 
mulus {cryc), M'L. 

C. AN DARREN, the oak {clerwen) 
croft, P. TF. 

C. AND Crouse, the {cm) cross croft. 

C. & with, i.q. Croft en gweeth, 
the croft with the trees. 

C. AN Garrat, 1 the garden or en- 
closure (gardd) croft. 

C. AN hellow, croft by the moors 

C. AN meere, 1 the great {meor) croft. 

C. AN Vounder, the lane {bounder) 

C. Earth, -Berth, ? side {parth), or 
bush {jMrth, it:) croft. 

C. Bib, 1 pipe {jyih) croft. 

C. Broase, -Browse, i.q. Croft an 

C. Cairn, the carn croft. 

C. Chair, ? darnel {jure, Po.) croft. 

C. Coath, the wood {coat) croft. 

C. Crow, hovel {crow) croft. 

C. Dew, -due, black {du) croft. 

Croftededor, d.d., {e.d.d., Croute- 
dedor), 1 great {ethy) croft by the 
water (dour). 

Croft en craneth, croft with the 
heap of stones (carnedd, w.). 

C. Fold, croft with the sheep fold. 

C. Frigels, church-road {for eglos) 

C. Garra, higher (gwartha) croft. 

C. GoDNA, the neck {codna) croft. 

C. Gothal, ? Irishman's {godhal) croft. 




C. GuRDDEN, 1 mountain-ash (cerden) 

Crofthandy, convenient croft ; or 

croft by the house {an ty) ; the fire 

{tan) croft, Francis. 
Croft Harry, 1 acre {eru) croft. 
C. Kellier, 1 long grove {celli Mr) 

C. LoGE, calf's Qoch) croft. 
C. Main, stone (maen) croft. 
C. Mainer, loug-stone {mevhir) croft. 
C. Margett, ■? magpie croft. 
C. Medlyn, % Magdalen's, or battle- 
field (midlan, w.), croft. 
C. MiLGEY, greyhound (milgy) croft. 
C. NETHAN, the furze {an citheii) croft. 
C. NOALS, the cliff {an als) croft. 
C. Oval, 1 apple (aval) croft. 
C. Pascoe, Pascoe's croft. 
C. Pedan, 1 croft end {pedn=^pen). 
C. Pendrea, town end croft. 
C. PiLLAS, 'pillds or poor croft. 
C. Eose, heath or moor croft. 
C. Sea, dry {si'ch) croft. 
C. Shenaul, Chenhall croft. 
C. Stubb-y, -ys, croft with the cut 

furze stems. 
C. SuGAL, rye {sygaJ) croft. 
C. TiDNEY, % fowler's or narrow {idne) 

croft, T.C. 
C. TOTTAN, 1 the lay {todn) croft; 

?hill {diin^ croft, T.C. 
C. Vean, little {hihan) croft. 
C. Wend-jack, -zack, 1 lower {isach) 

white {givin) croft. ■ 
C. West, west croft ; {givcsiu, to 

C. Zeath, dry croft, Gw. 
Croggan, Ihovel on the downs {goo7i). 
Crog-get, -ith, wooden cross, T. ; 

? heath {heyth) barrow {crug). 
Croghans, % lambs' (eanes) barrow. 
Croke, n.f., = crug, a barrow, hillock. 
Croll-A, -ow, 1 calf's {loch) hovel 

Crone, Croon, i.q. Croan. 
Cronick, 1 frog (cronec) [field]. 
Crookedy, ? Edy's barrow, T. C. ; 

? crooked piece. 

Crooker, 1 long {Mr) barrow. 

Crook Heel, ] moor {hal) barrow. 

Crookland, 1 barrow {crug) enclo- 
sure {Ian). 

Crook Park, barrow close. 

C. Sans, ? holy rock Uctrrac). 

Croom Field, % crooked {crom) field, 

Crosgombe, the valley at right an- 
gles to another. 

Crossick, 1 boggy {corsic) field. 

Crossman, n.f., 1 stone {maen) cross. 

Crossoby, place {by, d.) of the cross, 
M'L. ; li.q. Crouse Harvey. 

Croug-ath, -arth, 1 high hovel. 

Crous, cross, or = cors, moor. 

Crousa Downs, the cross downs. 

Crousanrase, the middle {cres) 

Crousanvean, the little cross. 

Crousanwragh, the witch's {an 
wrach, tv.) cross, B.W. ; cross of 
the hill {hre), T.C. 

Crouse Harvey, 1 battle field {heir- 
va) cross. 

Crouslevan, 1 St. Levan's or lamen- 
tation cross {llevain, to lament, w.). 

Crousmeniggus, the blessed {heni- 
ges) cross, G.L. ; 1 the nun's {ma- 
naches) cross. 

Crow, the stye, hovel, or shed. 

Crowan, from J). s. St. Crewenna, 0. ; 
crow-an, the cross, grouan, moor- 
stone gravel, Pr. 

Crowd-a, -ey, -er, ? hovel by the 
water {dour), T.C. ; 1 fiddler's {croiv- 
der) [field]. 

Crowdillion, the owls' {dylluan) 
hovel. ' 

Crow-gey, -gie, cross hedge {ce), or 
house {cM), or dog's (ci), cross, Fr. 

Crow Hill, the hill with the camps 
{caerau) on it, ]\PL. 

Crowl, Crowle, nf., 1 the same ; or, 
hovel on the moor {lial), T.C. 

Crowlas, grey {glas) hut, T.C. 

Crowley, nf., 1 hut pasture. 

Crownick, txie dwelling at the cross, 
Pr. ; 1 i.q. Cronick. 

Crown Park, hovel close. 



Crown Zawn, 1 hovel Zawn. 

Crowsadjack, 1 lower {issach) cross 

Crowsath, 1 high (arth) cross. 

Cro-wser, -zier, ? long (Mr) cross. 

Crowswin, white (givin) cross, Pr. 

Crowton, 1 i.q. Crow Hill. 

Crow weeths, 1 crow trees 

or, uncultivated lands {gwydd, w.) 
with the hovel. 

Crucaresken, 11 cent, barrow by 
the sedgy camp (Creskin). 

Grudge, n.f., 1 = crudzh, emus, cross. 

Cruff, Cruffe, n.f., 1 = gariff, rough. 

Crugigizard, = crug a giz ard, tu- 
mulus of the woody ridge, 3I'L. 

Crugkern, n.f., ? barrow in the cor- 
ner (corn), or, of the handmill 

Crug-lase, -glase, green (glas) bar- 

Crugmeer, the great (meor) barrow, 

Crugsillick, the conspicuous bar- 
row, or, in open view, Pr. 

Crugves, the barrow outside. 

Crulla, Crylla, 1 i.q. Crolla, or 
Crowlas, or Cruglase. 

Crump, n.f, 1-crom, crooked. 

Crundle, = crundwell, a spring or 
well with a basin, t., Leo. 

Cruno, % = ccrnow, horns, corners. 

Crup-light, -lite, i.q. Curply. 

Cru-ter, -tour, % hovel {croiu) land 
(tir, doar), or by the water {dour). 

Cruthers, n.f, from Cartuther. 

CuBBERT or Cupboard, mine, 1 i.q. 

Cubert, from j;.5. St. Cuthbert. 

Cublidoice, % stream (gover) pasture 
{lea, t.) with the stack {disc, B.). 

Cuby, from p.s. St. Keby, 0. 

Cucurrian, 1 basin {cawg, ic.) at the 
boundary (ijrhian). 

Cuddan Beak, Cudden Point, the 
woody promontory, Pr. ; the pro- 
montory with a neck {codna), T.C. 

Cuddie, -y, n.f, 1 = coed ty, house 

Cuddle Park, 1 1rishman's {givyd- 

del, w.) close. 
Cuddra, the wood by the house. 


CuDJORE, Cugar, % play (choary) 

CUDLIP, w./.,? moist (/e&) wood. 
CuDNO, 1 = codna, the neck. 
CuGURRiCK, 'Jrock {carrac) close (ce). 
CuLLiON, li.q. Carlean, or Callean. 
CuLLODEN, steer [lodii), bank (ladn), 

or broad {ledan) field (giveal). 
CuLLis, n.f, 1 = goles, bottom, lowest 

CuLLYNOUGH Park, ? holly {celenic) 

Cully Park 1 grove {celli) close. 
CuLOBis, Ifrom St. Columb. 
Culver-land, -Park, dovecot {clo- 

miar) close. 
Culver- Y, -Hay, 1 the same. 
Cumberland, Welshman's close. 
CuNA, CuNNY Park, 1 corner or 

coney close, t. 
CuNAiDO, m.s. Carnsew, good {da) 

lord {cuniaid, w.). 

CUND-AY, -Y, n.f, ? i.q. CUNAIDO. 

Cqnicourt, {now Place), the king's 
court, t. 

CuNMOR, duhe, great head or chief. 

CuNNACK, n.f., 1 i.q. Conock. 

Cunning, n.f, 1 i.q. Conan. 

CuNOWAL, m.s. Madron, head {cyn) 
of praise {maul), Dr. 

CuNSiE, iv.B.m., bold victory {sige), t. 

CuNWORi, m.s. Fowey, = Cunmor. 

Curgallon, i.q. Cargallon. 

CuRG-EAR, -ARE, ] = carrag Mr, long 
rock ; or, grugyer, a partridge. 

CURGENVEN, 1 Kenwyn's court {cur). 

CURGURWEN, n.f, Gerwyn's {lo.) 

CuRLY-GHON, -ON, n.f, i.q. Carlyon. 

CuRN-0, -ow, n.f, = Cerniw, Corn- 

Curply, = coer plas, palace camp, 
Po. ; Ic Beli's or Blight court. 

CuRRAN Niegan, i.q. Carn Niegan. 

CuRRAS, ? = cors, a moor. 



CuRVEAN, little (bihan) close (cc). 
CURVODA, 1 court (cur) by tlie wood. 
CuRVOZA, i.q. Carvossa. 
CuRWEN, 'white [gwyn) court. 
Cury, from p.s. St. Corentinus, 0. 
CuRYAN, % = curvean, little court. 
CusBURRiER, 1 long {hif) barii [ske- 

ber) wood (cus). 

Gushing Field, 1 turf (cesan) field. 
CusK-AiN, -EAN, i.q. Carscain ; m; 

ridge (cein) wood (ms). 
CusK-AYS, -EASE, 1 the enclosed wood. 
CusTENTiN, w.B.m., i.q. Constant- 


(warth) wood. 
CusvEY, % little (bich) wood (ctis). 
CuswYN, white {gioyn) wood. 
CuTBRAWN, = w., coed bron, Avood on 

the hill. 
CuTCARE, 1 camp (caer) wood. 
CuTCREW, wood with the hut (croiv) 

or camps (caercm) ; "? deer [caroiv) 

wood, T.C. 
CuTECLiFFE, n.f., % clifF wood. 
CUTHILL, Avood on the river {heyl), 

CuT-KEiVE, -KIVE, ditcli {keif) wood, 

M'L. ; wood of hiding place {cudd- 

va, Ev.). 
CUTLINWITH, ? high (ivarth) lake (lin) 

wood. {enimjdJi, ash trees). 
CuTMEAR, great (mear) wood. 
Cut Park, Avood close {pare). 
CuTPARROT, 1 gate close {pare yet) 

CUTPIT, % wood with a grave {bedh). 
CuTTEN Peat, 1 ciitting peat [field]. 
CuTTi-FORD, -VET, wood by the road 

CuTTiNE, 1 = coed tvyn, white wood. 
Cutty, 1 = w. coetiey, a field, B. IF. 
Cygney, 1 kitchen {eicne, s.) [field]. 


ABB, n.f, 1 dab, a flat fish ; or, 
.q. DOBB. 

Dacon, n.f, 1 = cliaeon, a deacon. 
Daddyport, the parent {tad, to.) 

port, JJli. 
Dad-, Dod-dycross, cross of posi- 
tion or mark [dodi), C. ; 1 Dodo's, 

or, Dauid's {s.B.r)i.), marsh {eors). 
Dad Wood, % fox {tod) wood, t. 
Dagge, n.f., Itach, a warrior, i. 
Dag-gel, -gle, n.f, Ifrom Tintagel. 
Dala-whitton, -widden, ? white 

{givichi) dale ; or, little Deli. 
Dalias Gew, ? foliaged or leafy 

ravine (cew), C. 
Dallack, foremost or front {tal) of 

land, or, headland, C. ; % the place 

in the dale. 
Dallard, 1 high {ard) dale. 
Damasinnas, % the look out ; {dam, 

round about, synu, to observe,?^. ),iV". 
Damelsa, i.q. Demelza; ? under 

{dan) cliff" («/s), T.C. 
Dandy, n.f., under {dan) house; or, 

i.q. Dawn AY, Lo. 
Dane close, fire {tan), or, under 

{dan) close. 
Danescombe, the Danes' valley, t. 
Daniel, nf., % i.q. Tinnel. 
Danger, Daunger, n.f., ? under 

{dan) the camp {eaer). 
Danmonii, from den, men ; or, dun, 

a hill ; or, dyfn, deep ; and moina, 

mines. 1 Damnonii, from damn, 

or, w. dvovn, deep, Pi.W. 
Dannar's close, ] i.q. DiNAS. 
Dannet, % below {dan) the gate {yet). 
Dannon Chapel, lunder {dan) down 

{oon) chapel. 
Dannondozel, % under down Ioav 

{i&al) land {doar). {dwzel, a spout, 

Dapifer, n.f., the steward (lat.). 
Darby Park, ? little {bieii) water 

{dour) ; or, oak {dar) close {pare). 
Darke, n.f., 1 = darag, an oak, i. 
Darkey, 1 = dourgy, a low hedge. 
Darley, = Oakley; or, oak {dar} 

place {le) ; Oak green {lees), Pr. 
Darman, 1 stone {maen) field, {doar, 




Darn-aby, -ey, Bay, 1 little {bich) 

oak (derwen) [field]. 
Darmcombe, 1 the oak {derwen) 

Darnight, ? i.q. Dannet. 
Darracot, 1 oak (deroiv) or dairy 

Darr-aps, -as, 1 = Park an darras. 
Darrity Hole, dirty cave, JVoodley. 
Darsell, low {isal) land {doar). 
Darthzey, 1 = doar seek, dry land 

or oak, T.C. 
Darundle, n.f., of {d',f.) Arun vale 

Daunas, ? = dinas, a fortification. 
Daven Meadow, 1 deep (c/////;), or 

trickling (dami, to., E. JF.)mea,dow. 
Davidstow, v. Dewstow, St. David's 

(jJ.s.) i^lace. (Dauid, 
Daw, n.f., ? = Dauid, or, dehau, south. 
Dawarne, n.f., li.q. Trewarn. 
Dawn-a, -ah, 1 the down, or, down 

enclosure {hay). 
Dawnay, n.f, = D'Aunai (Norman- 
dy), Lo. {aune, an alder, /.). 
Dawnet, 1 = down gate. 
Dawns-myin, -men, the stone dance, 

or dancing stones, Bl. 
Dawrack, 1 = dourick, watery [field]. 
Dazard Point, 1 high {ard) stack 

(das, w.) point. 
THE Deadman, solitary (man) horn, 

end, or point (deadJi), ga., Beat.* 
Dean, 1 = den, a woody pasture, s. 
Deason, n.f., 1 = dyson, noiseless. 
Decum, ? house (ty) in the coombe. 
Deeble, n.f., i.q. Theobald, people's 

(theod) prince (bald), t. 
Degembris, i.q. Tregimbris. 
Degibna, 1 house on the confines 

(cyfftniau, w.). 
Dejey Field, 1 house (tshei) field. 
Delabole, ? the clay (bol) hole (tol), 

Fr. ; ? Deli pit (pol). 
Delahay, n.f, 1 i.q. Deli; or, of 

(de) the (la) enclosui'e (hate), f. 
Delaval, nf., % i.q. Delabole ; or, 

of the valley (val^,f. 
Delawyddle, irishman's (giciddal) 

Delbridge, n.f, 1 Brixi's dale. 
Deli, Delle, d.d. Deliav, ] dale 

{dal) enclosure {hay). 
Delionuth, 1 new (noivydh) Dell 
Dellas, 1 green (glas) dale. 
Dellymeer, ? great (meer) Deli. 
Demble, n.f., 1. i.q. Denneboul. 
Demelza, ? eel (malsai) house (ty). 
Denant, ] = du nant, black vale. 
De narrow Zawn, 1 rough {harrow) 

hill (din) Zawn. 
Denbow, n.f, li.q. Denneboul. 
Denby, 1 Uttle (bich) Avooded vale 

(denu, s.), or castle (din). 
Dench, Dinch, n.f, ? = Dennis. 
Dencreek, i.q. Tencreek. 
Denemy, 1 Amy's wooded vale, t. 
Dengel, s.B.m., 1 = dungel, dungeon. 
Denis-el, -ly, n.f, 1 lower (isala) 

hill (din) ; or, i.q. Dinsul. 
Denn, n.f, 1 i.q. Dean. 
Denna-, Dinny-broad, 1 castle (din) 

of treachery (brad). 
Denneboul, clay ( hoi ) hill (din), Pr. ; 

fortress (dinas) on round hill (bol), 

C. ; i.q. Delabole. 
Dennick, the hilly [field]. 
Dennis, i.q. Dinas. 
Dennis Eia, St. Ive's castle. 
Dennithorne, n.f., 1 the hilly (din- 
nick) place with the thorn. 
Denny, i. i.q. Dennick ; or, Dennis ; 

or, hill (din) enclosure (hatj). 
Den-sil, -zell, hill in open view 

(syll), Pr. ; li.q. DiNSUL. 
Der Bettys, Derby's Close, ? beet 

* There is however " a bay of corpses," Baie des Trepasses, in Brittany. Sailors 
call the Cornish headland The Dodman (T.C.) ; ? the stone (maen) of mark or position 
(dodi), C. Gwavas says, Ddbman or Gubman, a place -where much ore (guhman, sea 
weed) is cast. Dudman is given by Bailey as scarecrow, hobgoblin ; and is also a per- 
jBonal name. 



root (beat'ws, ?r.) field, {doar, land). 
Derden, 1 oak (dar) vale (den, s.). 
Derniford, 1 the oak (deriven) pas- 
Derr-as, -es, -ies, i.q. Park an 

daras ; or, Park Dries. 
Derrycomb, 1 oak (derv) vale. 
Der-val, -well, 1 high (uhal) oak. 
Deui, ic.B.m., i.q. David. 
Devera, 1 hill (^re) side (tu). 
Deviock, ? Deui's estate. 
Devis, sheep (davas) place, Fr. 
Devoran, 1 = difron, a bosom. 
Dew, 7l/., ? = du, black ; or, deheu, w., 

south ; 0?-, edhoiv, the Jew. 
Dewcome, ? black or south vale. 
Dew Dry, 1 south homeward (a(/?-e) 

Dewen, n.f., ? of (de, f.) St. Wenn; 

or, white (iven) house (ty). 
Dewey, 1 south enclosure (hay). 
Deyman, Diamond, n.f., 1 the stone 

(maen) house ((y). 
Diary, 1 dairy [farm]. 
Dice Meadow, stack (dise, B.) 

Dickey, Diggey, ? the tithe [field] 

(dege, tenth) ; 1 = ty isa, lower 

house, T.C. 
Diddis, ] ? stack (dise) house (fy). 
DiDDY Lake, 1 1 Tehiddy by the 

pool (laca). 
DiMELioCK, 1 Mailoc house or castle 

Dinah's Hill, fortification (dinas) 

DiNAKY, 1 i.q. Tangey. 
Dinan, n.f., ? i.q. Denant; or, the 

valley (nant) castle (din). 
Dinas vean, the little (hean) fortifi- 
cation (dinas). 
Dinerdake, ? Arthog's (w.) castle 

DiNGDONG, 1 bell [mine]. 
Dingerein, Gerennius's castle, Wh. 
Dingey, 1 i.q. Tangey. 
Dingle, 1 wooded (gelU) valley 

(den, s.). 

DiNHAM, n.f, i.q. DiNAN. 
DiXNAB-ELL, -OLE, -OWL, -OLD, i.q. 

DiNNACOMBE, % castle vale. 
DiNNARs Head, i.q. Pendennis. 


Dinners Park, Dinas close. 
DiNNEY Piece, the Dinnick, 1 hilly 

field, or, = DiNNiS. 
THE DiNNis, i.q. Dinas. 
DiNSUL, hill sacred to the sun (sid), 

B. ; conspicuous hill, Wh. ; high 

(uhal) castle (dinas), Po. ; % hill of 

view (syll). 
Dinworth, high (warth) hill. 
Dipper Park, 1 pit (dippa) close. 
DiRFORD, 1 passage over the water 

(dour), M'L. 
DiRLiNG, w.B.m., darling, t. 
Dirmantle, field (doar) with the 

holed-stone (mam tol). 
Dirty Pool, % 1 water (dour) house 

(ty) by the pool. 
DiRWYN, nf., 1-denven, an oak. 
Dish, 1 i.q. Park an dise. 
DiSTiN, n.f, Uin (stean) house (ty). 
Ditchen, 1 John's (Dzhuan) house. 
DiTCHi Park, 1 i.q. Dish ; or, Dejey, 
DizzARD, li.q. Dazardj or = dysert, 

a wilderness, w. 
DoBB, 7i.f., 1 duhh, black; or, dohh, 

boisterous, ga. ; or, i.q. Dabb. 
DoBBS, Dobbins, n.f, = Roberts. 
DoBLE, n.f, = Theobald. 
Dobna, 1 i.q. Park Tubban. 
DoBWALhS, = daub (i.e. cob) walls, C. 
Dock, 1 sheaf (attoch) [field]. 
Dodbrook, ] Dodo's brook. 
DoDD, n.f, ? i.q. DoDO, t.d.d., from 

theod, people, s. ; or, Dauid, s.B.m. 
DoDMAN, i.q. Deadman. 
DoDNAL, } under (dan) the moor (hal). 
DODSON, 1 Dodo's down (oon). 
DoENGAND, S.B.m., 1 1 dark (dun) 

fox (canddo, w.). 
DoFFAL CROFT, 1 dock (tafol) croft. 
DoiDGE, n.f, ? = Dodo's son. 
Dolcoath, wood (coed) by the hole 




or shaft (tol), C. ; the old {coth) 

pit, T.C. ; old valley, dale, or 

meadow {dal), Pr. 
DoL-EER, -YER, long [Mr) dale. 
DOLGEY, ? i.q. DOLLEGY ; or, hedge 

(ce), or dog (a), dale. 
DoLHUE CROFT, % high (mc/^) dale 

DoLKA Park, 1 Dolgey close. 
DoLL-AH, -AR EoCK, rock of grief 

(dolur, w.). 
DoLLAND, 1 dale enclosure (Ian). 
DoLLARD, ^high (ard) dale. 
DoLLEGY, dale near the house (agy). 
Dolling, 1 little (vean) dale. 
Dolphin, i.q. Godolphin ; or, Dol- 

VEAN ; or, little (vean) dale. 
DoLREE, 1 dale field (em). 
DOLRENNY, 1 valley Reens. 
DOLRUNNY, Iplum (aeranic) valley. 
DOLSBERRY, ] dark (dulas) hill (bre). 


(gwidn), or tree {gwedhen), dale. 
DoLVEAN, i.q. Dolphin ; ? little hole 

or shaft, C. 
DoM BucKA, ? ghost or scarecrow 

(hucca) hill (dun) ; bucha, a milking 

fold, a 

DoMELLiCK, 1 Mailoc's down (dun). 
DONEGHENIF, d.d.,} autumn (cynaif) 

castle ; or, nut (cnyf) hill (dun). 
DoNEY, n.f., i.q. Dawn AY. 
DoNGEY, n.f., i.q. Tangey. 


DoNiERT, m.s. Eedgate, i.q. DuN- 

GERTH, warrior (gereit) king (donn), 

ga., Beat. 
DoNNE-NY, -egney, 1 Cennych's (w.) 

castle ; or, worm (cynac) hill (dun) ; 

or, i.q. Doneciienif. 
Door Dov^ns, 1 water (dour) downs. 
Dopp, ] the summit (top). 
Dor, ? = doar, land, i.e. field ; or, 

dour, water. 
Doranvithan, the (an) tree (gwedh- 

en) field. 
Doras, i.q. Park an Daras. 
Dor Atty, Arthur's field, T.C. 
Doraval, apple (aval) field. 

DORBEAR, 1 barley (bere, s., C.) field. 
Dorberry, 1 rich (berric) field. 
Dor Bothick, ? cottage (boihoc) field. 
Dorcas, wood (cus) land. 
Dor catcher, ? daisy (cajah) field. 
Dorclay, ] grove (celli) field. 


coath ; or, Dorcas. 
DoR-DEAW, -dew, -due, ? south (de- 

hau), or black (du), or David's field. 
DORDOWN, ? deep (down) water (dour). 
Dor Ear, long (hi?-) land. 
Dor Eye, ? water (dour) field (Jiay). 
Dorey, n.f., ? the same; or, i.q. 


Dor Gulval, Gulval land. 
DoRGWiDEN, white (gwidn) land. 
DoR-HEERE, -Hair, i.q. Dor Ear. 
Dorhervas, 1 outside (ves) long field. 
DoRJOAN, 1 down house (choon), or 

John's (Dzhuan) field. 
Dor Lee, 1 flat stone (lech) field. 
DORLIS, r broad (les) field. 
Dor-man, -mun, stone (maen) field. 
Dor Marth, ? water plain, or mead- 
ow (marth, C.) land. 
DoR-MEAR, -MEER, -MER, great (meer), 

or marsh (inere, s.), field. 
Dorminnack, stony (maenic) field 

or land. 
Dor Minnis, ? little (minys) field ; 

or lambs' (eanes) stone (maen) field. 
DoRMULLiON, ? clover (meillion, w.) 

DoRN, ? = t7-one, a depression between 

the furrows of a field. 
Dornella, ? the elm (an elatv) field. 
Dorneouth, new (newydh) land. 
DoRNOLDS, .^ the cliff (an als) field. 
Dorothegva, ? tithe (degeve) lands 

Dor Pol, pool or pit (pol) field. 
Dor Pons, bridge (jmis) field. 
Dorracks, watery (douric) fields. 
DoRRE, ? i.q. Dor; or, Dorheere. 
DoRSEALL, .'' low (isal) land. 
Dorset, seat, or, dry (seth) field. 
DoRSPUL, ? = Park Daras by the 

pool or pit (pol). 




Dor Stexor, tinner or waterwagtail 

(stenor) field. 
Dor Velha, r look out (wylfa) field. 
DoRVOR, ? water (dour) lane (for), 

T.C. ; or, great {veor) field. 
DORWARD, n.f., } = s. duni-weard, 

door-keeper; i.q. Porter, Lo. 
DoRWASE, r outside (ves) field. 
DORWICK, n.f., } = dourick, watery. 
DosMAR-E, -Y, DozMERE, a drop (dos) 

of the sea (mere, s.), C'.* 


DouBLEBOis, Two woods, /. 
Double Park, ? dock (tarol) close. 
DoULiN, ? black (die) pool {hjn). 
DouNE, n.f., = dim, a hill, down. 
Dour Connor, ? Connor's water. 
DOURGAN, white (am) water {dam-) ; 

or, water mouth (genaii). 
DoUROCK, ? watery or oak place. 
DovRiGGER, daisy {egr) field, T.C. 
DoWBER, the short (ber) water 

{dour), Fr. ; ? i.q. DoVEAR. 
DowDLE, south {dehau) or double 

(d-eau) dale ((/((/). 
DowERNiCK, 1 marshy (wernic) land 

Dower Park, water (dour) close. 
DowGAS, water in the wood (cits), 

Fr. ; % i.q. DoRCAS. 
DowGATH, 1 south garden (garth). 
DowLAND, 1 south enclosure (Ian). 
DowLSDOWN, water dingle, C. ; 

1 devil's (diaotd) down. 
Downance, 1 south vale (nance). 
Down Chaineys, 1 Chenisi's down, 
DowNPERRY, 1 oak (deru) down. 
Down Hay, ? hill (dun) close (hay). 
Downing, n.f, 1 narrow (ing, to.) 

DoWRAN, ? i.q. DoURGAN. 
DoWRiCK, n.f., - douric, watery. 
D owsT ALL, ? south (dehaii) shop (stal). 

Dozer, 1 darnel (jure) field (doar). 
Dragon Pit, 1 king's pit. 
Drainos, Drawns, 1 thorn (draen) 

Draises, ? bramble (dreis) [fields]. 
Drake, n.f, = draig, a dragon, w. 
Drakewalls, 1 conspicuous (drych) 

walls, C. 
Drall, 1 moor (hal) land (ti?-). 
Drangling, 1 = draen Ian, thorn 

close, T.C. 
Drangs Park, 1 i.q. Drainos. 
Drann-ack, -ock, 1 thorny place 

(draenic). Place of oaks, Fr. 
Draavcombe, ] oak (derow) vale. 
Drawlas, Drellos, 1 green (glas) 

oak; or, f.(^. Drewollas. 
Dray, n.f., 1 = tre, a dwelling, home- 
stead; or, deru, oaks. 
Drayton, Dreadon, nf., % oak hill 

(dun) ; or, i.q. Dryden. 
Drean, ? i.q. Park Drean. 
Dreason Ball, ? 1. bramble (dreis) 

down (oon) round hill (boll, C). 
Dreek Kerrow, ? = doar carow, stag 

Drennick, ? i.q. Drannack. 
Dreury, n.f, 1 oak field (eru). 
Drew, n.f, = deroio, oaks. 
Drewollas, 1 lower (wolas) oak. 
Drey Field, 1 oak, or home (adre), 

or, dry field. 
Dribna, 1 = dor helienna, lesser field. 
Driff, Drift, ? = tref a dwelling. 
Drigg, n.f, % i.q. Trigg. 
Drone Park, '\ i.q. Park Troon. 
Droskin, ?Hosken's land, T.C. 
Drown, n.f., ? = tir oon, down land. 
Drowngellow, 1 down-land groves 

Druse, ? i.q. Dorwase. 
Drusellet Downs, Druzel gate 

(yet) downs. 
Druzel, ? i.q. I'orseall. 

* Or, sea [mere) witli small-pebble-beach [dos], C. Sweet or fresh water sea [douce 
mer,f.), Bond. Doz-mare, the water that ebbs and flows, Pr. From doz, to come, and 
matir, great. Car. The pool [mere) in the bush (dos), ga., Beal. The meeting or coming 
together (dos) of the lake [mer) water (uy), B. ? i.g. Mekk^meex. 




Drydex, n.f., % oaks {deru), or dry 

vale (den, s.). 
Dryfield, home (adre) field, T.C. 
Drym, 1 oak (dar) border (hem). 
Dry-Sack, -Sock, -Suck, i.q. Park 

DuBBERS, ] ] = Two barroii-s. 
DuBHiLL, ? black (diM) hill. 
DUDNAXCE, 1 lambs' (eanes) lay field 

DuD^VELL, 1 Dodd's well. 
DUFFNAL, 1 moor (hal) bank (ftihhen). 
DuiON, B.m., ] duoii, grief, sorrow. 
DULASTON, n.f., 1 dark {daglas) hill. 


DuLGER, ?camp {caer) dale, T.C. 

DULGOON, 1 the down (goon) dale. 

DULLAN, n.f., 1 i.q. DOWLAND. 

DULMER, ? great {meer) dale (dol). 

DULOE, black (dii) pool (lo), T. ; or, 
God's pool, Pr. ; 1 south (deheu) 
pool ; (jj.s. St. Keby, 0. ; 1 o. St. 
Theliau, Bond). 


the oaks (deru). 
DuxBAR, ] the baj- below (dan). 
Duxble, n.f, i.q. Dexxeboul. 
DuxcAN, 1 below the down (goon). 
Duxdagell, n./., i.q. Tixtagel. 
DuxDER Park, ? oak (dar) down 

close; or = the under close, T.C. 
DuxDHiLL, 1 moor (hal) lay (todn) 

DUXGAR, 1 castle (caer) hill (dun). 
DuxGEL, the dungeon, Jfli. 


DuxGEY, nf, below the house (chj). 
DuxHAY, 1 hill or down enclosure. 
DuxHEVED, down head (heafod) s., 

Po. ; summit of the hill, 0. 
DUX-KEX, -KING, n.f, t. i.q. TOXKIX ; 

or, brown head, donn cean, ga., Lo. 


(nieor) hill, Pr. ; lake (^mcrc, s.) 

camp (dan), UPL. 
Duxx, n.f, brown ; a teacher, ga. 
DuNNEFORD, n.f, ? hill ford. 

DuxxiCK, hilly [field]. 
DuxsFORD, n.f, 1 castle (di?ias) ford. 
DuxsLEY, green hill, Pr. ; 1 i.q. 

DuxsTAX, iv.B.m., Uin (stean) hill. 
DuxsTAXViLLE, Dunstan's town, /. 
DuxSTOXE, 1 dark (dun, s.) stone, t. 
DuxsTER, n.f, ] castle land (tir). 
DuxvETH, the grave's {bedh) hill, Pr. 
DUXY, 1 i.q. DOXEY or DuXHAY. 
DuPATH, ? south (deheu) side (j)arth). 
DuPLix, n.f, ? black (dubh, i.) lake. 
DuPORTH, black (du) beach, G.F. 
DuRAXT, n.f, ] water vale (nant). 
DuR-FOLD, -VAL, 1 = s. deorfald, deer 

park ; or, oak (dar) field. 
DuRLAX, ■? oak or water close (Ian). 
DuR Leax, ] flax (Jin) land (doar). 
DuRLO, oak (dar) pool (lo). 
DuRRA, river, Hhe water (dour). 
DuRRABEAXS, Uhe little (bean) lands 

or fields (daourou). 
DuRRACOT, 1 oak wood (coat). 
DuRRAW, 1 = deroii:, oaks. 
DuRVA, oak or water place (va). 
DUSTOX, n.f, li.q. DuXSTOXE. 

DusTOWE, n.f, i.q. Davidstow, 
DuTsox, Dodd's down (oon). 
DUXHA3I, t the duke's, or ducks', 

border (hem) [land], or home. 
DuzzARD, Dysart, i.q. Dazard. 


Dyer, n.f, 1 = ti/or, a thatcher. 
Dymma, ? Emma's house (fi/), T.C. 
Dymyxs, =/. demesnes, the land oc- 
cupied by the lord himself. 
Dypper, 1 = dijypa, a pit, B. 


ADE, i.q. Ethy; or, Eddy. 
Ead-, Ed-, Eed-less, Ethelred's court 

(les), Po. 
Earish, i.q. Arish Park. 
E-IRLIXG, 1 = hurling, [field]. 
E.AJITH, Erth, = arth, high. 
Easem Croft, ] lower (isa) border 

(hem) croft. 
Eastry, ? east acre or field (em). 




Easy Park, i.q. Parkissey. 
EathneVxVS, % Nywys's {w.) heath 

(hcyth) ; {neves, new, a. ; hennaways, 

refuse, m.c). 
Eathorne, 1 corner (horn) gate (i/et), 

T.C. ; ? thorn enclosure {hay). 
Eaver Croft, erive?--grass croft. 
Ebal Rocks, '?colt {ehol) rocks. 
THE Ebber, fishing ground at the 

efti-tide, T.C; 1 carcase {abar, w.) 

EcGLOSTUDic,, St. Tudy church 

Edd-eua, -IDA, i.([. Eduuard, rich 

{ead) guard, t. 
Eddy, %./,, ] the same; or = ethic, 

great ; or, s. eadig, happy, rich, 

Edelet, d.d., 1 Ethelred's heath, now 

Edense, 1 i.q. Enis. 
Edgecombe, «./., edge of the vale, t. 
Edmer, t.d.d., rich fame, t. 
Ednod, t.d.d., rich threatening, t. 
Edricus, iv.B.m., rich rule, t. 
Eduui, t.d.d., rich war {ivig), t. 
Edyvean, n.f., little (bean) Eddy. 
Efflins, 1 ^ St. EvaJs island {enys). 
Efford, = Ebbingford, the passage 

{fordh) at the ehb of the tide. 
Egbere, 1 the farm on the edge, t. 
Egla-, Eglos-rose 1 the heath {ros) 

church (eglos), Wh. 
Eglasderry, ^Edric's church [land] ; 

07- , church oaks {deroio). 
Eglosberrie, d.d., St. BerrionaJs 

church [land]. 
Egloscroc, church of the cross, Po. ; 

% of the barrow {crug). 
Eglosellis, 1 Ellis's church [land]. 
Egloserue, 1 church field {cru). 
Egloshallow, church moors. 
Egloshayle, the church on the river 

{Pr.), or estuary {M'L.), or of St. 

Helie, Wh. {p.s. not known). 
Egloshellen, ? church corner {elin) ; 

or, i.q. Ellenglaze. 
Egloskerry, church of love {Pr.), of 

^i.Keri, Wh (p.s. SS. Ide & Lydy, 0. ) 

Eglosmerther, the church of the 

martyr (St. Coanus). 
Eglossant, holy {sant) church. 
EiULF, t.d.d., 1 island wolf, t. 
EiULPHUS, t.d.d., island wolf, t. 
Elerchy, swans' {elerch) house {chy), 

i.e. the swannery, T. 
Elfnod, lo.B.m., elf-bold (noth), t. 
Eliot, n.f., "t i.q. Iliuth, or, Allet. 
Ella, 1 = elau, the elms. 
Ellbridge, ? bridge moor (Jial), or, 

i.q. Telbridge. 
Ellcombe, 1 moor, or elm vale. 
Ellenglaze, green (glas) elms, Pr. 
Ellery, n.f., % moor field {eru) ; or, 

from St. Hilary. 
Ellis, n.f., 1 = els, a son-in-law; or, 

green {las), or, broad {les) moor; 

or, = Elias. 
Elmentor, i.q., Helmentor. 
Elmer, t.d.d., 1 i.q. Aylmer. 
Elphinstone, n.f, 1 moor stone. 
Elric, t.d.d., noble {adel) power, L 
Elson, n.f, li.q. Helston. 
Eluuin, noble friend {wi7ie), t. 
Elvans, 1 nuns' {manaes) moor ; or, 

from elvaii, moor stone. 
El well, 1 high {iihel) moor {hal). 
Elwerdus, w.B.m., noble guard, f. 
Embla, 1 i.q. Amble. 
Emblance, 1 1 Hannibal's Enas. 
Emlets, 1 1 little borders {hem). 
Enas, ■? = eanes, lambs ; or, i.q. Park 

en Eanes ; or, Enys. 
Endean, n.f, % = an dean, the man. 
Endsleighs, pasture {lea) end [fields], 

T. C. ; 1 lambs' {eanes) pastures. 
Engew, 1 = an ceoiv, the closes. 
Engilly, the {an) hazel grove. 
Engollan, the bottom, Pr. 
Engoose, the wood {cits). 
En-is, -nis, i.q. Enas or Enys. 
En-mor, -moar, -nor, great (maur) 

island, Po. 
Ennis-varth, -vath, green {gwyrdd, 

w.) island, T.C. 
Ennisworgy, % lambs' {eanes) pound 

{givarchae, w.). 
Ennys Morva, Enis marsh. 




Entr-al, -el, middle or half (hanter) 

the moor. 
Enys, an island, R. W. ; also, a penin- 
sula made by a river or the sea, Pr. 
Enys Dodnan, the island with the 

soil on it, Bl. 1 
Eplett, 11. f., 1 1 colt {ebol) gate {yet). 
Epps, Epse, n.f., i.q. Apps. 
Era, Erra, Erro, Error, 1 = eru, 

an acre, a field. 
Era Grosize, 1 lower (isa) cross 

{croua) field. 
Era Led an, broad field. 
Era Widn, % tree (givedhen) field. 
Erchenbaldus, /. d f/. , sacred prince, ^. 
Ere, li.q. Era, or, Park Here. 
Erisey, the dry (sech) acre (eru) ; or, 

upon (er) the bottom (izy), Pr. 
Ermen, B.m., public, universal, t. 
Ermenhaldus, /.f/.f/., pubHc power, t. 
Ermenheu, d.d., 1 i.q. Carminnow. 
Erneis, t.d.d., 1 earnest, i. 
Ero Fenton, spring field. 
Ero Penhale, moor's head field. 
Erra Drysack, Uhomy (dreisick) 

Erra Gear, 1 camp (caer) field. 
Erra Wartha, higher field. 
Erw Widden, i.q. Era Widn. 
EsCALLS, 1 = esgols, the holy place ; 

or, iz gales, corn valley, T. C. ; % the 

thistles {(iscall-s). 
EscoTT, n.f., 1 east (est) cottage, t. 
EsHES, 1 stubble (arish) fields. 
Ess, Esse, o.n.f., 1 = esc, the ash, s. 
Ess A Park, lower (isa) close. 
Essel, n.f., '?below(i.s)the moor (hal). 
Essery, n.f, 1 lower field (eru). 
Essex Park, 1 1 lower {isa) gate (yet) 

close (pare). 
Essey, i.q. Park Issey. 
Estr-ay, -y, •? east field (eru). 
Ethnevas, i.q. Eathnevas. 
Ethorn, i.q. Eathorne. 
Ethy, 1 the great (ethic) [liouse]. 

i.q. Tethy. 
Eulcen, s.B.m., i.q. ^ulcen. 
Eusebi, B.m., = Eusebius. 
Eva-, E VAR-, Ever-Park, i. q. Eaver. 

Evans, n.f, son of Evan ; = Johnson. 
Every, Ji.f, li.q. Avery. 
Ewsannec, s.B.m., 1 = ewnhinsic, just. 
Ex, Exe, 1 - ceces, oaks, s. ; or, hesk, 

ExwELL, well by the oaks, t 
Eyles, n.f., 1 = als, a son-in-law. 
Eyre, %./., 1 Long (Mr), i.q. Annear. 
Eyrie, ? eagle's nest. 

JL AERDON, l:fair hill (dun). 
Faggelford, 1 fowl (fugel) ford. 
Fairwash, 1 the fair stream. 
Fal, the prince's (fed, Pr.) [river] ; 

Ifoill, slowly, softly, ga. 
Faoiouth, mouth of the Fal (p.s. 

K. Charles the Martyr). 
Fawey, cave (fiw) river (givy), Po. ; 

IfohJuddh, quick, nimble, ga. 
Fawgan, ■? cave down {goon). 
Fawton, 1 cave enclosure (fo?i, s.). 
Feadon, 1 i.q. Fenton or Faerdon. 
Felt Park, } skin close, t. 
Fender lease, ? i.q. Fextaley. 
Fentafriddle, ? Bartholomew's 

(Bertyl) well (fenten). 
Fentaley, the spring on the green 

(les), Po. 
Fenten-gleder, ? sparkling spring. 
F.-HORN, corner (corn) spring. 
Fenter-gan, ? fountain of the singers, 

the singing, or the white well, Pr. ; 

down {goon) spring. 
F. Larrick, ? Aluric's spring. 
F. nella, ? elm (ehm) spring. 
F. OON, spring on the down (oon). 
F. VEAN, little (bea7i) spring. 
F. WANSON, ? murmuring (manson) 

Fenton, = fenten, the spring, foun- 
tain, or well, Pr. 
F. addle, the foul or dirty well, Pr. ; 

? well with a ladle (haddal, B.). 
F.-ARE, -er, ? battle (heir) well. 
F. Berran, St. Piran's well. 
F. East, the east (est) well. 
F. Gay, % spring by the hedge (ce). 
F.-GOE, -gov, the smith's (gof) well. 



Fentongollan, holy (glan) well, Po. ; 

hart's well, Car. {colon, the heart). 
F. GOOSE, the wood {cus) well. 
F. GYMPS, the continual [gempes), i.e. 

ever-flowing spring or well, Pr. 
F. Ladock, St. Ladock's well. 
F.-OON, -wooN, i.q. Fenteroon. 
F. SCAUAN, elder tree spring, B. 
F. Val, source of the Fal, B. 
F. Vease, the outer {vez) well, Pi. JF. 
F. Vedna, the high {ban) well, Pr. ; 

Hesser (behenna) well. 
F. West, '? shelter (guest) spring. 
Fentrigan, 1 i.q. Fentergan ; or, 

Eegan's well. 
Teock, from p.s. St. Feoca, 0. ; 1=fre 

id, hill by the water, M'L. 
Fern, 'l = forn, an oven, T.C. 
Fern Acre, 1 alder (gwern) acre. 
Ferndon, n.f., Item hill, or down. 
Fern-go, -igo, the fern wood (coed) 

or brake. 
Fern-, Ferny-splat, a spot (sjylot, s.) 

abounding with ferns. 
Ferrell, n.f, 1 = Fearghal, msLii of 

strength, ga., Y. 
Ferrett, n.f., 1=ferhiat, a thief. 
Ferris, n.f, i.q. Ferrers, from Fer- 

riere, Normandy ; % the iron mine 

or forge, Lo. 
Ferrywidden, % white (gtvidn) hill 

Fersnewth, 1 i.q. Forsnooth; or, 

new (neioi/th) thicket (broiuse). 
Fetch Field, 1 = vetch field. 
P'IDDICK, n.f, Ifitheach, a vulture, a. 
Fiscar, Ij^ixie or fairy field (erii). 
Fitchet, n.f, the polecat, t. 
Flamank, n.f, burning (flam) glove 

(maneg), H. 
Flammock, n.f., =fiammog, blazing, 

w., E.JF. ; blear eyedness, H. 
Flankey Croft, hnill {melin) hedge 

(ce) croft. 
Flatches Bridge, 1 = Fletcher or 

flesher's brids^e. 

Fleardon, 1 fiddler's (fihvr) hill. 

Flemming, %./., 1.^ iteming, a runa- 
way, s. ; or, from Flanders. 

Flexbury, ? Felix's earthwork. 

Floyd, n.f, i.q. Lloyd, R.JF. 

Flushet, Flutchet field, flood- 
gate field, t. 

Flushing, 1 flood meadow (ing), t. ; 
(c.d. St. Peter). 

FoGE, Forge, i.q. Fouge. 

FoGHAM, 1 cave border (hem) [field]. 

FoGOU, FoGUE, the cave. 

FoLAMOOR, 1 the foal's moor. 

FoLDRESSiCK, 1 brambly (dreisick) 
[field] with the fold. 

FoLNEY, '? 1 the fold by the enclosure 
(an hay). 

FooDLELOOSE, 1 green moor (hallas) 

Ford, =fordh, way, pass, Pr. 

FoRDA, the same; or, A = hay, en- 
closure, field. 

FoRDER, 1 long (hir) passage. 

FoRDiNNic, 1 hilly (clinnic) road 
[field] ; ? i.q. Pradanack. 

FoRDLE, 1 = ford hill or dale. 

FoREBORE, 1=four barroivs. 

Fore Bow, 1 [field] before cow (beu) 

Forge, Forgue, ? i.q. Foge, or, 


FoRRABURY, 1 the burial place of St. 

[Syr,i]phori[an] (p.s., 0.), Mur. ; 

far off, or, beautiful (fair), hiding 

or burying place, H. 
FoRSNOOTH, ] new (nowydh) way or 

road (forclh), Pr. 
FoRSWiNE, ] white (gwyn) road, Pr. 
Fortescue, n.f., forte escu, strong 

shield, /., Lo. 
Foss, entrenchment, ditch. 
FosswiDN, white (gwicln) trench. 
Foster, n.f-, 1 entrenched land (tir). 
Fouge, the hearth or blowing house, 

forge or furnace, Pr. 
FowEY, i.q. Fawey.* 

0. BoBG DE FowT ; d.d. Fawintone ; e.d.d. Fawitona ; 

' the town on the Fawt," i.e. 



FOYEFENTON, source (fenton) of the 

Fowey. Walled spring, H. 
Frad, 7i.f.,1=^frath, noise, objection,^. 
Fraddon, 1 Frad's hill {dun). 
Fra-ggin, -djan, U.q. Park Jane. 
Franket, 1 i.q. Park an yet. 
Frathy, Freathy, U.q. Freth; or 

great (ethic) hill (bre). 
Frauninus, 1 t.d.d. *? Frea's friend 

{wine, s.). 
Frayne, o.n.f., 1 the same. 
Freething, Freth, ^ field with a 

wattled [frith) hedge or gate. 
Frel, 1 moor {lial) hill [hr^. 
Freoc, to.B.m., =fricca, a preacher, 

s., F. ; or, i.q. St. Breock. 
FrigganSjI ox{udgeo7i) closes {pares). 
Fro AN, U.q. Park owen. 
Frog-coom, -ham, 1 Freoc's, or, 

frog valley (cimi), or home {ham), 

or border (hem.), t. 
Froxton, 1 d.d. Forchetestan, 

front gate {f orgeat) stone {stan, s.). 
Froxwater, 1 1 Freock's or frog 

{frox, s.) stream. 
Frye, n.f., 1 = w. hry,fry, \\\g\\,R. W. ; 

fri, free, 5., J.T. 
Fudge, Fuidge, Fuge, n.f., i.q. Foge. 
FuGLESOME, 1 fowl's {fugel) border 

{hem), or lowland (holm), s. 
FUGOE, 1 i.q. FOGOU. 
FURD-A, -AR, 1 i.q. FORDA. 
FuRLEY,%./., 'ffar, or the fairmeadow. 
FuRMEDGE, M./., ? =f.fromage, cheese. 
Furnell, n.f, "1= fern hill; or, i.q. 

FuRNiss, nf., wisdom, sagacity, iv. 
FuRSNAP, 1 furze hiap or brow. 
Furspark, furze close. 
FuRZA Park, the furze close. 
FURZ-DON, -DOWN, -ON, hill {dun) 

with the entrenchment {fos),M'L. ; 

? furze down or hill. 
Furze Ball, 1 furze field or hill. 
Furze Ham, % furze border {hem). 
FuRZEY GwiN, ?furzy down {gifon). 

Fyntengympys Vear, and Vean 
or Bian, 15 cent., great and little 


ABALLAS, ? arable (palas, to dig) 

enclosure (ce) ; or, pillas down (goon). 
Gaber Lands, ? goat (gavcc?'), or 

brook (gover), closes (lan-s). 
Gabnas, U.q. Gobnas. 
Gabriah, Uiill {bre) closes {cae-s). 
Gaddons, Uambs' {eanes)wood (coed, 

w.), or, castle (dinas), close {ce). 
Gadern, 1 i.q. Gudern. 
Gadles, the moles' {godh) green {les), 

Pr. ; the battle {cad) court \le$), 

i.e. the camp, Pt.W. 
Gadycumbe, n f. , "^goat {gat, s. ) combe. 
Gaffelford, i.q. Camelford, Cam. ; 

tribute {gafol, s.) ford. Bo. 
Gaire, d d. Gaer, i.q. Caer. 
Gakes GROUNDjhemlock {cegas) land. 
Galangullas, the bottom {an goles) 

field {gweal). 
Galds-, Gals-worthy, n.f., i.q. 


Galgeath, field with trees {gwydh). 
Gallacombe, i.q. Gollacombe, 
Gall and, ? bottom {gollu) close (Ian). 
Gali e. Gale, Galy, n.f., i.q. Gelly. 
Gal-lena, -enna, -idna, 1 narrow or 

fowler's {idne) close {ce). 
Galley Mead, ? grove (ce///) meadow. 
Galliloes, % 1 barrow {lou; t.) grove 

{celli) [fieldjs. 
Gallowres, i.q. Golowres. 
Gallows Park, 1 bottom {goles) close. 
Galver, ? great {meer) field (gweal). 
Gam, = cam, the crooked [place], Pr. 
Gambel, ■? distant (pell), or river 

(heyl) combe. 
Gambe Meadow, crooked, or combe 


Gamber, Gamper, 


champion ; or, crooked close (pare) 
or bay (porth). 

I' the water {wy) of the deep ditch, vault, or den (/««)," B. Carew has "Foy haven 
m Cornish, Foath." p.s. St. Nicholas ; o. St. Fimbarrus, O. 



Gambridge, i.q. Cambridge. 

Games, n.f., % i.q. Reams. 

Gammel Wood, 1 i.q. Camel. 

Gammon Park, 1 foot-path close. 

Gamox, n.f., ? = cammen, foot-path. 

Gampen seez, a crooked bay with 
a rock in it, 3fur. {1} 

Gang, a path, drain, s. ; % meeting- 
place, t., L.Sz. 

GanGUMPIS, t.h., i.q. GOONGUMPAS. 


Gan-hilly, -illy, -nilly, 1 i.q. 


Gannel, the channel, creek, cl'c, Po. ; 

% river's {heyl ) mouth {gencm) ; or 

Avhite (can) river. 
Gannet, Idown (goon) gate (yd). 
Gannick, 1 i.q. Carnick. 
Gant, 11./., 1 i.q. Cant. 
Ganver, 1 great {veor) down. 
Ganwheal, ?down field [giveal). 
Gap, 1 the breach, or = cape. 
Garadown, 1 i.q. Caradon, 
Gard, n.f., ? = cearcl, a refiner, 

mechanic, ga. ; or, i.q. Garret. 
Garden and Bags, ? kite's (Ixirgus), 

or hack of the house garden, or en- 
closure {garth). 
Garder wartha, and wolla, higher 

and lower fortification, T. 
Gardy, % castle (caer) house (ty). 
Gare, i q. Gear. 
Gargalle,, ?by (gar) the grove 

(celli) ; or green (gear) grove. 
Garges, Gargus, the wood (ci<s) afar 

off (cer), Pr. ; 1 over (gioar), or by 

(gar), the wood. 
Gargrave, n.f, 1 enclosure (garth) 

by the grove or grave, t. 
Garker moor, ■? partridge (grugyer) 

Garland, 1 i.q. Gorland. 
Garlenna, 1 i.q. Carlennow. 
Garl-exnick, -innick, -ynnick, 

li.q. Carlanick. 
Garles, on igwxr) the green (les), 

Pr. ; herb (/cs) garden (garth),R.JF. 
Garmoe, ? pigs' (mogh) yard (garth). 
Garn Close, = garden close. 

Garndarney, thorny (draenic) gard- 
en; or by thorn (draen) close (hay). 
Garneggan, i.q. Carneggan. 
Garnick, 1 i.q. Carnick. 
Garnon, nf., 1 i.ri. Carnon. 
Garrack = carrag, the rock, stone. 
G. Downs, rock or rocky downs. 
G. SANZ, holy (sans) rock. 
Garrah, on the top of the hill, Pr. 
G ARRANGE, n.f., Ifrom St. Gerrans. 
Garrapark, ] i.q. Cara park. 

GaRR-AS, -is, -OWS, -us, «.2-GrARP^^H, 

Pr. ; = givarhas, summit. 
Garrator, rough (garow) tor, C. 
Garret, n.f., 1 = gearait, a warrior, 

champion, ga. ; or, Gerhard, firm 

spear, t 
Garrick, i.q. Garnick or Garrack. 
G. Park, rock or rocky close. 
Garricks, rocky [field] s. 
Carrier, 1 long (kir) leg's (gar), or 

heron's (cryhyr) [field]. 
Garrigan, n.f., i.q. Gaverrigan. 
G arrow, 1 i.q. Garrah, or Carew. 
Garth WAITE, n.f., 1 white enclosure 

Garthwood, 1 wood enclosure. 
Gar-ves, -WES, 1 i.q. Gaves. 
Gaskin, n.f, 1 sedge (hesken) close 

(cae, w.) ; or, i.q. Goonhasken. 
Gass, n.f, 1 = goaz, a goose, B. 
Gate, n.f, 1 = geat, a goat, s. 
Gate Park, ? i.q. Park Yet. 
Gathers, '?brambles(f/?-^/s) close (ce). 
Gatley, n.f, 1 goat (geat, s.) pasture. 
Gat-ty, -y, gate or goat close (hay). 
Gaudrete, IV. P.m., 1 = Godrced, 

divine council, t. 
Gaver, ? goat (gaver) [field]; or, 

great (veor) close {ce). 
Gaver-rigan, -igon, Gaurigan, the 

goat's down {goon), H. ; twenty 

(iganz) goats, Pr. 
Gaves, outward (ves) close (ce). 
Gawdy, n.f, 1 i.q. Cutty, or Gatty. 
Gawens, 1 from c.n. Gawen = gavin, 

hawk of battle, Y. 
Gawland, 1 enclosed (cau, w.), or 

manured (cawch) land. 




Gaw Me.idow, 1 smith's {gof), 

or, cow meadow. 
Gawn, 1 = gwo7i, a down. 
Gawton, 1 goafs' or coici enclosure 

{tun, s.), or hill \dun). 
Gay, n.f., % i.q. Gee. 
Gayche, Geach, n.f., 1 cae issa, 

lower close. 
Gayer, n.f., Hong (hir) close (ce). 
Gayland, 1 flourishing {gay, m.c.) 

Gaylard, n.f, 1 the dancer {gaUiard, 

B.) ; or, i.q. Celert, w.s. 
Gaylse, n.f, 1 green-moor {hellas), 

or cliff {ah) close (ce). 
Gayrick, 1 i.q. Garrick. 
Gayry, % i.q. Carey, or Geary. 
Gayrlake, ? willow {helig) garth. 
Gaza, % daisy {egr) close (ce). 
Gazeland, dirty {gasa), or deserted 

(gasa, to leave) enclosure {km), Pr. 
THE Gazers, 1 the daisy closes. 
Gazick Cove, dirty {gassic) cove. 
Geahow, 1 = ceoiv, enclosures. 
Geak, Geake, Geek, n.f, to pry, 

peep, squinny, m.c. ; or, giach, a 

Geal Field, 1 a reduplication, giveal 

= field; or, leech {gel) field. 
Gear, = guer, a green, flourishing, 

lively, fruitful, pleasant place, Fr. ; 

1 i.q. Gaire. 
Gear Park, 1 camp close (pare). 
Gearn Park, 1 alder {givern) close. 
Gears, green or camp [field] s. 
Gear vean, •? little camp [field], 
Geary, n.f., ? camp close {hay). 
Gedge, n.f., ? i.q. Gayche. 
Gedricus, w.B.m., ] song rule, t. 
Gedy, n.f., ]goat {geat) close {hay). 
Gee, n.f., = ce, a hedge, a close. 
Gelgee, 1 hazels {cyll) hedge {ce). 

Gellangys, 1 fields {gweal-s) by the 

house {an chy). 
Gellies, = celliow, the groves. 
Gellingwartha, 1 = the higher {an 

wartha) field {gweal ) or grove. 
Gelly, = celli, a grove, more com- 
monly, a hazel grove, Pr. 
Gelmears, the great {mear) fields 

Gelydna, i.q. Gallenna. 
Gen-dall, -til, n.f, 1 = cendel, fine 

linen ; or, cenedel, a tribe ; or, 

i.q. Kendall. 
Geneau, the mouth (genau) ; or 

troubled {cen) water {eaii, /.), Pr. 
Genis, n.f, from St. Gennys. 
Genn, n.f, 1 = given, white; or, cein, 

a ridge ; or, gen, a chin ; or, i. gen, 

a sword ; or, from St. Keyne. 
Gennett, 1 huntsman's {cynydd) 

[field] ; or, i.q. Gunnett, 
Gen-ning, -yan, 1 = cenion, skins or 

tents; or, cenin, a leek; or, ciun- 

ingen, w., a rabbit. 
Center Croft, ? nail {center) croft. 
Genvor, ■? great {meor) ridge {cein) 

or head {cean,ga.) ; or, = Genevour. 
Germq-e,, from p.s. St. Germoch. 
Gernick, ? = Carnick. 
Gerras, i.q. Cairo, M'L. ; Garras, 

Gerresh, n.f, 1 the same. 
Gerrier, i.q. Garrier. 
Gerry Croft, ] camp {caerau) croft. 
Gerrys Hill, % hill or moor {hal) 

top {gwarhas). 
Gerveys, n.f., spear eagerness, t. ; 

? = gervas, a good word. 
GESTm, w. B.m.,1 = castan, a chestnut. 
Gew, 1 = ceoic, pi. of ce, a hedge, en- 
closure, field. * 
Gev^^ans, 1 the valley (nans) Gew. 

* " Gew, the stay, support. On many estates one of the best fields is called The 
Gew, from its being the support of the estate," Pr. A plain field, B. A 2}lnin amidst 
hilU, which would be the best laud in an estate, Wh. ?^w. can. hollow, E.W. Some- 
times it is "a common," as. The Guew, touching St. Agnes, Scilly, S.G. The Gews 
is often found; as also several fields in the same farm, called Gew with a prefix; as 
Barn Gew, Horse Pool Gew, Lower Hilly Gew, &c., in Pollard, Wendron. In Irish, 
cuan is a bay, a haven, a field ; cuas, a hollow, J.B. 




Gewens, 1 island {enys), or lambs' 

(eanes) Gew. 
Gew-Graze, -Grease, middle (cres) 

hollow or cove, J.B. 
Gew Gynance, hollow or bottom 

leading from Kynance cove, J.B. 
Gew Jane, ? ox {udzheon) Gew. 
Gew Pearis, "? Gew meadow (vras). 
Gibbet Meadow, Ifrom St. Cuby. 
Gidd-ey, -y, n.f., 1 i.q. Gedy; or, = 

Ceadda, war, F. 
GiLBERic, ? fallow (havrec, a.) or fat 

(berric) field (gweal). 
GiDGEON, 7i.f.,1ox{i(dzheo')i) close (ce). 
GiDGEY, ? i.q. St. Lssey. 
Gidley, n.f., ? i,q. Gatley. 
GiGGAs, i.q. Cogegoes, E.B.R. 
Gilb-ard, -art, -ert, -URD,7^./., com- 
panion or servant (gele) of St. 

Bridget ; or, bright pledge, t., Y. 
Gilchrist, %./., ? servant of Christ. 
GiLHiLLS, ? = gweul-s, fields ; or, moor 

(hal) fields. 
Gill, n.f., } = cil, a recess; or, gele, 

a companion ; or, cell, a grove. 
GiLLA, ? = gweaiow, fields ; or, cellioiv, 


GiLL-ARD, -ET, ? i.q. GAYLARD. 

Gillebon, ? down house {ho oon) 

grove (celli). 
Gill-ey, -IE, -Y, i.q. Gelly. 
Gillies, groves ; or broad {les) fields. 
Gillin,? = celm,h.ol\y; or,i.q. Glynn. 
Gillinwartha, i.q. Gelling war- 


Gillons, ? lambs' (eanes) field. 
Gill Park, hazel trees (cyll, w. ) close. 
GiLLY Gabbon, ? foot path (cammen) 

G.TREGODjWOodhouse [tregoed) grove. 
Gimblecoom, ? ? = vale of the Camel. 
GiMNEN Sgrepha, Beal, i.q. Gun- 


THE GiN Field, ? = cein, a ridge. 
GiNGYNS Down, T.a , = Jenkin's 

Down, T.C. 
GiRLES, ? i.q. Garles. 
Girls Park, ? herb garden close. 
Girtley, ? = great lea, or meadow. 

GiRTYMiLK Street, the street of 

milk and girts, i.e. grits or groats. 
GiSHARD, nf., ? = Giselhart, pledge 

of firmness, t., Y. 
Gladney, } i.q. Gelydna. 
Gland Park, ? river-bank [glan) 

close ; or, i.q. Clam. 
Glanville, n.f., ? town {ville, /.) on 

the bank. 
Glas-eney, -ney, green water (ea,s.), 

Nord. (r enys, island) ; Le. Glas- 

NITH, green nest {nith) ; green ford, 

H. (hyth, a coast, port, haven, s.). 
Glass, nf.,% = glas, blue, grey, green; 

the stomach ; or, i.q. Goonlase. 
Glasscot, nf., ? green wood (coat). 
Glassworthy, nf., 1 higher {wartha) 

Glaston, n.f, i.q. Glazdon. 
Glaz-don, -on, green hill or down 

Glazeland, green close {Ian). 
Glebridge, "? grove {celli) bridge. 
Gleest, ? east {est) field {gweal). 
Glen, n.f., i.q. Glynn. 
Glencross, nf., 1 glen moor {cors) ; 

or, cross (crous) glen. 
Glendenning, n.f, 1 Dinan's glen, 
Glendorgal, ? ? Torquell's (t.), or 

noisy glen, {deragla, to brawl), 
Glendurgan, glen of the Dourgan. 
Glen Withan, % = gweal an ivedhen, 

the tree field ; or, tree glen. 
Glidden, 1 broad (ledan) field {gweal ) ; 

or, i.q. Glynn. 
Gli-, Glu-vian, 1 little {hihan) grove 

{celli) or groves {cellioiv). 
Gloom, 1 loam field {gweal ). 
Gloweth, the down {goon) with the 

barrows {loweth), M'L. 
Gloyns, 1 = glens; or, lambs' {eanes) 

field {giveal). 
Glubb, n.f, 1 = ghih, wet, moist, a. 
Gluddens, 1 broad (ledaji) fields 

Guj-is,-YASs,n.f, from St. Gluvias. 
Glustone, d.d. for Bliston, 1 church 

{eglos) town ; or, i.q. Glazdon. 
Gluth, 1 garden (lowarth) close (ce). 




Glynford, road in the glen. 
Glynn, the glen; ?? wooded {celli) 

valley with a river (avon). 
Goad, n.f., 1 = coid, a wood ; or, godh, 

a mole, a goose ; or, god, s., good. 
GoAH, 1 = gover, a stream. 
Goal Gwidden, 1 tree (givedhen), or 

white (gicidn), field. 


GOAN NOATH, new (noivyth) down. 
GoARD, 7i.f., 1 high (ard) down (goon). 
GoATSLAND, 1 goats' close (km). 


GoBB-EN, -INN, 1 little down (gooji). 

GoBMAN Croft, 1 sea-weed croft. 

GoBNAS,'?lesser(i<?Ae?wiff) down (goon) 
[field]s, or closes (cae-s). 

GoBRLA., 1 i.q. Goonvrea. 

GoDA, iv.B.m., = Goth, s. 

GODCOT, 1 Goda's cottage, t. ; or, cot- 
tage near a wood {coed, iv.). 

GODDARD, n.f., divine firmness, t, 
Y. ; godard, a cup, w. 

Godfrey, w./.,?'.^. Godefridus, t.d.d. 
God's peace. 

Godgen, ] ox (udzheon) down (goon). 

GoDOLGAN, o.n.f., ? r tin (alcan, to.) 
smelting (goddeithiol ), C. ; land of 
tin, 7;A., Fo. ; white eagle. Car. 

GODOLPHIN, the same ; a little (go) 
valley (dol) of springs (fenten), Pr. 
(c.d. St. John Baptist, DuB.). 

GODREN, % thorn (draen) down. 

GODREVY, little (go), or wood (coed), 
town (tre) by the water (icy), Pr. ; 
godre, a border, edge, w. ; godro, 
to milk, to. 

GoDRic, t.d.d., divine king, t., Y. 

God YEN, t.d.d., divine friend, /., Y. 

Goes Field, 1 blood (gois) field. 

GOF ADDLE, a shop, a workhouse, a 
smith's shop, Pr. 

GoGLAS, green (glas) down (goon). 

GoG^\^LL, the cuckoo's (gog) town 
(ville,f.) or work {wheal), B. 

Golan CE, ? lambs' (eanes) field (giccal). 

GoLANT (or St. Sajvipson, jj.s."), ado- 
ration, C. ; holy (gol) church (Ian), 
Po. ; the stream {nant) from the 

down (goon) with the tumulus (lo, 

s.), (JF.JF. GoLOKA^T), M'L. 
Golberdon, ? screech-owl (herthuaji) 

field (gioeal). 
Golborn, \\o\y^Ye\\(hurne,s.), Pr. 
Gold-Arrows, -Arrish, 1 stubble 

(arrish) field (giveal) ; or, field by 

the door (daras). 
G0LDAWT3EN, 1 lay (todn) field. 
GoLDBERRY, 1 rich (berric) field. 
Gol-, Goal-, Gul-den, i.q. Wolve- 

DON ; 1 = col dm, castle hill. 
Golden Gumpas, i.q. GoonGumpas. 
Golden Vean, httle Golden. 
Golden Verris, 1 = golden furze. 
Goldew, 1 south (deheu, to.) field. 
Gold Fold, ? fold (fald, s.) field. 
G. Hill, ?moor (hal) field. 
G. Hosken, ] rush (hescen) field. 
GOLD-ING, -NEY, n.f, 1 narrow (idm) 

field, T.C. 
GoLDMELLiN, 1 yellow (melyn), or mill 

{melin) field. 
Gold-, Gool-jiorrish, Morrish's or 

marsh field. 
Gold Perrow, 1 pear trees (perwydh) 

G. Eafter, 1 rough land (tir) field. 
GoLDRiCK, 1 watery (douric) field. 
GoLDSiTHNEY, r t Sithney's field, or 

hill (col), or hazels (coll, to.); 


Gold Slip, 1 narrow-strip field. 

GOLDSTANNA, 1 tinner or water wag- 
tail (stenor) field. 

Golds WORTHY, n.f,1f\iTtheT(tvartha) 
bottom (goles). 

GoLHosKiNG, i.q. Gold Hosken. 

Goll-a, -ah, ? = goles, a bottom ; the 
bottom or lower place, Pr. 

GoLLACOMBE, 1 lower (gioolla) valley 

GoLLASTREA, bottom near home (tre). 

GoLLA WATER, stream in the bottom. 

GoLLAWEST, % west, or shelter bottom. 
(giccsfu, to shelter). 

GoLLOBEN, 1 little (bihan) bottom. 

GoLON, i.q. Colon." 

GoLONA, 1 glanoio, the banks, R. W. ; 



water flag {gahmga, /.), C.J. 
GoLOURES, at {go) the garden {loio- 

arth), Pr. ; tumulus {low, s.) down 

(goon), M'L. 
GOL-OYTHA, -YTHA, obstruction, C. ; 

% dairy {laitty) down {goon). 
GoLPiTHY, 1 birch {bedho) field. 
GOLPRONTER, 1 preacher's 07' priest's 

{praonier) field. 
GoLSANS, 1 lambs' {eanes) bottom 

or valley {goles). 
GOLSTICK, 1 narrow-slip {stitch) field, 

or bottom (goles). 
GOLVADNECK, '?stony {maeniclc) field; 

or, i.q. COLVANNICK. 

GoLVEAN, little field {gioeal). 
GoLVOEL, the bald hill {moel) of light 

{goloio), Seal. 
GoLWARRA, further (wartha) field. 
GoMAN, n.f., 1 stone {maen) down. 
GoMER, n.f., 1 horses' {merh) down 

GoNA-BARREN, -BARN,'?crow {braJian, 

bran), or, barn down. 
GoNAMARROES, 1 Medrose down. 
GONAMARTH, 1 down of the wonder 

{marth), or horse {march), or water 

plain or meadow {marth, C). 
GoNAMENA, 1 stony {maenic) downs. 
GoNEBRAS, 1 great {bras) down. 
GONEVA, ? down place {m,a, va). 
GoNEW ViscA, 1 1 high {uch) down of 

the piskies or fairies. 
GoNGEARS, % green or camp downs. 
GONIGHTEN, furze {elthen) down. 
GoNNETS Park, St. Conanfs close. 
GoNNORWARTHA, higher Connor. 
GoNOMAN Downs, no man's down 

GoNORMAEL, ? Gwrmael's {lo.s. ) down. 
GoNORMAN, 1 1 St. Eumon's downs. 
GoN Park, down close {pare). 
GoNPiPER, 1 baker's {peber) down. 


GoNVEAN, little {bihan) down. 
GoNVELLOCK, 1 Mailoc's down. 
GoNVERZETH, 1 the dry {sech) great 

{veer), or, furze heath down. 
GoNWiN, white {gwin) down. 

GoNZiON, Zion or Jews' {edzheivon) 
down, C. ; down with a defence 
{sion, ga.). Beat; Vi.q. Godgen. 

Goo, 1 i.q. Gew. 

GoocH, n.f, ] i.q. Couch. 

Good, n.f, i.q. Goad. 


{grean) wood {coed, lo.). 
GoODALL, 7i.f., moor {hal) wood. 
GoODAMOOR, 1 great {mawr), or, moor 

GooDAVEOR, % great wood. 
GooDERN, 1 alder {givern), or oak 

{deriuen) wood, R.JF. 
Good Grace, t. b. , 1 middle {cres) wood. 
Gooding, n.f, 1 little {vean) wood. 
Goodland, n.f, 1 wood close {km). 
Goodman, n.f, the stone (maen) 

wood ; or = Godmund, divine pro- 
tection, t. 
Goodmansleigh, Goodman's pasture 

{hah, s.). 
Goodmerry, 1 Meore's wood. 
Goodness, 1 lambs' {eanes) wood; 

or, castle {clinas) down. 
Goodwin, nf., divine friend, t. ; 

1 white {giuin) wood. 
GooDYERE, 1 long {Mr) wood. 
Goodyvoal, 1 blackbirds' {moelh) 

wood, or field {coetiey, lo.). 
Goolamank, % [fox]glove (marieg), 

or the monk's {manach)&e[d {gweal). 


G. Harp, ] harrow {harv) field. 
G. HERRING, 1 oak {denven) field. 
G. HiNGEY, 1 field by the house {an 

GooL Vellan, mill {melin) field. 


Goonavern, alder {givern) downs, 

Goon Ballas, % i.q. Gaballas. 
G. BARROW, 1 higher (tmrra) down. 
G. BEL, the fair {bel), or far ofi" {fell), 

or further down. 
G. BREA, hill {bre) down, Po. 
G. Broze, great {bras), or thicket 

{browse), down. 
G. Crouza, the cross {crows) downs. 



Goon Dean Downs, 1 castle (din) 

down (reduplicated). 
G. EVAS, 1 the do-vvn outside (vez). 
G. GALLis, 1 bottom (goles) down. 
G. GARTHA, 1 higher (givartha) down. 
G. GEATH, 1 down of the limit (cjeyth), 

or the trees {gweydh). 
G. GILLIN, 1 holly {celin) down. 
G. GIVIN, ] boundary (cyffen, w.), or 

ridge (cefn, u:), down. 
G. GLAZE, 1 green (glus) down. 
G. GOOSE, the common by the wood 

(cus), Pr. ; hill of blood ((/os), Nord. ; 

1 cheese (cmis) down. 
G, GOOTH, 1 goose (godh), or wood 

(coed, w.) down. 
G. GREG OR, partridge down. 
G. Gump, 1 combe down, {gumjy, down 

hill, Fr.). 
G. GuMPAS, V. GooNGUMPY, wrestling 

or games (campau) down. 
G. HASKIN, sedge (hescen) down. 


G. HEATH, 1 heath (hetjth) down. 
G. HILLY, " Hilhj hethe," Le. ; 1 hunt- 
ing down, (hellia, to hunt). 
G. HINGEY, 1 do^Ti by the house (cm 

G. HOWER, down by the water (dour), 

Bat. ; 1 ram's (hor) down. 
G. HUSMAN, Ihusbandman's (hwsman, 

w.), or, huntsmaris down. 
G. iNNis, ? Enys's, or island (enys), 

or lambs' (eanes) down. 
G. LAZE, green (kajs) down. 
G. LOAT, 1 Leof's (t) down. 
G. MELLON, 1 clover (meillion) doAvn. 
G. MENHEERE, long-stone (menhir) 

G. MINE, •? stone (maen) down. 
G. Mine Mellon, % yellow (melyn) 

stone down. 
G. NowETH, new (noioydh) down. 
G. OON, -OWN, 1 Oicen's down. 
G. pedny Vounder, lane (lounder) 

end (pedn) down. 
G. praunter, proynter, the priest 

or preacher (praonter) down. 
G. Prince, Prince's down. 

Goon Eaw, rough or Ealph's down. 
G. REETH,open {rhydd,iv.) downs, Pr. 
G. EiNSEY, ] dry (sech) hill (rhyri) 

G. SOIL, ■? stubble (saul ) down. 
G. STRESS, % narrow (strez) down, 
G. VEAN, little down. 
G. VENA, 1 lesser (behenna) doAvn, 
G. VREA, hill (hre) downs, RJF. 
G. WALKIN, 1 frog (cuilcen) down. 
G. WARTHA, 'Wiiglier (givartha) downs. 
G.WIDDEN, -WIN, -^YY^, ^vhite (gwyn, 

gwidn), or tree (gicedhen) down. 
G. WINNOWS, marshy (ivinnoc) down 

[fieldjs. ^ 

G. YERL, the earl's (yerl) down, Pr. ; 

Hearl's down. 

GoosEFORD, the way or pass (fordh) 

by the wood (cus), Pr. 
GoosEGWARRA, higher (gwarthah) 

GOOSEHAM, 1 wood boundary (hem). 
Goose Park, 1 wood close (ixirc). 
G. Moor, ? i.q. Gossmoor. 
G. Neck 1 neck of the wood. 
G. WELL, Uhe wood well; or, high 

(nhel) wood. 
GooTH, GouTH, 1 = coed, a wood, w. 

GORE-DEN, -DON, % i.q. CarADON. 
GoRGUT, 0. GoRRACOT, on {givar) the 

wood, Pr. ; 1 wood rock (carrag). 
GoRiNGY, 1. enclosure (garth) by the 

house (an chy). 
GoRLAND, 1 a sheepfold or cote (cor- 

lan) ; or, a graveyard (corhlan). 
GoRLYN, 1 = grelin, cattle pond. 
Gormean, ? by (gar, iv.) the stone 

Gormellick, on (gor) the mill pre- 
mises, Pr. ; ? i.q. Carmailoc. 
GoRRAN, from p.s. St. Goronus, 0. 
G. GoRRAS, 1 St. Gorran moor (cors). 
G. hoane, Gorran haven {hanen). 
GORRES, 1 = garz, a hedge, fence, 

M-L. ; guriz, a girdle, Po. 
GoRT LANE, ivy or garden (gort, ga.) 

lane, Beal. 
GoscoTT, 1 moor (cors) cottage. 




GoSLEY, 1 moor place (le). 
Gosling, n.f., ? goose pond (lyn). 


Goss, n.f., moor; or, wood (cos). 
GOSSMOOR, Igreat (mawr) moor (cors) ; 

or, wood (cos) moor ; or, a rediip. 
GossosE, i.q. Cosawes. 
GosTiCK, n.f., 1 pleasant (tec) wood. 
GosWARN, ) alder (gwern) wood. 
Gotcha, 1 i.q. Park Cad jaw. 
GoTH-A, -ers, li.q. Gathers. 
GoTLEY, n.f, '?goat or great pasture, t. 
GouDGE, n.f, li.q. Couch. 
GouGH, n.f, 1 = goch, red, E.JF. ; or 

gof a smith. 
GouLAR Rocks, coral rocks, Bl. 
Gould, n.f, Igohid, wealth, w. 
Gourd, n.f, 1 i.q. Goard. 
GouTH, 1 wood = coed, to. 
Gouthers Rock, 1 Caruthers rock. 
Gov-arroe, -errow, the streams. 
GovER, rivulet, stream. 
Goverigan, i.q. Gaverigan. 
GovETT, Ji./.,"? smith's (gof) gate (yef). 
Gov-iLE, -ILLY, -EYLEY, 1 stream 

place (le) ; or Beli's down (goon) ; 

1 govail, a smithy, R. IF. 
Govis Water, 1 1 higher (gwarthah) 

down (goon) outside (ves). 
Govorrack, nickn., snubnose, T. 
Gow, 1 i.q. Gew. 

GOW-ANS, -ENS, 1 i.q. GeW-ANS, -ENS. 
GowER, n.f., li.q. Gover. 
GowEYS, 1 lower (isa), or outside 

(ves), enclosures (ceoiv). 
Gown Park, down (gwon) close. 
Grack, 1 rock [carrag) [field]. 
Grad-don, -on, ? i.q. Caradon, or 

Grade, from p.s. ; (c.d. Holy Cross 

and St. Gradus, 0.). 
Gradn-ar, -er, -ey, 1 long (Mr) 

Grady Park, 1 steps (gradow) close. 
Graf-ner, -tner, i.q. Gradnar. 
Gragon, li.q. Caricon. 
Graham, nf., 1 i.q. Grim. 
Graing Park, % grange close. 
Gramaire, o.n.f.,% = gramr, fierce, o.n. 

Grambl-a, -er, the scrambling place, 

Pr., (grambla, to scramble). 
Grammers Park, ] grandmother's, 

or woodlouse (grammer soio) close. 
Grammery, 1 grandmother's hay or 

Grampound, 0. Granpont, the great 

(grand, f.) bridge (pons, pont, w.) ; 

(c.d. St. Mary). 
Grampus, ? grandpapa's [field]. 
Granfars Meadow, the same. 
Grankin, n.f.,% = crency7i, alimpet, w. 
Grannick, 1 i.q. Carnick. 
Gran NK am, 1 i.q. Crankum. 
Grant, n.f, 1 i.q. St. Geraint; or = 

grand, great, /. 
Granville, n.f.,gres,t(grand) town,/. 
Grasken, i.q. Carscain. 
Gratna, i.q. Gradnar. 
Gratt-an, -en, -on, 1 i.q. Graddon. 
Grave, n.f, 1 = gerefa, a steward, s. 
Gravesend, 1 i.q. Grovesend, end 

of the grove, t., (craohh, a tree, i.). 
Gr AWLE Y, 1 i. q. Crawle, or Crowley. 
Grazeland, 1 middle (cres) enclosure 

(Ian) ; 1 parched (eras), w., R.JV. 
Grazes, the middle (cres) [field]s. 
Creadon, % herd (gre) hill (dun). 
Gre-ady, -edy, -dioue, ] Edy's or 

the Jew's (edhow) rock {cam). 
Greata Park, 1 the great, or steps 

(gradou) close. 
Greber, 1 long (hir) Greeb. 
Grebble, Cribble, nf., 1 cattle (gre) 

pool (pol). 
Grebs, rocks like the comb of a cock. 
Greeb, = creeh, a crest, comb, summit. 
Greeb Zawn, the crest or comb 

Greenage, ? 1 lower (isa) gravel 

(grean) [field]. 
Greenamoor, 1 the green moor. 
Green-away, -way, = grenaweg, the 

green pathway, s. 
Green Barrow, the sun (grian) 

tumulus, Beal. 
G. Gripes, 1 green ditch filled with 

brambles, &c., (grep, a furrow, s.). 
G. gwail, 1 green field (gweal). 



Green Screeps, 1 green patches or 

G. SLADE, n.f., 1 green bottom. 
G. Splat, grass plot. 
G. WEETH, 1 green borderland; 

(Igicydd, -ndld, untilled, lo.). 
Greeps, ditches full of thorns, &c. 
Grees, n.f., li.q. Craze. 
Greesey Meadow, 1 cress {cerse, s.) 

Greet, n.f., 1 i.q. Garret. 
Greethurst, n.f, 1 great wood, s. 
Gregan Gegan, 1 ? rock (carrag) 

with the slit {an gagen). 
Grege, Gregg, n.f., li.q. Grigg. 
Gregoes, 1 barrows (crygow) [fieldjs. 
Gregor, n.f, heath-poult or black 

game, C. ; partridge, B. JF. 
Gregoreth, grouse or heath-poult 

ground, C. 
Gregory, n.f., "? partridge close (liay). 
Grelexbesels, 11 cent, cattle {gre) 

pool [Jyn) by the birches (bezula). 
Grelly Field, 1 grelin, cattle pond. 
Gren-fel, -ville, n.f, 1 i.q. Gran- 
ville ; or Greenfield, 
Greston, 1 = Greystone. 
Gretna, 1 i.q. Gratna. 
Grew Land, 1 hovel (croiv) field. 
Grew's Hill, 1 Carew's hill. 
Grey Lake, 1 i.q. Carhallogk. 
Grey Mare, 1 great (meer) heath 

Gribben Head, ? crest- (gryh) like 

headland {jyen) rediq)licated. 
Griddefor, 1 great (veor) Greedy. 
Gridget, 1 barrow (cryg) gate (yet). 
Griffin, t.d.d., = w. Grnffin,^lat. 

Eufinus, ruddy, Y. 
Griffeth, n.f, = Griffiud, w.B.m., 

the same. 
Grigg, n.f, 1 = grig, heath or ling; 

or, i.q. Garrick. 
GriggIxN, 1 little (vean) rock. 
Grigland, •? heath land or close. 
Grillins,? cattle pond {grelin) [field]s. 
Grillis, 1 i.q. Garles. 
Grim, t.d.d., helmeted, i., Y. ; grym, 

strong, mighty, w. 

Grimsby, Grim's dwelling {hj, d.) ; 

0. Grynsey, % green sea, B. 
Grimscott, Grim's cottage. 
Gripe, n.f., 1 = garv, rough, a. 
Grissling, n.f, 1 hedge {garz) by 

the lake {lyn). 
Grisson's Pool, 1 = garz anpol, the 

hedge pool, 3BL ; 1 hedge by the 

Grist Close, 1 i.q. Crist. 
Grizzle, ? camps {gears} hill, iPL. 
Groan, Growan, 1 granite [field]. 
Groat Field, 1 field with pile of 

grute, i.e. roots {givrydh) and rub- 
bish, A.A.V. 
Grogath, Grogoe, limit {geyth) or 

boundary cross, or cross of the 

limits, Pr. 
Grogley, % rock pasture or place {le). 
Grogoe, 1 barrows {crugou). 
Grose, Growse, the cross {crows) 

or marsh {cars). J 

Grose Park, 1 cross close. I 

Grosise, ? lower {isa) cross; or 

Saxon's {sais) hovel {croiu). 
Grotenage, 1 lower Graddon. 
Groughs, Ifrom garv, rough, a. 
Grous Croft, cross {croivs) croft. 
Groushie, 1 cross close {hay). 
Grouse Vean, little cross {crows). 
Grousier, i.q. Crowser. 
Growden, n.f, 1 valley {den, s.) with 

Grower, 1 long {Mr) hovel. 
Grow Vines, ] ? little {bihan) hovel 

{crow) [fieldjs. 
Grubb, n.f, 1 = garv, rough, a. 
Grudgdrahenot, 1 1 cent., IEdnod's 

house {tre) cross. 
Grugith, heath hillock, or barrow 

heath, Bed. ; 1 i.q. Grogath. 
Grugkennywol, 11 cent, ? Cynha- 

fal's (2f.s.) barrow {crug) or cross 

Grumbler, i.q. Grambla. 
Grl'zelier, n.f., 1 huntsman's {hel- 

lier) cross. 
Gryke, n.f., 1 i.q. Garrick. 
Grylls, i.q. Grillis. 




GUA-EDRET, -ITHRIT, W.B.m., 1 = 

Guiderius, wrathful ("?), Y. 


G. LEDIA, % dairy (laitty) field. 


Guar ANDRE, i.q. Warthantre, Sc. 

GUAVIS, ll.f., i.q. GWAVAS. 

GuBBiN, n.f., 1 little (Man) down 

GuBEES Meadow, 1 from St. Cuby. 
GuDDA, t.d.d., Ithe Goth, t. 
GuDDER, Ifrom gudra, to milk. 
GUDERN, brambly {draen) wood 

(coed), Pr. ; oak {derwen) plain 

(gun), Fed. 
GuE Graze, i.q. Gew Graze. 
GuELA, GUELAZ, easily seen, 3Iur. 
GuEL Carne, rock field. 
GuENGUiN, s.B.m., I.doubly fair. 

GUERD-EVALAN, d.d. (e.d.d. -AY AhAT^i) 

1 apple tree (avallen) enclosure 

(garth). 1 now Worthy VALE. 
Guest Meadow, 1 shelter (guest) 

Guew, Gugh, a plain, field, Bor. ; 

1 i.q. Gew. 
GuFFAER, from gavar, a goat, Po. ; 

{1 7101V Tresco). 
Guildford, 1 i.q. Gulliford. 
GULALLAS, ? green-moor (hal-las), or 

cliff" {als) field (gweal). 
Gulance, •? lambs' (eanes) field (giveal). 
GuLAWANA, 1 foxes' (lotvemou) field. 
GULBRAWS, great (bras) field. 
GULCHYE, 1 house (chy) field. 
GuLDONNEL, cask (tonnel) field. 
GULDUSMET, % bat {hisomet) field. 
GuLEGULLAS, 1 the lower (gidlas) 

vallum (gual), Po. ; '? bottom (goles) 

Gulf,? summer (haf) field ; also = wolf 
GuLFWELL, = St. Gulval's well. 
GuLGUARN, alder (gwern) field. 


GuLGWARRA, higher (gwarra) field. 
GuLLACKAN, 1 pond (lagen) field. 
GuLLACKS, 1 lower (gwoUach) [field]s. 
GuLLACOMBE, 1 combe field, or lower 
(golla) vale. 

GuLLA Gear, the camp (caer) field. 


(givedhen) fields. 
GuLLAMAiN, 1 the stone (maen) field. 
GULLAND, the gull island. 
Gull an gear, i.q. Gulla Gear. 


Gull AS, 1 green (glas) field, or = 

goles, bottom. 
Gull Bean, little (Man) field. 
GuLLEN, 1 little (vea7i) field. 
Gullet, 1 gate (yet) field. 
Gull Garras, i.q. Gweal Garras. 
G. GWEEK, Gweek field. 
G. Gwiddon, 1 tree (gwedhen) field. 
GULL-IES, -YS, 1 broad (les) field ; or 

= goles, a bottom. 
GuLLi-EWs, -owA, 1 fields in the loo 

or shelter (Meow, s.). 
Gulliford, field by the road (fordh). 
Gull Nors, ? the ram's (an hor) field, 
Gullovellan, apple tree (avallen) 

GuLLOW, ? = givealoiv, fields. 
Gulls Park, % bottom (goles) close. 
Gull Vean, little {Mhan) field. 
Gully, n.f., 1 = celli, a grove. 
Gully Ambles, ? Hannibal's field. 
G. Bowls, ? dug up (balas) field, 
G. Fawn, 1 hay (foen) field. 
G. meors, the great (meei-) fields. 
G. Park, 1 grove close. 
Gul-mean, -men, stone (maeii) field. 
Gulmooe, 1 great {maivr) field. 
Gulnange, valley {nans) field. 
GuLNiNNis, the lambs' («?^ea?^es) field. 
Gulreeve, 1 the steward's (s.) field. 
GuL Robin, Robin's field. 
Gultan, fire (tan), or under (dan) 

GuLTOL, the hole (tol) field. 
GULVAL, from p.s. St. Gudwall, 0. ; 

holy (gol) vale ; or, bottom (golla) 

of the vale, Lh. ; or, hazel (coll, 

w.) moor (hal), Pr. 
GuL-VES, -viAS, field outside (mes). 
GuL-WARRA, -WARTHA, higher (gwar- 

tha, warra) field. 




GuMB, n.f., ? i.q. Combe. 
GuMBLE Close, 1 = combe hill 
GuMMA-ER, -ow, 71./., 1 long (Mr) 

combe ; or the combes. 
GuMMOCK, Ipigs' (moch) field (cae, w.). 
Gump, down hill, Pr. ; a plain, Bl. 
Gum Park, % combe close. 
GuMPAS, a plain, B. 
THE Gums, 1 combe [fields\ 
Gun, = gwon, a down. 
GuNBURGESES, kites' (6ar^es-es) down. 
GuNDAVEY, Davey's downs. 
GuNDRON, the downs hill {iron), Pr. 
GuNDRY, n.f., 1 home (tre) down ; or, 

i.q. GUNDRED, war council, t. 
Gunett's Well, St. Gundred's well, 

GuNEW, Uiigh (uch),or Hugh's down. 
GUNHEATH, ^stag (hi/dh, IV.) down, 

R. W. ; or, downy heath (Imjth). 
GUNLYN, the lake (lyn) down. 
Gun Mannels, 1 sheaf of corn 

(manal yz) down. 
Gunmann-in, -ing, butter (manen) 

Gunmar'r, Mercury's down, B. 
Gunmenscryfa, the down of the 

inscribed stone (maen-scryfa). 
GuNNA, ] down enclosure (hay). 
Gunnameer, ? the great {meer) 

downs (gunioiv). 
Gunnicks Park, 1 Caenog's (w. ) close. 
Gunnislake, the rivulet (/acca) from 

the mining cavity {gunnies, m.c.) ; 

c.d. St. Anne, J.H.H. 
Gunnon, ? St. Non's down. 
GuNOAKE, ? empty {imk) down. Pi. TV. 
Gun Park, r down close {pare). 
Gun Pool, .^ down pool. 
GuNROUNSON, ass {rounsan) down. 
Gunsworthy, ? higher (tvartha) 

causeway {cou7ice^, or Gunnls. 
GuNTERS Field, ? Gundred's field. 
GuNVEANS, little 'vea7i) down [field] s. 
GuNVER, great {meer) down. 


0. ; the castle {gwal) mount (/o, s.) 
on the downs (gun), 3PL. 

GUNWALLO wiNTON,-the conquering 

town of Dunwallo Malmutius, H. ! 
Gun WELL, the gushing well, Beal ; 

gun, a breach, a rapid river, ga. 
Gunwennap, Gwennap's down. 
Gunwense, ? windy down, {givyns, 

wind) ; or, spring {Jiims, a.) down. 
GuNWiN, white {gwy7i) down, Pr. 
GUNWINTON, spring (fenten) down. 
Gurd-EN, -ON, ? on {gicar) the hill 

{dun) ; or, = cerden, the mountain 

ash ; or, i.q. Caradon. 
GuRLEY, ? little {le) camp. 
Gurlyn, the husband's {gur) lake 

{lyn) ; or moist or wet place {ker, a.), 

Pr. ; camp (caer)bythe lake, if 'X.; 

r = grelin, cattle pond. 
Gurnear, ? the long {an Mr) camp 

{caer), or rock {cam). 
Gurnets Head, headland shaped 

like the fish gurnard. 


GuRTLA, .^ great lea, or pasture. 
GURWEN, white {gwen) camp {caer). 
GUSHLAND, 0. GoSELAND, = garzlan, 

hedge enclosure, M'L. 
GusKUS, ? = guscys, shelter, cover. 
GusTER Park, ? wood {cus) land {tir) 

close {joarc). 
GusTE-VEAN, and -veor, great and 

little wood (cms), Pr. ; {} -te- = ty, 

house. ) 
Gut, ? = coet, wood. 
Gut Ground, ? ivy {gort, i.) field, 

Guy, n.f., ? = givy, water, lo. ; or, 

i.q. Gwion {ic.) or Caius {lat.). 


GwALLON, down {oon) field {gweal). 
GWALYVELLIN, the mill {melin) field. 


GwARDER,the summit {givartha) near 

the water {dour), Pr. 
GWARNICK, hay {givair, w.) river, T., 

(? gwern, a meadow, w., R.W.); 

camp {caer) by the river {a'n ick), 

GWATKIN, nf., i.q. Watkin. 



GWAVAS, winterly place, Pr. ; 1 [farm 

by the] winter [station] ; the mole, C. 
GWEAL, a field ; or, = ivheyl, a work, 

E. W. ; huel, a work, a mine, B. 
G. AN ALEDH, field of the hill (alt), 

or key (alweclh) field, T.C. 
G. AN cooz, the wood {cuz) field. 
G. AN Drea, town-place field, T.C. 
G. AN GEAR, the camp {caej-) field. 
G. AN TOP, the top field. 
G. AN VEZ, the outward {mes) field, B. 
G. Bevill, field of the mean (vil) 

house [bo, hod), T.C. ; Beville'sfield. 
G. Carn, rock {cam) field. 
G. Clock permjar, ? prison {cloch- 

prednler) field. 
G. Cock, Irei {coch) field. 
G. Creeg, 1 barrow or hillock field. 
G. Darras, field before the door 

G. Derris, *? bramble (dreis) field. 
G. drea, home (tre) field. 
G. DRENf, thorn (draen) field. 
G. Drissick, brambly field. 
G. DUBNAS, 1 banks {tubari-s) field. 
G. Dues, 1 sheep (devas) field. 


G. eath, heath {he7jfh) field. 

G. ednack, 1 narrower (ednach) field. 

G. ELAVELLAN, 1 mill (melln), or 

yellow (melyn) moor (Jml) field. 
G. Field, a reduplication. 
G. Folds, ? fold fields, or folds' field. 
G. GARRASjtop {gwarhas),or parched 

(eras), or moor (cors), field. 
G. GoLLis, bottom (goles) field. 
G.-GUARE, -Gwarre, 1 play (gware), 

or quarry (cuare, Pr.) field. 
G. GULLAS, lower field, B. 
G. GWARRA, 1 higher (gwarra) field. 
G. GwARTHAS, higher (gwartha) 

fields ; or, i.q. Gwell WARRAS. 
G. H avereck, fallow (hn.vrek,a. ) field. 
G.-Hellts, -Hills, broad-moor (hal- 

les), or son-in-law's (els) field. 
G.-Hellow, -Hillow, moors {hallow) 

G.iDNEAUXjInarrower (ednach) fields. 

GwEAL Lanchy, the house (a7i chy) 

G. lednack, broader (ledanach) field. 
G. Mayow, 1 Mayow's or mowhay 

G. nayne, the lamb (an can) field. 
G. noon, the down (an oon) field. 
G. nors, 1 rams' {an hor-s) field. 
G.-NOWETH, -noath, new field. 
G. on, ash (on) field, R.JF. 
G. Paul, ?pit (pol), or Paul's field. 
G. Peas, peas (pys, w.) field. 
G.-PoR, -Forth, cove (jmrth) field. 
G. ScAWEN, elder-tree (scatven) field. 
G. Skibber, barn (sceber) field. 
G. Spernon, thorn (spernan) field. 
G. Va, 1 bean (fa) field. 
G. VEZA, 1 outer (vezach) field. 
G. Wartha, higher field. 
G. West, shelter (givest) field. 
G. WiDDEN, % white (gividn) field. 
G. Yate, gate (yet) field. 
G. ZELMERE, 1 great (7neer) low (isal) 

fields; or, grass {gwells) moor {hal). 
GwEALS, the fields, Pr. ; U.q. GwiLLS. 
GwEDNA, n.f., ] white (ivednac) down 

GwEEG, GwEEK, avillage, bay, cove, 

Pr. ; = guyik, the watery village, or 

village on the Guy, B. 
GwEEK WoLLAS, lower Gweek. 
GwEL DUE, 1 south (deheu) field. 
Gwell, ] = gtveal, a field. 
GwELLAN Quarry, ?the quarry field. 
Gwellin Gwethan, the tree (gwed- 

hen) field. 
Gwellmellan, mill (melin), or clover 

(nieillion), or yellow (melyn) field. 
Gwell sowan, % ox (udzheon) field. 
G. stink, 1 pool (stanc) field. 
G. tomas, Thomas's field. 
G. VEZ, out or outward field, J.B. 
G. Warras, 1 top (gwarhas ) field. 
GwEN-DRA, -DRAH, white town (tre) ; 

or, i.q. GwiNDRAiTH, white sand ; 

1 = goon dreath, sand down, J.B. 
GwENNAP, from p.s. St. Weneppa, 

0.;( = white (gwen) face (enap), or 

son (map), Pr.). 




GwENT-ER, -OR, 1 white water (dour). 

GwENTOX, white lay field (to7i), B. IF. 

GwERiCK,on (givar)thevi\'er[ick), T. 

GwERN, the alders, or marsh. 

GwEVEL Moor, % the weevil moor. 

GwiLLS, Gm^^lls, grass [farm]. 

G"^VINEAR,/ro»^7;.5. St. Wiimierus, 0. 

GwiN-EAS,-GES, rocks, = gidngois, 
awkward, iii the way, /., C.J. 

GwiN Park, white (gwin) close. 

GwYNHiLL, white (givin) isle. 

Gwyn-hillveor, -hellever, 1 great 
(maivr) white isle. 

GwYN Rock, white rock. 

GwYTHiAN,/?-o??i^.5. St. Gothianus,(9. 

Gyllanyaes, AVilliam's grave (bedh), 
Mur. ; AYilliam's field (maes), C. 

Gyllyngdune, William's height, 
3Iur. ; William's bank (tuhaii) or 
grave, C. 

Gynn, n.f., 1 = gwpi, white. 

Gythiocael, jy.wz., = Judical, sport- 
ive, a., Y. 


.ACK, n.f., 1 = ac, an oak, 5.; or, 
hcege, a hedge, 5. ; or, each, a horse, 

Hack Field, ? oak field, t. 

Hackjiarsh, % Hack's or oak marsh, t. 

Hackthorn, % = hagathorn, haw- 
thorn, s. 

H ACTON, oak enclosure {tun), s. 

Hacumbe, o.n.f., 1 oak vale. 

Haddy, n.f., i.q. Eddy. 

Hadle Hole, 1 rubbish (atal) hole. 

Hadmore, n.f, ?= Cathmor, great in 
war, i. ; or, Hadumar, fierce fame, 
t, Y. 

Hagar, 1 daisy {egr) [field]. 

Hage, n.f, % = hcege, a hedge, en- 
closure, s. ; i.q. cae, ce, Tc. 

Haggart, n.f, ? = hay garth, rick 
yard, t, Lo. 

Haggerowel, ? Howel's land {acer, 

s.) ; or, ugly {hager) field (giueal). 
Hagland, 0. Halghland, ? willow 

(helig), or, holy (halig, s.) land. 
Hailmen Tor, great {hail) stone 

(maen) hill {foi-), B. ; i.q. Helmin- 


Hailshop Field, field by the shop 

covered with slate. 
Haily, nf., 1 = hcelig, holy, s. 
Haime, n.f, %i.q. Ham; or, Hem. 
Haine, n.f., 1 — hen, old, aged, to. 
Haines, n.f, 1 i.q. Enys or Enis. 
Haiske, n.f, 1 rushes {hesk) en- 
closure {hay). 
Hake, n.f, 1 i.q. Hack. 
Hakewill, n.f, 1 oak Avell, t. 
Halabesick, birch (bezo) moor, or 

hill {hal), or height {alt). 
Halaglour, '?1earthnut (c/or) moor.* 
Halamanna, 1 the monks' {nianach) 

moor {hal), or moors {hcdlow). 
Halamanning, % butter {amenen) 

Halangy, 1 moor by the house {an 

chy) ; salt {halan) house, N. 
Hai^angear, the camp {angaer) moor. 
Halankean, ^ sorrow {ancen), or the 

ridge {an ceiii) moor. 
Halballock Moor, calves' house 

{bo-loch) moor. 
Halbathick, 1 cottage (bothog) moor. 
HALBOAT,boat moor, IFh. ; boundary 

{bord, s.) rock {ail), M'L. 
Hal Brown, 1 hill {bron) moor. 
Halcoose, wood {cos) moor. 
Haldeen, ^1 bramble {draen) moor. 
Haldinas, castle {dinas) hill, Bl. 
Haldrawtha, 1 higher land {tir 

wartha) moor. 
Haldreath, sand {traeth) moor. 
Hale, = hcd, moor or hill ; or, heyl, 

a river. 
H. AN drean, bramble {draen) moor. 
H. AN OGAN, the white-thorn berry 

{ogfaen, iv.) moor. 

*B.!a.GkLO-^-E-R,=Haul golelloer, the sun and moonlight district; or=halogwr, & 
profaner, rja., Beal. = hal gol luir, the down of the holy moon, Buller. ? the moor (hal) 
of the moon's {loer) festival {gol). 



Hale an wyth, the trees (gioydh) 

H. BAL, mine (bal) moor. 
H. BROWSE, the moor with the short 

furze thicket, Bot. 
Hal-eggy, -egy, -igey, -legey, the 

near (agy), or Kea moor. 
Halegarrack, rocky (carrag) moor. 
Halegarras, moor near the sum- 
mit {gwarhas), Pr. ; camps' (gears) 

moor, 3I'L. 
Halegatha, (gioartJia) moor. 
Halegineck, worm (cmac) moor. 
Halegrase, middle (cres) moor. 
Hale Lue, the moor pool (lo), Pr. 
Halep, ?i.f., ■? moist (leb) moor. 
Halesva, 1 1 cliff (als) place {ma, va). 
Halesvor, 1 great {maivr) cliff. 
H ALEVE AN, little (bean) moor. 
Haleventon, spring (fenten) moor. 
Halevose, ditch {fos) moor. 
Halewhist, 1 shelter {givest) moor. 
Halewin, white (givyv) moor; the 

fair of white hill. If. 
Halewoon, the downs (gioon) moor, 

Haleworthy, i.q. Halwartha. 
Haley, n.f., 1 = helig, willows. 
Halezy, lower (isa) moor. 
Halgakras,*? camps' (caer-s) hi\\,M'L. 
Halgaver, goat (gavar) moor. 
Hal-gebron, -GABORN,?goats'moor; 

(1 ceu won, a hollow in the side of 

Halghland, i.q^. Hagland. 
Hal Hagar, the ugly (liagar) moor. 
Haligley, n.f., 1 willow {helig) place 

[le) ; or, holy (Jialig) meadow, t. 
Haliton, *? willow enclosure {hm,s.) ; 

or, moor by the hill (dun). 
Haliven, 1 smooth (leven) moor. 
Hall, a mansion ; or, i.q. Hale. 
Hallabeer, ] moor farm (bere, t). 
Hallabezack, i.q. Halabesick. 
Hallagather, 1 milking (gudra), or 

further (gwartha) moor. 
Hallagenna, 1 ponds' (lagennoiv) 

moor; or moors' (hallow) mouth 

(genau) ; or, i.q. Hallegan. 

Hallamellin, mill (melin) moors. 
Hallamore, 1 great (mawr) moors ; 

or, a redv plication. 
Hal-LAN, -land, % moor land, or en- 
closure {Ian). 
Hall AN Ponds, ? the moor (hal) by 

the (an) bridge (pons). 
Hallanvrane, the crow (an bran) 

Hall- AT, -et, -ot, n.f., i.q. Allet; 

or = haletta, a hero, s., Lo. 
Hallavideon, 1 = haUoiv gwydhion, 

w., wild moors. 
Hallaze, green (las) moor. 
Hall dinnas, castle (dinas) moor or 

hill (hal). 
Hall downs, moor downs. 
Halle, li.5'. Hall; or moorplace (le). 
Halleast, east (est) moor. 
Hallegan, 1 <i iq, Heligan; or = 

haligern, a holy place, s. 
Hallego, 1 smith's (gof) moor. 
Hallenbeagle, shepherd's or herds- 
man's (bigel) moor. 
Hallendue, 1 the (an) south (deheu) 

moor or hill. 
Hallerdubin, 1 1 little (bian) long 

[hir) black (du) moor. 
Hall Goath, goose or mole (godh), 

or old (colli) moor. 
Hallivear, the great (meer) moor. 
Hallivit, 1 Leuiut's moor. 
Hallhlsk, 1 sedge (hesc) moor. 
Hallimore, li.q. Hallamore. 
Hallingey, n.f, ImooY by the house. 
Hallkisk, 1 mare's (casec) moor. 

(Kislcy, the dry hollow stem of a 

plant, m.c). 
Hall Michell, Michell's moor. 
Halloon, down (oon), or Owen's 

Halloricle, 1 *? merchants' (harokel, 

ph.), or, Hercules' (Aercol) moor. 
Hallo VOWS, 1 cows' (beuch-es) moor. 
Hallow, moors ; or = haloiv, hills. 
Hallo WAY, 1 1 Llwy's (w.) moor ; or, 

holy (halig) way (weg), s. 
Hallo WELL, 1 moor field (giveal), or 

well ; or, = Holywell, s. 




Hallow Hill, 1 moors' hill. 
Hallree, 1 moor acre (eru). 
Hallrick, 1 swan (elerch) moor. 
Halls, Hals, Halse, 1 = als, clifF, 

sea-shore ; or, alt, a high place, ilf'X. 
Hallton, 1 moor town. 
Hallvellan, % mill (melin) moor. 
Hall well, 1 i.q. Hallo well. 
Hall-widden, -Wyn, white {gwyn) 

Hally Vear, i.q. Hallivear. 
H. WOONE, down (woon) moor. 
Halnoweth, new (nowydh) moor. 
Halroot, red (rudh) moor. 
Halseacre, o.n.f., ?Halse's, or the 

cliff (als) field (cecer, s.). 
Halsetown, Halse's town, {c.d. 

St. John). 

HALSEY, ??../., li.q. ^LSIG. 

Halson, 1 Halse's down (oon). 
Halstennick, tinny (sfeanic) moor. 
Halton, moor town, T. ; hall town, 

H. ; a green place {ton) near the 

water (hael), Sc. 
Haltowrack, watery {dourick) moor 

{or sand, M'L.). 
Haluin, s.B.m., hall friend, t. 
Halury, 1 further (gwarra) moor. 
Hal-varras, -VERRAS, -warras, 

1 top {gwarhas) moor. 
Halvenna, old moor, Pr. ; 1 lesser 

(behenna) moor. 
Halveor, great {mawr) hill {alt), 

M'L., or moor. 
Halverrick, rich {herric) moor. 
Hal-vosso, -vusso, the moor ditches 

(fossotv), Pr. 
Halwartha, higher moor. 
Halwell, li.q. Hallowell. 
Hal-whidden, -widn, -win, -wyn, 

white {givyn, gwidn) moor, Pr. ; 

or, = aUu'in,ihefsdYemmeuGe,3f'L. 
Halwinnick, marshy moor. 

Halwoon, the downs moor, Pr. 
Halworthy, 1 i.q. Halwartha. 
Halzaphron, i q. Alsephran. 
Ham, Hame, a home, a dwelling, s. ; 

a town, a village, Nord. ; a level 

pasture, or flat ground, N.H., 

= holm, R.N. W.) ; or, % i.q. Hem. 
Hamail, i.q. Amal. 
Hamball, % Ithe near Qiam, s.) round 

hill {ball), or pool {jwl). 
Ham-bland, -land, -blen, 1 Hanni- 
bal's enclosure {Ian). 
Ham-bley, -LEY,"? Hannibal's pasture. 
Hameldon, n.f., 1 Hamail hill. 
Ham-elin, -lin, lyn, t.d.d., 'i = Eei- 

malin, brought up or kept at 

home, o.n., F. 
Hametethy, d.d. Hamotedi, 1 ? = 

great {etJidc), or Eddy's Hammet. 
Hamhorn, 1 the home or dwelling 

in the corner {horn), t. 
Hamm-el, -il, n.f., 1 i.q. Amble; 

or Hannibal, grace of Baal, i.e. 

the lord, ]?h. 
Hamm-ell, -ill, n.f., li.q. Hamail. 
Hamster, n.f. , 1 = an meer, the great. 
Hammet, d.d. Hamet, 1 home or 

border gate {yet) ; or, little Ham. 
Hammetford, Hammet passage. 
Hammond, n.f, 1 i.q. Almund, hall 

protection, i. ; home defender, A. 
Hamoaze, 1 water {uisg, ga.) border 

Hampt, 1 i.q. Hammet. 
Hampton, 1 near or home (ham), or 

border {hem), enclosure {tun), t. 
Hamstoke, 9 cent., home or border 

place {stoc). 
Hanbury, ? old {hen) hill {bre) or 

earthwork (bury, t.). 
Hang ANN ON, n.f, 1 ? the old ravine 

{ceunant, w.). 
Hancock, n.f, = an coch, the red. 

• " Hamose, a safe commodious road for shipping, compounded of the words ose 
and ham, according to the nature of the place," Car. " The wet, oozy, habitation, 
circuit, or enclosure," s., B. From amus, protection, safety, c/a., Beat. From the ham- 
lets (hamavx, /.) that were formerly on its shores, R.E. Others have thought it to be 
of Phoenician origin. 




Hancorne, n.f., one {an) horn {corn), 
I or unicorn, 71/. ; 1 the corner, J.B. 
\ Hand ALL, i.ri. Hendole. 
Hander, 11. f., 1 i.q. Hendra. 
Hand Field, ? dwelling-house {an- 

nedh, w.) field. 
Hands, n.f., 1 i.q. Enys or Enls. 
Hangarrack, i.q. Angarrack. 
Hanger, 1 the meadow, t. ; or, = hen 

gaer, old castle, H. JF. 
Hanjague, 1 old (hen) James's ; or 

Jago's isle (enys). 
Hankford, n.f., 1 narrow (cenge, s.), 

or horse {hinge, s.) ford. 
Hankins, n.f., diminutive of Ilengst. 
H ANN AFORE, i.e. Haven afore, or 

Forehaven, Bond ; = annedh vaivr, 

great house, lu., R.IF. 
Hannah's meadow, ? lambs' (eanes) 

Hannam, n.f, Hanne's (t.) home. 
Hanne, ?i./., 1 = hana, the cock, s., 

F. ; or = Hannibal. 
Hannet, 1 old (hen) gate {yet). 
Hanney Coombe, Hanne's, or, old 

close (hay) valley. 
Hannis Hill, % lambs' (eanes) hill. 
Hannon, the (an), or old (hen) stream 

(non), M. ; the valley (nant), J.B. ; 

1 old down (oon). 
Hanson, nf., % Hanne's son. 
Hantergantick, half (hunter), i.e. 

noontide or midnight, singing (crt?;.^) 

place, Pr. ; old opening or cleft, C. ; 

half-hundredth, R.W. 
Hanter-tavas, -davas, half a tongue 

(davas'^, Co.r. 
Hantervathen, half the meadow 

Hapenstock, [field with] stone 

mounting-steps (upping stock), t. 
Har-court, -ket, % = higher gate ; 

or, — ar goed, over the wood. 
Harding, n.f, Hardy's descendant 

(ing, t). 
Hardy, n.f., a hero (haddr, a lock, 

a curl, o.n.), F. 
Hardycot, i.(i. Herdacot, 
Hare, ? = Mr, long. 

Harewood, % the lord's (hearra, s.), 

or, higher ivood. 
Harfoot, n.f., 1. long (Mr) ford. 
Harhill, 1 battle {heir) hill. 
Harlake, % = Harlech, high (hardh) 

sloping stone (Uech), to., R.W. 
Harlyn, = ar lyn, upon the water, 

or river, or pool, Pr. 
Harn scaltan, '? elder-tree (scauan) 

corner (horn). 
Harp-er, -ur, n.f., 1 = hearpere, a 

harper, s. 
Harra vean, little field (erti). 
Harro-, Harrow-bear, the place 

of battle (heirva), Pr. ; % arable 

farm (here, t). 
Harrow Ball, % mine (bal) field 

{em) ; or, rough (gariv) hill (hall). 
Harry, n.f., % i.q. Era, or Harvey. 
H. Filack, ? Phillack field {eru). 
Harry Veor, great (meer) field. 
Harscott, 1 cottage by the fence 

(harz) ; or, boundary wood (coat). 
Harshager, 1 daisy (egr) hedge. 
Hartley, n.f, the stag pasture, t. 
Hartswell, 1 the stag's well, t. 
Harvenna, T.a., i.q- Halvenna. 
Harvey, n.f, = c'houerv, bitter, a., 

Y. ; or, heirva, battle field ; or, 

heriwig, army war, t. 
Harvose, i.q. Arvose. 
Harwarde, n.f, 1 battle guard, f. 
Harwich, T.a., arish, i.e. stubble 

(arse, s.) [field]. 
Haslam, n.f, lihehazel border (hem), 

or home (ham). 
Hasselwood, n.f, the hazel wood, t. 
Hassons Meadow, 1 asses (asen-s) 

Hatch, a forest gate, Lo. ; or, flood 

gate ; or, half gate, m.c. ; or, i.q. 

Hatchall, 1 i.q. Hatch moor (haJ) ; 

or, house (dzhi) on the moor. 
Hatch- ard, -ed, -et Field, ? hatch 

gate {yet) field. 
Hatchman, n.f, 1 1 Hatch stone 

Hat-ham, -tam, n.f, % heath home 




{ham), or border {hem), t. 

Hathfield, i.q. Heathfield. 

Hatt, ] i.q. Yate. 

HatWOOD, i.q. AtWOOD. 

H AUK-EN, -IN, -YN,%./., ? little liawk. 

Haulse Y, n.f., 1 dry {sech) moor {hal). 

Haunch, 1 lambs' (efmes')down [oon). 

Havarack, Haver ock, Havreck, 
= havrec, the fallow, a. 

Haveland, 11./., 1 summer {haf) en- 
closure {Ian). 

Haveley, n.f., ? summer place {le). 

Haven, 1 i.q. Hay vean. 

Havet, = havot, summer hut, w., 
II W. 

Haw Downs, i.q. How Downs. 

Haweis, n.f., ? i.q. He wis. 

Hawken, n.f., i.q. Hauken. 

Hawkey's Praise, Hawkey's mead- 
ow {pras). 

Haworth, n.f, 1 = Hayward, hedge 
or enclosure keeper, t. 

Hawston, ?'i.g.HuRSTON; or,bramble 
ijios) hill {dun), s. 

Hawtebrig, Le., " i.e. high bridge " ; 
noiv Horsebridge. 

Hawtlyn, "^duck [Iwet) pool {lyn). 

Hay, Haye, i.q. haie, /., hage, s., cae, 
ce, k, a hedge, enclosure. 

Hay Arish, stubble (ersc, s.) close. 

H. Byeway, 1 close by the road. 

H. Craft, 1 croft close. 

H. Ditch, 1 rick {diss, das, w. ) close. 

Haydon, 1 hill {dun) close ; or, high 
{heah) hill, s. 

Hayes, n.f, 1 = haies, enclosures, /. 

Haygra, ? old woman's or witch's 
{gwrach) enclosure. 

Hay Lake Park, 1 1 willows {helig) 
close (pare). 

H. Lane, close lane, or lane close. 

Hayle, river, B. ; salt water river, 
Pr. ; or, estuary, {rather, arm {el) 
of the sea), Ped. ; or, cliff or shore, 
M^L. ; = hal, a salt marsh, 0. 

Hayle a maenau, the stones of the 
shore, rocks, or sands, M'L. 

Hayleboate Kock, i.q. Halboat. 

Hayle Down, 1 moor {hal) down. 

Hayled shop, shop covered with 

Hayle Kimbra, 1 Welshman's moor. 
Haylinney, shed or lean-to close 

Hayman, n.f, 1 stone {maen) close ; 

or, i.q. Haworth, or Hammond. 
Hayme, n.f., house, home, s. 
Hay Mown ay, close {hay) by the 

rick {mow) yard {hay). 
Hayne, n.f., 1 = hagen, a hedge 

meadow ; or, i.q. Hean. 
Haytisk, 1 i.q. Hay Ditch. 
Hay vean, little close. 
Haywell, 1 high {hea) well, t. 
Haywood, ? high wood, t 
Hea, pr. and i.q. Hay. 
Headon, i.q. Haydon. 
Heal, 1 i.q. Hall, or Hayle. 
Healezey, i.q. Halezy. 
Heame, n.f, i.q. Hayme. 
Hean, n.f., high ; poor, s. ; or, — hen, 

old, w. 
Heard, n.f., hard ; a herd, s. 
HEARDBURY,army {here) camp {bury), 

s., M'L. {heord, treasure, &c., s.). 
Hearle, n.f, 1 = heorl, an earl, s. ; 

or heir-le, battle place, w. 
He ARM, 7i.f., Ifrom St. Erme. 
Hearne, n.f, 1=haiarn, iron; or, 

= Heron. 
Heart, n.f, li.q. Heard. 
Heat, 1 = yet, the gate. 
Heatham, 1 heath border {hem). 
Heathy Park, close with heath. 
Heathy Eose, 1 moor with heath. 
Heaver, eaver-grass [field]. 
Hebb-ard, -erd, -ord, n.f, 1 bright 

{beohrt) mind {hige), s. 
Hechyns, Hekens, n.f, 1 diminutive 

of Richards. 
Hedgeallack, 1 lower {wallach) 

house {dzhi) [field]. 
Hedger, 'ii.q. Park cad jaw. 
Hedness, % i.q. Enys, or Enis. 
Heedon, i.q. Haydon. 
Heglosenud-er, d.d., -a, e.d.d., St, 

Enoder church {eglos) [land]. 
Hegrow, ? hovel {crow) close (hay). 




Heil, n.f., i.q. Heal. 

Heine, n.f., i.q. He an. 

Hein-es, -s, 71./., 1 i.q. Enys, or Enis. 

Hela, d.d., 1 i.q. Hall. 

Helaka, 1 willow (helig) close (hay). 

Helanclase, v. The Green Hall ; 
i.q. Ellanglase. 

Helangove, the smith's (an gof) 
river, Pr., or moor {hal). 

Helb-orn, -ren, n.f., ? i.q. Hal 
Brown, or Halgebron. 

Helchlade 1 moor {hal) bottom 
{slack, t.). 

Helcoose, river wood {cus), Pr. ; 
rather woody river, J.B.; 1 moor 
{hal) by the wood. 

Heldricus,, battle {hild, s.) 
rule, or power {rice, s.). 

Hele, n.f, % i.q. Hayle, or Hall. 

Helen Moor, % the great {an mawr) 
moor {hal). 

Helford, 0. Hayleford, river pas- 
sage ifordh), Pr. ; road over the 
sea-shore {hayle), il/'i. ; the con- 
cealed {hel) arm of the sea {fjord), 
o.n., C.G.B.R. 

Heli, d.d., 1 moor enclosure {hay). 

Heligax, the place of the Avillows 
{helig), Pr. ; or, holy {hcelig, s.) 
place {em, s. ) ; or, the legate's hall 
{hel),E. ; hall on the downs {goon), 
T. ; or, i.q. Hellagan. 

Heling,, 1 hall meadow {ing), t. 

Hellacanoe, ■? i.q. Hallagenna. 

Helladon, 1 moors' {halloio) hill 

Hellag-an, -enna, -on, Hellegan, 
% i.q. Heligan, or Hallagenna. 

Hellan, = ellan, the elms, Pr. (1) ; 
judicature, pretorium, tabernacle, 
H. ; li.q. H ALLAN. 

Helland, d.d, Henland, 1 old {hen) 
enclosure {la7i) ; Helen's land, {jy.s. 
St. Helena, 0.), T. ; hall (/ic/ ) temple 
or church {Ian), H. ; ? i.q. Hallan. 

Hellangear, ? moor by the {a'n) 
castle {caer). 

Hellanoweth, new {noioedh) elms, 
Pr. ; ? the {an) new hall {hel). 

Hellas, green {laz) hall, Car., % or 

Hellas croft, green moor croft. 

Heller, Hellyer, nf., a slater, 
thatcher, t, Lo. ; a hunter, Pr. 

Hellesbury, earthwork {hury, s.) 
on the broad {les) moor {hal), or 
by the old {hen) court {les) ; IJfrom 
haid, hayl, the sun, 3PL. 

Helleset, 1 broad moo gate {yet). 

Hellesland, Abroad moor enclosure 

Hellesvean, 1 little broad moor. 

Hellet, n.f., moor gate {yet). 

Hellisveor, the great shore or cliff 
{uls), APL. 1 great broad moor. 

Hellmouth, 1 river {hayl) mouth. 

Hellnoweth, i.q. Hellanoweth. 

Hellon-wartha and -woles, 1 high- 
er a7id lower enclosure {Ian) on the 
moor {hal). 

Hello w, Hhe moors {halloic). 

Hell win, % white moor or hall, 

Helman, stream or river stone, C. ; 
% moor by the stone {maen). 

Helmintor, moor stone hill, Pr. ; 
the tor on the stone downs, C 

Helscot, % broad iles) moor {hal); 
or, Ella's cottage. 

Helson, nf., li.q. Helston. 

Helston, hill {dun) by the green 
{glas) moor {hal), Pr. ; town on 
the marsh, D.G. ; town on the 
green river {hayl), B. ; Ella's 
town, Po. ; d.d. Henlistone, old 
court town, PefZ. ; [p.s. St. Michael). 

Helw-idden, -ydden, i.q. Hell win. 

Helygrave, holy {hcelig) grove, s. 

Hejni, 1 a border, limit, boundary, s. ; 
or, i.q. Ham. 

Hem-ball, -BLE,'? old {hen) ^oo\{i3ol); 
or, round-hill {kdl) Hem. 

Hemgate, •? border by the gate {yet) ; 
or, wood {coat) border. 

Hemlet, 1 little boundary. 

Hemley, n.f., i.cq. Hamley. 

Hemmick, 1 little {-ig) border. 

Hem Park, 1 border close. 

Hempel, nf., ? i.q. Hannibal, 



Hempey, 1 hemp close {hay). 
Hempling, 1 old (hen) pond (jmllan). 
Henada, the old {he7i) good (da), 

or God's (du) place, Beal. 
Henafreth, ] the old hedge or thorn 

(freth, Pr.). 
Hencenethel, f.s.B.m. 1 encinethel, 

a giant. 
Henchman, % % i.q. Enesmanen. 
Hend-ar, -er, n.f., old oak {dar), 

R.W.; or, i.q. Hendra. 
Hen-darsike, -dersick, -dresick, 

the old (Jun) corn {izick) land (dar), 

T. C. ; or, old dry {sech) oak {dar). 
Hendeern, s.^.wi.,'?old osik{derwen). 
Hendin, n.f., ? old castle [din), II. W. 
Hendole, % old valley {dol). 
Hendora, % the old lands {doarou). 
Hendower, n.f., old water {dour) ; 

or, = hen dwr, old tower, w., R.W. 
Hendra, the old town {tre), Pr., or 

H. BURNICK, old town well {hurne, 

s.), Pr.; 1 old homestead in the 

rushy place {hruinic). 
H. Chaple, Chapel Hendra. 
H. GOTH, Hendra by the wood 

{coet), M'L. ; or, old wood-house. 
H. Paul, -Pol, Hendra by the pool 

or pit ; or Paul's or pool Hendra. 
H. VEAN, little {biun) Hendra. 
H. VENNA, ^lesser {behenna) Hendra. 
H. VOSSAN, old town entrenchment, 

Pr. ; old house by the ditch or 

fortification, T.C. 
H. WETHER, ? higher (wartha) Hen- 
H. wiNNiCK, ? marshy Hendra. 
Hendrawna, 1 Hendra on the 

downs {ponou). 
Hendr-e, -y, i.q. Hendra. 
Hendrethen, bird's (edhen), or furze 

(eifhen) Hendra. 
Hendrou, ? i.q. Hendora. 
Hendy, n.f, old house (ty), C. 
Henewarr, old fortification {gwarth, 

Henford, the old road (fordh) or 


Hen-ger, -gor, the old meadow 

{garth), C, or castle {cae7'), or 

marsh {cors). 
Hengist, s. king, a horse, frisian, F. 
Hen-jak, -jague, i.q. Hanjague. 
Henkastel, the old castle. 
Henland, 1 poor {hean) land, t. ; or 

old enclosure {Ian). 
Henlistone, d.d., 1 i.q. Helston. 
Hennagleeve cliff, 1 the old cliff 

{reduplicated) ; or, = s. henge-clif, 

hanging cliff. 
Hennah, old enclosure {hay). 
Hennan, old valley {nance). 
Hennas vean, 1 little Enis. 
Henn-er, -or, n.f, U.q. Annear. 
Hennesseys, 1 Enys's [farm]. 
Hennies Ground, Enis's land. 
Henn-ot, -et, 1 old gate {yet). 
Henpoint, i.q. The Hen {henna, s.) 

Henry, 1 = hen eru, old field. 
Hensburrow, old {hen) barrow, C. ; 

1 Genus's {king) barrow. 
Henscarth, 1 old boat {scath). 
Hensdon, 1 Shrovetide {enes), or 

Enis hill {dtm). 
Hensha, 1 herons wood {shaiv), t. 
Henslow, i.q. Hensbarrow. 
Henter-gantick, i.q. Hanter-, 
H. VEAN, i.q. Hendravean. 
Hen-var, -ver, -vor, the old road 

Hen VOR gellie, old road grove {celli). 
Henwell, 1 the old {heii) well. 
Henwood, •? the old wood. 
Heppenstone, i.q. Hapenstock. 
Hep-ple, -well, 1 the old {hen) pool 

Herdacot, % the herdsman's cottage. 
Herland, '?long(/wr) enclosure (/a/i) ; 

or, the earl's {yerl), or higher land. 
Herle, n.f, i.q. Hearle. 
Herles, pillar of Hercules, Sc. 
Herman, n.f, a German deity, Lo. ; 

army man, or, public, t., Y. ; here- 

man, a soldier, s. 
Her-nan, -na]S[CE, nf., ? long {hir) 

vale (nance). 



Herne croft, ? heron croft, R. JV. 
Hernest, ? east (est) corner (horn). 
Herod's Foot,/oo^ or bottom of the 

higher wood, Gl. (c.d. All Saints). 
Herod's Head,w.(^. Penherots. 
Hershaim, Hesam, ?the wood (hurst) 

home (ham), s. 
Herspool, ] horse or wood pool. 
Herwood, ? i.q. Harewood. 
Hesator, 1 lower (isa) field (doar), 

or, water (dour), or, peak (tor). 
Hesk-in, -yn, = hesccn, a rush, sedge. 
Hessaford, ? Essa's, or lower ford 

or road (fordh). 
Hessknford, 1 Isan's (lo.), or ox 

(udzheon) ford; (c.d. St. Anne). 
Heuscott, 11. f., % enclosure (hay) 

below the wood {is coed). 
Hew, % upper {yew) [field]. 
Hewas, owls, C. ; 1 the outside (ves) 

close (/uiy) ; or, i.q. Hnvis. 
Hewes en fennon, ] hide of land 

(hiwisc) by the spring (fynnon, to.). 
Hewett, n.f., dim. of Hugh, Lo. 
Hext, n.f.,=hexta, highest, s., Lo. 
Hexworthy, sedge (hesc) farm. 
Hey, i.q. Hay. 
Heydah, i.q. Hayda. 
Heydon, i.q. Haydon. 
Heyes, n.f., 1 i.q. Hewas, or Hewes. 
Heyle Bay, 1 estuary bay. 
Heyle Lane, water lane, T.C. 
Heyme, n.f, i.q. Hayme. 
Heymoor, 1 great (mawr) enclosure 

(hay) ; or, high moor, t. 
Hick, n.f, = Isaac, B.m. 
Hickens, Higgens, n.f, 1 = igans, 

twenty; or, i.q. Richards. 
Hicks, Higgs, = Hick' a son. 
Hidderley, n.f., 1 hither or nearer 

pasture, t. 
High AM, n.f, high home, or border 

High-ell, -Hale, -Hall, high moor 

(hal) ; or, high (uhel) close (hay). 
HiGHGATE, = /if^ea/!, the high gate,s. 
Highway, = Higiveg,the highroad,^. 
HiLCOOSE, i.q. Helcoose. 
Hill, 1 i.q. Hall, or Hale. 

Hill Ball, 1 1 moor field (ball ). 
HiLLHAY, hill or moor close. 
HiLMAN, n.f, i.q. Hailmen. 
HiLSTiCK, narrow slip (stycce, s.) by 

the moor (hal), or on the hill. 
Hilton, 1 i.q. Hillhay. 
HiNDRA, T.a., i.q. Hendra. 
HiNGEY, 1 old (hen) house (chy). 
HiNGHAM, llnge's (o.n.) home, t. 
HiXGON, 1 old down (goon) ; or = 

hengen, a prison, s. 
HiNGSTON Down, = Hengestes dun, 

Hengest's down, s. ; or, horse 

(henges, s.) hill (dun). 
Hippisley, n.f, pasture of the heap 

(hype, s.). 
Hitcham, n.f, 1 Richard's home. 
HrrcHiN, n.f, dim. o/ Richard. 
Hither Brow, 1 near summit, /. 
Hiwis, 7i.f., hiicisc, a family property, 

a hide of land, s. 
Hoar Rock, 1 the grey rock, t. 
HoBB-A, -AH, n.f, ? = Robert. 
HoBBACOTT, Hobba's cottage. 
Hobley, 1 Bob's i^asture. 
Hobl-in, -yn, 1 = O'Belin, descendant 

of a king, i. 
Hock, nf., 1 = hoch, high; or, hog, 

prudent, s. ; or, i.q. Hawke. 
HocKADAY, n.f, fifteenth day after 

Easter, Lo. 
Hockbridge, n.f, high bridge. 
HocKER, n.f, 1 = Hawker. 
HocK-iN, -ING, -EN, n.f, 1 = Hoking, 

descendant of Hoce, t. ; or, i.q. 

Hawken ; or, dim. of HoCK. 
HocKMORE, 7^./.,'?high or oak moor, t. 
HODDY, n.f, 1 i.q. Huddy ; or Edy; 

or, = odr, a dart, o.n. 
Hodge, n.f, 1 i.q. Odger, or Roger. 
Hoe point, I. heel-shaped (ho, s.), 

or, high (hoch) promontory. 
Hogg, n.f, 1 = hog, a little lad, w. ; 

or, i.q. Hock. 
Hois WELL, 71. f, 1 duck (haws) well. 
HoiT, n.f, 1=^hoet, duck. 
HoLBOAT, i.q. Halboat. 

HOL-COMBE, -LACOMBE, ? hollow or 

holy vale, 5. ; or, i.q. GuLLACOMBE. 




Hold, Holt, %./., a grove, wood, s. 
Hold-en, -in, n.f., 1 = hoWuma, a 

woodcock, s. 
Holdran, i.q. Aldren. 
Hole, a hollow; or, i.q. Hall. 
HOLERODE, 1 holy rood or cross, t. 
HOLL-ABEER, -OBER, 1 the farm (here) 

in the hollow or combe, /. 
HOLKOIOOR, 1 the great (mawr) 

moors (hallow). 
HoLLAX, ?moor {hal) enclosure (Ian). 
Hollo WAY, li.q. Hallo way. 
Hollow Park, ] moors' {halloiv) 

HoLALAN, n.f., 1 the stone (maen) 

moor (hal) ; or, — alman, german,^. 
Holm-, Home-bush, holly bush. 
HoLTON, Hiill (hal) enclosure. 
HoL^^AR, the great (meer) hollow, N. 
Holwell, 1 holy or moor (hal) well. 
Home Gunlaze, the near Goonlaze. 
H. Mead, the near meadoAv. 
H. Park, the near close (pare). 
Homer Butts Field, nearer archery 

H. Cegars, nearer hemlock (cec/as) 

[field]. ^ 

H. Crease, nearer middle (cres) field. 
H. DuNGEY, nearer [field] under 

the house (da7i chy). 
H. and Yonder Gew, nearer and 

further Gew. 
H. Ham, 1 nearer boundarj^ 
H. Men A Park, nearer stony (ma- 

enic) close (pare). 
H. Nare, -Near, i. the (an) nearer 

long (Mr) [field]. 
H. Park Bowen, ? nearer beef or 

ox (hocn) close. 
H. Shoote Park, nearer water- 
spout (shoot, m.c.) close, 
H. Slade, nearer valley. 
H. Venton Vare, nearer great 

(meer) spring (fenten). 
H. WAY Field, nearer path field. 
H. WEETH, ] nearer waste (givydd, 

v.), or field (gicaeth, B.). 
H. WELL, nearer ivell or field (gweal). 
HoM Park, i.q. Home Park. 

Honey, Hony, n.f., ? = Hannibal. 

H. Bag, ? Honey's close (pare). 

H. CoOMBE, % Honey's, or the down 

(oon), vale. 
H. man, n.f., 'i = Hunimund, Hunn's 

protection (mund), t, F. 
H. Vein, % little (vean) down (oon). 
HONYTON, Hony's enclosure (tun). 
Hoo, n.f., 1 = ho, a heel, s. ; or, hou, 

a mountain, hill, s. 
Hood Ground, 1 woodland, t. 
HooECLiFF, % hollow (can, w.) cliff. 
Hook, n.f, 1 = huc, a cloak; or, ogo, 

a cave. 
Hooker, n.f.,1 = achor, smaR, slender ; 

or, achwr, a herald, w. 
Hook Pauk, close with crooked 

hedge ; (hoc, a hook, s.). 
Hooper, n.f, 1 = hoppere, a dancer, s. 
THE HooTH, 1 the waste (givydd, w.) ; 

or, the bare, naked (hoeth, w.) 

Hopkyn, n.f, dim. of Eobert. 
Hop park, ? hop close (pare). 
HoPPY, hop close (haij). 
HoPSLAND, 1 Hobbs' land. 
Horapark, ram's (hor), or, further 

(tvarra), close (piare). 
HoRE, n.f., 1 = hor, a ram; or, hoar, 

a sister. 
HoRESTONE, 1. boundary (harz) stone. 
HoRGUE, % ram's (hor) Gew. 
Horn, n.f., 1 = corn, a horn, a trumpet, 

a corner. 
Hornabrook, n.f, 1 corner by the 



iron (haiarn) cot w house, R. 
HoRNAWiG, a poor bit of a place, 

fit only for plovers (hornyivinks), 

HoRNCASTLE, ? corner or iron castle. 
Horner, llong (hir) corner. 
HoRNiNGTOPS, prayer (iirnaige, ga.) 

summits, Beal. 
Horniwinks, plovers {in the east), 

slugs (in the icest). 
Horn Park, corner close. 
HoRRAPOOL, further (ivorra) pool. 




HOKR-AS, -IS, 1 boundary (harz), or 

Jiorse [field]. 
HORREL, ] further hill; or, ram's 

(ho7-) moor (hal). 
HORSCOTT, 1 cottage by the fence 

Horse Bean, 1 little (bian) horse, or 

boundary [field]. 
H. Bridge, 1 Horsa's (s.) bridge, Dr. 
H. Hayes, 1 boundary closes. 
H. Park, '? horse or boundary close. 
H. Pen, 1 pnifold at the boundary. 
Horsey, n.f., Horsna Park, 1 horse 

or boundary close (hay, pare). 
Horson, 1 Horsa's or the horse down 

HoRTON, n.f., 1 ram's (ho?-) hill (chm); 

or, herb (ort = wort) garden (tun), t. 
HosGET CROFT, 1 hogshead or horse- 
gate croft, /. 
HosKiN, -YN, n.f., 1 = hescen, a sedge, 

bulrush ; or, from asc, the ash, s. 
Hot Point, Ifrom odd, a point, d. 

HOTT-AN, -EN, n.f, ? i.q. HOWTON, 

or HoLTON, or Holden. 
HOULSON, n.f, 1 Howel's son. 
HoUNDAPiT, 1 dog's hole, /. 
HouSEAL, n.f, 1 = husvl, an attendant 

on a priest at the sacrament, s. 
House an gwidden, Hhe {an) white 

(gwidn) house, or, by the tree 

House in creeg, *? house by the 

mound (creeg), or rock (careg). 
House Park, house close (pare). 
HOUSEY, 1 hoiise close (hay). 
Howe, ?^./., U.q. Hoo. 
HowEL, n.f, = Hywel, conspicuous, 

one that doth not hide himself, T.R. 
HowsE, nf.. The Howes, 1 i.q. 

HuiSH ; or, the house. 
HowTON, 1 hill or tumulus enclos- 
ure (tun), t. 
Hubber, nf., 1 i.q. Hebbard. 
HuDDY, n.f., I^hudig, cautious, s. 
Hueal Gooth, 1 old (coth) or wood 

(coat) field (giueal) or mine (huel). 
Huel a guidden, white (gividn), or 

tree (givedhen) field (gweal). 

Huel an brush, the (an) great 

(hroaz) mine (huel) ; or, the field 

(giveal) of judgment (hrys), T.C. 
H. an creek, 1 the mound (creeg), 

or rock icarrag), field or work. 
H, AN drean, the thorn {draen) 

field or work. 
H. an grouse, the cross (crous) 

field or work. 
H. Anouth, the new (noivydh) mine. 
H. AN POOL, Uhe pit (iKil) field. 
H. AN teal, the manure (teil) field. 
H. AN teese, the stack {dise, B.) 

H. AN Tutmes, ? Thomas's field. 
H. AN yet, i.q. Gweal Yate. 
H. Bal, ?mine (hal) field {giveal). 
H. Boys, % bush (hos) mine. 
H. BuDNiCK, 1 bunchy (holhanic, B.) 

mine or work. 
H. -BussA, -Busy, 1 the busy work ; 

{biissa, an earthen pot). 
H. Carne, Game's or Carn mine. 
H. Chane, 1 i.q. Wheal Jane ; or, 

jews' (edzheivon) mine. 
H. Chelley, ] lower (isella) field. 
H. Cleath, 1 trench (cledh) field. 
H. Crage, ? i.q. Huel an creek. 
H. Grofty, *? croft close (hay) mine. 
H. GuLLiACK, % cock (celioc) mine. 
H. Dance, 1 Dinas field or work. 
H. Fat, 1 fat or rich work. 
H. -Gallish, -Gallows, 1 cky slate 

{hillas), or hard (cales) mine; or, 

i.q. Gweal Gollis. 
H. Ganick, •? ? mine full of cracks 

H. Gear, i.q. Wheal Geer. 
H. GoAZ, goose (goaz), or blood 

(gudzh) field ; or, wood (cuz) mine. 
H. -HowLA, -OwLA, % elm (tda), or 

lower (wolla), field or mine. 
H. Joule, 1 the devil's (joiul ) mine. 
H. Laity, 1 milk-house (lait ty), i.e. 

dairy, or Laity's field. 
H. Leath, = gioecd heyth, heath field. 
H. Leenon, ? nettle (linhaden) field. 
H. Malkin, 1 rag-mop (jnalkin) work 




HuEL Menor, ] long-stone {menhir) 

field or work. 
H. NowETH, new {noivydh), or bare 

(noeth) field or work. 
H. Oak, 1 oak, or empty (gtmg), field. 
H. Oath, i.q. Huel Anouth. 
H. OWLD, the old, or cliff (allt, w.) 

H. Owls, cliff {ah) mine. 
H. Peever, i.q. Wheal Peeber. 
H. Keeth, red [rydh) work or field. 
H. Seareg, 1 clot-bur {serchog) field 

01' work. 
H. Shutt, work or field by the 

water-spout {slioot, m.c). 
H. Sparable, 1 hob-nail mine. 
H. Speath, 1 work or field below 

{is) the draw-well {peeth). 
H. Stean, tin muie. 
H. Sterran, star (sferen) mine. 
H. To WAN, 1 sand-hill mine. 
H. Tye, work by the house (///). 
H. Verra, 1 bragging mine {guerha, 

to brag, B.). 
H. Vlew, i.q. Wheal Vlow. 
H. VoR, great {maur) work or mine. 
H. VoTTLE, ? hottle mine ; or, huddle 

H. WiDDEN, white {givydn), or little 

{vidii = vean) work or field. 
H. Zaunders, Saunders's mine. 
H. ZiON, %i.q. Huel Jane. 
Hugh Park, leive, or high {uch) close. 
HuGHTOWN, town near the height. 
Hugoe, n.f., from hugr, thought, 

o.n., Y. 
HU-GOOSE, -GAS, -GUS, high {ucli) 

wood [cus), R.JV. 
HuisH, Hywis, n.f., i.q. Hiwls. 
Hulker, % camp {caer) moor {hal ). 
HuMBLEiGH, 1 HannihaVs pasture, t. 
Humpy, field {hay) full of hillocks, 

Hun A, s.B.m., the Hun or giant, t, 

F. ; also = oonou, the downs. 
Hunch, Hunds, li.q. Enis. 
HUNFRIDUS, t.d.d., giant or hound 

of peace, t., F. ; or - Humfrey, 

support of peace, Y. 

HuNK-iN, -YNG, 7i.f., dim. of Humph- 
rey, Lo. 
HUNN, n.f, 1 i.q. HUNA. 

Hunter, 1 i.q. Hanter, the half. 
HUON, 1 = givon, a down. 
HuR-DEN, -DON, long {Mr) hill {du7i). 
Hurdle, 1 higher dale. 
Hurland, 1 higher land. 
Hurlers, froin ur, fire and light, 

and, lar, the hearth, ga., Beal ; 

rather, from the game of hurling, 

Hurley, ? long (jiir) pasture. 
Hurrel, % higher hill or moor QmV). 
Hurrygutter, ? gutter field {erv). 
HuRS-, Hus-ton, wood ifmrst) town, 

s. ; or, boundary (liarz) hill {duri), 
HuRTY Field, % wortleberry field, t. 
HussEY, n.f.,=^Houssaie, from houx, 

a holly, /. 
Hustle Field, ?1ow (isal) field. 
Hustler, 1 n.f., innkeeper {hosteler, 

HuSTYN, Avood {hurst) toAvn {t7in), t. 
Hutchings, n.f., ? i.q. Hitchins. 
Hutch Meadow, the meadow with 

a Hatch gate, a coop for animals, 

or a trough. 
Huthnance, 1 the valley {nance), or 

lambs' {an eanes) Hooth. 
HuTT, ? = wood; or, i.q. HoOTH. 
HuxHAM, 7i.f., 1 sedge {hesk), or ox 

pasture {holm, t.) or border {hem). 
Hyde, n.f., 1 = hyd, a family possess- 
ion, a hide of land, s. 
Hyde Park, 1 ? skin {hyd, s.) close. 
Hym-an, -en, n.f, 1 stone {maen) 

close {hay). 
Hyston, the high stone, E.lf. JF. 
HYTHANCER,'?long{/MV) furze {eitlten) 

Hythens, ? furze [fieldjs. 

Iago, n.f, i.q. Jagg. 
Iarnwallon, s.Bm., ?iron {haiarn) 

heart {u-holon = colon). 
Ibbott, n.f, 1 i.q. Hebbard, 



IccoMB-WARTHA, & -WOLLAS, 1 high- 
er (tvartha) and lower (ivollas) oak 
(cec, s.), or lsa.a,c's (Ike) vale (ami). 

ICTIN, Diodorus Siculus, tin (jjJi. 1) 
port, B.E. ; bay (gwic) hill (di7i), 
J.B. ; little (in) [abode] of hos- 
pitable {icht) and good-natured 
people, Beal. 

Iddy, n.f. ,'?=/i?/(ii(7,heedful,cautious,s. 

Ideless, Edeles, the narrow (idn) 
breadth (Us), H. ; d.d. Edelet. 

Iesu, s.B.m., ? = Jesus. 

Ilbert, n.f., ? = Hildehert, battle 
bright, t, Y. 

Ilcombe, evil vale, Nord. ; 1 willow 
(helig) vale. 

Iliff, n.f., 1 = EyIif, eternal, t., F. 

Illand, '?hill or moor (hal) land. 

Illcum, f s.B.m., ill favoured, t., F. 

Illmeadow, 1 hill meadow. 

Illmouth, Vi.q. Hallacanoe, moors' 
mouth or opening. 

Illogan, fromp.s. St. Illoganus, 0. ; 
= lug gan, white tower, or, lug 
gun, tower on the downs, or, lug 
dun, tower hill, Pr. 

Illwill, ?well {wyl, s.) hill. 

Ilmsworthy, 1. elm farm (iveorthig, s.). 

Inge, an island, Sc. ; a peninsula, 
Fr. ; i.q. Enys. 

Inceworth, = i'ties wartha, the island 
above, or the higher island, Sc. ; 
the high (warth) peninsula, Fr. 

Inch, n.f, i.q. Enys. 

Incledon, n.f, 1 angle (engel, s.) of 
the hill (du7i). 

Indean, n.f, i.q. Endean. 

Indes Meadow, 'ZHendy's meadow. 

Ingles, n.f, english. 

Ingram, n.f, Ing's raven, i, Y. 

In-is, -nes, -nis, i.q. Enis. 

Iniscaw, Le., isle (enys) of elder 
trees (seem) ; now Tresco. 

Inispriven, Le., rabbit (jjriven) isle, 
E. W. ; or, isle of rushes (hrwyn, w. ). 

Inisvean, little (hihan) island. 

Inkpen, nf., % Inge's fold ; or, mead- 
ow (ing, s.) by the pen, t. 

Inney, the little river (avon), I.T. 

Inneyfoot, the lower part of the 

river Inney. 
Innisvouls, 1 sickle (fowls) -shaped, 

or deceitful (foids) isle. 
Innisvrank, the french or free 

(franc) isle. 
Innis Sarwarth, 1 Edward's (Jor- 

ivarth, w.) isle ; or, i.q. Inisworth. 
Inor, i.q. Ennor, Ifrom St. Eneour, 

or Enemour, a. 
Insidgen, 1 ox (udzheon) isle. 
Inswork, Ints- or Inis-worth, 

i.q. Inceworth. 
Ints, i.q. Enys. 
lOHANN, s.B.m., i.q. John, grace of 

Jehovah, h. 
loNS Field, ? = John or Joan's field. 
losA, B.m., 1 raised, h. 
Iosep, s.B.m., he will add, h. 
Ireland, T.a., 1= Mejlier land; or, 

long (Mr) enclosure (Ian). 
Irishes, larish or stubble (arse, s.) 

Irlshman's Hill, ? Hresmen's 

(B.m.) hill. 
Isaac, messepreosi, w.B.m., and n.f, 

laughter, h. 
IsA-, IssA-coT, the lower (isa) wood 

(coat), Fr. 
ISBELL, n.f, 1 under (is) the pool 

lusTus, B.m., the just, 2at. 
Ivy, 1 1 small (bich), or water (wtj) 

enclosure (hay). 
IzzET Park, ■?? lower (isa) gate (yet), 

or Z-shaped close (pare). 

J ACK, Jack-a, -et, 71. f, t i.q. Jago, 

or Jackman. 
Jackey Daw, jackdaw [field]. 
Jackman, 71. f, 1 from jaeger, a 

hunter, d., F. 
Jackys Park, ? snail (janjeah) close. 
Jackys Rock, ? jackdaws' rock. 
Jacobstow, Jacobus, i.e. St. James's 

(p.s., 0.) place (stow). 
Jago, king, B.C., a7id n.f, strong 

(iach) spear (gwayw), F. f F.F.J. ; or, 




i.q. Jacobus, James, {w., lago). 
Jahan, Jane, Janne, n.f., 1 = Jean, 

John, /. 
Jarvis, n.f., spear (ger) eagerness 

(fus), t, Y. 
Jaul, Jault,, 1 rich {ead) wolf 

{nlf), t. 
Jeffer-y, -ies, n.f., from Godfried, 

God's peace, t. 
Jenk-in, -yn, Jennings, n.f., dim. 

of John and Johns. 
Jerveys, n.f, i.q. Jarvis. 
Jet, = gate (ijet) [close]. 
Jetwell, the jetting well, T.C. ; or, 

1 well by the gate. 
Jew, n.f., ? = le Jeii,, the Jew, /. 
Jewel an dre a, i. q. Gweal an Drea. 
Jewell, n.f, 1 i.q. Joll. 
Joel, n.f., 1 strong "willed, h. 
Johns, Jones, Jonas (?), n.f, = 

Jolms son. 
JoiCE, Joyce, n.f., sportive, lat., Y. 
JoLiFFE, Jolly, Juliff, nf., =jolif, 

fine, trim, gay, jolly, o.e., Lo. 
Joll, Joul, Jowl, Jowell, n.f, 

the devil; or, i.q. Joel. 
Jordan, Jerdan, nf., 1 darnel {jure, 

Po.), or play (choarij), hill {dun). 
JoRY, Jury, n.f, 1 darnel {jure) 

close {haij) ; or = choary, play. 
Jose, n.f, i.q. losA. 
Joslin, JoscELiNE, sportive, lat., Y. 
JouiNUS JoviN, t.d.d., belonging to 

Jupiter, lat., Y. 
Joule Y, n.f, 1 little (bich) devil 

(joid) ; or, Jaoul's place, d. 
JuGGER Park, 1 Jago's close. 
Julian, n.f, Ifrom Luxulyan. 
THE Jump, T.a., i.q. Gump, T.C. 
Justin, n.f, 1 = Gestin, Augustin, 

Justing Place, i. playing place, t. 
JuTSWORTH, ] the Jute's farm {weor- 

thig), s. 


.aer, n.f, i.q. Caer. 
Kahellan, T.a., i.q. Kellyhellan. 
Kan, n.f, 1 white, shining (can). 

Kandle, n.f, 1 = canfl, a candle; or, 

cendel, fine linen ; or, i.q. Kendal. 
Kannegy, i.q. Carneggy. 
Karak clews, i.q. Caraclose. 
Kare Moor, 1 mountain ash {care) 

or camp {caer) moor. 
Karensy-worthy chapel, worthy 

love or affection chapel, (1). {c.d. St. 

Mary Magd.), K 
Karkeek, n.f, i.q. Carkeek. 
Karkeet, i.q. Carkeet. 
Karly, little {le) camp (caer). 
Karramore, n.f, li.q. Kare Moor; 

or, great {maur) rock {carrag). 
K ARROW, n.f, i.q. Carew. 
Karsalan, d.d., 1. i.q. Carsella. 
Kastell, n.f, i.q. Kessel. 
Kay, n.f., = Caius {lat.) ; or, ce, a 

hedge, enclosure ; or, from Kea. 
Kay-le, -ell, i.q. Cayle. 
Kea, an enclosure, Pr. ; a hedge or 

mound, a quay or wharf, H. ; 

1 from Pope Caius, T. ; or St. Cuby, 

IFh. ; or St. Tegai, 0. ; o. Lan- 

dege. {p.s. not known). 
Keagle Field, dirty {geagle) field. 
Keals, nf., % 1 = cyllys, lost. 
Keams, Keems, n.f, outward (ames) 

close {ce). 
Kearls, ] i.q. Garles. 
Kearn, n.f., 1=cern, side of the 

face, w. ; or, i.q. Carn. 
Kease, n.f, 1 lower {isa) close. 
Keason, i.q: Cadson, or Kitson. 
Keast, •? east {est) close {ce). 
Keate, Keete, n.f, 1 = caid, a slave. 
Keen, n.f., 1 i.q. Genn. 
Keena Park, ? worm {cynac) field. 
Keeve, Keive, 1 = cyf a vat, s. 
Kegell-ack, -ick, hazel-grove w 

copse hedge (ce), Pr. ; 1 dividing 

{gyUic, IV.) hedge, N. 
Kegerthen, n.f., the quickset {cer- 

den) hedge, Pr. 
Ke-, Kei-gwin, -gwidden, %./., white 

{givin, gicydn) dog {ci), Pr. ; or, 

i.q.MUtmd, R.IF. 
Keich, Keych, nf., ] i.q. Kease. 
Keir, n.f, i.q. Kare. 




Keirover, 1 ? great (veor) Cairo. 
Keisilgey, 1 tottering (sigh, to.) 

hedge ; or, i.q. Carsilgey. 
Kelbrook, 1 1 leech (gel) brook ; or, 

retreat (cil) by the brook, BJF. 
Keleanker, i.q. Killiancar. 
Kelhurle, 1 the earl's (yerl) retreat 

(cil), or grove (cilli). 
Kelinack, holly field, E. IF. ; nettle 

hedge, Gw. ; flax field, Pr. 
Kellah, 1 i.q. Kelliow. 
Kellaham, 1 grove {celli) dwelling 

{ham, s.), or meadow {holm, s.). 
Kelland, ? grove enclosure {Ian). 
Kellaway, n.f., 1 grove path (weg, 

s.) ; or, retreat {cil) by the water 


Keller, 1 long {hir), or high {ard) 

grove, or field {gweal). 
Kellifray, 1 hill {bre) grove, or, 

grove hill ; or, i.q. Killyverth, 
Kelligog, cuckoo {cog) grove. 
Kellimar'r, Mercury's grove, B. ; 

or, horse {marsh) grove, R.JV. 
Kelli-noon, -oon, grove on the 

down {an oon). 
Kell-io, -iow, -ow, the groves. 
Kellor Park, % earth nuts {dor) 

field {pare). 
Kellow Park, groves' close. 
Kelly, = celli, a grove. 
Kellybray, i.q. Kellifray. 
Kellycoff. the smith's {gof) grove. 
Kellyers, % boundary {hars) grove. 
Kellyfreth, i.q. Killyverth. 
Kellygan Moor, % 1 sheath fish 

{cilhjgan) moor. 
Kelly G-reen, ? gravel ((/recm) grove ; 

or, grove of the sun {grian), ga. 
K. HELLAN, Hellan grove. 
K. HELLAN Prase, Kellyhellan 

common or meadow. 
K. LAND, grove land or field. 
K. Park, grove close {pare). 
K. EouNDS, Kelly circular en- 
K. vosE, grove with the ditch {fos). 
Kel-sey, -zey, ? the dry {sech) neck 

{cil), Pr. 

Kelway, n.f., i.q. Kellaway. 

Kemel, n.f., i.q. Kemyel. 

Kemp, Kempe, n.f, % = cempa, a 
soldier, a champion, s. ; kempe, 
a giant, d. ; cemp, a circle, lo. ; 
camp, a game, a prize, w. ; a con- 
test, battle, war, camp, s. 

Kempethorn, 1 Kemp hill {iron), or 
thorn, t. 

Kemson, n.f., 1 Kemp's son. 

Kemue, % greater {mua) hedge (ce). 


home or near {adre), middle {creis), 

and higher (wartha) Michael's, or 

honey (inel), or iron or gain {mael) 

enclosure (ce). 
Ken, n.f, 1 i.q. Genn. 
Kenacot, ? Keyna's cottage; or, 

ridge {cein) of the wood {coat). 
Kenap, 1 ] = cncBp, the top or brow 

of the hill, s. 
Kencreek, barrow {creeg) ridge 

{cein), 3£'L. 
Kendall, n.f, ? head {cean, ga.) of 

the dale ; or, i.q. Kandle. 
Keneg-ie, -y, the mossy {neag 1) 

hedge (ce) by the water {gwy), B. ; 

mossy hedge, or, house near the 

bogs, Pr. 
Kenewas, 1 ridge outside {ves). 
Kenidjack, i.q. Carnidjack. 
Kenkee, % enclosure {ce) ridge. 
Kenn-agk, -ick cove, •? rocky {car- 

nic) cove. 
Kennacombe, ] Keyna's vale. 
Kenn-AL, -el, ridge of the moor 

{hal) ; or, above the moor, T.C. 
Kenna Park, T.Oj., ? corner close. 
Kennard, nf., Uiigh {ard) ridge. 
Kennawenna, ? white {gwennach) 

ridge {cein). 
Kennego, ? i.q. Carneggo. 
Kenner, ? long {hir) ridge (cein). 
Kennicot, li.q. Kenacot. 
Kenning-, Keni-stock, king's {cu- 

7iing, s.), or, rabbits' {cyning, lo.) 

place {stoc, s.). 
Kensey, river, 1 dry {sech) ridge, 
Kent, n.f, 1 = eeneat, a singer ; or, 




cant, edge, border, headland, w. 

Kentebury, %./., from Kinterbury 
(Devon), % = earthwork (hmj) on 
the headland {ceann tir. Beat). 

Kenver, n.f., li.q. Genvor. 

Kenwith, o.n.f., Ili.q. Penwith. 

Ken WORTHY, ^higher (wartha) ridge ; 
or, Ken's farm (worthig, s.). 

Kenwyn, from p.s. St. Kenwyn, 0. 
( = Cein,the virgin; or, jewel (cein) 
of a woman, F.) ; the ridge (cein), 
or, rising of the hill over the 
marsh, Pr. ; 1 = cein wyn, white 
ridge, R. W. ; fair ascent, Fo. 

Kerbaglet, i.q. Carbiglett. 

Kerew, % i.q. Carew. 

Kergeck, n.f., i.q. Carkeek. 

Kerkem, % rock (carag) border (hem). 

Kerketh, li.q. Crougath. 

Kerley, 1 i.q. Karly. 

Kerney, 1 rock close (hay) ; or, i.q. 

Kernick, the round (kren) or com- 
pact place ; also, = carnick, rocky- 
place, Pr. ; or, horned, R. IV. 

Kernow, % the rocks [field]. 

Ker-ow, -ra, -row, i.q. Carraw, 
Cara, or Carew. 

Kerrier, 1 = goror, higher coast, 
upper region, confine, border, m;.* 

Kerrinwell moor, 1 1 = caer an 
uhel, the high camp. 

Kerris, i.q. Gerry; a lovely place, 
Pr. (i) 

K. Koundago, the round or camp 
at Kerris. 

K. Vean, little Kerris. 

Kerrow an gelly, the camp in the 
hazel-grove (celli), APL. 

Kerr Park, 1 mountain-ash (care), 
or camp (caer) close (pare). 

Kerrywerry, 1 the play (guare) 
enclosure (cae, iv.). 

Kers-, Kes-brook, -lake, 1 cress 

(cerse, s.) brook (leak, Pr.). 
Kers-pit, -well, n.f, ? = cress well 

(pytt, s.). 
Ker-then, -ton, l^caerton, castle or 

rock on the hill, T.C. ; or, cerdeii, 

the quicken or mountain ash tree, 

Keskeys, i.q. Guscus. 
Kes-sel, -tal, -tell, -tle, = castel, 

a fort, a village ; pi., cestel, R. IF. 
Kestlemenack, ? the stone (maenic) 

Kestlewood, castle wood. 
Ketleigh, ] i.q. Gatley. 
Kevar, = ce-varth, higher hedge or 

close, T. C. ; or, cyvur, a piece of 

Kever-al, -el, the place of goats 

(cheverel, a goat, /.), Pr. ; opposite 

or over against (cyver, w.) the 

brow (ael), C. 
Kevern, n.f., from St. Keverne. 
Key, n.f., 1 i.q. Kea. 
Keyche, n.f, i.q. Gayche. 
Keysheys, ] 1. Key's closes (Iiaies). 
KiELS Hill, 1 nine-pins hill. 
KiG-GAN, -ON, 1 = cegin, a kitchen ; 

or, gagen, a cleft, chink, w. ; or, 

the down (goon) close (ce). 
KiLBURY, 1 retreat (cil ) on the hill 

(bre) ; or, earth-work (bury) grove. 
KiLCOiD, the wood (coicl) retreat. 
KiL-CREW, -GREW, 1 grove (celli) hut 

(croiv) ; or, i.q. Killigrew. 
KiLDOWN, deep (down) recess (kil), 

R.W.; ? church (cil) down. 
KiLFORD, ? ford grove (celli). 


KiLGEAR, the pleasant or fruitful 

grove, Pr. ; 1 camp (caer) grove. 
KiLGOGUE, ? cuckoo (cog) grove. 
KiLGORRAN, St. Gorran's cell. 

KiLG-OTE, -OAT, i.q. KiLCOLD. 

• Carew, speaking of this hundred, says, " Kery in Cornish signifieth bearing; and 
yet you must beare -with me, if I forbeare to deriue Keeiee herefrom until I see some 
reason for my warrant." Hals says, "■ = 'kerryer, a lover " ; Pryce, " Kieeiee, the coast 
or border of the country {Kur-Urian) " ; Whitaker, from " carhar, a prison." 



KiLHAM, 1 grove or cell home (ham, 

s.) ; or, well {kell) meadow (holm), t. 
KiLKEA, Kea grove or cell. 
KiLKHA'SiPTON, cliurcli {Jdrk) home 

or dwelling {ham) town, t., II. ; 

e.d.d. KiLCHETONA; (1 ojlch, a 

cycle, circle, iv.); p.s. St. James, 0. 
KiLKOBBEN, = Kilcrobben, crooked 

refuge, C. 
KiLLAHAN, ? summer ihan,Pr.) groye 

iceUi), or field (gweal). 
KiLLANOAN, 1 grove on the down 

(an oon). 
KiLLA Park, % 1 clay (clai, tv.), or 

grove close. 
THE Kill AS, 1 = gioeal /«.§, green field; 

or, f/oles, bottom; or, clay slate 

(Jdlias) [field] ; or, i.q. GuLLAS. 
KiLLA-TON, -TOWN, '?grove enclosure; 

or, i.q. CULLODEN. 

KiLLAVARDER, ? grove on (vjai-) the 

water (dour) ; or, i.q. GlLLlN- 


KiLLEGORGAN, 1 grove on (r/war) the 

down (goon) ; or, Gurgwin's (iv.) 

KiLLEHELLAN, enclosed (Ian) grove 

by the river (hejjl), or grove of 

elms, Pr. ; 1 Hellan grove. 
KiLLENICK, 1 i.q. Calenick, or 



THAS ; or, the Virgin's (gwijrhes) 

KiLLiACK Moor, ?cock (celioc) moor. 
KiLLiANCAR,'?hermit's (anew) grove ; 

or, grove of the fort (caer), E.IF. 
KiLLiARD, ? high (ard) grove. 
KiLLiERS, 1 long (hir) grove [field] s. 
KiLLiGANOON, the sanctuary (cil) on 

the moors, C. ; or, the grove by 

(gan) the down (oon), D.G. 
KiLLiGARTH, 1 high (gwarth) grove. 
KiLLiGNOCK, ^grove of the hill (cnioc, 

w.), B.W.; ^Csenog's (iv.) grove. 

KiLLiGORiCK, the grove on the 
Avaters side (gioar ick), Pr. 

KiLLiGREW, the rough (garoiv) re- 
treat (cil) ; or, herds' (greiv, w.) 
refuge, C. ; eagles' (eriew), or 
crane's (greic) grove, Pr. 

KiLLiGWiTH, ? ] ash (enwydh) grove. 


«.(/.Calamansack or Kilmanach. 


KiLLi-0, -ow, the groves, Pr. ; the 

sheltered or secluded place, C. ; 

= celli ivg, overspreading grove 

{w.), M. 
KiLLis-ALLOW, -ULLOW, 1 the lower 

(iseUach) grove, J.B. ; grove of 

elms (idoive), Pr. 
Killlserth, steep (serth) grove,i2. TV. 
KiLLi-voAZ, -vosE, the grove in the 

entrenchment or descent (?), Pr. 
Killivor, ] the great (maur) grove. 


Killock, the oak grove, Pr. (?) 


or KiLCOiD. 
KiLLY Grawzy, 1 grove by the 

cross (crous) close (haij). 
Killyverth, white-thorn (frith X) 

grove, Pr. ; 1 green (giver dh, iv.) 

Killywithick, % meadow grove. 


KiLLYWORGY, grove by the river 
(ivar gij), Pr.; upper-field grove, 

Kilmanach, the monks' cell, B. 

KiL-MAR, -MARK, -MARTH, the great 
{maur), the horse (march), or the 
wonderful (marth), grove, Pr. ; the 
retreat (cil) of the chief (mar, ga.), 
Beat; hiding place or sanctuary 
in open ground (marth, tv.), C. 

Kilmenorth, the retreat on the 
stone {rnaen) ridge (arth), M'L. 

KiLNA, 1 the kiln. 

Kilney Meadow, 1 i.q. Calenick. 

Kilquite, i.q. Kilcoid or Chilcot. 

Kil-ter, -tor, 1 grove or cell by the 
water (dour) ; or, grove land (doar). 




KiLV ARRACK, 1 horse {march) grove; 

or, St. Barucli's {w.) cell. 
KiLVORRY, 1 higher {warm) grove. 
KiLWARNiCK, ^ grove or cell in the 

marshy {gwernic) place. 
KiMBERLEY, the champion's {cam- 
pier), or Welshman's pasture. 
KiNANCE, dog's {ci) valley, Fo., or 

brook, C. ; 1~ ceunant, a ravine, 

holloAV, w. 
KiNE Park, ? ridge {cein) or hine, 

i.e. oxen close {pare). 
King-bear, -beer, 1 King's farm. 
Kingdom, n.f., 1 the king's hill ; or, 

= Kingston. 
King-ey, -Hay, 1 King's, or rabbits' 

{cwning, w.) close ; or, ridge {cein) 

hedge {ce). 
KiNGLAYS, "? green {glas) ridge. 
Kinsey, n.f., li.q. Kensey. 
Kinsman, n.f., 1 Jdne or cattle tender, 

R.B.K. ; or, king's man or servant. 
KiPPiscoMEE, % St. Cuby's vale. 
KiRCUM, rock {carrag) vale. 
Kirgoe, rock wood {coad). 
KiRKANOWAN, the rock {carrag) on 

the down {an oon). 
Kirketh, "iiq. Carkeet. 
KlRKLAND, rocky land. 
Kirland, castle enclosure, T.Q.C. ; 

land or place of berries {caor), C. 
KiRSPiT, i.q. Kerspit. 
Kir-then, -ton, i.q. Kerthen. 
Kirwin, 1 i.q. Carwen, or Curwen. 
Kissing Close, Kitchen Park, 

1 turf {cesan) close {pare). 
Kistle Morris, 1 castle marsh. 
Kit-chen, -son, n.f, 1 i.q. Cadson; 

or, Christopherson; or = ce udzheon, 

ox close. 
Kite, 1 = coit, a cromlech ; or, coed, 

a wood, to. 
KiTlEL, 1 manure {teil) close (ce). 
KiTSHAM, 1 Christopher's meadow 

{holm), t., T.C. 
KiTTO, nf., 1 = kilter, a stealer of 

ore fi'om another man's pile, m.c. 
KiVELL, n.f, = cevil, a horse. 
KiVERN, Ifrom St. Keverne. 

Kledh, the trench, B. 
Klymiarven, modern, the little 

(vean) dovecot, Jo.C. 
Knackaby, 1 1 the little {by) knoll 

(cnioc, w.). 
Knackers, 1 = kein acres, ridge of 

the acres, iv., E. W. 
Knap-PARC, Hop {cnmp) close, s. 
Knava, n.f, 1 = cnafa, offspring, son, 

boy, youth, 5. 
Knayle, n.f, li.q. Carnhale, 
Kneebone, n.f, 1 i.q. Carnebone. 
Kneighton's Keive, Knighton's 

basin {cyf s.). 
Knevett, o.n.f, Ifrom Dunheved ; 

or, ridge {cein) head {heafod, s.). 
Knight, nf, 1 = St. Gonnet. 
Knighton, = Netherton, Beat. 
Knilly Park, 1 Goonhilly close. 
Kniver, n.f, 1 i.q. Carn y Verth. 
Kniveton, 7i.f, 1 Knava's town. 
Knoll, Knowl, the promontory 

hill or eminence, a projection of 

hilly ground, Pr. ; cnoll, a hill, 

top, summit, 5. 
Knott, n.f, 1 = St. Gonnet. 
Knotwell, n.f, 1 St. Gonnet's well, 
Knuckey, n.f, 1 i.q. Carnkie. 
Kuggar, 1 play {choary) wood {cud). 
Kuskarne na Huilan, the lap- 
wing's {codnahwilan) rock {cam) 

by the wood {cus), Lh. 
Kuskease, i.q. Guscus. 
Kykysiiiere, 1 long {hir) hemlock 

{cegas) [field]. 
Kylgat, n.f, Kilcoid. 
Kymber, n.f, *? Welshman. 
Kymiel, i.q. Kemyel. 
Kynilm, iv.B.m., 1 chief helmit. 
Kyver Ankou, the place {cyvai-) of 

death [ancow), T. 

JJaa, n.f, 1 = lla, light, clear, M. 

Labter, % = Lampeter, Peter's church 
or enclosure {Ian). 

Laburnick, rushy (bruinick) en- 

Lacca Field, 1 well or pit field. 




Lackey Vear, 1 great swamp, 71/. 
Lacudan, 1 wood pigeon {cudon) 

Ladandre, Andrew's enclosure, T. C. ; 

1 fire {tan) place (tre) enclosure, M. 
Laddenvean, 1 little [hihan) broad 

(ledan) [field] ; or, little bank {lain). 
Laddis, 1 stack (disc) yard (Ian) ; or, 

Laity's [field]. 
Ladnor, n.f., 1 i.q. Lander. 
Ladock, from j^.s. St. Ladoca, 0. ; 

steep hill (ladii 1) of oaks, Fr. 
Lady Park, the Virgin J\Iary's close, 

Beal ; or Laity close. 
Lafeock, St. Feock's church or en- 
closure (Jan). 
Laffan, n.f., li.q. Lavin. 
LAFFENHAC,the churcliof the monks 

{menecli) ; or, the stone (juaenic) 

church, B. 
Lafford, n.f., 1 enclosure (km) by 

the road (fordh) ; or = hlaford, a 

lord, loaf (hlaf) originator (ord), s. 
Lafroxe, 1 hill (bron) enclosure. 
Lafrowda, the church (Ian) of the 

good (da) cross {rood), Buller. (1 1) 
Lahe, n.f, i.q. Leah. 
Laherne, i.q. Lanherne. 
Lai-ety, -ty, milk (lait) house (ty), 

i.e. the dairy. 
Lain, river, = elaine, a faAvn, B. ; hjn, 

a deep still pool, or, leven, smooth, 

Laine, Lane, ? = llan, an enclosure, 

a church ; or, llain, a slip of land, lo. 
Lake, 1 rivulet or stream. 
Lakka, a spring of water rising 

from the earth, J. P. 
Lam-, Lan-ail, the enclosure (Ian) 

on the estuary (hayl), M'L. 
Lamalkin, 1 rag-mop (mulkin) close. 
Lamanna, La Mayne, 1 monk's 

(manach) church (Ian). 
Laman-va, -ver, 1 enclosure by the 

great (vear) stone (masn). 
Lamar, Uhe horse (march) enclosure 

(Ian), or leap (lam). 
Lamarn, 1 1 salmon (mar an, w.) leap. 
Lamarth, % high (arth) leap. 

Lam-b, -be, ? little (hich) enclosure. 

Lambadla, 1 '] the outlaw's (adla) 
leap ; % i.q. Lambradla. 

Lambe-do, -sso, the place (Ian) of 
birches (bezo, iv. bedw), Fr. 

Lambert,??./., country's (land) bright- 
ness, t., Y. 

Lambest, 1 cattle (best) enclosure. 

Lamb Layery, 1 Llary's (w.) leap. 

Lambleather, 1 Bledri's (w.) en- 

Lamblocks, calf's-house (ho loch) 

Lam-bourn, -bron, -burn, the hill 
(bron) enclosure, T. ; 1 St. Perran's 

Lam bourn Wig an, Lambriggan, 
little ihichan) Lambourne. 

Lambradla, 1 enclosure of the judg- 
ment seat (braivdle, lo.). 

Lambrenny, % king's (brennin) en- 
closure, M. ; or, brynij, crows. 

Lambuswell, ? enclosure by the 
high (idicl) house (bos) ; or, dung 
(husl) enclosure. 

Lamel-an, -in, -ion, -yn, -lyn, 1 mill 
(meUn), or clover (meillion), or 
yellow (mehjn), or Melin's, or Mel- 
lion's enclosui'e. 

Lamelwin, % Maelgwn's {tv.) en- 

Lamere, 1 great (mear) enclosure 
(Ian) ; or, long (hir) leap. 

Lametton, stone (medn = maen), or 
Merddin's (lo.) enclosure. 

Lajmin, 1 stone enclosure, or, at the 
edge or limit (min), iv. 

Laminster (i.q. Minster), the (la, 
f) monastery. 

Lamoresk, the marsh (marais, /.) 
church ; now St. Clements. 

Lamorick, i.q. Lanvorick. 

Lamorier close, 11 wall builder's 
(murker, iv.) close (Ian). 

Lamorna, ?Morwenna's enclosure; 
(morvah, near the sea, M.). 

Lamorran, = Ian mar man, the 
church upon the sea or salt-water 
river, Fr. ; enclosure by the marsh, 




C. ; church of St. Maruan, Wh., 

{p.s. not known). 
Lam-parro, -pra, 1 St. Baruch's, or 

bread (bara) enclosure. 
Lamp-eer, -ier, 11. f., church of St. 

Lampen, 1 = lamb pen, or fold. 
Lampeth-a, -0, li.q. Lambedo; or, 

graves (beddau, w.) enclosure. 
Lamprenny, i.q. Lambrenny. 
Lamprethen, 1 enclosure of the 

Britons (brethon), or, of the tree 

Lamprobus, Probus manor {Ian). 
Lampshire, n.f., U.q. Lambesso. 
Lamwidden, liittle (vidn = vean) leap 

(lam), or enclosure (Ian). 
Lanagan, 1 hawthorn-berry (liogan), 

or Hagan's {t.) enclosure. 
Lanarth, the high (ar/A) enclosure, 

Lanaton, ^Hhe enclosure on the 

hill {dun). 


Lanbusha, 1 resting place (boivesvu) 

Lan-CAR, -care, rest rock, or rock 
temple, H. ; 1 camp {caer) en- 
closure ; or church of St. Ct wa^vr (?6'. ) 

Lancarf, \ grave yard {corf, a body) ; 
or, rough {(jariff) enclosure ; 1 d.d. 

Lancarrow, 1 deer {caroiv) park; 
or, rough {garw) enclosure. 

Lance, Launce, n.f., Lanch, IEnes 
enclosure {Ian). 

Lancel^vys, noiv Lansallos. 

Lancorla, ] sheepfold {corlan) en- 

Lancrow, 1 hovel (croiv) enclosure. 

Landabethic, 1 meadow land. 

Landare, 1 oak {dar) enclosure. 

Land-avale, -eval, dapple {aval) 
land ; or, St. Idwal's enclosure. 

Land-avedy, -eveddy, Tafyd or 
David's enclosure, or farm, or 
dwelling, T.Q.C. 

Land awarnigk,1 the marshy {giver n- 
ic) land. 

Landazard, 1 high {ard) stack {das), 
or wilderness {diserth, w. ) enclosure. 

land ; or, manor of St. Tegai. 

Landelake, 1 willow [lielig) field. 

Landenner, 1 long {hn) hill {din), 
or, the fowler's {edhanor) enclosure. 

Lander, 1 oak (dar) enclosure. 

Landerhtun, 11 ce7it., 1 oak en- 
closure on the hill {dun) ; now 

Lander-ry, -yah, oak {deru) en- 

Lan-dew, -due, God's {du) enclosure, 
or the churchyard, the sanctuaiy, 
Fr. ; or David's, or black {du), or 
south (deheu,u:), enclosure. 

Landewednack, the Avhite {gwed- 
nac) I'oof (to) holy church, or 
church of God, Pr. ; church of 
St. (da) Wednack or Winnock, 
T. ; (p.s. St. Winwolaus, 0.). 

Land Goodix, 1 rush (hesk) wood 
(eoat) field {laiid, s.). 

L. greek, 1 mound (creeg) field. 

L. hassick, % field with the short 
coarse grass (hassuc), t. 

Landicle, d.d. ? church of St. 
Tecla; 'inoio Laneseley, J.Ca. 

Landithey, the place or enclosure 
of piety or mercy (digethic), T.C., 
1 of St. Teithi. 

LANDiZEAGEjEadsige's (t.) enclosure ; 
or, corn {izick) field. 

Landjew, 1 




Jew's (edzhow) enclosure. 

Landleake, the church on the riv- 
ulet (lacca), Pr. ; i.q. Landelake. 

Land-loe, -loo, the land or en- 
closure on the Looe. 

Landmanuel, d.d., 1 high (tihel) 
stone (maen) enclosure; 1 now 

Landno, the bare (noadli), or nar- 
rower (ednach), enclosure. i 

Landoho, i.q. Lanow. 

Land-, Lan-rake, 1 oak (derric) en- 
closure ; or, church of St. Rioch ; 
(p.s. St. Peter, 0.). 




Landrawna, 1 = w. Landraio, a 
country over a river ; (Ian = glan, 
a bank ; draw, over ; na, that), 


also, sand (traith) enclosure. 
Landrest, 1 east (est) Lander. 
Landrey, n.f., 1 oak (dent), or sand 

(traith), or home (trc) close. 
Lan-dreyne, -drine, Ithorn (draen) 

Landrivic, 1 the dragon (dr^iic) en- 
closure ; 1 drigfa, a dwelling, M. 
L. SEAGUE, i.q. Lanseage. 
L. seaton, land on the Seaton. 
L. sew, i.q. Land JEW. 
L. SUGLE, rye (sygal) land. 
L. SWORTH, ] high (imrth) lands. 
L. TALLIC, .^ high (tallk) enclosure, 

T.C. ; or, land full of holes (tollic). 
L. THORNE, ? hill (Iron) enclosure 

(Ian) ; or, thorn field (land, s.). 
Landue, i.q. Landew. 
Landulph, ? Ulph's land ; or church 

of St. (da) Ulf or Olaf ; (p.s. St. 

Leonard, J.Ca.). 
Landvine, ■? the stones (mijin), or 

little (vean) enclosure or close (/a«). 
Landwithan, the tree (givedhen) 

Landzion, 1 1 jews' (edzhewon), or ox 

(ud.zheon) enclosure. 
Laneast, eastern, or wood (hurst, s.) 

enclosure ; or, church of St. Just ; 

(c.d. St. Welvela & St. Sativola,^.) 
Laneer, long (hir) enclosure. 
Laneff, ? evet's (anaf) close. 
Lanegan, '?Einigan's (w.) enclosure. 
Lanegath, ? enclosure of the [wild] 

cat (y gath, to.), R.IF. 
Laneham, ? lane pasture (holm), t. 
Lanehog, d.d., ? Anaoo's (B.m.) 

Lane Kirds, ? ? carrot (caretys, Pr.) 

field (llain, iv.). 
L. Park, ? i.q. Park en Younder. 
Laner, the templar, H. ; i.q. Laneer. 
Lanergh, 1 4 cent., = Uanerch, t 

cleared place in a wood, lo. 
Lanescot, 1 enclosure below (is) the 

wood (coat). 
Lanesely, lower (isella) church, 

IFh. ; now GULVAL. 
Laneskin, sedge (hescen) field. 
Lanestick, 1 Ysteg's (w.s.) enclosure 

or church. 
Lanew, 1 the high (uch), or yew-tree 

(yw, w.) enclosure. 
Lanewa, the enclosure of St. Ewa. 
Lanfeather, 1 Peter's (Pedyr) en- 
closure or church. 
Lang, n.f., long, s. ; or, i.q. Lank. 
Langarth, % long enclosure (garth), 

t. ; or, garden (garth) enclosure 

(Ian) ; or, i.q. Lanegath, 
Langcarre, i.q. Lancar. 
Langdon, 1 long enclosure (tun, s.), 

or hill [dun). 
Langenewit, d.d., 1 Cynwid's (w.) 

enclosure ; (cynwydd, land ploughed 

the first time, lo.). 
Langford, the long ford, t. 
Lan-gharne, -ghairon, n.f., holy 

or sacred laws, H. ; 1 Geirion's 

(iv.), or, rock (cam) enclosure. 
Langid, n.f., li.q. Languit. 
Langisal, i.q. Nanjisal, T.C. 
Langoroch, d.d., Crantock manor 

Langourd, i.q. Langurtha. 
Langreek, 1 the church of St. Cyric; 

or, the mound (creeg) enclosure. 
Langridge, long ridge, t. 
Langstone, t., i.q. Menheir. 
Languihenoc, e.d.d., i.q. Lanwene- 


Languit, the wood (cuit) enclosure. 
Langunnet, 1 i.q. Langenewit. 
Langurra, the hay (gorra) church, 

H. ; i.q. Langoroch. 
Langurth-a, -ou, -ow, the higher 

(givartha) enclosure. 


Langw-eath, -ith, i.q. Languit ; 

or, the long wilderness (gwydd) 

Langworthy, n.f., ? long farm or 




field [iveorthig, s.), t. ; or, i.q. Lan- 


Lanhadron, the enclosure of the 
mighty {caclarn), Wh. ; a den of 
thieves (ladron), Nord. ; i.q. Nans- 


Lanhargy, 1 the forest glade {lan- 

herch) enclosure (hay). 
Lainhassick, i.q. Landhassick. 
Lanhay, the church-yard (ha)/), Po. 


Lan-hengy, -HINZY, the church or 
temple of sentence, judgment, or 
deliberation, H. ; 1 the enclosure 
by the old (Jien) house (chy). 

Lanher, d.d., i.q. Lanner. 

Lanherne, the sanctuary or church 
built with iron- (luiiarn) or hard- 
stone, Pr. ; the church at the 
angle (horn), Wh. ; i.q. Lang- 
harne ; d.d. Lanher WEU, a place 
of refuge (heriva, to flee, w.), T. 

Lanherriot, 1 Hwroad's (w.), or 
long (Mr) wood (cuit) enclosure. 

Lanheyl, i.q. Lamail. 

Lanhoose, Uemple (km) of Hoesus; 
or wood (cus) enclosure. 

Lanhudnow, ^ St. Idno's (iv. ) church. 

Lanhydrock, 1 watery (douric) bank 
(glan), or, church (hw) under a 
watery hill, Pr. ; 1 Ydroc's (lo.) 
church, or, church of repentance 
(edrec) ; v. Lanhetherick, % Heth- 
erick's farm, T.Q.C. 

Lanieschi, lower (isa) church; 
i.q. Lanesely. 

Lani-ley, -lley, ] St. Hely's church 
or enclosure. 

Lanine, n.f., 1 cold (iein), or furze 
(eithen) enclosure; o?-,^.^'. Lanyon. 

Lanivet, 1 church by the grave 
(beth), or of St. Ivo (p.s.,3L). 

Lanjeath, 1 1 dry (zeth, Giv.) en- 

Lanjew, i.q. Landue. 

Lanjore, the enclosure of the lord 
(ior) or ruler, Beal ; 1 play (choari, 
a.) enclosure. 

Lank, young (Ikmc, w.), or new 

[river], C. ; 1 = lanher dt, a clearance 

in a wood. 
Lankaire, 1 camp (caer), or moun- 
tain-ash (care), enclosure ; or, oat 

(cerh) field. 
Lankeast, ? east Lank. 
Lankelly, the church grove (celli), 

Pr. ; ^Gelhi's (^w.) enclosure. 
Lankeverne, St. Keverne manor. 
Lankidden, ? % Icdin's (m.s.), or the 

wood pigeon's (cudon) enclosure. 
Lan-lake, -LEAKE, the lake (lacca) 

enclosure, Pr. 
Lanlaron, d.d., ? St. Lawrence's 

manor (Ian). 
Lanlavery, % Leuric's (t.) enclosure. 
Lan-lawrne, d.d. -lawarnec, 1 fox 

(low&rn) enclosure. 
Lanledra, 1 cliff (ledra) enclosure ; 

or, = lam ledra, robber's leap, w., 

L AN LI very, church of books (livrou); 

or, — Lan le Vorch, St. Vorch's 

church place, T. ; li.q. Lanlavery. 

(jy.s. St. Manaccus & St.Dunstan). 
Lanlooe, i.q. Landloe. 
Lanloome, 1 bare (Horn) enclosure. 
Lanlovey, 1 Lovey's enclosure. 
Lanmiel, o.n.f., St. Michael's en- 
Lannachebran, d.d., manor of (a, 

B.) St. Keverne. 
Lannar, a forest, a grove, a lawn 

or bare place in a wood, Pr. 
Lannarne, ? marsh (gwern) enclosure. 
Lannarth, i.q. Lannar, or Lan- 

ARTH ; (c.d. Christ Church). 
Lannaugh, ? i.q. Lanow. 
Lann-ear, -eer, -er, i.q. Laneer. 
Lannervean, little (iiVifwi) Laneer. 
Lannick, the water {kk) enclosure, 

M'L. ; % i.q. Larnick. 
Lannin, n.f., 1 i.q. Lanine. 
Lanningle, 1 1 cabbage (ungle) field. 
Lannoweth, new (nowydh) enclosure 
Lanorow, rough (harow - garow) 

Lanow, my (ow), or egg (oyoiv), 

church or temple, H. ; 'I St. Kew's 



enclosure ; d.d. Lanehoc ; {lanw, 
influx of the tide, w., M.). 

Lan Park, ] church close {pare). 

Lanpiran, d.d., St. Perran's manor. 

Lan RAKE, i.q. Landrake. 

Lanreath, church of merit {reth), 
Pr. ; 0. Lanrethelt, church of 
laws (rhaifJww, to.), T., or near 
the forts, M'L. ; e.d.d. Lanredoch, 
1 St. Eheidiog's cluirch ; {'p.s. St. 
Sancredus, or St. Manaccus and 
St. Dunstan, 0.). 

LANS age Y, i.^. LaNDEGEA, //. 

Lan-sallos, 0. -salux, -salewys, 
d.d. -SALHUS, 1 Sulleisoc's {s.B.m.) 
enclosure ] enclosure of the altars, 
C. ; 2^-s. St. Ildierna, 0. 

Lansant, 11010 Lezant. 

Lanscavetone, (/.(/., 1 1 elder-tree 
(scaic) enclosure town. 

Lan-seage, -seague, 1 dry (seek), 
or corn {issic), enclosure. 

Lanseaton, i.q. Landseatox. 

Lansidwell, 1 Sidwell's enclosure ; 
V. Nansugwell. 

Lansladron, 1 1 St. Elldeyrn's (tv.) 

Lansownick, 1 ISNioc's (m.s.) en- 

Lansugle, i.q. Landsugle. 

Lansulhas, 1 i.q. Lansallos; or 
Julius's enclosure. 

Lansulien, 1 St. Sulien's (lu.) en- 
closure or chapel. 

Lantabethick, i.q. Lantybethick. 

Lantall-ack, -ick, 1 Talhvch's, or 
high [taUic) enclosure. 

Lantallan, 1 Talan's (B.m.) en- 

Lanta\'YS, 1 1 outside (dy veas) en- 

Lanteglos, 1 = Laniliz, church or 
temple land, a., Leg.* 

Lant-endle, -erndall, 1 1 the (an) 
dale {dol) land. 

Lantenny, 1 St. Anthony's place 
(h) or enclosure. 

Lanterrick, 1 Edric's (t.) enclosure ; 
or, i.q. Landrake. 

Lantewell, 1 the devil's (dioul) en- 
closure; or, high (vhel) land. 

Lantewey, 1 David's [Deui, w.) en- 

Lanthorne, i.q. Landthorne, Hiill 
[iron), or thorn (draen) enclosure. 

Lantic, sons {ic) of the Lann, ga., 
Beal ; 1 pleasant {teg), or the hus- 
bandman's {tyac) enclosure. 

LaN-TINE, d.d. -THIEN, -TIEN, cold 

{icin), or furze {eithen), enclosure 
or land. 

Lantivit, 1 i.q. Lanivet. 

Lantmatin, d.d. 1 the manor of St. 

Lantoom, 1 the warm {torn) en- 

Lantorme, 1 1 heavy {from) land. 

Lant-rease, -rise, 1 yonder {treas), 
or middle {cres) enclosure. 

Lantresworth, 1 high {ivartk) Lan- 

Lantuey, U.q. Lantewey. 

Lantundle, i.q. Lantendle, 

Lantyan, i.q. Lantine. 

Lantybethick, i.q. Landabethick, 
{1 bushy, perthic, w., M.). 

Lanuah, i.q. LANE^VA, 

Lan-udno, -UTHNO, 0. -uthinoch, 
? church of St. Wedenoc ; or, the 
narrower {idnach) enclosure, {iidd, 
one in authority, a chieftain, iv., 

Lan-varnick, -warnick, ? i.q. Lan- 


Lanvean, little enclosure. 
Lanvorch, i.q. Lanlivery, T. 
Lanvornick, the church on the 

way {for) to the creek {an ick), Pr. 
Lanwaffer, 1 goat {gafr, w.) field, 


* Dr. Pryce makes Lanteglos " church [eglos) of truth " [laiite) ; Whitaker, 
" the chiu'ch of some unkuowu St. Lanty " ; Maclauchlau, " the church or place on the 
beautiful {tag) spot of greeu [glas)." Lanteglos by Camelford is dedicated to St. 
Julitta ; the p.s, of Lanteglos by Fowey is not known. 



Lanwamaell, 1 1 enclosure place 

{ma, va) of trade (mael). 
IjAN-weneoc, d.d. {e.d.d. -guienhoc) 

1 St. Winnow manor. 
Lanwhitton, i.q. Lawhitton. 
Lanwithan, ? the tree (gwedhen) 

Lanx-on, -ton, 1 long stone, t. 
Lanyein, i q. Lanyon. 
Lanyew, 1 high (uch) enclosure ; 

(yw, a yew tree, iv., M.). 
Lanyon, 1 the church of St. Jona, 

Wh. ; enclosure on the clown (oon), 

B., or, of the ash trees {on), C. ; 

or, i.q. Lanine. 
Lanyhorn, church at the angle 

{horn), Wh. ; i^ee RuAN. 
Lanzeague, i.q. Lanseage. 
Lanzion, i.q. Landzion. 
Lapean, 1 little {bihan) enclosure 

Lapp-ar, -er, 1 pear {per) enclosure. 
Lapstone, 1 boundary {lappa, s.) 

stone, t. 
Lapthorn, 1 boundary thorn, t. 
Laran Bridge, the {an) floor {lar, 

i.) bridge, H. ; "liq. Lerrin. 
Larcum, 1 the larlis vale. 
Lare Close, T.a., ? lower close. 

{liar, overspreading, w., M.). 
Lardyner, o.n.f. U'.^. Landenner. 
Lar-gan, -gen, -gin, -rigan, % Re- 
gan's enclosure. 
Lark, n.f., 1 i.q. Larrack. 
Larky, 15 cefit., li.q. Elerchy. 
Larnick, 1 = louernic, fox place. 
Laroche, n.f., 1 [of] the {la) rock 

Larr-ack, -AKE, a place of content, 

Sc. ; 1 = Larrick, i.q. Landrake. 
Las ant, i.q. Lansant. 
Lashbrooke, n.f., 1 salnnion {leiz) 

brook, t. 
Lasullian, 1 Sulcen's {s.B.m), or 

Julian's enclosure ; noiv LuxULiAN. 
Latchet, 1 = latch gate {yet) [field]. 
Latchley, Hatch [gate] meadow. 
Late Park, ? dairy {lait ty) close. 
Latimer, ??../., interpreter. 
Latty, milk (lait) house {ty). 
Laugher, nf., i.q. Lawyer, or 

Laugherne, n.f., li.q. Lanherne. 
Launce, 1 Enes enclosure {Ian). 
Laungells, the cells' church {Ian), 

T. ; enclosure or holy cells, C. ; 

grove retreat or cells, M. ; ?] church 

of St. Julius, {p.s. St. Andrew, 0.). 
Launceston, v. L ANSON, i.q. Llan- 

stephan, St. Stephen's church, w., 

Laun-der, -dry, n.f, 1 oak {dar, 

deru) grove {Ihvyn, iv.), R.W. 
Lavabe, Lavapper, noic Mabe, 

% St. Mabe's church {Ian). 
La Val, noiv Holy Vale, 1 the 

vale,/. {1 = l(walu, apples, M.). 
Lavalsea, 1 Walsige's (s.) enclosure. 
Lavelis, n.f, the calves, /. 
Lavethen, enclosure of graves, C. ; 

1 the meadow (bidhen), or tree 

{wedhen), enclosure {Ian) or place 

Lavorack, i.q. Lanvornick. 
Lavrean, 1 Urien's {w.) enclosure. 
Lawarran, o.n.f., % i.q. Lewarn. 
LAWELLiN,the mill (me/Mi),or Melyn's 


. * Carew says, " Those buildings commonly knowne by the name of Launston, and 
written Lanceston, are by the Cornishmen called Lesteeuan (Lez in Cornish signifieth 
«' broad," and these are scatteringly erected), and were anciently termed Lanstaphadon, 
by interpretation, S. Stephen's Chuech " ; Camden, " Lanstdphadon, i.e. the church of 
Stephen " ; Scawen, " =LEOSTorEN, which is a place of large extent, or a broad end," 
others say, "Lancelot's town"; Leland, " Launstone, otherwys cawlled Lostephan, yn 
old tyme cawlled Dunevet " ; Borlase, " town of the church (lav) by the castle ; or, 
long (lanfi) castle (ceasier) town, s.," agreeing in sense with " the old Celtic name Dun- 
heved, long hill." d.d. Lanscavetone. The church is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene ; 
but the mother church is St. Stephens by Launceston. 




Lawennick, ] marshy (winnic) en- 
closure; or, i.q. Lanweneoc. 

Lawharn, 1 alder or marsh (gwern) 
enclosure ; or, i.q. Lewarne. 

Lawh-ibbet, -ippet, 1 = lmv y hetli, 
hill of sepulchre, ]\PL. 

Lawhidden, 1 white (gtvjjdn) en- 
closure ; or, i.y. Lavethen. 

Lawhire, 1 Gwyar's (w.), or, sister's 
{huir) enclosure. 

Lawhitton, white or fair (gividn) 
church (Ian), T. ; town {hm, s.) of 
St. Iltut's church, Sc. ; enclosed 
(Ian) white town, C. {p.s. St 
Michael, C.S.G.). cl.d. Langvite- 

Lawney, n.f., = llaivn, full, com- 
plete, 10., M. ; ? i.q. Trelawny. 

Lawry, n.f., = i.q. Lawrence. 

Lawton, n.f., 1 i.q. Lawhitton. 

Laavyer, n.f, = laiv Mr, long hand. 

Layland, ] unploughed land, t. 

Layowen, 1 Owen's pasture. 

Lay Park, unploughed close. 

Lays, ? green (las^glas) [field]. 

Layty, i.q. Laity. 

Lazarus Field, 1 the leper's (lizar) 

LaZON, 1 i.q. GrLAZDON. 

Lazzick, i.q. Ladock. 

Lea, Leah, meadow, pasture, t. 

Leader Park, 1 cliff (leder) close 

Leafern, 1 marshy (givern) place (le) ; 

or, ferny lea or meadow. 
Lean, Hhe lane; or, i.q. Lan or Lane. 
Lean an kine, 1 the (an) ridge (cein) 

L. AN KROW, the hovel (crow) close. 
L. AN STILLEN, the plank close, E. W. 
L. Bean, little (bihan) close. 
L. DouRACK, close by the water 

(dour), T.a 
L. -Drain, -Drean, Ihomestead (tre), 

or thorn (draen) close. 
L. GuERNEN, alder-tree close. 
L. GuRNELL, 1 corner (cornel) close. 
L. HEERE, Hong (hir) close. 
L. hill, chapel (km) hill, Beal. 

Leanskath, 1 boat (scath) close. 
Lean Tie, 1 house (ty) close. 
Leaper Park, ] lejjer close, t. 
Lear, n.f, the sea; or, i.q. Hellier. 
Lease, Leaz, the green open place, 

Fr. ; ? = h(tl lez, broad moor. 
Leat, a small stream, m.c; ( = lad, a. 
way, journey; passage for water, s.). 
Leather, n.f, 1 = leththir, sea-board 

land ; or, ledr, a cliff". 
Leathergwearne, 1 dairy (hit ty) 

by the alder trees {gwern). 
Leathlean, n.f, 1 milk (leath) close 

Ledden, ? broad (Man) [field], 
Leddi-coat, -cote, nf., 1 dairy (lait 

ty) cot. 
Led-dra, -rah, 1 = ledr a, a cliff". 
Leddygoon, dairy down [gioon). 
Le DeMxMYNs, 16 cent., the demesne, 

or land kept in the hands of the 

lord, /. ; also called Dymyns. 
Ledget, 1 i.q. Leddicoat. 
Lee, i.q. Park an lee, Pr., or. Lea. 
Lee-dy, -ty, i.q. Laiety. 
Leek Park, ? flat stone (lech) close. 
Le Feock, i.cq. Lafeock. 
Leffra, 1 hill (hre) meadow, or en- 
closure (lan). 
Legar, ? camp (caer) place (le). 
Legard, nf., li.q. Letcher. 
Legarike, ] rock (carrag) place (le). 
Le-gassick, -gossick, n.f, 1 dirty 

(gassic) or woody (cassic) place. 
Leg-e, -ea, d.d., i.q. Lea. 
Legeffery, Jeff"ry's lodge, t. 
Legg, n.f., 1 = clegr, a rock. 
Legg-o, -oe, n.f., the same. 
Legonna, ? place on the downs (gon- 

Le-Grice, -Greice, n.f, ? the (le) 

grey (gris, f) ; i.e. the boar, JV.N. 
Leha, a place for calves (leauh), or, 

= leiha, a small place, Pr. 
the Lehan, 1 i.q. Lean. 
Leigh, Leigha, li.q. Lea; or, = le, 

a place. 
Leison, ] broad (les), or green (las) 

down (oon). 




Lejearn, ? garden (dzharn) place. 
Leland, unploughed land, t. 
Lelant, 0. Lanant, from p.s.* 
Leliz-ick, -ike, the heifer (ledzhek, 
Pr.), or bushy (lessick, Gw.) place. 
Lemaile, 1 Michael's {Miel), or, trade 

{mael) place. 
Le-main, -mayne, 1 1 stone {maen) 

place ; Lq. Lamanna. 
Lebialla, 1 Mehalla's place, T.C. ; or, 

place {k) of trade (riiaelva). 
Lemar, the place of horses, horse 

{march) place or green, Pr. 
Lemarne, iMaruan's (w.) jjlace. 
Lembray, n.f., U.q. Len array. 
Lemellion, 1 i.q. Lamellion. 
Lemetton, i.q. Lametton. 
Lemon, n.f., U.q. Lemain. 
Lemsworthy, li.q. Elmsworthy, the 

elm farm (iveortkig, s.) 
Lenabray, 1 enclosure (km) on the 

hill (bre). 
Lenas, Lennas, 1 = lenez, nettles. 
Lender, i.q. Lander. 
Lenderyon, n.f., oak (derwen) close 

Lendon, the enclosure on the hill 

or down (dun). 
Len-dra, -deryou, i.q. Lander yah. 
Lenhorgy, n.f, i.q. Lanhargy. 
Len-gia, -IDGA, 1 ivy (idzJiio), or 

house (cJnj) close (Ian). 
Leniers, 1 long (/w?-) closes. 
Lenn, n.f, 1 = le7i, faithful, true; 
full ; a ling fish ; a cloak, blanket. 
Lenon, 1 Non's place. 
Lenoy, the nephew's (noi), or Noe's 

(P.m.) place. 
Lent Park, ^ linden, or linnet close,^. 
Lenty Meadow, 1 shed (lean-to, m.c.) 

Lenyer, 1 i.q. Lanher. 
Leofric prespiter, w.P.m., Pisliop, 
t.d.d., beloved rule, t. 

Leofsie, wB.m., beloved victory 

(sige), t. 
Leow Field, 1 sheltered (Jileo, s.) 

Lercedekne, Lerchdeagon, o.n.f, 

the (U) archdeacon, /. 
Lergan, i.q. Largan. 
Ler-rin, -ring, -yn, river or channel 

(ryn) place {le), M'L. ; little (m) 
sea (lear), ga.. Peal. 
Lerry, ] = leary, hungry, empty, 77i.c., 

M. ; ]moor (hal) field (eru). 
Lesalson, 1 Alstan's court (lis). 
Lescaddogk, 1 Cadwg's court, H. 
Lescarnick, 1 rocky court. 
Lescawne, 1 elder-tree (scauen) place 

(le) ; or, down (goon) court (lis). 
Leschell, d.d., li.q. Leskeel. 
Lesgliston, ] scarlet oak (glastanen) 

border (lez, a.). 
Lescrow, 1 hovel (crouj) field. 
Lescudjeck, bloody (gudzhic) field 

(les), P. ; i.q. Lescaddock, Cara- 

doc's court, PI. 
Lesengy, ] 1 court by the river ( 
Lesew, 1 dry field (le), W.P. 
Leshowtt, 15 cent, the (le, f.) water 

spout (shoot, m.c). 
Leskeel, 1 rye (sygal) field. 
Leskernick Hill, i.q. Lescarnick. 
Leskeys, 1. the burnt (leshjs) [field]. 
Leskinnick, Cennych's (w.) court. 
Lesmanaek, (13 cent.) the monk's 

(manach), or Meneage court. 
Lesnewth, new (newydh) width (les), 

Car. ; new, or ash-trees (enwith) 

court, (p.s. St. Michael, 0.). 
Le Sore or Soor, n.f, the stag, /. 
Lesperrow, 1 pear trees (perwith) 

court, (berw, a boiling, ^v., M.). 
Lesquite, the q^ioit, or cromlech 

place, T.Q.C.; = Llys coed, wood 

court, w., R.W.; 1 place (le) under 

(is) the wood (cuit). 

* Wliitaker makes the old patron saint to be Lananta, al. Kananc, a daughter of 
K. Brechan ; the present patron saint is St. Ewinus or Uny. Tonkin makes Lelant 
=le Ian, the church place ; Pryce says,=Za?i nant, the church on the plain, or, by the 
river. R.K. compares the name of this sandy parish with Les Landes, on the Bay of 
Biscay. In legal documents the parish is called Uni Lelant, T.C. 




Les-teader, -towder, 'JTudor's court 
Lestinnes, 1 castle cUnas) court. 
Lest-oon, -wen, -une, ? '2 hill {dun), 

or white (gwiii), or Deon's (w.) 

Lestormell, Car., 1 king's (mael) 

hill {to7') court; (no2(; Restormel). 
Lestou, Hlie {le,f.) place (stow, s.). 
Lest-widden, -wyn, 1 white (givin, 

givydn) court. 
Letcha, Lecha, 1 ivy (idzhio) place 

Letcher, %./., ? people's {leod, s.) 

spear ((/er, s.), t. ; or, i q. Letcha; 

(letshar, a frying pan). 
Letcot, U.q. Leddicoat. 
Lethanneck, a place of much sand, 

Sc. (1) ; now Little Petherick. 
Letharby, n.f., Lethar's dwelling 

{hy, d.), t. 
Lethbridge, n.f., % 1 the Iridge in 

the broad open plain, [lledd, w.), 

or over the leat or small stream, t. 
Lethlean, i.q. Leathlean. 
Lethnean, 1 the {an) lamb's {ean) 

side {leth, B.), or leat. 
Lethowsow, {i.q. Lionesse), the 

shore, IVh. {%). 
Leu-belec, -helec, s.B.m. ; 1 1 hairy 

(blewac) lion (leu). 
LEUCUM,?<;.i?.m., Uhe sheltered (hleo, 

s.) vale, t. 
Leudon, '\i.q. Lewdon. 
Leuenot, t.d.d., 1 beloved (leof) com- 
pulsion (not), t. 
Leueron, t.d.d., 1 beloved shield 

(rond), t. 
Leuiut, m.s. Camborne, the pilot or 

master of a ship (leuiut). 
Leumarh, iv.B.m., lion (leu) horse 

(march) ; or, beloved (leof, s.) fame 

(mar), t. 
Leuric, Bisliof, d.d., i.q. Leofric. 
Leuty, n.f, 1 = llety, house, room, 

lodging, w., M. ; or, i.q. Laity. 
Leuuinus, t.d.d., ? beloved (leof) 

friend (win), t. 
Levapper, i.q. Lavabe. 
Levarder, ■? higher (wartha) place (le). 

Lev-arrick, -orrick, 1 church (Ian) 

road (fo?-) place, C.J. 
Leveale, Leveles, n.f, the calf, 

the calves, f ■,1 = laffel, a cunning 

or sly hand, JF.N. 
Levellan, ? mill (inelin) place. 
Lev-enna, -na, 1. smooth or level 

(leven) [field]. 
Levermore, n.f., ^green (verth) moor 

(hal), reduplicated. 
Levers, n.f, 1 = Oliver's son. 
Leverton, nf., U.q. Alverton. 
Levinwell, 1 smooth {leven) field 

Levrean, i.q. Lavrean. 
Levrear, 'i = lle vear, great place, 

w., M. 
Lewannick, the church (Ictn) upon 

or near the marsh {ivinic), Pr. ; 

monk's (manach) church, IFh. ; 

St. Wednach's church, T. ; (^.s.St. 

Martin, 0.). 
LEW.VRNE, fox (locmi) place (le), 

Pr. ; 1 swampy or alder (gwernic) 

Lewcombe, 1 sheltered (hleo, s. ) vale, t 
Lewcott, old (coth) place (le), M. ; 

1 sheltered cot or wood, t. 
Lewdon, ? sheltered hill (dun), or 

down, t.,A.A.V. 
Lewell-en, -and, the horizon {lly- 

weli, IV.), M. 
Lewham, ? the sheltered (hleo, s.) 

meadow (holm), t. 
Le WIRES, Uhe virgin's (loyrhes) place. 
Lew Park, sheltered close, t. 
Lewrath, ? = luwarth, a garden, 

Ley, i.q. Lea. 
Leyland, i.q. Leland. 
Ley Park, unploughed close, t. 
Leyros, ? heath (ros) pasture land ; 

or, the {le, f.) heath. 
Lezant, 0. Lansant, Holy church, 

All hallows, Pr. ; (p.s. St. Briocus, 



LiBBY, n.f, Ifrom llibid, soft, w., M.; 
i.q. Mary, Y. 


LiCKHAM, 1 the flat stone (lech) en- 
closure {ham), M. 
LiDCOT, 1 i.q. Leddicoat. 
LiDDA Park, 1 dairy {hit ty) close. 
LiDDEL, n.f., = Little, s. 
LiDDEN, "Abroad (ledan) [field]. 
LiDDER Croft, 1 dairy croft. 
LiDG, f.m., 1 = the ledge. 
LiDGA, 1 i.q. Letcha. 
LiDGATE, ? = Midgeat, a postern gate, 

a back door, s. 
LiDGEY, 7i.f., 1 i.q. Hallingey ; or, 

ivy {idzhio) place {le). 
Lidwell, Our Lady's well, t., 31. 
LiFTGOT, 1 old {coth) flood [Uif, lo.), 

M. ; 1 cottage on the summit, t. 
Ligg-AR, -ER, 1 = clegar, a rock. 
LiGWRATH, place {le) near the shore 

(gwarth), M. ; % root {givredh) place. 
LiLLECRAP, LiLLiCARP, 11. f., % lily or 

little croft, t. 
LiM-iTS, -IGKS, from Umax, the sea 

snail, lat., Jo.C. 
LiMPiT, T.a.,'i = lime pit. 
LiMSWORTHY, i.q. Lemsworthy. 
LiNDERS, ? oak {dar) closes {lan-s). 
Line, m./., 1 lyn, a pool. 
LiN-GER, -gey, 1 flax {lin) close {ce). 
Linhay Park, shed close, t. 
LiNKAN Vounder, ■? the moist place 

{lynnic) in the {a'n) lane {bounder), 

LiNKANDALE, 1 the moist place in 

the dale, T.C. 
LiNKiNGHORNE, 1 the church {Ian) 

on the rising of the iron {haiarn) 

hill, Pr., church in the corner 

{horn) ; {p.s. St. Milorus, 0.). 
LiNNER, 1 long {hir) lake {lyn), or 

enclosure {Ian). 

LiNNEY, shed {lean-to, m.c.) [field]. 

LiNNiCK, 1 flax'(/m) field, R?F. ; or, 
moist place {lynnic). 

LiNYON, 71. f., i.q. Lanyon, 

LiPSON, n.f., 1 = Philip's son. 

Lis ART, d.d., i.q. Lizard. 

LlSGONE, i.q. Lescawne. 

LiSEADREN, 1 Sadwrn's {w.) court. 

LiSKEARD, 1 Carwyd's {w.) court; 
or court by the castle {caer) in the 
wood {cuit).^ 

LiSKERNiCK, rocky {carnic) court. 

LiSK-ERS, -ES, -IS, 1 = lescys, burnt. 

LiSKOMBE, n.f, 1 Luke's, or bushy 
{lesic) vale ; or, i.q. Loscombe. 

LiSKROW, ? heifer {ledzhec) shelter 
or hovel {croiv). 

LiSKY, •? bushy {lesic) close {hay). 

Lisle, 7i.f., the (/') isle, /. 

Lisniwen, d.d., i.q. Lesnewth. 

LisQUiTE, i.q. Lesquite. 

Lister, %/., 1 = hvythter, fine land, 
w., R.W. ; or, tester, a ship. 

LiSTETHA, ^Teithi's {w.) court. 

Listoo, 1 = lluestou, cottages, w. 

LiTHioCK, 1 = llaethog, yielding much 
milk, tv. 

LiTHTON, n.f, 1 1 hill {dun) side {leth). 

LiTH-ONEY, -NEY, V. LuNY, ? Theony's 
{w.) place {le). 

LiTTENS, Abroad {Man) [field]s. 

Little Good Grace, t.h.,1 little mid- 
dle {cres) wood {coed,) ; or, = little 
good-grass [field]. 

LiVELOE, cliff {dive) castle or tumu- 
lus {low), t, M'L. {fj 

Livers, 1 Oliver's [field]. 

Lizard, 1 high {ard) court {lis), or 

* B.m. Lyscekeuyt ; d.d. Liscarret ; old seal of the borough, Leskeket ; official 
name, Liskereet, alias Liskeaed. These latter forms have heen rendered " fortified or 
castle {caered, pi. of caer, w.) court or j)alace (lis), or, refiner's {ceard, e.) court or green 
(les)," Pr.; "the court (ciiird, e.) at the castle or earthwork (Z/os, e.)," Wh.; "square 
{carret=quadrata, lat.) camp," TV.S. ; " some say ' a place affected' ; others take it from 
the Cornish word Leskeveres (?), 'like length, like breadth, i.e. a square'; and so it 
anciently was, and so fortified, as the castle walls, yet in part remaining, shew," Sc. ; 
"widenesse {les, broad) gone (ker)," Car. ; "Lis- or Lios-ceart, the court (lios) of the 
old {ette) fortified {caer) town, and, of workers in metal {ceard), ga. ; otherwise, Lts- 
KEEBET, the lesser {et, s.) law court," Beat. 



cliff (als) ; or, steep (serth) place 

Liz ARE A WARTHAffe WOLLAS, lliigher 

a?id lower leper's {lizar) enclosure 

LizzoN or Clusion, 1 green (glas) 

down (oon). 
Lloyd, n.f., = lo. llwyd, grey, hoary, 

brown, R.W. 
LoBB, n.f., ? = leof, beloved, s. ; or, lob, 

a spider, s. 
Locke, the calf's (loch) place, T.C. 
LoCKETT, n.f., = lokkct, curled, i.e. a 

hero, (l, F. 
LocKHAM, 1 Lucco's home, t. 
Lock Park, 1 calf's close. 
LoCKSTiCH, 1 calf's intake or narrow 

strip (stkce, s.). 
LoDDECOOMBE, 1 heifer (lodn), or 

muddy {llckUog, w.), or prince's 

{leod, s.) vale. 
LODEN, 1 = ladn = glan, a bank. 
LoDENEK, Leland, brim or bank 

(ladn) of the water {ick), JFh. ; 

LoDERiCK, robber's {lader) creek 

(gwic), Po. ; now Padstow. 
LOE, = lo, a lake, pool, pond, or inlet 

of water, R. W. ; Loe Pool, a re- 

LoENTER, n.f., 1 = loivender, joy, 
mirth ; or, i.q. Launder. 

Loe VAN, little (bihan) mound (low, 
3.), M'L. 

Logan Rock, Loggon Stone, rock- 
ing (loging, m.c.) stone. 

LoGGAN, n.f, 1 Luke's down (goon) ; 
or, from Illogan, 

LoGG-AS, -us, -ATS Close, 1 calfs 
(loch) house (hios, w.), or wood (cus) 

LoNGABEAK, the long promontory or 
point (pyg, w.). 

LoNGA Park, long close (pare). 

Long Carne, 1 earn enclosure (Ian). 

Long Chepynge, 15 cent., 1 market 
(ceaping, s.) enclosure (Ian). 

Longcoe, 1 wood (coed) close (Ian). 

Long Grase, = long grass, B.B.K. ; 
'i middle (cres) enclosure (Ian). 

Longlean, = lawan ^aw, field of birds, 
T.C. ; ? long lane. 

Longore, ? the moor (cors) enclosure 

LoNGUNNET, 1 Cunedda's (to.) enclos- 
ure ; or enclosure of the downs 
(goon) with a gate (yet). 

Long Villan, "? mill (melin) enclos- 
ure ; or, long mill [field], 

Lonkamoor, % = long moor. 

Lonkelly, 1 grove (celli) enclosure 

LOOE, i.q. LoE.t 

Loom Hill, 1 naked or bare (llwm, 

w.) hiU. 
Loose-loran, 1 1 fox (lowern) bottom 

Loosemore, n.f., I, = Luke's moor. 
Lops Close, ? Lobb's Close. 
Lopthorne, 1 the lopiped or cut thorn. 
LoscOMBE, ? burning (lose), or camp 

(lost) vale (comb, s.). 
Lostwithiel, 1 WiTHiEL, or the 

Irishman's (gwyddel) encampment 

(lluest, w.).'!^. 

* Borlase says, " Ltsherd, much {liaz) thnist out {herdya, thrust forward, promi- 
nent) ; a chief place thrust forth, or headland jutting forth " ; Gough, " something 
thrown forward and high " ; Baxter, " high cape " ; Hals, " lofty (ard) or dangerous gulph 
between two lands, &c., {liz) "; Norris (speaking of Lizaed Point, Scilly) says, it im- 
plies a gate or passage^?/?. lUdiart, or lidiard; Jephson refers it to lazar, a leper; 
others to the reptile lizard, from its resemblance ; the Eev. W. Beal asks, " Was it in 
early days the high {ard) [beacon] light (les), ga."? 

f St. Mary is the patron saint of West Looe, 0, ; East Looe is otherwise called 
" St. Martin juxta Looe," 0. ; Scawen renders Looe and Loe a low or watery place ; 
M'Lauchlan prefers referring both Looe and Loe to the tumuli near, {low, a mound, 
tumulus, s.), rather than to llicch, a lake or pool, w., in Cornish, lo. 

I The UxELA or Uzella of Ptolemy, Cam. ; ^Les utliiel or uhal, the high palace 
(referring to its old site (?) at Restormel), Po. ; the palace {lis) of [earl] Withiel, Wh,; 




LOTHON, n.f., 1 i.q. LODEN. 

LoucHLANDS, ] fields by the water- 
side {louc'h, a.). 

LoucuM, cleric, iv.B.m., pool (16) in 
the valley (cum), M. 

LouMARCH, w.B.m., i.q. Leumarh. 

Lov-AGE, -IS Field, 1 1 ^ Loveys field. 

Love, w./., = loup, wolf, /., Lo. ; or, 
leof, beloved, s. 

Lovell, n.f., dim. of Love; or, i.q. 

LovEY, n.f, 1 ^ w. Llywy. 

LoviCE, n.f., % son of Llywy. 

LOWARTH COOSE, t.l)., 1 WOod {cus) 

garden (lowarth). 
LowBRYGGE, IF. t'Forc, = Loe bridge. 
LOWDON, 1 mound (loe, s.) hill. 
LowENAN, w.B.m., 1 = lovennan, a 

Lower, n.f, 1 = law Mr, of the long 

hand, tv. ; or, lower, a lord, Pr., a 

leper, Po. 
LowLEY, river, 1 flowing (Hi) pool 

(lo), M. 
LowRES HOSPITAL, leper's hospital. 
LoYS Cave, St. Eloy's cave. 
LuAR DREN, 1 home (dre), or thorn 

(draen) garden. 
LUBY, n.f, 1 i.q. LoVEY. 
LiTCCO, s.B.m , unexpected, one who 

was got by luck, t., F. (%). 
LuCKETT, ] = lock gate. 
LucKHAM, 1 Lucco's home (ham), t. 
Luc-, Lu-coMBE, 1 Luke or Lucco's 

vale (comb, s.). 
LucoT, 1 Lucco's cot, t. ; or sheltered 

(hleo, s.) wood (coat). 
Lucy, n.f, 1 = Lucius, light, lat. 
LuDCOT, 0. LuTCOT, ^ = w. llicydcoet, 

grey wood, R. W. ; ? Lutta's cot- 
tage, t. 
LUDDENGARTH, ? bank (ladn = glan) 

enclosure (garth). 
LUDDRA, % the cliffs or steep hills 

(leclrou) ; or, oak (der^i) enclosure 


LuDGVAN, from p.s. St. Ludowanus, 
0. ; = lud, or lug uan, high tower, 
B. ; 1 = Lhoydvan, grey stone, w., 
E. JF. ; 1 ox (udzheon) enclosure 
(km), T.C. 

L.-Laze, -LEES, 1 LuDGVAN meadows 
(leas, t.), T.C; (les, broad. Dr., 
court, Po.). 

LUDGY, ] i.q. LiDGEY, 

LUDON, 1 sheltered (hleo, s.) down. 

Luff, n.f, 1 i.q. Love. 

LuFFCOTT, lo. Luffing cotte, ?Leof s 

cottage, t. 
LUGG, n.f, 1 the undergrowth of 

weeds, clover, &c., among corn, rn.c. 

LUGGAN, 7l.f., i.q. LOGGAN. 

Lugger, 7i.f., 1 i.q. Longore. 
Lukey, n.f, 1 i.q. Luke. 
LUMBERT, 1 Beort's (/.) enclosure 

LUN-A, -EY, -NA, -Y, "? i.q. LiTHONY. 

LUNCEN, S.B.m., Ifrom w. llyngcu, to 

swallow ; m.c, clunk. 
LuNON, = iv/«6-?/% on, ash grove, w., 

LUNSTONE, 1 puffin (lundi, o.n.) rock. 
Lure, nf., 1 = luior, a painter; or, 

i.q. Lower. 
LuscoMBE, 1 Luke's or Lywci's vale ; 

or, i.q. LoscoMBE. 
LuSKEYS Tor, 1 the burnt (leskys) 

hill, or tor of burning. 
LusoN, n.f, 1 i.q. Glazon, 
LuTMAN, 7i.f., a man who stoops 

(lutan, s.) in his gait, t., Lo. 
LuTTRELL, n.f, dimin. of loutre, an 

otter, /., Lo. 
Lux Cross, St. Luke's cross. 
L. MOORE, n.f., % Luke's moor. 
L. Street, St, Luke's street. 
Lux-ton, -on, nf., 1 Luke's town. 
LuxuLYAN, 0. Lasullian, = lau 

Jtdian, church of St. Julian, T. ; 

(p.s. St. Cyrus and St. Julitta, 0.). 
Lyd-cott, -cutt, i.q. Ludcot ; or = 

llydiart, a country gate, w. 

the tented encampment {Uuest, w.) of the stranger (gwyddel, an Irishman), Fenton; the 
lion's (guitfil, B.) tail [lost), Le., Car. (!) ; vulgo, "Lost i' {=in) the hill," from its very 
low situation, (! !) ; p.s. St. Bartholomew. 



Lyde Rock, Ifrom St. Elidius. 

Lyle, n.f., i.q. Lisle. 

Lynajvi, n.f., ? dwelling (ham, s.) on 

the lake (/yu). 
LyiXE, n.f., 1 = lyn, a lake. 
Lynher, river, long {hir) lake, B. 
Lythe, 11 f., 1 1 = lyth, a limb, the 

back, Pr. 
Lywci, s.B.m., 1 lion {leu) dog (ci). 
Lyzon, 1i.^. Glazon. 


.ABBOT, n.f., dim. of Mabb = 

Abraham, Lo. 
Mabe, from p.s. St. Mabe, C.aS'.G., 

or St. Mabon or Mabyn, M. ; son 

(??iff&) [of God], H. ; 0. Lavabe, 

V. Lavapper, 1 church (Ian) of the 

son of Mary (mabmair). 
Mabelburrow, 1 maple tree, or 

Mabil's mound, /., Jo.C. 
Mabin, n.f., from St. Mabyn. 
Macey, ?^./.,/romMacei {Normandy), 

Machus, t.d.d., Maccos, -w.B.m., 

1 ? = raaximus, greatest, lat ; or, 

maharios, blessed, gr. 
Mackworth, nf., 1 i.q. Macurth, 

iv.B.m., li.q. Machraith {iv.s.). 
Mad-den, -dern, -ern, -ron, n.f, 

from St. Madron. 
Madderhay, mugwort {madere, s.) 

enclosure (hay), t. 
Maddox, n.f., son of Madoc {iv.), 

i.e. the beneficent. 
Mad-ers, -us, ■? Madern's [place]. 
Madford, % the place {mod, w.) at 

the ford ; or = m,iu!ford, t. 
Madly, 1 good {mad, w.), i.e. fertile 

place (le), or pasture {lea, t). 
Madvern, '? 1 alder {gwern) meadow 

(maes, maed). 
Maen addick, 1 the great (idhic) 

rock or stone (maen). 
M. Dower, the stone near the water 

(dour), Bl. 
M. du, the black (du) stone. 
M. heere, the long (Mr) stone. 
M. Tallack, the high {tallic) rock. 

Maentol, the holed (fol) stone. 
Maen y Grib, the comb-like rock. 
Maes Park, 1 meadow {-macs), or 

May's close. 
Magarus, 7n.s. JForthyvale, 1 — maha- 
rios, blessed, gr. 
Mager, the feeding place (maga, to 

feed) ; Magor, nf., the same, Pr. 
Magmain, 1 a brood {mag) of stones 

(my in), i.e. many stones, M. 
Maiden Bower, = men vor, the great 

stone or rock, N. 
M. HAYS, stone closes. 
Mail Park, '^michael's (Mihal) close 

Mainadew, i.q. Maendu. 
Maina-, ]\Iain-park, stone (maen) 

close (pare). 
Mainlay, % i.q. Maneley. 
Mainporth, ? stone cove (porth) ; or 

stone of the cove. 
Main waring, n.f, = Mesnil Warin, 

the manor of Warin, /., Lo. 
Maiowe, n.f., i.q. Mayow. 
Maker, f/.fZ. Macretone, IMacurth's 

(B.m.), or Magarus's (m.s.) town; 

(p.s. St. Julien, 0.). 
Male, n.f, 1 = 3fehal, Michael. 
Mal-edden, -idden, 1 broad (ledan) 

field (maes). 
Mal-et, -let, n.f, a mace, t 
Malpas, pr. MoPAS, bad passage, /., 

Pr. ; 1 trafltic (mael) passage, C. 
Manaburla, 1 place (man), or stone 

(maen) of embracing (hyrla), or of 

roses (hreilu). 
Managcan, 0. Minstre, Monathon, 

monk (manach) town (tun, s.), Wh.; 

the stony {maenic) haven {an = 

haun), or, haven (ack) of white 

(can) stones {myin), Pr. ; (p.s. St. 

Antoninus, ). 
Manack Point, monk's point. 
Manacles, church (eglos) rock or 

stone (maen), Po. 
Manallack, ] lower (tvollach) stone. 
Manaton, stony hill (dun), T. ; monk 

(manach) town, IFh. 
Manauloe, tumulus (loio,s.) of stone; 



or, the monk's (manach) tumulus, 

Mane, = maen, a stone. 
Manehay, stone enclosure (hay). 
Maneley, the stone pasture (lea, s.), 

or place (le) ; or, i.q. Mingeli. 
Manels, 1 1 sheaf of corn {manal yz), 

or Mannel's [field]. 
Mangitha, ? St. Ceitho's {w.) stone ; 

or, great {ithic^stonj (maenic) piece. 
Manhan-ick, -iot, n.f., from Men- 


Manhire, n.f., i.q. Menheir. 
Mankey, stone hedge (ce) ; or St. 

Cai's stone. 
Manley, n.f, i.q. Maneley. 
Mann, n.f, ? i.q. Mane, or Mohun. 
Manna, n.f, i.q. Manehay. 
Mannel, n.f, i.q. Manuel, 
the Mannick, the stony (maenic) 

Manning, U.q. Mannering. 
Man of war, i.q. Menavore. 
Mannering, n.f, i.q. Main waring. 
Manor-gwidden, -widden, white 

[gwicln) mountain (mener), Fr. ; 

1 white long (hir) stone (maen). 
Manuel, n.f., % high {uhel) stone 

{maen) ; or = Emmanuel. 
Manuel Scud, Manuel's low ledge 

of rocks {scud, m.c), T.C. 
Manute, n.f., i.q. Menheniot. 
Many Gullas, ? = maen y gales, the 

bottom stone. 
M. Park, i.q. Mainapark. 
M, Within, ? white {gwydn) stone. 
Mar-ADON, -radon, 1 horse {mark), 

or market (marchad), or boundary 

(mearc, s.) hill {dun). 
Marazion, Jews' {edzhuon) market 

{marhas), B.* 

Marble Field, 1 = maple field. 
Marbury, n.f, 1 from Marrabor- 

Marcaiew, Car., i.q. Market Jew. 
March, Marh, w.B.m., ? horse. 
Marcradden, If em (reden) boundary 

(mearc, s.). 
Mar-den, -don, n.f, 1 i.q. Maradon. 
Margate, i.q. St. Margaret's. 
Marghas-bigan, -bean, little mark- 
et; z.^. Marazion. 
Marham, the dwelling (ham) on the 

frontier, I.T. ; ^Marh's dwelling. 
Marham-, o. Marwyn- church, the 

church of St. Morwenna, p.s. 0. 
Marhasanvose, the (an) maid's 

(mos), 01- trench (fos) market (mar- 

Mark, king, and n.f., i.q. March. 
Market Jew, Jew (ezoio) market 

Markwell, the knight's (marheg), 

or boundary (mearc, s.) well. 
Marooney, i.q. Merther Uny. 
Marow, n.f, 1 1 dead {marow). 
Marraborough, 1 knight's barrow, 
M arrack, n.f., 1 = marheg, a horse- 
man, knight, cavalier, soldier. 
Marr-ais, -yes, = marais, marsh, /. 
Marshall, 1 marsh moor or hill (hal), 

or hall {hel). 
Marsh Park, ? marshy close. 
Marsland, = marshy land. 
Martha, 1 i.q. Math a. 
Marth Meadow, 1 flat, low, or sea 

sedge (merydd, w.) meadow. 
Mashgate, i.q. Marshgate. 
Mass Park, 1 i.q. Marsh Park. 
Matele,, now Methleigh. 
Matha, a flattening down {mathr, 

to.), a flat place, M. 

* Professor Max Miiller says, Maeazion may be " little {-en) market " (i.q. Mahghas- 
BiGAN, -bean), but, with friend and correspondent, J.B., prefers considering both Maea- 
zion and its alias Maeket Jew simple plurals of marlias, a market [pi. marhasion), and 
its more ancient form marchad (j^l. marchadyou). See " Macmillan's Magazine," April, 
1867, p. 486; and "Journal of the Eoyal Institution of Cornwall," 1867, p. 333. Le- 
land, Camden, Carew, Norden, Oliver, &c., make both " Thursday {dieu) market," the 
n being regarded as a mistake for m. Halliwell makes Marazion " market on the strand 
{zian) " ; Pryce, " market on the sea coast " ; Kingston, " market of the island {ia-n, s.) " ; 
Isaac Taylor, " bill by the sea" (p/i.) ; and others, " bitter Zion " {h.) ! ! 



Mattock, %./., 1 iq. Madoc, iv. 

Maudl-ey, -in, -ing, ? = St. Mary- 
Magdalene; Vi.q. MabIuY, B.Jr. 

Mauls Meadow, 1 mules' {moyls, 
m.c), o>- wether-sheep (inols) mead- 

Maunder, n.f., a beggar, t.; 1 = 
iiiMondir, peatland, lo., R.JV. 

Mawgan, from p.s. St. Mauganus, 
0. ; 1 = mor gem, by the sea, Pr. 

M. Forth, Mawgan cove. 

MaWLA, i.q. MOLA. 

Mawnan, from p.s. St. Maunanus 

[and St. Stephen], 0. ; boy's {rivno) 

plain or valley {nans), perhaps 

Mor-nan, vaDey or plain by the 

sea, Pr. 
M. Smith, Mawnan smithy, W.Pi. 
Maxworthy, ?Maccus's {B.m.) farm 

(weorthig), t. 
May, n.f., 1 = 7ne, May, the month ; 

(7nce.g, a man, a maiden, s., F.). 
the May, 1 the may-[\)ole place]. 
MAYNARD,»./.,mighty (meiii = megin) 

firmness, t., Y. ; ? high {ard) stone 

Mayndy, n.f., i.q. Mendy. 
Mayne, n.f, 1 i.q. Mean. 
M. Port, i.q. Mainporth. 
Mayo, o. Mayiiew, n.f, ] the yew 

(eo) plain (mack), i. 
Mayon, i.q. Mean. 
May Park, 1 hawthorn close. 
May Rose, 1 hawthorn moor (ros) ; 

or, i.q. Medrose. 
the Maze, 1 = maes, a field. 
Mazedipper, 1 1 May's pit (dipypa, 

B.) ; or, pit field (macs). 

Me ADEN WELL, ? i.q. MaNUEL. 

Mead Park, 1 meadoio close. 
Mead Rose, i.q. Medrose. 
Mealhern, % Michael's {Mihal), or 

trade {niael) corner (Jwrn). (Jiaiarn, 

Meal Park, 1 Michael's close. 
Mean, = maen, the stone. 
M.-A, -hay, stone close. 
M. GEAR, '? camp {caer) stone, 
M. HEER, long {Mr) stone. 

Mean land, rock of the sacred en- 
closure {llan, ic), M. 

M. MELLIN, Hhe yellow (me/?/;i) stone. 

M. Park, stone close (pare). 

M. SCREEFIS, the inscribed {scrifys) 

M. Toll, the hole (tol) stone. 

M. Y08E, 1 the maid's {mos) stone. 

Mear, '( the lake {mere, s.). 

Mears Park, 1 close with the boun- 
dary {gemere, s.) stones. 

Meashaist, 1 ? meadow {maes) island 
{holm, t), or home {ham, s.). 

Measmeer, great {'mear) field {maes). 

Meat Park, ? i.q. Mead Park. 

Meaver, 1 great {rear) field. 

Meddeschole, 1 3 cent.,nou-'MiciiELL. 

Medguistyl, fs.B.m., 1 1 mead or 
bashfulness (meth) pledge {guistel). 

Medhuil, fs.B.m., 1 the same. 

Medland, •? mead or meadow-land ; 
or, middle field, t 

Medl-ane, -yn, 1 = meddal hjn, soft 
swamp or pond, T.C. ; or, midlan, 
a field of battle, ii\ 

MeD-RES, -rose, i.q. MODROSE. 

Meer, i.q. Meah. 

Mehal Mill, 1 Michael's mill. 

Mein, n.f, i.q. Mayne. 

MeIN an DANS, t.b., i.q. Dawnsmen. 

Meinek, rod; strong, Bl. ; 1 stony. 

M. Point, stony {maenic) point, Bl. 

Melancoose, mill {melin) by the 

Avood {cuz). 
Melandrews, i.q. Mellandrucha. 
Mel-angye, -ingy, water-mill, JFh. ; 

or, mill by the water {gy). 
Melgess, the mill woods, Po. 
Melhuisii, n.f, the mill estate 

{huisc), t. 
Melindraft, yellow (melyn) sands 

{trait), C. ; mill scour (fi-af w.), M. 
Melingissey, the mill woods, Pr. 
Mellan-drucha, -druchia, the mill 

Avith the soHd wheel {driicha), JV.B. 
M. GOOSE, i.q. Melancoose. 
M. EAR, long {Mr) mill. 
M. HAYLE, mill on the river {heyl), 

or moor {Jial). 




Mellanoweth, new (noicydh)^ mill. 
Mellengeth, 1 wood \coed) mill ; or, 

i.q. Mellinseth. 
Mell-ewarxe, -waPvNE, alder or 

marsh (giceru) mill. 
Melliden, ''mill vale (de7iv, s.). 
Mellidor, 1 mill by tlie tor, or water 

Mellinike, mill, lake, leat, or bosom 

of waters (ike), H. 
Mellinseth, the dry mill, Pr. 
Mellon, n.f., 1 = melin, a mill; or, 

meillion, clover, tv. ; or, melyn, 

M. coosE, i.q. Melancoose. 
Mellow Park, ] malhw close. 
Melluckhorn, lucent, ^Mseiloc's 

(s.B.m.) corner (horn). 
Mellyncarne, the yellow (melyn) 

rock, Bl ; mill of the rock, E. W. 
Mellys, 1 lower (isa) or corn (iz) mill. 
Melorn, ? mill corner. 
Melrose, honey (md) moor, C. 
Men, 0. Maen. 
Menabilly, the colts' (ehilU) hill 

(menedh), Pr. ; stone of the wolf 

(bleit), a 
MENACHrRCH PoiNT, 1 monks' (ma- 

nach) church point. 
Menacrin, 1 stone of wailing (creenl). 
Menacuddle, hsiw'k(cudyU,iu.) stone 

(maen), C. ; 1 1rish (gwyddel) monk 

Menadarva, rock by the running 

water, T.C. ; the watery hill, or 

by the water, or, the hill of oaks, 

Pr. ; rock of the oak place, E. IF. 
Menadews, '? stones outside (dyves) ; 

or, black-stone [field]s. 
Menadodda, "^Dudda's (t.) .stone. 
Menadrum, 1 ridge (trum, w.) stone. 
Menadu, the black (du) mountain 

(menedh), Pr., or stone (maen). 
Menafield, 1 the stone field. 
Menagissey, i.q. Melingissey. 
Menague, the stone of Ijdng (giie), 

or of the smith (goiv), or of the 

chief (cu, ga.). 
Menagullas, i.q. Manygullas. 

Mexalida, 12 ce?it., 1 stone of wrath 

(Hid, w.), 31. ; "i 1 Ida's manor 

{m.esnil, f.);1 noiv Tehidy. 
Menallack, i.q. Manallack. 
Men ALU, 1 i.q. Manauloe. 
Menamber, Ambrose's rock, Car. ; 

rounded (amhol) stone, C. ; stone 

of crookedness (camder, w.), M. ; 

i.q. Menanbar, the top (an bar) 

stone, B. 
Men an tol, the stone with the 

hole (tol), or holed stone. 
Menaridden, li.q. Manorgwidden. 
Menar-vorth, -warth, ? the high 

(anvarth) stone. 
Menauls, ] i.q. Menagullas. 
Menavean, little Meanhay. 
Menavore, the great (maur) stone 

or rock. 
Menaw, '? % = maenau, the stones. 
Menawethan, the rock of the tree 

(gwedlien), N. 
Mendy, the black (du) stone, J.B. ; 

or, house (ty) by the stone ; or 

stone house. 
Meneage, - maenic, stony, B. ; the 

deaf (aege 1) stone, Pr. ; a penin- 
sula (ph.), Dr. ; = meneagnc, stony 

clefts, C. 
Meneburl, ? rock of peril (peryl) ; 

or, i.q. Manaburla. 
Menedeglos, % church (eglos) hill 

{menedh), E.JF. 
Menefes, 1 outside (ves) Manehay. 
Mene-gissey, -guissey, i.q. Melin 

GISSY, the mill woods, Pr. 
Meneglase, 1 the blue (glas) stone ; 

or, i.q. Manygullas. 
Menegwins, the white (gicyyi) hills, 

H. ; Avind (gtcyns) rock [maen), J.B. 
]\Iene-hy, -hey, i.q. Manehay. 
Menely, i.q. Maneley. 
Menerdue, i.q. Menadu. 
Menerlue, i.q. Menalu. 
Menessa, ? lower {isa) Meanhay. 
Menewethen, i.q. Many Within. 
Menewink, i.q. Menwinnick. 
Men Fleming, the Fleming's Eock,^'". 
M. Gearn, 1 the stone on the face 




{cern) of the hill, RJF. 

Menglow, the coal {glo, w.) rock. 

Mengrees, ] the middle (cres), or 
hedge {ga7-z) stone. 

Menheir, battle (heir), or long (hlr) 

Menhen-ick, -ITT, n.f.,from 

Menheniot, the old {hen) stone 
(maen) gatii (yet), H. ; the mountain 
(menedh) of the elder (heneth), JFh., 
or, 1 of St. Neot, (1 o. ^hs., noiu St. 
Antoninus, 0.) ; a hill on a high- 
way (]), Sc. 

Men HERRI AN, ? the boundary {ur- 
rian) stone. 

Menies, 1 stone fields (liaie^, /.), 

Men-ke, -kee, i q. Mankey. 

Menna, Mennah, i.q. Meanhay. 

M. BROOM, 1 broomy Meanhay ; or 
stone of offering (offnvn, w.). 

M. CLUE, 1 stone of light {goleii). 

M. DOWN, "? stony {maenic) down. 

M. GLAZE, i.q. Meneglase. 

M. WARTHA, higher stone (maen), or 

Menn-ear, -eer, -er, -or, 1 i.q. Men- 
heir; (mener, a monntsdn, Lh.). 

Mennerees, % long-stone (inaen hir) 
closes {hales). 

Men-pengrin, -perkin, the pilgrim 
or stranger's {pirgirin) rock, N. ; 
{pengarn, a gurnard). 

Menperhen, 1 the king's {hren), or 
proprietor's (berhen) stone. 

Mensham, 1 1 nuns' (manaches) en- 
closure {ham, w.). 

Menwi-dden, -nnion, the windy 
place {man), B., {gwyns, wind). 

Menwinni-ck, -on, head {men =pen) 
of the marshes, Pr. ; marshy {tvin- 
nic) place {man), J.B. 

Meredith, n.f., sea protector, Y. 

Merkiu, Cam., i.q. Market Jew. 

Merlins Car, Merlin's rock, Bl. 

Merlyn, the great lake, Fr. ; or, 
= w. merchlyn, the horse-pond, 

Merr-et, -ITT, n.f., li.q. Meredith. 

Merri-, Merry-field, = Mary's field 

Merrick, [the rock of the sea bird] 

Merriott, n.f., ]Ehyod's (lo.) place 

(»?«)) or field (maes). 
Merr-ls, -ose, -ows, i.q. Medrose. 
Merrymaidens, 1 the dancing and 

therefore merry stones, {maidens = 

Merry-meeting, -mit, 1 the same; 

or, place where the hounds meet. 
Mertha, ? i.q. Martha or Merther. 
Merthen, \n]l{din) by the sea {7nor); 

or, i.q. Merlin, Fed. 
Merther, from p. s. St. Conanus {0.) 

the martyr (nierthyr, w.) ; or, the 

martyrium over his grave, J.Ca. ; 

= mor dor, sea water, Pr. (!). 
Merther Der-ua, -va, the martyr- 
ium in the oak {deru) place (ma, 

M. Uny, the martyrium of St. 

Mesack, the field, Pr. ; dry {seek) 

field {maes), T.C. 
Meskall, n.f., 1 = mareschal, a mar- 
shall, /. ; or, hazel {coll, w.) field 

Mesmear, i.q. Measmear. 
Messenger, 1 1 field (maes) of the 

{a'n) camp {cae?-) ; or, from n.f. 
Messengrose, 1. the (an) cross (crous), 

or marsh {cors) field. 
Messer, n.f, 1 long (Mr) field. 
Metford, n.f, 1 i.q. Madford. 
Mether-all, -ell, -ill, 1 1 the 

meadow {mead) on {ar) the river 

Meth-eres, -rose, i.q. Medrose. 
Meth-erin, -ern, 1 the corner {hwn) 

Methers Colling, ? 1 the martyr 

chapel of St. Golan. 
Metheruistel, w.B.m-., 1 martyr 

{mcrthyr) pledge {guistel). 
Metheruny, i.q. Merther Uny. 
Methley, d.d. Methele, 1 feeding 

place (le) ; {methia, to feed). 
Metters, n.f., li.q. Medrose, 
Meule, n.f, i.q. MUEL. 




MevaCtISHEY, from jJ.s. St. Mewaand 

St. Ida {0.}, or Issey, Car. ; al. 

Menagissey, mill {melin) woods, 

Pr. ; a hill {menedh) to keep mares 

(cassegy) in, Sc. 
Mewdon, the great hill (dun), Pr. 
Mewstone, 1 greater i^mui), or gull 

{mmv, s.) rock. 
Michaelstow, the place (stow, s.) 

of St. Michael, (p.s., 0.). 
MiCHELL, n.f., i.q. Michael; or, from 
Michell, 0. Modish OLE, Meddes- 

CHOLE, 1 the low [iml) place {mod). 
Michell Morton, 1 great (my eel, s.) 

Michelstow, n.f, i.q. Michaelstow 
Middlecoat, n.f, 1 middle cottage 

(cote, s.), or wood (coat). 
MiD-DLiNCr, -LEN, i.q. Medlane ; or, 

middle meadow {ing, s.). 
Mid Gargus, 1 the meadow {mead) 

near (gar) the wood (cus). 
Migel, t.d., i.q. Mitchell. 
Migiistow, i.q. Michaelstow. 
Milcenoc, s.B.m., servant or dis- 
ciple {maeJ, i.) of St. Cynoc. 
MiLCOMBE, the mill vale, t. 
Mil-dern, -dren, n.f, 1 servant or 

disciple of St. Edejo-n. 
Mile, nf., 1 = 3Iihal, Michael. 
MiLET, n.f, 1 i.q. Malet. 
Milhaim, ? the dwelling at the mill, 

t. ; d.d. Melledham. 
Milian, IV. P.m., 1 = meilion, clover, m'. 
Milla-don, -TON, the mill enclosure 

{tun, s.), t. 
MiLLAN, n.f, 1 i.q. MiLLAND, the 

mill field {land, s.), or enclosure 

Millencoose, i.q. Melancoose. 


Millet, n.f, 1 mill gate {yet) ; or, 

i.q. Malet. 
]\tiLLiNDRETH, mill on the sand 

(iraith) ; o. Melyntrait. 
Millington, n.f, i.q. Millaton. 
Millinowal, cliff (lial = ah), or high 

(uhal), or Howel's mill. 
Millinowith, i.q. Melinoweth. 

Millinse, 1 dry (seek) mill. 
MiLLROSE Croft, ? mill valley (ros) 

croft, J. P. ; 1 ros, a Avheel. 
Mills, n.f, Michael's [son]. 
MiLROY, n.f, Ithe king's (rone, a.) 

soldier {niael, a.). 
Milton, 1 the mill, or middle, or 

Michael's enclosure (tun, s.). 
MiLWAiN, n.f, 1 i.q. Merlesuain, t.d.d. 

MiN-ACK, -NACK, 1 i.q. MaNNICK. 

MiNALTO, the cliff (allt, tv.) rock 

(maen), N. 
MiN-AaiEER, -NiMEAR, 1 the great 

{mear) stones (myin). 
MiN-ARS, -ORS, n.f, 1 boundary (harz) 

stone (maen), or stones (myin). 
MiNAS Cove, 1 little (minys) cove, M. 
MiNCAMBER, Sc., "Welshman's rock ; 

i.rq. Men AMBER. 
MiNCARLO, the martin {carlo, o.n.) 

rock, N. 
MiNERD, 1 high (ard) stone. 

MiNE-Y, -HAY, i.q. MANEHAY. 

MiNGELi, d.d., % stone (maen) by the 

grove (celli) ; or, Gelhi's (iv.) stone. 
MiNGEYS, n.f., ? i.q. Melingissey. 
Mi N GOOSE, the Idds' (miii) wood 

(cus), E. IF. ; 1 wood mine. 
MiMCHESLAKE, 0., the nuns' (ma- 

naches) lake. 
MiNiT, = m3/»?/f/f/,amountain,?t'., Wh. 
MiNMANUETl-l, r scrubby isle or rock; 

{mamvydd, brushwood, ic), A^. 
THE MiNNACK, the stony piece. 
MiNNER, ? = menhir, long stone. 
MiNNEY, 1 i. q. MiNACK, or Manehay. 
MiNSES Down,? the nuns' (manaches) 

Minster, the monastery, (p.s. St. 

Mertheriana, 0.). 
Minwonnet, ] ] the stone on the 

down (gioon) with a gate (yet). 
MiRRiL, n.f, 1 = moor hill, t. ' 
Misery, 1 1 acre (erii) field (maes). 
MisSLE Park, 1 moor (hal) meadow 

(maes), or blackbird close (jmrc). 
Mitchell, n.f, = Michael, or, migel, 

great, s. ; or, i.q. Michell. 
Mitchinson, n.f., i.q. Mitchellson. 




MiTHiAN, the feeding place, Pr., 

(methia, to feed) ; c.d. St. Peter. 
Mttter, n.f., 1 = meder, a reaper. 


MoASE, n.f., 1 = Moses. 

MocHiL Trewint, great (mucel, s.) 

Mock, n.f., 1 = macJi, a surety, bail, w. 
MoCKARD, n.f, la mocker; or, i.q. 

Macurth, s.B.m. 
MoDDERN, n.f, from Madron. 
MoDESHOLE, 14 cent., noiv Michell. 
Moditon, % the meeting {mot) en- 
closure (tun), t. 
MODITONHAM, the meeting or court 

dwelling, H. ; or, MODITON home. 
Modrose, place {mod) in the valley 

{ros), Pr., or heath. 
MoFFATT, nf., ■? i.q. Mufford. 
MOHUN, n.f., from Moyon {Brittany), 

Lo. {moun, lame, maimed, a.). 
MoLA, ] the bare {moel) place ; or, = 

mola, a mill, lat., a blackbird, c. 
Mole, n.f., H.g-.MoYLE. 
MoLESWORTH, n.f, % Mole's estate 

{iceorthig, s. ) ; or, sheep {mols) 

MOLEYiNS, O.n.f, li.q. MOLINESS. 
MOLINGEY, i.q. Melangey. 
MOLINICK, the place of goldfinches 

{molinek), Pr. ; the mill place, JVh. 
MoLiN-ESS, -Niss, 1 lower (isa), or 

island {emjs) mill. 
Molinsey, i.q. Mellinseth. 
MOLLARD, nf., % miller. 
MONGLEATH, = IV. Mwnglawdh, from 

mwn, ore, clawdh, a quarry, R. IF. 
Moon, n.f, i.q. Mohun. 
Moras, sea (inor) passage {pas, f.), 

M'L. ; i.q. Malpas. 
MoR, p.m., the sea; or, = mawr, great. 
MORAH, % i.q. MORVAH. 
Morcant, 10. p.m., 1 sea margin {cant). 
MOR-COM, -COMBE, n.f., a bend {cam) 

of the sea {mor), R. JF. ; 1 sea vale. 
MoR-DAN, -den, % moor hollow {denu, 

s.\ t. 
Morell, n.f, ? moor hill, t. 
Mor-eps, -ebs, -rabs, -rops, 1 ] [fieldjs 

by {'W) the sea side, Pr.; 1 = 

moreh, the ebb-tide, w., M. 
Mor-es, -is, i.q. Marrais. 
Moresk, =: moresc, sedge, w., B.W. ; 

sea (wwr),estuary or creek (es^),lZ''iy. 
Morgan, duke, by the sea, Pr. ; sea 

born {geni, iv.). 
Mor-ice, -riss, nf., i.q. Mores. 
Morkham, n.f, i.q. MoRCOM. 
Morlah, 1 sea enclosure {Ian). 
MoRLAND, moorland, t. 
MoRLEY, n.f., "? moor pasture, t. 
MoR-RAB, -RAP, by the sea-side, Pr. 
MoRSHEAD, n.f, i.q. Penh ALLOW. 
MoRTH, = murth, a foundation ; or, 

marth, flat, open, plain, w., M. 
MORTHA, i.q. MarTHA. 

Morton, d.d. Mortune, 1 Mor's, or 
the moor enclosure {tun), t. 

MoRVAH, the place {va) near the sea, 
Pr., or a fenny place {mor fa, a 
marsh), Po. ; {p.s. not known). 

MoRVAL, the same, Pr. ; sea valley, 
T. ; brink {ael, lu.) of the marsh, 
C. {p.s. St. Wenna, 0.). 

MoRViLLE, n.f, 1 the town {ville, /.) 
by the sea {mo?-) ; or Mor's town. 

MoRWEL, 1 Mor's, or the moor well 

Morwinstow, the place {stow,s.) oiSt. 
Morwenna, (p.s., 0.) ; place of St 
Wenna by the sea {mor), R.S.H. 


MossE, 1 the marshy piece, t. 
Moteland, 1 the land where the 

assembly {mot) was held ; or, field 

with a stump {mot, m.c.) in it, f. 
MoTTRAM, n.f, strong {ram) courage 

{mod), s., F. 
MouDLiNWELL, Magdalene's well, t 
Mould, w./., 1 = mont alt, high hill,/., 

Lo. ; or = mollt, a wether sheep, w, 
Mouls Rock 1 wether sheep rock. 
MouNE, n.f., i.q. MoHUN. 
Mount Carless, ? castle {caer) 

court {lis) hill, M. 
M. Coldwind, 1 cold wind, or white 

hazels {coll win) hill. 
M. Hawke, ? Hawke's, or high 

{hawk, Pr.) hill. 




Mount Hermon, 1 1 long (Mr) stone 

{maen) hill. 
M. Hay, % hill field, t. 
M. HOLMAN, ? holed stone (tobnen) 

hill, ilf. 
M. PiSKEY, fairy hill. 
MousAL, maid's {mm), or sheep 

(mols) moor (hal), or river (A«yO- 
Mouse Close, 1 wether sheep (mols) 

MouSEHOLE, from a large cavern 

near, Bj). Stafford; maid's {mos) 
. river (heyl), B.E. ; or, i.q. Mottsal, 

or MoDESHOLE. {1 = viousheol, the 
J bone of the cuttle-fish, Jo.C). 
MoWHAY, the stack (jnow) enclosure 

{hay), t. 
Mow Plot, stack piece, t. 
Mox Field, % Maccos's field. 
MoxLEY, n.f., % Maccos's pasture. 
MoYES, MoYSE, ??../., ? Moses. 
MoYLE, n.f., a mule, m.c. ; bald- 
headed {moel), R. IF. ; or = moelh, a 
, blackbird. 
M. Park, mule close. 
MoZENS, 1 maid's {mos) island {enys). 
MozRANG, the maid's (mos) pool, Bl. 
Much Larnick, great Larnick. 
MuCHMORE, n.f, 1 great moor, t. 
MuCKFORD, 1 dirty {muck) ford, t.,T.C 
Muddy Park, 1 muddy close (pare). 
MuDG-AN, -EON, -IAN, = muchan, a 

short chimney, H. ; ox {udzheoii) 

field {mass), T.C. 
MuDGE, n.f., 1 = 7nuch, great, s. 
MuDLEY Park, muddy pasture 

close, t. ; or, i.q. Madly. 
MuEL, s.B.m., 1 i.q. Moyle. 

MUG-AUN, -EON, 7l.f., ^.^. MUDGAN; 

or, = mogyon, the vulgar, B. 
MuFFORD, n.f., 1 mud, or swine 

{moch\ or dirty (muck, t. ) ford. 
MuGBERRY, the great {much) hill 

(hurg), t. 


bare {moel) hill {hre), Pr. 
MuLLiON, from p.s. St. Melanus, 0. ; 
St. Meliana, 3£.; the cold {iein) 
bare (moel) place or exposure, Fr. 

MuLLiON Park, o. clover {meillion) 

close (pare). 
MuLLis, n.f., — moel-lys, bare court, 

or moellas, green bare place, w., 

B.. W. ; a she mule or ass {^mules, 

IV.), M. 
Mum-, Mun-ford, n.f, 1 St. Mawan's 

{w.) ford. 
MuN-DAY, -DY, n.f., 1 ore {mivyn) or 

mine house {ty). 

MUNGEON, n.f, 1 i.q. MUDGAN. 

MuNGLOR, 1 musician's (cler) stone 

{maen), or place {man). 
MUNSELL, n.f., ^ seal {sel) stone 

{maen) ; or, lower {isal) bog 

{moin, i.). 
MuRDON, great {mur) hill {dim). 
MuRLEY, n.f., % moor pasture, t. 
MuRTH, i.q. MoRTH, M. 
MuRTON, n.f., moor enclosure, t. 
Mush-, Mus-ton, 1 moss or marsh 

enclosure, {tun), t. 


MuN Beacon, % stone {maen) ob- 
Mutton, nf., from Moditon. 

Mydhope, n.f, 1 middle opening 

(ojye, m.c). 
Myendu, Lei, black (du) stones 

{my in). 
Mylor, from p.s. St. Meilyr, M., 

{Meilorus, 0.) 
Myn, Mynne, nf. 1 = myn, a kid; 

or, mayn, a friend, intimate. 
Myrmen, w.B.m., ? great {mur) stone 

{maen), M. 


abine, ? i.q. Nape AN. 
N ackers, 1 i.q. Nancarras. 
Nacothan, nf., i.q. Nancothan. 
Nadderwell, adder {ncedre,s.) well. 
Naffean, i.q. Nape AN. 
Naffeton, 1 Nava's enclosure (tun, 

s.) ; or, i.q. Nanceventon. 
Nag Park, 1 horse close, t. 
Nagle, n.f, from ncegel, a nail, s, ; 

or, i.q. Nigellus. 



Nailboeough, 1 1STiGELS barrow, t. 
Naile, ii.f., i.q. Nagle. 
Nairn, n.f., ? = an haiarn, the iron. 
Najarrow, i.q. Nancharrow. 
Nakerris, i.q. Nanc arras. 
Namail (13 cent), Michael's {Mkd) 

valley [nance) ; note Amble. 
Nam-bell, -bol 1 distant (jyel), or 

pit (pol) valley. 
Nampara, 1 hand-mill (hwv), or 

higher (warra — imrtha) valley. 
Nampean, i.cj^. Nancepean. 
Nam-petha, -pitty, i.q. Nanpitho. 
Nampl-oe, -ough, -ow, ] further 

(jK'lla) valley. 
Namprathick, 1 meadowy vale. 
Nancadden, 1 wood-pigeon {cudon) 

vale ; battle (cad) vale, Beal. 
Nancar, the valley rock {cam), or 

rock in the valley, H. ; 1 rock vale. 
Nancarras 1 fen {cors) vale. 
Nancarrow, the stag (cccroiv) valley, 
, Pr. ; brook (carrog) vale, T. 
Nancassick, 1 woody (cussic), or the 

mare's (caseg) vale. 
NaisCATHA, 1 higher (givariha) vale. 
Nance, a plain, valley, dale, ravine; 

= nant, a ravine, a brook, to: 
N. alvern, Alverton valley. 
N. Crossa, 1 valley of the crosses 

(crowsoiv), or marshes (corsow). 

N. gollen, i.q. Nansagollan. 


N.-Keage, -Kuge,-Kute, the village 
(givic) on the plain or near the 
valley, Pr. 

N. Loe-Greaz, -Wartha ^- Wollas, 
the middle (cres) higher (icartha) 
& lower (icollas) valley with the 
tumulus (low, t.), or pool (lo). 

N. lone, grove {Uwijn, w.), or fox 
(loicern) vale. 

N. mabyn, ] St. Mabyn's vale. 

N. marrow, 1 1 the vale of the dead 
(marow) [man]. 

N. MEER, great (mear) valley. 

Nancemellin, mill (melin) vale. 

N. molkin, dirty valley, Pr. 

N. NOY, nephew's (^noi), or Noye's, or 

Noe's valley. 
N. NT, i.q. NanSANT. 
N. NTURIES, 1 1 the valley of the 

N.-PEAN, -VEAN, little vale. 
N. VENTON, spring {fenten) vale. 


N. WIDDEN, white (gwycln) tree 

(gicedhen^, or little (vean) vale. 
N. WRATH, 1 giant's (ivrath) vale. 
Nanch-arrow, -errow, % higher 

{warra = ivartha) valley. 
Nanchert, d.d., 1 ? heron (cerhidh) 

Nanchollas, 7l.f., 1 i.q. Nancollas. 
Nanckivel, i.q. Nankivel. 
Nanclassons, vale of the green 

(ghts) island (enys). 
Nanc-ledey, -ledra, valley of chffs 

(kdroiv), T. C. ; or, i.q. Nansladron. 
Nancolla, 1 lower (gicoUach), or 

Colo's {t.d.d.) vale. 
Nancollas, 1 bottom (gohs) vale. 
Nancolleth, 1 hazel-grove [collwith) 

Nancor, ] i.q. Nancar. 
Nancorras, 1 i.q. Nancarras. 
Nancotha, i.q. Nancatha. 
Nancothan, the old {coth) valley, 

Pr. ; the wood {coat) valley or 

river {nant, w.), Gu\ ; valley of the 

wood, T.C.; 1 i.q. Nancadden. 
Nancrobus, 1 valley of the hut 

{croic) by the bush (hos), or of 

Nancrossa, i.q. Nancecrossa. 
Nanf-an, -on, n.f., i.q. Nancevean. 
Nanfellow, 1 i.q. Namploe. 
Nanfisick, Fisick's (/.) valley. 
Nanfons, 1 bridge {pons) valley. 
Nangarth-an, -IAN, n.f., 1 valley of 

the mountain ash {cerden). 
Nanges, cheese {ces) valley. 
Nangidnal, 1 1 narrow {idn) vale by 

the moor {hal). 
Nangiles, 1 the valley of Julius, 




Silus (m.s.), or Giles. 
Nangitha, 1 hide away (cii/Ihe, to 

conceal), or Ceitho's (iv.) valley. 
Nangollan, i.q. Nansagollan. 
Nangothan, i.q. Nancothan. 
Nanguan, owl's (cmn, iv.) valley, M. 
Nanguithnea, ] woody (givlthenic) 

Nanguitho, 1 ^ the widow's {gwed- 

how) vale. 
Nanhellon, 1 fir-tree (aidhlen) vale. 
Nanhethal, high (uthcd), Irishman's 

(givijdhel), or hawk (cudyll, w.) 

Nanjarrow, i.q. Nancharrow. 
Nanjenkin, Jenkin's valley. 
Nanjeth, ? vale of the arrow {zeth). 
Nanjeval, i.q. Nankivel. 
Nanjewick, 1 village {givic) vale. 
Nanjizel Cove, the cove beneath 

the valley, Bl. ; (isal, low). 
Nanjulean, valley of hazels (coll), 

Pr. ; ? king-fishers' (guilan) vale. 
Nankeg, 1 snipe (giach, iv.) vale. 
Nankelly, hazel-grove (celli) vale. 
Nankersey, the winding vale, T. ; 

(ceirsio, to wind, B.). 
Nankervis, 1 ?Gervis's (t.) valley. 
Nankivel, horse (ceml) valley, Pr. 
Nanpe-an, -dn, i.q. Nampean. 
Nan-petho, -pitho, the rich valley 

(2)ethou, riches), Fr. ; 1 valley of 

the graves (bedJiow), or birches 

(bedho, Fr.). 
Nanphysick, i.q. Nanfisick. 
Nanploe, i.q. Namploe. 
Nanpouus, 1 bush (bagas) vale. 
Nanpus-GAR, -ker, four (pesguar) 

(jjiscadur) valleys, T.C. 
Nanquidno, Gwyddno's (w.) vale. 
Nans, Nanse, i.q. Nance. 
Nansacre, ugly (hagar), or daisy 

(egr) valley. 
Nansalvern, i.q. Nancealvern. 
Nansadurn, the valley of Saturn, 

B. ; 1 Sadwrn's (?<?.) vale. 
Nansagollan, the hazel-tree (collen) 

valley, E. JF. ; 1 valley of the holy 

{gol) enclosure (Ian), T.C. ; the 

hart's valley, Fr. ; {colon, the 

heart ! !). 
Nansalsa, 1 Sulleisoc's vale. 
Nansalter, 1 the valley of the 

altar, or of Aldar {to), or of 

Nansant, holy {sant) vale. 
Nansanton, the town {tun, s.) or hill 

{dun) of the holy vale, T. 
Nansarth, high {cirth), or steep 

{serth), or hedgehog {sarth) vale. 
Nan-saugh, -sough, the fat, i.e. 

fertile vale, {soath, soa, fat, tallow), 

T. ; li.q.'^Al^iSOG. 
Nansavallan, apple-tree {avallen) 

valley, Fr. ; Ifrom Albalanda. 
Nansawhan, ? Zawn valley, T. G. 
Nansawsan, the Saxou's valley. 
Nanscarra, i.q. Nancarrow. 
Nan - scAUAN, -scawn, ii -scoven, 

-SCOWEN, the valley of the elder- 
tree {scawen). 
Nanscowe, vale of elders (scaw). 
Nans-eddon, -idon, 1 furze {eithen), 

or bird {edhen) valley. 
Nansedern, 1 i.q. Nansadarn. 
Nansefrink, French valley, Pr. 
Nanseglos, church {egios) vale. 
Nanseven, 1 little (bihan), or Evan's, 

i.e. John's valley. 
Nanshear, long {Mr) vale. 
Nanshutal, 1 sorceress's (hudol) 

vale; or, i.q. Nanhethal. 
Nansias, 1 barley {hctiz) vale. 
Nansidwell, Sidwell's valley. 
Nansilgans, 1 1 Sulcan's valley. 
Nansisicke, 1 corn (izic) vale. 
Nanskervis, n.f., i.q. Nankervis. 
Nanskuke, i.q. Nancekuge. 
Nanskylly, i.q. Nankelly. 
Nansladron, the thieves' {ladron) 

valley, {or bottom, J.B.). 
Nansloe, i.q. Nance Loe, the vale 

leading to the lake or pool, D.G. 
Nanslowen, n.f., 1 i.q. Nancelone. 
Nansme-ar, -or, i.q. Nancemeer. 
Nansmellyn, i.q. Nancemellin. 
Nansog, moist {sog) valley, JVh. 
Nans-peri AN, -pian, n.f., the valley 



of thorns (spern). 
Nanstallon, 'I Talan's (lo.B.m.) vale. 
Nanstance, n.f., 1 castle {dinas) vale. 
Nans-, Nan-trissack, 1 brambly 

{dreisic) bottom or ravine. 
Nansug-ALL, -well, 1 rye (sijgal), 

or bench (scavel) valley. 
Nans-whyden, -widdex, the white 

(gicydii) valley, Fr. ; or, tree (gwedh- 

en) vale. 
Nantallan, the miry {teU, dirt, 

mire) valley, Pr. ; the valley of 

the church or chapel {Ian), M'L. ; 

? vale of the Alan river. 
Nantallis, 1 echo {adhis, to.) valley. 
Nantarnan, 1 Aronan's (w.) vale. 
Nanteg, fair {teg) valley, R.W. 
Nanteglan, ] enclosure {Ian) in the 

fair valley. 
Nantellan, 1 elm-tree {ehn) vale ; 

or, i.q. Nantallan. 
Nanteren, 1 prince's (teyrn) vale. 
Nanterrow, 1 bulls' {terrow) vale. 
Nanthex, Ibird {edhen) vale. 
NANTLA.X, 1 furze {eithen) dale; or, 

i.q. Nantven. 
Nantirrat, 1 trout {trut) dale. 
Nant-oryan, -xirrian, ] boundary 

{yrhian), or Urien's {iv.) vale. 
Nantowas, sheep {dauaa) bottom 

{nnnt) ; or, vale outside {aves), 

Nant-rellow, -illo, 1 Trillo's {w.), 

or brewer's {darllatoydd, w.) vale. 
Nants, i.q. Nance. 
N. mellyn, the mill river valley,Pr. ; 

i.q. Nancemellyn. 
N. well, % valley spring. 
Nanturras, '? bramble {dreis) dale. 
Nantven, n.f., little {vecm) dale. 
Nantyrack, % golden {oirech), or 

dung {orrach), or water {douric) 

Nap, 1 turnip (neap, Po.) [field]. 
Naph-an, -ean, i.q. Nampean ; or, = 

an vean, the little. 
Naphant, n.f., i.q. Naffeton. 
Napper, n.f, 1 great {vear) vale 

{nans) ; or, = an vear, the great. 

Naraboe, 1 Riabach's {k.) valley. 
Naramore, n.f, ? narrow-moor. 
Nare Point, 1 the long {an Mr), or 

battle {an heir), or Ner's (iv.) point. 
Nar-in, -ran, n.f, 1 i.q. Nairn. 
Narkurs, 1 i.q. Nankervis. 
Narrow Hale, ? Park an arrow 

taken from, or by the moor {/ml). 
N. widden, 1 tree {gwedhen) Park 

an arrow. 
Nash, n.f, 1 = alien ash, by the ash, 

t., Lo.; or = nces, a cape, s. 


Natasias, i.q. Negosias. 
Nathans Cave, i.q. St. Nectan's or 

Kneighton's Keive. 
Nath Down, T.a., 1 north doivns. 
Natt, n.f, 1 from St. Neot. 
Natter Bridge, i.q. Noddetor. 
Nattle, nf., % i.q. Nettle. 
Nautrisick, nf., i.q. Nantrissick. 
Nav-a, -as, nf., i.q. Knava. 
Nawkervis, n.f, i.q. Nankervis. 
Nawns Croft, 1 valley {nance) croft, 

Naw-Voz, -whoors, -whawrs, nine 

maids or sisters. 
Neagelle, 1 gi'ove {celli) down {oon). 
Neam, •? i.q. Newham. 
Neatford, 1 St. Neot's, or the cattle 

{neat) ford, t. 
Needs, n.f, 1 Neot's son. 


resting place ; or, i.q. NANKERVIS. 

Nells, "? i.q. Parknells. 

Nejiea Sylva, Le., the wood {silva, 
lat. ) of the bright {naimh,e.) [fount- 
ain], Wh. 

Nemetotacio, JRavennas, = nemeto- 
rnagiis, i.q. Dunheved, the citadel 
{magus 1) in the groves {nemet, a., 
Z.), Bax. {magus ^mach, a plain, 
e., Z.). 

Ne-, Ni-otestov, d.d., the stow or 
place of St. Neot. 

Nepean, n.f, i.q. Nampean. 

Nethercombe, lower vale, I 

Netherford, lower ford, t. 

Nether-ton, -town, lower town, 





farm place or enclosure {tun, s). 
Nettle, n.f., dim. ofknecht, a servant, 

knight, s. 
Nettlebed 1 bed of oiettles, t. 
Ne-ville, -voll, n.f., new town, /. 
Newael. n.f., 1 from Burnuhall. 
New Berry, new castle [field]. 
New-combe, % the new, or yew {an 

yw) vale. 
Newer Park, ? i.q. Parken Ower. 
Newett, n.f., 1 new gate {yet), t. 
New-hale, -hall, n.f., i.q. Newall. 
Newham, the new home, t. 
Newhay, the new enclosure, t. 
Newington, = Niioantun, the new 

town or enclosure, t. 
Newis, Nord., ? i.q. Park an use. 
Newkay, now Newquay, /. 
Newland, 1 recently acquired land, 

or the yeAV {an yw) land, t. 
Newleigh, new pasture, /. 
Newlicojibe, % new pasture {lea) 

vale, t. 
Newlyn, new pool; or, = niuI-in, in 

a fog or mist, Gw."' 
Newnham, 1 = Niwanham, the new 

home, s. 
Newnoi, = 7Z00727ZOJ, the (aw) nephew's 

moor or down {oon) T. C. 
Neav Park, new close ( jmrc). 
Newport, nova jjorta, new-gate, lat. 
News Rock, 1 1 the {an) rock outside 

New-ton, -town, d.d. Niewtone, 

the new enclosure, farm, or town. 
Nickell, Nicks, Nile, Niles, n.f, 

from Nigellus, t.d.d.,fromnigellus, 

darkish, lat., or ncegel, a nail, 5. 
Nigh Park, 1 the near close, t. 
NiNCE, Ninnes, Ninnis, Niss 

Meadow, = an ynys, the island; or, 

Park an eanes. 
Nizzle CLOSE, % the {an) lower {isclla) 


NOAL, No ALE, NoEL, n.f, christmas, 

/.; or, i.q. Park Nowel. 
Nodde-r,-tor, snake {nceder, s.j tor.t 
NoE, m esse pr cost e,, i.q. Noah, 

consolation, h.; or, Naoi, (^.); noi, 

a nephew. 
NoLLAS, % i.q. Park Nollas. 
Nomansland, waste piece, t. 
the Nookey Field, % the field full 

of corners, t. 
Noon an groas, the {an) dov/n {oon) 

of the {an) cross {crous). 
N. Antron, Axtron down. 
N. Bell, the {an) far {pell) down, 


works or diggings {hallas) downs, 
J.B. ; % i.q. Pill AS downs. 

N. Cooth, the old {coth), or wood 
{co'xt) down. 

N.-CREEK, -CREEG,the barrow {creeg), 
or rock {carrag), or heath {grig) 

N. CROFT, the down croft. 

N. GALAS, 1 the bottom {goles) down. 

N. Gay, 1 the hedge {ce) down. 

N. Glasson, 1 Glazdon, or, scarlet- 
oak {glastancn) down. 

N. Goose, the wood {ciis^, or moor 
{ciyrs), or goose {goaz, B.), or mole 
{giidh) down. 

N. Graze, -grease, the middle (cres), 
or cherries {ceiroes, w.) doAvn. 

N. Grean, gravel {grean) down. 


N. Noweth, the new {notredh) down. 
N. Eeeth, the circling {reath, ga.) 

heavens {nion) ga... Beat ; h-ed {ryd/i) 

down ; or, i.q. GoON Reeth. 
N. Terras, 1 the cross {tres), or 

tillage {trevas) down ; or, the down 

by the door {daras). 
N. Vares, 1 summit (gwarhas) of 

the down, or down by the roads 

{varas, Pr.). 

* The open or naked {noath) lake [lyn), Pr. ; near {nen) the lake, R.E. The church 
of Newlyn East was dedicated, 1259, to St. Newelina. ; that of Newlyn West, 1866, to 
S. Peter. 

+ Or the tor or hill with a mark (nod, vj.). The tor land (tir) or high place of 
the congregation [noit, ga.) for prayer [not, ga.), worship, &c.. Beat. 




Noon Vean, the little clown. 

N. Veor, the great down. 

N. Wartha, the higher down. 

N. Z ERR AS, the down of the heath 

cocks {.zur-es, B.) or turkeys (Fr.). 
NooTH, 1 i.q. Park Noath. 
No Park, 1 i.q. Park Now. 
Nop Hill, 1 hill knap or top, t 
NoRCOTT, i.q., Northcott, t.; or, 

NoRRiN(iTON, 11./., ? north meadow 

(ivg,s.), or the Norwegian's (noma, 

s.) town, t. 
NoRRis, n.f., = le Noreis, the Nor- 
wegian,/., Lo.; or, novice, a nurse, 5. 
NoRiS, 1 the {(in) boundary {hars), or 

stubble (crsc, s.) [field]. 
NoRTHEY,?i./., the northern enclosure 

{hay , or island {ig, s.), t. 
North Hill, t. {p.s. not known, 0., 

St. Torney, C.S.G.). 
NoRTHPER Jacka, ? Jacka's north 

close {pare). 
Norton, d.d., Nortone, the north 

town or enclosure {hin, s.). 
Nor Wenn, ? % = an or icen, the white 

land or field {or = dor). 
NoswoRTHY, n.f., ? Noe's farm 

{weorthig, s.). 
NOTT, n.f., Ifrom St. Neot. 


NoT-TLE, -WELL, n.f.,' St. Neot's well. 

NowAN, i.q. Park Nowan. 

N. VROSE, 1 great {bras) down close, 

or by the thicket {bivuse). 
NOWELL, n.f, 1 i.q. NOAL. 
No YE, n.f, 1 i.q. NuE. 

NuBBY Field, 1 field full of knobs 

or hillocks, t. 
Nulin(t, 7i.f., from Newlyn. 
NuM-PHRA, -PHERA, 1 the down {an 

oon) by the hill {bre). 
NuNGUMPAS, the {an) plain {gumpas) 

downs, B. ; % playing. 
NvTHAN, i.q. Park Nethan. 

akangweals, ? oaken {aacen, s.) 
fields {gweal-s). 

Oakenhays, 1 oaken closes, t. 
Oak-ey, -Hay, -Park, oak close 

{haege, s. ; pare, c). 
Oat-, Oaten-Arish, oat stubble 

{ersc, s.) [field]. 
Oaten, n.f, ? i.q. Hotten. 
Oaten-Hay, -Park, 1 oat close. 
Oaten Stitch, 1 oat slip {sticce, s.). 
Oatey, oat close {hay), t. 
Oats, nf., "?= Ottos son, t. 
Oby, ??./., '?=Obadiah, or Hoby = 

Eobert, or OfFy = Theophilus. 
Ocrinum, Ptolemy, high {och) pro- 
montory {rhin), w., Bax. ; now 

the Lizard. 
Oddiham, 1 Odo's home {ham, s.). 
Odd Mill, Odo's, or Avood {cod) mill 
Oddie, n.f., % i.q. Odo. 
Odger, n.f., 0. Oger, rich {ead, s.) 

spear {ger, s.), Y. 
Odo, t.d.d., ■ = oddr, a dart, o.n. 
Odycroft. 1 i.q. Addicroft. 
Offer <(; Homer Hall Wyn, further 

(i- nearer white (gtcyn) moor {hal). 
Offers, i.q. Osferd. 
Offil, n.f, n = Theofilus. 
Ogbere, 1 oak farm, t. 
Ogo, the cave or cavern. 
Ogop Hayle, the cliff {hal = als) 

cave, M'L. 
Oke, n.f., '] i.q. Oak, t. 
Old, Olde, Ould, n.f, 1 = al!t, a 

v\^ooded cliff", a steep ascent, iv. 
Oldcllms, 1 Climsland old [town], t. 
Older Park, ? alder close, t 
Oldham, n.f, old home, t. 
Oldhay, old enclosure {hay), t. 
Old-, Olda-Park, % cliff" {edit, w.), or, 

old {e.akl, s.) close. 
Olds, n.f,'\ = als, a cliff". 
Old.stowe (16 cent.), old place or 

station, t. ; now Padstow. 
Ollas, 1 bottom {goles) [field]. 
Olver, n.f., i.q. Halveor, or Alu- 

Oncendl, Ongenethel, s.B.m., 1 the 

giant {enchincfhel). 
One and All, 1 = gioon an hal, moor 

down ; or, river {hayl) moor, J.B. 



One Field, down (gioon) field. 
Onevean, little (hian) do^vn. 
Okewidlexs, 1 the little, or wliite 

(gicydn) downs (givon-s.). 
Ongle, 71./., 1 i.q. Oncexedl. 
Onncum, s.B.m., ash (on) combe 

(cum), UK, BJF. ; uncomely or un- 
expected, t., F. 
Onurion, 0., r boundary {yrhian) 

down (con), or ash {on). 
On-wen, -wuen, -wean, s.B.m., 

white (given) ash, E. JF. ; joyless, 
- t.,F. 
Onypokis, T.a., down (oon) of the 

hollows (voogou), T.C. 
Onyreen, 1 hill-side (reen) down. 
Opie, Oppy, n.f., i.q. Oby. 
Orchard, o. Orcert. d.d. Orcet, 

? == ortgeard, a garden, orchard, s. ; 

or, i.q. Harcourt. 
Ord,..w./., origin, chief, s. 
Ordgar, earl, chief, or rich (ead) 

spear (ger), or defence (gard), t. 
Ordulf,, chief wolf, t. 


Orfal, 1 over (ar\ the Fal. 

Organ, 1 penny-royal [field], /. S. 

Orland, 1 i.q. Harland. 

Ornersey, ? long (hir) dry (secli) 
corner (horn = corn). 

Orves Yean, '? little (lilian) outside 
(ves) land or field (ar). 

Osborne, n.f., divine bear, t. 

Osford, t.d.d., divine peace, t. 

OsOLF, iv.B.m., divine wolf, t. 

Otcer, s.B.m., 1 i.q. Ordgar. 

Oxford, n.f., 1 at or by the ford, t. 

Otten, n.f, 1 i.q. Oatten. 

Otter, n.f, 1 i.q. Otcer. 

Otterham, 1 Otcers home, t. 

OuLD, 7i.f., i.q. Old. 

OuRDYLYC,/.6-.^.??i., gold (our) neck- 
lace (dele). 

Out dc Outer Park, distant and 
further close (iiarc), t. 

OuTH, '? i.q. Park Noweth. 

Overcoi\ibe, upper A^ale, t. 

Overhays, \ upper fields, t. 

Overland, upper laud or field, t. 

Overleigh, upper pasture, t 

OVERWOOD, /., ] i.q. BaRGUS. 

OwANPROSE, ? the down (gicon) 

meadow (pras). 
Owels, Owles Field, 1 cliff (als) 

Owenvear, great (mear) down. 
OwLA, 1 = idci; an elm ; an owl. 
0. Combe, 1 elm vale. 
0. Park, 1 elm close. 
OwLEY, 1 elm or owl pasture. 
Own Park, 1 i.q. Park-oon. 
OxEXH-, OxN-AM, n.f, 1 ox water- 

meadow (holm), t. 
OxMAN, n.f., 1 the same. 
Ozenton, ? OMn enclosure, t. 

1 ACKEN Tye, i.q. Park an Tye. 
Pack Jer, i.q. Park Cad jaw. 
P. Sundry, % Saunder's close. 
Pa-corra, -gora, i.q. Porthguarra, 

higher cove, J.Ca. 
Pacurno, i.q. Porthcurnow, J.Ca. 
Padam. 1 Adam's close (pare). 
Padden, n.f., 1 castle \din) close. 
Paddicot, 1 Paddys cottage, t. 
Paddy, n.f., 1 i.q. Packen Tye. 
Padek-, Padre-da, prayers (pader) 

good (da), Pr. 
Paderbury Top, ? prayer hill (hra) 

Padgiger, four (pachhar) acre (acer, 

s.) [piece] ; empty (posigr) [field], 

1 .0. 
Padstow, St. Patrick's, or St. Pe- 

trock's (p.s.) place or station (stow, 

s.); 0. Aldestow. 
Padzhuera, l^piasu-era, the fourth. 
Paixdain, i.q. Pendeen. 
Paixdran, d.d., % bramble (draen) 

hill (pen), noiv Pendrim. 
Paine, n.f, =paga.nus, heathen, lat. 
P. EocK, "? rock at the point (pen). 
Painter n.f, i.q. Pentire. 
Palace, a fish cellar, A.S. ; a court- 
yard, J.S. ; 1 i.q. Plas. 
Palastixe, i.q. Pelastine. 
Pales Park, Pillas close. 




Pal-lamounter, -haunter, -MANT- 


Pallas Croft, i.q. Pillas. 
Pallephant, i.q. Pollaphant. 
Palreden, n.f., 1 1 fern {reden) pool 

Palzltm, 1 step mother's (lesvam) 

close (pare). 
Paxgvol,, 1 i.q. Penkivel. 
Panhallyn, 1 = Fant y lUjn, hollow 

of the pool, IV., B.IF. 
Papalls, % i.q. Park Bellas. 
Par, Parr, 1, [sand] har ; or=2)orth, 

a cove; or, bar, a summit; or, i.q. 

Para-dice, -dise, i.q. Park an Dise. 
Parat, n.f., i.q. Barrett. 
Parbrook, 1 badger (broch) close. 
Parc-abin, -behan, i.q. Park Bean. 
Pardaberry, ? wild-gooseberry (day- 
berry) close (pare) ; or, i.q. Pader- 

Pardexick, 1 hilly (dinnic) close. 
Pardon, n.f., 1 i.q. Padden. 
Park, =^parc, enclosure, close, field, 

P.-Abey, -Abia, 1 i.q. Park an Ab- 

BYER ; or, Abraham's close, E.H. 
P. A Door, ■? water (dour) close. 
P. A Dory, % watery (douric) close. 
P. Almack, % % footstep (ol-mych), 

i.e. pathway close, T. C. 
P. Amber, 1 the summit (an bar), or 

Ambrose's close. 
P. AN Abbyer, the young -birds' 

(mabyer) close. 
P. AN Als, the cliff (als) field, Gw. 
P. AN Anns, i.q. Park an Eanes. 
P. an Bear, 1 the great (vear) close. 
P. an Bell, the far (pell) close. 
P. an-Bew, -Bue, the cow (bench) 

close, pi. Park an Bews. 
P. AN BiCKEN, the beacon, or the 

little (bichan) close. 
p. AN Bony, 1 the j^ony close. 
P. AN-BooR, -Bore, •? the way (fordh) 

close ; or, i.q. Park an Meor. 
P. AN Bounds, 1 close with the 

boundary stones, or bridge (pons). 


Park AN Bowan, i.q. Park Bouan. 
P. AN Bowgey, i.q. Park Boudgie. 
P. an-Brake, -Brick, 1 fallow {hav- 

rec), or the brake close. 
P. an Browse, i.q. Park Broas. 
P. AN BuRLYS, the barley (barlys) 

P. AN Bush, ? the bush, or post (pos), 

or cow-house (boudzhi) close. 
P. AN Butcher, the cow-house close. 
P. AN Butts, 1 the archery close ; or, 

i.q. Park an Bush. 
P. AN Calle, 1 the hazels' (coll) close; 

or, cabbage (caol) field. 
P. AN Camps, 1 the games' (camps, 

w.) or camps' close. 
P. AN Cans, 1 the pavement (caunse), 

or nuns' (caines) close. 
P. an-Carne, -Cairne, the close of 

the rock or heaj) of rocks (cam). 
P. AN Carrack, the rock (carrctg) 

P. AN Chamber, 1 i.q. P. an Skeber. 
P. AN Cherry, 1 the play (choary) 

P. AN Chy, the house (chy) close. 
P. AN Claies, i.q. Park Clies. 
P. AN Cocking, 1 i.q. P. Kiggan. 
P. an-Crane, -Crean, the gravel 

(grean), or hide (crehan) close. 
P. an-Creague, -Crig, 1 the rock 

(carrag) or mound (crig) close. 
P. an-Crown, i.q. P. AN Growan. 
p. AN Danack, 1 the hilly (denick, 

Fr.) close; or, i.q. P. Drannack. 
P. AN Danger, 1 the close below the 

house (dan chy). 
P. AN Danor, ] the same ; or, the 

fowlers' (cdhanor) close. 
P. AN Darras, close by the door 

(daras) ; or, i.q. Park an Dreas. 
P. AN Davas, the sheep (davas) close. 
P. AND Doe, } the south (dehou) close. 
P. AN Devons, ? % the Devonshire 

cows' close. 
P. AND Hall, % i.q. Park an Tol. 
P. AND Hill, 1 i.q. Park an Hal. 
P. AN DiGGY, 1 the tithe (dege) close. 
P. AN-DiSE, -Dix, the xick(dise, B.), 




or grandfather's (hendas) close. 
Park an Dowls, 1 the hag's {dioivks) 

P. AND-PoNS, -Pond, -Pound, 1 i.q. 

Park an-Pons, -Pond. 
P. an-Drain, -Drean, the thorn 

(draen) close. 
P.-an Drea, -Andrea, the home (ire) 

close; the town field, J.B. 
P. an Dreas, the brambles' (dreis), 

or cross [dres) close. 
P. AND Spider, i.q. P. an Skeber. 
P. AND Stuffle, 1 dock (tafol, w.) 

lambs' (eanes) close. 
P. AND Tower, the water (dour) close. 
P. AND Trees, i.q. P. an Dreas. 
P. AN Duel, i.q. Park an Huel; 

or, the devil's (diowl) close. 

P. AND VeNTON, i.q. P. AN VeNTON. 

p. AN Ean, the lamb {ean) close. 
P. an-Eanes,-Eans, the lambs' (eanes) 

P. AN East, the east {est) close. 

P. AN EbBYER, i.q. P. AN AbbYER. 
P. AN Fat, 1 the dormouse {hat), or 

rich or fat close. 
P. AN-FoLD, -Flood, 1 1 the fold 

{ffald, w.) close. 
P. AN FoRYER, the thief's {forrior, 

B.) or, blacksmith's {f error) close. 
P. AN Fowl, the blackbird's {moelh) 

close ; or, i.q. Park an Poll. 
P. an Fox, 1 the bush {hag as) close. 
P. an Garne, the garden, or heap of 

rocks {cam) close. 


P. AN Garratt, 1 the carrot close. 
P. AN Gate, the gate close. 
P. AN Gayan, 1 the ridge {cein) c. 
P. AN Gear, green [gear) field, T. C. ; 

or, the camp {caer) close. 
P. an-Gew, -Gue, the Gew close. 
P. AN-GiLLiE, -Gilly, the grove or 

hazel grove {celli) close. 
P. AN Glow, % the fuel {glow, dried 

droppings of cattle) close, W.B. 
P. AN Goose, % the wood {cuz), or 

goose {goaz, B.), or cheese {caus) c. 
P. AN-GoRE,-GovER, the brook {gover), 

or goat {gavar, gauar) close. 
Park Angot, ] the short {cot) close. 
P. an-Grain, -Green, i.q. Park an 

P. AN Grouse, the cross {crows) c. 
P. AN Growan, the growan, i.e. 

granite- gravel {T.C.), or granite 

soil {W.B.) close. 
P. AN GuEN, the wasp {guhien), or 

down {guen) close ; or, the vine- 

{gidn) yard : the Gews close, J.B. ; 

the white or fair {given) field, M. 
P. AN GwiTH, the trees {gu-ytli) c. 
P. an-Hal, -Hale, -Hall, the moor 

{hal), or river {haijl) close. 
P. AN Hals, i.q. Park an Als. 
P. AN He AN, i.q. Park an Ean. 
P. AN Herbs, % % the ripe {arvcz) c. 
P. AN Hoar, i.q. Parken Hoar. 
P. AN Ho WAN, i.q. p. AN NooN. 
p. AN HuEL, the mine {huel) close. 

or bird [edhen) close. 
P. AN Jane, % the same ; ox {udzheon), 

or the chaff (isioJi) close. 
P. AN Jarne, the garden {dzharn) c. 
P. AN Javls, i.q. Park an Davas. 
P. AN Jednas, 1 the lambs' {eanes), 

or near {nes) gate (yet) close. 
P. AN Jets, ? the gate closes. 
P. AN Jett, the gate {yet) close. 
P. AN JoRA, i.q. Park an Cherry. 
P. AN Jose, % outside {aues) house 

{chy) close. 
P. AN- Joy, -Jy, i.q. Park an Chy. 
P. an-Lay, -Lea, 1 the pasture {lea, 

t.) close. 
P. AN Lear, 1 the hunter's {hcllier) c. 
P. AN Lee, the calves {lee) close, B. 
P. AN Lenies, the nettle (linaz) close. 
P. AN Lorn, the fox {loivern) close. 
P. an-Lor, -Lour, -Lower, -Lowr, 

% the garden {liiar) close. 
P. AN Lot, the mire {hied), or 

slaughter {lladd, to kill, w.) close. 
P. AN LuAZ, 1 % the outside {ves) 

sheltered {lew = hleo, s.) close. 
P. AN Manner,? the long-stone {maen 

Mr) close. 




Park an Menas, ? 1 the little (mimjs), 

or corn-sheaf (manal yz) close. 
P. AN Meor, the great {mear) close. 
P. AN Mew, % ^ the greater (iimi) c. 
P. an-Moe, -Mow, the pigs' {mock), 

or rick {mow) close. 
P. an Mowhay, the stackyard c. 
P. Anna, 1 = parc genau, close at the 

mouth or entrance. 
P. an Narrow, 1=parc amvarra, 

the farther close. 
P. Annas, i.q. Park Eanes. 
P. AN Nean, i.q. Park an Ean. 
P. an-Neweth, -Xoweth, the new 

(newydh, noicydh) close. 
P. an Nicholas, Nicholas's close. 


down (gicon) close.,-Olds,-Owles,-Owls, 

i.q. Park an Als. 
P. AN Orber, herbs-garden (erher) 

P. A Nower, i.q. Park an Hoar. 
P. an-Peas, Pease, the pease (jjes) 

P. AN Peath, draw-well (peeth, W.B.) 

P. AN Pink, 1 the wiy-neck {pinnick), 

or bench {henc) close. 
P. AN Pit, ] the pit close. 
P. AN Poll, the pool (pol) close. 
P. AN Pollard, 1 the lopped-tree 

P. AN-PoND, -Pound, 1 the cider-mill, 

or pond, or pound close ; or, i.q. 
P. AN Pons, the bridge {pons) c. 
P. AN-Poss, -Post, the ptost close. 
P. AN Prapp, Uhe worm {p>ref) c. 
P. AN Quaker, ] the mother-in-law's 

(hiceger), or merchant's {guicgur) c. 
P. AN Eees, % the middle {cres) c. 
P. AN EOPER, rope-walk close, W.B. 
P. AN EosE, the heath {ros) close. 
P. AN EouND, 1 the round close. 
P. AN SCREBO, 1 the barns' {sciheriow) 

P. AN Seayer, ? the artizan's or 

carpenter's {saer) close. 
P. AN Shop, ? the shop close. 

Park an Shutter, % the shoot or 
waterspout close ; or, i.q. 

P. an-Skeber, -Skeba, -Skebo, the 
barn {sciber) close. 

P. AN Shafts, ^ the mine shafts c. 

P. AN Spares, 1 the ghost {speris) c. 

P. AN Spring, i.q. P. an Venton. 

P. AN Stable, 1 i.q. P. and Stuffle, 

P. AN Stagan, 1 the pool {stagen) c. 

P. AN Stallen, 1 1 the hedge {stillen) 

P. AN Starve us, ? ? = oak-field {dar 
ves) lambs' {eanes) close. 

P. AN Step, 1 1 the gridiron-stile c. 

P. AN Strife, ] 1 the dispute close. 

P. AN-TiDNA, -TiDNO, 'i 1 the close 
below {tadn). 

P. AN Tol, the hole {tol) close. 

P. AN Top, the top close. 

P. AN Trap, 1 the trap, or bull {tarh, 
ga.) close. 

P. AN Treath, the sand {traith) c. 

P. AN Troan, Antron, r close by 
the turning {torn), or of the de- 
pression between the furrows 
{ironc) ; or, down-house {tre-oon) c. 

P. AN Trouble, 1 1 the close by Dor 
Pol ; or, mole-hill (turumel) close. 

P. AN "TuLE, i.q. Park an Duel. 

P. AN Turk, the watery {domic) c. 

P. AN Twist, % the crooked c, JV.B. 

P. AN Tye, the house {ti) close. 

P. AN Un, i.q. Park an Noon. 

P. AN Use, % 1 the nightingale's {eiis, 
B.) or outside {aues) close. 

P. AN Vau, 1 the cave (fotv) close. 

P. AN Vear, the great {mear) close. 

P. AN Vel, the honey {mel), or ball 
{pel), or distant {pell) close. 

P. an-Vellan, -Vellin, the mill 
{melin),orc\oYev{meilUon, tc.) close. 

P. AN Velvas, the lark's {melhues) c. 

P. an-Venton, -Ventum, the spring 
[fenten) close. 

P. AN Vethan, the tree {gwedhen) c. 

P. an Victer. li.q. P. an Quaker. 

P. AN- View, -Vue, the cow (Imi) c. 

P. AN- Vogue, -Voge, the cave or 
hollow {vug), 01' forge {foe) close. 




Park an Vome, ■? the balm (bawm, 
w.) close. 

P. AN-VORN, -VORNE, the oven or 
furnace (forn), or alder (rnccrn) c. 

P. AN VouNDER, field of pasture, JB. ; 
or, the lane (bovjider) close. 

P. AN VousA, 1 the ditches', entrench- 
ments', or walls' (fossoiv) close. 


p. AN Vrane, the crow (bran) close. 

P. AN Watch, 1 the loakhing, or out- 
side [mies) close. 

P. AN Wh ALTER, the workman's 
[icayhr) close. 

P. AN Wheal, i.q. Park an Huel. 

P. AN Whens, the wind (gicens) close. 

P. AN Wrahan, 1 i.q. P. AN Vrahan. 

p. AN Wreck, 1 the Avoman's (gwrec) 

P. AN Yale, i.q. Park an Hal. 

P. Apple, ? apple's close (aval) or 
orchard; or, colt's (ebol) close. 

P. Arter, 1 Arthur's, or long (hir) 
hill (ard) close. 

P. A Varca, 1 prison or cattle-pound 
(gunrchae, tv.) close. 

P. Avon, } i.q. Park an Bowan. 

P. Bacon, 1 i.q. P. an Bicken. 

P. B ANN el, broom (banal) close. 

P. Bans, 1 close with the circular- 
entrenchments (bans), W.B. 

P. Bant, % close in the hollow,bottom, 
or valley (pant, iv.). 

P. Barrows, barrows' close. 

P. Bastard, 1 base-child's close. 

P. Bauker, % i.q. Park Bucka. 

P. -Bean, -Behan, -Ben, little (Uhan) 

P. Bellas, i.q. Park Pellas. 

P.-Bexgy, -Bingey, 1 i.q. Park 


P. Bennet, Bennet's or beneath c. 
P. Betty, 1 cow-house (beufy) close. 
P. Bew, i.q. Park an Bew. 
P. Billier, water-cress (beler), or 

hogshead (baliar) close. 
P. Blase, i.q. Park Bellas. 
P. Blood, 1 blossom (blodh) close. 
P. Boaz, ] bush (baga^) close. 

Park Boda, 1 the cow-house (beu ti) 

P. BoLLEN, pool (polan) close. 
P.-Born, -Borun, 1 hill (bron), or 

oven ( forn) close. 
P. Bottom, bottom or lowest close. 
P.-BouAN, -BowEN, -BowiN, ] beef 

(bowin) close. 


fold-close, T.C. ; or, cow-(beuch) 
house (chy) close. 
P. BouND-EA, -ER, i.q. Park an 
VouNDER or Bounds. 

P. BOUNGAY, 1 i.q. P. BOUDGIE ; or, 

boundary fence (ce) close. 
P. Bounds, i.q. Park an Bounds. 
P. BouR, 1 i.q. Park an Boor. 
P. BowDEN, 1 Bawden's close. 
P. Bracket, 1 brake gate (yei) close. 
P. Brake, li.q. Park an Brake. 
P. Bramble, bramble close. 
P. -Brans, -Brons, crow (6ra?i) closes. 
P. Braure, ] brother's (broder) close. 
P. Breeny, Briney, crows' (bryny) c. 
P. Brent, 1 burnt, or Briant's close. 
P. Briton, 1 1 southernwood (bryttwn, 

iv.) close. 
P.-Broas, -Broase, -Broaz, -Beoz, 

-Braws, big (bras), or thicket 

(brouse) close. 
P. Brongy, % breast of the house 

(broil gy) close, B. IF. 
P. Bronse, 1 lambs' (eanes), or dry 

{seek) hill close. 
P. Brook, 1 badger (broch) close. 
P. Broom, i.q. Park Bannel. 
P. Brow, 1 hand-mill (bron) close. 
P. Brown, 1 hill (bron) close. 
P. BuCK-A, -ER, scarecrow (biicca) c. 
P. BuDGA, ? i.q. Park Boudgie. 
P. Bulla, the bull (bivla, iv.) close. 
P. Bullas, 1 i.q. Park Bulvis. 
P. Bulvis, 1 outside (ves) pool ( ^joZ) 

close ; m; i.q. Park an Velvas. 

P. BU-NNY, -RNEY ? i.q. P. BrEENY. 

p. BuRGAN, ]bubush {brychan, B.). 
P. BussA, 1 close of the earthen pot 
(bnssa), or birches (be;^o) ; or, i.q, 





Park Butts, i.q. Park an Butts. 
P. Byvyan, % little (hihan) cow (ben), 

or Vivian's close. 
P. Cab, close with the mess (cab) in 

it ; or, crooked (cnbm) close. 
P. Cadjaw, daisy (gajah, B.) close; 

1=pare egr. 
P. Caliger, 1 i.q. Park Clodgey. 
P. Gallon, 1 hazel-tree (collen, iv.) c. 
P. Candy, ? white-house {candy, iv., 

II W.) close; or, i.q. Park anTye. 
P. Carn, Carn close. 
P. Carnal, 1 moor {hal) rock {cam), 

or corner {cornel), or crundle close. 
P. Carreeth, 1 red {rydh) fort {caer, 

R.W.) or rock {cam, J. B.) close; 

or, root {gicredh) close. 
P. Carr-eg, -ig, rock {carrag) close. 
P. Carry, 1 rough [garoic) close. 
P. Caser, i.q. Park Cadjaw. 
P. Castle, round or castle close. 
P. Caul, ] i.q. Park Hall. 
P. Chapel, 1 cluqyel close. 
P.-Chay, -Chie, -Chuy, -Chy, house 

{chij) close. 
P. Chegrouse, 1 cross {croivs) house- 
close ; or, Chygrous close. 
P. Cherry, i.q. Park an Cherry. 
P. Chiverton, Chiverton close. 
P. Chywoolas, lower- {ivolas) house 

close ; or, lower Park Chy. 
P. Clebura, 1 Kellybray close. 
P. Clemoe, ]Clemowe's close. 
P. Cli-es, -ze, wattled-hedge close, 

P. Clift, 1 cliff close. 


{clidgy, m.c), i.e. muddy c. 
P.-Close, -Cluse, 1 green {glas), or 

church {eglos), or bottom {goles) c. 
P. Cobber, % i.q. Park an Cover. 
P.-CocK, -Cook, % red {coch), or cook 

or cuckoo's {cog) close. 
P. Cocken, ] [hay]cock {coccyn) close, 

R.W. ; or, i.q. Park Hocking. 
P. Colas, 1 i.q. Park Close. 
P.-CoLDERN, -Coldran, % 1 thorn 

{draen) hill {col) or moor {hcd) c. 
P. CoLLEY, ] lower {golla) close. 


P. Connin, ? rabbit {cynnin) close. 
P. CoORE, Igoat {gauar) close. 
P. CooSE, wood {c\iz) close. 
P. CoOTHA, % mustard {ceddiv, w.), or 

privy {gaudy), or husks' {kutho) c. 
P. Corner, ? corner, or long {Mr) 

corner {corn) close. 
P. Cousin, ] turf {cesan), or ox 

{udzheon) close. 
P. Couth, 1 old {coth) close. 
P. Cowing, 1 i.q. Park Owen. 
P. Cowl, % i.q. Park Hall. 
P. Cowls, 1=parc als, cliff close ; or, 

i.q. Park-Gull AS or -Close. 
P. Crab, 1 crab-tree close. 
P.-Crane, -Crean, gravel {grean), 

or crane {garan), close. 
P. Crank, frog {cronec), or toad 

{cronec du) close. 
P. -C RASE, -Craise, -Crees, -Creis, 

-Cress, -Cries, -Crize, middle 

{cres) close. 
P. Crazie, 1 crooked {ceirsio, to wind) 

close; or, i.q. Parkerisey. 
P. Crea, r cattle {gre) close. 
P.-Cread, -Creed, li.^. P.Carreeth. 
P.-Creage, -Creeg, 1 mound {creeg), 

or rock {carrag) close. 
P.-Crigar, -Crocker, 1 partridge 

(grugyer), or long-mound {crug-hir) 

P. Crigket, 1 heron {crychydd, iv.) c. 
P. Cross, cross, or bog {cors) close. 
P. Crow, hovel {croiu) close. 
P. Crow-an, -n, ] round {crwnn, iv.) 

P.-Cuddle, -Cuttal, 1 Irishman's 

{godhal), or wilderness {gwydchval, 

w.) close. 
P. Cullan, ? holly {cehjn) close. 
P. Cull-as, -is, % bottom {goles) c. 


P.-Dangy, -Dungey, % close below 

{tan) the house {chy). 
P. Daniel, "? close below the moor 

{hal) ; or, Daniel's close. 
P.-Daras, -Darrass, -Darrows, 

close by the door {daras). 
P. Darrow, ] oaks' (derow) close. 



Park-Dary, -Dairy, 1 i.q. P.-Drea, 

07- -DowRiCK, or -Cherry. 
P. Davers, i.q. P. Devas. 
P. Davey, 1 David's (Beid) close. 
P. Day, 1 day, or house (ti) close. 
P. Dean, '? cream (dehen) close. 
P. Deans, 1 castle [cUnas] close. 
P. Dees, Irick {(Use, B.) close. 
P. Deglis, 1 church {eglos) house {ti), 

or pleasant {tig) green {glas) close. 
P. De-jam, -zham, r .' poor {ezom, 

poverty, tv.) house {ti) close. 
P.-Devas,-Devers, sheep {davas, pi., 

dcves) close ; or, tongue c, H.M. W. 
P. Dewerra, % % further {ivarya = 

ivariha) side {tu) close. 
P. DiNNY, 1 narrow or fowler's (idne) 

P. DoxAL, cask {tonnel) close. 
P. Dower, water {dour) close. 
P. Down, % deep {down), or hill {dun) 

P. DowRiCK, watery {donric) close. 
P.-Draen, -Drain, -Drean, thorn 

{draen) close; home close, T.C. 
P. Drannack, thorny {draenic) close. 
P.-Dray, -Drea, -Dree, -Dry, house 

{tre), or homeAvard {adre) close. 
P. Drea an wartha, the {an) 

higher {gwurtha) home close. 
P. Dreer, % long (liir) home {tre) c. 
P. Dries, brambles' idreis) close. 
P. Druid, 1 oak-wood {deru-with) c. 
P. Drum, r ridge {drum, lo.) close. 
P. Dry-sack, -Sack, -Sock, -Suck, 

brambly {dreuic close. 
P. Duchy, 1 i.q. Park Dangy. 
P. DzAiN, 1 chatf {ision) close. 
P. Eader, 1 1 common {cyttir, w.) c. 
P. Ealin, 1 1 lamb's {ean) moor (hul) 

P.-Eanes, -Eans, i.q. Park Innis. 
P. Ear, long {hir) close. 
P. East, east {est) close. 
P. Eaves, 1 close outside {aves). 
P. Eith-an, -on, farze {eithin) close. 
P. Emmet, 1 ant's close. 
P. en Able, 1 the {an) colt's {ehol) c. 
P.-en Ball, -enball, 1 the same; 

or, the mine {hal) or pool {2:iol) c. 
P. ENBANK, 1 the bench {loenc) close. 
P. EN Bays, 1 1 boar {liaez) close. 
P. ENBEAR, 1 i.g. Park an Abbyer. 

P. ENBEWS, i.q. PaRK AN BeWS. 

P. en-Blower, -Blubber, 1 t\\Q plover 


P. enbone, i.q. Park an Bowan. 
P. EN Boore, i.q. Park an Boor. 
P. en Bounds, 1 the tin hounds croft, 

P. EN Brose, i.q. Park an Browse. 
P. EN Bulls, 1 i.q. P. an Burlys. 
P. EN Cady, li.q. Park Candy. 


P. EN Chapel, the chapel close. 
P. ex-Chewey,-Chu, -Chuy, 1 south 
{dchou) close; or, i.q. P. AN Chy. 
P. en Clays, i.q. Park an Claies. 
P. en Cowls, Hhe bottom [goles) c, 

P. EN CrATG, i.q. p. AN CrEAGUE. 

P. EN Crease, '? Park Crase. 
P. en Creet, ] i.q. Park Cread. 
P. EN Crows, the cross {crotcs) close. 
P. EN Dales, ?the hag's [dioidez) c. 
P. EN Danes, i.q. Park Deans. 
P. en-Daris, -Dors, i.q. Park an 

P. EX Darra, the oaks' {derow) close. 
P. -Endeavour, -endever, 1 the 

water {dour) close. 
P.-EN Deus, -Endeavours, i.q.T auk 

an Davas. 
P. EN Dorrel, 1 the close in the 

middle (lianter) of the moor {hal). 
P. EN DowDRY, 1 the homeward 

{adre) water {dour) close. 

P.-ENDRAY, -EN DrY, i.q. PaRK AN 

P. EN Drean, i.q. Park an Drain. 
P. en Dyas, i.q. Park an Dise. 
P. EN Ell, the moor {hal) close. 
P. ENELLICK, the {an) willows' {helec) 

P. EN Gain, 1 i.q. P. AN Gayan. 
P. en-Garden, -Garn, i.q. Park 

AN Garne. 
P. en Garras, i.q. Park Garras. 




Park en Geer, i.q. Park an Gear. 
P. EN Gramp, 1 grandfathers close. 
P. EN Grannas, ? grandmother s c. 
P. engregor, i.q. Park Crocker. 
P. en Growse, i.q. P. AN Grouse. 
P. en Gues, the Gews close. 
P. en Gullas, i.q. Park Gull as. 


p. EN H ALLAN, 11t\\Q Salt (ludan) c. 
p. EN Harbor, % the herbs'-garden 

[crher) close. 
P. ENHELL, i.q. PARK AN Hal. 
P. EN Hoar, the ram's (/wr\ or 

sister's {hoer), or boundary (or) c. 
P. EN Jean, % the cold {yen) close, 

T.C.; 1 i.q. Park an Jane. 
P. en-Jeat, -Jet, i.q. P. an Jett. 
P. en Kine, 1 i.q. Park en Gain. 
P. EN Lane, the lane, or patch {llain, 

IV.) close; or, i.q. P. en Hallan. 
P. Leta, 1 the dahy {lait-ty) close. 
P. en Loarne, i.q. Park an Lorn. 
P. EN Locks, lUhe calves' (/ermcA-s) c. 
P. en-Marrow, -Morrow, 1 the 

corpse {marow) close. 
P. en Morrish, 1 field of the sea- 
rushes (morhesg, w.), B.JF. ; or, 

Morrish' s close. 
P. ENOORN, ? the corner (corn) close. 
P. EN Pens, 1 the parsnip (panez) c. 
P. EN Penton alias Spring (fenten) 

Field, T.a. 
P. en Plud, 1 the pool (2)hidn) c. 
P.-EN Ponds, -Enpons, U.q. Park 

AN Pons. 
P. EN Proctor, Proctor's field, 

JF.B. ; 1 the maltster's {brctgwr) c. 
P. EN QuARRA, the higher (gwarra) 

close ; or, quarry field. 
P. ENRISE, 1 i.q. PARK AN ReES. 

P. enrows, ^ i.q. Park an Rose. 
P. EN RuFFLERjl thefidler's (harfelor) 

P. EN Sacks, 1 the parched (seghes) c. 
P. ENSCAWEN, the (an) elder-tree 

(scauen) close. 

P. EN Shafty, ■? 1 lambs' (canes) close 
by the summer hovel (hafdy) ; or, 
i.q. Park an Shafts. 

P. EN SkIBBER, i.q. P. AN SkEBER. 

P. EN Skibbon, the barns (sciberion) 

P. EN Square, U.q. P. an Skeber. 

P. ENTHORN, the thorn (draen) c. 


P. ENTODDEN, % the Same; or, the 
lay (todn) close. 

P. ENTOWER, the water (dour) close. 

P. EN Trease, 1. i.q. P. AN Darras. 

p. Entruckle, % % the (an) small- 
ragwort (teircaill, w.) close. 

P. envaughan, 1 i.q. p. an Vorn. 

p. en-Vane, -Vean, the little (bihan, 
bean, vean) close. 

P. E\ VeLLIM, 1 i.q. P. AN VeLLYN, 

the mill (melin) close, JF.B. 
P. enveor, i.q. Park an Year. 
P. EN VoARN, i.q. Park an Vorn. 
P. EN VoR, the close by the road 

(fordh) ; or, great (maur) close. 
P. EN Vra-han, -n, crows' field, Pr. 


Parker, n.f., 1 long (Mr) close. 

Park Era, ? acre (eru) close. 

P. erisey, field (2}arc) upon (er) 

the bottom (izy), Pr. ; or, dry 

(sech) acre (erii) close. 
P. Famous, 1 fifth {pemfas) close. 
P. Fat, 1 i.q. Park an Fat. 
P. Faven, 1 brick ( pobfaen) close. 
P. Fawn, 1 i.q. Park an Bouan. 
P. Filley, 1 colts' (ebilli) close. 
P. FiTCHER, ? badger's field, JF.B. ; 

or, four (iwdzhar) [acre] close. 
P. Fly, % colts' (ebilli) close. 
P. FODDEN, ? little (vadn) close. 
P. FoGE, forge (fog) close. 
P. Freath, ? wattled-hedge close. 
P. Frig-gles, -gleys, -glus, -les, 

] church-road (for-eglos) close. 
P. Gabbin, 1 i.q. Parcabin. 
P. Gabby, 1 i.q. Park Abey. 
P. Gadger, i.q. Park Cad jaw. 
P. Galowas, 1 i.q. Park Gullas. 
P. Gardand, 1 garden close. 



Park Garne, i.q. Park an Garn. 

P. Garr-ACK, -ICK, rock (carrag) c. 

P. Garras, top {givarhas) close. 

P. Garret, 1 root {gwredh) close. 

P. Ge-ar, -er, i.q. Park an Gear. 

P. Gellas, 1 bee-swarm {glez) close. 

P. Gernick, rocky (cernic) close. 

P. Geugle, ? sheep-dung (cagal) c. 

P. Gideon, 1 ox (udzheon) close. 

P. GiGLESS, church (eglos) close. 

P. GiLLY, grove {celli) close. 

P. Gla-se, -ze, U.q. Park Close. 

P.-Glidden, -Glutton, -Golden, 
1 broad {leclan) close. 

P. Go, 1 wood (coa/) close ; or, = 
parcoiv, closes ; or, i.q. Park Gove. 

P. GoAR, 1 i.q. Park an Goar, or 
Parken Hoar. 

P. GooDNAs, 1 i.q. Park Eanes. 

P. Goon, down (givon) close. 

P. GoRLAND, ? sheepfold (corlan) c. 

P. Gove, smith's (gof) close. 

P. GowTHER, 1 mole (gudhar) close. 

P. Grain, U.q. Park Crane. 

P. Griglan, heath {griglan) close. 

P. Grosise, Grosise close. 

P.-Grouce, -Grous, -Growse, cross 
(crous), or heath or moor (ros) c. 

P. Grown, i.q. Park an Growan. 

P. Guarys, ? i.q. Park Garras. 

P. Guernen, alder-tree close. 

P. Gullet, 1 Quillet close. 

P. -Gull AS, -Gollas, -Gulles, -Gul- 
lies, 1 bottom igoles), or green- 
down {goon-las) close. 

P. GuMPAs, i.q. Park an Camps. 

P.-GuRRA, Ihay (gorha) ; or, i.q. Park- 
Gwarra, -Gwarrath, % higher 
(givarra) close. 

P. GuTHAL, Irishman's (godhal) c. 

P. GwAiL, 1 mine {wheal) close. 

P. GwANETH, wheat field. 

P. GwARROW, 1 cattle (gwarrhog) c. 

P. GwEALDER, 1 mastiff {guilter) c. 

P. GwENNAP, Gwennap's close. 

P. GwiLiAS, ? grass (g-wells) close. 

P. GwiN, white (gu-ijn) close; or, 
the YmE-{gwin) yard. 

P. Hagel, ? sheep dung (cagel) c. 

P.-Hair, -Hare, -Hear, -Here, long 
(Mr), or battle (heir) close. 

P.-Hal, -hale, -hall, moor (hal), 
or river (Jiayl), or cabbage {caol) c. 

P. -Hales, -Halls, ? cliflp (als), or 
broad-moor (lial les) close. 

P. Ham, ? Ham's close. 

P. Hambly, Hambly's close. 

P. Harbour, ?^.g. Parken Harbor. 

P. Harry, ? i.q. P. Harvey, ? Har- 
vey's, or battle-field (lieirva) close. 

P. Hatch, ? i.q. Park Cad jaw. 

P. Hay, ? ? hedge (ce) close. 

P. Hays, ? barley {ludz) close, R. JV. 

P. Hearne, ? alder {gicern) close. 

P. Hebye, i.q. Park Abey. 

P. Hec-CA, -ka, Dickie's close. 

P. Hedras, ] i.q. Park an D arras. 

P. -Hellas, -Hillas, -Hills, ? green- 
moor (lial las), or son-in-law's {els) 
close ; or, i.q. Park Hales. 

P. Hendra, old-town close. 

P. henver, old {hen) road {fordh) 
close ; or, i.q. Parken Vor. 

P. Herret, r long (hir) gate (i/et), or 
higher wood close. 

P. Hetcha, i.q. Parkcadjaw. 

p. Hewas, ? i.q. Park an Use. 

P. Hither, ? ? Park Cootha. 

P. Hock-in, -ing, Hockin's close ; 
or, i.q. Park Cockin. 

P.-Hoe, -How, ? i.q. Park Go. 

P. Holdran, ? i.q. Park Coldran. 

P. Holland, ? Holland's close. 

P. Holly, ? i.q. Park Colley. 

P. Homer, homeward or nearer c. 

P. Horn, ? corner (corn) close. 

P. Hosk-en, -in, -ing, the field of 
rushes, Pr. ; ? Hosken's, or sedge 
{hescen) close. 

P. Humphrey, Humphrey's, or the 
hill close ( pare an vre). 

P. HURGLE, ? .'' heap {grachel) close. 

P. IN, n.f., ? =parc ean, lamb close. 

P. IN arrow, ? i.q. P. an Narrow. 

P. IN Bean, i.q. Park Bean. 

P. in-Bellows, -Bells, the jnllas, or 
peeled-oats close. 

P. IN Boo, i.q. Park an Bew. 




P. IN Both, ? the Imt {hivth, to.) c. 
P. IN Bounder, i.(i. P. an Vounder. 
P. IN BuRRAWS, ? the harrows' close ; 

or, i.q. Park an Browse. 
P. in-Calls, -Close, ? i.q. Park en 

P. IN Cliff, the (an) cliff close. 
P. IN Clue, 1 the groves (kelUoiv) 

close; or, i.q. Park an Glow. 
P. IN Clyse, i.q. P. AN Claies. 
P. IN Davis, i.q. Park an Davas. 
P. IN Drane, i.q. Park an Draen. 

P. INDUKY, li.q. PaRK DuTCHY. 

P.-in-du-Ry, ? i.q. Park a Dory. 

P. IN Gr arris, i.q. P. EN GaRRAS. 

p. IN Green, i.q. P. an Grane. 

P. ING VeNTON, i.q. p. AN VeNTON. 

p. IN Hell, i.q. Park an Hal. 

P. IN Kind, U.q. Park Kine. 

P. IN Lease, 1 the (an) broad moor 

(lial-Us), or church (eglos) close. 
P. IN Lower, 1 the garden {luar), or 

lower close. 
P. Innis, island (emjs), or lambs' 

(eanes) close. 
P. IN Over, 1 i.q. Park an Orber. 
P. INRREAN, ? 1 the (an) hill (ryn) c. 
P. IN Wallace, the (an) lower 

or bottom {wollas = gollas) close. 
P. IN Zeth, the dry {sech) close, Pr. ; 

field of the arrow {zeth), B. JF. 
P. Isaac, 1 corn (izic) field. 
P. IsAU, 1 lowest {isa, w.) close, E. TF. 
P. Issey, 1 corn (izic) field; or, i.q. 

P, Ith-AN, -en, furze (eithin) close. 
P, IvAY, 1 i.q. Park Abey. 
P.-Jacka, -Jackey, -Jacket, -Jago, 

Jacka's, Jago's, or Jacket's close. 
P. Jane, i.q. Park an Jane. 
P.-Jarne, -Jearne, i.q. Park an 

P. Jenny, ? fowler's (idne) close. 
P. Jet, gate (yet) close. 
P. Jews, ] south (dehoit) closes. 
P. -Joan, -Jone, 1 Joan's, or John's, 

or down (oon) house (chy) close. 
P. JOPPA, 1 barn (sciber) close. 
P. Joy, i.q. Park Chy. 

P. Keen, =:parc ean, lamb close. 
P. Kennin, 1 wild leek (kennin, w.) 
field, R. IF. ; or, rabbit (cynin) close. 
P. Kerris, 1 i.q. Park Crase. 
P. Kew, ? ewe, or Gew close. 
P. KiGGAN, 1 kitchen (cegin) close. 
P. KiNE, 1 ridge (cein) close. 
P. KiSTALL, 1 i.q. ParK WhISTLE. 

P. Kitchen, 1 =])arc udzheon, ox c. 
P. Knell, i.q. Park in Hell. 
P. Knolls, i.q. Park an Als. 
P. Knowan, i.q. Park an Oune. 
P. Knoweth, i.q. Park Noweth. 
P. Kruge, ] i.q. Park Creage. 
P.-Laita, -Leeta, -Leta, ? dairy 

(lait-ty) close. 
P. Lance, •? nettle (linaz) close. 
P. Lane, I i.q. Park en Lane. 
P. Lanyer, ] glade (lanherch) close. 
P. Latch, 1 grey (kcM) close. 
P.-Lay, -Lea, -Lee, -Leah, -Leha, 

-Ley, 1. the lay, or pasture close ; or, 

i.q. Park an Lee. 
P. Lean, lean or poor field, TF.B. ; 

1 = 'parc celyn, holly close. 
P. Lear, ? i.q. Park an Lear. 
P.Leck, '\=parc helec, willows' closs. 
P.-Leddan,-Leddon. -Lidden, broad 

(ledan) close. 
P. Legan, 1 pond (lagen) close. 
P. Leiians, 1 nettle (linaz) close. 
P. less, Abroad moor {hal les) close. 
P. Leven, smooth (leven) close. 
P. Lew, 1 sheltered (hleoiv, s.) close. 
P. Libra, 1 sticky (clihhy, m.c.) c. 
P. Lidget, ] muddy (hiedic) gate 

(yet), or Lidgate close. 
P. LiDGEY, 1 i.q. ParK ClODGEY. 

P. Loan, 1 bush (loin) close, li. JF. 

P.-LoAR, -Lour, -Lower, -Loweth, 
-Luar, -Lure, 1 garden (loivarth, 
luar) close. 

P. Loose, 1 grey (hdzh) close. 

P. LuDRA, 1 grey (llwyd, tv.) oaks 
(deroiv), or Luddra close. 

P. LUGG, 1 field with much under- 
growth of weeds, &c. (lug, m.c). 

P. Mab-er, -ier, -yar, 1 young-hen 
or pullet (mahycr) close. 





P. Mage, 1 discovery (mijc) close. 
P.-Main, -Mayne, stone (maen) c. 
P.-Maise, -Maize, -Maze, 1 close 

outside {ames) or outer close. 
P. Man-en, -nen, -ning, 1 = Butter- 
field (manen, butter). 
P.Mar-ia,-y, '?=dair3^man's (maerwr), 

or wall-builder's (nmriwr) close. 
P.-Marth, -Math, 1 Marth close. 
P. Martha, '?flat {math; w.) close. 
P. Mart-in, -on, -yn, 1 Martin's, or 

Murdon close. 
P. Mayhaz, field of much seed (haz), 

T.C.; U.q. ParkMaise. 
P. Meag, discovery {mijc) close. 
P. Mean, stones [myin) close. 
P.-Meanna,-Mena, Istony (maenic), 

or long-stone (maen Jiir) close. 
P.-Mear, -Meer, -Meor, -Mere, 

■? great (mcar), or the mere or lake c. 
P. Men AS, 1 i.q. Park an Menas. 
P. Men-eere, -er, -her, -hor, -ner, 

-nor, -or, 1 long (Aw-), or boundary 

(or, IV.) stone (maen) close. 
P. MiNNiCK, ? stony (maenic) close. 
P. MiNNUS, 1 ? little (minys) close. 
P. Mire, 1 [blackjberry (moyar) c. 
P. Moh, pigs' (moch) close. 
P. Moor, 1 moor field, or big (maur) 

P. Mowhay, stackyard close. 
P. Mutton, ? 1 morning (mytin) c. 
P. Nance, 1 valley (nans), or the 

lambs' (an eanes) close. 
P. Napp, 1 close on the brow (kna]i) 

of the hill ; or, turnip (neaiJ, Po.) c. 
P. Nava, 1 Knava's, or old road 

(henvor) close. 
P. Neague, ^^moss (7ieag, B.) close. 
P. Near, the near, or long (an Mr) 

P. Nebil, the colt's (an ehol) close. 
P. Neen, the lamb (an can) close. 
P. Nees, ? near or next (nes) close. 
P. Nellans, ? the nettle (an linaz), 

or lambs' -moor (an hel ea7ies) close. 
P. Nells, 1 tlie son-in-law's (ati els), 

or cliif (als) close. 
P. Nest, 1 the east (an est) close. 

P. Nethan, i.q. Park Nithan. 

new, or the down (an icon) close. 
P. Newel, 1 the high (an uhel) c. 
P. Neweth, new (newedh) close. 
P. NiCHOLL, Nicholl's close. 
P. Nievan, the yew (an hivin) close. 


-Nyon, the furze (an eiihin) close. 
P.-NoATH, -North, ? north, or bare 
(math), or new (noivyclh) close. 


p. No-R, -WER, i.cq. Park an Hoar. 
P. -Now, -NowAH, 1=2Mrc genau, 

close at the mouth or opening; 

or, bare, or neiu close. 
P. NOW-ATH, -ETH, i.q. P. NOATH. 

P. NowEL, 1 i.q. Park an Huel. 
P. O'DouRiCK, i.q. ParkDowrick. 
P. -Olds, -Owels, -Owles, ?Park 

Gull AS ; or cliff (als) close. 
P. Olvin, % white (givin), or stone 

(maen), or little (hihan) moor (hal) 

close (1 elvan, trap rock, JV.B.). 
P.-OoN, -OwiN, down (gwon) close. 
P. OusE, ? outside (aues) close. 
P. ow, 1 i.q. Park Go. 
P. o Plud, i.q. Park Plud. 
P. Parish, %i.q. Park Broas. 
P. Parnall, Parnall close. 
P. Parnals, ? close by the top (bar) 

of the cliff (a/5). 
P. Parrow, 1 harroiv close. 
P. Parruck, ? ? badger's (hroch), or 

fallow (havrec, a.) close. 
P. Pascoe, Pascoe's close, 
P. Pate, "iijcat, or Bate's close. 
P. Paw, ■? foot (jycm) close. 
P. Peal, ? herdsman's (Ugel) close. 
P. Pe-arn,-rrin, ? purchase (j9e?7ie«), 

or tree ( 'pren) close. 
P.-Peas, -Pease, 1 peas (pes) close. 
P.-Peath, -Peeth, draw-well close, 

P. Pelew, % parish (i^lu) close. 
P. Pell, distant (pell) close. 
P. Pell-a, -ow, ? more distant 

(pellach) close. 




P. Pell-as, -ows, oat-grass, or poor 

P. Pendar, 1 water {dour), or oak 

{clar) head (pen) close. 
P. Penrose, Penrose close. 
P. Penton, 1 spring {fenten) close. 
P, Penver, ? close at the head {jjen) 

of the road {for). 
P. Penwith, ? ash {enwitli) head c. 
P. Peres, 1 meadow {pras) close. 
P. Perrow, Perrow's close. 
P. Pill AS, /.</. Park Pell as. 
P. Pillen, ? ball ( pelUii), or pool 

{ Indian), or mill {mclin) close. 
P. Pillion, 1 pebble {hilien) close. 
P. Pink, 1 i.q. Park an Pink. 
P. Place, 1 i.q. Park Pell as. 
P. Pleasant, ] principal-house {plas 

an), or weedy {j^Ios an) field, T.C. 
P. Pleta, 1 BoLiTHO close. 
p. Plud, 1 pond {pludn, B.), or 

muddy {plud, mire, m.c, W.B.) 

P. Poden, 1 cloth {padn) close. 
P. Pon-ds, -s, ? bridge {pons) close. 
P. Pool, 1])ool close. 
P. -Poor, -Por, ? ? jj>oor, or fat {hor), 

or meadow {paicr, iv., M.) close. 
P. PoRA, ? morning {hora) close. 
P. Porn, % hill or heap or stack (hern), 

or rush {broen) close. 
P. Pos-en, -t, ] the p)ost close. 

P. POT-CHER, -TS, 1 i.q. p. BoUDGEY, 

P. Pounder, i.q. Park Bounder. 
P. Poverty, 1 ] baker' s-house {2)eher 

ti), or very poor close. 
P. Prattle, 1 BartholomeAv's close. 
P. Praze, meadow {jrras) close. 
P. Prea, 1 hill {hre) close. 
P. Prickers, ] kite's {barges) close. 
P. Pridd-en, -on, Uree {predn) c. 
P. Prill, 1 rose (hrcilu) close. 
P. Proctor, 1 maltster's {bragicr) c. 
P. Prowsa, "I thicket {browse) close. 
P. Pry, ] clay {prl) close. 
P. Puck, 1 he-goat's {boch) close. 
P. Punch, li.q. Park Boudgey. 
P. Pur, 1 bush (ier//^, ly.) close. 
P. Pyas, 1 Tobias's close. 

Pye, ? magpie {pi,pia) close, B. W. 

Quest, 1 loest, or waste, or shelter 
lodging or inn {guest) close. 

Quett-a, -ar, ] mole {godhar) c. 

QuiLLA, 1 lower {gioollach) close. 

Ramble, 1 Grambla close. 

Rank, i.q. Park Crank. 

Reddick, ? radish {redid) close. 

Reens, % hill {rhyn) closes. 

Rees, Z.^. Park Crees. 
-Regulus, -rg-Glos, 1 «.2. Park 
Wriggles ; or, heaps' {grachel-s), 
or green-acre {eru glas) close. 

Rinsey, % dry-hill {rhjn sech) c. 

Rod, ?red {rud, m.c.) close. 

Ro-SE, -ASE, -use, 1 heath or moor 
or wheel {ros), or cross {crows) c. 

Round, camp, or castle close. 

Row, rough {row, m.c.) close ; or, 
i.q. Park Crow. 

RuMER, 1 i.q. Grammer's Park. 

Saffran, I crocus {saffrwm, iv.) c. 

Saundry, 1 ash house close, W.B. 
-Say, -Sea, 1 dry {sech) close. 

Scadden, 1 ? wood-pigeon (t/s^^M- 
/Aaw, w.) close ; or, i.^. P. ScAUAN. 

ScATH, boat {scath) close. 

ScA-UAN, -WEN, -WN, elder-tree 
{scaiven) close. 

-ScHEBA, -Sheeper, -Shiver, i.q. 
Park Skeba. 

Scue, ^privet {skcoit; m.c, S.G.), or 
elders' {scoiv) close. 

Shaft-er, -y, -ies, -oes, 1 i.q. 
Park an Shaft. 

-Sheeta, -Shutter, ? Avater-sAoo^ 

Ske-ba, -ber, -bo, -bor, -bow, 
-pper, -ver, barn {sciber) close; 
also, Skibber, Skiver. 
-Skeath, -Skitt, 1 underwood {is 
cult) close. 

Skilly, under-grove {is gcUi) c. 

Skinner, 1 Skinner's, or long 
{Mr) rush {hescen) close. 

Slad, valley (slad) close, ^V.^. 

Sleete, 1 under stream {is leat) c. 

Sleddon, 1 % little {veom) valley 
{slad) close. 




P.-SoLE, -SowELL, 1 stubble (soul), or 

under-moor (is hal) close. 
P. Soon, 1 1 under-down (is oon) c. 
P.-SooTH, -SoATH, 1 south, or rich 

fat (soath) close. 
P. Spar, spar-stone field, ^F.B. ; or, 

?barn (sciher) close. 
P. Sparnell, ? thorn {speroi) moor 

(hal), or below (is) Parnall close. 
P. Sparnon, 1 thorn down (oon) c. 
P. Spearn, field of thorns. 
P. Speller, 1 tinner's (sjmUier, Po.) 

P. Sperm, 1 crocus (saffnom, iv.) c. 
P. Spry, ? Spry's close. 
P.-Stail, -Stall, -Steel, 1 1 plank or 

board (astel) close. 
P.' Stamp-is, -s, 1 mine stamjnng- 

mill close. 
P. Starven, 1 1 close below (is) the 

oak (deriuen, to.) ; or, starving c. 
P. Starver, 1 close below (is) the 

great oak (dar ver), B. IF. 
P. Sterres, close below the door 

(dar as), or the brambles (dreis). 
P. Stray, 1 under-town (is dre) c. 
P.-Table, -Tamlyn, 1 1. dock (tafol, 

tavolyn) close. 
P.-Tan, -Tanna, 1. under (tan) close. 
P. Tem, 1. thyme (tim) close. 
P. Tinker, "? close under (tan) the 

castle {caer). 
P.-ToDDEN, -ToDN, ? lay (todn) c. 
P. Toll, 1 high {tal), or hole {tol), or 

dale (dol) close. 
P. ToLVAN, 1. the holed-stone (tol 

vaen), or little (hihan) high (/«/) c. 
P. Tow AN, "? the strand or sand-hill 

(toivan) close. 
P.-Tray, -Trea, home (^re) close. 
P. Tre-ath, -eth, sand (traith) c. 
P. Trebor, ? three roads' (tri vor) c. 
P. Treens, % three lamlja' (eanes) c. 
P. Trees, ? ^.j- P- Daras or Dries. 
P. Treman, ? passage (tremyn) close. 
P. -Tressock, -Trisack, brambly 

(drcisic) close. 
P. Trews, 1 outland (lir aues) close. 
P. Trigley, ? three-grove (<ri gelli) c. 

P.-Trissen, -Trudgeon, 1 mole-hill 
(dorossen, B.), or starling (trodzhen, 
Lh.), or Trudgeon's close. 

P. Tro-ne,-ON, close -vrith the depres- 
sion between the furrows (trone, 
T.Q.C.); down-house (tr-oon) c, 
JF.B. ; iron, a nose of land, B.W. 

P. Trot, 1 oak (dar) wood (cuit) c. 

P. Trust, r east (est) oaks' (derow) 

P. TuBBAN, 1 dam or bank (tuhan) 
close; (tuhhan, a hard clod, J-F.B.). 

P. Turtle, 1 close at the foot (troed) 
of the moor (hal). 

P. Urlin, 1 the hiding field. 

P. Vain, 1 narrow (main, vain, tc, 
B.JF.), or stone (maen) close. 

P. Vallen, ? apple-tree (avallen) c. 

P. Varne, 1 alder (ivarn, givern) c. 

P. Varras, ? meadow ( j;ras) close. 

P. Vean, little (Man) close. 

P. Vean Glas, ? the green (glas), 
or church (eglos) little close. 

P. Vease, •? close outside (aves). 

P. Vedras, ? wether-sheep (gwedhar- 
s, B.) close. 

P. Vell-AM, -um, % William's, or, i.q. 

P. Vell-AN, -in, 1 mill (melin) close. 

P. Vent-AN, -on, -um, spring (fentcn) 

P. Venton Sah, ] dry (sech) spring 

P. Vern, alder (givern) close. 

P. Verth, 1 green (givyrdd, lo.) close. 

P. Veryan, 1 ants' (murrian) close. 

P. Vethan, 1 meadow (hidhen) close. 

P. View, r cow (hm) close. 

P. Vine, i.q. Park Vain, B.JF. 

P. Vingle, ? fennel {fennochel) close. 

P. ViNTAL, .^ winnowing (gwyntyllio, 
to winnow) close. 

P. Vista, beast's {Ijesta) close. 

P. Viz, close outside (arcs). 

P. VoAN, ? i.q. Park Bouan. 

P. Vogue, ? forge (fog) close. 

P. VoiN, r ^sawjiiin field, /r.£. 

P. Vole, ? l)lackbird (moelh) close. 

P. Vor, i.q. Park en Vor. 

P. Vorran, ? crow (bran) close. 




VORRIAN, ants' (murrian) close. 

VoRTH, r road (fordh) close. 

VouNDER, iq. Park Bounder. 
-VouRNE, -VowRN, oveti (forn) 
field, T.C. ; ? i.q. Park Varne. 

Vregles, i.q. Park Friggles. 

Vro, ? handmill {hrou) close. 

VuLLEN, ? pond (pullan) close. 

Wall, the walled field, T.C. 

Waller, ? workman's (wayler) c. 

War-ne, -REN, warren, or alder, 
or marsh (givern) close. 
-Warra, -Warrah, -Wartha, 
-W ARROW, ? i.q. Park Gwarra or 


Wartha Hale, higher close by 
the moor (hal). 

-Warvell, -Wavel, ? kid's (ceverel, 
Pr.) close. 
-Waste, -West, ? i.q. P. Quest. 

Water, i.q. Park Wartha ; or, 
wafer close or field. Park Dower. 

Watty, 1 Walter's or hare c. 

Wayn, Iwain or waggon, or white 

igwyn) close. 

-Weal, -Wheel, ? mine {wheal) c. 

Well, 1 icell, or high (uhel) close. 

Wells, ? grass (gwells) close. 

Whennon, 1 bees' (gwenyn) close. 

Wherry, wheel-dray close, fF.B. 

Whistle, 1 lodging (gicestle, w.) 
close ; or, i.q. Hustle Field. 
-WiDDEN, -Withan, meadow {Ud- 
hen), tree (giuedhen), or little (vidn) 

WiTHEY, willow (f.) close. 
Wollas, bottom (goles) close. 
Woox, down (givon) close. 
Wreck, wife's (gwrec) close. 
Wriggles, i.q. Park Friggles. 
Yawm, Ihome, i.e. near close. 
Yet, gate (yet) close. 
-Zeath, -Zeth, dry {seh) field, 
G^'. ; i.q. Park in Zeth. 
ZiGGAN, 1 close with the standing- 
j)ool (sagen, B.); or, elder-tree 
(scaueii), 01- sedge (Jiescen) close. 
ZoM, 1 poverty (e^orn, a.) close. 
Zoul, i.^. Park Sole. 

Parleben, n.f., ? ^.^. Porthleven. 
Parleys, 1 i.^. Parkless. 
Parlian Garrick, ] Park Lee by 

the rock (carrag). 
Parlour, ? i.q. Park Lour. 
Parlyvosso, 1 Park Lee by or 

with the intrenchments (fossow). 
Parmenter, ?i.f., tailor,/., Lo. ; li.q. 


Parn-all, -ELL, 1 top (bar) of the 

moor (anhal) ; or, i.q. Park AN Hal. 
Parn Gover, i.q. Park an Gover. 
Parnvose, 1 the (an) fortified or 

intrenchment (fos) cove (porih). 
Parquest, i.q. Park Quest. 
Parquin, i.q. Park Gwin. 
Parramoor, 1 i.q. Park Moor. 
P ARRET, n.f., 1 i.q. Barret. 
Farry, n.f., = ApHarry,i.q.E.a.TTison. 
Parsley, 1 lower (isella) close. 
Partey Town, Park Day near the 

farm place {town, m.c). 
Parton Carne, v. Pairting Cairne, 

the rock dividing the farms, ^.^S^. 
Parventon, i.q. Park Venton. 
Parvis, i.q. Park Vease. 
Pascoe, n.f, U'.g. Padstow; or,= 

pare scaio, elder-trees close ; or, — 

pasche, easter, /. 
Pat-erda, -reda, -uda, -hada, 1 i.q. 

Patrec, s.B.m., i.q. Patricius, lat. 
Pattacot, ^Patrec's cottage. 
Patten, n.f, 1 i.q. Padden. 
the Patter, ? i.q. Park Dour. 
Paul, from St. Paulinus, p.s., 0. ; 

% St. Paul de Leon, D.G. 
Paul Pry, i.q. Pol- or Park-Pry. 
Pawn, % =parc on, ash close. 
Paw-ten, -ton, d.d. Pautone, 1 i.q. 


Payne, nf., i.q. Paine. 
Paynter, n.f, li.q. Pentire. 
Peach, o. Pec, Pech, n.f, 1 = Uch, 

Peale, a spire, Sc. 
Pean-prose, -vrose, ? little (bihan) 

meadow {pras) ; or, i.q. Park an 





Pea Park, Ijjea or cow (beuch) close. 
Pear-ce, -se, n.f., r = Ap Rhys, w. ; 

or, Percy, /. 
Pearls, i.q. Porles. 
Pearne, n.f., 'ifrom Perran. 
Peas Arish, pea stubble [field]. 
Peasen Close, the pea close, t. 
Peath Field, i.q. Peeth. 
Pecubben, i.q. Pencobben. 
Pedan Ponds, i.q. Penpons. 
Peddangwarry, Pednangwary, 

1 1 quarry end ( j;ew) ; or, i.q. Plain 


Peddanriden, 1 i.q. Penrithen. 
Pedelefokd, d.d., 1 the fordoverthe 

narrow stream {pedele, s.), t. 
Pedenegar, % i.q. Pengaer. 
Pedenpoll, i.q. Penpoll. 
Pedenvarden, i.q. Pednvadn. 
PedenvouiND-e, -er, i.q. Penfound. 
Pedna Carne, r rock end {pen) ; or, 

head of the Carn. 
Pednamore, the great {maur) head- 
land {pedn=pen). 
Pednan-, Pedn-drea, top {pen) of 

the town, or = Townsend. 
Pedn-ankren, -cren, head of the 

spring, Fo. ; {cren, round). 
Pednan-laas, -lase, the {an) green 

{glas) head or promontory {pen), 

H. ; {now the Land's End). 
Pedn be juffin, ] Bejowan point. 
Pedn Boar Point, Ithe great {maur) 

point or head. 
P. Carn, 1 i.q. Pedna Carne. 
P. Condurrow, Condurrow head. 
P. Crew, % hovel {croio) end ; or, 

head of the camps (caerau). 
P. Crifton, 1?Tencriff point. 
P. ervounder, i.q. Penfounder. 
P. ey Crousha, lend or top (^w) 

of cross [crows) close {hay). 
P. Garrick, 1 rock {carrag) end. 
P. Gellier, ? long grove {celli Mr) 

end, or top, or point {pen). 
P. GWAY, ] i.q. Peddangwarry. 
P. GwiNiON, 1 head of the marshes 

{gwinnion, Pr.). 
P. MEAN-DU, -DUE, black (du) stone 

(maen) head. 
Pedn menan mere, the {an) great 

{mear) stone head. 
P. OLV-A, -ER, head of the breach 

(dolva), Bl., or of lamentation {olva), 

E. W. ; or, Olver head. 
P. Pol, i.q. Penpol. 
P. PONS, i.q. Penpons. 

P. PRAZE, i.q. PeN'PRAZE. 

P. SAWANACK, headland with the 

caverns, Bl. {sawan, a hole). 
P. VADN, the little {vean) headland, 

Wh. ; 1 i.q. Penmean. 
P. venton, i.q. Penventon. 
P. VOUNDER, headland with a road, 

Bl. ; 1 i.q. Penfounder. 
P. warrow, 1 i.q. Penwartha. 
P. Y CoANSE, the causeway {coance, 

m.c.) head or end. 
P. Yet, gate {yet) head or end. 
Pee-per, -ver, 1 great {vear) close 

{p)arc). Peher, a baker. 
Peepow, cow {bench) close. 
Peeth, draw-well [field], W.B. 
Peguarra, "? i.q. Park Warra. 
Pel, afar off {pell), T. 
Pelamellin, i.q. Polmellin. 
Pelastine, 1 1 scarlet-oak {glastan, 

Lh.), or Austin's pool {j^ol). 
Pel-ayne, -ean, -lean, -lyn, 1 lamb 

{eaii) pool {pol) ; or, i.q. Penlene, 

or Pellyn. 
Pella, ] i.q. Park Pella or Pellas. 
Pellar Croft, ■? wise-man's croft. 
Pell-ars, -as, -is, 1 peeled oats' 

{pellas) [field]. 
Pellescourt, 1 from "pel isca," 

distant water. Bond. 
Pellew, n.f., Ihead {jyen) of the 

pool {lo). 
Pellitras Point, gymnasium point, 

Woodley ; {from, the greek \\);% head 

{pen) of the slope {lledrod, w. ), R. JV. 
PellowZawn, ?more distant {pella) 

hole in the rock {sawan). 
Pellyn, the distant pool {lin), or 

pool afar off ( pell), Pr. 
Pelly Point, 1 more distant {pella) 





Pelsue, i.q. PoLSUE, T. 


1 \\tt\e-(hian), h.i^\er-{wartha), & 
bottom {goles) calves' (leauh) field 

Pelvellan, i.q. Polvellan. 

Pelynt, v. Plynt, ]=j;e?^-Z?/^^(3, or 
-llicyn, head of the streams o?- wood, 
M'L. ; % head (fm), or bulwark 
{'pil) of the grove {Ihijn), Bond; 
d.d. Plunent, 1 parish {plu) of 
St. Nonnita or Non, p.s., Wh. ; 
(p.s. St. Mary, 0.). 

Pembernose, head (^e/i) of the night 
(710s), or midnight \hanter nos), !Sc. 

Pem-bole, -pwell, 1 i.q. Penpol. 

Pembr-e, -o, Le., =pen bre, mountain 
height, JFh. ; 1 now Breage. 

Pembroke, 1 i.q. Park an Brake. 

Penadl-ake, -ick, 1 i.q. Benallock. 

Pen AIR, 1 long (hi?-) point or head. 

Pena-lawey, -lewy, -luey, =2)en a 
loeau, hill of the tumuli, M'L. (1). 

Penal-gay, -guy, -gway, i.q. Pen- 


Pen ALL, n.f., i.q. Penh all. 
Penall-eck, -y, 1 i.q. Penellick. 
Penall-ome, -um, i.q. Penhalham, 

] moor-head (penhal) Ham. 
Penallund, 1 moor-head land. 
Penals, head chff, Pr. ; 1 head (jmh) 

of the cliff or shore (als), M'L. 
Penaluna, ] moor or hill head (jyeii 

hal) of the downs (oonoit), H.M.JV. 
Penalverne, % Alverne {i.q. Al- 

VERTOn) top or summit {pen), T.G. 
Penan, % pare an on, the ash close ; 

or, i.q. 
Penan-ce, -t, i.q. Pennance. 
Penaponds, i.q. Penpons. 
Pen-ar, -are, 1 i.q. Pen-air, or -arth. 
Penare-wartha & -WOLLAS, higher 

& lower Penare. 
Penarth, high {arth) top or hill, Pr. 
Penasken, reed {hescen), or ascent 

{ascenna, to ascend) point, iV. 
Penatilly, i.q. Pentillie. 
Penauger, d.d., 1 =pen an gaer, head 

of the camp, E.JF. ; tumulus 

{haugr, t.) hill, Beal ; 1 i.q. PeN- 

Penavar-ra, -tha, the higher or 

further head or top {warra = ivartha) 
Pena-wen, -win, head of the down 

{guen) ; or, white {givyn) hill, J.B. 

PeNB-ALL, -OLE, 1 i.q. PeNPOL. 

Penbeagle, i.q. Penbugell. 

Pen'BEATH, 1 head of the grave [bedh); 
or, boar's (baedh) head. 

Penberih, the green {verth) top, 
Pr.; 1 bush (^xt/A) top, E.fF. ; 
1 head of the cove (jjarth). 

Penberthy, top of the bushes, B. W. 

Penbetha, head of the graves {bedh- 
ou\ Pr. 

Pen Blue, 1 =parc an plu, the parish 
close, {pelu, to play at ball). 

Penbothidn-a, -ow, 1 1 smaller {bo- 
hatna, B.) end or top. 

Penbraha-m, -n, the crows' {bran) 
head ; or, ? i.q. Park en Vrane. 

Penbraws, i.q. Park an Browse. 

Penbraze, i.q. Penpraze ; or, Pen- 
brose, a nickname, great (J}ras) or 
dolt head. Car. 

Penbro, i.q. Pembro. 

Penbroth, 1 i.q. Penberth. 

Penbu-ale, -gell, -gle, the herds- 
man's {bugel) head, or superior 
herdsman, Pr. ; ■? hound's-tongue 
{pigel, IV.) close {pare an). 

Penbu-rthen, -then, -thon, 1 thorn 
bush {perthen) end, M. 

Pencair, headland of the mountain- 
ash {care), C. ; 1 head of the camp 
{caer) ; or, camp hill. 

Pencallinick, head place of the 
holly trees {celynnec), or head of 
the hollies, Pr. ; head of the flax 
{linec) field {giveal), B.JF. 

Pen-caranow, -karanow, hill of 
rocks {carnow), T. 

Pencar-n, -ne, i.q. Pedna Carne, 
or Park an Carne. 

Pencarns, ? head of the rocks. 

Pencarra Head, rock (carrag), or 
further {givarra) head, reduplicated. 

Pencarr-oe, -ow, the head place of 




the deer (carow), or the stag's head, 
Pr. ; headland of the stag, C. ; 
head or height of the camps {caerau), 
M'L. ; head Roman (row) castle, Po. 

Pencast-el, -le, castle head. 

Pencavean, 1 1 ridge {cefn) head. 

Pencise, ? 1 ^parc en syhys, the dry 

Pencliffs, 1 head of the cliffs. 

Pencobben, 1 Gobben head. 

PeN-COID, -COIT, -coll (r), -COOTH, 
head wood {coit), H. ; ? i.q. 

Pen-coose, -cooz, -cowse, head of 
the wood {cus), Pr. ; or, wood hill, 
J.B. ; or, i.q. Park an Goose, or, 

Pencorse, head of the moor, bog, 
or fen (cors). 

Penc-oy, -oyse, i.q. Pencoose. 

Pencraft, 1 head of the croft. 

Pencreb-ar, -or, 1 Greber head. 

Pencreek li.q. Park an Creague. 

Pencrexnow, i.q. Pencaranowe. 

Pency Gullas, 1 ^parh en sech goles, 
the dry bottom close. 

Pendanvadan, i.q. Pednvadan. 

Pendar, n.f., oak {dar) head, Pr. 

Pendargy, ? otter (clourgi), or turf- 
hedge or water-dike {durgy) head. 

Pendarves, head of the oak {dar) 
field (macs), Pr. ; or, i.q. Park an 

Penda-vey, -vy, the projection 
{2)edn 1) on the river (gwy), Pr. 

Pendavi-s, (d.d. -d), sheep's head, 
Pr. ; li.q. Park an Davas. 

Pendeen, head man's (deii) [place], 
Pr. ; castled (din) headland, Bl. ; 
{c.d. St. John). 

P. VowE, Pendeen cave {fow). 

Pendenhar, now Rame- {hor, a ram) 
HEAD (pedn), Sc. (1). 

Penden-ick, -ock, 1 furzy (eithenig), 
or lonely (idnac) headland. 

Pendennant, 12 cent., head of the 
deep {clown) valley (nant), P. IF. 

Pendennls, headland of the fort 
(dinas), C. ; the peninsula or forti- 
fied headland, Pr. ; cdso, i.q. Park 
an Eanes. 

Pender, n.f., i.q. Pen-dar or -dbea. 
Penderleigh, ■? Pender's pasture. 
Pendermoor, 1 head of the great 

{maur) oak {der), R. W. ; w, Pen- 
■ drea moor. 

Pen-dew, -diu, black {du) head. 
Pende-wey, {o. -ve, -vy), % David's 

{Deni) head or end. 
Pendilly, % close of the {pare an) 

cart {dilly, m.c), or house-site {tyle). 
Pendinant, Le., 1 head of the black 

valley {du nant), R. W. 
Pendin-AS, -nis, castle {dinas) point; 

or, principal or head fortification, 

B. ; or, island {enys) head {pedn), 

Ped. ; i.q. Pendennis. 
Pendiren, %i.q. Park an Drain. 
Pen-dour, -dowar, -dower, the 

land's {char) end, or head of the 

water {dour), Pr. ; water-head, 

J.G.; or, i.q. Parkentower. 
PENDOURVOSE,the head of a small (1) 

river or open water, Pr., or head 

of the good {vaz) land, Giv. ; {fos, 

a trench, wall). 
Pendown, 1 % down head or end. 
Pendrathen, head of the sand-bank 

{traith), N. 
Pen-dray, {n.f), -dre, -drea, the 

principal town {tre), Pr. ; head 

house, T. C. ; head of the town, or 

Townsend ; or = Park an Drea. 
Pen-drean, -drine, the brambly 

head,Pr. ; or, i.q. Park an Drean. 
Pendr-effy, -iffy, 1 Pendrea by 

the water {gwy) ; or, i.q. 
Pen-drief, -drift, 1 = pentref, a 

village, iLi. ; or, i.q. Pendray. 
Pendr-iffel, -uffel, 1 chief place 

{fentref, w.) on the moor {hcd). 
Pendr-im, -ym, head of the ridge 

(trtmi) ; or, i.q. Park Drum. 
Pendrissick, li.q. Park Drysack. 
Pendruscot, Pendrea below {is) 

or outside {aues) the wood {coat) ; 

Drws Coet, door of the wood, 

w., R.JF. 
Pendulow, 1 head of the two {dew) 

pools {low), or tumuli (t.). 




Penearth, 1 high (earth) summit. 
Penegou, ] i.q. Park an Gew. 
Penelewey, i.q. Penal awe y. 
Pe:,eliggon, i.q. Penhaligon. 
Penellarrick, n.f., i.q. Penhal- 


Penellick, head of the willows 

{helic) ; or, i.q. Parkenellick. 
Pen Enys, island (enys) point. 
Penera, 1 higher {warra) point. 
Penes-kyn, -sken, [at] the head of 

the rushes, Pr. ; or, the sedge {(in 

hescen) close [pare). 
Penesta, 1 ? wortleberry {t din, B. ) 

head, or close. 
Penevarra, i.q. PeNAA'ARRA. 
PeNFENT-EINON (6'rtr.),-ENI0, -idnoe, 

{(Id. -iNio), -INOW, head of the 

springs {fenfinioic) . 
Penf-on, -oun, head well or spring 

(fynnon,to.),II.; 07',/.g'.PENFOUND. 
Penford, head of the road (fordJt). 
Penfoun-d, -der, head of the lane 

{bounder), or, lane end, Pr. ; or, i.q. 

Park an Vounder. 
Penfra-n, -ne, i.q. Penbrahan. 
Penga-er, -re, head of the camp 

(caer) ; camp end or close. 
Pengarr-ack, -ick, -ock, the head 

rock (carrag), Pr.; 1 rock end; 

or = pare an garrag, the rock field. 
Pengarwick, i.q. Pengerswick. 

PeN-GELLY, -GILLY, 0. -GHELLY, d.d. 

-GELLE, head of the grove (colli), or 

of the hazel-grove, Pr. 
Pengellys, Pengelly's (n.f.) [farm]. 
Pen-gerick, -jerick, 1 i.q. Pengar- 

RACK, B. if. ; watery head, T. C. ; 

or, i.q. Park O'Dourick. 
Pengersick, 1 moorish or fenny 

(cor si g) head, B. JF.^ 
Pengirt, 1 i.q. Park an Garratt. 
Pengla-se, -ze, the green (glas) 

head, Pr. ; or, i.q. PARK Glase. 
Penglee, i.q. Park an Gillie. 

Pengould, ? 1. the end of the region 
or territory (gulat), or -pare en 
goidd, the marigold field. 

Pengover, the head of the rivulet 
(goccr), Pr. ; or, i.q. Park AN Gore. 

Pengreep, 1 ridge (crib) end. 

Pengron, 1 round (cron) head, B.JF. 

Pengrouse, ■? cross (crows) head or 
end; or, i.q. Park en Grouse. 

Pengrugl-a, -er, heath (griglan) 
hill or headland, C. ; 1 head of the 
heath place (crug le), B. IF. 

Penguare, d.d., play (gicarc) hill, 
J.B. ; 1 quarry (cuare) top. 

Peng-uarne, -werne, head of the 
alder-trees (git-ern), or mast-head, 
Gu: ; or, head of the marsh. 

Pexgullas, 1 bottom (goles) end. 

Pengwarras, 1 top (gwarhas) end. 

Pengw ARROW, i.q. Park Gwarrow. 

Pengwedna, ] % downs' (giicnou 1) 
end; or, white (gwednac) head. 

Pengwin, i.q. Park an Guen. 

Penh-aile, -ale, -al, -all, head of 
the moor (Ml), Pr., or river (hayl) 
T., or strand, M'L. ; or, i.q. Park 
AN Hal. 

Penhale an Drea, home (ire) P. 

Penhal-es, -lls, -ls, 1 broad-moor 
(hal les) end ; or, i.q. Park an Als. 

Penhalguy, head of the Hele river, 
Po. ; water (gwy) from the head 
(pen) of the 'hill {hal), B. 

Pen HAL-HAM, -LAM, i.q. PeNALLUM. 

Penhaligon, n.f., i.q. Penliggen. 
Penhallack, U.cq. Benallock. 
Penhall-erick, -urick, head of the 

rich (herric) moors, B. ; 1 end of 

Leuric's moor (hcd). 
Penhallinyk, n.f., 1 i.q. Pencal- 


Penhallow, moors' (hcdlow) head; 
hill (1ml) top (jyen) with the tu- 
mulus (low, M'L.). 

Penh ALT, 1 cliff («.//), or wooded hill 

* The green headland, Pr., Po. ; the head (pen) ward (gwercs) of the cove {ike), 
Mur. ; from Pen gueraz, a head to help, Car. ; the head word or command {gar) fenced 
or fortified place (loick) ; or, the creek, cove, or bosom of waters {ike) head help, H. ! 




{gallt, XV.) head, end, or field. 
Penhalitn, d.d., head of the ash 

{on), or Kttle {vean) moor {hal). 
Penhalvean, little Penhal. 
Penhalveor, great Penhal. 
Penhalward, ? head of the high- 
moor {hal ivarth) ; or, garden {low- 

arth) end. 
Penhanger, 1 head of the camp 

{an gaer). 
Pen-hargard, -hergard, =;?m ar 

gear, head of the camp, M'L. 
Penharg-ate, -ett, ? the same ; or, 

Argwedd's {to.) summit. 
Penhasgar, 1 Osgar's {t.) summit. 
Penhawg-ar, -er, i.q. Penhanger, 

M'L., or Pen auger. 
Penhayes, % i.q. Park Hays. 
Penh-ayle, -eale, -el, -ele, -ell, 

-ILL, i.q. Penhailej or, the chief 

hall {hel), T. 
Pen-heddra, -hendra, -hedra, 1 

i.q. Pendrea, or Park Hendra. 
Pen-hellick, -hillick, the head of 

the willows {helic), Pr. 
Penher-iots, -ods, ? 1 higher woods 

end or head. 
Penherret, ? i.q. Penh arg ate. 
Penhesk-en, -in, i.q. Peneskyn. 
Penhole, i.q. Penhal, or, 
Penholt, i.q. Penhalt. 
Penhorn, ? 1 corner {co7'n) end. 


Penimble, 1 i.q. Pedenpol. 

Peninnis, head of the island {e^iys), 
N. ; also, i.q. PARK AN Innis. 

Penisca, % elders' {scatv) end. 

Penkelly, i.q. Pengelly. 

Pen-kenner, -kinna,] point or head- 
land of the whelp {cenaio, w.). 

Penkestle, i.q. Pencastle. 

Pen-kevel, -kivel, the horse {cevil) 
head, Pr. ; d.d. Pangvol. 

Penkey, ] hedge {ce) end. 

Pen-knek, -kneth, -knight, hill of 
the king {konig, t.), Wh. 

Penkuke, the head village {guic), 
Pr. ; 1 end of the village, J.B, 

Penkyll, o.n.f., i.q. Penkeuel. 

Penland, 1 = 2^671 Ian, end of the 

village, E. W. ; 1 sheep pen field, t. 
Pen-lean, -len, -lene, -lyn, -lyne, 

1 head of the grove {loin, w. llwyn), 

or pool {lin). 
Penlee, the lesser {le) head or point 

of land, Pr. ; end of the place 

{le), or rock {lech), N. ; headland 

to the /eeward, Sc. 
Penleese, 1 Ellis end or top. 
Penliggen, 1 Heligan end. 
Pen-lita, -litha, '? i.q. Park en 

Leta, or Bolitho. 
Penltj, ? sheltered {hleo, s.) end. 
Penlyer, li.q. Park an Lear, 
Penlyky, n.f., U.q. Penhalguy. 
Penlym, i.q. Pennalim. 
Pen-man {n.f.), -maine, -mayne, 

-mean, stone {maen) end. 
Penmarth, lii.q. Park Marth. 
Penmedel, ] reapers' {medel, w.) end. 
Penmeneth, hill {menedh) end or top. 
Penmellen, % mill {melin) end. 
Penmen-er, -ner, -or, -nor, the 

principal mountain {mener), Pr. ; 

1 Menheir end or top. 
Penmenna, ? Manehay end. 
Pen-mont, -mount, m, hill top. 
Penbioyle, mule's {moyle, m.c.), or 

hare {moel), or blackbird's {moelh) 

Penn, n.f., =pen, an end, point, top, 

summit, promontory, the chief or 

principal, R. JV. ; also a height, 

upland, hill, Po. 
Penna, n.f, 1 =2yennoii,2yhi'ral of pen, 

R. JV. ; or, i.q. Penneck. 
Penna-ir, -re, i.q. Penar. 
Pennalerick, n.f, i.q. Penhalu- 


Pennal-im, -ym, i.q. Penhallam. 
Pennalt, i.q. Penhalt, 
Pennan-ce, -s, -t, head of the valley 

or plain {nans), Pr. ; nant, a ravine, 

brook, w. 
Pennar-d, -th, 1 high {ard) summit. 
Penna-tilly, -ntilly, 1 1 head of the 

toft, or of the enclosure {hay) with 

the house-site {tyle, w). 




Penn-eck, -ick, -ock, n.f., the head 
creek, brook, rivulet, or place ; or, 
head oak, Pr. ; 1 one with a great 
head {pen) ; or, from St. Pinnock. 

Pennedaen, ? oak {clenven) head. 

Pennehalgar, fZ.c^.,?head of Algar's 
enclosure {hmj, t.). 

Pennehel, d.d., i.q. Penhayle. 

Pennelick, i.q. Penhellick. 

Penn-ey, -y, 7i.f., i.q. Penna. 

Penn-ies, -ys, i i.q. Park Hays. 

Pennight, i.q. Pexknight. 

Pennington, n.f., 1 the enclosure 
(tun) of Penna's descendants, t. 

Penniscen, 1 rush (Jiescen) head. 

Penniscot, 1 under-wood (is goat) 
end, head, or close. 

Penn-o, -ow, n.f, Vi.q. Penna. 

Pennore, 1 i.q. Penar ; {nore, a pro- 
montory, t.). 

Pennurra, U.q. Penavaera. 

Penny Ball, tlae Ball end. 

P. Bridge, 1 1 i.q. Penpons. 

P. COMEQUICK, head of the creek 
(givic) valley (aim), J.B. ; of the 
contracted {cuch T) valley or dingle, 
D.G. ; or, of the cuckoo (cog, ga. 
ciiach) vale. 

P. CLOSE, li.q. Pengullas. 

P. CRADOCK, '?Caradog's,orCradock's 
head enclosure (hmj, t.). 

P. CROCKER, 1 partridge {grugyer) top. 

P. CROFT, croft end. 

P; CROSS, headland of the cross, C, 
or fen (cors) ; or, penmj ferry. 


P. GASKis, 1 covert (guscys) end. 

P. gilla-m, -n, ? William's head. 

P. gonear, long down (gwonhir) end 
or top. 

P. Key, 1 i.q. Penkey. 

P. Lane, ] i.q. Penvounder. 

P. Ledge, 1 head of the ledge of 

P. LiGON, i.q. Penligen. 

P. Meadow, 1 1 head of the meadow. 

P. Park, 1 head of the close (jmrc). 

P. Pool, 1 i.q. Penpol. 

P. Quick, 1 i.q. Penkuke. 

Penny-tinny, beacon hill, J.B.; 
1 fire (tan) enclosure (hay) summit. 

P. Veer, 11 i.q. Parkenveor. 

P. VouNDER, i.q. Penvounder. 

P. Willows, 1 i.q. Penhellick. 

P. win, white (gwin) head. 

P. Wrinkle, 1 periwinkle head. 

Penoak, 1 head oak, Pr. 

Penolv-a, -er, li.q. Pednolva. 

Penonack, 1=2jarc an unacTc, the 
solitary or lonely field. 

Penowell, ? i.q. Park Nowel. 

Penpall, 1 i.q. Penny Ball. 

Pen Park, 1 1 sheep j;e7i close (pare). 

Pen-pell, d.d., -pel, far off or remote 
(pjcll) top or head, H. 

Penpellow, top of the round ( pel) 
tumulus (loio, s.), 3PL. 

Penperry, 1 1 hill (bre) top. 

Penperses, 1 Byrhisiys's (P.m.) top. 

Penp-erth, -eth, -ith, 1 i.q. Pen- 
berth or Penbeath. 

Penpeth-ey, -y, 1 i.q. Penberthy ; 

Penpethick, 1 Pethick end. 
Pen-pill, -pillick, head of the creek 

or little harbour, Pr. 
Penpine, 1 i.q. Park Vine. 
Penpod, 1 1 the house (an hod) close 

Penpo-l, -le, -ll, -ul, head of the 

pool, well, pit, or lake (2)ol), Pr. 
Penpon-ds, -s, -t, the head bridge 

(pons) or head of the bridge, Pr. ; 

or, l^ridge foot or end. 
Penponskeens, 1 bridge foot rush 

(hesecn) [fieldjs. 
Penpra-se, -ze, top of the meadow 

(jmis) ; or, i.q. Park Praze. 
Penprethy, 1 1 meadowy ( inathce) 

summit or end. 
Penqu-ain, -ean, i.q. Pennywin. 
Penquaro, e.d.d., i.q. Penguare. 

PeNQU-ET, -it, -ITE, -ITT, -OIT, top of 

the wood (euit), Pr. 
Penquindle, 1 i.q. Park Vintal. 
Penrest, 1 1 top of the wood (hurst, 

t.) ; or, Grwst's (vj.) summit. 
Pen-rice, -rees, head of the fleeting 



ground, (reese, to flit or slide away), 

Fr. ; ■? iq. Parkanrise. 
Penrithen, ? fern (reden) end or 

top; or, i.q. Pendrathen. 
Pen-roose, -rouse, red (rooz) head, 

or top, or field ; or, i.q. 
Pen-rose, o. -ros, head (pen) of the 

moor, i^JF"., of the valley o?- moss, 

Pr., of the heath, T. ; hill of the 

heath, Wh. 
P. Burden, Burdon's Penrose. 
P. Sophia, Soaper's Penrose. 
P. Ud-d, -da, 1 Udy's Penrose. 
Penruke, HRieuk's (a.) summit. 
Penryn, a curled head. Car. ; head 

of the river channel {ryne), or 

promontory {rhjn), Pr. ; ] hill 

{rhyn) end. 
P.-E Bryn, -Foreign, or -Forryn, 

the court of Penryn, J'FJi. 


summit, end, or field. 
Penscawn, 1 elder-tree (scauen) end. 
Pen-scombe, -seccombe, ? head of 

the dry (seek) valley (comb, t). 
Penshandy, ? 1 the springs (fenten-s) 

near the house [an dy). 
Pensi-gillis, -quillis, head of the 

dry copse (celli), or dry hill of wood, 

T. ; 1 goles, a bottom or vale. 
Pensignance, head of the dry vaUey 

Pensilva, % look-out (sidva, w.) sum- 
mit or height. 
Pensipple, chapel (seipeal, ga.) hill, 

Beal ; 1 head of the dry pool (pol). 
Pensize, '? parched (syhys) end. 
Pens-ken, -skin, i.q. Peneskyn. 
Penstr-ase, -ays, -aze, 1 i.q. Park 

Sterres, 07-, 
Penstrass-a, -ow, head of the 

springs (stret, a fresh spring), T. 
Penstra-w, -y, 1 1 the field (jmrc en) 

below (is) the oaks (deroto) or house 

Pen-stroad, -strode, -strodd, 

% % springs head. 
Penstruthal, % 1 the end below (is) 

the foot (troed) of the moor (lial). 

Pentafriddle, i.q. Fentafriddle. 
Pentane, 1 i.q. Fenton. 
Pent-ango, -engoe, 1 the smith's 

(gof), or wood (coat) well (fenten). 
Pentargain, 1 DuRGAN point. 
Pentargen Hill, 1 the head-dragon 

(pendragon) or supreme ruler's 

hill ; or, silver (archans) well hill. 
Pent-avale, -avall, -envall, the 

head or chief (j^en) good or con- 
secrated (da) spring or well, H. ; 

the source (fenten) of the Fal. 
Pentearth, 1 bear's (arth, £.) well. 
Pen-tell A, -tilly, ? ^parc en telle, 

the manure close ; or, elms' (elau) 

well (fenten). 
Pentelvadden, 1 the spring on the 

little (vadn = vean) moor (hcd). 
Pentenhale, 1 moor spring. 
Penter, n.f, i.q. Pen-der, or -tire. 
Pentescoombe, 1 Penter's, or the 

well (fenten) below (is) vale. 
Penthoga, 1 1 cave (ogo) spring. 
Pentillie, ^penteilu, the master's, 

or head of the family, Pr. 
Pentinney, camp (dinas) of the 

head, or principal camp, M'L. 
Pentinnick, n'.g-. Park anDanack. 
Pentire, the head-land (tir), Pr. 
P.-GLAZ, -GLAZE, the green (glas) 

headland or promontory. 
Pent-ell, -le, 1 hole (tol) point. 
Penton Cross, 1 the [village of the] 

spring at the cross roads. 
Penton WARRA, the higher (wartha) 

spring (fenten). 
Pen-towan, -tuan,-tewan,-tewyn, 

head of the sand-banks (Pr.), or 

hillocks (Po.), or heaps (C). 
Pentrea, i.q. Pen-drea, or, 
Pentreath, head of the sands 

(traith), R.W. 
Pen Uchel Coit, the lofty hill in 

the wood; (now Lostwithiel), 

Penve-arn, -rn, ] alder or mast 

(givern) head ; or, i. q. Park Warne. 
Penvent-ennew, -inue, -ynyowe, 

i.q. Penfentinow. 



Penventon, spring (fenfen) head, 

Pr. ; or, i.q. Paek an Venton. 
Penver, iq. Park an Year. 
Penverance, 1 crows' (brans) top. 
Penvere, great (mear) headland. 
Penvergate, 1 the gate, or wood 

(coat) by the great field (jmtc an 

Penveth, i.q. Penbeath. 
Penvethas, i.q. Penwethas. 
Penvivian, 1 Vivian's head or end. 
Penvoarn, 1 i.q. Pen yearn. 
Penvor, 1 great (riumr) headland. 
Penvorder, 1 higher (tvariha) head. 
Penvores, 1 i.q. Parkengwarras. 
Penvose, head of the intrenchment 

or ditch (fos), Pr. 
Penvounder, i.q. Penfound. 
Penvrane, head of the rookery, 

Po. ; 1 i.q. Park an Vkane. 
Penwar-den, -ren, 1 i.q. Penvoarn. 
Penwarne, 1 the same ; head of the 

alder-trees (gwern), Pr.''' 
Penwartha, the higher (ivartha) 

head or hill, T. 
Pen water, ] ] head of the water. 
Penwell, 1 '( high (uhel) head. 
Penwen-ack, -nick, 1 1 white or 

marshy (icinnic) head. 
Pen-wenham, -winnam, 1 Penwine 

meadow (liam). 

Penwerris, the green or flourishing 
{gwer) head,P/-. ; 1 i. q. Pengwarras. 

Pen-wethas, -withers, 1 =2xirc en 
guedhar-s, close of the wether- 

PeNW-IN, -YN, li.q. PENAWIN.t 

Penwindle, 1. i.q. Park Vintal. 

Penwith, 1 the promontory of blood 

Penwithen, "li.q. ParkanVethan. 

Penwithick, woody {withic, B.fF.) 

Penwortha, i.q. Penwartha. 

Penworval, 1 Avhale's (morvil) head. 

Penwyth, 1 head of the wood 
(gwi/ih), R.W. ; or, i.q. Penwith. 

Penygader, a chair (cadar) form of 
hill, a terrace, w., li.IF. ; % pirate's 
(ancredour) point. 

Penymaen, i.q. Penmain. 

Pen YOKE, ?] upper (tich, lo.) end. 

Penyquindle, "? i.q. Penwindle. 

Penzance, holy (sans) headland. || 

Penz-er, -our, gull (zethar) head- 
land, T. 0. ; or, vratev (dour) head. 

Pepper, n.f., 1 =2)iher, baker. 

Perbullar, U.q. Park Billier. 

Percamlyn, 1 Hamlyn's close. 

Percent, i.q. Bosant, C. 

Percock, : cuckoo's (cog) close. 

Perconger, conger-eei cove (porth). 

* =PL'n v;arn nan, head of tho alder-tree vallej-, T. ; head notice or summous 
(girarnya, to warn), H. ; a head beloved, Sc. ! ! 

f " Penwyn is the beloved (t.) head or promontory ; but properly, ^jcji ginjnsa (?) is 
head or chief wine," H. I I ? white or fair end. 

I This hundred is named after its most prominent feature the Land's End, " called 
by the British bards or poets Penbhingl'aed, i.e. the promontory of blood ; by their 
historians, Penwith, i.e. the promontory to the left {cliwitli, v\) ; by the Saxons, 
Penwith-sj'eout, steort with them signifying ground stretched into the sea ; and by the 
inhabitants in their language, Pen von (?) laz, i.e. the end of the earth," Cam., or 
" headland of slaughter {his=-ladh)," Wh. ; this is given by Leland " Penwolase, id est, 
intimum caput," the last head or promontory; and by Careic Pedn an laaz. — Other 
renderings of Penv.-ith: "head of the Ashen-trees (cnirith)," Car.; '-head of the 
breach or separation " (givyth), Gw., Pr., Po. ; " head of the island " (nict), Ba.v. ; " high 
or conspicuous (guydh) promontory," B.; "? i.q. fenwith, the end," Po. 

'! The saint's head. Car. ; " that this is the right name appears from the arms of 
the town, which are S. John Baptist's head in a charger," Bp. Gibson, ! ! head of the 
Belra or sacred (sans) district, Seal; head of the bay (sans), T., Pr.; bay of the 
head, Wh. ; head of the sands, Cam. ; head of the channel (savas), Gw. ! c.d. St. 
Mary ; o. St. Nicholas. 




Percose, ? cheese (cans) close. 

Percothen, i.q. Porthcothan. 

Percothy, li.q. Park Gootha. 

Percressa, i.q. Porcrassa. 

Percul-a, -las, i.q. Park Gullas. 

Percurtis, ? Curtis's close (pare). 

Perdredda, 1 the traitor's (trayta, 
Pi'.) field (jMrc) ; or, i.q. Paderda. 

Pereave, 1 summer (k//) field. 

Perelman, 1 Helman close. 

Perem, B.r)i., 1 i.q. Abraham. 

Pergal, 1 i.q. Park Hal. 

Perguarra, 1 i.q. Park Warra. 

Pergwins, li.q. Park an Gwens. 

Perhillick, ? withy (helic) close. 

Pericles Bay, =2Jorth eglos, church 
cove, N. 

Peril Park, 1 i.q. Park Prill. 

Per-in, -yn, i.q. Penryn. 

Periock, ?pig (yocJi, B.) close. 

Perkibet, % newt (ebhet) close. 

Perkilla, the hidden (celes, to con- 
ceal) cove (jwrth), N. 

Perkin, n.f., 1 1 lamb (ea7i) close. 

Perledan, i.q. Park Leddan. 

Per-leeze, -lese, -leze, 1 i.q. Park- 
less, or BORLASE. 

Perline, 1-perlan, an orchard, 
R. IF. ; or, i.q. Pellean. 


Perlinyer, 1 i.q. Park Lanyer. 

Perlo, 1 i.q. Portloe. 

Perlutes, 1 midwife's (lavethas) close 

Permayne, i.q. Park Maine. 
Permellin, mill (melin) port; or, 

yellow (mclyn) cove, iV. 
Permewan, n.f., ? St. Mewan's cove. 
Permiz-en, -zen, 1 = Forth Moesen, 

Moses's cove, N. 

Pernaggie, the broken port (agenu, 

to break; ageiwCjfaW of cracks), iV^. 
Pernance, valley (nans) close. 
Per-ose, -ROSE, -ROWS, ? i.q. Pen- 
rose, or Park en Rows. 
Perpitch, 1 little (bich) cove. 
Perpol, l-pit or pool (pol) close. 
Perran Arworthal, Perran parish 

of the manor of Arwothel.'' 
P. PORTH, Perran bay (porth). 
P. Uthno, Perran parish of the 

manor of Uthno.* 
P. Vose, 1 cove ( 2^orth) of the (an) 

intrenchment (fas). 
P. Zabulo, Perran in the sand.* 
Perrow, 1 ^perwith, pear trees, tv. 
Perrup-a, -er, i.q. Bareppa. 
Perry, n.f., 1 = bre, a hill. 
Perr-yman, -iem, n.f, li.q. Perem. 
Persguiddle, 1 close ( pare) under 

(is) the wilderness-piece (gwydd- 

u-al, w.). 
Pert, n.f., 1=perth, bush. 
Perthcolijmb, i.q. Porthcullum. 
Perthillick, 1 willow (helie) bush. 
Perthsasnac, Saxon's cove (piorth). 
Pervellin, ?mill (melin) close. 
Per-wennack, -winnick, marshy 

(winnic) close (pare). 
Petatson, 1 Petite's down (oon). 
Pether-, Pethy-bridge, n.f, % St. 

Petrock's bridge. 
Petherick, from St. Petrock, p.s. 
Pethernion, 1 the boundary (eir- 

ionyn, w.) bush (perth). 
Pether win, /?om St Paternus (^.s., 

T.) the little (vean). 
Pethick, n.f, from Petherick. 
Pett, Pettet, Petty, n.f., o. Petite 

= le petite, the little, /. 

• The patron saint of the three Pekkan parishes is St. Pieran (0.), the Irishman 
{Cornice, gwidhal, godhal, wodhal), from whence, possibly, Abworthal, in the 14 cent. 
Abwothel; others say this is "upon [ar) the noted {woth) cliff or height [hal)," Pr. ; 
"upon the noted river {heyl)," Wh.; upon (arwarth) the salt-water-river (heyl), or 
estuary (el, an arm of the sea), Fed. The chief village in this parish is " Peeranwell, 
60 called from a chalybeate spring," D.G. — Uthno is " the high bare place, or naked 
exposure," Pr. ; or " =edn, narrow," T.C— -Zabulo is from the middle latin sabulum, 
Band. Leland who speaks of "Ryvieb absorptum a sabulo," calls the parish St. 
PiBANES IN THE Sandes ; Comice, Pieran in tbeth, Wh. 




Pettigrew, 1 crane's {grew, Pr.) bush 

Petvin, n.f., 'ifrom Petherwin. 
Peverell, o.n.f.,pevr, fair, w., R. JF. ; 

-ell, diminutive. 
Pezzack, n.f., % i.q. Bezack. 
Pharnissick, ?Uower(?'sac/i) furnace 

(forn), or alders (/earn, i.). 
PHiLLACK,/romj;.s. St. Felicitas, 0.* 
Philleigh, from p.s. St. Filius, 0.'-'' 
Phillpotts, Philps, n.f, the son of 

PhiHp (a lover of horses, gr.). 
Phippen, little (en ^ vean) Philip. 
Physick, n.f, ^//'om Trevisick. 
PiCCE, ] little (bich) enclosure (hay). 
Picken Park, ? beacon, or little 

{lichen) close {pare). 
Pickens, ? little [closejs ; or =park 

eanes, lambs' close. 
PiCKLAND, 1 shepherd's {bigel) land. 
Piece a Diece, 1 rick {clise) piece. 
Piggy Nell, 1 i.q. Park en Hell. 
Pig loose, 1 i.q. Park Close. 
Pigscombe, 1 bush {hagas) vale. 

PiGSDON, (/.(/. PlGESDONE, ? bush 

{hagas) hill {dun). 
Pikes Park, 1 bush close {piarc). 
Pill, the salt-water trench, or little 

harbour, Pr. ; the creek, Wh. ; or — 

pil, a hillock, mound ; or, pol, a 

pit, pool. 
PiLLANCE, 1 lambs' {eanes) PiLL. 
Pill-as, -ars, -ers, -ows, -owes, -s, 

i.q. Pell ars. 
Pillaton, d.d. PiLETONE, 1 the Pill 

enclosure {tu7i) ; p.s. St, Odulphus, 

PiLLER Park, ? i.q. Park Billier. 
PiLLiANATH, ] % wormwood {fuelein), 

or pebble {bilien) heath. 
Pillory, i.q. Pullery. 
PiLSEY, ? dry {sech) PiLL. 
Pilver, 1 great {mear) Pill. 
PiNARD, n.f., ■? i.q. Pennard. 

PiNCEY, 1 dry {sech) end {pen). 
Pinch, %i.q. Park Eanes. 
Pine, nf., 1 = bihan, little. 
PiNGAR, 1 i.q. ParK AN GeAR. 

Pingles, ? Pengelly's [field]. 
PiNGLESTONE, ? P. enclosure {tun, s.). 
Pink Carne, 1 the wry-neck {p)in- 

nick, Po.) rock or rocks {earn). 
PiNKEY, ? wry-neck close {hay). 
PiNKSKiN, 1 i.q. Park Hosken. 
Pinnacombe, ] Pinnock's vale. 
Pinna Park, ? Penna's close. 
PiNNATON, 1 Penna's farm {tim, s.). 
PiNNECK, 1 pine ( pin) [grove]. 
PiNNiONS, lAp Enion's {iv.) [field]. 
PiNSDON, % Penna's hill {dun). 
PiNSEY, % Penna's enclosure {hay) 
PiNSKIN, ] i.q. Penheskin. 
PiSKEY-,PiscAY-, Pixey-Park, fairy 

PiSTAiL COVE, waterfall {pistyll, w.) 

cove, Po. 
Pitcher, nf., 1 li.q. Bowgeheer. 
Pitch Park, 1 little {bich) close. 
PiTHEM, 1 pit or hole Ham. 
Pitney, 1 the pit close {hay). 
Pit Praze, pit meadow {pras). 
Pitpry, clay {pri) pit. 

PiTSLEW-ERN, -REN, 1 fox {luem) 

PiTTEN Park, the i^it close. 
Pitt-ice, -ies, "^pit closes {haies,f.). 
PiTTON, pit farm (to, s.). 
PiTTY, pit close {hay). 
PiTTYME, 1 1 Amy's grave {bedh). 
Place, o. Plas, the palace, mansion, 

place {plas). 
Plain an Guary, Planengwary, 

Plengwary, the level place or 

plain of sport and pastime, B. ; 

the plain floor or stage for the 

play {(j'uare), Ped. 
Plain Park, 1 playing close {pare). 
Plain Place, 1= playing place. 

* According to Whitaker, St. Piala, Philley, Fellye, Phelack, Felack, Felix, or 
Felicitas came from Ireland A.D. 460. Dr. Oliver gives the name of the patron saint 
of Philley, alias Fillye, St. Filius de Eglosros. Dr. Pryce gives " Phillack.^PiK 
ick, the village near the harbour." 




Plains, 1 =pol eanes, lambs' pool. 
Plain Sanctuary, the playing[field] 

near or belonging to the church. 
Plain Street, 1 smooth road ; or = 

pol an stret, the spring pool. 
Plaming, n.f., li.q. Flemming. 
Plane, li.q. Pelayne. 
Plash, puddle, pool, swamp, bog, 

marsh ; cdso, i.q. PiLLAS. 
Plash Croft, swampy croft, T.C. 
Plashford, 1 ford at the swamp. 
Plash Town, muddy town-place 

[field], JF.B. 
Plas Noun, the palace (2)las) of the 

monk (nonnus, kit), }Vh. 
Plaunder, 1=pkm7i-dir, planted 

field, E. IF. ; or, launder field 

Playdy, = ^5faic?e?/, partitions, w., 

Player, n.f., % =pol heir, battle pool. 
Plea-, Ple-ton, 1 i.q. Pillaton. 
Plint, Plynt, i.q. Pelynt. 
Plishay, PILLAS close {hay). 
Plod Meadow, miry meadow. 
Plosh, Ploshet, Plush Park, 

Plusha, Plash close. 
Plot, 1 =p)ol hoet, duck pool. 
Plowden,«./., 1 i.q. Pludn, the pool, 

Bl. ; ? =pol man, little pool. 
Plowsdon, Pillas or Plosh hill. 
Plum-b, -p, p)ump [field]. 
Plumier, ? dove-cot {clomiar) close 

Plussin, 1 little {vean) Plosh. 
PoAD, POAT, Pode, n.f., 1 = bod, a 

kite, w., a messenger, s. 


PoDESTOC, d.d., 1 PoDES place {sioc, 
s.) ; noiv POUNDSTOCK. 

POFFALAND, 1 people's {pohijl) en- 
closure {Ian) ; or, pebble {pahol, s.) 

Poke Tor, ? ] Puck's peak. 

POLAGENNA, 1 the pool or pit {pol) 
at the mouth or opening (genau). 

Poland, n.f, 1 pool field {land, s.). 

PoLANNES, 1 lambs' {eanes) pool. 

POLARVAN, ? St. Kumon's pool, }F.H. 

PoLATH-A, -er, lUthr's {w.) pool. 
POLBARROW, tumulus pool. 

PoLBATHiCK, pool of the coins {bath, 

a coin), 0. 
POLBITHEN, head ( pol) of the meadow 

(hidhen), Gw. (r). 


POLBORDER, ? ? traitors' (hradior) p. 
POLBRAGES, ? kites' {barges) pool. 
PoLBRE-AN, -EN, 1 hill {bryn), or tree 

{pren) pit or pool. 
POLBRIDGE, 1 1 pool of counsel {brys). 
POLBRO-CK, -KE, -OK, 1 hoar-frost 

{barrug, w.), or badger (broeh), or 

St. BreocJvS pool. 

POLCA-IRN, -RNE, rock pool. 

PoLCAN, ] white or song [can) pool. 
POLCARNICK, rocky (carnic) pool. 
PoLCATT, 1 battle {cad) pool. 
PoLCOAT, forest {coat) pool. 
PoLCOCKS, ? red {each) pools. 
POLCONLA, 1 1 the pool or pit {pol) 
with the rail {canllaw,w.). 


PoLCREEK, ] mound {creeg) pool. 
PoLDAWS, ? sheep (daues) pool. 

POLDEN, 1 i.q. PlOWDEN. 
POL-DEW, -DUE, d.d. -DUH, e.d. -DU, 

black {du) or God's, or David's 
{Du), or south {dehou) pool. 

PoLDiCE, ? stack {dise) pool. 

POLDISTRA, ? home {tre) POLDICE. 

POLDORY, ? watery {douric) pit. 


Poldourian, 1 pool of the shield 

{tarian, w.). 
PoL-DOWER, -DowR, Water {dour) pit 

or pool. 
PoLDREA, homeward {adre) pool ; or, 

pool by the house {tre). 
PoLDRissiCK, briery {dreisic) pool. 
POLDROAS, pool by the door {daras). 
PoLEADRiCK, 1 Ydroc's {w.) pool. 
PoLEAN, 1 lamb {ean) pool. 
POLECACK, 1 dung {eae) pit, 
POLEGRASS, ? ? dry {eras) pit. 




POLEMARTIN, ? Martin's, or lake {mer- 
thyn, a.) pool or pit. 


POLENNICK, 1 ? moist or wet (lynnic) 
close [pare). 


Polerry, 1 pool field (erw)- 
PoLESCAT, cl.d., 1 the pit or pool 

below (is) the wood (coat). 
PoLESKAN, ? sedge {hescen) pool. 
PoLEYS Park, ] 1 1jroad (te) pool 

close (pare). 
PoLGA, 1 smith's [gof) pool or pit; or, 

i.(/. POLECACK. 

Polgarth, 1 pool of the enclosure 

{gurth), R. IF. 
PoLGARVis, 1 outer {aves) castle {caer), 

or rock {cam) pool. 

(gctssic) pool ; or, mare's (caseg) p. 
POLGAVER, goat's (gavar) pool. 
PoLGEAR, castle (ca€7-), or green ((/ear) 

PoLGEEL, 1 leech (p'eZ), or horse (cefil), 

or retreat {cil) pool. 
PoLGiGGA, 1 the fools' (giiccy) pool. 
PoLGiGGAN, 1 kitchen (cegin) pool. 
PoLGLA-CE, -S, -SE, -ZE, the green 

((//r(6) top or pool, Pr. 
PoLGLEESE, ] 1 churcli (eglos) pool. 

POL-GOADA, -GODA, ? WOod (cout) pit 

or pool close {hay). 

POL-GOODH, -GOOTH, -GOTH, the old 

{coth) pits, Pr. ; old pit, J.B. ; 

? goose {goclh) or wood {coat) pool. 
POLGOON, down {gwon) pool. 
POLGORRON, St. Guron's pool. 
PoLGOVER, a rivulet {gover) pool, or 

head of the rivulet, B. 

POLGR-AIN, -EAN, -EEN, -ENE, gravel 

(grean) pits, Pr., 1 pit {pol). 
PoLGRAY, 1 cattle {gre, w.) pool. 
PoLGREER, ? shoemaker's {cereor) p. 
PoLGRiGGONS, ? pool of the gins 

{croccan-s) pool. 
PoLGRiNNA, 1 cranes' {garanou) pool. 
PoLGUiN, white (gwyn) pool. 
Pol-gum, -guaib, 1 pool Combe. 

PoLGiiRTAS, 1 camps' (caer-s) head, 
il/'i. ; ? castle {curtis, m. lat. ) pool. 

PoLGUTTER, cess pool, m.c, W.B. 


PoLGWARRA, % higher {gicartha) pool. 

POLGWINS, ] -tt-indy {gwens) pool. 

PoLHAL, (i.(Z., moor or hill (Aa^) pit 
or pool; or, e.g'. PoLWHELE. 


1 long (liir) stone (maen), or St. 

German's pool. 
POLHAY, •? pool close (hay). 
POLHEATH, 1 pool heath, or heath p, 


POLHERN, iron (hern) pool, B. W. 
PoLHERNOU, 1 ? pool corners {cor- 

PoiHiBBET, newt {ehhet) pool. 
POLHILL, ] ugly {hyll, IV.) pool, R.W, 
POLHILSA, ? Elisau's (w.) pool. 
POLHOLME, 1 holly {holm, m.c.) pool. 
PoLHUEVERAL, 1 kid's {ceverel) pool. 
Policy, ] St. Issey pool 


PoLiXGARROW, ? cattle {gimrhog), or 

stag's {carow) pool {p)olan.) 
PoLiSCOURT, 1 underwood {is goat) p, 
POLJEW, /ei(;'s pool, C. ; black (^m = 

d^l) pool, /.A ; zew, a bream, Pr. 
PoLKANOGOU, 1 1 close ( jjarc) of the 

{an) cave (0/70). 
POLKEA, ? hedge {ce) pool. 
POLKEATH, % captive's (caeth) pool. 
POLKEEVES, the diinking pool, Po. ; 

{1 kieve, a basin, m.c.) 


PoLKERNiCK, rocky (cernic) pool. 
PoLKERRis,?Kirys or Cirusius's(m.s.) 

pool, Lh. ; or =pul kerriss, lowest 

stream, (i?.), B. 
POLKERTH, 1 qualdng (creth) pool. 
POLKIL, the pit in the sHp or neck 

(cil ) of land, B. ; ? cell pool. 

POLKILLICK, 1 1 cock {CcUoc) pit. 
POLKIN-GHORNE, -HORN, pool with 

{gan) iron (hoern), H. ; chalybeate 
or medicinal pool, Pr. ; 1 = j?arc «» 
givarn, the alder close. 
PoLKiRT, 1 tinker's (cearc? ) pool. 






PoLLADRAS, % bramble {dreis) pool. 
POLLAMOUNTER, the pool Of mire 

under the hill, Po. ; 1 Maunder or 

beggar's pool ; mawn dir, peat 

knd,W.; PiLLAMOUNTAYNE, Nord. 
POLLANDS, 1 lambs' (eimes) pool. 
PoLLANGHAM, poiid ( j^ohm) meadow 

(ham, t.) ; or, crooked (cam) pond. 
POLLANNY, ?'? little-ewe-lambs' {oenig, 

w. ) pool ; or pond {polan) close (hay). 
PoLLANVEOR, ' great [mear) pond. 
POLLAPHANT, the top (jJol) spring 

or fountain (fenten), H. ; 1 spring 

pools or pits. 
Pollard, 1 high {ard ) pool. 

PoLLAVAS, the pool outside [aves). 

POLLAWYN, joyful (loweu) ])00\,B. W. 
PoLLBRANDY, 1 crow (hran) house 

(tij), i.e. rookery pool. 
Poll Brown, rush {bruin) pool. 
POLLEAN, full {len) pool, Pr. ; river 

{lin) pool, M'L. ; 1 i.q. POLEAN. 
Polled AN, broad {ledan) pool. 
PoLLEOWE, n.f., i.q. Polloe. 


PoLLGREASE, ? middle {cres) pool. 


POLLICK, 1 flat-stone (lech, B.) pool. 


POLLINGSHIRE, lartizan's {sair) pond. 
POLLINNY, ] LiNNEY close {pare). 


PoLLiwiDDEN, little [widden, m.e.) pit 
or pool, W.B. ; or, i.q. POLWIN. 

Pollock, n.f., % calf's {loch) pool. 

PoLLOE, 1 the same; the pools (pi.), 
J.B. ; or, sheltered (^ hleo, s.) pool. 

Poll Park, 1 pool close ( pare). 

Poll Stack, ? stack pool. 

Poll V A, ? pool place (ma). 

Polly Joke, '2 heifer {ledzhek) pool. 

POLLYNE, 1 linen (lien) pool ; or, i.q. 

Polly Vellyn, i.q. Polmellin. 


Polmarh, horse {marh) pool, Pr. 
Polmarkin, % Merkin's {d.d.) pool. 
POLMARTH, the wonderful (marth) 

pool, Pr. ; 1 open {mathr, w.) pool. 
PoLMARY, ? Meore's (f.s.B.m.) pool. 
PoLMASE, 1 field {7mes) pool. 
Polm-asick, -ask, -esk, the top (jyol) 

or upper field, Pr. ; li stinking 

{musac) pool. 
PoL-MAUGAN, -MAW6AN, great {mo- 

gan) pool, Pr. ; % St. Mawgan's pool. 
Pol-mear, -meare, -meer, great 

{mear) pool or pit, Pr. 
Polmellin, mill (melin) pool. 

POLME-NA, -NNA, -NNOW, 1 monk's 

{manach), or monks' {menerh), or 

stony {m.aenic), or little {menou) p. 
POLMENAS, % nun's {iminaes) pool. 
POLMENN-ER, -OR, % long {Mr), or 

battle (heiT), or boundary {or) stone 

(maen) pool. 
PoLMORGY, 1 dogfish {morgi) pool. 
PoLMOR-LA, -LAR, -LE, ? sea place 

{mor-le, B.W.), or sea calf {morlo, 

w.) pool. 
PoLMORLAND, % moorland pool. 
POLMORVA, marsh {morva) pool. 
POLNEY, ] pond {pola.n) clo§e {ha-y). 
Polnick, 1 1 mossy {neag, B.) pool. 
POLOSTOC, cap-like headland, Bl. ; 

? = 'pen losteg, fox head. 


POLPATES, .'' lunatic's {hadus) pool. 


POLPE-AR, -OR, 1 great {mear) pool. 
POLPENGY, the pool at the head (pen) 

of the field (ce), J.B., or end of 

the house {chij), R. IF. 


nipple {pennig, w.) pool. 
POLPENWITH, the pool at the head 

of the breach or separation, Pr. 
PoLPERR-o, -ow, sandy {para, T.I] or 

mud [pri. Bond) port {porth); Le. 

PouL PiRRHE, Paul's pier or quay, 

PFh. ■,1i.q. PoLPARROW. 
PoLPEVER, ■? % beaver {hefer) pool. 




POLPRY, clay (pri) pit, Pr., or pool, 

Bl. ; miry pool, ^F.^. ; pool-clay,i^. 

PoLPUCKY, r scarecrow {hucca) pool. 

PoLPYZE, fish (j;/5c)pool, {mw PoL- 


PoLQUEST, ■? shelter {guest) pool. 
PoLQXTiCK, rhead of the\'illage(<7ific), 

iT.ilf./r.;? village pool. 
PoLREAG, the woman's (nwrec) pool. 
PoLRlDMOTH, 1 Khydmarch's {w.) p. 
PoLRO-AD, -DE, 1 messenger's {herod, 

10.), or wheel {rlwd, to.) pool or pit. 
POLROSE, wheel (ros) pit. 
PoLROZZER, warrior's (rhi/swr, w.) p. 
PoLRUAN, 1 St. Ramon's pool, C* 
PoLRUDDON, head (jjol) of the ford 

(ryd), T. ; ? fern {reden) pool. 
POLRUNNY, 1 the pool of charms or 

enchantment irkinicm, w.) 
PoLSCAD, 1 underwood {is goat) pool. 


1 boat {scath) pool. 
PoLSCATHA, boats' {scafhci) pool. 
PoLSCOE, pool of the elders {scaw). 
PoLSOO-PP,-VE, ? bishop's (e.s-co/;) pool. 
PoLSETHOW, southern (didhmt) pool, 

J.B. ; 1 pool of the arrows {sethow). 
PoLSEW, pool [sometimes] dry, or a 

tidal pool, JF.B. ; 1 i.q. POLJEW. 
POLSHEA, 1 dry {seek) pool. 
Pol-sheas, -skease, 1 the dried up 

{syhijs, sycliys) pool. 
PoLSKEWES, 1 elder-trees' {scoiu-s} p. 
PoLS-ON, -TON, 1 Paul's town. 
Pols Parnick, 1 thorny {spernic) 

pool {pol), or close {pare). 
PoLSTAiRS, 1 1 narrow {sfriz, a.) pool. 
POLSTANGY, muddy, sticky, stoggy 

pool, JF.B. ; {stane, a lake, B.). 
POLSTEAN, the tin {stean) pit, or miry 

pit, Pr. ; miry head, Car. ; tin pool 

or pit, H. 
PoLSTOGGAN, muddy pool {stogged, 

stuck in the mud), Jo.C. 

PoLSTREATH, ] 1 pool or cove {porth) 

of the fresh spring {stret). 
PoLSTRONG, 1 Sadwrn's {w.)^oo\. 
PoLSUE, black {zu = du) pool, Pr. 

POL-TAIR, -TARE, -TER, ] the back 

{(ler), or oak {dar) pool. 
POLTARROW, 1. bull {fcirow) pit. 
PoLTEGGAN, ? Digain's {w.) pool. 


on {war) the river {gy), or cattle 
pound {gwarehae, v\) 

PoLTESCA, =pic// is goed, pool below 
the wood, C, ? ti, house. 

POLTICK, % clear {tec) pool. 

PoLTON, % Paul's or pool town. 

PoLTRAY, ^ home {adre) pool. 

PoLTREASE, ? bramble (t?re«s) pit. 

PoLURRiAN, % Urien's {iv.), or bound- 
ary {yrhian), or silver {avian, iv.)-p. 

PoLVADDEN, 1 stone {7nae[d]n) pool. 

PoLVARTH, 1 high or laughing 
{gimrth) pool; or, i.q. Polmarth. 


Polvellan, mill {melin) pool, C. 
PoLVENNA, 1 lesser {hehenna) pool. 
Polventon, spring {fenten) head or 

pool, Pr. ; ?i.2. Penventon. 
POLVETHAN, meadow (bidhen) pool. 
PoLViL-AN, -ion, 1 snail {melyen), or 

pebble {bilien) pool. 
POLVORTH, 1 road {fordh) pit. 
PoLWAiN, ■? white ((7u;^7i) pool. 
POLWARTHA, higher {givartha) pool. 


{ceverel) pool, Pr. 

PoL-^VHEEL, -WHELE, the pool work 
{ivheyl), or top of the field {gweal), 
Pr. ; miry {jmI) work, Car. ; head 
of the manor {guel), LPL. ; ? field p. 

PoLWiLLOWS, ? pool of the tvillows. 

PoLW-iN, -YN, vfhitQ {gwyn) pool. 

POLWINK, \ marshy {loinnic) pool. 


1 giant's {wrath) pool. 

• Roman (Euan) pool or port, Po., Wh. ; the river [man) head or pool {poJ), or 
the pool of the river, Pr. ; the head [pol) of the steep or sloping {rhm, ic.) haven 
(haun), M'L.; a frosty (r/iett), frost, w.) bottom or pool, «Sc. ! ? i.g. Poleuman (Lys- 
newth), t., Henry IV, Car. 




POLYBLANK, n.f., 1 colts' {Uanc) pool. 

POLYN, ? little {vean) pool. 
POLYOGAN, 1 p. of the cleft {agm,w.). 
POLYWEN, 1 the white {given} pool. 

POL-ZATH, -ZEATH, -ZETH, dry pit, 

Pr. ; % pool of the arrow [seth), or 

by the seat (asedh). 
POLZ-EA, -A, 1 dry (seek), or lower 

(isa) pit 01' pool. 
POLZEAL, low (isal) pool. 


Pome Park, 1 1 causeway {bom, a., 
B.), or sledge {horn) close (fare). 

POMER-OY, -Y, n.f., = pommeraye, an 
orchard, /., Lo. ; or, i.q. Pombre, 
0.%./., ? hill {hre) iDridge {pont) ; or, 

Pembr-e, -o, Le. 
Pond, n.f., ? =pant, a hollow, bottom, 

valley, w. ; or, i.q. Pont. 
PoNDHU, 1 black {du) valley. 
PONJARAVAH, ] bridge by the oak 

place {darva), J.B. 
PONJIO, black {du, zu) bridge, J.B. ; 

? ivy {idzhio) bridge [pout, w. ) or vale. 
Pons, bridge {jwiis). 
PoNSANBERTH, 1 the bridge by the 

grove (an berth), R. IF. 
PONSANDANE, the man's {den) bridge, 

Bl.;i.e. footbridge, T.C. 
Pons an Main Oar, the boundary 

{or) stone (maen) bridge. 
PONSANMEDDA, 1 the meadow bridge. 
Pons-annowth, -anooth, the {an) 

new {noicydh) bridge, T. ; or, bridge 

by the naked (noath) place. 


bridge of the steep {ard) hill {din), 
S.G.; ? forest hill bridge, J.B. ; 
or =^ pout ardent, burning bridge, /. 


by the alders (givern, givarn), J.B. 
PONS-BRITAL, -PRITAL, 1 Brithail's or 

Bartholomew's bridge. 
PoNSMAYNE, stoue {nuien) bridge. 
PoNSM-EOR, -UR, great (mear) bridge. 


1 bridge of the cat {an gaih), R. JV. 
Pont, bridge {pont,w.); or,i.q. Pond. 


de bois, bridge by the wood, /. 
PoNT Baldwin, Baldwin's bridge. 
Poole =|>o/, a pool, pond, a miry 

place ; mire, mud ; a well, pit. 
Pooler, % long {Mr) pool, R.W. 
PooL-EY, -hay, pool close {hay). 
Pool Hall, 1 pool moor {hal). 
Pool Park, pool close {pare). 
Pool Venton, spring {fenten) pool. 
Poor Games, 1 games' i.e. playing, 

or outer (ames) close (pare). 
Pope, n.f, %=pab, pope. 
PoPHAM, % Pope's dwelling (/wm, s.). 

Porcollas, i.q. Park Gullas. 


Pordenack, % hilly (dinnic) cove. 
Pore, n.f, 1 =^eoc/iaer, peacemaker, a. 
PoRFELL, 1 pasture {porfa, w.) field. 
PoRGUARNON, cove of the amphi- 
theatre, £1. ; {guare, a play). 


PoRKAN Hill, the hill of the port 

or haven, Dr. ; li.q. Parkenhell. 
PORK-ELLIS, -illies -les, gate 

(porth) of the grove (celli), Po. ; 

1 Ellis close {jxirc). 
PORKIDNICK, 1 pullet {idnic) close. 
Pork -LED AN, -lidden, i.q. Park 

Porloe, the inlet or cove {porh) of 

the tumulus {loiv, t.), M'L. 
Pormeer, i.q. Park Mear. 
Pormenna, 1 i.q. Park Meana. 
PORMORRAN, ^woman's {morwyn, w.), 

or whale (moran, iv.) port, N. 
Pornanven, the port of the stony 

{maen) or rocky valley {nant),Buller 


PORSELLI, conger-eel {selli) cove. 


Port Bulla, ] i.q. Park Bulla. 



Port Cornick, 1 rocky close (pare). 
P. CUEL, 1 work {ivheal) cove. 
P. EAST, ? east, or St. Just cove. 
P. EATH, ? noisy {aedd, w.) cove. 
P. EiTHEN, i.q. Park Eithan. 
P. Eliot, [Lord] Eliot's cove. 
PoRTEOUS, n.f., ? i.q. Park Dees. 
Porters, ? i.q. Park Daras. 


PoRTGAVERN, ? cavem, (/)' little goat 
(gavar vean) cove. 

PoRT-GUiN, -QUIN, white {givyn), or 
wine (givin) cove. 

PoRTH, a gate, cove, bay, port, har- 
bour [porth, porh). 

P. ALL-A, -AS, ? lower or bottom 
(goUach, goles) cove. 

P. ALLOW, TaLLAND COVe, /.//. 

P. AsKEL, ? ? thistles' (ascall) cove. 

P. Barn, ? Bran's cove. 

P. BEAN, little {bichan) cove. 

P. BEER, great (mear, vear) cove. 

P. CAUL, ? the cove where the wild- 
cabbage {caul) grows, R.IF. 

P. Chapel, chapel cowe. 

P. COR, ? giant's (cmir) cove. 

P.-COTHAN, -CuTHAN, Cathan's (tv.), 
or wood-pigeon (cudhaM, w.) cove. 

P. COTHERN, ? the hero's [cadarn) c. 

P. CRASSA, ? winding or crooked 
(celrsio, to wind, B. ) cove. 

P.-CULLUiMB, -COLLUM, 1 1 bare or 
naked (llwm,w. ) hill ot- summit (bar). 

P. ELLICK, herring (allec, B.) cove. 

P. En-nis, -ys, island {enys) haven, 
D.G. ; nouo Mousehole. 

P. ENTHAN, ] St. Nectan's cove. 

P. ER-As, -RAs, ? i.q. Park Daras. 


P. EUE, ? David's (Deui) cove. 
P. GLA-S, -ZE, ? green (glass) cove. 
P.-GUARRA, -GWARTHA, higher cove. 

(gwydn) cove. 
P. Holland, i.q. Porthollan. 
P. Horn, iron (liaiarn) gate (porth), 

Car. ; haven (Jumn) gate, M'L. 
P. HOSKEN, ? i.q. Park Hosken. 
P.-IA, -I a, -ea, St. Ive's (la) port. 

T. ; PoRTHiA Prior, the priors 

manor of Porthia. 
PoRTH-iLLY, -ILL A, Church (eglos) 

cove. Dr. ; ? St. Helie's cove. 
P. Joke, 1 the shag or cormorant 

cove ; or, i.q. PoRT ISAAC. 
P. Kea, St. Kea's cove. 
P. Kerniok, rocky [cernk) cove. 
P. KeRNOW, v. iPOROURNOW, the 

cove surrounded by horn- {corn) 

like hills, Bl. ; Kernow, Cornwall ; 

carnow, rocks. 
P. Kerris, 11 cherry {ceiroes, w.) cove. 
P. KIDNEY, 1 dinner {cidnio) cove. 
P. LEA, 1 flat-stone (lech) cove. 
P. LED-AN, -DAN, 1 wide {ledati) cove. 


P. LiSPiN, 1. little {bian) Portlease. 
P-LOE, -LOO, port of the pond {lo), or 
of dust {llwch, w.), TV. ; i.q. PoRLOE. 
P. LUN-EY, -Y, 1 LaWNEY COVe. 

P. MEL-LIN, -LYN, -ON, 1 mill (melin), 

or yellow [mehjn), or Mqllion cove. 
P.-MERE, -mear, 1 great {rnear), or 

lake {mere, t.) cove. 
P. MEW, 1 1 great {mu }) cove. 
P. minnick, 1 stony (maenic), or 

monks' {menych) cove. 
P. minster, ? monastery cove. 
P. MOINA, monk's {manach) port, Bl. 
P. NANVEN, port of the high {ban) 

valley (nant), Bl. 
P. Navas, 1 Nywys's (w.) cove. 


P. oustock, 1 Ysteg's {w.s.) cove. 
P. PEAN, i.q. PoRTH Bean. 
P. Row, ? rough (row, m.c.) cove. 
P. TOLLICK, cove with the noted 

hole {tol) ; or, Tallwch's {w. ) cove. 
P. TowAN, Towan cove. 
P. Vyan, i.q. Porth Bean. 
P. Zennor, Zennor cove. 
Port-Isaac, -issic, the corn {izic) 

port, Pr. ; 1 Isaac's cove. 
P. Kerne, crane port, Nord. ; 1 rock 

{cam) cove. 
P. Kiskey, the blessed {kesJcy, to 

bless, Pr., sleep, B. ^F.) haven, Pr. ! 





PORTH LEASE, ? slaughter {lleas, to.) 

P. LEVAN, open bay, Pr. ; smooth 

port, B. ; c.d. St. Bartholomew. 


p. MissEN, 1 Moses' {Moesen, w.)cove. 
P. piGHAM, i.q. Port Bean. 
P. Prior, the prior's cove. 


P. reath, sandy [treath) cove, Pr. ; 

or, red (rydh) cove. 
P. SAUSSEN, Saxons' (sowsen) cove. 
P. SCATH-A, -0, boats' (scatha) cove. 
P. UAN, tumulus (hiyn, Lh.) cove, 

M'L. ; 1 i.q. PoRTH Vyan. 
P. WRINKLE, periwinkle cove. 


church {eglos). 
P. YLLYGRES, 1 middle (cres) P. 
Posey, 1 post (jjos) close (hay). 


Poteness, 1 i.q. Park Deans. 
PoTRAM, 1 Potter's meadow {ham), t. 
Pott, n.f., % i.q. Pode. 
Potter, n.f., ? = bodhar, deaf. 
PotJGHiLL, V. POFFIL, 1 =pouguil,ihe 

country frequented by gulls, or 

pou gulla, the low country, Pr. ; 

1 «. 2- PoLWHELE ; t/. dPoCHEHELL A; 

p.s. St. Olave, 0. 


PoULPEA, % magpie {pi, w. ) pool. 


Pound, % the pinfold ; or, cider-mill 

{m.c.) ; or, i.q. PoND. 
PouNDA, % Pound close {hay). 
PoUNDSCOANSE, the causeway {coans) 

by or between the ponds, J.M. ; 

or, Pound's io.n.f.) causeway. 

or cross roads. 
Poundstock, d.d. Pond-, Pod-es- 

toch, 1 Pound or Pound's place 

(stoc, s.) ; p.s. St. Neot, 0. 
Pou-, Pow-ton, i.q. POLTON. 
Powder, the hundred, country, or 

province {p>ow) of oaks {dar, an 

oak), Pr. ; house {tre) of the 
province, Po. 

Powell, n.f., = Ap-Howel, Howel's 
son ; or, Paul ; or, from Poughill. 

Power, n.f, i.q. Pore. 

PowLELis, 1 Ellis pool. 

PowLES, n.f, 1 Pom^ell's son. 

P. COMBE, n.f, Powell's valley. 

PowLEY, n.f, the pool {pol}, or 
Powell's close {hay). 

PowN-A, -ALL, n.f, 1 i.q. Parnal. 

PoYLE, n.f, 1 i.q. Powell. 

Pradannack, 1 ferny {redanic) coun- 
try {pou), or close {'parc). 

Prade,w./.,Praed,Pratt, ameadow, 
prad, a. ; i.q. Pras. 

Pradoe, 1 —w. paradwys, paradise, 
E. W. ; or, parc aradoio, plow close. 

Praes Meadow, a reduplication. 

Praire, Impure Mr, long close. 

Prake, n.f, '?=Bre-age, or -OCK. 

Prala, i.q. Porthalla. 

the Pran, 1 i.q. Pre an. 

Pras, Praze, Praise, Prayers, = 
pras, a meadow, common. 

Praze an Beeble, 1 the {an\ people's 
{pybl, w.), i.e. common meadow, 
{pebyll, tents, pavilions, w.). 

P. Bean, little {bichan) meadow. 

P. GooTH, 1 old {coth), or wood {coat) 

P. LoAR, 1 garden {Mar) meadow. 

P. RUTH, 1 red {rudh) meadow. 

Pread, Peard, 71./., 1 i.q. Praed. 

Pre-an, -dden, -den, 1 =pren, predn, 
tree, Pr. 

Pregue, 1 i.q. Park an Gew. 

Pre Meadow, a reduplication; or, 
i.q. Bray. 

Presingol, •? 1 cabbage (ungol) mead- 
ow ; V. Skall, 1 = ascall, thistles. 

Preskin, ] i.q. Park Hosken. 

Preslea, : Prest's pasture {t.). 

Presstis, 1 close {j)arc) below (is) the 
stack {dise, B., das, to.). 

Prest, n.f, 1=prest, ready, w., R.W. 

Prestacott, ? priest's or Prest's cot- 
tage {t.). 

Price, = ap Rhys, son of Rhys, w. 




Prtdacombe, ? Pread's vale, t. 
Prideance, n.f., 1 i.q. Prudens ; or, 
Prid-eaux, -yas, n.f., clay {pri, 

prid) cliff or shore (als, aus), T. ; 

=pres d' eaiix, near the waters, /., 

Pr. ; 1 stack (dise) meadow (prad). 
Pridham, ? Pread's meadow (ham). 
Priglis Bay, i.q. Pericles Bay. 
Priley, l-piimrose {briallu,w.) [field]. 
Prindle, 71./., a croft, Cam. 
Prinkwell, ? Brenci's (s.B.m.) well. 
Prinn, n.f., Rhim's son {ap, w.). 
Prinsey, ] Prinn's enclosure {hay), t. 
Priscan, 1 i.q. Park Scauan. 
Prisk, 1=prysc, underwood, w. 
Prislow, nea,r (pres, f) the water 

{Feau,f.), Pr. 
Probert, n.f., Eobert's son (ap), w. 
Probus, /rom |?.5. Probus [& Grace]. 
Proctor, % = hragadwr, bievyer. 
Proclaim, 1 foot-bridge {dam, m.c.) 

close {pare). 
Pro-ffit, -phet, n.f., 'J/rom Trebar- 


Proge, 1 cave {ogo) cove (porh). 
Progan, .'' - bruchen, a spring, to. 
Proscen, s.B.m., 1 great {bras) head 

{cean, ga., =p)en). 
Prospidnick, ■? 1 little {ig) magi^ie 

{pioden), or wry-neck's {pinroick) 

meadow {pras). 
Proustock, i.q. Porthoustock. 
Prout, n.f., 1 Rhaawd's son {ap), w. 
Pro VIS, n.f, Ifroni Probus. 
Prowse, n.f, Rowse's son {ap), w. 
Prudens, iv.B.m., discreet, lat. 
Pruells, % i.q. Park Gwillas. 
Prust, n.f., % % Grwsts' son {ap), w. 
Pry-ce, -se, n.f., i.q. Price. 
Prynn, n.f, i.q. Prinn. 
Puckey Horn, ? i.q. Park Horn. 
Puckley, Uow {buck) pasture {t.). 
PucKWALLS, 1 i.q. Park Wollas. 
PuDDicoMBE, n.f, % Bywdeg's {w.) 

PuDDiFORD, n.f., % Bywdeg's ford. 
Puddle, 1 dale {dol) close {pare). 
Puledown, 1. deep {down) pit {pol). 
Pule-gurra, -kerrow, ] camps' 

{caerau) pool ; or, i.q. Polgwarra. 
Pulejon, 1 ox {udzheon) pool. 


Pull-a, -er, ] the pool (pol). 
PuLLANS, ponds or pools, W.B. 
Pullcallnick, Calenick pool. 
PULLERY, 1 pool field {eru). 
Pulleys, 1 green {glas) pool. 
PuLLiNGTON, 1 pond {polan) farm or 

town-place {tun). 
Pull Main, ? stone {mam) pool. 
Pull Park, pool close {pare). 
Pulpit, ? i.q. Polpry. 
Pulrose, i.q. Polrose. 
PuLSACK, 1 dry {sech) pit. 
PuLTEGGAN, % 1 Digain's {w.) pool. 
PULYNE, n.f, 1 i.q. PeLAYNE. 
PuLZA, i.q. Polzea. 
Pump-le, -well, ?five {pgmp) wells. 
PuMRiES, Pomeroy's [place]. 


PuNGiEs, 1 i.q. Park an Goose. 

PuNJO, 1 i.q. PONJIO. 

Punk Park, ? bench {bene) close. 
Purchase, n.f, 1 = berges, a citizen, 

B. ; or, i.q. BuRGESS. 
Pur-cullas, -gallas, i.q. Park Gul- 


Purgatory, i.q. Park a Dory. 

PuRLAs, i.q. Park Glase or Gullas. 

PuRLAWN, 1 fox {lowern) close. 

Purraw, li.q. Park Row. 

Purse Hill, Puzzle [Park], 1 = 
pare isal, low close. 

PURUPPA, ? i.q. Bareppa. 

PusKUS, 1 close {pare) below {is) the 
wood {cus). 

PussEY, ? post {pos) close {hay). 

PuzLiNCH, ■? lambs' {eanes), or island 
(ynys) low {isal) close {pare). 

Pyatt, n.f., 1 =p)iod, a magpie, w. 

Pycle, 1 i.q. Park Gilly. 

Pydderley, n.f., 1 Peter's pasture, t. 

Pyder, the fourth {pedar, four) [hun- 
dred], Pr. ; from St. Peter, H. 

Pyne, n.f., 1 = bichan, little. 

Pyntar, o.n.f, 1 i.q. Renter. 

Pywell, 1 msigpie well, t. 




V^UANCE, 1 i.q. COANSE. 

QuannaPark, i.q. Park Gwaneth. 

QUARDALE, ? = war dol, on the dale, 
or high (warth) dale. 

QUAR-AM, -M, -ME, 1 1 = loorm, a ser- 
pent, t. 

QuARL, QuERLE, t quarry (cnare), 
or camp (caer), or play (gimre) 
place (le). 

Queen-, Queena-, Queener-, Quin- 
NY-, Queeny-, Quena-, Quinn- 
Park, white (givyn) ormarsh (win- 
nic), or red-wing {winnard) close. 

Qtjethiock, the weaver's place {gwia, 
to weave), Pr. ; p.s. St. Hugh, 0. 

Quick, n.f., U.q. Gweek. 

Quil-ler, -ter, n.f., long (Mr), or 
water (dour) field (gweal). 

Quil-let, -lot, -t, 1 little (-et), or 
gate (yet) field (gweal). 


or Gullies, or Willy's. 

QuiNiN, 14 cent, U.q. Uny. 

QuiNT-REL, -erel, 1 Trywyl's (^c), 
or Terrel's down (guen). 

Quite Coombe, wood (cuit) vale. 

QUODRI, 14 cent, U.q. Cubert. 

Quoit, = w. coed, a wood ; a crom- 
lech or coit-like flat-stone. 

Quoykin, 14 cent, U.q. Hockin, F.H. 


;ABBiTS, n.f., i.q. Egberts. 
Kabey, n.f., ? 1 i.q. Trebigh. 
Eabnan Field, 1 field with sub-soil 

of decomposedorunformedgranite, 

Eace, 1 = cres, middle; or, reece, a 

heap of turnips ; (a row, w.,E. W.). 
Eack Park, front (rag) close. 
Ead-dall, -dle, n.f., ? i.q. Eandall. 
Eaddon, n.f., = radn, a share, Ch. 
Eadford, ] red ford, t 
Eaddow, n.f., i.q. Tresreddow. 
Eadick Park, i.q. Park Eeddick, 

'?race (rhedec, to run, tv.) field. 
Eadland, ? fern (reden) enclosure 

(Ian), Po. ; or = red land, t 

Eadmore, 1 = red moor, t. 
Eadnor, n.f., fern {reden) land (mor 

= an aor = an daor), Pr. 
Eaffell, the ready or cpick well, 

T.C. ; I.Ralplis, or rough hill, t 
Eat-ton, -tra, ? Ealph's town. 
Eag, before, in front of 
Eagennis, opposite or in front of 

(rag) the island (cnys), T.C. 
Eagin ALDUS, td.d., Eainaldus, 

power (wald) of judgment (regen), t 
Eail, Eains, n.f., 1 the same. 
the Eake, 1 i.q. Eag. 
Eainforth, n.f., 1 Eeginald's ford, t. 
Ealegh, n.f, 1 Ealph's pasture, t 
Ealph, i.q. Eadulphus, W. fVorc. ; 

i.q. Eandolph. 
Eame ( St. Gerraanus, 0.), from 

Eame Head, the ram's head, t. ; 

the great, liigh, steep, or projecting 

(1 !) headland, Ch. 
Eamsacombe, Eam's vale, t 
Eams-ay, -Park, Eam's, or the rams' 

close {hay, t, pare, L). 
Eand-all, -ill, -yll, -olph, n.f, 

] shield (rand, s.) help (uljyh, s.). 
Eanneys, 1 i.q. Eagennis. 
Eaphel, i.q. Eaffel. 
Eapson, ji.f, Ealph's son. 


Eascow, Le., now Tresco. 

Eashleigh, n.f, rush (resce, s.) pas- 
ture, t 

Eath, EATHA,hill fort (rath. i.),Beal. 

Eath-well, 0. -wiL, 1 fort-well. 

Eattenbury, ? fern [raden) hill (bre), 
or barrow or castle (t). 

Eattling Field, ? = to. rhydhlan, an 
open area, level field. 

Eauff, o.n.f, now Ealph. 

Eaughtra, i.q. Eaftra. 

Eavel, li.q. Eaffell. 

Eaven, % ? = ar avon, on the river. 

Eawdon, n.f, Ealph's or rough hill. 

Eawe, Eawle, n.f, i.q. Ealph. 

Eawlin-gs, -s, -son, nf., son of 
little Eawle. 

Eayle, 1 = ar hal, on the moor. 

Eaymond, n.f., wise (regin, judg- 



ment) protection {mund), t, Y. 
Raynsford, Reginald's ford. 
Re- AD, -ED, -ID, -ATH, %./., % = rid, 

free ; or, ryd, a ford ; or, rydh, red. 
Reader, n.f., 1 = ryd Mr, long-ford. 
Recharedoc, d.d., Rekaradoc, 

e.d.d., now Roscraddock, J.Ca. 
Redanan, a fern brake, Pr. 
Redan NACK, ferny [piece]. 
Reddon, n.f., 1 = redan, fern. 
Reddyford, 1 red or reedy ford, f. ; 

or, ford, reduplicated (ryd, c). 
Redevallen, =red valley, R.B.K. ; 

] apple-tree {avallen) ford. 
Redgate, = rhie-gat, river's course, 

Bond; open {gaithi) ford, C. 
Rediver, 1 darnel (efer) ford. 
Redlake, ? willow (helic) ford. 
Redman, n.f., 1 stone {maen) ford. 
Redmore, ? 1 great {maur) ford. 
Redruth, druids' (druith) ford, B. ; 

or, red (ludh) ford, or druids' town 

(tre), Pr. ; = tre trot, the dwelling 

in the bed or channel of the river, 

JJli. ; p.s. St. Euinus (v. Uny), or 

Erminus, 0. 
Red Tye, ford house (ti), Pr. 
Ree, i.q. Rhi. 
Reece, Reese, n.f., ? = w. Rhys, i.q. 

gr. Ares, Mars. 
Reeda-, Reedy-Mill, % ford mill. 
Reen, Rein, = ryn, hill ; pi. Reens, 

Reins, Rheens, Ruins, Runs. 


LAS, higher and lower hill. 
Rees-e, -h, M.q. Race or Reece. 
Reeve, n.f., '\ = gerefa, steward, s. 
Refrawell, o.n.f, 1 i.q. Trefraul. 
Refry, o.n.f., 1 i.q. Rem- or Tre-fry. 
Reginnis, i.q. Ragennis. 
Regular Park,? e.g. ParkGriglan. 
Retain E, 1 ox (udzheon) ford (ryd). 
Rejarne, 1 garden {dzharn) ford. 
Rejourra, 1 i.q. Resurra. 
Relistian, ] Elystan's {w.) dwelling. 
Relubbus, % Lupus's {w.s.) dwelling 

Relython, 1 on {ar) furze (eithin) 

moor (kd) ; or, Re- = Tre-. 

Remfry, Ren-free, -frey, n.f, = 

Ragnfrid, ? judgment of peace or 

freedom, t, Y. 
Ren-audin, -owden, -orden, n.f., 

power of judgment, t., Y. 
Renuel Hill, % high {uhel) hill {ryn), 

Reprin, i.q. Resprin. 
Resair, % i.q. Tresare. 
Rescaddock, i.q. Roscarrock. 
Rescarn-an, -on, i.q. Roskarnon. 
Rescarretunus, 1 4 cent. , ? Caradon 

heath or moor {res = ros). 
Rescas-a, -sa, i.q. Rosecossa. 
Rescher, 14 cent., i.q. Roskear. 
Res-colla, -gorla, -corlar, n.f. 


Rescradeck, 14 ce)it., i.q. Roscar- 


Rescudgian, 1 1 turf {cesan) heath. 
Reseigh, n.f, ?dry {seek) heath. 
Reseven, = roseyhan, the plentiful 

vale, Pr. ; ? Evan's heath. 
Resingy, ? the heath by the house 

{an chy). 
Reskadinick, ? Cadanoc's («;.) heath. 
Resk-ageage, -eage, 1 privet {scadg- 

with) heath or moor. 
Reskean, i.q. Roskeen. 


Resker, n.f., i.q. Roskear. 
Reskilley, n.f., i.q. Roskelly. 
Reskive-as, -rs, ? Skewes, or barns' 

{sciher-s) heath or moor. 
Resk-ymer, -imer, great dog (cimear) 

race. Car. ; great dog marsh or 

fen, H., heath or moor. 


Resoon, slippery {rees) moor {gwon), 
T.C. ; 1 down {gwon) heath. 

Resores, ■? 1 i.q. Resurrans. 

Resparva, i.q. Roseparva. 

Resperwith, lucent, ? pear-trees' 
{perwith) heath w moor. 

Respr-in, -yn, 1 king's (brenin, w.) h. 




Eesta, i.q. Trerest, Jo.C. 

Restall-ick, -ock, ] Tallick heath. 

Restigan, 1 Digain's (w.) heath. 

Eestineas, 1 1 deer (danas, w. ) heath. 

Restormel, = res tor meal, the king's 
tower hill, Wh.; a bellyful of money, 
a place of honey, «S'c. ! ! 1 mole-hill 
{turumel, B.) heath. 

Restowrick, i.q. Rostowrack. 

Restrono-et, -ETH, -UETH, 0. -AS, 
valley with the deep {givys, w.) 
promontory {tron), T. ; valley of 
the wood {cuit) promontory, Dr. 

Resudgian, i.q. RosoGGAN, Pr. ; 
1 ox (udzheon) heath. 

Resuggan, i.q. ROSOGAN. 

Resurra, 1 i.q. Roseworthy. 


Ret, w.B.m., % i.q. Read. 
Ret-allack, -allick, -illock {n.f.), 

-OLLOGK, a very {re-) high place 

{tallic}, m- with many pits (toUic), 

Pr. ; or, i.q. Restallick, &c. 
Reter-gh, -th, the exceeding (re) 

strict charge or command ; or, the 

exceeding or too much nipple, 

teat, or udder, H. ! 
Rethogga, the bearing {cloga, to 

bear) or fruitful town (tre), Po. ; 

?i.5. Trythogga. 
Revell,o.';i./.,1 = yrevel,\hesm\th.j,w. 
Rew, 1 = rhiw, the slope, w. 
Reyn-alds, -olds, n.f., i.q. Regin- 

ALDUS, powerful judgment, t, Y. 
Rezare, i.q. Res air. 
Rheen Croft, 1 hill (ryn) croft. 
Rhi, Ri, chief, prince, king {ri, ga.), 

Rialobran, m.s. Madron, royal {rial) 

prince [hren), B. 
Ribbery, n.f., 1 = ripere, a reaper, 5. 
Rice, n.f, i.q. Reece. 
RiC-HARDS, -KARDS, n.f, i.q. RlCK- 

ARDUS, stern (hard) king {ryce),s.,Y. 
Ricket Park, 1 Rickard's close. 
Ridgovean, 1 little {hean) ridge. 
RiDULPHUS, t.d.d., red {reid, s.) wolf 

{ulf, s.), t. 

Rillaton, royal (rid) town. 
RiNGBURY, round earthwork, t. 
Ringford, % ford by the round, t. 
RiNGLE, 1 grove {celli) hill (ryn). 
Rings, 1 rounds, or hills {ryrir-s). 
RiNSEY, 1 dry (seek) hill. 
RiOL, s.B.m., 1 i.q. Rioval, = king 

Howel, A. Butler. 
Ripper, n.f, 1 i.q. Ribbery. 
RiT, 1 s.B.m., ? i.q. Ret. 
Riviere, great (mear) slope (rhiiv,tc.), 

M^L., or hill (y-yn) ; = rywier, river, 

Roach, from St. Roche, T. ; o. la 

Roche, the rock, /. ; jj..s. St. Goe- 

mandus or Conandus, 0. 
Road- A, -y, ?road close (hmj), t. 
RoAS AN Gean, % the giant's (ghean, 

B.), or ox (udzheon) heath. 


bright (heort) fame (hrod), t. 
Rock-Hay, rock close (hay). 
Rocksey, rocks' close (haij). 
Rod Park, road close (pare). 
Rogers, n.f, i.q. Rogerus, t.d.d., 

spear (ger) of fame (hrod), t., Y. 
RoMANE, n.f, Ifrom St. Ruan. 
RoosE. i.q. Ros. 
Rope Hawn, = rojje haven, t. 
Ros, a heath, Wh. ; peatland, moor, 

common, mountain meadow, i?. W.; 

a valley, or dale between hills, Pr. ; 

also, a wheel. 
RosAGAN, n.f., white (can) valley, 

Gibson; i.q. RosOGAN. 
ROSANE, ] little (vean) heath. 
Ros AN HALE, 1 the (an) moor (hal) 

or river (heyl) heath, &c. 
Rosa Paek, heath close (imrc). 
RosARRiCK, ? i.q. Roscarr-ek, -ick, 

-ock, valley of the brook (carrog), 

Pr. ; 1 rock (carrag) heath ; d.d. 


Roscarrek Bigan, little (bichan) R. 
RosAWEN, ? heath of the hole 






EoscoLL-A, -AS, lower or bottom 

[golla, goles) heath ; or, i.q. 
RoscOR-LA, -LAN, 1 grave-yard (corh- 

lan), or sheep-fold [corlari) heath. 
RoscoRFLE, ] corpse-place {corfle) h. 
E.OSCORWELL, ? sheep {caor) field 

(giueal), or icell heath ; or, Gur- 

havel's (w.) heath or moor. 
Roscow, 11. f., 1 i.q RoscROW, Ch. 
RoscRADDOCK, Cradock's heath. 
RosCREEGE, the valley cross, Pr. ; 

barrow {creeg) vale, Po., or heath. 
Roscrogg-an, -en, the valley of 

shells {cregyn), Pr. 
Rosgr-ow,-o\va, valley cross {crows), 

T. ; valley of the cross, Pr. ; 1 hovel 

{croiv) heath or moor. 
Roscr-uge, -ouge, n.f., i.q. Ros- 

crowgey, Crowgie heath. 
RoscROWAN, valley or moor of the 

cross, T.C. ; 1 gravel (groivan) h. 

Rose, i.q. Ros. 

R. A BARGUS, the kite's (barges) h. 

R. ANBEAGLE, the (an) shepherd or 

herdsman's (hygel) heath. 
R. AN DOUR, the water (dour) heath. 


thorny (draenic) heath. 
R. AN grouz, the cross {croivs) heath. 

R AN HALE, i.q. RoS AN HAL. 

R. AN PARS, 1 the thicket (hrows) h. 
R.-ARTH, -ATH, ? high (artJi) heath. 
R. Broase, i.q. Rose an pars. 

R. CADG-ELL, -HILL, -WELL, moor 

camp hill, C ; if^.RosKESTAL, T.C. 
R. -CASS A, -cossA, the woody (cosic) 
valley, T. ; ? dirty (gasa) heath. 

R.-CREEG, W./., -GREGG, i.q. RoSCREEG. 

R. EGL-ESS, -OS, church (eglos) heath. 

R. EN HALE, 1 i.q. RoS AN HAL. 

R. ETH, = rhosydh, heathy ground 
(R.), B. ; or, a n' 


R. Jane, 1 ox (udzheon) heath. 


R. LADDE-RN, -NN, robbers' (laddron) 
heath ; or, i.q. 

R. LADN, bank (gladn), or broad 
(ledan) heath or moor. 

R. LAND, heath land.* 

R. LATH, ] slaughter (ladh) heath. 

R. LATHENS, % heath banks (ladn-s). 

R.-LIAN, -LYON, vale in open view 
(sull) ; % Sulienn's heath. 

R. LVUY, ? Ailvyw's (w. ) heath. 

R. LYN, 1 lake (lyn), or grove (Ikmjn, 
w.) heath ; or, i.q. ROSELIAN. 

R. MA-IN, -YN, stone (maen), or nar- 
row {main, w.) heath or moor. 

R. MANNON, 1 butter (menen) heath. 

R. Marrow, dead-man's (marow) h. 


1 mill (melin), or violets' (meillion), 
or clover (meillion, lo. ) heath. 

R. MENEW-AS, -ES, 1 outside (aves) 
or outer stone (maen) heath. 

R. MENOWETH, new (nowydh) stone h. 

R.-MERGY, -MORGY, -MURGY, valley 

near the sea, T.C. ; 1 dog-fish 

(morgi) heath or moor. 
R. MERRIN, blackberry (moran dhiu) 

vale, Pr. ; % Mervyn's (w.) heath. 
R. MINE, 1 stone (maen) heath. 


the heath with the circle (moderuy, 
a bracelet). 
R. MOON, ? peat (mawn) heath. 


R. MORDER, valley near the sea- 
water (mor dour), Pr. ; 1 water 
land (mor dir), R. W. 

R. MORE, great (maur) moor, R. W. 

R. MORRIN, vale of blackberries, Bl. 

R. MULLION, violet moor, C. 

R. MUNDY, % black-stones' (m?/ew dn), 

• Heath, mountain-land, or sheep walk, Wh. ; district or land of the moor, C. ; 
from rUos, a well watered plain, Gough ; " though the original of the name came as 
master Camden noted from his former thickets, yet his present estate resembleth a 
flov)rie effect {rlios, roses, iv.)," Car. Besides the district thus called, there are many 
fields bearing the name of Eose Land, i.e. heath or moor field; as also Kose-Pield, 
-Down, -dale, -Garden, -Maksh, -Moob, -Meadow, -Ckoft, -Pabk, -Ham, &c., &c. 



or peat-house (ma^OTif/■^/), or Mundy's 

heath or moor or valley. 
EosE-NANNON, 1 heath of the ash- 
tree {an onnan). 
R. NEA, r Ane's (w.) heath ; or, heath 

by the enclosure {cm hay). 
R. NITH-AN, -EN, -ON, the furze (an 

eithin) heath or moor. 
R. NNICK, % summer (hanic) heath. 
R. NOWETH, new {noivydh) heath. 
R. NUN, 1 heath of the down {an 

oon) ; or, Nonna's heath. 
R. NURDEN, ? heath of the furze- 
brake {an redanan). 
R. NVALE, 1 the vallei/ heath. 
R. NVEAR, the great (niear) heath. 
R. PANNEL, broom (banal) heath. 
R. PARVA, 1 pasture (porfa, uk ) heath. 
R. Peath, draw-well (peeth) heath. 
R. PLETHA, the moor of the house 

of the tribes {bod leithow), T.C. ; 

or, heath of cursing (molytha). 
R. RRAN-CE, -s, 1 1 lambs' {eanes) long 

(hir) heath or moor. 
R.-RROW, -SERROW, % higher (urra = 

wartha) heath or moor. 
R. SU-E, -EA, 1 black (m = du) heath. 
R. TAIL, ? manure [tell) heath. 
R. TEAGUE, fair (teg) heath. 
R. UNDLE, 1 the dale heath. 
R. VALLAN, apple-tree (avallen) h. 
R. VANNION, 1 1 the heath with the 

caves or hollows [guagion, Pr.). 
R. VANNOCK, Hurbary (maumog, tv.) 

moor ; or, i.q. RoSEWARRlCK. 
R. VEAL, n.f., calves' valley, Ch. 
R. VEAN, little (bean) heath. 
R. VE-ARE, -ERE, -OR, -RE, great h. 
R. Vellan, i.q. Rosemelin. 
R. VETH, grave (bedh) heath. 
R. vi-DNEY, -THNEY, ? lesser 
= hehenna) heath or moor. 
R.-viN, -VINE, 1 white (gwyn), or 

little (bihan), or stone (maen) heath. 
R. VINNICK, stony (maenic) heath. 
R. wall, 1 high (uhal) heath. 
R. WAR-N, -NE, spreading or extensive 

moor, C. ; 1 alder (gwarn) heath. 

Rose war- rick, -wick, the marshy 

(gwarnic) vale, J.B. 
R. WEDDEN, ?tree (gwedhen) heath. 
R. WELL, 1 field (giveal) heath. 
R. WEN, ? dov^n {guen) heath. 

R.-wiDN, -WIN, -WYN, ? white (gwyn), 
or little (widden, m.c.) heath. 

R. WOON, down (gwon) heath. 

R. WORTH, green (gwyrdh) valley, T. ; 
•? high (warth) heath or moor. 

R. WORTHY, 1 higher (luartha) heath. 


RoSKARNON, valley of the high rock, 

Pr. ; ■? Carnon heath. 
ROSKEAR, the lovely (care, to love) 

vale, Pr. ; ? castle (caer) heath. 
Roskearn, ? alder (gwern) heath. 
RosKE-EN, -N, 1 ridge (cein) heath. 
Roskeif, r ditch (keif,M'L.) heath. 

ROSK-ELLY, -ILLY, -ILLEY, the grove 

(celli) in the valley, Pr. ; 1 grove 

heath or moor or vale. 
RosKENNAL, ■? Cynwal's (w.) heath. 
RosKENNiNG, 1 Cennyn's {w.) heath. 
RosKERROW, ? camps' (caerau) h. 
RosKESTAL, valley of the castle, Po. ; 

■? castle heath or moor. 


-QUELIN, : holly (celin) heath. 


RosKROW, ii.f., i.q. RosCROW. 


RosKURO-H, -K, hag's {gwrach, w.) 

moor, Pi.W. ; or, i.q. RosCROW. 
RosKYMER, i.q. Reskymer. 


ROSMINVET, d.d., 1 brushwood (mav^ 
wydd, w.) heath or moor. 


RosoGAN, the moist (sog-an) valley, 

Pr. ; {agen, a cleft, chink, w.). 
RosoMON, n.f., i.q. Rosemoon. 
RosPREEVE, n.f., U.q. Roseparva. 


Ross, n.f, i.q. Ros. 





RosTARLOCK, '? Tallwch's (w.) heath. 

ROSTEAGE, fair (teg) valley, Pr. 

Ros-TER, -siTER, 7i.f., = ros tir, moor 
land, it. /F. ; or, Uther's {w.) heath. 


ROSTOURACK, •? watery (douric) h. 

RosTOWDA, ITucIur's (w.) heath. 


Ros-uiCK, -WICK, valley of the vil- 
lage, port, or haven (gwic), Pr. 

RosuRRAN-CE, -S, 1 1 lambs' (eanes) 
higher {urra - loartha) heath. 

RosuRROW, 1 higher heath. 


RosvE-AR, -ER, -OR, great heath. 

RoswARNE, i.q. Rose WARN. 

ROSWARTHICK, n.f., % cows' {givctrthec, 
w.) heath; or, i.q. Roseworthy. 

RoswARVA, n.f., ti.q. Roseworthy. 

Rosy, n.f.,1 = rhosydh, mooYs,w.,R. TF. 

Rother, n.f., ? i.q. Ruth Dower. 

RoTHERON, 1 = rhiw dencen, the slope 
of the oak. 

Rough, n.f., U.q. Ralph. 

Roux-CEVALL, -SEVALE, ? the vale 
of the horse {ronse, a.), or of the 
bramble-thicket (raw/ise,/., JV.B.); 

or, = nf. ROUNS-AVILLE, -EVELL, 

-WELL {ville, town), /. 

Round AGO, Uhe round or camp, t. 

RouNDA Park, round close, t. 

Round Ball, % round hill, t. 

R.-BURY, -ABERRY, the round earth- 
work (bury), t. 

R. Croft, ?hill {ryn) croft, T.C. 

R. Ham, ] castle meadow {ham, s.). 

R. Outh, ? = run nowydh, new hill. 

Round Y Park, i.q. Round a Park. 

Rounsley % Rumon's pastui-e, t. 

Rouse, i.q. Ros or Rowse. 

R. Rose, ? red {rooz) moor {ros). 

RouTH Moor, red {rudh) moor. 

RoviER, i.q. RrviER. 

Rowan Cove, ? St. Rumon's cove. 

Row-den, -don, -down, % rough 

{row. rti.c.) down or hill {dun). 
Rowdy, 1 = rhiic dy, house slope. 
RowE, n.f, i.q. Ralph. 
Row-ell, -le, n.f., =Raoul, house 

wolf, t, Y. ; U.q. RiDULPHUS. 
Rowland, rough land or field, t. 
Rowling, n.f, dim. of Rowell. 
RoWLY, rough pasture {lea, t.). 
Row-Park, -Pock, rough close. 
Rowse, n.f, } = rooz, red. 
Row-, Rough -Tor, rough {huero) 

hill, B. •, = riogli-tor, king tor, ga., 

Beal; red {rudh) ior,E.S.H. 
Roydon, 1 king's {ruy) hill {dun). 
RuALLEN, = rhiw a llyn, the declivity 

or slope by the lake or stream, TIf'Zr. 
RuAN, from p.s. St. Rumon, 0.* 
RuBERRY, 1 slope {rhiiv, w.) of the 

hill {hre). 
RUD-ALL, -DLE, -HALL, n.f, 1 red 

{rudh) moor or hill (kal) ; or, i.q. 


RuDHERS, ? Rother's [farm]. 
RuDLEY, 1 ford {ryd) place {le). 
RuDLiFF, n.f, 1 red cliff, t. 
RUDMOOR, red moor, t. 
RuFFY, 1 rough enclosure {hay), t. 
Ru-iN, -N, -NE, 1 i.q. Reen. 
Rule, n.f, ? i.q. Rowell. 
Rum, s.B.m., a giant, t., F. 
RuMFORD, Rum's ford, t. 
RuMUN, B.m., % the Roman. 
RUND-AL, -LE, 1 i.q. Arundel. 
Rune Braws, ? big (bras) hUl {run). 
Rung, i.q. Reen. 

Run GrUAY, hill by the water {gwy). 
RuNNALLS, n.f, i.q. Reynolds. 
Ruscarrock, i.q. Roscarrock. 
Rusden, n.f., ? rush vale {denu, s.), t. 
Ruse, (Rush, n.f), i.q. Rose. 

*RuAN Lanihoene, the church [Ian] of St. Rumon in the angle {corn), WTi.; the 
iron {haiarn) church of St. Rumon, Po.; the iron church near the river {man), Pr.; 
St. Rumon's by the hxjrn-shaped enclosure {Ian), C. ; Ruan IMajoe <& Minor, St. Ru- 
mon's the greater and the less {lat.), Po. ; Ruan Major, the great river, Ruan Minob, 
the less river, Pr. ! ! Ruani is found on the maen scryfa, Michell=xoyal, Po. 





Rushy, riish close (liay), t. 


EuTH Dower, red {rudh) water (donr) 


RuxMOORE, ? rush {rise, s.) moor, t. 
Ruzz-A, -AH, red (rooz) close (hay). 
Ryalton, royal {riol , town, Pr. 
Rye-Arish, -Earrish, rye stubble 

(ersc, s.) field. 
Rye Park, rye close (pare). 
Ryes Hill, ] middle (cres) hill. 
Ryland, rye land or field. 
Ryne Hill, a redupUcation. 
Ryt, B.m., i.q. Read. 
Ryvier, i.q. RiviER. 


adgell, Sagell, Sadgewell, 

? sedge hill or well, t. 
Sadge-, Sage-moor, n.f., sedge 

moor, t. 
Saffron Park, i.q. Park Safer an. 
Sainguilant, e.d.d., Sanguiland, 

d.d., V i.q. St. Gluvias or St. 

Saint-Adwen, -Athawyn, -Ande- 

WIN, ? = Athehvine, noble friend, 

s., Y. ; now Advent, v. S. Anne. 
S. Agnes, from f.s. (pure, gr.). 
S. Aldhelm {chapel), noble (adel) 

helmet (helm), s. 
S. Allen, from p.s. S. Alunus or 

Ehvinus, 0., = elf friend, s., Y. ; 

or, S. Alun (a.s.) ; the (an) moor 

(hal) saint, Hi. ; or, church (Ian) 

S. Ambrusca (eh.), ? i.q. Ambrose, 

immortal, gr. 
S. Andrew, Andreas, a stout or 

strong man, gr. ; see Calstock. 
S. Anianus (ch.), 1 = uniawn. just, w. 
S. Anietus, e.d.d., i.q. S. Neotus. 
S. AnTH.o'SY, from p.s. S. Antoni-us 

or -NUS, inestimable, lal, Y. 
S. AuBYN, n.f., 0. Santalbin, Sent- 

ABYN, ] = alUmiS, white, lat. 
S. Aus-TELL, -tle, from p.s. S. Aus- 

tolus, 0. ; % i.q. Hawystl, w. s. ; 

holy hostelry, R. ; holy altar, Po. 
Saint Barre, i.q. S. Fim-, Fin-bar- 


S. Bartholomew, son of furrows, h. 

iSeeWARLEGGON, Lostwithiel,&c. 

S. Bennett's (ek), i.q. S. Benedicfus, 

blessed, lat. 
S. Berinus, W.JF., ? = Berhcine, 

bright friend, t. ; or, i.q. S. Ber- 

\Yyi\, 10. 
S. Blazey, from p.s. S. Blazius, 

lisper, lat. 
S. Breaga, see Breage. 
S. Breward, fromp.s. S. Brueredus, 

0., Bp. Brewer, R. ; fiom bruyere^ 

heath, /., T. 
S. Bridget (ch), = Brighid, strength, 

i., Y. 
S. Briocus, % = breach, spotted, i. ; 

see Breock. 
S. Budocus, see Budock. 
S. BuRYAN,/?w?i^j'.s. S. Buriana, 0. 
S. Cad-ix, -ox, i.q. S. Cyrigus, Ly. 
S. Carantocus, 1 = coronedig, crown- 
ed, w. ; see Crantock. 
S. Christina (ch.), christian, lat. 
S. Chygwidden, holy white (gwydn) 

Thursday (de Jeu), Dr. 
S. Clea-, Cle-ther, /rom^xs. S. Cle- 

deruSjO., = c/?/f/?(/T, a defence,^. JV.; 

cledher, fencer or gladiator, T. 
S. Cleer, from p.s. S. Clarus, 0., 

bright, renowned, led. 
S. Clement's, from p.s. S. Clement, 

0., gentle, merciful, lat. 
S. CoANUS, p.s. of Merther, 0. 
S. COLAN, from p.s. S. Colanus, 0., 

] little (vean) dove (colom). 
S. Columb, from p.s. S. Columba, 

the dove, lat. 
S. CoN-AN, -ANDUS, See Roach. 
S. CoNGAR (ch.), : i.q. Concar (w.s.). 
S. CoNOGLASius,(i?/s7w;^),grey (glas) 

[haired] lord (con), JJli. 
S. Constantinus, firm, lat. ; see 

S. Coo-SE, -z, holy wood (ens), Pr. 
S. Corentinus, see Cury. 
S. Cornelius, see Cornelly. 




Saint Cradoc (c/t.), i.q. Caradawg, 

beloved, iv. 
S. Crewena, see Crowan. 
S. Crida, see Creed. 
S. CuBY, i.q. S. Keby. 
S. Cuthbert, noted splendour, t, 

Y. ; see Cubert. 
S. Cyr-icus, -us {eh.), 1 cyriacos, 

Lord's-day born, gr. 
S.-Dachun,-Dacunus, Ideacon, gr. ; 

or, i.q. S. Decumanus, farmer of 

tithes, lat. 
S. David, beloved, darling, h. ; see 

S.-Day, 0. -Daye, -Dye, from p.s. 

S. Dye, Bp. of Nievr.e, Ly. ; from 

[HolyTrini]/ye, c.d., 0. 
S. Dennis, from p.s. S. Dionysius ; 

or, camp (dinas) saint, Hi. 
S. Derwe (ch.), I^deru wy, the oak 

by the water. 
S. DoGMAEL (ch.), ? = 'z^. S. Dogfael. 
S. DOMINICK, from p.s. S. Dominica, 

0., Lord's-day born, lat. 
S. DuNSTAN, see Lanlivery. 
S.-East, -Ewst, i.q. S. Just. 
S. Ede, 14 cent, i.q. S. Issey. 
S. Edmund's, rich (ead) protection 

(mimd), t., Y. 
S. Electa {ch.), elect lady, lat. 
S. Endellion, from p.s. S. Endelli- 

enta, 0., Delian or Telian, T. 
S. Enoder, from p.s. S. Ennodorus, 

0., i.q. S. Athenadorus, T.,1 = Win- 

heder {iv.s.) ; holy soul (me) water 

(dour), or town {tre), H. ! 
S. Enodock, from p.s. S. Gwinodec, 

li.q. Coxetocus or Cunaido. 
S. Erme, from p.s. S. Hermes. 
S. Ern-ey, -a, -e, holy {scm) hour 

{uma !) or eagle {erne, t. ), T. ; p.s. 

not known, 
S. Erth or Ercy, B., v. E-arth, 
Jroiii p.s. S. Ercus, 0. ; \\o\y earth, 

i.e. ground, H. 
S. Ervan, ] from S. Erbin {w.); a 

litany, H. ; p.s. S. Hermes, 0. 
S. Ethelred [ch.), noble {adel, s.) 

threat {thrydh, s.), t. 

Saint EvAL, from p.s. S. Uvelus, 0. ; 
? i.q. S. Ewall, = Ethelwald, noble 
power, t. ; aval, an apple, Dr. 

S. Eve, i.q. S. Ive. 

S. EwE,/?-omp.s. S.EwaorEustachius, 
0., happy in harvest, gr., Y. 

S. Ew-iNUS, -NY, 1 = Unchi, conten- 
tious, i. ; see Crow AN, Redruth. 

S. Eye, 14 cent, i.q. S. Ives. 

S. Felicitas, happiness, lat ; see 

S. Feoca, see Feock. 

S. Fides {lat.), or S. Faith {ch.). 

S. FiLius, see Philleigh. 

S.-FiM-, -FiN-BARRUS, fine hair, i. ; 
p.s. of FOWEY, 0. 

S. FiNGAR {i), i.q. GWINEAR, IFh. 

S. Francis {ch.), free, t, Y. 

S. Gabriel {ch.), God's hero, h. 

S. Uennys, from p.s. S. Geniscius, 
0. ; d.d. Sanguinas. 

S. George, tiller of the ground, gr. ; 
see Treneglos. 

S. GERRANS,/ro77ij?.s. S. Gerrendus. 

S. Germans, from p.s. S. Germanus. 

S. Germochus, see Germoe. 


S. GiNOKES, Le., i.q. S. Winnow. 
S. Gluvias, from p.s. S. Gluviacus, 

0., li.q. Gluwys Cerniw, to. -yfrom 

(jlewas, to hear, H. 


S. Goran, i.q. Gorran. 

S. Gothianus, see Gwithian, 

S. Grace, see Probus. 

S.-Grade, -Gradus, see Grade. 

S. Gregory, watchman, gr. ; see 

S. GuDWAL, see Gulval. 

S. Gueryr, physician, Cam. 

S. GuNNET, i.q. S. GuNDRED, war 
council, t, Y; or, i.q. CUNAIDO. 

S. Gunger, ■? i.q. Cengor, xv.s. 

S. Gwinedoc, i.q. Gweinidoc, a min- 
ister, w., R. W. ; see S. Enodock. 

S. Helena, light, bright, gr., Y.; 
see Helland. 

S. Helie, see Eglosheyle. 

S. Henry {ch.) home rule, t. 



Saint Hermes, see S. Erme; S. 

S. Herygh, i.q. S. Erth, Wh. 
S. Hilary, from p.s. S. Ilarius, 0., 

cheerful, lat. 
S.-HuGH, -Hugo, mind, t, ¥., p.s. 

of Quethiock, 0. 
S.-Hya, -Ia, see S. Ives. 
S. Ida, thirsty, k, rich, happy, t., 

Y. ; see Mevagissey ; S. Issey. 
S. Ildierna, see Lansallos. 
S. Ilduictijs {ch.), i.q. Illtut, w. 
S.lLLiCK(c/j.)5«me; or, = Alexander. 
S. Illoganus, see Illogan. 


or Gangel = Wingel, Wh. 
S. Issey, from S. Yse. w., Wh. ; p.s. 

SS. Ida & Lyda, J.Ca. 
S. IvE, from p.s. S. Ivo, pters., 0. 
S. Iyes,, from p.s. S. Hya, la, or Ya, 0. 
S. Jacobus (lat.), a supplanter (h.); 

see Tregony ; i.q. 
S. James, see Jacobstow. 
S. Januarius [with S. Keby], p.s. 

of Cuby, Po. ; 1 door keeper, lat. ; 

or, = Gwenhwyfar, white wave, w. 
S. John (Baptist), /rom^xs., 0. 
S. Julian, see Maker. 
S. JuLiOT, V. Jilt, from p.s. S. Ju- 

LITTA, 0. 

S. Just, from p.s. S. Justus, 0. 
S. Kananc, i.q. Lelant, Wh. 
S. Kea, i.q. Kea. 
S. Keby or Kebius, 'iM.q. [3a\colms ; 

see Cuby. 
S. Kenwyn, see Kenwyn. 
S. Keri, see Egloskerry. 
S. Keverne, from p.s. S. Keveran 

or Kieran, 0., black, i. ; 1 i.q. S. 

PiERANUS, Le. ; e.d.d. Sancti 


S. Kew {p.s. unknown), 1 S. Keby, 

T. ; or, i.q. w. S. Kiwa. 
S. Keyne, from p.s. S. Keyna, a 

jewel, Y. 
S. Ladoga, see Ladock. 
S. Lalant, W.W., i.q. Lelant, Wh. 
S. Laudus (ch.), 1 i.q. S. Laudatm, 

praised, lat. 

Saint Lawrence, (ch.) laurel, lat. 

S. Leofstan, B.m., beloved stone, s. 

S. Leonard's (ch.) lion strong, t. 

S. Levan, from p.s. S. Livinus, 0. 

S. Ludowanus, see Ludgvan. 

S. Mabe, see Mabe. 

S. Mabyn, from p.s. St. Mabena, 0. 

S. Machutus, see S. Mawes. 

S. Madernus, see Madron. 

S. Magdalen (ch.), from S. Mary. 

S. Manaccus, ? = manach, a monk ; 

see Lanreath. 
S. Marcelliana, see Tintagel. 
S. Margets, i.q. S. Margaret's. 
S. Martin, from p.s. ( = Mars, Y.). 
S. Maruan, 1 = morwyn, a maid, 

virgin, w. ; see Lamorran ; li.q. 
S. Mary, alias S. Mawes, Car. 
S. Materiana, see Tintagel. 
S. Mauganus, ] = Morgan ; or,l,.q. 

Meugan or Meigan, w.s. ; see 

S. Maunanus, see Mawnan. 
S. Mawes {or Mauditus, 0., or 

Mary, Car.), 1 from p.s. S. Mach- 
utus, Machu, Maclovius, or Malo, 

Wh. ; from maio, a boy, A. Butler. 
S. Mellion, from, p.s. S. Mellanus, 

0. ; Mellyau, Wh. ■ 
S. Meriadocus, ? = Meireadwg, sea 

protector, w. ; see Camborn. 
S. Merryn, from p.s. S. Marina, 0. ; 

li.q. S. Merin or Merini, w. 
S. Merthiana, see Minster. 
S. Meubredus, see Cardinham. 
S. Mewa, see Mevagissey. 
S. Mew AN, fro7n p.s. S. Mewanus, 0. 
S. Michael-Carhayes, -Penkivel, 

-'s Mount, &g., from p.s. 
S. Milorus, {Meilyr, w.), see Mylor. 
S. MiNVER, from p.s. S. Menefrida, 

0., 1 Maginfred, powerful peace, 

S. Morwenna, see Morwinstow. . 
S. Mydbard, i.q. S. Meubredus, Wh. 
S. Neddie, i.q. S. Enoder, Nord. 
S. Neot's, from p.s. S. Neotus, 0., 

compulsion, t., Y. 
S. Newelina, see Newlyn. 




Saint Nicholas, see Fowey, &c. 
S. Nighton's Kieve, ? the retreat 
ycuddva, to.) of S. Nectan. 

S.-Nonn,-Nonna,-Nonnita, -Nunn, 
nun ; or, ninth, lat, Y. ; p.s. Al- 


S. Olave, = Aulafor Olaf, ancestor's 

relic, t, Y.; see Poughill. 
S. Pancras, ? all powerful, gr. ; 

] noio S. Mary's, Truro, IFh. 
S. Paternus, fatherly, lat. ;U.q. S. 

Padarn, w. ; see Petherwin. 
S. Paulinus, see Paul. 
S. Peter, rock, gr. ; see Sheviock. 
S. Petrock, ? little {-oc) Peter ; see 

Padstow, Bodmin, Petherick. 
S. Phillack, Philleigh, Piala, 

&c. ; see Phillack, note. 
S. PiCR-As, -ous, %.i.(i. S. Piranus, 

Max M. ', or, S. Pancras. 
S. PiNNOCK,/rom^5.s. S. Pynocus,0. 
S. Piranus, see Perran. 
S. Probus, just, lat. ; see Probus. 
S. Prot-us, -asius, v. Pratt, see 

S. QuoDRUS, 14 eent., ii.q. Cubert. 
S. Ruan, see Ruan. 
S. Sampson, from shemesh, sun, k. ; 

see GoLANT. 
S. Sancredus, see Sancreed. 
S. Sativola, see Laneast. 
S. Saviery, -1 St. Saviour's (ch.) en- 
closure (hay). 
S. Sennara, see Zennor. 
S. Senninus, see Sennen. 
S. Sid-, Sith-uinus, see Sithney, 

0. ; 1 i.q. Svnthun, strong (swith) 

friend, t, Y. 
S. SiLVANUS (c/i.), living in a wood, 

lat., Y. 
S. SiRUS, i.q. S. Cyriacus. 
S. Stedian-a, -us, see Stithians. 
S. Stephens, from p.s. ; crowned, gr. 
S. Symphorian, see Veryan. 
S. Tallanus, see Tall and. 
S.-Tane, -Teen, i.q. Advent. 
S. Tans, i.q. S. Agnes. 
S. Teath, from p.s. S. Tetha, 0., 

Tedda, niL, Tathius, T., Eatha,^. 

Saint Tathen, 17 cent., i.q. S. Ad- 

S. Tennocus, Twennocus, 14 cent., 
i.q. Towednack. 

S. Terbyn, JF.JF., i.q. S. Erbyn. 

the Saint Terry, i.q. Santry. 

S.-Tew, -Tue, i.q. S. Ewe. 

S. TissiE, Norcl, i.q. S. Issey. 

S. ToRNEY, see Northill. 

S. TuDY,/VoTO p.s. S. Uda or Tudius, 

S. Ul-ette, -iane, Le., i.q. S. Juli- 

S. Uny, i.q. S. EWINUS. 

S. UvELUS or VuELUS, 1 i.q. S. Eval, 
'i^mvel, humble ; see Withiel. 

S. Veep, from o.p.s. S. Vepus or 
Vepa, (1= Giuymp, iv.s.), 710 w ^S. 
Cyrus and Julitta, 0. 

S. VoRCH, see Lanlivery. 

S. Wednock, 1 see Landewednack 
and Towednack. 

S. Welvela, see Laneast. 

S. Wendrona, see Wendron. 

S. Weneppa, see Gwennap. 

S. Wenn, from p.s. S. AVenna (the 
fair), 0. ; 1 i.q. S. Gwennan, w. 

S. Werburgha, powerful protec- 
tion, t., Y. ; see Warbstow. 

S. Willows, from S. Willocus. 

S. Winnierius, see Gwinear. 

S. Winnow, /romj^.s. S. Winnocus,0. 


-woLAus, see Landewednack. 
S. WiTHEL, 1 = gwyddel, Irishman. 
S. Ydroc, see Lanhydrock. 
Sallakee, Sally Key, % = sid lechau, 

sun stones. 
Salmon, 1 i.q. Salaman, w.B.m., 

i.q. Solomon (shalom, peace, h.). 
Saltash, " Esse, his towne by the 

[salt] sea," Car. ; p.s. S. Steplien, 

0., S. Nicholas, C.S.G. 
Salter, n.f., = saltere, a maker of 

salt, s. ; or, i.q. Saltern, salt pit, s. 
Sam-bell, -ble, -balls, -mell, n.f, 

i.q. Samwell, w.B.m., = Samuel, 

asked of God, h. 
Sampy's Park, Sampson's close. 





Sancho's Meadow, i.q. Sancoose, 

i.q. St. Coose. 
Sancreed, fr<,m p.s. St. Sancredus, 

0. ■ = St. Faith, C. ; holy belief, Pr. 
Sanctuary, i.q. Santry. 
Sani)-er, -oe, -i}W, -OWE, -key, -ry, 

-Y, 7i.f., = S. Andrew ; also SAND- 
ERS, -OZ, -YS, -S. 
Sandercock, 71./., Ired (coch) S. 
Sanguinas, d.d., i.q. St. Gennys. 
Sangviland, d.d., 1 i.q. St. GtLuvias. 
Sangwin, n.f., 1^ Sanguinas. 
Sankey, n.f., 1 i.q. St. Key. 
Sanns, n.f., 1 i.q. St. Agnes. 
Sansom, n.f, 1 i.q. St. Sampson. 
Sansbury, Sauiiin's earthwork 

(hury, t.). 
Santasperry Neck, 1 isthmus of 

the Holy Ghost (saint esprit, f.), 0. 
Santo, n.f., 1 i.q. Sandoe. 
Santry, glebe or church land, = 

sant em, holy acre or field. 
Sanwinnec, d.d., i.q. S. Winnow. 
Saplyn, n.f, 1= S. Paulin[us] or 

St. Aubyn. 
Sar-a, -ah, 71. f, 1 i.q. Sayer. 
Sartin, n.f, ? = Sadwrn, w. 
Satan's Park, Sartin's close. 
Saulf, t.d.d.. 1 sea wolf, d., F. ; 

1 i.q. to. Selif = Solomon. 
Saun-, Sawn-ton, 1 Sauuin's town. 
Sauuin, i.d.d., a youth, d. 
Saw-annah, -nah, Vi.q. Sewannah. 
Sawle, 1 = sawell, healthful ; or, i.q. 

Sawyl (w.s.). 
Sawn Vean, little Zawn. 
Saxon, the Englishman. 
Say-er, -har, 71. f., = sair, artizan, 

workman; i.q. Wright. 
SBERN,/.dc?., = ^sft/o?-??., divine bear, ^. 
ScABERiAS, the barns, or a sweeper, 

Pr. ; sweepers or sweeping {sca- 

6e?-m,tosAveep), Sc. 

SCADD-EN, -IN, % i.q. SCAWEN. 

or, 1 under {is) the castle. 
SCAITH, % boat {scath) [field]. 
Scantlebury, i' under {is) Gundulf s, 

or Boscundle earthwork (Wy, t.). 


Scarce Water, Scarswater,"? high- 
er {wartha) [place] under the moor 

(is cors). 
Scar-don, -sdun, i.q. Scrosdon. 
Scarne, ? under {is) Carn. 
SCAW-AN, -en, -N, elder-tree. 
ScAWES Water, r higher {wartha) 

elders {scaw-s). 
Scawn Park, elder-tree close. 
School close, % thistles' (ascall) c. 
SciLLY, 0. SULLEY, flat rocks (lehau) 

of the sun {siil), B. ; conger-eel 

(selli) [isles],v^.>S'.; cut oS{scilly),Pr. 
ScoB-ELL, -LE, the broom plant, H. 

a bench {scavel), Gw. ; n.f., ? the 

town {ville, f.) of elders {skao, a.). 
Scoffern, 7i.f., : = scovarn, ear; or, 

scovarnog, hare. 
the Scoons, % the elders {scawen-s). 
Scorrier, /?-om the tin scoria {hi.), 

W. W. ; % long (liir) ridge {esgar, 

w.) ; or, i.q. Skyburrio. 
ScosE, 7i.f., : = is cors, under marsh. 
Scot, n.f, li.q. Escott ; or, = isgoed, 

under-wood, w. ; or, Scotchman. 
Scotland, underwood field. 
ScowEN, n.f, i.q. Scawan. 
Scow Park, elder-trees' close. 
Scros-, Scraws-don, hill (dun) of 

fracture {sga7'adh, ga.), Seal. 
Scrouse, ? under {is) cross (crous). 
Scudjeck, % i.q. Lescudjeck. 
Scuttle, "? under wood {is cotele). 
Seage-, Sedge-moor, = secgesmcere, 

sedge moor, 5. 
Seaforth, 1 1 = 5e«-port (porth). 
Seaton, town on the sea, t., B. ; 

hill {dun} stream {sa, ga.), Seal. 
Sec-combe, -cumb, -ombe, n.f., dry 

(sech) valley. 
Seccouch, •? Couch's seat {se). 
Sechell, n.f., ? sedge hill. 
Sedg-, Sed-man, nf, 1,= Sigmund, 

conquering protection, t. 
Sedgwick, nf., 1 sedge cove (guic), t. 
Segar, 7i.f., idle, w. ; victorious, s. 
Seghs-, Seghys-Rock, the shag or 

cormorant's {shagga) rock. 




Seibertus, t.d.d., = Sigbert, conquer- 
ing brightness, t, Y. 
Seldon, 11. f., 1 prosjDect {sell) hill 

(dun) ; or, hill of the sun {sul). 
Seleven, 16 cent, i.q. S. Levan, 0. 
Sellan Vean d- Veor, little and 

great dry (seek), or low (;isel), or 

sun (sul) enclosure (Ian). 
Selly, 11./., 1 = selic, conspicuous. 
Semers-, Semes-dun, ? Seymour's 

Semmons, n.f., Simon's [son]. 
Semsworthy, 1 SiMs's farm, t. 
Sendro\v, n.f., i.q. Sandoe. 
Sennen, frovi p.s. S. Senana ; the 

saint's o?'holy (sans) vale (nans), Pr. 
Sentry, i.q. Santry. 
Serpell, n.f., ^- sarf pol, serpent's 

pool, Ch. ; 1 service-tree hill. 
Sescombe, n.f, 1 sedge vale. 
Session, n.f, 1 = saesijn, a Saxon, iv. 
Seth-ney, -noe, % = St. Idno ; or, 

Idno's seat (se). 
Sevarth, high (loarth) seat, Pr. 
Se-veak, -veock, the seat in the 

hollow (veage), Pr. 
Sewanna, the seat by (? on) the 

downs (gwonnow), Pr. 
Sewinus, w.B.m., = sivetjn, ayouth, d. 
Seworgan, ] seat (se) on (imr) the 

down (goon). 
Sewrah, 1 old-woman's [gicracli) seat. 
Sewulf, IV. P.m., sea wolf, t. 
Sexton, o.n.f., the Saxon. 
Seym-er, -our, nf., = St. Maur, Lo. ; 

or, seamere, a tailor, a packhorse, 5. 
Shab-ber, -bra, 1 = scaber, barn. 
Shakes Moor, shag or cormorant 

moor; (janjeak, a snail, m.c.). 
Shallbrook, n.f, shallow-brook, t. 
Shallow Crease, ? middle ores) 

[field] under the moors (ishalloiv). 
S. Park, under-moor close (])arc). 
S. Pool, jawbone (challa) pool, J.Ca. 
Sharpitor, Sharpy-Tor, -Torry, 

= sharp point Tor,B.; n.f., Shap- 

Sharpnose, 1 sharp point, t. 
Shawl, 1 = is hall, under moor. 

Sheep-an, -en, -ing, = scifen, a cow- 
house, stall, stable, s. 
Shekel Hill, % rye (sygal) field 

(giveal), or hill. 
Shepna-, Shepton-Park, Shippen 

close (pare). 
Sherry, n.f, = Jerry, Jeremiah; 

also Sherr-ies, -ys. 
Sherston, shire boundary .4one, t. 
Sheviock, the dwelling (? chy) by 

the oak river (gwy, Pr.) ; or, i.q. 

Shillingham, the dwelling (ham) 

covered with slates, ^.,ir. ; ■? Julian's 

Shilson, 7i.f., ? Julian's son. 
Shipley, n.f, sheep pasture, t. 
Shippen Park, Shipping Port, 

cow-house (scijpen, s.) close (pare). 
Shipway, ?^./., 1 sheep walk, t. 
Shiver Park, i.q. Park Scheba. 
Sho-al, (n.f. Sholl), i.q. Shawl. 
Shoe-, Shoot-, Shoota-, Shooter-, 

Shot-, Shota-, Shut-, Shute-, 

Shutter-Park, i.q. Park Shut- 
Shoreston, i.q. Sherstone. 
Shorley, 7i.f., 1 i.q. Chorley. 
Shover Park, i.q. Park Skeba. 
Sibbett Eock, Sibella's rock, Bl. 
SiBLY, 7i.f., == Sihella, an old wise 

woman, lat, Y. ; Jove's council, 

gr., Moody. 
SiLVA, prospect (sell) place (va). 
SiM-coE, -mons, -s, n.f., from Simon, 

Simon Ward, 1 1 Sigismund's guard, 

t. ; alias St. Breward. 
SiNNS, the saints' [abode], Pr. 
SiREUUOLD, t.d.d., conquering (sigor, 

s.) power (tvald, s.), t. 
SiTHNEY, the bishop's land, Pr. ; 

from p.s. St. Siduiuus, 0. 
SiTWELL, n.f., i.q. St. Sativola. 
'^i\]^j ART), t.d.d., - Sige-wardfConqner- 

ing guard, t. 
Size, n.f, '? — sais, a Saxon. 
Skabbar, the barn (scehar). 
Skawn, n.f, = scawen, an elder tree. 



SkELL-OW, -Y, 1 i.q. ROSKELLY. 

Skene, n.f. , = ysgien, a knife, lo. , R. W. 
Sken-nock, -ock, n.f., 1 sedgy. 
Skenoweth, ? new {nowedh) sedge 

Skentlebury, n.f., i.q. Scantle- 


Skerwethers, 1 1 cliff {sgeir, i.) 

Skew-es, -is, -ish, -s, a shady place 

{sees, scod, a shade), Pr. 
Skew JACK, 1 shady (scezack) [place]. 
Skibber, the barn (sciber). 
S. WiDDEN, 1 white (gwijdn) barn. 
Skidmore, w./., = escud'cnnmir, shield 

of love, t., Lo. ; 1 great (maur) 

shade (scod). 
Skin Field, 1 sedge (hescen) field. 
Skinham, ] sedge border (hem). 
Skinnard, n.f, ?feltmonger; or,= 
Skinner, n.f, long (Mr) sedge. 
Skinn-ish, -y, 1 sedgy. 
Skipper Park, i.q. Park Skeba, 
Skisdon, 1 shady (sees) hill (dim). 
Skitter Park, Skitty, 1 privet 

(scedgvjitk) close {pare). 
Skyburriowe, the barns. 
Slad, Slade, valley, N.H. 
Si^DDY Park, valley close. 
Sladdyvean, little valley. 
Sladesfoot, % valley end. 
Slater, n.f., li.q. Salter; or 
Slaughter, n.f, 1 = slagter, a butch- 
er, d. 
Sl-ay, -ea, -eigh, n.f, i.q. Treslea. 
Slee-, Slo-, Slu-, Sly-man, n.f, 

U.q. Salmon. 
Slimeford. muddy passage, t. 
Slipper-, Slippy- Hill, 1 slippery 

hill, t. 
Sloven's Bridge, from is loe vaen, 

under the stone tumulus, il/'Z. ; 

alias Slaughter Bridge. 
Slushay, 1 sloppy close {hay), t. 
Slutscoomb, 1 St. Illtut's vale. 
Slutswell, 1 St. Illtut's well. 
Smallacombe, % little vale. 
Smalla Park, 1 little close. 

Sme-ath, -athe, -eth, n.f., 1 = 
smoethe, a smooth plain, a field, s.; 
or = Smith. 

Smeaton, 1 Smeath enclosure, t. 

Smetham, ^ Smeath border {hem). 

Smithick, Smythike, Smythweek, 
1 1 Smeath's village {guic) ; or, 
smithy; or, smooth haven; noio 

Snail, Snell, n.f., }=snel, bold, 
active, s. ; or, i.q. Chynale. 

SOADY, SODDY, SODY, n.f, llsouth, 

or moist (sog) house. 
SOARN, SoRN, corner (sorn), Pr. ; or, 

= sarn, a causeway, pavement, B. 
Sockemoor, n.f, 1 moist moor. 
SoDEN, n.f, ? .soitfh vale {demi, s.). 
Soldiers' croft, from SnI, the sun, 

jor, lord or governor, Buller. 
Solom-an, -on, n.f., i.q. Salmon. 
SoMERLES, ? Somer's, or summer 

leas or pastures, t. 
Somerton, 1 summer, or south lake 

{mere) enclosure or town, t. 
SooR, Sore, le Sor, Sower, nf., % = 

zar, heathcock, grouse, Pr. 
Soper, n.f, % soxdh close {pare). 
Southerland, ? southward field, t. 
SOUTHEY, n.f, south close {hay). 
South Hill {t.) ; p.s. St. Samson. 
SowDEN, n.f., i.q. Soden. 
SoWDER, ? south, or moist {sog) 

land {tir). 
SowELL,%./., south hill; or,*.^.SAWLB 
Soweth, n.f, 1 south heath, t. 
SowKER, % = zigyr, sluggish. 
Spar Croft, ^ barn {sciber) croft. 
Spargo, ? barn Avood {eoat). 
Spark, nf., "? i.q. Sperrack. 
Sparn-a, -eck, -ick, -ock, thorny 

{spernic) [place]. 
Sparnell, ] thorn moor {hal). 
Sparnon, r thorn {spern) down {oon). 
Sparrot, 1 = lower {isa) Park Yet. 
Spear Hay, 1 barn {sciber) close 

Spearies Park, spirit (speris) close. 
Spearn, = spern, thorns. 
Spec-cot, -ot, n.f, Speke's cottage. 




Speckham, 1 Speke's meadow. 
Speke, 7i.f., I^esbog, bishop, w. 
Spencer, butler, steward. 
Spernon, a thorn, Pr. 
Sperrack, Sperk, n.f., ? = sperhafoc, 

sparrow-hawk, s. 
Spettigue, ? hospital {yspytty, w.) 


Spigurnell, n.f., sealer of writs, /. 

Spiller, n.f., ? = spallier, a pickman. 

Spink Park, % Finch's (s.) close. 

Spitt-al, -EL, 1 the hospital. 

Spittle Park, Jmpital close. 

Splat, Splot, small piece of land. 

Splattenridden, fern (reden) splat. 

Spour, Spurr, n.f, 1 i.q. Butsber. 

Spratt, n.f, liq. Sparrot. 

Spray, Spry, n.f, 1 = is bre, under- 

Spurnock Field, i.q. Sparna. 

Spurway, n.f., % barn (sciber) way. 

Square, Squire, Squier, n.f, 1 = 
scebar, a barn, or i.q. esquire; or, 

Stabb, n.f, 1 = stub, tree stump, s. 

Stabb-a, -ack, field grubbed up 
(stub, to grub up). 

Stagey, nf., = Eustachius, see St. 

Staggy Moor, sticky moor, t. 

Stamford Hill, from Lord Stam- 
ford = Stoneford, t. 

Stan AW AY, n.f, stony path. 

Stanbury, stone castle, s. 

Staniford, stony ford, t. 

Stan-ix, -nack, -nick, -nock, tinny 
(stean-ic), or stony (s.) places. 

Stanl-ey, -lick, Stanlake, n.f, 
stone pasture (leag). 

Stannar Field, 1 tinner or water- 
wagtail {stenor) field. 

Stan-on, -ton, stone town, t. 

Start Point, from steort, a tail, ex- 
tremity, jMint, promontory, s. 

Ste-ens, -ins, = Stephen's [place]. 

Sten-coose, -goose, tin (stean) wood 
(cus), Pr. 

Stenhill, tin hill, R. W. 

Stennack, i.q. Stannack. 

Stennale-es, -as, stone meadows, s. 
Step, n.f, i.q. Stephens. 
Stephen Gelly, Stephen's grove 

Stephensdon, Stephen's hill {dun). 
Steph-, Step-ney, Stephen's close 

Stert, i.q. Start. 
Sticken Bridge, % from stickedn, a 

pale, post, stake. 
Stickle Hill, 1 stile (sfigel, s.), or 

steep {sticele, s.) hill, t. 
Stidiford, n.f, ? St. Tudy's ford. 
Stitch, narrow strip of land, m.c. 
Stithians, from p.s. St. Stedian-a, 

or -us, 0., Bp. Stidio, TVh. 
Stock, n.f., = stoc, tree trunk or stock ; 

or, a place, s. 
Stock-adon, -aton, -ETON, ? stock 

hill {dun), or enclosure {tun, s.). 
Stocke-, Stoke-ley, 1 stockaded 

or stock pasture, t. 
Stockwell, 1 stockaded well, t. 
Stodden, n.f., 1 = ystoden, a swathe 
of corn, w., P.W. ; or, = isa todn, 
under lay. 
Stoggy Moor, sticky moor, t. 
Stoke Climsland, the chief place 
{stoc, s.) on Clement's land; p.s. 
not known. 
Stoke-Meadow, i.q. Stock-. 
Stoketon, 1 stock or stockaded 

enclosure (tun), t. 
Stoneman, % stone (maen), redup. 
Stotten, n.f, i.q. Stodden. 
Stowe, the place, s. 
Strang, 1 under (is) Drannack. 
Strang -WAGE, -wich, Strange- 
ways, i.q. Restronguet, 
Strathill, 1 spring (stret) hill. 
Stratton, street (strat, s.), highway, 
or valley (ystrad, w.) town, B. ; 
hill of springs, Pr. ; p.s. St. Andrew 
Str-aul, -oul, -owl, ? couch-grass 

{stroil, T.Q.C.) [field]. 
Stray Park, ? ? under-town {-is dre) 

Street an gaerow, ? the (an) rough 
(garow) street 





Street an nowan, the new street. 
S. Mehale, Michael's street. 
Str-ode, -oote, n.f., 1 = w. ystrad, a 

valley ; a street, paved- way. 
Stroilly Moor, ] couch-grass moor. 
Stronget, i.q. Eestronguet. 
Stursdon, 1 steers' hill {dun). 
SuD-, Sut-cot, 1 south cot, t. 
SUFFENTON, '\ south spring (fenten). 
SUFFREE, 1 south hill (bre). 
SuLJOR Croft, i.q. Soldiers' Croft 
SuTTLE Park, 1 south-hill close, t. 
Sutton Town, south-town farm or 

town-place, t. 
Swa-ine, -n, n.f., 1 = y swain, a squire, 

w., R.W. ; or, i.q. Sauuin, t. 
SwALLOCK, from St. Wallocus {Bp.). 
SwANNACOT, Sauuin's cottage, t. 
SwiFTAFORD, 1 rapid ford, t. 
Swimmer, Swynnar, n.f, 1 from 


XABB, n.f, li.q. DabB. 

Tabbin's Hole, St. Aubyn's cave, t. 
Table, n.f, 1 i.q. Tebbot. 
Taca-, Tac-bere, 1 Tago's farm, t. 
Ta-coyse, -gos, -gus, -ggs, 1 wood 

(ais) house (ti), or side (tu). 
Taddiport, parent (tad) haven, Wh. 
Taerbyn, n.f, 0., 1 i.q. St. Erbyn. 
Taffy's Close, i.q. Davie's close. 
Tagget, n.f, 1 - tu goat, wood-side. 
Tail-, Tala-Park, 1 manure (teil) 

close (pare). 
Talan, w.B.m., % = talon, belly. 
Talbot, % Halboat house {ti) ; n.f, 

a hunting dog, hound, t., Lo. 
Tal-carne, -karne, d.d. -car, -gar, 

high rock, Pr., or heap of rocks ; 

or, i.q. ToLCARN. 
Talgolle, d.d., ? top or front {tal) 

of thegrove {celli); nowToLGViAA. 
Talgoose, 1 top of wood {cus). 
Talgrogan, ? high rock {carrag) on 

the down {gwon, goon, oon). 
Tallack, n.f., ? = talawg, one having 

a large forehead, w. ; or, talhac, a 

roach or rock fish. 

Talland, high church {Ian), Pr. ; 

highland, H. ; headland, C. ; from 

p.s. St. Tallanus, 0. 
Tallangove, 1 Angove hill {tal). 
Tallawarren, i.q Trelo warren. 
Tallervey, n.f, 1 = talerweu, end 

of the fields, w., R.W.; or, tall 

Tallhay, 1 ? high enclosure {hay). 
Talling, n.f., li.q. Talan. 
Tallow Park, 1 Tallack's close. 
Talmeneth, Le., ? mountain {men- 

edh) height or top; noiv Talmenor 
Talski-ddy, -thy, % privet {sciddy = 

scedgwith, B.) hill. 
Tal VAN, 1 = talva, a projection, w., 

B.W.; or, little {lean) hill. 
Talv-AR, -or, 1 great [maur) hill. 
Tal-varn, -vern, 1 alder or marsh 

{gwarn, gioern) hill or summit. 
Talvran, % crow {h-an) hill. 
Tal y Mean, top of the stone, J.B. ; 

the tall rock {maen), Bl. 
Tamar, great {maur) water {tau, 

B. ; ta, ga., F. ; 1 dour). 
T. Ham, ? Tamar meadow {ham, s.). 
Tambl-yn, -inson, n.f, Ifrom Thom- 
as, = Tomlin, Tomlinson. 
Tamellin, ? i.q. Tamill, Ta Mill, 

or Tame Mill ; ] Uhe mill {melin) 

on the gentle {tam, s.) [stream]. 
Tamerton, the enclosure {tun, s.) 

on the river Tamar ; p.s. not 

Tamley Park, 1 i.q. Tamlin {i.e. 

Tamblyn's or Tamellin) field. 
Tamzen Close, 1 Thomasine's c. 
Tancreeg, ■? fire {tan) harrow {creeg), 

Pr.; i.q. "Trengreek or Tencreeg 
Tangey, n.f, 1undeT{tan) hedge {ce). 
Tan-Hay, -Park, 1 under or fire 

{ta7i) close. 
Tankard, n.f, grateful {thane) gnard 

{weard), or council {red), s. 
Tankins, ■? Tonkin's [tenement]. 
Tapson, n.f., li.q. Thomasine. 
Taraveor, alias Bull- {tarow) lane 

{fordh, for, vor). 
Tarbean, 1 little (bean) field {tir). 




Tar Box, 1 oak (da)-) bush (bagas). 
Tare Waste, 1 waste or west laud 

(tir) or field. 
Tar Park, 1 water ((Zowr) close. 
Tarnondain, 1 1 ^ tarn an din, pool 

on the hill, J.B. 
Tarr, n.f., 1 = tardh, issue, w., R.W. 
Tarret, 1 oak gate {yet). 
Tarry Field, ? watery (douric) field. 
Tartane, 1 under (tan) oak. 
Tas-COTT, -kis, -kus, 1 the house 

{ti) outside (aves) the wood (coat, 

Taw AY, ] at or by the way, t. 
Tawell, 0. ATTE Well, [the house] 

by the well, t. 
Tay-, Tea-combe, 1 vale (comb, t.) 

house (tl) ; or, house vale. 
Taylder, n.f., = Tailor. 
Teague, n.f., =teg, fair. 
Tean, from St. Theon-a, or -us. 
Tear Bean, i.q. Tarbean. 
Tebbot, n.f, = Theobald, people's 

(theod) prince (bald). 
Tedder, n.f, = Tudior,w., Theodore, 

God's gift, gr. 
TeglastOxN, d.d., ? i.q. Treglaston. 
Tehidy, = ty-hedy, an extended town, 

B. ; the fowler's {idne) dwelling 

(ti), or single or narrow (edn) 

house, Pr. ; ? Eadig's or Ida's 

house ; ] d.d. Tedintone. 
Telvin, % = Elwen's house. 
Tempellowe, temples, Pr., fl. of 
Temple, (tempel) ; o. Capella de 

Templo, 0. ; p.s. not known. 
Tenby, n.f, 1 i.q. Denby. 
Tencreeg, = ti an creeg, house by 

the barrow, 3PL. ; i.q. Tancreeg. 
Tendrine, i.q. Trendrine. 
Tenedris, i.q. Trenedris. 
Tenker's Field, ? Tankard's field. 
Tenney, n.f, ? i.q. Tan Hay. 
Teppet, n.f, i.q. Tebbot. 
Tere Bean, i.q. Tarbean. 
Terengores, = tre an gors, the 

dwelHng in the marsh, N. 
Ternewan, 1 = tarn eimn, sheep pool, 

J.B. ; or, new land (tir). 

Ternooth, new (noivedh) land. 

Terrors Park. ] i.q. Park Daras. 

Terrose, 1 i.q. Roster. 

Ter wince, ] i.q. Trevince. 

Tethen Hall, 1 furze (eithen) house 
(ti) moor (hal). 

Teuthey, Le., 1 great (ethuc) house. 

Tewan, i.q. To WAN. 

Tewardevi, d.d. j.^'.Trewardreva 

Teweath, wood-house (gtcydh,tvees), 
B. JF. ; or, watch (gwith) house. 

Tewington, hillock, barrow, or tu- 
mulus (tuya) hill (dun), 3PL. 

Thanks, o. Thanceans, = ti angosa, 
house of view, Po. (1). 

Thick, n.f, ? i.q. Teague. 

Thirt Ground, i.q. Throat. 

Thoms, n.f, i.q. Thomas. 

Thorl-eton, -ibeare, ? Thorold's 
enclosure (tu7i) or farm (here), t. 

Thriscutt, n./., i.q. Trescott. 

THE Throat, ? i.q. Thwart-Land, 
the thwart or cross piece of land, t. 

Tibbot, «./., i.q. Tebbot. 

TiCOiTH, d.d., ? i.q. TucoiS. 

Tiddy, ?i./., 1 = tidi, abreast, pap; 
or, i.q. Tehidy, or Tidi (river). 

TiDicoMBE, vale of the Tidi river. 

Tidiford, passage over the Tidl 

TiDWELL. 1 = tide well, t. 

TiENGiLLY, % house (ti) by the grove 
(an gelli). 

Tilly, n.f., 1 = teilu, a family, house- 
hold ; or, from Bodilly. 


HAM, 1 timber-hill meadow (ham, t.) 

£)?• boundary (hem), t. 
Tin-, Ting-combe, i. bottom of (tin), 

or house in (U en), the coomb, 

R. W. ; m, Tink's or the chafl&nch 

(tine, s.) vale. 
Tincroft, sharp-pointed (tyn) croft, 

T.O.; ? bottom (tin) of the croft. 
Tindern, under oak-tree (tander- 

wen), B. W. 
Tinderow, hill of the druids, Po. ; 

? oak (derow) hill (din). 
Tines, 1 = dinas, castle, city. 
Ting-tang, i.q. Ding-dong. 




TiNKERSLAKE, fire {tan) castle (caer) 

lake, Beal. 
TiNKLAxND, ■? Tink's (%./.) field, t. 
Tinny, n.f., li.q. Denny. 
Tin Park, ? castle (din) close. 
TiNTAGEL, the secure 07- impregnable 

(diogel) castle, H. ; castle of deceit 

(dixelth^), T.; 1 ^Toghel's (i. ) castle. 
Tinten, Thinton, 1 bottom (tin) of 

the hill ; or, fire (tan) hill. 
Tippet, %./., i.q. Tebbot. 
TiPPlTON, Tippet's farm {tun, s.). 
TiRRGRiss, 71./., ^mid {cres) land {tir). 


i.q. Tywarnhale. 
Tober Tor, two bmrows' hill, Mur. 
Toby, n.f., = Tobias {c.n.). 
ToDDEN, = iodn, lay or grass land. 
Toddy Well, ? fofZpole well, t. 
ToDPOOL, tadi^ole pool, t. 
ToDSCAD, or ToLLSGAD, the shady 

{scod, a shade) hole or pit, H. 
Todsworthy, 1 Todd's {n.f., r = fox, 

t.) farm (weorthig, s.). 
ToKER, n.f, 1 fuller, t. ; or, tiociwr, 

a clipper, v:. ; or, i.q. Talcaer 
ToL-CARN, -cairne, the stone or 

rock (cam) with a hole {tol) in it, 

or i.q. Talcarn, Pr. ; T. wartha 

& WOLLAS, higher & lower T. 
ToLDAVAS, sheep {davas) hole, or 

hiW (tal), W.B.; ^^.^.Trelodavas. 
TOLDOWER, % water {dour) hole. 
Tolescan, 1 elder-tree {scawen) hill; 

or, sedge {hescen) hole. 
ToLFRANK Green, [Mr-]green free 

{franc, f) of toll 
ToLGARR-ACK, -ECK, rock or rocky 

hill {tal) or hole (tol). 
TOLGATE, hole or cell in the wood 

{coat), J.M., li.q. 
TOLGOATH, wood hole or hill. 
ToL-GOOSE, -GUS, the hole in the 

wood {cus), or the quaking hole ; 

or, i.q. Talgus, Pr. 


Tolgull-a, -0, the bottom or lower 
{gwonach)ho\e, Pr.; o. TalgolleNj 
d.d. Talgolle. 


Toll, a hole, perforation ; or, = tal, 
a forehead, a hill, high [place]. 

Toller, «./., inspector of holes made 
for tin-bounds, Pr. ; 1 a toll gath- 
erer {tollor). 

Toll Widden, 1 little {m.c.) hole. 

Tolman, n.f., hole stone (maen) ; or, 
high (tal) place (man). 

Tolmen, hole of stone, B. 

Tolmenor , ? the hole of the boundary 
(or) stone. 

Tolmie, n.f, ? i.q. Tolmen. 

Tol Peden Penwith, 1 the holed 
headland (pen, pedn) of Penwith. 

TOLR-OY, -Y, 1 king's (ruy) hill. 

ToLSCATHEN, 1 % washbrew (siiga- 
ethan, iv.) hole. 


ToLVA-N, -dden, high (ban) hole, 
T. C. ; or, little (vean) hole ; or, 
i.q. TOLMAN. 

Tolvedden, little (vedn, vean) hole. 

Tolver, great {mear), or short (ber) 
dale (dol), H.M.JV. 

ToLV-ERN, -ORN, the foreigner's hole 
or high place, or oven's (forn) 
mouth, Pr. ; 1 = toll-lowern, fox 
hole; or, i.q. Talvarn. 

Tol y davas, i.q. Toldavas. 

Tom, n.f., hot, warm, S.T. 

Tomaland, 1 the warm land. 

ToM-s, -MYS, n.f., from Thomas. 

Ton-, Tonn-acombe, ^Uhe farm or 
toivn--plsice in the vale ; or, Tony's 
vale; (ton, leyland, a green). 

ToNARROW, 1 = w. tonn arw, rough 

Tonkin, n.f, dim. of Tony, Lo. 

Ton SEN, n.f, 1 Tony's son. 

Tony, n.f, } from Antony. 

Top an dry Carn, top of the three 
earns, R.W. ; 1 = tuban druy cann, 
the druid's full moon bank, T. C. 

Topp-A, -ark, top close {hay, pare). 

Topvounder, top of lane (bounder). 

Tor crobm, crooked (crom) hill, B. 

Tordrait, 0., i.q. Tywardreath. 





ToRLODAVAS, i.q. Trelodavas. 
TORNANVOR, the turning (torn) of 

the (an) way (fordh), Pr. 
ToRNAWOLLOCK, the turning of one 

side (wolock), Pr. ; {woloc = goloc, 

sight, a face, B. W.). 
ToRN-coATH, -COTH, ] = tor an coed, 

the wooded hill, J.B. 
ToRNEWLDDEN, ? little (widden = 

vean), or white {gioijdn) turning, 

or by the tree (gwedhen). 
ToRNOON, 1 = tor an goon, the moor- 
land hill, J.B. ; or, tornewan, a side. 
Tor Park, % i.q. Park Dower. 
ToRR, prominence or hill (tor, a 

belly); apeak {tour, tower); water 

Tory, 1 watery (domic) [place]. 
TOTTENBIGGAN, 1 little (biclian) lay 

(todn = ton). 


hill (dim) of Teutates, t. 
Touch my pipes, = smoke [and rest 

awhile], i.e. resting-place, t. 
Tour-, Tower-Park, 1 i.q. Park 

TowAN, a round hill, a tumulus, a 

sand hill, a sandy coast, 3I'L. ; 

a^50 = down; and, i.q. Town. 
Town-Park, -Field, field near the 

Town or Town Place, i.e. farm- 
stead and yard, t. 
Towson, n.f., % = Davison. 
Tow's Well, David's (Deui) well. 
Toy, n.f., ^ = Deui, David. 
TozER, n.f., 1 = touzer, a shearer, a. 
Trabiss, "? outer (aves) land (tir), or 

dwelling (tre). 
Traboc, i.q. Treraboc. 
Traboe Vean, little Traboc. 
Trabor, 1 pasture (pawr, w.) lands 

(tiryow), w dwelling (treva). 
the Traces, i.q. Draises. 
Trac-ey, -y, w./., ] ] bramble or briery 

(drais) enclosure (haij). 
Trad-, Traf-eord, 1 1 = druid's ford ; 

or, the dwelling (tre) at the ford, t. 
Tra-er, -heir, n.f, i.q. Treheer. 

Trafalgar, 1 1 Algar's dwelling (tref). 
Traffel, ? smithy (govail), or field 

{giceal) house (tre). 
Tragaradoc, i.q. Tregaradoc. 
Tragear, ?i.f., i.q. Tregear. 
Tragilgus, n.f, i.q. Tregilgas. 
Tragol, d.d., 1 i.q. Tregoll. 
Traherne, n.f, 1 i.q. Treheron. 
Trail, n.f, 1 i.q. Treal. 
Trainor, n.f, 1 = dyrnwr, a thrasher, 

IV. ; or, i.q. Trevenner. 
Tramagennow, i.q. Tremagennow. 
Tramble, i.q. Treamble. 
Trane, 1 = traian, athird [of a parish], 

w., B.JF. ; or, lamb (ean) land. 
Tran-ks, -kus, ? land (tir) by the 

wood (an gus) or marsh (cors). 
Trann-ack, -ick, -ock, -0, i.q. Dran- 

nack or Tregrannick. 
Trap Park, '? ] i.q. Park Dray. 
Trase-, Trass-Park, ? i.q. Park- 

Daras or Dries. 
Tratha-m, -n, n.f, 1 i.q. Trutham, 

or = tir eithin, furze land. 
Travener, n.f, li.q. Trevennor. 
Travern, i.q. Trehavern. 
Travider, d.d., i.q. Trevider. 
Trav-is, -ys, n.f, } i.q. Tr abyss. 
Travithoe, i.q. Trevithoe. 
Travvint, d.d., i.q. Trewint. 
Tra-uza, -wza, 1 lower (iza) lands 

(tiryoic) ; or, i.q. Trevisa. 
Trawiscoit, d.d., 1 the dwelling 

(tre), or land (tir) outside (aues) 

the wood (coid). 
Traynor, n.f, i.q. Trainor. 
Tray Park, i.q. Park Dray. 
Trays Park, i.q. Trase Park. 
Trays Town, bramble (dreis) [close] 

near the town or farm place. 
Tre addle, v. Raddle, 1 i.q. 
Tread WELL, ] Edwal's (w.) dwelHng. 
Treage, n.f, 11 i.q. Trigg, or 
Treag-a, -hoe, the towns of the 

barbed iron or fishing spear, R. ; 

1 Iago's town or dwelling. 
Tre-al, -ale, 1 i.q. Trehal. 
Trealease, 1 Hallaze dwelling. 
Treamble, Hannibal's dwelling. 





Treanmean, ? the dwelling itre) by 

the stone {an mean). 
Trear, 1 i.q. Traer. 
Trearddle, ? Ardal's (i.) dwelling. 
Treardrene, 1 Aerdeyrn's (tv.) d. 
Trea-se, -ze, the third, H. ; % lower 

(isa) town ; or, i.q. Treise. 
Treaseil, r Hawystl's {w.) dAvelling. 
Treasmill, % lower-town mill. 
Treason, r Trease on the down 

{on = (J won) ; or, Isan's {iv.) town. 
Treath, sand beach {treatli) ; or, i.q. 

Treveth, Po., or Treetii. 
Treator, 1 seedsman's {hadwr, iv.) d. 
Treaye, = iref, a dwelling, w., R. IF. ; 

or, i.q. Trereife. 
Treavean, little {vean) Treave. 
Treaves, ? i.q. Trabiss. 
Treawset, 15 cent., '? i.q. Trawis- 


Trebah, the boar's (baedh) town, 
Pr. ; 1 = treva, dwelling place; 
T. WARTHA, higher Trebah. 

Trebant, bridge {ijont, w. ) plr.ce, APL. 

Trebarber, 1 i.q. Trebarvah. 

Trebar-et, -ret, 1 Barrett's d. 

Trebarf-oot, -ut, the town over 
{ar) the vault or grave {bedh), Pr. ; 
? Barfot's {t.) dwelling. 

Trebarn, ]Bran"s {w.) dwelling. 

Trebarrow, dwelling by the harroiv. 

Trebar-tha, -va, -vah, -wah, the 
high {ivarth), or wonderful (marth) 
place, Pr. ; town of baths or wash- 
ing fountains, H. ; place of the 
bard {hardh), C-.; 1 i.q. Trewartha 

Trebar-vath, -veth, -with, ] i.q. 

Trebarvawoon, 1 higher {umiha) 
dAvelling {treva) on the down {gicon). 

Trebasil, ] Basil's dwelling. 

Trebath, 1 boar {baedh) town. 

Trebatha, i.q. Trebartha. 

Trebathevy, David's {Deui) dwel- 
ling place (treva). 

Trebby, 1 i.q. Trebigh. 

Trebean, = Little- {bian) ton. 

Trebear, ] great {/near) town. 

Trebe-ath,'-ith, i.q. Trebath. 

Trebedick, ? By^vdeg's {w.) town. 

Trebeffin, r little (bian, man) dwel- 
ling place (treva). 

Trebegean, town of the giant's 
{ghean) grave (bedh). Car. ; 1 i.q. 

Trebeh-a, -or, ? i.q. Trebear. 

Trebeigh, i.q. Trebigh. 

Trebeighan, i.q. Trebicen. 

Trebe-je\v, -ljew, -lzeav, -lzow, 
black moor (hal zu) dwelling {trev). 

Trebell, the fair or fine ibel) place, 
Pr. ; 1 distant {i)eU) dwelling, R. IF. 

Trebellack, r priest's (beJec, a.) t. 

TkEBELL-AN, -en, /.^.TREMELIN,Pr.; 

] Belin's town or dwelling. 
Trebellance, i.q. Trebollance. 
Trebennen, •? woman's (benen) t. ; 

or, ash-tree (onnen) house itref). 
Trebenny, 1 Benny's dwelling. 
Treber-ick, -rick, fat (berric) or 

fruitful place, Pr. ; ? Berach's (i.) d. 
Trebers-ey, -ick, i.q. Trebursey. 
Treberthes, ] ferryman's {porthwys, 

w^) dwelling. 
Trebetherick, ?Petherick's d. 
Trebethic, 1 Pethick's dwelling. 
Trebettys, 1 i.q. Der Bettys. 
Trebeveras, li.^. Teehaveras. 

TrEBI-CEN, -CHEN, -GH, -HAN, little 

(bichan) town. 
Trebiffin, i.q. Trebeffin. 
Trebil-a, -ow, -low, % elm-tree 

(elaiv) house (trev). 
Trebil-cock, (-LIOCK, «./.), ? red 

(coch) moor {hal) or pool (pol) ; or, 

Bilcock's (Billecoq, f.) house. 
Trebile, ? Bell's dAvelling. 
Trebiljew, i.q. Trebejew. 
Trebine, i.q. Trebicen. 
Trebinnick, 1 i.q. Trefenick. 
Trebisken, ? Ysgin's (w.) dwelling. 
Trebiskey, n.f., ? i.q. Treviskey. 
Trebisquite, i.q. Trawiscoit. 
Trebissick, Bissick town. 
Trebista, 1 east field (est hay) house. 
Trebl-ary, d.d. -ERi, r Wallaheri's 

(t.) dwelling (treva). 




Treble, n.f., li.q. Trebell. 
Treblecock, n.f., i.q. Trebilcock. 
Treblethick, i.q. Tremblethick. 
Trebly, 1 Beli's dwelling. 
Treblyan, n.f., i.q. Tremblyan. 
Trebnet, n.f, 1 i.q. Trewannet. 
Trebodannon, ■? Dannon dwelling 

place (treva). 
Treboer, r pasture (pmcr, iv.) house. 
Teebollan, the clayey pit, pool 

{polan), or miry town, Pr. 
Tkebollance, 1 lambs' {eanes) pool 

{pol), or moor (Jial) house [trev). 
Trebollet, 1 BOLEIT house. 
Trebost, house by the pillar {post). 
Trebothack, ? Dagge's dwelling. 
Trebothevy, i.q. Trebathevy. 
Tre-bowl, -boul, "? Paul's dwelling. 
Trebowl-in, -ing, i.q. Trebollax, 

Pr. ; the dwelling by the round 

(hiielin ?), Francis; or, bowling . 

green house. 
Treboys, 1 BoAYS's dwelling. 
Trebrabo, i.q. Treraboe. 
Trebr-ake, -eak, i.q. Treberick. 
Trebrase, ? meadow (^jrvis) house. 
Trebray, ] = HiL- (bre) ton. 
Trebrown, i.q. Tregabrown. 
Trebudannon, i.q. Trebodannon. 
Trebull-am, -obi, 1 1 William's d. 
Trebullen, 1 pool (polan) town. 
Trebullet, i.q. Trebollet. 
Treburget, 1 Argwedd's (ui) d. 
Treburg-ie, -y, i.q. Treworgy. 
Treburland, 1 Borland town. 
Treburley, 1 rose (hreilu) house. 
Treburrick, 1 i.q. Treberick. 
Treburrow, i.q. Trebarrovv. 
Treburs-ey, -ye, 0. -us, % Bersey's 

or BiRHSi's dwelling {tre). 
Treburtha, i.q. Trewartha. 
Treburthes, i.q. Treberthes. 
Trebu-rthick, -thick, "? Pether- 

ick's or Pethick's dwelling {tre). 
Treburtle, "? Bartholomew's {Bertyl) 

Treb-y, -yan, -yne, i.q. Trebicen. 
Treby Jew, i.q. Trebejew. 
Trec-age, -cage, 1 i.q. Tregeage. 

Trec-ain, -CAIN, ? Ken town. 
Trecalow, nf., 1 i.q. Tregolla. 
Trecan, the white [can), or singer's 

{can, a song) town, Pr.; li.q. Tre- 

CARN,/.^.; moon {can) town, Beal. 
Trecarep, i.q. Tredarrup. 
Trecar-n, -ne, -REN, 1 hill {cam) 

house, J.B. ; or, Carne's dwelling. 
Trecarrel, 1 = Charlestown. 
Trecazoran, i.q. Tre(;azoran. 
Trechicvell, o.n.f, : Ankeval d. 
Trechunsey, 1 Cunsie's dwelling. 
Treckendale, i.q. Tregondale. 
Trecl-ago, -egga, -ego, -igoe, 

1: 1 rock or cliff {clegar) dwelling. 
Tre Close, ? i.q. Park Trea. 
Treclysten, 15 cent, % Glystian's 

{■w.) or scarlet oak {glastan) town. 
Trecollas, i.q. Tregollas. 
Trec-ombe, -ume, vale {cum) house. 
Treconner, % i.q. Connerton. 
Trecoogo, 1 cave {ogo) dwelling. 
Trecoose, wood {cm) house. 
Trecorm, '\ 1 Qu arm's dwelling. 
Trecorn, % corner {corn), or rock 

{cam) dwelling. 
Trecorner, % Garanhir's {w.) d. 
Trecorn icK, 1 Kernick town. 
Trecothick, i.q. Tregothick. 
Trecraben, i.q. Trecrobben. 
Trecragen, the ragged rock town, 

H. ; 1 Grwgawn's {w.) town. 
Trecreege, % barrow {creeg) town. 
Trecrob-ben, -in, the place on the 

crooked hill {tre crwn hen), Mur. 
Trecro-ga, -ogo, the shelly town, 

Pr. ; 1 Rhagaw's {w.) dwelling. 
Trecrombe, round {crom) town, E.E. 
Trecugar, ? Cudjore town. 
Treculliack, 1 Cwyllog's {u-.) t. 
Trecurden, 7i.f., i.q. Tregerten. 
Trecurnel, ? corner {cornel) house. 
Trecut, d.d., ? wood {coit) town. 
Tredallet, '? 1 Tallard's {w.) d. 
Tredan-eck, -ICK, -nack, ] Tanwg's 

dwelling; or, i.q. Tredennack. 
Tredar-ap, -rap, -ROP, -RUP, i.q. 

Tretharap, &c. 
Tredavoe, sheep {davas) town, Pr. ; 




David's town, R. W. 
TrED-AWL, -AULE, 0. -WEL, d.d. -VAL, 
% % Idwal's (w.) town. 

TrED-EAGE, 0. -AEK, -EK, dA -HAC, 

i.q. Tretheage. 
Tredeathy, iTeithi's {w.) dwelling. 
Treden-dale, -dle, ] 1 the dale {an 

dol ) land ( tireth) , or dwelling [ tre [d] ) 
Tredenen, 1 Dinan's dwelling. 
Tredenham, Dinham's town. 
Treden-ick, -nack, -neck, -ney, -y, 

i.q. Tredinick. 
Tredeoworch, e.d.d., i.q. Tretde- 

WORD, d.d., Inow Tratford. 
Trederr-ap, -IP, i.q. Tretharrup. 
Tredew-ay, -y, -I, % i.q. Trethewy. 
Tredh-euergy, -uergy, 0., % i.q. 

Tre-dhu, -du, black {du) town. 
Tred-idon, -ithen, -ydan, ? furze 

(eithin) land (tireth), or house. 
Tredine, Le., ? = Castle- (din) ton. 
Tredinham, Dinham's town. 
Tredin-ick, -nick, -NY, fortified 

town, or town on the hill, Pr. ; 

1 furzy (eithenic) land (tireth). 
Tred-is, -ice, -IX, 1 stack- (das, w.) h. 
Trediseck, 13 cent., U'.^. Tredris- 

siCK, or 
Tredithick, 1 Tudwyg's (w.) house. 
Tredivett, ] David's dwelling. 
Trednow, ] bare (noth), or new land 

Tredo-le, -ll, -well, 1 dale (dol) 

dwelhng or farm. 
Tredo-er, -ore, -wer, the town by 

the water (dour) side, Pr. 
Tredonnell, ^Domhnal's (i.) d. 
Tredorn, ? oak (derwen) town. 
Tredown, ] the dwelhng on the 

down; or, i.q. Trethowan. 
Tredr-e, -ea, -ee, the town on the 

thoroughfare (dre, through), D.G.; 

1 = tir-adre, homer-land; or, i.q. 
Tredreath, Treath dwelling. 
Tredren-en,-nen, i.q. Trendrenan 
Tredr-essick, -isick, 1 brambly (drei- 

sic) land (tireth), or dwelling (tre). 
Tredrossel, IDrwsgl's (w.) dwelling. 

Tredrus-son, -STAN, -STON, 1 mole- 
hill (torosen) land (tir). 

Tredryne, 1 = Thorn- (draen) ton. 

Treduan, 1 John's (Dzhuan) town. 

Tredudwell, ITudwal's {to.) town. 

Tredundle, i.q. Tredendale. 

Tredwen, ] St. Adwen's town. 

Tree Acres, 1 three acre field, t. 

Treegoodwill, i.q. Tregoodwill. 

Tree Ham, meadow (ham, t.), or 
boundary (hem) with a tree on it ; 
also Tree-Park, -Close, -Field, 
-Meadow, -Moor, &c., t. (]). 

Treeman, n.f., % i.q. Tremaine. 

Treen, i.q. Trereen. 

Tree-sa, -za, ? lower (isa) town. 

Treeth, 1 heath (heyth) dwelling; 
or, i.q. Treath. 

Treeve, i.q. Trereife. 

Tree VESA, i.q. Tre vis a. 

Tree Yew, T.a., i.q. Tre yew. 

Trefan, little or stone {mun) town. 

Trefaul, i.q. Trefraul. 

Trefdewig, 10 cent., 1 Dwyvach's 
i^w.) town. 

Trefechion, n.f., 1 i.q. Trebegean, 

Trefedow, n.f., 1 i.q. Trevido. 

Trefellans, n.f., i.q. Trevellans. 

Trefen, ? i.q. Trevean. 

Trefenick, i.q. Treveneage. 

Trefew, 1 yew-tree (yw) house. 

Trefewha, higher (ewha) h,, R.TV. 

Treffr-ey, -eye, -y, dwelling on 
the hill (hre) ; = Hilton. 

Trefgured, 1 cent.,: Cowry d's (ic.) d. 

Trefilies, d.d., i.q. Trevillis. 

Trefill, 1 1 rustic's (fijll) dwelhng. 

Trefoil, 1 clover [field]. 

Trefor-d, -da, ?ford (s.) dwelling. 

Trefornoc, d.d., i.q. Trevornock. 

Trefran-k, ck, the French, liberty, 
or Frank's town, Pr. 

Trefraul, ] Eioval's dwelhng. 

Trefr-eake, -eock, -eoke, d.d. -iock, 
fruitful (frech) town, Pr. ; wife's 
(freg) town, H. ; 1 Freock's farm. 

Trefresa, ] lower (isa) Trefry. 

Trefrew, 1 dwelling (tref) on the 
slope (rhiw, w.). 




Trefrews, 1 Trefrew's (n.f.) [farm]. 
Trefrid-a, -ay, iq. Trevrida. 
Trefrink, i.q. Trefrank. 
Trefr-ize, -oyse, -yse, -yz, ? Ehys's 

(w.) d., R.W.; or, i.q. Trefresa. 
Trefroan, 1 hill {hron) house. 
Trefronick, dwelling on the way- 

to-the-riviilet {for an ick), T. ; town 

of frogs or lizards {cronec), Pr. 
Trefruff, i.q. Treruff. 
Trefry, hill {fry) town, Pr. 
Trefryethe, 14 cent, *? Trefry 

heath (lieyth). 
Trefula, the owl's {ula) town ; or, 

town of elms {ukm), Pr. 
Tref-ulick, -ullock, 14 cent, -ual- 

LOC, the same, Pr. ; lUallach's (?'.)d. 
Trefundryn, ISce/z/., ? Hendeern's 

dwelling ; or, i.q. Trendrain. 
Trefursdon, i.q. Trevorsden. 
Trefurther, 1 i.q. Trewartha. 
Trefus-es, -is, -us, walled {fozes) 

habitation, Pr. ; place of thresh- 
ing, C. ; three spindles, Beal. 
Trefyneskin, 14 cent, rush-spring 

{fenten hescen) dwelling. 
Trefyns, i.q. Trevince. 
Tregabegella, 1 herdsmens' {bugel- 

low) dwelling place {tregva). 
Tregabrown, hill (bron), or rush 

{bruin) dwelling {tregva). 
Tregad-a, -ick, -dock, 1 i.q. Tre- 

GODiCK, or Tregadiack. 
Tregad-dra,-dereth, j.^. Tregodra 
Tregadger, 1 CuDJORE dwelHng. 
Tregadgwall, 1 castle- {cadzhel) ton. 
Trega-dgwith, -gewith, ] Cadg- 

wiTH dwelling. 
Trega-diack, -djack, -geck, -ga, 

-JA, 1 bloody {gudzhic) dwelling. 
Tregadil-ack, n.f. -lock, % Tal- 

lock's dwelling. 
Tregadillet, ]^.5. Tredallet. 
Tregaer, place of the camp {caer), 

M'L. ; war house or castle, PFh. 
Trega-gle, 0. -GILL, dirty {geagle) 

town, Pr. ; 1 grove {gelU) town. 
Trega-go, -ge, % Jago's dwelling. 
Tregaidow, ] Ceidio's {w.) d. 

Tregain, fair {cain) town, R. W. 

Tregair, i.q. Trega-er, -re. 

Tregairoon, ? Tregair down {gioorh) 

Tregaise, "? tax-gatherer's {cais, w;.)d. 

Tregajorran, i.q. Tregazoran. 

Tregakes, nf., % Tregeak's {n.f.) 

Trega-le, d.d. -L, % moor {Jial) d. 

Tregallard, ? Gellard's {nf) d. 

Trega-llas, -lles, i.q. Tregullas. 

Trega-llen, -llon, -ALTON, % % hazel 
{collen, w.) town. 

Tregaller, 1 town of grief {galar). 

Tregally, "? i.q. Tregelly. 

Tregalravean, small {bian) miry 
{caillar, mire) town, T. 

Tregamedon, i.q. Tregavethan. 

Trega-meer, -mere, -more, the 
great {mear, maur) dwelling. 

Tregamell-in, -ing, -on, mill {melin) 
dwelling {tregva), Pr. ; 1 Mellion's 

Tregamen-a, -na, ? Menn A dwelling. 

Tregaminni-AN, -on, the stone dwel- 
lings, Pr. ; •? John's Tregamena. 

Tregandean, the {an) man's {den) 
dwelling, Pr. ; ? Endean's d. ; 
or, d. by the fortification {an din) ; 
or, i.q. Treganian. 

Treganell, n.f, i.q. Tregonell. 

Treganetha, the spinster's (?) town, 
H. ; the great {an etlia) dwelling, 
Pr. ; ? CunaIDA's dwelling. 

Tregan-geevs, -jeevs, 0. Trecon- 
CHIEVES, 1 ? sheep {deves) down 
{goon) house; or, house of the 
drink {an dewes) ; or, the jews' h. 

Tregangy, ■? i.q. Trechunsey. 

Treganh-awke, -oe, -owe, the {an) 
pig {hoch, hoh) town, T.C.; ? Caen- 
og's {w.) town. 

Treganhorn, the iron {horn) dwel- 
ling, Pr. ; the dwelling in the 
corner {corn), Wh. 

Treganhose, ] Cwnws's {w.) d, 

Tregan-ian, -JAN, -JOHN, the cold 
{iein) dwelling, or on the sea-shore 
{ian X), Pr. ; furze {eithin) town 
{tre) on the down {goon), T. 

Trega-nmedan, d.d., Hcent -medan, 




now Tre-, Tri-gavethan. 

Tregann-a, -acx, 1 Caenog's {iv.) d. 

Tregannane, ?a;;h-tree ( o«m) house. 

Tregano-an, -on, -n, -wan, -wen, 
dwelling on the down {an oon) ; or, 
Con an' s dwelling. 

Treganoer, *? Cunwor's dwelling. 

Treganse, 15 cent, ^CuENisi'sd. 

Tregant-allan, -ellan, % 1 Nant- 
ALLAN, or Cyndelyn's (w.) d. 

Tregan-tel, -tle, d. of danger (ant- 
ell), Pr. ; place of containing, i.e. a 
depot ; (cuntell, a collection), C. 

Treganyan, i.q. Treganian. 

Tregar-den, -din, -then, -thyn, -n, 
a dwelling on (ar) a high place 
(din), Pr.; place of encampment, C. 

Tregarder, li.q. Che-, Chy-garder. 

Tregar-dock, d.d. -ADUC, 1 Cra- 
dock's dwelling. 

Tregare, town of love or friendship, 
{care, to love), H. ; i.q. Tregear. 

TreGARG-ET,-0T, 1^.g.TREBURGET ; or, 

Tregargus, over-wood {ar gus) h. 

Tregar-ick, -rick, -reck, -rack, 
dwelling by the rock {carrag), T. 

Tregarla, "? Crallo's {w.) town. 

Tregarland, 1 Gorland dwelling. 

Tregarlick, 1 Harlake dwelling. 

Tregar-n, -ne, i.q. Trecarn. 

T. Condurrow, i.q. Condurrow T. 

Tregar-on, -n, dwelling on the down 
{ar oon) ; or, Caron's (w.) dwelling. 

Tregarras, 1 Garras dwelling. 

Tregarrast, 1 the dwelling in the 
waste open ground {gorest, w.). 

Tregart-an, -on, -hen, -yn, ? i.q. 

Tregarth, ] high {gwarth) dwelling. 

Tregartha, ? i.q. Trewartha. 

Tregarth-en, -IAN, -yn, ? i.q. Tre- 
garden, or Gorddyfyn's {w.) dwel- 
ling {tre). 

Tregartheral, 1 Trewartha on 
the moor {ar hal). 

Tregarthick, 'iGrathack's {w.) d. 

Tregarthy, ] i.q. Tregurthy. 

Tregarv-ean, -in, little {hmn) Tre- 

Tregarvon, % i.q. Tregaron. 
Tregasa, i.q. Tregasick. 
Tregascoe, elder-trees' {scaw) h. 
Tregaseal, 1 council {cusul) house. 
Tregas-ick, -sack, -sa, -sah, -sow, 

dirty (gassic) place, Pr. ; wood 

(cus-ic) town, H.; (cesow, turfs). 
Tregask-ass, -es, -is, -us, -y, n.f., 

1 dwelling, in the covert {gushjs). 
Treg asking, n.f., 1 Hoskin's d. 
Tregastick, i.q. Tregustick. 
Tregaswith, r Cuswarth d. 
Tregath, 1 i.q. Tregarth. 
Tregathe-enan, -nan, 1 Dinan's 

dwelhng place {tregva). 
Tregather-all, -el, i.q. Tregart-. 
Tregatillion, % owl {dylluan) town. 
Tregat-ta, -ha, 1 i.q. Tregartha. 
Tregaur, 14 cent., '?goat {gavar) t. 
Tregavarr-a,-ah, bread (i«ra) town, 

B. ; % higher {warra = wartha) d. 
Treg A V ARRAS, i.q. Tregarras. 
Tregav-ern, -orn, 1 marsh or alder 

{givern, givarn) house {tregva). 
Tregavetha, ? graves' {hedliou) d. 
Tregavethan, grave town, H. ; d. 

in the meadow {meddon, Lh.), Pr. 
Tregav-ethick, -ithick, ■? Byddig's 

{w.), or great {ithic) dwelling. 
Trega-vone, -wne, the dwelling 

{tregva) on the down {gwon). 
Tregavran, d.d., ? Gafran's {u-.) d. 
Tregawen, 1 Gawen's (w.) d., B.W. 
Treg AY, place enclosed by a lu'dge 

(ce), Pr. ; % Cai's {w.) dwelling. 
Tregayes, r Tregay's {n.f.) [place]. 
Tregaza, i.q. Tregasick. 
Tregazoran, dwelling of anger {sor), 

or in the corner {sorn), Pr. 
Tregda, 17 cent., 1 i.q. Tregada. 
Tregea, i.q. Tregay. 
Tregeage, ?Ciwg's {w.) d. ; or, i.q. " 
Tregeagle, i.q. Tregagle. 
Tregean, giant's (ghean) town. Car. ; 

1 Clan's {w.) d., B. W.; or, John's d. 
Tregea-r, -re, the green {gear) or 

flourishing j)lace, fair or pretty 

town or goodly dwelling, Pr. ; 

camp or castle {caer) town. 




Tregear vean, little Tregear. 

T. WUON, Tregear on the down (gioon) 

Tregeda, ] Cadw's (w.) dwelling. 

Tregedick, n.f., 1 i.q. Tregadick. 

Tregedna, ? Idno's (w.) dwelling. 

Tregedon, n.f., li.q. Tregidden. 

Tregedra, i.q. Tregoddreath. 

Tregeen, 1 i.q. Tregean. 

Tregeeth, 1 heath {heydh) dwelling. 

Tregegon, ? KiGGAN dwelling. 

Tregel, d.d., 1 i.q. Tregelly. 

Tregella, % elm {elau) house. 

Tregellan, % fir-tree {aidhlan) h. 

Tregell-as, -es, -us, decayed, lost, 
or destroyed (cellys) town, Gw. ; 
grove (kelvez, hazel grove, a.) town, 
Pr. ; 1 = Helston. 

Tregell-ast, -est, -1ST, ] east Tre- 
gel; (gellast, a bitch, lu.). 

Tregelly, grove (celli) town. 

Tregemb-er, -0, 1 Welshman's d. 

Tregembris, 1 Ambrose's dwelling. 

Tregemelin, d.d., mill {melin) d. 

Tregen-a, -na, -nah, -no, -now, 
dwelling at mouth (genau) or en- 
trance of a place, Pr. 

Tregend-AR, -er, 1 Enoder's (c.n.) d. 

TregExNNON, ]Cynan's (iv.) d., E.W. 

Tregenor, n.f., i.q. Treganoer. 

Tregentle, i.q. Tregantle. 

Tregenvean, 1 Oynvyn's (w.) d. 

Tregexver, "ICynvor's (iv.) dwelling. 

Tregenyn, 1 Cennyn's (ip. ) dwelling. 

or the first (censa) dwelling. 

Tregeo, 1 1 yew (yiv, w.) house, 

Tregere, n.f., i.q. Tregear. 

Treger-ick, -rick, -y, green {gear) 
01' fruitful place, or dwelling of 
love {care, to love), Pr. ; 1 Herygh's 
(t.) dwelling {tregva). 

Tregerr-in, -yn, ? Egryn's {w.) d. 

Tregerthen, village {tre) of the 
hill {din) fortification {garth), Beal. 

Tregerthy, n.f, ? i.q. Tregurtha, 

Tregervian, ] little (6w«) Tregear; 
or, i.q. Tregiffian. 

Tregeseal, i.q. Tregaseal. 

Tregestick, i.q. Tregustick. 

Tregeth-as, -us, ] father's {das), or 
judgment {cuhudhas) house. 

Tregethen, li.q. Tregerthen. 

Tregeth-ew, -ow, 1 1ddew's {w.) d. 

Tregeuran, n.f, 1 Uren's d. 

Tregev-as, -is, ■? 1 outer {aves) d. 

Tregew, the flourishing or place of 
support, or of spears, Pr. ; ? yew 
{tjw), or Gew or high {uch) d. 

Tregewell, ] Jewell's town. 

Tregeza, 1 lower {isa) dwelling. 

Treggass-an, -on, ? ] CoswiN town. 

Tregg-ian, -on, n.f, 1 i.q. Tregean. 

Tregidden, ? fowler's (idne) town. 

Tregidd-eris, -ris, Idris's {w.) d. 

Tregiddle, iCadfael's (w.) dwelling, 

Tregid-ean, n.f, -eon, -ian, -edon, 
-treg-i-gian, giant's dwelling, Pr. 

Tregidg-a, -o, n.f, li.q. Tregeza. 

TrEGIDO, n.f.,1i.q.TRE(iII)-GIA,-lDE0, 

1 ivy {idhio) house. 

Tregie, IM.q. Tregva. 

Tregiffian, ? little {hian) Tregie ; 
or, i.q. Trevegean ; o. Treger- 
vian, ? = treg uar vyen, the town 
on the stone wall, B. 

Tregiga, n.f, i.q. Tregidga. 

Tregild-ern, -REN, 1 Elldeyrn's {w.) 
dwelling {tregva). 

Tregilg-as, -us, 1 moor or hill {hal) 
wood {cios) dwelling or town-place. 

Tregilla, 1 i.q. Tregella. 

Tregill-as, -ies, -is, n.f, i.q. Tre- 


Tregilli-0, -ON, the dwelling {tre) 
in the groves (kelliow), Pr. 

Tregilvin, ? Eluuin's dwelling. 

Tregingale, d.d., (Treghingala, 
e.d.d.), the grove (fm gelli) dwel- 
ling {tregva). 

Tregin-gy, -NY, 1 ? the dwelling by 
the water {an gy) ; or, Chenisi's d. 

Treginnay, ? i.q. Tregenna. 

Treginnegar, 1 Cengar's dwelling. 

Tregion, 1j.(?. Tregean. 

Tregirl-es, -s, i.q. Tregurles. 

Tregiseal, i.q. Tregaseal. 

Tregiskey, the blessed town, Pr. ! ! 
%i.q. Treviskey, 



Tregissw-an, -yn, 1 Swain's d. 

Tregit, n.f., 1 wood (coit) house. 

Tregith-a, -ew, i.q. Tregethew. 

Treglarick, 1 1 parson's (doirec) h. 

Treglast-a, -an, scarlet-oak (glastan) 
town, Pr. ; 1 GlaSDON dwelling. 

Treglawn, wool {glawn) town, Pr.; 
the town of caves, or near the 
cave (clone), B. ; ? fox (lowern) h. 

Tregleah, law (laha) toAvn or dwel- 
ling, H. ; north (dedh) place, J.B. 

Tregl-eath, -ith, the place of the 
ditch (dedh) or entrenchment, M'L. 

Tregles, 1 church (eglos) town. 

Tregl-idgwith, -igwith, 1 1 privet 
grove (celli yswitli), or Elisaued 
(s.B.m.) or Elizabeth's dwelling. 

Tregligh, "i^Gelhig's {w.) dwelling. 

Treglines, 1 1 nun's (laines) d. 


ICK town or dwelling. 

Treglinwith, ? ash grove (celli en- 
ivith) moor (hal). 

Treglis-son, -tian, ? i.q. Treglas- 
TAN, or Treglysten. 

Treglistian Wartha & Wallas, 
higher and lower Tregllstian. 

Tregli-th, -ath, ? i.q. Tregleath. 

Treglo-han, -wn, -wan, % i.q. Tre- 
glawn, or Trelawn. 

Treglo-sack, -ssick, -jack. 


Trelask ; or, grey (ludzhic) d. 
Tregl-ome, -um, ? bare (llwm, to.), 

naked, or barren place; or, St. 

Columb's dwelling. 
Tregly-n, -nn, -ne, ? holly (celm), 

or glen (glyn) town. 
Tregnedewid, 1 David's Tregny, 

or Tregony. 
Trego, n.f., i.q. Treago, or 
Tregoa-d, -th, 1 wood (coat), or old 

(coth) house. 
Tregoan, 1 down (givon) house. 
Trego-ase, -ise, ? blood (gois), or 

wood (cus) house. 
Tregoddr-a, 0. -eath, h. (tregva) 

on the strand (^rea^A) ; or, Cadrod's 

(w.) dwelling. 
Tregoddreath Vean & Veor, little 

and great Tregoddra. 

Tregod-ick, -dick, -deck, 1 ^DOC'S 
or Cadock's town; (coed-ic,'woo(\.j). 

Trego-e, -f, -if, smith's (gof) dwel- 
ling, i^.^T. 

Tregogian, i.q. Tregean. 

Tregoin, d.d., 1 i.q. Tregony. 

Tregol-ds, -las, -ls, holy (gol), or 
bushy (gols), or lower (gullas) town. 

Trego-le, -ll, the same ; or, dwelling 
by the hazels (coll, w.). 

Tregomelling, i.q. Tregamellin. 

Tregomini-an, -on, 11 Menwin- 
NION dwelling (tregva). 

Tregon, d.d., 1 i.q. Tregoon. 

Tregona, downs (gwonau) town, Pr.; 
? i.q. Tregony. 

Tregon-an, -en, -hain, ? Conan's d. 

Tregonce, ? i.q. Tregance. 

Tregond-ale, -ell, 1 i.q. Boscundle 

Tregondean, li.q. Tregandean. 

Tregone, i.q. Tregoon. 

Tregonebr-as, -IS, 1 1 Carn-bras 
or -vres, or Gonebras dAvelling. 

Tregoneggie, '?Carneggy dwelling. 

Tregonell, dwelling on the Gan- 
NEL ; or, i.q. Tregwindle. 

Tregong-an, -on, 1 dwelling on the 
down (an goon). 

Tregonger, Congier dwelling. 

Tregonh-ansa, -ose, 1 1 Chenisi's d. 

Tregon-hay, -ick, -in, dwelling en- 
closed (hay) on the common, Pr. 

Tregon-ick, -nick, -ock, dwelling 
on the common (gwon) by the 
water (ick), M'L. ; ? Connock's d. 

Tregon-in, -ing, -nan, -nen, -nin, 
-NIXG, -non, downs' town, Po. ; 
? Conan's dwelling. 

Tregonin-ny, -ia, 1 1 d. on the down 
by the water [an ick, M'L.). 

T. year, great (mear) Tregoninny. 

T. venton, T. by the well (fenten). 

Tregon-ion, -JOHN, ? 1 John's Tre- 
gone; or, i.q. Treganian. 

Tregon-issy, -nis, 1 Chenisi's d. 

Tregonitha, i.q. Treganetha. 

Tregonna, i.q. Tregona. 

Tregonnet, } Conaid's (w.) d. 



Tkegonn-ick, -ock, downy town, 

Po. ; ? Connock's dwelling. 
Tregon-well,-nell, 1 Cynowal's d. 
Tregony, dwellings on the common 

(givon) near the river (gwy), Pr. ; 

castle on the [river] Cenia, fFh. ; 

little-town at the movith (genau), 

Cam. ; p.s. St. Jacobus, 0. 
T. HAYN, Tregony haven. 
T.-JoHN, -AN, 1 1 John's («./.) T. 
Tregooden, tree {gwydden) t.. Pi. JF. 
Tregoodwell, 1 Cadfael's (lo.) d. 
Tregoolas, i.q. Tregullas. 
Tregoon, d. on the down (givon). 
Tregoonebris, i.q. Tregonebras. 
Tregoose, i.q. Trego ASE. 
Tregorden, i.q. Tregarden. 
Tregordock, i.q. Tregardock. 
Tregoreth, ] Gwryd's (iv.) d. 
Tregor-ia, -row, i.q. Tregurrow. 
Tregor-ick, -rick, -rik, town on 

the river (gwar ick), Pr. ; 1 i.q. 

Tregorla-n, -nd, ?:.^.Tregarland. 
Tregorloe, 1 Crallo's (w.) dwelling. 
Tregor-RIN, -yan, 1 Carawn's d. 
Tregors, 1 moor (cors) town. 
Tregortha, i.q. Tregartha. 
Tregos-e, -s, -se, i.q. Trego ASE. 
Tregoss-a, -agh, n.f. -o\v, -ick, i.q. 

Tregasick. (cossow, woods). 
Tregotha, old (coth) t., J.B. ; hay 

(gorha) town, Pr. ; li.q. Tregortha 
Tregothick, i.q. Trecothick. 
Tregothnan, old {coth) town on the 

plain, or in the valley {nans), Pr. ; 

place of the twisting {goth) brook 

{nant, iv.), C. ; Uvood {coed) Ysdley d. 
Tregouls, i.q. Tregolds. 
Tregoun, n.f., i.q. Tregoon. 
Tregow, smith's {gov) dwelling. 
Tregoweth, 1 wood {cuit) house. 
Tregowne, i.q. Tregoon. 
Trego-wras,-uris, ?«.(/. Treg arras, 

or Tregarrast. 
Trego-yd, -ye, -yes, -ys, -ze, wood 

{coed, coz), or blood {gois) town. 
Tregradeck, i.q. Tregardock. 
Tregra-gen, -gon, -n, n.f. -han, 

% i.q. TreCRAGAN. 

Tregr-ay, -ea, 'I Gwrhai's {w.) d. 
Tregr-een,-en, 0. -ehan, -IAN, green 

town or d., B.; li.q. Tregragen. 
Tregr-ell, d.d. -L, -ILL, -YLL, Gwrill's 

{w.) dwelling. 
Treguall, the walled (gwal, a wall) 

town, Pr. ; 1 high {uhal) dwelling. 
Treguarmond, 1 Wermund's {t.) d. ; 

or, i.q. Trewarveneth. 
Tregud-dick, -ICK, -DOCK, i.q. Tre- 


Tregue, i.q. Tregew. 

Tregu-ffit, -ith, 1 i.q. Tregoweth. 

Tregugian, i.q. Tregogian. 

Treguin,, i.q. Trewin. 

Tregule, ? field (gweal) house. 

Tregull-an, -and, -on, -en, 1 hazel- 
tree {collen) house; or, Collen's(w.). 

TREGULLAS,lower {gullas) town,i?. fV. 

Tregullow, the same, Pr.; d. of light 
{goloic), or in the groves {Tcilliow). 

Tregune, i.q. Tregown. 

Tregunger, i.q. Tregonger. 

Tregun-ick, -nick, «.2-Tregonnick 

Tregunn-a, -0, -owe, 1 i.q. Tregona, 

Tregunn-an, -on, i.q. Tregonan. 

Tregunnel, i.q. Tregonwell. 

Tregunnet, i.q. Tregonnet. 

Tregunnus, li.q. Tregonnissy. 

Tregurles, ? crushed {crehyllys) d. 

Treg URN, ? i.q. Trecarn. 

Tregurn-o, -w, 1 CuRNo's dwelling. 

Tregurr-a,-o,-ow,-y, 1 camp {caerau) 
town; or, i.q. 

Tregurth-a, -y, 'li.q. Trewartha. 

Tregurri-n, -an, i.q. Tregorrin. 

Tregurthen, ? i.q. Tregerthen. 

Tregury, 1 goldsmith's {eure) d. ; or, 
i.q. Tregur-ra, or -tha. 

Tregusking, n.f, Hoskin's d. 

Tregustick, Ustick's dwelling. 

Treguth, 1 i.q. Tregoad. 

Tregva, 1. dwelling {trege, to dwell) 
place (to = ma), abode, house. 

Tregvis, ? field (maes) house. 

Tregwall, i.q. Treguall. 

Treg w ALLANS, i.q. Trevallance. 

Tregwerys, i.q. Treweeres. 





Teegwide, wood (cuit) house. 
Tregw-indle, -ynnel, 1 Gwynodle's 

(w.) dwelling. 
Tregwin-es, -ys, Genis's dwelling. 
Tregwithen, i.q. Trewithen. 
Tregy-n, -on, i.q. Tregean. 
Trehaddle, i.q. Treaddle. 
Treha-l, -il, -le, moor (hal) town. 
Tre-halwen, -hallwin, dwelling 

on the white-moor {hal ivin). 
Treha-n, -ne, summer {hem) t., Pr.; 

old or ancient (hen) town, Po. 
Trehanevean, little Trehane. 
Trehan-ick,-nick, o.-egk, li.q. Tre- 

HAN, or Trekenneik. 
Treha-rick, -rrick, -rrock, -va- 
RiKE, -verock, 1 H.J. Tregorick. 
Trehavern, %'\,i.q. Tregavern. 
Treh-avras, -everes, % i.q. Trega- 
VARRAS ; or, Ambrose's dwelling. 
Treha-wke, d.d. -uoc, upper {ucJi, 

above) town, Pr. ; hawk t., H. 
Trehawle, 1 moor {hal) town. 
Treheale, 1 same ; or, river {hayl) d. 
Treheath, ? heath {heyth) dwelling. 
Treh-eddy, -idy, i.q. Tehidy. 
Trehe-er, -ir, -re, long {Mr) town ; 

or, place of battle (lieir). 
Treheron, n.f., 1 iron {haiarn) h. 
Trehidick, ^Cedig's {w.) dwelling. 
Trehill, ] ? = HiL-TON {tre). 
Trehimbris, ? i.q. Tregembris. 
Trehin-ick, d.d. -och, i.q. Treha- 


Trehire, i.q. Treheer. 
Trehome, ? % Ham dwelling. 
Trehowel, ] Howel's {w.) dwelling. 
Trehudreth, high land {yu tireth) 
d., J.Ca. ; 1 Huathrit's {iv.B.m.) d. 
Trehuist, 1 ? = west town {tre). 
Trehunnest, ?Unnust's {w.) d. 
Trehunsey, 1 i.q. Teechunsey. 

TrEHU-RST, -ST, 1 i.q. HURSTON. 

Treiagu, n.f., i.q. Trejago. 
Tre-ice, -is, -ise, -ISA, 1 lower {isa), 

or corn {is) town. 
Treigaer, 13 cent., castle town. 
Treire, i.q. Treheer. 
Trei-saac, -zagk, corn {iz-acTc) town. 

Pr. ; 1 1saac's (B.m.) dwelling. 
Treisloe, the place under {is) the 

tumulus {loe), M'L. 
Treiwal, d.d., now Treuhal. 
Trejag-o, n.f. -u, Jago's dwelling. 
Trejewas, Jews' village,^.^.;1^beer 

{deues, drink) house, J.B. ; i.q. 
Trejoh.ieeves, i.q. Tregangeevs. 
Trekarl, nf., i.q. Trecarrel. 
Trekavur, % goat {gavar) town ; or, 

great {veor) dwelling {tregva). 
Treke-an, -en, -in, town on the 

ridge {cein), Pr. 
Trekee, i.q. Tregea. 
Trekeek, 1 Ciwg's (w.) dwelling. 
Trekel-and, -land, 1 Helland d. 
Trekellearn, 1 Aelhaiarn's {w.) d. 
Treken-ing, -ning, i.q. Trekyning. 
Trekenna, %i.q. Tregena. 
Trekenn-ar, -er, 1 i.q. Trekinner. 
Trekennick, 1 Cennych's {w.) d. 
Trekern-a, -er, ? i.q. Trecorner. 
Trekern-al, -ell, 1 Carnhale d. 
Trekieve, % St. Ive's dwelling. 
Trekilligk, grove {celli-ick) town, 

Pr. ; 1 Gelhig's {w.) dwelling. 
Trekin-ner, -ward, 1 Cynfeirdd's 

{w.) dwelling. 
Treklad, o.n.f, 1 i.q. Tregleath. 
Tre-know, -now, 1 1 new dwelling. 
Trekyn-ing, -nen, -nin, king's t., 
?Fh. ; town of rabbits {owning, w.), 
or leeks (kinen), or strife (1), Pr. 
Trelabe, 1 1 moist {gleb) town. 
Trelagoe, i.q. Treclago. 
Trelagossick, i.q. Trelogossick, 
Trelake, 11 i.q. Trelagoe. 
Trelakes, 11 i.q. Treloggas. 
Trela-n, -ne, d.d. -ND, church t.,Pr.; 
{Ian, a church, a village, i?.^/^.) ; 
? broad {ledan),orhdiUk {glan,ladn) d. 
Trelander, 1 Lander dwelHng. 
Trelanowth, 1 new {nowydh) Tre- 

lan, Treal, or Trelay. 
Trelargus, 1 over-wood {ar gus) 

Treal or Treleigh. 
Trelase, green {glas) town, Pr. 
Trelas-h, -k, -ke, town of burning 
{lose), or burnt town, Pr. 




Trelask-a, -er, 1 long (Mr) Trelask 
Trelassiuk, 1 i.q. Trelosick. 
Trela-uder, -wder, thieves' (lad- 

ron) t., Pr. ; tliief's {lacier) house. 
Trelav-er, -OUR, 1 Llywarch's {iv.)dL. 
Trelawarren, i.q. Trelowarren. 
Trelawgan, 1 1 Illogan town. 
Trela-wn, 0. -UN, wool (glaitm), or 

open or clear {law7i) town, Pr. ; 

wool h., J.B. ; grove (loin, to. Uwijn) 

h., Beal; i.q. Trelowarren, C. 
Trelawny, Trelawn by the water 

(-Y = ick), Pr. 
Trelawry, ? Lawry's dwelling. 
Trel-ay, -ea, lesser {le) t. ; or, town 

place {le) ; or, i.q. Trelease, Pr. 
Trele-age, -ague, -ek, law {lacha) 

town, H. ; 1 flat-stone {IccK) d. 
Trelean, iLleyn's {iv.) dwelling. 
Trelease, green [cjlaz) town, Pr. 
Treleathick, 1 ? LiTHiocK town. 
Treleav-an, -en, i.q. Trelevan. 
Trelebbick, o.n.f., \ ? little {Ucli) 

TRELECT,o.?i./., ?? Elect's {w.B.m.) d.; 

or, moor wood {hal coed) house. 
Treleddan, 1 i.q. Treland. 
Treleddra, cliff" {ledra) town; or, 

place for stockings {lydrow), Pr. ; 

li.q. Treluddero. 
Trele-ever, -iver, -aver, -ver, book 

{liver) town, Pr. ; 1 Lliver's {w.) d. 
Treleg-an, -en, -gan, -garn, 1 He- 

LIGAN dwelling. 
Trelegoe, i.q. Treclego. 
TRELEiGH,i.^.TRELAY; c.f/.S. Stephen 
Trelessick, i.q. Trelissick. 
Trelethick, i.q. Treleathick, 

TrELE-VAN, -AVAN, -vex, tl.f. -VANT, 

-VING, open (levan) or bare place, 
or dwelling-place {tre le) above or 
high {hail), Pr. ; flat or level place, 
C. ; % Leuenot's dwelling. 

Trelev-era, -ra, % % house with 
chimneys {llwferau, w.). 

Trelew, d. by the pool (la) ; or, town 
place (la), Pr. ; 1 sheltered {hleow, 
s.), or Ellyw's (w.) dwelHng. 

Trelew-ack, -ick, ] the same. 

Trelewarn, 1 i.q. Trelowarren. 
Trelewith, 1 i.q. Treloweth. 
TreliddExN, 1 i.q. Treleddan. 
Trelidg-Ax\,-on, Treliggon, ILudg- 

VAN dwelling; or, i.q. 
Trelig-an, -on, legate's town, H. ; 

1 i.q. Trelegan. 
Trelig-go, -0, i.q. Treclego. 
Trelight, 1 i.q. Trelect ; or, milk 

{lait) town place (ire-le). 
Treli-l, -le, -ll, goat's {lill) t, Pr.; 
town of wantonness, jB. ; loyal (leal) t. 
Trelin, place of flax or linen (lin), 

Pr. ; 1 pool (lin) town (tre). 
Trelinn-o,-oe,-ow, same,Pr.; Idwel- 

ling by the ponds (linnow). 
TrE-LISICK, -LISSICK, -LISK, -lizike, 

bushy (lesic) t. ; or, heifer (ledzheJc), 

or calf's place, Pr. ; d. on the broad 

(les) creek (gidc), T. ; d. in the dry 

(sec/i) place (/e), JF.B.; lower {isach) 

d., C. ; ? Eliseg's {u\) dwelling. 
Trelispen, 1 1. of burning {lostvan). 
Trelispic, *? 1 bishop's (ispac) town 

{tre) on the moor {hal). 
Trelistick, lYsteg's {u\) moor-town 
Trelivel, e.d.d., high (ctchel) moor 

t. 0?- town place (trele) ; d.d. Trewel 
Treliver, i.q. Treleever. 
Trelizza, 1 lower (isa) Treal. 
Trellissick, i.q. Trelisick. 
Treloan, 1 i.q. Trelawn. 
Trelo-ar, -or, moon (her) t, Pr. ; 

? leper's {lower), or Llawr's {w.) d. 
Treloarn, 1 i.q. Trelowarren. 
Trelod-avas, -EVAS, ? 1 sheep (dams) 

lower {ulla = ivaUach) ground {tir). 
Treloen, d.d., i.q. Trelawn. 
Treloff, o.n.f., 1 smith's {gof) Treal 
Treloggan, 1 i.q. Trelawgan. 
Treloggas, mice (logos) town, Pr. ; 

% d. by the lurking-place (lloches). 
Trelogget, ^Lluched's (w.) dwelling 
Trelogossick, i.q. Treloggas, Pr. 
Trelonk, long house, Wh. ; buttery 

h., H.; ^ecclesiastic's {lanec) h. 
Trelorgan, 1 1 moonlight {Uoergan, 

w.), or woodpecker's {llorcan,w.) d. 
Trelo-s, -sick, -sk, d.d. -SCH, 1 i.q. 




Trelother, ? Otcer's moor town. 
Trelothyk, o.n.f., 1 ? i.q. Treludick 
Trelow, lousy {low, lice) town, Pr. ; 

calf {Icauh) t., R.JV. ; % LoOE t. 
Trelow-ah, -ey, -ia, ? dwelling by 

the lows or barrows {M'L.) ; % Lly- 

wi's (?/;.) dwelling. 
Trelo warren, fox (loivern) t., Pr. ; 

fortification (tvarren, t.) barrow t., 

3PL. ; 1 = a. tout Urn, fox-hole. 
Trelo WER, i.([. Trelo ar. 
Trelow-eth, -ith, garden (lowarth) 

t., Pr. ; town place (lu) of trees 

(gwith), T. ; 1 barrow town, M'L. 
Trelo WIN, 1 i.q. Treloin. 
Trelo WRiE, i.q. Trelawry. 
Trelowtha, ? higher {wartlm) Tre- 
Trelo wsA, hoary or musty ("?) t., Pr. 
Trelo WTHAS Voer t& Vyghan, great 

{maur) and little (bichan) barrow 

to^vn, M'L. 
Trel-oy, d.d.-LOi,i.q. Trelo ws A, Pr.; 

flowing or abounding town, H.; 

place for calves, C. 
Trelo YAN, i.q. Trelin, TF. W.K. 
Treloyr, li.q. Trelo ar. 
Treluckey, Lleucu's (iv.) dwelling. 
Treludderin, n.f., % grey oak {ludh 

dcrwen) dwelling. 
Treludd-ero, -ra, -ow, miry (hied) 

town of oaks (derow), Pr. ; 1 grey 

oaks' town. 
Treludick, miry (luedic) town, Pr. 
Treludwell, 1 grey wall (ludh gual, 

w.) town, E.JF. 
Treluge, d.d., 1 i.q. Trelewick. 
Trelui-CK, -ge, lake (loe) or river of 

water (icJc) toAvn, H. ; i.q. Tre- 
Treluking, ? i.q. Trelogan. 
Trelul-l, -la, 1 \ lower {idla = icolla) 

Treal, m- Trelay. 

Trelustick, ? Ustick's moor town. 
Treluswell, miry wall town, Pr. ; 

1 i.q. Treludwell. 
TREL^VEREN, e.d.d., i.q. Trelowar- 


Trelwi, d.d., town-place {trele) by the 

water {givy) ; or, Llywy's {w.) d. 
Trelyan, i.q. Treloyan. 
Trelybey, ? Luby's dwelling. 
Trelyn, i.q. Trelin. 
Trelynike, town of the lake, leat, 

or bosom of waters, 5". ; 1 LiNNiCK, 

or Calenick house. 
Trelyon, linen {lin) town, Pr. 
Tremab-e, -yn, boys' or childrens' 

(rneibion pi. of mab) place, Pr. ; 

? JNIabe's dwelling. 
Tremad-a, -ah, -art, ring (vioderuy), 

i.e. circle place, M'L. ; extasy, 

transport, oi' dart, &c. toAvn, H. ! 
Trem-adock, -madock, Madoc's d. 
Trema-ganna, -genna, -gennow, 

dwelling (ire) place (ma) at the 

entrance; ^.5■. Tregenna. 
Tremagwon, 14 cent., down (gwon) 

dwelling place. 
Trema-il, -le, ? IMael's (w.) dwelling 
Trema-ine, -ne, -n, i.q. Tremayne. 
Tremall, ? moor (hal) dwelling p. 
Treman-an, Abutter (menen) town. 
Tremanheer, n.f., i.q. Tremenheer 
T REM ant, % hill (menedh) town. 
Tremar, town of Mars, Po. ; chief's 

abode, Beal ; Marh's (P.m.) d. 
Tremarkyn, ?Merken's (t.d.d.) d. 
Tremarland, i.q. Tremearland. 
Tremarustel, d.d., market (marhas) 

hole or cell (tol) to^ATi, or market 

town of the chapel (tol), H. ; 

? = Austell Trejiar. 
Trematon, = Kings- (matern) ton.* 
Tremayle, 1 Mael's {w.) dwelling. 
Tremayne, town (trema) on the 

shore or sea coast (tan) ; or, = tre- 

7?i?/re, a passage, Pr. ; i.q. Tremean. 

* Kingston or the royal town, Pr. ; three [tri) hills on a green top, Sc. ; the great 
(maur) town (tre) on the hill [dun], Po. ; dwelling {tre) place [ma) by the wave {ton), Tr.; 
town (tre) and castle (dun) of the chief {viar), Beal; o. Teematekn ; d.d. Tremetone. 




Tremb-ath, -eth, the (m = mi) boar's 

(baedh) town, Po.; 1 burial {an bedh, 

the grave) place, J.B. 
Trem-bear, -beare, -beer, the great 

{mear, vear, bear) dwelling. 
Tremb-el, -le, li.q. Treamble; or, 

Hempel's or Hemball dwelling. 
Trembeth-a, -ow, burial {an bedhow, 

the graves) place (tre), J.B. 
Trembl-eath, -eth, -eigh, -ett, -ot, 

the wolfs {bleidh) town, Pr. 
Trembl-ethick, 0. -ITHEK, ? Bleidd- 

ig's {w.) dwelling place {tre ma). 
Trembleyon, 1 the pool {polan) d. 
Trembothick, ] Bywdeg's {lo.) d. 
Trembr-ASE, -AZE, -OSE, the great 

{bras), or meadow {pras) dwelling; 

d.d. Trenbras. 
Trembr-eath, -oth, i.q. Trembath, 

Po. ; {brith, streaked, R.IV.). 
Tremeadar, oak {dar) town-place 

{tre ma) ; or, mower's {meder) t., T. C. 
Tremeal, sweet or honey {inel) t. , Pr. ; 

1 Mael's {w.), or Michal's {3Iihal)d. 
Tremea-n, -ne, stone {maen) town. 
Tremeaner, % i.q. Tremenheer. 
Treme-ar, -er, great {mear) t., Pr. 
T. LAND, 1 Tremear enclosure {Ian). 
Tremearn, ? Merin's {iv.) dwelling. 
Tremedden, %i.q. Tregamedon. 
Treme-ddu, -atho, town of the 

possession; or, meadows' t., T.C. 
Tremelethen, ■? 1 Bleddyn's {w.) d. 
Tremellick, 1 Mailoc's {s.B.m.) d. 
Tremelli-n, -ng, i.q. Tregamellin. 
Tremenhay, Manehay dwelling. 
Tremenhe-re, -er, Menheir dwel- 
ling; or, long {Mr) passage {tremyn) 
Tremenkeverne, place of St. Kev- 

ern's stones {myin), R.H. 
Tremer, t. of Mars {Merh), B.; m;i.q. 
Tremere, i.q. Tremear. 
Tremeth-ack, -eck, -ick, physician's 

(methic) t., Pr. ; 1 doctor's house. 
Tremhor, d.d., i.q. Tremore. 

Tremoane, 1 turf {maion, w.) house. 


Tremodge, ] ] Hodge's dwelling. 

Tremo-gh, -ugh, -w, -we, hogs' 
(mocA)place,Pr.; = to. Mochdre,ipiga' 
town, E.JF.; smoky {moc) h., Ch. 

Tremoll-a, -et, -eth, ] battle {ym- 
ladd, w.), or wrestler's {ymaelydd, 
IV.) town; llmoel, bare [hill]. 

Tremo-ore, -or, -r, great {maitr) d. 

Tremor-ell, -le, -ville, 1 Morval 
dwelling or town. 

Tremoutha, 1 dwelHng at the mouth. 

Tremp-er, -orth, i.q. Trevemper. 

Tremulithen, i.q. Tremelethen. 

Trena-ck, -gue, -ig, -ke, 1 0. -ga, 
i.q. Drannack or Treveneage. 

Trenadlyn, ] dwelling by the fir- 
tree {adlen), or palace {adlan, to.). 

Trena-ile, -le, -ll, the {an), or old 
{hen) dwelling on the moor {hal), 
or river {heyl) ; i.q. Trenhaile. 

Trenairn, 1 Nairn's, or the iron 
{an haiarn), or border {yrhian) h. 

Trenalt, ? dwelling on the steep 
place (gallt, tv.). 

Trenaman, n.f., Trehane, or dwel- 
ling {trefan,w. ) by the stone {a maen) 

Trenance, town in a valley or on a 
plain {nans), Pr. ; or, i.q. 

Trenan-t, d.d. -D, d. near a river,Pr., 
or to rrent {nant, w. ) ; valley t. , Bond. 

Trenanick, n'.g-. Trehinick. 

TRENARLET,'?Harallt's(7('.)or Harold's 
homestead or dwelling {trefan, w.) 

Trenar-ren, -RAN, 1 d. on {ar) the 
point {rhyn) ; or, Aron's {w.) d. 

Trenarth, the high {an arth) d., Pr. 

Trenatha, 1 the higher {artha) d. 

Trenathan, li.q. Trenithan. 

Trena-vin,-win, 1 Henwin's {B.m.)d. 

Trenavis-ick, -sick, 1 Trehane, or 
dwelling {trefan) by the birches 
(bezo-ick) ; or, outer {avesach) d. 

Trenaweth, li.q. Trenoweth. 

• 0. Tee-modereth, d.d. -modeet d; -meteeet, e.d.d. -metheeeht, ? Modret's or 
Medraut's (m\, ? i.q. Mordred) dwelling {tre), W.S. ; or, Wuathrit's { dwelling 
place {tre ma). TeeHodeket ih Hell, aunt's {modereb) hall {hel) town {tre), H. 





Trenawick, 1 dwelling {trefan) on 
the bay (guic) ; or, little {bich) 

Trenawle, t i.q. Trenaile. 

Trenay, 1 Anhay dwelling. 

Trenb-ath, 0. -EITH, i.q. Trembath. 

Trenbras, d.d., large {tren,iv.) mead- 
ow {imis), W.S.; i.q. Trembrase. 

Trencarn, the Carn dwelling. 

Trencher Park, ] Trenchard's 
(n.f. - carver, /., Lo.) close. 

Trencr-eek, -ick, = tre an crug, 
dwelling by the barrow, M'L. 

Trencro-bben, -yen, -oom, i.q. Tre- 


Trendaway, = ire an tir a icay, place 

on the land by the way, M'L. ; 

% David's {Deivi) house {trefan). 
Trendeal, ] % house {tre) of the {an) 

deluge (dial), or revenge {diol). 
Tren-DER,w./., 1 dwelling {tre) by the 

oak {an dar), or water {dour). 
Trendera, d. by the oaks {derow). 


(draen) ton or -hill (irein, a nose). 
Trendren-an, -en, dwelHng {tre) by 

the {an) thornbush {draenen). 
Treneag-E, -ue, the mossy {neag), 

or thatched {eage) dwelling; or, 

deaf (?) town, Pr.; ? i.q. Trenack. 
Trenean, lAnian's {iv.) dwelling. 
Trene-ar, -er, -ere, -r, Annear d. 
Trenearn, ? i.q. Trenairn. 
Trenearth, ? i.q. Trenarth. 
Treneath, % dingle {nedh) h., R.TF. 
Treneauth, new {noioydh) house. 
Trened-don, -an, ? ? i.q. Trenithan 
Treneffle, ] Neville's (?i./.) dwelling 
Treneglos, the church {an eglos) 

town, Pr. ; a stout, strong, robust 

(!) church, H. ; p.s. St. Gregory or 

St. George, 0. 
Trenel, i.q. Trenhaile. 
Trenelgoe, dwelling {trefan) by the 

moor -wood (Jialgoat) ; or, i.q. Tre- 


w.) of rock {maen), N.; or, dwelling 
{trefan, w.) by the stone. 

Trenerry, % % the goldsmith's {an 

ewe), or field {eru) house. 
Trenesquit, 1 under-wood {is goed, 

w.) house {trefan, w.). 
Trenessen, 1 Enisian's {w.) d. 
Trenethi-g, -CK, the great {an ethic) 

dwelling ; the large town or dwel- 
ling. Fr. ; 1 big hill {trein). 
Trene-vas, -avas, 1 Nywys's {iv.) d. 
Trenewan, the cold {eynj dwelling, 

Pr. ; 1 famine {newyn, w.) t., R.JV. 
Trenew-et, -eth, -ith, -th, new 

{newydh) town or dwelling. 
Treney, i.q. Trenay. 
Trengale, dwelling in the grove 

{celli) ; or, field (r/rwa/) h. {trefan,w.) 
Treng-ear, -aer, n.f. -ore, tlxe {an) 

camp or castle {caer) dwelling. 
Trengilly, the grove {an gelli) d, 
Trengoff, the smith's {an gof) d. 
Trengothal, the {an) Irishman's 

{godhal), or moor wood{goat hal) h.; 

t. on the noted {goth) c\if^ {als),B.H. 

stout, strong, robust, or courageous 

smith, H. ! 
Treng-reen, a/ws-ORYON,] Geirion's 

{w.) dwelling. 
Trengro-use,-wse, dwelling {tre) by 

the cross {an grows), or marsh {cors) 
Trengrove, % i.q. Trengilly. 
Trengune, the down {gicon) d. 
Trengwainton, d. near the spring 

{fenten) or rivulet, Pr. ; {gwaintoin, 

spring time) ; ? Gunwinton h. 
Trengweath, •? ash {emvydh) house. 
Trenh-aile, -ale, -ayle, -al, -eal, 

-EALE, stout, strong, or rapid river, 

H. ; i.q. Trenhal, d.d., large {tren, 

10.) salt-marsh {hal), W.S. ; i.q. 

Trenhorn, i.q. Treganhorn. 
Trenier, n.f., Annear dwelling. 
Treniffel, i.q. Treneffle. 
Treninnick, 1 dwelling {trefan) on 

the creek {an guic). 
Treninnow, iNynio's {w.) dwelling. 
Treniow, 1 the yew-tree {yio) h. 
Trenith-AN, -en, -on, the furzy 




(elthin, furze) dwelling, Pr. 
Trenithick, town of the ford {ath, 

i.), bridge, leat, or lake of waters 

(ick), H. ; iq. Trenethick. 
Treni-zick, -ssick, -zack, same,J.B.; 

the {an) corn {iz-ic) town, Pr. 
Trenn-eage, -eck, -ick, ] i.q. Tre- 


Treno-aden, -dden, ] Nwython's 

{10.) dwelling. 
Trenock, ? i.q. Trenack. 
Tren-ode, -oad, 1 d. in the wood 

{ood, m.c.) ; or, i.q. Trenoweth. 
Trenogan, 1 dwelling {trefan) by 

the cleft or chasm {agen). 
Trenolds, the clitf {als) dwelling. 
Trenonna, 1 Nona's dwelling. 
Trenoon, the down {oon) house. 
Treno-rn, -uran, i.q. Trenhorn. 
Trenorren, = tre nore en, town of 

the point, T. ; i.q. Trenarren. 
Trenouth, new {nowedh) town. 
Trenovis, 1 Nywis's {tv.) d. ; or, i.q. 
Trenovisick, i.q. Trenavisick. 
Trend w, noisy {notv, noise) t., Pr. ; 

1 Noe's dwelling ; i.<?. Treknow. 
Trenowah, Ibare {noth) land {tlr). 
Trend w-AR, -er, 1 the {an) sister's 

{hoer), or ram {Jior) town ; or, i.q. 
Trendw-ath, -eth, -ith, -th, new 

{noioydh), or ash-trees {e.mvydh), or 

bare {noth) land {tir), or house. 
Trendwi-dn, -n, ? ash-tree {enwedhan) 

house; or, white {gwy-n, -dn) hill 

{trein) ; or, i.q. Tdrnewidden. 
Trendwls, the cliff {als) dwelling. 
Trentinny, d. by the castle {an 

dinas) ; or, castle hill {trcin). 
Trenuan, ? i.q. Trenewan, 
Trenugg-d, -de, ] tre an ogo, dwelling 

by the cave. 
Trenussdn, i.q. Trenissen. 
Trenijte, 1 the wood {cuit) house. 
Trenuth, ? the new {newydh) h. 
Trenvan, 1 the high (ban) dwelling. 
Trenvuse, ^ dwelling by the wall or 

entrenchment {an vos). 
Trenw-all, -ell, 1 the high {ulial) t. 
Trenwartha, the higher or further 

{an loartha) dwelling {trefan). 

Trenvvheal, dwelling by the mine 
{an ivheal) ; or, field {gweal) house. 

Trenwi-th, d.d. -T, dwelling among 
the ash trees {enwydh), Pr. ; i.q. 
Trenute, H. ; large {tren, w.) 
wood {guith), IV.S. 

Trenyan, the cold {an ein) dwelling 

Trenylick, o.n.f., % dwelling by the 
willows {an helic). 

Trenyth-an, -yn, i.q. Trenithan. 

Treglvis, '? = tir hal ves, outer moor 
land ; or, Alvis's {t.) dwelling. 

Treon, down {on = givon) house, T. 

Trednike, % i.q. Tregonick. 

Treovis, % = tirou aves, outer lands. 

Trepadannon, i.q. Trebodanndn. 

Trepellin, mill {belin, melin) place, 
Po. ; {iiellyn, extreme, B.W.). 

Trepellure, '? Eliver's («'.), or paint- 
er's {Hour) house {tref, tregfa). 

Trepilles, .^ i.q. Trevellis. 

Trepissick, % fish {pise) t. ; or, i.q. 
Trebissick or Trevissick. 

Trepoile, 1 elecampane {haiol) h. 

Trepoll, pool {pol) town, H.M.IF. 

Treque-an, -en, % white (gicyn) h. 

Trequite, wood {cuit) house. 

Trerabo-c, -e, ] Riabach's (grey, 
swarthy, e.), or the abbot's {^yr 
ahot, w., R.JV.) dwelling. 

Trerair, 1 eagle {eryr, w.) town, 

Trerallet, M.q. Trenarlet. 

Trerammet, 1 % Rambert's {t.) d. 

Treran, 1 = tir aeran, land of plums. 

Trebank, M.q. Trefrank. 

Trerassow, town of graces or ex- 
cellencies {rasow, grasow), or of rats 
{razow), B. ; 1 Orso's {t.) dwelling. 

Trerathick, 1 1 Arthwg's {w.) d. 

Treravel, URabel's (d.d.) d. 

Trerav-en, -on, town on {ar) the 
river {avon), Pr. 

Tre-ree, -reev, % i.q. Trereife. 

Trereed, 1 ford {ryd) house. 

Trereen, a fortified or fighting (?) 
place, Pr. ; ? dwelUng on the head- 
land {rhyn), T. ; T. DiNAS, castle 
{dinas) Trereen. 



Trer-eife, -eive, V. Teeeve, d. of 
tliemve (gerefa, s.), or steward's li. 

Trerege, 1 Rioch's (tv.) dwelling. 

Trerengores, dwelling on {ar) the 
marsh (an gors). 

Trerest, v. Resta, dwelling in the 
waste-open ground (gorest, iv.); or, 
Grwst's (iv.) dwelling {tre). 

Treeew, ? i.(i. Trefrew or Boeew. 

Treribe, n.f., 1. i.q. Trereif. 

TrE-RICE, -rise, -REESE, -EEYS, -RIZE, 

town on the fleeting ground, or on 
the decline of the hill, Pr., (see 
Penrice); a town of fleeting 
ground, Car.; toAvn in the valley 
{ros), B. ; ? Rice's dwelling. 

Treridern, '?Aerdeyrn's {w.) d. 

Trerie-f, -ve, i.q. Trereife. 

Trerihoc,, 1 Rioch's {lu.) d. 

Trerithick, '?Ruydac's [Bp.) d. 

Treriven, n.f., % Rhufon's {w.) d. 


Roach town. 

Treronack, tre r owneh, the coward's 
dwelling, B. ; ? i.q. Trefronick. 

Trero-OSEL, -sal, 1 Arwystli's {w. = 
Aristobulus) dwelling. 

Treroost, 1 Grwst's (w.) dwelling. 

Trero-s, -se, -ase, valley town, Fr. ; 
Rose dwelling. 

Tre-roufe, -ruff, 1 Ralph's dwel- 
ling; or, i.q. Trereife. 

Trerule, 1 Riowal's dAvelling. 

Trerummer, 1 Rumr's (t.) dwelling. 

Trerust, %i.q. Treroost. 

Treruth-an, -EN, ? Rheiddun's («'. ) d. 

Treryn, i.q. Trereen. 

Trerys, i.q. Trerice. 

Tresad-arn, -darn, -dern, -ern, 
-DEON, t. of Saturn, B. ; strong 
(cadarn) t., Pr. ; ?SadAvrn's (w.) d. 

Tresahar, n.f., i.q. Teesare. 

Teesahoevean, little (himi) T. 

Teesall-ack, -ick, ? '?Seolce's (t.) d. 

Teesamble, house on the burden- 
some (sam, a burden) big belly 
{bol) hill (hoi), Francis ! ISamble's, 
or sampling house. 

Teesance, saint's or holy (sans) d. 

Teesae-A, -e, woodman or carpenter's 
town, Pr. ; (sair, an artizan ; sair 
pren, a carpenter). 
Teesarr-at, -et, hedge-hog (sart) t., 
Pr. ; 1 Essart's (t.) dwelling. 

Tresaster, n.f, 1 i.q. Chysaustee. 

Teesa-ule, -wle, -well, healthy 
d. ; T. WAETHA, higher T. 

Teesav-aean, -een, -een, ? Osvran's 
(w.) dwelling; or, i.q. 

Teesavean, third (^ressa) little (vean) 
[town], Francis; ? i.q. Teesahoe- 
vean ; V. Teidgyvean, 1 1 little 

Tees AVIS, n.f, 1 1 outer (avis) Teegie 

Tresaway, ? i.q. Tredeway. 

Tresawna, charm (soiia, to charm) 
town, H. ; place of a fence or 
hemming-in, C. 

Tresaw-san, -son, -zan, Saxon's 
place, M'L. ; English t., T. ; place 
of mounds or heaps, C. 

Tresayes, 1 Saxon's (sais, w.) d. 

Trescadick, ? St. Cadic's h., P. 

Trescae, ? clifi" (sgeir, i.) dwelling. 

Teesc-aw, -o, -ow, cl.d. -AV, d. of 
elder-trees (scatv), A.S.; ?a shelter- 
ing (scovva, a tent) home (tre), N. 

Teesco-beas, -veas, threefold kisses, 
H. ! ! ? outer (aves) Teesco ; or, 
Teesco field (maes). 

Teesco-ll, -wl, ? school (scol) h. 

Teescott, ? i.q. Teawiscoit. 

Teescowth-iack,-ick, -eick, 1 great 
(ethic), or Edeick's Teescow. 

Teescowvean, little (hian) Teesco. 

Teese, the third (tressa), H. ; ? i.q. 
Teeise or Teegie. 

Teesean, •? John's Teease. 

Teeseaee, i.q. Teesaee. 

Tresease, i.q. Tresayes. 

Teesed-dee, -ee, ? archer's (sethar)d. 

Tresellan, 'JSalenn's (s.B.m.) d. 

Treseller-en, -n, ? Aelhaiarn's (w.) 

TRESEMPER,?Sampiere's ( = S.Peter) 
d. ; or, d. by the cove (anpor). 

TresempuL; i.q. Tresamble. 



Treserrick, ? ? St. Cyriac's d. 
Tresevarran, i.q. Tresavaran. 
Tresevean, i.q. Tresavean. 
Treshaor, i.q. Tresare. 
Tresibble, 1 i.q. Tresimple. 
Tresick, ? i.q. Drysack ; or, = dry 

(sych) land (tir), or house (tre). 
Tresidden, n.f., ? i.q. Tresadern. 
Tresidor, n.f., i.q. Tresedder. 
Tresilgen, i.q. Tresulgan. 
Tresilli-an, -on, place for eels (selli, 

an eel), or in open view {sil), Fr.; 

? Sulien's, i.q. Sulcen's dwelling. 
Tresimple, = ^re[s] an jwl, the miry 

place, Pr. ; t i.q. Tres amble. 
Tresinney, % i.q. BOSSINEY ; or, 
TrESITH-ANY, -NEY, -NY, n.f. -NOW, 

weekly {seithun, a week) t., or t. 

frequented on the sabbath, H. ! 

■? Seithenyn's {w.) dwelling. 
Tresize, i.q. Trezize. 
Treskadarn, 1 hero's or champion's 

(cadarn) Trese. 
Treskellam,^ [St.] Columb's Trese 
TRESKELLARD,?Gellard's(?2./. ) Trese 
Treskellow, ? h. (tre) under (is), 

or outside (ves) the groves (kellioio). 
Treskell-en, -ing, ] house by the 

sedge-bed {hesg Iwyn, w.) ; or, holly 

(cdin) house. 
Treskelly, grove (celli) house, Wh. ; 

% under-grove (is gelli) house. 
Treskerby, ? place of the outcry 

(scrymba, w.) ; or, little (Uch) dwel- 
ling (tre) on the ridge (esgeir). 
Treskew-es, -is, shady {skes) town, 

Pr. ; 1 Skewes's dwelling. 
Treskiddy, ■? privet (skiddy, m.c.) h. 
Treskill-en,-ing, i.q. Treskelling. 
Treskinnick, ^Cennych's (w.) Trese 
Treskowl, i.q. Trescoll. 
Tresl-ay, -ea, -eigh, 1 lesser (le) 

Trese ; or, i.q. Trelay. 
Treslog-at, -get, i.q. Trelogget. 
Tkeslothan, ■? Llawdden's (w.) 

Trese ; c.d. St. John. 
Tresmarrow, town (tre[s]) of the 

dead (marow), or of graves, Pr. 
Tresmayne, 1 d. below the stone (is 

maen) or rock ; or, i.q. Tremayne. 
Tresmedon, 1 meadow (meddon), or 

stone {riiaedn - maen) Trese. 
Tresmeer, great (mear) town, or 

near the lake, Pr.; (? S = is, under) ; 
jy.s. St. Winwolaus, 0. ; St. Nic- 
holas, C.S.G. 
Tresmere, alias Tremere, same. 
Treso-ake, -CH, 1 tir sog, moist land ; 

or, Isaac's dwelling. 
Tresoddern, i.q. Tresadern. 
Tresole, i.q. Tresawle. 
Treso-na, -wna, i.q. Tresawna. 
Tresonder, % Sanders' dwelling. 
Tresongar, 1 Angar's (w.) Trese. 
Tresooth, fat (soath), or fruitful 

place, Pr.; 1 = Sutton, south toAvn. 
Tresoro, 1 = further (urra) Trese. 
Tresow-es, -is, -ys, 1 i.q. Trezize. 
Tresoye, n.f, i.q. Tresawell, Ly. 
Trespaddock, 1 1 ^doc's dwelling 

{trege, to dwell) place (pa = va). 
Trespark, 1 Spark's dwelling (tre) ; 

or, i.q. Park Trees. 
Trespar-ret, -rot, -vet, U.q. Tre- 

barfoot, or Trebarwith. 
Tresp-earn, -arne, 1 = Thorn- 

(sjjern, thorn) TON. 
Tres-pen, -pyn, head (jjen) town 

(tre[s]), Pr. ; 1 i.q. Trevispan. 
Tresprissen, 1 1 haunted h. ; (speris, 

a spirit; jj/. sprig gian, B.). 
Tresquare, ] square (ysgivar, iv.) h. 
Tresqu-ite, -oit, i.q. Trevisquite. 
Tresrabo, 15 cent., i.q. Trerabo. 
Tresredow, n.f, ^Rhediw's (lo.) d. 
Tresreyck, 14 cent., 1 i.q. Trerege. 
Tress, 7i.f., U.q. Trease. 
Tressa, i.q. Treves A. 
Tressel, 1 moor (hal) Trease. 
Tress-ew, -ue, ? Jesu's (B.m.), or 

black (du), or Jew's dwelling. 
Trest-ain, -ean, 1 tin (stean) house. 
Trestrail, mats or tapestry (strail) 

town, Pr. Trestrel Woles, 15 

cent., lower (icollas) T. 
Trestrain, 1 thorn (draen) Trese. 
Tresuck, 1 i.q. Tresoake. 
Tresugg-A, -an, moist (sug) or boggy 





towri,Pr.; town on ihesaggorhog,H. 
Tkesulgan, little-village of the sun 

(sul) or fire worship, Beal; Sulcen's 

{s.B.m.) dwelling. 
Tresulian, i.q. Tresilltan. 
Tresunger, i.q. Tresongar. 
Tresulla, ] lower (isella) house. 
Tresunny, 1 i.q. Tresinney. 
Tresuran, n.f., 1 i.q. Tresavaran. 
Tresurrange, 1 Resurrans d. 
Tresiitton, 1 i.q. Tresadarn; or, 

dwelling by Sutton ; sydclyn, a 

tenement of land, iv. 


Tresvine, 1 i.q. Treswaine. 
Treswall-an, -on, 1 apple-tree {aval- 

len) house {trege, to dwell). 
Treswallock, Swallock dwelling. 
Tresward, ? Siward's (/.) dwelling. 
Tresw ARROW, •? i.q. Trewarra. 
Tresw-ayne, -en, -in, %i.q. Saunton 
Tresweeta, ] widow's (givedJw) d. 
Treswell, 1 i.q. Tres-aule or -ibble 
Treswig-ar, -er, -gar, 1 i.q. Tre- 


Treswith-an, -en, v. Trejethen, 
Jethen, a town of trees (gwedh), 
Nord., Pr. ; % Sidwin's {t.) d. 

Treswithick, li.q. Trewithick. 

Tresynny, i.q. Tresinney. 

Tretallo-ck, -w, ? Tallack's d. 

Treta-ne, -wn, under {tan) town, 
Pr. ; (? tan, fire). 

Tretdeno, d.d., 1 Idno's (w.) land 
{tireth) ; Tret = trait, sands, W.S. 

Tretha-ke, d.d. -c, i.q. Tretheage, 

Treth-ale, n.f. -ALL, moor or hill 
Qial) land {tireth) or farm. 

Treth-am, -em, % i.q. Truth am. 

Trethan-as, -nas, -nay, -ns, 1 1amb's 
{earns) land {tireth). 

Trethanigk, 1 i.q. Trethenick, 

Trethar-ap, -op, -up, -rap, -rop, 
-RUP, % a place (/re[c?]) of tillage 
{aru, to plow, w.), M. ; or, a rediifl. 
-IB.KRKP = thorpe {s.) = tre, a vil- 

lage, R.?F. ; li.q. Trethurfe. 
Tretha-uke, -wke, ? ^Doc's town. 
Tretha-vey, -vy, -we, % David's t. 
Trethawle, ?moor {hal) land(/!ire/A) ; 

or, dale {dol) town {tre). 
Trethe-age, -ake, -k, fair orjjleasant 

{teg) town, Pr., or house, Wh. ; 

? Teague's or Tyack's tenement. 
Trethegember, i.q. Tregember, Ly. 
Trethekel, o.w./., IDichul's {A.B.)di. 
Trethella, 1 back {delhar) h., P. 
Trethell-an, -en, ] fir-tree {adhlen) 

house ; or, out {allan, w.) land 

{tireth) ; or, i.q. Trethullan. 
Trethen-al, -nal, ? old {hen) moor 

{hal) land {tireth) ; or, i.q. Treden- 

DALE; or, Deiniol's {w.) dwelling. 
Trethenick, ? i.q. Tredinnick. 
Trether-AS, -is, -RAS, 1 d. near the 

pass {daras, a door) ; t??'e^s, brambles 
Trethergey, Hand {tireth) over {ar) 

the water {gy) ; {dourgi, an otter ; 

durgy, a turf hedge). 
Trethern, ? thorn {drean) land. 
Trethev-an, -en, John's {Evan, w. ) 1. 
Trethev-as, -es, ? sheep {deves), or 

outer {aves) land. 
Tretheveren, 1 vale {dyffryn, w.) 

house ; v. Trewethern, J.M. 
Trethevy, ] David's {Deui) house.* 
Trethew, ? same ; black {du) t. ; or, 

God's (du, dew), i.e. holy t., Pr. 
Trethew- AL, -el, -ell, high {ewhal), 

or St. Eval's land {tiretJi) or farm. 
Trethewar, ? water {dour) land 

{tir) or house. 
Trethewen, ? 1 Dwynwen's {w.) d. 
Trethew-y, -ey, town {tre[the]) by 

the water {wy) ; or, holy {dew, God) 

t. by the water, Pr. ; David's t. 
Trethick, 1 big {ethic) town. 
Trethies, i.q. Trethyas. 
Trethiggy, 1 Tygwy's {w.) house. 
Trethill, 1 1thel's {w.) house. 
Trethill-ick, -y, ? willow {helic) 1. 
Trethin, ? Eheiddun's {w.) h. {ty). 

* Nord., " Tretheuie, called in Latin casa gigantis" ; Beal, dwelling oi the god, 
hero, or chief {de, dhe,ga.) ; v. Tbevethy. T. Stone, (a cromlech), v. Giant's grave. 




Trethingey, 1 land {tireth) by tlie 
Avater [an gy). 

Trethinnick, i.q. Trethenick. 

Trethom, % poverty {ethom) land. 

Trethorn, ?^■.5. Trethern. 

Trethosa, ] Iosa's land {tireth). 

Trethow-a, -ar, -er, town by the 
water {dour), Pr. ; 1 waterland. 

Trethow-all, -ell, 1 Howel's land. 

Trethowan, r Owen's {w.) land. 

Trethugay, i.q. Trethurgay. 

Trethullan, 1 land {tireth) belong- 
ing to the temple of the sun 
{haul km) ; or, Helland house. 

Trethune, A^orcl, 1 down {oon) 1. 

Trethuras, i.q. Tretheras. 

Trethur-fe, 0. -rr, town of tillage 
{irevas), Pa. ; 1 arable {aru, to plow, 
w.), or rough {haroic) land {tireth). 

Trethurgay, i.q. Trethergey. 

Trethurrup, i.q. Tretharrup. 

Trethwell, 1 i.q. Trethewall. 

Trethyas, ? stack {clise) house. 

Trethyn, 1 castle {din) house. 

Tretinney, 1 castle {(Unas) house. 

Tretire, ] third {teir) house. 

TEETLA^--D,d.d.,e.d.d.-T,1 = w.Trellan, 
township containing the church, 
Pi.IF.; i.^. Trelan. 

Tretoi-l, -le, 1 i.q. Trethowall. 

Tretrinneck, •? thorny {draenic) 
land {lir), or dwelling {tre). 

Tretull, 1 i.q. Trethowall. 

Tretweret, d.d., ? land {tireth) on 
the descent {gwaered, w.). 

Treualgarthyn, 15 cent., = il\ tre 
ual garth din, wall dwelling by the 
hill fort, Pi,.JV.; or, Trafalgar 
on the hill. 

Treualuare, 14 cent., % Aluard's 
{d.d.) dwelling. 

Treueruen, 1 5 cent. ,i.q. Trevervyn 

Treuery Stowe, Nord., Trefry's 
place {stow, s.). 

Treuescoit, H., i.q. Trawiscoit. 

Treuhall, high {uhal) town, Pr. 

Treuist, ? 1 lodging {guest) house, 

Treun, down {givon) house. 

Treungle, cole wort {ungl, B.) t., 

Po. ; 1 corner {ongl, w.) house. 
Treurabo, Nord., i.q. Treraboc. 
Treuris, 13 cent., i.q. Trefrys. 
Treury, o.n.f., i.q. Trefry. 
Treqtha-l, -n, the above {uthal, 

uthan), or upper town, Pr. 
Trev-a, -ah, i.q. Tregva. 
Trevab-on, -yn, i.q. Tremabyn. 
Trevad-dra, -ra, 1 i.q. Trewartha. 
Trevadl-ack, -ock, 1 Matholoch's 

{i.) dwelling. 

TrEVA-GAU,-GAV, d.d., i.g-.TREVALGA, 

J.Ca. ; } smith's {gof) dwelling 

{tregva) ; or, i.q. 
Trevag-e, -ue, 1 i.q. Treveage. 
Trevag-ean, -he an, giants' town, B.; 

i.q. Trebegean. 
T.-VEAN, little Trevagean, 
Trevaglers, 11 i.q. Treveglas, 
Trevagnion, i.q. Trevanion. 
Trevail, house on the river {heyl). 
Trevailer, workman's {wayler) t., 

Pr. ; d. of the merchant or worker 

in iron {maehor), J. IF. ; the shop, 

C. (mffe/or, place of traffic, maxt, lo.) 
Treva-ils, -lles, i.q. Trevellas. 
TrevA-L, -LL, 1 = trev hal, moor h. ; 

or, tregioal,w3l\i.; or,treuhal, liight. 
Trevalader, Walter's, the lord's 

{givctladr, M'.),or Aladur's {sun,!^)^ 
Trevalfry, 1 Maliewiy's (n./.) d. 
Trevalga, town of defence or walled 

{gival, a wall) near the water {givy), 

Pr. ; noble {cdga, i.) house, JFh. ; 

1 Al gar's d. ; jj.s. St. Petrocus. 
Trevalgan, 1 i.q. Bodvalgan; or, 

Maelgwn's {w.)d.; or,tin{akan,w.)h.. 
Trevalissick wollas, lower Tre- 


Trevall-ack, -ick, -ock, fenced 

{gwal-ic) town, Pr. 
Trevallan, apple-tree {avcdlen) t., 

Po. ; 1 Alan or Hallan house. 


Trevallard, 1 Aluuard's {d.d.) d. 
Trevall-es, -is, -ies, 1 green moor 
{hal lays) d. ; or, i.q. Trevellas. 
Trevallet, 1 Hallet's dwelling. 
Trevals-A, -OE, fortified {1) town, 




or town on a cliff (als), Pr.; ] Wal- 
sige's (5.) town. 

Trevalscus, ? under-wood {is cus) 

Trevan, little town, w.,T.; ? = Hil- 
(han) TON ; or - w. trefan, a home- 
stead, dwelling, hamlet, village. 

Trevance, town upon the rising or 
advanced land, H. ! 1 nun's {ina- 
naes) town; or, i.q. Trevince. 

Trevanger, ? = trevcm gaer, dwelling 
by the camp ; or, Angar's (tv.) d. 

Trevan-ian, -ion, -nion, town in a 
hollow (fficag) plain (nans), Pr. ; 
place of the liig or covering (van) 
ash (on), C. ; r Anian's (iv.) d. 


(amanen) TON ; or, i.q. Trevanian 
Trevannal, ] = broom (banal) town. 
Trevanson, 1 i.q. Trevenson. 
Trevan-y, -ey, -NY, 1 i.q. Trevan- 

EAGE, or Trevanian. 
Trevapack Field, 1 town place (tre 

va) field (iKtrc), reduplicated. 
Trevarbyn, i.q. Treverbyn. 
Trevarder, li.q. Trewartha. 
Trevare, i.q. Trevear. 
Trevarfe, 17 cent., i.q. Trevarth 

or Trethurfe. 
Trevarian, % silver (arian) house. 
Trevar-ick, -rick, 1 d. on the water 

(ar icJc) ; or, Barrick's (w.) d, 
Trevarin, ? hill (rhyn) house. 
Trevarkees, 1 Bargus house. 
Trevarle-dge, -ge, 1 Worledge's 

or lower (wollas) dwelling. 
Trevarn-en,-on, lalder-tree (gwarn- 

en) house ; or, house on the down 

(ivar an oon). 
Trevarner, i.q. Trevernor. 
Trevarnick, 1 marshy (givernk) d. 
Trevarr-A, ACK, rocky (carrag) t., 

W.B. ; U.q. Trewarra. 
Trevarr-on, -en, ? Aron's (w.) d. 
Trevartea, n.f., U.q. Trevartha. 
Trevarth, high (artJi) town, Pr. 
Trevartha, higher (artha) town. 
Trevar-then, -ton, t. on a hill 

(war dun), Pr. ; 1 Arthen's (w.) d. 

Trevarthian, '? Arthyen's (w.) d. 

Trevas-cus, -kis, -kers, ? d. (trc, 
trev) outside (aiies) the wood (ctis). 

Trevashmond, r ? Chaumond's d. 

Trevasper, ] Vosper's d. 

Trevass-ack, -iCK, i.q. Trevessack. 

Trevassackvean, little {bean) T. 

Trev aster, ? Foster house. 

Trevath-a, -I a, % i.q. Trevartha. 

Trevath-an, -en, U.q. Trevarthen 

Trevathian, n.f., i.q. Trevarthian 

Trevathick, 1 i.q. Trevethigk. 

Tre V AUL, ] Paul's h.; or, i.q. Treval. 

Trevaunance, = trev an nans, house 
of the dingle. Pi. W. ; t. in a great 
(maiir) valley (nans), Pr., in the 
boy's (mate), or fanning or vaMnmug 
valley, H., or in the valley of 
springs (Ifenten, pi. fentens), T. 

Trevayler, i.q. Trevailer. 

Treve, i.q. Tre AVE. 

Treve-ader, -der, ^ i.q. Tremeder. 

Trevea-ge, -gue, town in a hollow 
(veag = gwag), Pr.; small (bach) h., 
E.]fF. ; li.q. Treveneage. 

Treve AGO, ? i.q. Treaga. 

Treve AL, 1 field (gweal) house. 

Tre VEAL A, ? i.q. Trevailer. 

Treve ALLY, n.f., 1 i.q. Trevilly. 

Trevean, i.q. Little- (bean) ton. 

Trevean-es, -s, 1 Enis house. 

Trevear, great (mear), or long (Mr), 
or battle (heir) house (tre, trev). 

Trevease, 1 lower {isa), or outer 
(aves) dwelling. 

Trevebbyn, boys' (mebion) t, Po. 

Trevecca, 1 JDickie's (Hecca), or 
Eebecka's (Bechie) dwelling. 

Treveddal, ? Irishman's (gwidhal) t. 

Trevedd-an, -en, -on, 1 i.q. Tre- 
vethan, or Trevean (vedn = bean) 

Trevedd-o, -oe, -a, exposed place, C; 
? i.q. Trevethey. 

Treveddoc, iMoedhog's (u:) d. 

Trevedra, i.q. Treviderow. 

Treved-ran, -REN, -dern, t. by the 
brambly (draen, thorns) river (vy), 
Pr. \ % Medron's (w. ) dwelling. 

Treveeg, i.q. Treve AGE. 




Treveen, i.q. Trevean. 
Trevega, i.q. Trevidga. 
Trevegan, 1 i.q. Trebioen ; or, 
Trevegean, r i.q. Trebegean. 
Trevegl-as,-os,-oss, church [eglos) h. 
Treveg-o, -a, town upon the top of 

a stiff hill or precipice (1), H. 
Trevegor,? mother-in-law's [hweger) , 

or merchant's {guicgur) house. 
Treveheret, d.d., 1 i.q. Tretweret 
Treveighan, i.q. Trebeighan. 
Trevela, 1 i.q. Trevailer. 
Trevel-egii, -ick, priest's {belec, a.) 

town, H.; Id. by the sloping stone 

(lech), R. JV.; or,i.q. Tremelligk, or 
Treveledic, 13 cent., 1 = trev wledic, 

prince's dwelling, R.JF. 
Trevelga, 1 sea {oijlgy) ton, P. 
Trevelg-an, -en, ? Eulcen's d. 
Trevelg-es, -us, i.q. Tregilgas. 
Trevel-gue, -jewe, i.q. Trebejew. 
Trevell, •? i.q. Trev-ail, -eal. 
Trevell-a, 0. -E, apple {aval) town, 

Pr. ; li.q. Trevailor. 
Trevell ACK, n.f., i.q. Trevelech. 
Trevellan, mill (melin) town, Pr. 
Trevellan-ce, -ds, -s, t. in the mill 

valley {melin nans), T.; mill h., IFh. 
Trevell ard, ? i.q. Trev all ard. 
Trevell-as, -es, son-in-law's {els) 

town, H. ; ? lark {melhues) t., P. ; 

or, Hellas dwelling. 
Trevell AW AN, 1 5 ce/^^.,^. j.Trelawn 
Trevell-eck, -ick, town on the 

mill river {ich), T.; i.q. Trevelech 
Teevellissick wartha, higher 

{loartha) Tre[vel]lissick. 
Trevello-e, -w, i.q. Trevell A, T.C. 
Trevellyn, mill {melm) town. 
Trevelmond, li.q. Trevolmond. 
Trevelsick, i.q. Trevellissick. 
Trevelva, place near the Fal,M'L.; 

? Aelfyw's {iv.) d.; llifaw, floods, w. 
Trevelver, ? great {mear) town on 

the river {heyl) [Camel]. 
Trevelveth, 1 Alviet's {t.d.d.) d. 
Trevel-yan, d.d. -ien, 1 -oien, d. of 

the seamen {vylgyon), Gw. ; Elyan's 

{w.) dwelling, W.S. 

Trevemeder, 1 mower's {meder) d. 

Trevemper, 1 d. near the cove {an 
por) ; or, i.q. Tregember. 

Treve-n, -ne, -nn, 1 = treven, dwell- 
ings ; or, i.q. Trevean, o?-Tremean 

Treven-a, -na, bees' {gioenyn), or 
old {lien), or woman's {henen) town 
{tre, trev), Pr. ; high {ban) t., 3I'L.; 
] lesser {hehenna) town. 

Trevenan, n.f., ^Gwenan's {ic.) h. 

Treven-ard, -I), n.f., 1 Maynard h. 

Treven-er, -ner, -or, i.q. Trevena, 
Pr. ; Treveneth, Ch. ; or, Tre- 

Treven H]A-GE,-GUE, d. oimo^s>{neag), 
or mossy houses {treven), Pr. ; d. 
in the stony-place {maenic), or of 
the stone cleft {agen, w.), C. ; 
? spar-thatched {eage, B.) houses. 

Treven-en,-nen,-ing, -ION, women's 
{henen), or bees' {gwcnyn) t., Pr. ; 
t. of birth (]), T. ; dwelling by 
the ash-tree {onnen), R. JV. 

Treven-eth, -NETH, -EY, ? = HlL- 
{menedh) ton ; o?-, wheat (gwaneth) t. 

Trevenethick, great {ethic) d., Pr. 

Treven GENOW, i.q. Tremaganna, 

Trevengothal, i.q. Trengothal. 

Treven-iel, -nel, 1 d. on the hill 
{hal), H. JF.M.; or, i.q. Winielton 

Treven-non, -on, ] down {gwon) h. 

Trevense, i.q. Trevince. 

Trevenson, ? well {fenten) t., P. 

Tre VENT, li.q. Trevint. 

Trevenwith, i.q. Trenwith. 

Treveor, great {mear) d. 

Trever-as, -es, -res, -rys, -ys, t. on 
the way or roads {vores V), T. ; 
1 town of assistance {gioeres), P. 

Treverb-an, -en, -yn, d.d. -in, Er- 
byn's t., Lh. ; or, d. on {er) the 
hill {bail), Ch. ; place against {er- 
byn) [the side of a hill], C. 

Treverbet, d.d., t. of recommenda- 
tion or intercession {erhed ?), JV.S.; 
? great t. by the grave (bedh), P. 

Treverden, n.f, i.q. Trevarthian, 
Ly. ; 1 d, on {er) the hill {din). 

Treverder, 1 i.q. Trefurther. 





Trevergy, i.q. Treworgy. 
Trevergyn, ]Wurcon's (s.B.m.) d. 
TREVERiM,f^.d, hermit's {eremus,lat.) 

d., JV.S. ; 1 Perryam's {n.f.), or 

Perem's {B.m.) dwelling. 
Treveri-n, -ng, ] Gueren's {iv.) d. 
Treverledge, i.c[. Trevarledge. 
Trever-ne, -REN, i.q. Trewerne. 
Treverneweth, Inew {neicijdh) Tre- 

VERNE, or Treva. 
Trevern-or, -er, ? sister's {hoer) T. 
Trevernon, ^ alder-tree {gwermn)t.; 

or, d. on the down {er cm oon). 
Treverr-a, -ow, li.q. Trewarra. 
Trever-ry, -y. 1 i.q. Trefry. 
Treverth, o.n.f., % i.q. Trevarth. 
Treverton, n.f., i.q. Trewerton. 
Treverv-a, -ah, -oe, 1 hattle-field 

(heirva) h. ; or, i.q. Trebarva. 
Treverv-en, -in, vervain town, B. ; 

? mermaid's (morvoren) town, F. 
Treverw-ick, -yth, o.7i.f., 1 i.q. Tre- 


Treveryan, d. on the holme or flat 

land (marian, to.), B.TF. ; 1 Urien's 

(?(?.) dwelling. 
Treves-a, -e, -sa, -sack, i.q. Tre- 

visA, or Treisaac, or Trabiss. 
Treves-CAN, -KAN, -KIN, ] elder-tree 

(scawen), or sedge {hescen), or Ys- 

gwyn's (w.) house. 
Trevessia, i.q. Trevidgia. 
Trevesson, 1 Gwesyn's {tv.) house. 
Treveth-ack, -ock, Iddawg's (iv.) h. 
Treveth-an, ?;./., -en, t. among trees 

{gioedhen, a tree) ; or, meadow 

[hidhen), old (? hen), or birds' {edli- 

en) town, Pr. 

or willow {helic) Trevarth. 
Trevethenic, i.q. Trewarthenick 
Treveth-ey, -0, -OE, -o\v, place 

(town, Pr.) of graves {hedh&iv), T. 
Treveth-ick,-ock, rustic or farmer's 

(trevedic) t.,H.; '?^.^.TREMETHACK, 

P. ; (Jtrevidick, a tilled field, a.). 
Trevetras, blasted (gueidrys) t., P. 
Trev-evan, -ewan, -iban, -ibban, 

1 John's {Evan, w.) dwelling. 

Trevia, n.f., i.q. Trevie. 
Trevi-ades, -ados, -des, t. by the 

water {givy) that comes {dos, to 

come), i.e. the tide, Pr.; ? beautiful 

(faidus) house. 
Trevian, = Little- (Mghan) ton. 
Trevic-ca, -ker, U'.^. Trevegor, or 
Trevick, 1 d. on the creek (gicic) ; 

or, i.q. Treweek, or Treveage. 
Trevid-a, -0, -ow, ? i.q. Trevethey. 
Trevid-dron, -ern, -der, i.q. Tre- 

vedran ; or, 1 oak (derwen, dar) h. 
Trevider, victualler's {maidor) h., P. 
Treviderow, t. upon the river (icy) 

among the oaks (deroiv), P. 
Trevid-ga, -gia, -ja, -yer, i.q. Tre- 

VESA ; Trevidgia Warra, higher 

(u-artha) Trevidgia. 
Trevidock, i.q. Trevethick. 
Trevie, ? little (hich) town. 
Trevigin, 1 i.q. Trebegean. 
Treviglas, church (eglos) town. 
Trevig-o, -oe, 1 i.q. BOSVIGO. 
Trevigor, i.q. Trevegor. 
Trevigr-o, -oe, 1 hovel (crow) h. 
Trevil-AN, -len, -lin, •? = trev wilan, 

Gullston, to., R.JF. 
Trevilder, 1 i.q. Trevalader. 
Trevil-es, -les, -lis, -lies, d.d. Tre- 

FiLiES, Feleus's {Z.) d., W.S.; 

*? hazel-grove {gillis) h., P. ; ti.q. 
Trevilg-as, -ass, -es, ? moor (hal) 

wood (cus) h, ; or, i.q. Tregilgus. 
Trevil-ian, -ion, -lian, -lion, -lon, 

i.q. Trevelyan. 
Trevi-ll, -lle, 1 i.q. Treveal. 
Trevill-a, -ey, 1 i.q. Trevella. 
Trevilleder, 1 i.q. Trevalader. 
Trevillet, 1 i.q. Treviliud, d.d., 

1 ninth's (s.B.m.) dwelling (trev). 
Trevill-ick, -ock, 1 i.q. Trevelech 
Trevill-ies, -is, 1 i.q. Treviles. 
Trevillinian, oi.f, 1 Einion's (iv.) 

house on the moor (hid) or river 

Trevilling, i.q. Trevellan. 
Trevillizick, i.q. Trelisick, R. 
Trevilload, n.f, 1 i.q. Trevillet. 
Trevil-VA, -vas, mean (vil) low (1) 




town, Pr. ; i.q. Trevelva. 
Trevim-ber, -per, i.q. Trevemper. 
Trevina, i.q. Trevena. 
Trevince, liord. Treuins, town of 

spi'ings (Ifenten-s), Pr. 
Trevine, i.q. Treveighan. 
Treving-ay, -y, dwelling (trev) by 

the river (an gy). 
Trevin-ick, -nick, i.q. Treveneage, 

or Trewinick. 
Treviniel,, i.q. Treveniel. 
Trevint, 1 d. by the road {hynt, w.) ; 

{gicynt, wind, lo.). 
Trevio, 1 yew (jjw) house (trcv). 
Trevirbin, i.q. Trevebban. 
Trevisa, lower {isa) town, Pr. 
Trevis-an, -SAN, same, Pr. ; % Isan's 

(tp.) dwelling (trcv). 
Trevis-car, -kar, -ker, % d. outside 

(aves), or under (is) the camp (caer) 
Treviscaun, slight {iscaunl) d.,£.; 

1 d. outside or under the down 

(givon) ; or, i.q. Trevescan. 
Treviscoe, 1 bishop's {escop) town ; 

d. outside or under the wood 

(coat) ; or, i.q. Trescaw. 
Treviskey, % same ; i.q. Tregiskey, 

Pr. ; wai'drobe (guiscti) house, P.; 

lower (is) t. among trees {celli, a 

grove), Francis; } i.q. 
Treviskis, i.q. Trevascus. 
Trevis-ick, -sick, li.q. Trevesack. 
TREViSPAN,'?'?primate's (guesheuin) h.; 

? lower {isa) buttery {spens) h., P. 
Trevisquite, i.q. Trawiscoit. 
Trevi-ssa, -ssy, -ga, i.q. Trevesa. 
Treviss-am,-om,-ome, lord's {somot, 

Pr.) lower (isa) house, P. 
Trevit, 16 cent., wood (cuit) house. 
Trevitane, ? i.q. Tretane. 
Trevithall, i.q. Trewhiddle. 
Teevithian, U.q. Trewithian. 
Trevithick, t. in the meadow on a 

creek (gtvic), Pr. ; % place of a 

grave (bedh-ic), J.Ca.; i.q. Tre- 


T. AN HALE, T. on the moor {hcd). 
Trevith-o -oe, i.q. Trevethey. 
Trevivi-an, -on, d. by the small 

water {gwy vian), Pr.; Vivian's d. 

Trevo-al, -ll, -ool, 1 Paul's d. ; or, 
i.q. Treuhal, or Treval. 

Trevoan, li.q. Trewoon. 

Trevoet,, 1 = tre-foet, -ouet, dis- 
trict, canton, JV. S. ; 1 wood (coed, 
w.) h(tuse. 

Trevol-lan, 0. -GHAN, 1 Eulcen's h. 

Trevollard, r d. by the high (arth) 
entrenchment {bolla, B.), P. 

Trevollock, i.q. Trewollack. 

Trevolmond, ^Alhmund's {t.) d. 

Trevolter, 1 i.q. Trevalader. 

Trevol-vas, -uas, •? Trewolvas 

Trevo-ne, -on, -o^-E,i.q. Trevoan. 

Trevonnack, 1 d. near the turbary 
(mawneg) ; or, Anaoc's dwelling. 

Trevoole, li.q. Trevoal. 

Trevor, i.q. Trevore. 

Trevor-ack, -RACK, i.q. Trevorick 

Trevorda, ? i.q. Trewartha, or 

T. WOLLAS, lower (ivoUas) T. 

Trevorder, t. by the great (maur) 
water (dour), or on the road {fordh) 
to the water, Po.; i.q. Trewartha, 
H.; T. BiCKiN, far off heacontown, 
T. ! little (hichan) Trevorder. 

Trevore, great (maur), sea (mor), 
road (for), sister's (Jioer), ram's 
(hor), or boundary (or) house. 

Trevorg-ans, -ians, ? great house 
of pardon (gevyans), P. 

Trevorg-ay, -y, i.q. Treworgey. 

Trevorgus, 1 Bargus, or over-wood 
(ivar gus) house. 

Trevor-ian, -rian, -yan, i.q. Tre- 
VERYAN ; or, John's Trevore. 

Trevorick, t. on the creek, brook, 
or rivulet {war ick), Pr., or bay 
{gioic) ; or, Iwrch's {to.) dwelling. 

Trevorne, li.q. Tref-roan, -warn. 

Trevorn-eck, -ick, -ock, ? i.q. Tre- 


Trevornon, i.q. Trevernon. 
Trevor-ow, -row, -rah, -y, ? town 

on the ways {vorou), B. ; or, i.q. 

Trewarra, or Trefry. 
Trevorrick Morva, ] Trevarick 



marsli (morva). 
Trevorsden, 1 HuRSTON dwelling. 
Trevorv-A, -oe, t. on the good road 

{vor da), T. ! ? marsh {morva) t. ; 

or, i.q. Trewartha. 
Trevos-a, -e, fortified (fos, a trench, 

wall, 2^i- fossoif) t., Pr.; maid or 

virgin's {mos) t, H.; ? Iosa's h. 
Trevosper, 1 VosPER house. 
Trevossel, ] Hawystl's {w.) town. 
Trevost-a, -er, ? Foster house. 

TrEVOTH-AN, -en, '? i.q. TrEVATHAN. 

Trevotter, ? Otter's dwelling. 
Trevounance, deep {imon = down) 

or low t. in the valley (nans), Pr. ; 

i.q. Trevaunance. 
Trevow-a, -ah, 1 cave (fow) town. 
Trevowhan, low (doicn) t., T.C. 
Trevoyan, ] i.q. Trevine. 
Trevozvowe, 16 ce7it., Trevose 

cave (foiv). 
Trevrance, n.f., 1 Trevorians. 
Trevrane, n.f., 1 crow (bran), or 

king's (brcnin, w.) t.; or, i.q. Tre- 


Trevrone-ck, -k, i.q. Trefronick. 
Trevrea = HiL- (bre) ton. 
Trevreesa, i.q. Trefresa. 
Trevreke, ? i.q. Treberick. 
Trevret, d.d., ford {red) t., TF.S. 
Trevrgen, d.d., i.q. Trevergen. 
Trevrida, % Frittag's {t.) dwelling. 
Trevrnivet, d.d., dwelling {trev) by 

{ar) the palace {nevat, gaid), or 

wood {nemet,, TF.S. 
Trevry, dwelling on the round hill 

(fry). Ft.; high d., RJF. 
Trevrys, t. on a small round {vrys, 

breast) hill, Pr. ; i.q. Trefrize, 
Trevthal. d.d., i.q. Treuthal. 
Trevu, m., prospect place, or place 

of the view {vu, Lh.), G.S. 
Trevurrow, n.f., i.q. Trewarra. 
Trevurvas, ? Barwis house. 
Trevu-ssa, -se, -zza, i.q. Trevosa. 
Trevy-ados, -as, i.q. Treviades. 
Trevydar, 1 i.q. Treviderow, p. 
Trevydran, i.q. Trevedran. 
Trevye, 1 river- (wy) ton, P. 

Trevygham, 0., i.q. Trebicen. 
Trevylyan, i.q. Trevelyan. 
Trevysyns, o.n.f, li.q. Tresance. 
Trevyrick, 1 i.q. Trevorick. 
Trevyvyan, i.q. Trevivian. 
Trew, ] hi^h {nch), or yew (yio) t. 
Trewa, ? higher {ucha, w.) town. 
Trewaddra, 1 i.q. Trewartha. 
Trewaffe, o.n.f, 1 i.q. Trewoof. 
Trew AGE, o.n.f, 1 i.q. Treweege. 
Trewa-l, -ll, d.d. -le, ? wall {gival) 
t., JF.S.; «'.y. Treuhall. 


Trewall-a, -ow, .^ lower {icallach) t. 
Trewall-an, -and, d.d. -en, ] i.q. 

Trev ALLAN. 
Trewan, ? i.q. Trevan. 
Trewandra, oak hill {ban derow) h., 

P. ; 1 dwelling {trev) by the oaks 

{an derow), or on oak down {givon). 
Trewane, i.q. Trewen, p. 
Trewan-et, -net, -ta, d.d. -t, 1 i.q. 

Treveneth; ivant, a mole, m.c. 

Trewar, 1 careful {tvar, Pr.) h., P. 
Trewarak, o.n.f, i.q. Trevorick. 
Trewar-as, -ras, i.q. Tregav arras 
Treward-a, -er, li.q. Trewartha. 
Trew ARD ALE, 1 d. by the high moor 

{tvarth lial), P., or in the dale {dol); 

or, i.q. Trewothall. 
Trewardrevah, % Trewarth by 

the oaks {deroiv), or water-place 

Trewarlet, ? meadow {gweirglawdd, 

w.) house {tre), or land {tir). 
Trewarlethan, i.q. Tremelethen 
Trewahmet, 1 i.q. Trewarveneth. 
Trewarnayl, i.q. Tywarnhaile. 
Trewarne, 1 alder {givarn) town. 
Trewarnevas, 1 upper {warth) little 

{nebas) h.. P.; li.q. Trenevas. 
Trewarr-A, -ah, play {giuare, w. 

cJmareu) t.. P.; or,i.q. Trewartha 
Trewarry, 1 i.q. Trevorr-ow, -y. 
Trewarth, high {warth) town, Pr. 
Trewartha, higher {wartha) t, Pr. 
Trewarthan, 1 i.q. Trewartha 




Vean, little {hean) Trewartha. 

Trewarthenick, higher town by 
the {an) creek (gioic), or rivulet 
l^ck), Pr. ; ? i.q. Trewithenick. 

Trewarthian, n.f., i.q. Trevarth-. 

Trewarton, % d. on the hill {war 
dun) ; or, i.q. Trewarthan. 

Trewarva, 1 marsh (morva) town. 

Trewarval, 1 i.q. Tremorell. 

Trewar -veneth, -neth, 13 cent. 
-VENE, house upon (war) a hill 
{meneclh), P. ; ? hill house (ireva). 

Trewarwick, i.q. Trevorick. 

Trewashford, 1 1 d. hj the ash, or 
sheep washing ford. 

Trewashmond, 1 d. by the entrench- 
ment (fos) on the hill {inonedh), P. 

Trewasick, i.q. Trevassack. 

Trewass-a, -ow, 1 i.q. Trevosa. 

Trewaste, % % i.q. Trevisquite. 

Trewaters, Uhree {tri) streams (t). 

Trewathen, i.q. Trewart-hen, -on. 

Tre wathern, 1 alder or marsh (givern) 

Trewathnoe, 1 Noe's Trewartha. 

Tre WAV AS, winterly (givav-as) or ex- 
posed d., Pr. ; 1 GrWAVAS house. 

Treway, 1 Eiver- {givy) ton. 

Trewbody, n.f., faithful or trusty 
messenger (treu hodi, o.n.). 

Trewderet, d.d. (e.d.d. Trevider- 
ed), i.q. Trehudreth, orTYWARD- 

Treweatha, 1 Avidow's (gwedho) h. 

Treweathing, i.q. Trevethan. 

Trewed-ale, -ell, i.q. Trewhiddle 

Trewedna, ? white (giuednac) house. 

Trewe-ege, -ek, -ak, sweet (tvhec) 
town, Pr. 

Treween, 1 i.q. Trevean, P. 

Treweens, ? En IS house (treva). 

Trewee-r, -re, 1 i.q. Trevear. 

Treweer-es, -s, 1 maid's (givyrhes) t. 

Treweese, 1 i.q. Trevese. 

Treweet, o.n.f, i.q. Trewith. 

Trewegga, 14 cent., i.q. Trevego. 

Trewe-ll, d.d. -lle, 'Jhigh (uhel) t, 
P. ; or, i.q. Trevell. 

Trewella, 1 i.q. Trevella. 

Trewellard, ? i.q. Trevallard. 
Trewellogen, d.d., Id. on the high 

(uhel) down (goon), P. ; or, i.q. 

Trewe-n, -nn, fair (given) t., or place 

of innocence, Pr. ; white h., JVh. ; 

1 St. AVenn's t. ; p.s. not known. 
Trewence, i.q. Trevince. 
Trewenethick, 14 cent., i.q. Tre- 

venethic, or Trewarthenick, 
Trewen-ick, -neck, -ack, i.q. Tre- 

winey, Tre wen, orTREWiTHENEC 
Trewen-ion, -nan, i.q. Trevanian, 

p. ; 1 Gwenan's dwelling. 
Trewent, d.d., windy (guent, wind) 

town, W.S. ; i.q. Trevint, or Tre- 

Trewerne, marsh or alder (givern) t. 
Trewerry, 1 i.q. Trever-ow, -y. 
Trewerton, i.q. Chiverton. 
Trewetha, ] widow's (gwedho) h. 
Trewethack, 1 i.q. Trevethack. 
Treweth-an, -en, -in, 1 i.q. Trev-. 
Treweth-ar, -er, ] workman's (gue- 

idvur) t., P. j or, Gwythyr's (w.) d. 
Treweth-ard, -ert, -et, '?Guaithrit's 

(B.m.) d. ; or, woodbine (gwyddfid, 

IV.) house ; high (ard) Trewith,P. 
Trewethern, ? i.q. Trevidron. 
Trewethey, 1 i.q. Trevethey. 
Trewethick, d. in the woody place 

(guithic) ; or, i.q. Trevithick. 
Trewey, 1 = River- (gwy) ton, P. 
Trewhe-ela, -la, -lla, -low, d. by 

the works or mines (wheylou), Pr. 
Trewhele, i.q. Trenwheal. 
Trewhiddle, ? i.q. Trewardale, 
Trewidden, white (gwydn) place, C; 

or, i.q. Trevethan. 
Trewidland, 1 Gwyddelan's (w.) d. 
Trewigget, a village, little village 

(wiccet) town, Pr. ; ? Wicket's h. 
Trewiglas, i.q. Treviglas. 
Trewijack, 1 i.q. Trevisick. 
Trewill-a, n.f. -E, d.d. i.q. Trewhela 
Trewillen, d.d., cultured (givyllin, 

w.) place, JF.S.; 1 i.q. Trevilan. 
Tre willow, 1 i.q. Trevelloe. 
Trewin, white (gwyn) house, W.S.; 





dwelling on the marsh, Pr. 
Trewince, under-town, or town ex- 
posed to the weather (]), H. ; i.q. 

Trewincy, 1 Wunsie's (B.m.) d. 
Trewindle, 1 high (tal) h. exposed 

to the wind {guins), P. ; or, Gwy- 

nodl's {w.) dwelling. 
Trewin-ey, -ney, -na, -neck, -ick, 

Trewinedoi,, Venetoe's (z.) d., 

W.S. ; 1 St. GwiNEDOc's d. 
Trewin-ion, -nion, -now, d. on or 

near the marshes [win-ion, -noiv), T. 
Trewinnard, n.f., 1 Gueneret's 

(s.B.m.) d.; winnard, the red-wing. 
Trewinnel, i.q. Trewindle. 
Trewinsick, windy (guimic) h., P. 
Trewint, i.q. Trewin, Pr. 
Trewinton, spring (fenten) t., H. 
Trewin VER, 14 cent, Gwenever's d. 
Trewire, n.f., 1 battle {heir) h., P. 
Trewirg-ie, -y, i.q. Treworgay. 
Trewiscus, i.q. Treviskis. 
Trewi-se, -sh, -tch, i.q. Treweese. 
Trewitghi, d.d., now Trewithgy, 

wild-dog {gwithgi) h., W.S. ; t. of 

trees (gwith) by the river {gy), T.; 

% i.q. Treworgay. 
Trewi-th, 0. -T, ? i.q. Trevit. 
Trewitha, M.q. Trewetha. 


Trewith-an, -en, -in, t. among the 

trees (gwedh) ; or, i.q. Trevethan. 

en) on a river {en ick), T. ; 1 i.q. 

Trewither, ? Gwythyr's {w.) d. 
Trewith-ey, -y, 1 i.q. Trevethey. 
Trewithian, town of peace (?), T. ; 

•Ji.^.TREWITHAN; or, GwiTHIAN h. 

Trewitt, n.f., i.q. Trewith. 
Trewitten, ? i.q. Trewidden. 
Trewn, down {un = gioon)\iou&Q. 
Trewo-de, d.d., e.d.d. -da, % fruitful 
(voeth, Pr.) farm, P. ; or, i.q. Tre- 


Trewolf, o.n.f, i.q. Trewoof. 

Trewoll-a, -ah, -ack, -ock, -ick, 

-ECK, lower (wollach) town, Pr. 
Trewoll-and, -en, 1 dwelling {tre) by 

the lower enclosure {tcolla Ian), P. 
Trewolsta, Wulfstan's {t.) d. 
Trewolvas, 1 Wulfsige's town. 
Trewon-al, -val, -wel,"? Cunowal's 

or Manuel's dwelling. 
Trewon-ard, -nard, Wonard's t.; 

or,z.5.TREVENARD or Trewinnard 
Trewood, li.q. Trevoet. 
Trewoodla, ] Gwodloew's dwelling. 
Trewoof, place frequented by, or 

town of blackbirds (moelh), or 

■2 the rookery, Pr. ; t. of obyam, 

H.; 1 smith's {gof) h.. P., or Wolf s h. 
Tbewool-a, -ick, i.q. Trewolla. 
Trewoon, down {gwon) house. 
Trewoosel, 1 moor wood {cus hal) 

house {tre), P. ; % Hawystl's (w.) h. 
Treworder, 1 i.q. Trevorder. 
Trewordra, 1 i.q. Trewardreva. 
Treworell, 16 cent, % i.q. Tre- 

wothall, or Trewardale. 
Treworg-an, -en, ? Wurcon's d. 
Treworg-ans, -ens, i.q. Trevorg-. 
Treworg-ay, -ey, -y, d. by the 

water, or just above the water 

(tvorgy), Pr.; or, i.q. Treworthgy 
Trewor-ick, -k, -ock, -rock, -rack, 

0. -EC, -KE, i.q. Trevorick. 
Trewor-l, -ld, 1 i.q. Trewarlett, 
Treworl-as, -is, town on the high 

{warth) green {las), Pr. 
Treworn-an, -on, i.q. Trevernon. 
Treworr-a, -ow, ? i.q. Trewarra. 
Trewortha, i.q. Trewartha. 
Trewor-than, -then, -ten, i.q. 

Treworthat, 1 dwelling over (war^A) 

a wood {coat). 
Treworthgy, 16 cent, i.q. Tre- 

WORTHY, house on {warth) a hedge 

{ce), T. ; % Gwardogwy's {w.) h. ; 

or, i.q. Treworgy. 
Trewor-vack, -WICK, i.q. Trevo- 

RiCK, or Trerabog. 
Treworval, li.q. Tremorell. 
Treworveneth, i.q. Trewarve-. 




Trewosel, 1 Hawystl's (w.) d. 

Trewoth-ack, -ick, -ike, noted or 
known {icoth-k) t., Pr. ; t. on the 
ivood, or known or noted (woth) 
creek or bosom of Avaters (ike), H.; 
t. on {toarth) the water or creek 
{id), D.G.; 1 i.q. Trewarthenick 

Trewo-thall, alias -rthall-thell, 
] d. on the river {warth hayl^, or 
moor dial) ; or, Irishman's {gwodh- 
al) dwelling. 

Trewother, 1 i.q. Trewartha. 

Trewrath, alias Trevarth. 

Trewr-en, -ing, -ong, -on, wren's 
t., H. ; place of alder trees (gicern, 
gwarn), T.C.; 1 Uren's dwelling. 

Trewrickle, ■? d. on the tide {trig) 
river {hail), P. ; 1 Argall house. 

Trewsen, n.f., i.q. Trevisan. 

Trewthans, li.q. Trethanas, 

Trewulveses, t. of help, aid, suc- 
cour {tdjjh, s.), H. ! = Trevelva 
WOLLAS & WARTHA, higher and 
lower Trevelva. 

Trewy, 1 = Eiver- {givy) ton, P, 

Trewynian, i.q. Trewinnion. 

Trewyn-s, -t, i.q. Trevint. 

Trewythe, o.n.f., i.q. Trewith. 

Trewythenick, i.q. Trewithenick 

Treyamon, Hamon's {t.) house. 

Treyard, o.n.f., Vi.q. Trewethard. 

Treydurf, 0., i.q. Tywardreath. 

Treyean, 1 i.q. Trevean, P. ; or, 
Trekean ; or = tir ean, lamb land. 

Treyeo, 1 Yeo's h. ; or, i.q. Treyew. 

Treye-r, -ere, 'i i.q. Treheer, 

Treyeur, ? gold {eur), or goldsmith's 
{eure) h. ; or, i.q. Treyer. 

Treyew, above {yiih) or upper t., Pr. 

Treyone, li.q. Treon. 

Trey's Mill, ? = Trese mill. 

Trezalli-on, -ng, li.q. Tresillian. 

Trezawsan, i.q. Tresawsan. 

Trezeb-all, -el, colt's (ebol) t, Po.; 
1 lower {isa) d. by the pool {pol) ; 
or, = trusebal, the herb colt's-foot. 

Trezean, % i.q. Tregian. 

Trez-ebutt, -ibbet, 1 lower {isa) 
dwelling {tre) by the grave (bedh). 

Trezeda, iSeidi's {w.) house. 
Treze-la, -el a, salt {zal) town, Pr.; 

Zeala house. 
Trezell-and, -in, -ing, % Salenn's 

{s.Bm.) dwelling. 
Trez-ize, n.f., -eze, —tre yz, place 

for corn, Pr.; % Saxon's {sais) town. 
Trezoddern, i.q. Tresadarn. 
Trezouian, % i.q. Tresavean. 
Trezowan, ? Sauuin's town. 
Triago, n.f., i.q. Trejago. 
Triangle Field, '\ three-corner {ongl, 

w.) field; or, i.q. Treungle. 
Tri-ble, -bble, n.f., li.q. Trebell. 
Tricarn, 1 three {tri) cams. 
Trick, n.f, 1 i.q. Trigg. 
Tricklodevas, 1 = tre gweal o devas, 

sheep-field house. 
Tri-coi, -goi, d.d., i.q. Trecut. 
Triddon, n.f, 1 i.q. Tredidon. 
Trigance, n.f, ? i.q. Tregunnus. 
Trigandenon, 1 = tregva an denon, 

the dwelling of men, Po. 
Triganien, = tre gan jein, d. with 

cold, Pr. ; 1 i.q. Treganian, 
Trigantan, 1 Canotinn's {w.) d. 
Trigavaras, = trigou varas, dwellers 

in the ways, Pr.; h'.^.TREGAVARRAS 
Triga-vethan, 0. -meddon, dwell- 
ers in the meadows, Pr.; i.q. Trega- 
Trigavithick, i.q. Tregavithick. 
Trigg, an inhabitant {trig), Car. ; 

ebb of the sea, or on the sear 

shore, Pr.; third [hundred], G. 
Trigg JAGO, Tridjaka, i.q. Triago. 
Triggs, ? i.q. Tregoose. 
Trigondale, i.q. Tregondale. 
Trilltan, ? Lleon's or Elian's (w.) d. 
Trimble, n.f, 1 i.q. Trembel. 
Trimlett, n.f, 1 i.q. Tremble ath. 
Trimmer, n.f, 1 i.q. Tremear. 
Trinder, n.f, 1 i.q. Tregender. 
Tringy, 1 d. by the river {gy). 
Trin-ick, -nick, -k, ? i.q. Treneage 
Trinniman, n.f, i.q. Trenemean. 
Tripcony, n.f, 1 i.q. Tregony. 
Triplet, li.q. "Tremble ath. 
Tripp, n.f, from scaling [a wall] 

nimbly, Lo.; 'i = ti-egva, a dwelling. 



Triscobays, i.g. Trescobeas. 
Triscott, n.f., 1 Trawiscoit. 
Triskey, Mq^. Treviskey. 
Trispan, i.^. Trevispan. 
Triste, w./., ? - trist, sad, sorrowful ; 

or, i.q. Trewest. 
Tritha-l, -ll, i.q. Treuthal. 
Trivet, o.n.f., 1 i.q. Trevit. 
Trizacks, 1 i.q. Drysack-s. 
Troad, 11./., i.q. Troote. 
Troan, down (oon, woon, givon) t. ; 

or = iron, a nose, promontory, hill. 
Troance, ] Ines lands (tirou). 
Troden, n.f., a starling (troden). 
Trolenwith, o.n.f., ] ] = tre hal en- 

wydh, d. on the moor of ash-trees. 
Trolvis, 1 i.q. Treolvis. 
Tr-on, -oon, -one, i.q. Troan. 
Tro-osel, -sal, -sel, -swell, 1 Ha- 

wystl's (w.) dwelling. 
Tro-ote, -oute, -ote, -tt, n.f., li.q. 

Trewode; or = troet, a turtle dove. 
Trotter, n.f, 1 bed (trot) of a river 

(dour, water), P.; 1 = darador, door- 

(darat) keeper, i.q. Porter. 
Trounce, n.f, 1 i.q. Troance. 
Trounson, 1 council (son, a speech) 

oaks (derow), P. ; or = tre rounsan, 
. ass town. 

Trouthel, d.d., % i.q. Treuthal. 
Trove, a dent, pit, cave, or valley (?), 

H. ; i.q. Trev^^oof. 
Troverrow, n.f., i.q. Treverra. 
Trow-all, -ell, % = tirou hal, moor- 
lands ; or, i.q. Treval. 
Trows A, 1 lower (isa) lands (tirou). 
Tr-owse, -oyes, -uas, ? outer [aues) 

lands {tirou), or oaks (derow). 
Truan, a nose, beak, promontory 

{tron), H. ; U.q. Trevan. 
Trubody, n.f, i.q. Trewbody. 
Truby, 1 i.q. Trebigh. 

Truburrows, ? three {tri) barrows. 

Truck, 1 i.q. Tregva, P. 

Truck Field, 1 manure (otrach) field 

Tru-dgeon, -gan, -geon, -ncheon, 
n.f, i.q. Tregian; or = trodzhen, 
a starling. 

Truen, i.q. Trewen, R.E. 

Trugo, 1 = trev gof smith's h., E.TF. 

Truman, n.f, 1 rock (inaen) of com- 
passion (trueth), P. ; or, i.q. Tre- 

Trumball, nf., i.q. Trembel. 

Trumlett, n.f, 1 i.q. Trembleath. 

Trummer, n.f, 1 i.q. Trerummer, 

Trungle, ? i.q. Treungle. 

Trurabo, i.q. Treraboc. 

Truras, % i.q. Tregavarras. 

Trur-en, -an, n.f, ? i.q. Trewren, 
or Trevrane. 

Truro, li.q. Trefrew.* 

Truscott, ? i.q. Trawiscoit; or, 
door (daras) of the wood (coat), 

Trus-el, -sel, 1 i.q. Treroosel. 

Trusham, nf., ? i.q. Trevissam. 

Trust AR, n.f., 1 = troster, a beam, 
rafter, P. ; or, i.q. Trevoster. 

Truth-al, -all, -wall, -well, bar- 
ren {troth) moor {hal), or, entrance 
(darat) of the moor, or, = tre uhal, 
high t., Pr. ; li.q. Trethall. 

Truth-am, -an, -on, the {an) trout 
{triid), H. ; 1 1 trout river (avon, 
aun), or home {ham, s.). 

Truth AN-CE, -s,from same ; or, 1 foot 
(triiit) of the valley {nans). 

Truthurst, 1 "I entrance {darat,door) 
of the wood {hurst, t). 

Truy-an, -en, ] i.q. Trew-an, -en. 

Try, ? = ty ruy, king's house, T. C. ; 
or, tre gwy, dwelling by the river. 

Try Corner Field, 1 three- {tri) 
cornered field, i.q. Triangle. 

* 0. Teiverv, Teiueku, Teuueku, Teeueu, Teeweew, Teueu, Teueow, Teueoe,= 
tri ru, three ways or streets, Cam., Car., T., Pr., Po., Spry, R.W. i—tre vorou or uorou, 
town of or on the ways, B. •,=tre uru or uro, town or castle upon the river, Wli. [uro, 
? pi. of ur, a boundary, Fenton) -,—16 river-eu, -ou, town on the rivers, Hing.; = trev a rhiiv, 
place or village, at the slope or declivity, in the road or way, ilf'L. ; ? ?=fre u eru, 
dwelling above the field ; or, tirou rhiw, lands on the slope ; cf. Teevoeeow, Teewaeea, 
&c. The manor is Teueo and Teeyew ; c.d. St. Mary.— Teueo Yean, little Teueo. 



Trysack, i.q. Drysack. 

Trythall, n.f., li.q. Truthal. 

Tryth-an, -en, 1 = tv. Treidhyn, a 
ridge of high ground running into 
a vale, Po. IV. ; or, furze (eiihin) 
land (tir), or house (tre). 

Trythogga, ? = ^(7. treidhiog, pene- 
trating, E. JF. ; vile (hogen) harlot 
{druth), P. ; see Kethogga. 

Tube, n.f., '\ = tuhm, hot, P. 

Tube- AN, -on, 1 i.q. Park T urban. 

Tub-by, -mas, w./., = Thomas, Car. 

Tub Field, 1 dry-dung {tab) field. 

Tuck, n.f., 1 = tyac, Farmer. 

Tucker, n.f, ? i.q. Toker. 

Tuck Mill, fulling mill, t. 

TucKiNGMiLL, same ; c.d. All Saints. 

{cus) house {tji). It'll. ; wood side 
itu), Pr. ; d.d. TucowiT, hence 
DoGOOD, Toogood, n.f. 

TuDUD\VELL, 1 tudwal's (lo.) h. (ty). 

TUKE, 7?./., Ill.y. TyACK. 

Tula-, Tule-,Tulu-mena, the holed 

{tol, a hole) stone (niaen), Pr. 
Tull, %./., 1 i.q. Toll. 
TuLLA-, Tulli-maar, 1 great {mear) 

hole (tol) or height {tal). 
Tullok, n.f, i.q. Tallack. 
Tungay, n.f, i.q. Tangey, = tongay, 

a break in a field, to., Pi. IV. 
Turfrey, nf., i.q. Trefry, Ch. 
TuRGOiL,f/.f/. watch (qoil) tower (hir), 

IV.S. ; % i.q. Trecarrel, J.Ca. 
Turkey Park, 1 otter (dourgi), or 

turf hedge or water dike {durgy), 

or turkey close {pare). 
Turmullton, 1 i.q. Dormullion. 
Turn a Penny, 1 "i turnip {turnupan) 

field (hay). 
Turnavore, = tur an vaur, the great 

tower, P. ; or, turn of the road 

(fordh, for), i.q. TuRNAWAY, t. 
Turnawin, 1 = tur an wyn, the white 

tower, P. ; or, i.q. Trenavin. 
Turnemere, 1 great {mear) turn. 
TuRNEY, nf., 11 i.q. Trevarnick. 
TuRSCOT, short {cot) or low tower 

(tur), Pr. ; 1 i.q. Truscott. 

TuTTON, 1 = todn, lay ground, P. 


Tweena-, Twene-, Twin-, Twin- 
NEY A-WAYS, [field] between the 
roads, t., M'L. 

TwELVEHEADS, [stamping-miU for 
crushing ore, with] twelve heads or 
crushers, t. 

Twelve-, Twivel-wood, Twell-, 
TwiLL-HOOD, [near] two ivoods, t., 

Twopenny Field, 1 i.q. Dobna. 

Tyac-k, -ke, n.f, farmer, husband- 
man {tyac). 

Tybe-sta, -ister, house {ty) for cat- 
tle, Pr. ; h. of good {da) prayer 
{pysy, to pray), H. ; ^ = iy bedJum, 
house of graves, M'L. 

Tyddy, n.f, 1 i.q. TiDDY ; or, = ty du, 
black house. 

Tye Close, 1 house {ty), or adit or 
drain {tye, Pr.) close. 

Tyecombe, Tye valley ; or, vale h. 

Tyer, n.f., 1 = tyor, a thatcher, slater, 

Ty-es, -as, nf., 0. Teutonicus, Lc, 
the Teuton ; {tus, ties, people). 

Tyeth, nf., 1 i.q. Tre WITH, or Ty- 

Tymannen Croft, 1 butter {manen) 
house {ty) croft. 

Tymerelham {alias Temple Park), 
i.q. Timberlham. 

Tyna-l, -ll, 1 i.q. Tywarnhaile, 

Tyncombe, n.f, i.q. Tincomb. 

Tynes, i.q. Tines. 

Tynney, nf., i.q. TiNNY. 

Tynton, i.q. Tinten. 

Typpet, n.f, i.q. Tippet, 

Tyrack, 1 1V. tynvch, towering, R. W.; 
or, i.q. DOUROCK. 

Tyrrell, n.f., ? royal {real) land. 

Tyrwhitt, n.f., ? swelling {chwydh) 
land {tir), R. IV. ; or, wood {cicit) 1. 

Tyserd, n.f, li.q. Tresarret. 

Tywardreath, dwelling {ty) upon 
[or above] {war) the sandy beach 
{treath), Pr. ; Car. Trewardreth, 
sandie t.: JF.IF. Tywoodreth; 





1 Uctred's, orWuathrit's {iv.B.m.) 
dwelling ; jJ.s. St. Andrew. 
Tywarnha-ile, -le, house on the 
salt-water-river {an hayl), T. ; h. 
on the moor {hal), B.IF.; 


Tyze-er, -r, 11. f., % Lq. Tresare. 


CTRED, td.d., mind council, t, Y. 
Uda-le, -l, n.f., yew dale, Lo. 
Ud-ay, -e, -y, n.f., 1 yew {yw) house 

{ty) ; or, i.q. Eade. 
Udder, ] = y divr, the water, to. ; or, 

swelling {ut) in the water (dour), P. 
Udnow, i.q. Uthno. 
Ugbere, i.q. Ogbere, Pr. 
Ugothawr, 1 cave {ugo) by the 

water {dour). 
Ulfric, B.m., wolf rule, t 
Ulfrit, B.m., wolf peace, t 
Ulnodestone, d.d., enclosure of 

Ulnod,, wolf compulsion, t. 
UlSI, t.d.d., i.q. UULFSIE. 
Ulward,, wolf guard, t. 
Under Ditch, 1 1 half {hanter), or 

under DiTCHi Park. 
U. GuLLis, half or under Gullies. 
U. Hays, half or under Heyes. 
U. HILL, 1 low on the hill, t. 
U. Lake, 1 below the brook, t. 
U Leach, 1 1 below the flat stone 

U. Park, lower close (pare), t. 
U. Shipping, 1 lower Shippen Park. 
U. Tor, ? below Torr. 
U.-TOWN, -TON, 1 lower, or under, or 

half town-place [field]. 
U. WAY, under or lower road [field]. 
U. wiDDEN, under Park Widden. 
U. WOOD, lower or under wood [f.]. 
Unjew, ] i.q. Angew. 
Unn Goth, ? old (coth), or wood 

(coat) down (givon, goon, oon). 
Uny Lelant, i.q. Lelant. 
Upcott, 1 higher cottage, t. ; or, 

Ubba's (t.) wood (coat). 
Updown, 1 higher down, t. 
Upham, ] higher Ham, t. 

Uphill, ? higher on the hill, t. 
Upton, 1 higher, or Ubba's (/.) en- 
closure or farm {tan, s). 
Uragh, Switch's (wrach, w.) [rock]. 
Urban, o.n.f., 1 from Treverbyn ; 

or = Urhanus, civil, courteous, lat. 
Uren, n.f., % i.q. iv. Urien, = ouranios, 

heavenlyj^'r.,!^.; 1 = eurin,go\AQW,w. 
Urlick, n.f, 1 i.q. Harlake. 
UsPAR, nf., i.q. Vosper, Ch. 
Ustick, n.f., '\ = E'Wstic, a St. Juster, 

W.C.B. j^ysfig, studious, learned, 

or yuh sick (1), a high place, Pr. ; 

fair {teg) nightingale {ens, B.), H. 
Utarth, high {arth) swelling (ut, 

uth), Pr. ; V. Earth. 
Utfold, % out (ut, s.) fold (fald, s.). 
Uthnance, i.q. Huthnance, 1 high 

{huth) valley, or valley of delusion 

{huth, Pr., affliction, B.J'F.), or 

grief (cuth), Ch. 
Uthno, high bare (no = noath) place, 

or naked exposure, Dr. ; see Per- 

RAN Uthno. 
UuLFSiE, w.B.m. = JFolfsige, wolf 

victoiy, s. 
UxELA, Ptol, = uchel, high {uJcsala, 

scms.). Cam. ; uisc heli, salt water, 


THE V A, 1 ma, va, a place, B. IF. 

Vagga, 1 i.q. VuGA, or 

Vag-hue, -ue, ] = vachow, pi. ofmagh, 

a field, B. JF. ; or = bach, little, or 

vug, a hollow. 
Valanbounder, ? = gwal an houncler, 

the lane or boundary wall. 
Valdo, 1 1 = giveal dour, waterfield. 
Valean, 1 - gwcd vean, little wall ; 

or, gwecd can, lamb field. 
Valenoweth, n.f, i.q. Vellanow-, 
Vallack, n.f, } — gwalac, fenced. 
Valley Truckle, 1 1 i.q. Glendor- 

gal j or,GwEAL- or Park-Truckle 
Vallins, 1 = gweal eanes, lambs' field. 
Vallitort, o.n.f., = de valle torta, of 

the winding vale, lat.. Cam. 
Valnoweth, 1 new (nowedh) field. 



Van, 1 = ban, height, high. 

Vance Loe, ^barrow [loio, t.) valley 

{nans), 31' L. 
Vandernail, 1 = [pare] vounder an 

haijl, lane close by the river, P. 
Vandrack, 1 i.q. Park an Turk. 
Vandwell, ? 1. i.q. Park an Tule. 
Vane, 1 i.q. Vean, or Van. 
Van YEAR, great {mear) Van. 
Varewash, r i.q. Fairwash. 
Varf-ell, -ull, 1 great {mear) field. 
Varne Ground, f.m., 1 [sea] fern 

[fishing] ground, T.Q.C. 
Vartha, ?i./., i.q. Wartha. 
Vasnoon, n.f., 1=fos an oon, wall 

or intrenchment on the down. 
Vau, ==foio, a cave. 
VAUGHAN,n./., = w. SacAaw, little man 
Vau Laz, 1 grey or green {glas) cave 

Vause, n.f., ? i.q. Fos. 
Vautier, n.f, = Walter, /. 
Vaux, o.n.f., = vaulx, valley, /., Cam. 
Vawden, ] hill (din) cave (foiv) ; or, 

i.q. Bawden. 
Veab, n.f, Ifrom Mabe or St. Veep. 
Veale, n.f, a calf, /., Lo. ; = Veli, t, 

F. ; or, i.q. Gweal. 
Vean, nf., = bean, little, 
V. Garrick, little rocky [field]. 
V. Forth, i.q. Forth Bean. 
Vear, n.f, 1 = mear, vear, great. 
Veare Meadow, 1 great meadow. 
Vease, n.f, Ifrom Trevease. 
Veatonwind, 1 =fenten wint, wind, 

i.e., windy well. 


Vee Lane, 1 i.q. Valean. 

Veen, n.f., = bean, little. 

Vegan Pool, '? little (becJian) pool. 

Veitch, n.f, 1 = bich, little. 

Vel an town, 1 field {giveal) by the 

(an) toivn or farm-place. 
Velan Tremayne, Tremayne's mill. 
Velhuish, n.f, i.q. Melhuish. 

-drockye, i.q. Mellandrucha. 
Velin-hagen, -nogen, mill where 

loaves or pies (? hogen) are sold, B. 

Vellacot, 71. f, 1 = gweal a coet, wood 

field; or, cott&ge field, t. 
Vellan Alsa, mill {inelin) on the 

cliff {ah), Pr. 
V. brane, rookery [bran, a crow) 

mill, Pr. ; ] crow field. 
V. Dreath, ? strand {treath) mill. 
V. eusan, chaff {iision) mill. 
V. goose, wood {cus) mill. 
V. Gove, smith's mill; or, = gweal 

an gof, the smith's field. 
V. oweth, i.q. Mellanoweth. 
V. Point, yellow {melyn) point, C. 
V.-Sargan,-serjan, -serga, -sager, 

sieve mill, JF.B. 
V. Saundry, Sanders' mill. 
V. Seth, dry (sech) mill, Pr. ; or = 

giueal an seth, field of the arrow. 
V. USAN, chaff (usion) mill. 
V. Vrane, i.q. Vellan brane. 
V. Vros, great (bras) mill, Pi. W. 
Vell Bridge, % bridge field (giueal). 
Vellen Close, 1 i.q. Park Vellan. 
Vellenzer,??,./., 1 «'.(^. Vellansargan 
Vellies, ] = giveal haiz, barley field. 
Vellin Antron, ? Antron mill. 
Vell-inoweth, -nowarth, -oweth, 

n.f, i.q. Mellanoweth. 
Vellons, ■? lambs' (eanes) field. 
Velmers, ?^■.5'. Gullymears. 
Velves, 1 lark (melhues) [field] ; or, 

i.q. Gwellvez. 
Ven, Venn, 1 i.q. Vean, or Penn. 
Venard, n.f, li.q. Maynard. 
Ven Close, li.q. Pengullas. 
Vendeller, ] back (delhar) little 

(bean) [field], or well (fenten). 
Venden Cock, cuckoo (gog) well, P. 
Vender Close, 1 bottom (goles) well 

(fenten) ; or, well close. 
Vendith, 1. heath (heyth) well. 
Vendown, ? well down. 
Veney, stones (pi. of maen), R.W. 
Venhail, alias Penhaile. 
Venhill, same; or = Ven hill. 
Venlock Meadow, ^ Benallock w. 
Venman's Hill, ? Beniamin's MIL 
Vennacombe, n.f, 1 stony (maenic), 

or marshy (winnic) vale. 




Vennard, n.f., i.q. Maynard. 
Venne, ? i.q. Ven. 
Venner, n.f., li.q. Mennear. 
Vennies, 1 i.q. Mennies. 
Venning, n.f., Ifrom Trevenen. 
Ven Park, Ven close. 
Venscowan, 1 elder-tree (scawan) 

well (fenteii). 
Venson, Isame; or, i.q. Fenton, P. 
Ventaluna, 1 1 joyous (loivannec) 

well; or, i.q. Penaluna. 
Ventanego, Uago's, or smith's (gof), 

or wood (coat) well. 
Ventangay, i.q. Fentongay. 
Vent an League, ^■.(?. Ventonleage 
Ventanvose. i.q. Ventonvose. 
Venterdon, 1 spring (feiiten) on the 

hill {er dun). 
Venteronisick, 14 cejit, 1 lower 

(isach) spring or well {fenten). 
Vent Field, spring, or wind {gwent, 

a.), or wheat (gwaneth) field. 
Ventilease, i.q. Fenderlease. 
Ventine, 1 cold {iein) well. 
Ventom, n.f., i.q. 
Venton, i.q. Fenton. 
V. Allen, ? St. Allen's well. 
V. Allies, 1 Hallaze well. 
V. ARA, li.q. Fentonare. 
V.-barren, -berren, ? St.Piran's w. 
V. CoosE, i.q. Ventongoose. 
V. Davey, Davey's {n.f) well. 
V.-EAGE, -neage, sweet {whec) well, 

H.T.; mossy (neag, moss, £.) w.,Pr. 
V. east, 1 St. Just's well. 
V. ends, 1 Enas well. 
V. ERRAN, 1 silver (arian, w.) well. 
V. erth, ? St. Erth's well. 
V. Feathers, ? martyrs' {merthyr-s) w. 
V. gees, 1 1 common (ces) spring. 
V. Ghost, 1 haunted well. 
V. Gilbert, Gilbert's well. 
V. gimps, i.q. Fentongymps. 
V. gine, cold (jmi) well, T.C. 
V. glaster, ] pebbly (ceUesier) well. 

V.-glider, -glidor, -gleddor, -glid- 

DOR, -gilder, i.q. Fentengleder. 
V. gollan, i.q. Fentongollan. 

V. goose, i.q. Fentongoose. 

V. Goth, old (coth) well. 

V. GREAN, 1 gravel [grean) well. 

V. home, Wholly (/w/??2,)or home spring 

V. HORN, % iron {horn), or corner s. 

V. JEAN, ? ox (udzheon), or giant's 

{ghean, B.), or cold {jein) well. 
V. Ladock, St. Ladoca's well. 
V. LEAGE, 1 flat-stone {lech) well. 
V. Ley, i.q. Fentaley. 
V. Moor, ] 1 great {mcmr) well. 
V. OOAS, ? outer {ernes) spring. 
V. RASE, 1 middle {ores) spring. 

V. PtEMFRY, ReMFRY's well. 

V. RiGAN, i.q. Fentrigan. 

V. Saw, spring near the zaioan or cleft 

with water at the bottom, E.G.H. 
V. Sawen, the healing well, Gw. ; 

or, i.q. Fentonscauan. 
V. Uny, St. Uny's well. 
V.-A^ANE, -VEAN, little (bean) well. 
V. Vaul, ^ ] Paul's well. 
V.-VEASE, -VEZ, i.q. F. Vease. 
V. Vedna, i.q. Fenton Vedna. 
V. Veor, great {mear) well. 
V. Verth, green {gwirclh) spring, Pr. 
V. ViDON, 1 little {hecln) spring. 
V. Vine, .^ little {bichan) spring. 
V. VosE, -well of the VosE. 
V. Vyvian, Vivian's well. 
V.-wiN, -WYN, white (gwpi) spring. 
V. zeath, dry (seek) well, Pr.; Iwell 

of the arrow {seth). 
Ventum Croft, •? well croft. 
Venven, 1 i.q. Venton VEAN. 
Veor Cove, i.q. Porthmere. 
Vera, 1 1 = mear hay, great close, 
Vercoe, n.f, } frorii Treworgey. 
Verdun, n.f, Ifrom Treverden. 
Vere, n.f., great {mear, vear). 
Ver-, Verr-land, 1 = ber Ian, short 

enclosure, P. ; or, far land, t. 
Verm AN, n.f, 1 = ber maen, short 

stone, P.; i.q. Berriman. 
Verne Y, n.f, 1 = gwern hay, alder or 

marsh enclosure. 
Ver-ran, -n, 1. i.q. Gwern. 
Verwell, 1 =far well; or, mear gweal, 

great field. 




Veryan, from 2).s. St. Symphorian, 
0., U.S.; ] i.q. St. Urien, u\, C.S.G. 
Vesper, n.f., li.q. Vosper. 

Vl-AL, -EL, -ELL, 11./., ? i.q. VeALE. 
Vlvn, 7i.f., little (bean, vian). 
ViBERT,?t./., = Uibertjhvight sanctity, 

t, F. 
ViccA,1 = gicie hay, village or cove field 


-CARS, n.f., from givicgur, merchant. 
A^iCE, nf., i.q. Bice. 
YiDDiCKS, nf., ■? Bidick's son. 
Viles Park, Viliz, 1 Pillas or 

skinless -oats' close {pare); or,=^ 

gweal haiz, barley field ; or, lower 

(is), or outer (ves) field. 
Villars Croft, li.q. Croft Pillas 
ViLVAH, ] = gilvach, a recess, tv., IL IF. 
ViLVOS, ] trench (fos) field (gweal). 
ViL Wares, 1 Borlase field. 

ViN-ACK, -NACK, i.q. MiNxXACK. 

ViNCE, n.f, Ifrom Trevince. 
Vincent, 'n.f, 1 i.q. Wenscnt, w. 
Vinegar Park, 1 close near the hop 

yard or garth (I vinei/ard). 
Vine Park, i.q. Park Vean or Vine 
ViNER, n.f,1 = gwinwr, vintner. 
Vineyard, 1 enclosure {yard, t.) for 

the vine (gioin), P., or \ioi>hine. 
ViNGOE, n.f, wine taster, 7F.B. ; 

wine (gicin) man (gtvr). 
Vin-ick, -nick, -ock, 1 wine (givin) 

[place], P. ; or, i.q. MiNNACK. 
Vinnicombe, n.f, li.q. Vennacomb. 
ViNOCKS, 1 stony {macnic) [fieldjs. 
ViNTER Vane, 1 i.q. Ventonvane. 
Vinton, n.f, i.q. Fenton or Winton 
Viol, n.f, 1 i.q. Veale. 
Violence, 1 = gweal eanes, lambs' 

field ; or, i.q. GuLNANCE. 
ViRGA, ? = u'or gy, above the river, P. 
ViRLANDS, 1 =far lands or fields, 
ViS-ACK, -ICK, n.f, i.q. PHYSICK. 
VisCAR, alias FiscAR. 
Visgay, 'i. pixie or fairy field (Jiay). 
VissAN, n.f., Ifrom Trevessan. 
Vivian, n.f.,=^ Fivianus, lively, lal, 

Y. ; = givy vian, small river, or, 

from clmyvyan, to escape, w., Pr. 

Vixen Park, 1 fox close, t. 
Vluinus, t.d.d., ? -^ Ulftvin, wolf 

friend, t. 
Vluric, t.d.d., i.q. Ulfric. 


Vo-AGE, -UGE, -GUE, =foc, a blowing 
house, furnace, P. ; or, givag, a 

Vo-ASE, -AZ, -CE, n.f, 1 i.q. VOSE. 

VOBEN, ? little (bean) cave (foiv). 

VOGAN, n.f, i.q. BOGAN. 

VoGO, =fogo, a cave. 

VoGUS, 1=fog gus, blowing house 

by the wood, P. ; or, bagas, a 

bush; or, i.q. B ARGUS. 
Voice, n.f, 1 i.q. Voyce. 
VoNY Park, 1 hatchet (bony) close. 
VoR Eglyx, i.q. [Park] Friggles. 
VoRG-A, -o, ? = wartJia ge, higher field, 

J.B.; or, maur ogo, great cave ; or, 

i.q. Trevorgay ; oi-, Virga ; or 
VoRGAN, 1 = morgan, sea-side, E.JV. 
VoRLAND, 1 front land or field, t. 
VoRN, 1 i.q. Park Vourne. 
VoRNER, 1 ~ gwarn hir, long marsh. 
VoRSE Field, ? =/Mr3/eM, t; or, i.q. 
VoRV-AS, -ES, 1 outer (ves), or good 

(mas) road (fordh, vor). 
VosE, i.q. Foss, or BOASE. 
VosKELLY, ? grove (celli) Foss. 
Vosp-AR, -ER, -UR, nf., ? pure or 

immaculate (j;?w) virgin (mos),H.; 

1 VosE close (pare), or cove (porth). 
VossA, n.f, 1 i.q. BuzzA. 
VossALL, 1 moor (lial) trench (fos) ; 

or, trench moor. 
VouNDER, = bounder, a lane, or feed- 
ing ground ; 1 also a boundary. 
V. AN TEARE, ? the oak (dar) lane. 
V. Gabmas, 1 crooked (cabm), or 

stile (eamfa, to.) lane [field]s. 
V. Ledan, broad (ledan) lane. 
V.-Park, -Field, lane field. 
V. Vean, little (bean) lane. 
V. Veor, great (mear) lane. 
V. Vor Lane, lane (rcdupl.) [leading] 

to the sea (mor), Gio. 
Vow, ^fow, a cave. 





VowAN GUHAON, 1 low (vown) down 
(gwon),P.; 1 cave on the (an) down. 

VowELL, 71./., 1 = viiel, humble, obedi- 
ent; or, cave hill; or, i.q. MoYLE. 

VowLE Park, ] fool's (fol) close, P.; 
or, fold, or foul c; o;',f ^.Park Vole 

Vowler's Close, 1 Fowler's (??./.) c. 

VoYCE, n.f., i.q. Bice or Boase. 

Vradden, Vradon Hay, ? crow 
(bradn, bran), i.e. rookery close 
(%), J.B. 

Vra-han, -n, rookery, Po. 

Vraze, 1 i.q. Praz. 

Vroge, 1 = v7-ach, sea-weed, a., P. 

Vrowns, 1 lambs' (eanes), or lower 
(isa), or dry (sech) hill [hrori]. 

Vug- A, -GA, i.q. Vogo. 

VuGLASs, li.q. Vau Laz. 

VuGPARC, cave close {pare). 

VuiNE, n.f, i.q. Wynn or Vivian. 

Vuller's Close, ? snail's {hidhorn) 
close, P. ; 1 Buller's close. 

Vulvers, 1 i.q. Velmers. 

Vyce, n.f, ? i.q. Bice. 

Vycoose, river {icy) wood {cus), Pr. 

Vy-ell, -oll. n.f, } i.q. Veale. 

Vyen, n.f., = Man, vyan, little, R. IF. 

Vynock, i.q. ViNICK. 

Vyvyan. 7i.f., i.q. Vivian. 


A-AD, -de, «./., 1 the herb woad, 
s. ; or = ivad, a ford, s. 

Wack Field, r emjity (givag) field. 

Wadder, n.f, ?== Walter. 

Waddon, n.f, ?ford hill (dim). 

Wadebridge, ford bridge, t. 

Wade-, Wad-land, 1 ford field (land), 
t. ; or, i.q. Wadelton, n.f, Wad- 
HEl's (1^=gicodhal, Irishman) en- 
closure (ton, t.,=^lan,'k.). 

Wadge-, Wads-worthy, Wadgery, 
Waad's farm (weorthig), t. 

Wadhaji, n.f, 1 wood home, t. 

Wadley, n.f, 1 wood jxasture, t. 

AVager, n.f., % = givicgior, merchant. 

Wagmuggle, ? - tcceg mucel, gi'eat 
road, 5. 

Wain Park, 1 waggon close, t. 

Wainslade, 1 Wynne's bottom, t. 

Wainstone, 1 i.q. Winstone. 

Waistow, 1 = wcelstoic, place of 
slaughter, or battle field, s. 

Wake, n.f., ] i.q. G"week. 

Wake-ham, -m, n.f., 1 Wake's Hasi. 

Walcot, n.f., I^ivalla coat, lower 
wood ; or, cottage near the wall, t. 

Waldon, n.f, 1 lower hill (dun). 

Wales, %./., 1 i.q. Wall-as, or -eis. 

Wales-borough,-bury, d. d. Wales- 
BRAV, Wales or Welsh burjdng 
ground, H.; 1 Welsh or foreigners' 
{wealas, s.) earthwork or hill, t. 

Walke, n.f, U'.j. Wallochus. 

WALK-0MB,-EM, n.f, i.q. WOOLCOMBE 

Wall, 1 = uhal, high ; or, gival, a 

wall ; or, giceal, a field. 
AVall-a, -ow, 'i = wallach, lower. 
Wallas, 1 same ; or, i.q. Goonlaze, 

or GwELL\rEZ, or 
Wall-eis, -is, -eys, -ace, n.f.,= 

wealisc, Welsh, foreign ; lat Wal- 

Walling Close, 1 Old-wall (gwal 

hen) close. 
Wallo, t.d.d., stranger, t., F. 
Wallochus, Bj)., 1 = gicalch, hawk,w. 
Walls Park, ? i.q. Park Wollas. 
Walrington, n.f, 1 enclosure (tun) 

of the children of Wulfhere, t. 
Walur, n.f, 1 = gwalwr, a waller. 
Wamford, n.f, ? i.q. Wansford. 
Wanderaway, 1 home (tre) or oak 

(dar) down (gwon), or meadow- 
land (giveundir, w.) by the roadside 
Wangither, 1 = gwon gudhar, mole 

Wanna, Igwonnow, downs. 
Wanneys, 1 = gwaneth, wheat, P. 
Wansford, 1 wains, i.e. wagons' ford, 

J.B. ; or Woden's or Owen's ford, t. 
Warborough, 1 guard (weard, s.) 

fortification (buT^i, s.); or, from 
Warbstow, the place (stow, s.) of 

St. Werburgha (p.s. 0.). 
Warburton, n.f, 1 Werburgha's 

town, t. 
Ward-, Wab-hill, 1 guard hill, t. 



Ware, 1 = s. wcer, a weir, dam, fish- 
pond, t. ; — guare, a play, P. 
Warfleton or Walverton, 1 Wulf- 

here's enclosure (tun, s.). 
Warlands, play (guare) enclosures 

(lan-s), P. ; 1 weir fields, t. 
Warlegg-on,-an, high (ivarth) place 

(le) on the common (givoii), Pr., or 

down, T. ; upon (ivar) the (le,f.) 

down, IFh. ; p.s. St. Bartholomew. 
Warm, n.f., 1 - wyrm, a serpent, s. 
Warmington, n.f., enclosure (tun, 

s.) of the children (m^) of Warm, t. 
Warmwood, ? alder (giuern) wood, P. 
Warne, n.f., 1 = gwern, gwarn, an 

alder or marsh ; or = weardman, 

watchman, s. 
Warn-ick, -ock, 1 marshy place. 
Warnicoat, 7i.f., 1 = gtvern coat, alder 

wood ; or, i.q. Barnicoat. 
Warnysell, o.n.f, ?low (isel) alders. 
Warrah Gweal, Warth Field, 

the Wartha, i. q. Gweal Warth a 
Warraton, higher, or play (guare) 

hill (chtn), or enclosure (tun, s.). 
Warren, the fort, APL. ; or, rabbit- 

warren ; or, i.q. Gwern. 
War-tha, -ra, higher. 
Wartha Coose. i.q. Coozwarra. 
W. Hale, i.q. Halwartha. 
Warthantre, above (icarth) the (an) 

town (tre), or sand (traith), Gw. 
Warton, % garrison (g warth, B.) hill 

(dun) ; or, upon {war) the hill. 
Washaway, entrenchment (fos) near 

the way or road, P. 
WASLEY,«./.,'?mud (ivase, s.) pasture,^. 
Waso,, =hwces, keen, bold, o.n., 

F. ; 1 = gwas, a servant (-0, dimin.). 
Wason, n.f, UVatt's or Wade's son 
Wastr-al,-ell, piece of waste land,^. 
Waterford, 1 higher (wartha) ford, 

P. ; ■? river passage, t. 
Waterleigh, 1 water pasture, t. 
Water Park, i.q. Park Water. 
Waterpit, [field by the water-pool 

or spring (wceterpytt, s.). 
Water Weeth, ? 1 higher Weeth. 
Watt, Watty, Wauter, Waters, 

Watts, "ifrom Walter or Wade. 
Waunfokd, n.f., % Woden's ford, t. 
Wavell, T.a., 1 i.q. Way Field, t. 

WaVLSH, nf., 1 i.q. G WAV AS. 

Wayland, land enclosed by the 

[Roman] road, t., 3PL. 
Waynard, n.f, li.q. Maynard. 
Wayne, n.f, 1 = waen, a plain, R. W. 
Way Park, ? road close, t. 
Waysend, 1 [Roman] road end, t. 
Wayte, nf., a watchman, t., La. 
Wayton, enclosure (tun) by the ivay 

or roadside, t. 
Weal Barrow, n^arrow field (gweal) 
We ARE, n.f., ? i.q. Ware. 
Wearing, 'M./., ? = Warin, protecting, 

or protecting friend, t., Y. ; or, 

i.q. Werring or 
Wearne, i.q. Warne. 
Weary Lands, ?green (gioir) fields,P. 
Weaver, Webbe, Webber, n.f, 1 =^ 

webbe, ivebbere, a weaver, s. 
Webbery, 1 «.(^. Web-worthy,-land, 

Webbe' s farm (weorthig, s., Ian, c). 
Webster, a female weaver, s. 
Weddon, li.q. Park Widden. 
^YEI)GKW0RTll,1JVadge or JFade's farm 
Wedlick, 1 = wcetleag, moist pas- 
ture, s. 
Wedlock, n.f, 1 wedluc, a pledge, s. 
Week St. Mary, sweet (wheg) St. 

Mary, D.G. ; village (gwic) of St. 

Mary (jy.s. 0.). 
Weel Fat, 1 = gweal varth, high field, 

P. ; or, fat or rich field. 
Weengs, % = guen-s, downs, P. 
We-eth, -ath, -ith, ? = gwaeth,Si.^Q\A., 

B. ; or, 10. gwycld, wild, unculti- 
vated; trees, shrubs. 
W. Noel, Noel's Weeth. 
Weigh Croft, ? croft by the way- 

(icceg, s,) side, t. 
Weitland, ] i.q. Languit, p. ; or, 

= wheat or wet-field, t. 
Wel-ch, -sh, n.f., i.q. Walleis. 
Welcom, % = gweal cum, valley field ; 

or, well or spring valley, t. 
Well an Drea, i.q. Gweal an Drea 
W. Boot, 1 cottage (bwth, w.) field. 



Well Carne, i.q. Gweal Carne. 

W. Cock, i.q. Gweal Cock. 

W. Dickey, 1 field with the diggy, 

or pool into which water flows 

from a shoot, JV.B. 
AVelleslegh, «./., % wells' pasture. 
Well Gooth, i.'i. Hueal Gooth. 
Well Man, stone (maeu), or narroAV 

{man) field {gweal). 
WellNor, ] = gweal an hor, the rani's 

or sister's field ; or, north field. 
Well Park, t, 1 i.q. Park Venton 
W. Vrosa, ^ tide {fros) well, P. 
W. Wrean, ? hill-side {rhyu) field. 
Welway, 1 field by the way-side ; 

or, road to the well [field]. 
Wencenethel, f.s.B.m., ? Avhite 

(given) tribe, or people, or gener- 
ation {cenedl), or linen {cendel). 
Wendeern, s.B.m., 1 white hand 

{dorn), P., or oak {derwen). 
Wend-on, -yn, n.f., 1 i.q. Wendron. 
Wendron, white hill {Iron), or thorns 

(draen), Pr. ; from p.s. St. Wen- 

drona, 0. 
Wenerieth, s.B.m., white longing 

(hireth), P ; 1 given, a plain, E. IF. 
Wengor, s.B.m. , white dwarf {cor), P. 
AVen mouth, 71./. ,1 river's {avon)month. 
Wennon, n.f., 1 white ash-trees {on). 
Wenown, white down {givon, won, on) 
Wenson, n.f, 1 = Owen's son. 

Wenton, n.f, i.q. Venton, P. 

Wenw^enthlon, s.B.m., 1 white 
besom {bannolan, w. hanadlen). 

Wenwiu, s.B.m., I^guenmdt, sagaci- 
ous, skilful. 

Werren, i.q. Warren, or 

Werring, n.f, ? leering, a dam, wall, 
bank, bulwark, rampart, s, 

Werrington, {Dev.) town of the 
Varini, I.T. ; Werring town ; 
2).s. St. Martin. 

Werry, n.f., i.q. Warren, W.B., or 

Werry Park, i.q. Park Wherry. 

Wescombe, ivest, or outer {ves) vale. 

Westanton,=%'cs< Stanton. 

West-aWay, -way, west road or path 

Westcot, west wood {coat), or cot. 

West Dole, west or outer dale {dol). 

AVest-erlake, -lake, 1 more westerly 
brook, t. 

AA^es-terland, -tra-Park, more 
westerly field, t. 

AA^'est-Lee, -LEIGH, west pasture, t. 

AVest North, %=^ves an oar, outer 
land, P. ; 1 north west [field]. 

AA^ethiven, ? i.q. AVitheyvan. 

AA^etley Field, woodplace {cult le) f 

Wev-ell, -ill, n.f, 1^=gu-efl, a lip, 
w. ; or, i.q. AVyvil. 

Wexworthy, 1 Wake's farm, t. 

AYeydowns, ? downs by the way- 
side, t. 

AVeyers, n.f, 1=giveres, to help, P. 

AYh ADDON, n.f, 1 i.q. Waddon. 

AVhale, n.f, ? i.q. AVheal. 

AV. Drain, i.q. Huel an drean. 

Whalesborough, i.q. AValesboro. 

AVhar-aton, -ton, hill {dun) of laugh- 
ter {wharthe, to laugh). P.; 1 further 
{gwarra) hill. 

AVhare, n.f, l^guctre, play, P. 

AYheal, n.f, a work, a mine ; or,= 
gweal, a field, (mostly, arable). 

W. Amena, 1::^gweal an maenor, field 
by the boundary stone. 

AY. an Boys, 1 i.q. Gweal an vez, 
or Park an Bush. 

AY. an Coats, the work {or mine, 
wheal) in the wood {coos), Pr. 

W. an Cons, ? field by the cause- 
way (coans). 

AY. AN Gogs, the hemlock (cegas) f. 

AY. AN Jethewon, the Jews' {Ed- 
hewon, B. Jethewon) work, T. 

AY. AN KiNEjImine on the ridge (cein) 

AY. AN Yean, the little {lean) field. 

W. AN VOR, work by the way- {fordh, 
vor) side ; or, the great {maur) 
work or mine, Pr. 

AY. AN AYens, 1 the wheat {gwenith) 
field, C. ; wind {givens) field, P. 

AY. AN AYren, 1 the swamp or alder 
(givern), or hill-side (rhyn) field or 

AY. AN Yet, i.q. Gweal Yate. 




W. Barlis, 1 barley (barlys) field. 

W. Barren, % crow (brahan) field. 

W. BOWEN, ? beef (howm) field. 

W. Cock, iq. Gweal Cock. 

W. Cornet, 1 corner (cornat, Lh.) f. 

W. Cre-eg, -g. 1 i.q. HuEL an Creek 

W. Desgentle, i.q. Wheal Teesg-. 

W. Dobna, Dobna field. 

W. Dower, water (doitr) field. 

W. Dreath, sandy work, Pr.; 1 mine 

on or near the strand (treath). 
W. Druckia, 1 ? mine or field near 

Velin Drucha. 
W. Garras, rough (garoio) works, 

C. ; or, i.q. Gweal Garras. 
W. Geal, 1 narrow (ml, gul, w.), or 

secret {eel, gel, w.) field, R.IF. 
W. Geer, '? camp (caer), or green 

{gear) field, or work or mine. 
W. Geever, goats' {geur, Lh.) i.,B. W. 
W. GoGUE, cuckoo {gog) field, P. 
W. Gre-an, -EN, ? gravel {grean) f. 
W. Grose, ? cross {crows) field. 
W. Gullas, ? bottom {goles) field. 
"VV. GwENS, wheat {gweneth) field, 

J.B. ; ? windy {givens, wind) field. 
W. KiNE, 1 ridge (cem) field or m. 
W. Lean, % = ^zi'gaZ ea?i, lamb field. 
W. Kessel, ? castle field or work; 

(?^t(7. cessail, a recess, hollow, arm- 
pit, i^.^F.). 
W. Magor Vean, ? Magor's little w. 
W. Malkas, 1 cursed {malegas) work 
W. Mehal, Michael's work or mine. 
W. Menas, % small {minys) field, P. 
W. Nut, ? H.(^. W. Noweth, new 

{noivedh) field, mine, or work. 
W. Owla, i.^. HuEL Howla. 
W. Owles, cliff {ah) mine. 
W. Path, ? money {hath) field, P. ; 

1.=imlt]i, open country, ^. /^T. 
W. Pee-ber, -ver, 1 piper's {pihor) f. 
"VV. Pry, clay {pri) field or work. 
W. Raven, ??buck-thorn(?7ia/?i,z^.)f. 
W. Eeeth, red {rydh) work, or open 

{rJuvydd, iv.) work or mine, Pr. 
W. Rose, mine in the vale, Pr. 
W. Sevey, % ? strawberry {sevi) field. 


W. Sheges,? Zaccheus's work or mine. 
W. Sparnon, 1 i.q. Gweal Spernon 
W. Sperris, 1 spirit or haunted m. 
W. Teesgentle, 1 ? field or work of 

the gathering together {cuntell) of 

the people {tees). 
W.-Terric, -Trick, 1 broken-up {fer- 
ric) or grave-digger's {derric) field. 
W. Treath Coath, ? 1 old {coth) 

mine near the strand {treath). 
W. Velvas, 1 lark {melhues) field. 
W. Yerisack, ? underwood {prysg)f. 
W. Vlow, 1 boy's {floh) work or m. 
W. WiDDEN, 1 white {gwydn), or little 

(5eaw, «;iW?i) field. 
Wheals, n.f., % i.q. Walleis. 
Wheel-ers, -yars, ? hens' {yar-s) f. 
Wheel Pit, 1 i^. Pol Rose. 
Whel aules, i.q. Wheal Owles. 
Whele Eglas, 1 church {eglos), or 

bottom {goles), or green down {goon 

las) field. 
Whe-ller, -eler, n.f., 1 long field 

{gweal Mr), or, = s. hweolere, a 

diviner, F. 
Whetter, n.f., 1 = gweader, weaver. 
Whidden, nf., = gwydn, white. 
Whiddon, 1 blood {guit) hill {dun). 
Whilangleuth, worke of the ditch- 
es. Car. ; ? ditch field, P. 
Whil Park, ? feast {givyl, lo.) close. 
Whim Meadow, meadow with whim 

for winding up from mine shaft. 
Whimple, 1 pool {pol) on the descent 

{guimjo, Pr.), P.; pool among the 

gorse {chwynn, w.), Pi.E. 
Whinacot, = guen coth, old down, P.; 

1 cot, wood, R. W. ; or, cottage, t. 
Whista Park, M.q. Park Quest. 
Whistle Park, i.q. Park Whistle 
Whitaburrow, % = white-barrow, t 
Whitacross, ? blood {gidt) cross, P. 
Whitamore, ? = white-moor, t 
Whitatree, % tree of blood {guit). P.; 

or, white tree, t. ; or, i.q. "Trewin. 
Whitstone, stone of blood {guit), P.-, 

or, white stone, t. ; p.s. St. Nicholas. 
Whitten, 1 i.q. Trewidden. 
Whittington, n.f, t., 1 the same. 




Whity Bush, ? ivUhj hush [field], t. 
Wic-CA, -KA, -KET, little village, Pr. 
WiCH, d.d., 1 = givic, a\illage; cove. 
WiDDA Clop Park, 1 close (jparc) of 

the lame (dof) workman {gweid- 

uur), P. 
WiDDACOT, ? wood {wudu, s.) cot, t. 
"WiDDECOMBE, n.f., 1 withj vale, t. 
WiDDEN, % little (Uan, vidn) [field] ; 

W. VoR, great {maur), or road- 

{fordh, wr) side W. ; Homer W. ; 

homeward or nearer Widden. 
Weddown, 1 ? = wide down, t. 
WiDiE, d.d., wood enclosure {hmj),t. 
Wed LAKE, lake of blood. P.; or, wide 

lake, J.B. ; or, i.q. Wed lech. 
WiDLEY, ? = giiit le, blood-place, P. 
Widnance, blood vale {nans),P.; tree 

{givedhen),or'wh.\tQ (gwydn) vale, J.B 
Wedow, n.f., ? = widu, a wood, s. 
WlGACOT,little-(t^'f^are = 5fc/irtw)wood 

(coat), P. ; or, wizard's (wigga, s.), 

or soldier's (luiga, s.) cottage, t. 
Wiggle, 1 wizard's hill, t. 
WiGGON, n.f., 'i=Uchan, vidian, little 
WiGGY, 1 soldier's field (hatj), t. 
Wilbar,? = givealbar, upper field,/.^. 
WiLBOT,? = gwealhod, field house,/.^. 
WiLCOVE, ? sail- (^027) shaped cove, 

P. ; or, well {icyl, s.) cove. 
WiLGRESS,? = 5rM;ea/^res, middle field j 

or, i.q. GwEAL Garras. 


WiLLAGE Park, 1 i.q. Willas Field, 
bottom(t4'o/a5 = givoUadi)^eld{2mrc) 

WiLLA Park Point, ? observation 
{9U"i/lfa') close (pare) imnt. 

WiLL-IAMS, -YAJMS, -lAMSON, n.f., SOn 

of WUliam = Wilhdm, resolute 
helmet, orhelmetof resolution,^., Y. 

Willow Criff, ? = loillow croft. 

W. Garth, ] i.q. Willow Garden. 

W. Horn, ?? willow corner (coni, horn) 

WiL-LS, -s, -LIS, ? i.q. Wallas. 

WiLLSHEAD, t., 1 i.q. Penfentinow. 

WiLLSWORTHY, ? Wivel's farm, s. 

Willy Downs, ] = willoio doivns. 

WiLLYER, 1 = gwealhir, long field. 

Wilmer Close, ? sea-rover or pirate's 

(giciUiner, tv.) dose. 
Wilsey, ? dry (sech) field (giveal). 
Wilton, 1 well (icyl, s.) enclosure, t. 
WiL^TEN, 1 = gioyJfaen, watch stone,w. 


Win ard's Hill, 1 red-wing (ivinnard) 

WiNCUF,^.w., strenuous (cw/,s.) strife 

(tvin, s.), F.; % wine (guin), or white 

(givy)i) belly (gof a.). 
WiNDANCE, 1 burnt (danys, fired) 

down, J.JB.; or, castle (dinas) down. 
WiNDON, white or fair hill {dun). 
Win Down, ? a reduplication, (guen, 

a down) ; or, white (gicyn) down. 
Wind Eing, ? circle on the downs, 

P.; 0?', thorny (draenic)dovni (guen) 
Wine, t.d.d., a friend, disciple; one 

beloved ; a man, s. 
Winecove, Wine's cove; or, i.q. 


Wineford, 1 Wine's ford, t. ; or, 

passage over the river (auon). 
Winefork, down (guen) over (war) 

the river (-K = gy, gwy), P. 
Win-etone, -enton, -nington, 

Wine's town, t.) or, i.q. Trewin, 

or Trewen. 
the Winger, % distant (ccr) down, P. 
WiNGLE-TON, -TANG, % St. Wengel's 

enclosure (tiiri), or tongue of land,^. 
WiNiCK, marsh (luinnic) [piece]. 
WiNiELTON, ? Guenhuel's (iv.) town. 
WiNKWELL, marshy field (giveal), or 

well ; or, = wined, a corner, s. 
WiNN, n.f, ? = giuyn, white, fair, 

blessed, to. ; or, i.q. Wine. 
WiNNEY Ham, ? marshy (icinnic) Ham 
Winning, 1 = Win-igk, -nick. 
Winnow, marshes, Pr. 
Winpole, 1 i.q. Whimple. 
WiNS-ER, -OR, tiu'key, grouse, or 

heath-cock (sar) marsh (ivi^i), Pr. 
WiNSL-ADE, -ETT, 1 Winn's bottom, t. 
WiNSLO-E, -w, n.f, ? mound (hleo, s.) 

of battle (win), Ch. ; 1 Winn's m. 
WiNSTOCK, marsh place (stoc, s.), P. ; 

or, = WiNSTOW, place for conflict, s. 




AViNT-ER, -OUR, n.f., 1 ^ gwyn doar, 
fair water. 

WiNYETT, ? i.q. Vineyard. 

Wish, li.q. Wich, J.B. ; or, Hiwis. 

WiSTOW, 1 feast {ivist, s.) place; or 
= wcelstow, place of slaughter, s. 

WiTANSTONE, Wiseman's {ivitan, s.) 
stone, t. 

WiTEMOT, cl.d., ? = witenagemot, meet- 
ing [place] of the wise men, s. 

WlTHEL, n.f., = uthel, lofty, P. ; from 
WiTHiEL, % = gwijdhel, that is of 
the woods, a savage, an Irishman. 

WiTHEN = gioedhen, a tree. 

Wither Hill, workman's {gueiduur) 
hill. P.; Uiigher {wartha) h. field. 

WiTH-lEL, -YYAj, from an earl of Corn- 
wall, JVh. ; an Irisch sainct, Le. 
{see Withel) ; p.s. St. Clement. 

W. Goose, Withiel wood (cus). 

Withnoe, from St. Withinocus, i.q. 

Withy Ayot, withy or osier plot 
{ayot, a low bushy island, t.), P. 

Withy-Bind,-van,-vin,-win, -wings 
? [field] where withies are cut to 
hind furze-fagots together, B.M. ; 
% wild convolvulus (weothebend, s.)f. 

Withymoor, Avithy or sallow-moor, t. 

Witton, 1 wheat enclosure (tun, s.) ; 
or, i.q. Trewin. 

Wivell, n.f, i.q. Wyvell. 

Wluuard, t.d.d., = Ulfward, wolf 
guard, t. 

WoDENOTE, n.f., 1 = Woden's wood. 

WOLRIDGE, nf., i.q. UlFRIC. 

Wolsdon, "? Bp. WoLSi's ( = Wolfsige, 
wolf-victory) hill {dun). 

WoLSON, n.f., •? = Wulfstan, wolf- 
stone, t. 

WoLVEDON, alias Golden, wolf-hill, 
Wh. ; 1 sparrow (golvan) hill, P. 

Wolve-rston, -ston, n.f, ? Wulf- 
here's {t.) town {tun), t. 

Wonard, n.f, 1 = givon ard, high 
down; or, i.q. WiNARD. 

WooD-A, -AH, '? the wood, t. 

WooDALL, ? wood moor {hal). 
WooDAVis, ■? Avis's (c.w.) wood; or, 

the wood outside {aves). 
Wood Clam Ham, 1 wood foot-bridge 

{dam) low-pasture {holm). 
WooDSAWS, woods enclosures {haws, 

t.), 3I'L. ; or, i.q. 
Woods awsen, i.q. Cossawsin. 
WoOLABURY, lower {xuolla), or Wolfs 

earthwork {bury), t. 
WooLAND, ? wood-land or field, t. 
WoOLATON, ? lower enclosure {tun,s.) 
Woolcombe, n.f, ? lower {xvolla), or 

elm, or owl {ula) vale. 
Woolfrey, n.f, ] = Ulfred, wolf 

peace or council, t 
WoOLLEY, ? wood pasture (lea, t.). 
WooN = givo7i, a down. 
W. Bellas, i.q. Noon Bellas. 
W. BoccA, he-goat down, Pr.; ? scare- 
crow or hobgoblin down. 
W. Car-eth, -reeth, 1 red rock {cam 

rydh) down. 
W. DREAjhomer or homeward {adre) d. 
WooT-ON, -TON, 1 Woden's town, t., 

Beal ; or - ivood town, t. 
WoRGON, n.f, i.q. Wurcon, s.B.m. 
WoRLEGAN, n.f, from Warleggon. 
WoRLEY, % = warth le, high place, P. 
Worth, ] = warth, high ; or, s. worth, 

a farm, &c. ; or, i.q. Wroath. 
Worthy, i.q. Park Wartha, 
Worthy VALE, ] higher (wartha) vale; 

or, i.q. Guerdavalan, d.d. 

(& collis, middle (cres) & bottom 

(goles) VoRVAS. 
Wrath's hole, giant's hole, B. 
Wren, n.f, U.q. Uren. 
W. Field, i.q. Eeen field. 
W. Hill, 1 boundary (urrian) hill,P, 
Wriggles, i.q. Park Friggles. 
Wringcheese, i.q. Cheesewring. 
Wringford, i.q. Ringford. 
Wrings, i.q. Rings. 
Wringworthy, ? castle {ring, a 

round) farm (weorthig, s.), t. 
Wro-ATH,-the,?j./.,1 = math, a giant; 




or, gvjr rudh, red-man ; or, Worth. 
WuL-FGER, -GAEUS, B.m., Avolf spear 
(gar, s.), t. 


WuLSTON, 1 = JVolfs town. 

WuLFWERD, w.B.m., wolf guard, t. 

WUR-CANT, -GENT, -CON, s.B.m., man 
{gior) of song (ceneat), u: 

WURCI, s.B.m., dog (ci) man. 

WuRGUSTELjS.^.m., pledge {gwistl)m. 

WuRLOWEN, W.B.m., Ijoyous (laiven), 
or fox (loicern) man. 

Wydeslade, Wyde's (tz./.) bottom,/. 

Wyger, 1, = gicicgvr, a merchant. 

Wymond, n.f., sacred {uig) protec- 
tion (mund, s.) ; Wymondesham, 
Wymond' s home, t. 

Wynhall, n.f., i.q. Halwin. 

Wynne, n.f., i.q. Winn. 

the Wyth, Z.J. Weeth, waste,^. G.H. 

Wythan, the tree (givedhen), Pr. 

Wyvelcombe, Wyvel's vale, t. 

Wy-vell, -well, -ppyl, nf, holy 
(wig, s.) ivell or manor {yiUe,f.), H.; 
\ = s. ivifel, u-ihel, a beetle, a dart. 

Wyvelshire, Wy\^ell's hundred or 
shire; o. Welleshire, the shire 
of the Welshmen or strangers 
(wealas, s.), D. 


ago, 1 = hay gof, smith's field ; 

or, i.q. I AGO. 
Yardeley,w./., enclosed land, t.,F.E. 
Yarn, ? i.q. Carn, F.E. 
Yate, Yeat, = yet, gate. 
Yearle's, % Hearle's [place]. 
Yeilland, ] i.q. Ill AND. 
Yendall, n.f, 1 i.q. Hendole. 
Ye-o, -a, n.f., 1 = yiv, yews, w. ; or, 

ea, water, s. (the Yeo, Devon). 
Yeojian, n.f, a freeholder, t, Lo. 
Yeo-, Yon-na Park, i.q. Yonder P. 
Yett, Yetto, i.q. Yate. 
Yewherns, 1 Uren's [place]. 
Yewihll, ? liigh {uch) mill. 
Ynys, i.q. Enys. 
Yo-, Yeo-lland, Yeo's farm, t. 
Yonder Coombe, further vale, t. 

Y. and Homer Butts, further and 
nearer archery field,o?- fold (botidzhi) 

Y. Park, further close, /. 

Y. Town, further homestead or farm- 
place [field], t. 

YouL-DON, -down,-ton,-ston, devil's 
(dioul) down, or hill (dun), or town. 

ZiAGGY Park, Zechariah's close. 
Zanzidgie, consecrated (sans) ivy 

(idhio), Pr. ; ? = St. ISSEY. 
Zawn, a cove, opening in a cliff, T.C.; 

creek, B. ; hole, Pr. ; cave, J.B. 
Zawn a Bal, mine (bal) Zawn. 
Z. Bkinney, crows' (hryny) Zawn. 
Z. Buzzengean, 1 the giants's house 

{bos an gheon) Zawn. 
Z. Geyer, 1 goats' {gear, w.) Zawn. 
Z. Groyne, the seal cave, Bl. 
Z. Innis, island (enys) Zawn. 
Z. Kellys, fallen (cellys, lost) cavern, 

B. ; 1 lower (gollas) ZaWxV. 
Z. Lowarren, fox (lowern) Zawn. 
Z. Priest, priests Zawn. 


Z. Pyg, cave like a bird's beak {pyg, 

B.) ; Bl. % beak Zawn. 
Z. Eeeth, red (rydh) cavern, BL, 

or cove. 
Z. Stamps an Jowl, the devil's (an 

diowl) stamps Zawn. 
Ze-alla, -lah, dry (sech) enclosure 

(Ian), Pr. 
Zekiels, Ezekiel's [field]. 
Zenditne, 1 = Zennor down. 
Zennor, the saint's (sans) earth {or 

= doar), or holy land, Pr. ; holy 

pool or lake (?), or sea lake or creek, 

H. ; from p.s. St. Sinar-us, -a, 0. 
ZiGGAL, ? rye {sygal) [field]. 
Zugher, river, 1 = sigyr, sluggish, 

trickling {lo. segur, li.IF.). 
ZULA, black {zu = du) enclosure {Ian), 

or mowyard, enclosure for straw, 

reed, or stubble (zoul), Pr. 


Zyns, saints' {sxjns) [abode], or holy 
{sans) [place], Pr. 

Directions to the £indei:—B.eie follow the lists of U.vexplained Names, «S:c., given with P.^rtsI— IV; 
the same to be paged by hand 193—200. 



About ivhich infarmation is solicited. 

Aaron and Bushy P. 209, Abbey Ham 187, Above Bars 193, -Ditch 135, Acre- 
bend i6., -Splat 86, Adder P. 95, Adjustment 75, Agestment 150, Agistment, 179, 
Aglow 95, Airy 35, Aldown 193, Ale P. 110, Amos-M. 75, -moon P. 4, Amys F. 140, 
Andrew Well 123, Angling Cr. 40, Angle F. 18, The Angles 27, Annas C. 85, Anker- 
berry 93, Auticose 18, Aply 145, Apple P. 144, The Apson P. 112, Arell M. 72, Arch 
F. 187, Archindale 166, Argaret 5, Arm 86, Armshouse P. 193, Arrow 29, Arrow 
Stone 142, Ash-ey 175, -lers M. 50, -Ham 180, -ley H. 153, -P. 139, -walk 203, 
Asses M. 47, Ass Mr. 35, At Ford 135, Atney M. 160, Aunt Peggs F. 135, Baal Reid 
27, Baccas Mr. 83, Backdoor Plot 177, Backes P. 135, Back-house P. 112, -ing F. ib., 
-leat Plot 177, -side P. 141, -shippen 143, The Baddocks 118, Bad-Bargain 177, 
-Park ib., -gers P. 144, -War 192, Bag Bury 193, -Lake 184, Baland 103, Bald 
P. 123, Ball 180, Bales P. 148, Baltic 110, Banspark 123, Bantspark 145, Bapark 160, 
Barbadoes 203, Barberrys C. 72, Bar-C. ib., -Cr. 51, Bare-Acre H. 180, -F. 167, 
-Hills 119, -M. 112, -P. 193, Baree 142. Bar F. 192, Barkes 37, Bark P. 
159, Bar M. ib., Barls 27, Barnaby F. 1, Barnow 34, Baror C. 35, Barr Cr. 29, 
Barrow P. 119, Bars 145, Barten 35, Bartin Cr. 29, Barty 103, Base M. 72, 
-Parks 184, Bases Mr. 86, Basleys 123. Bate P. 125, Batter P. 141, Battle P. 160, 
Batton 27, Baughan 51, Bayaus P. 150, Bayler 1, Bav Park Tongue 177, Bays 142, 
Beacon P. 114, Beake M. 203, Beakes P. 159, Beaks 115, Bealing F. 118, Beardy 
100, The Bears 37, Bears Plot 179, Beaws 12, Beb Shales G. 160, Beckel 175, 
Beckleys M. ib., Becken P. 135, Beckins Brake 100, Becks P. 144, Becoming C. 78, 
Bed and Digey 1, Bederla Gardens 32, Bedlam Green 12, Bedmans P. 93, Bedwindle 
11], Bedway 156, Bee-G. 21, -Lams 218, Bees lees hill 157, Beeney Bridge 139, 
Beer C. 35, Beet M. 47, Beglista Mr. 4, Begores 121, Behennat Down's 75, Belhere 
29. Belky M. 193, Bellafounder 83, Bellat 111, Bellaw F. 27, Belleisle 22, Bellincus 
72, BellmansP. 94, Bellywinny 72. Beloaf 113, Belossack 0.35, Belowly 29, Belowrie 
72, Benaney 114, Benney (7;., Benaps 180, Benches 123, Bendland P. 'l77, Bendown 
151, Benethick 112, Benewick 93, Benhadren 78, Benies 153, Bennance 86, Benney's 
Ground 37, Bennies 141, Bemiothers 192, Great Bennys 150, Bennys M. 135, 
Beunywell 159, Bentums 119, Benxykell 111, Berage 177, Berrons 47, Berrys 114, 
Berthenuse P. 138, Bescone 102, Crooked Besinna 144, Besonthern 153, Besonthers 
l*^!, Bess P. 47, Bestaugv F. 32, Besta P. 144, Best Grass 183, Bestleys 203, Bet 
Andrews 95, Bethethlan "f. 53, Betony 18, Betreader 37, Betseys F. 10, Betty- 
Crooks F. 153, -Barters F. 153, -s M. 94, Beudon 175, Bewden 100, Bewder 198, 
Bias F. 175. Bick Benna 147, Bicking 83, Bigna P. 175, Big P. 148, Bilcocks C. 85, 
Bilder F. 121, Bilkum 27, Bill Bridge 192, Bill Crook 125, Bing 102, The Bing 
105, Binga 134, Bingers 136, Bingleys 140, Binhay 157, Binna 133, Binney 156, 
Biunies 141, Binny 193, Birch 179, Birchen P. 187, Birch P. 192, Birda D. 119, 
Birds House 159, Birds Eye 135, Birsa F. 102, Bisemy 177, Bisland 123, Biteys F. 
50, Bitha 9, Black-adany 105, -adiness M. 102, -awells 141, -havens 200, -Sticks 148, 
-Tie 143, -Tor 118, -Wells 135, Bladder P. 187, Blakelet 110, Blaukadale 132, 
Blew-F. 32, -leas 47, Blidhay 184, Blind-Lamb P. 105, -lane F. 150, -well 153, 
Blood P. 50, Blowing 133, Blown a Hedge ib., Blow the Cold Wind 1, Blue Hatch M. 
107, Bluess 112, Boar Arish 133, Boards End 140, Bobbs Plot 118, Bocken F. 100, 
Bodders M. 27, Bodgara Great F. 148, Body Ground 37, Bohay P. 150, Bold P. 135, 
Bolorrow 115, Bolsteu Piece 184, Bolster-F. 136, -land 135, -P. 156, -Piece 148, 
Bone-Dust 110, -Fire F. 27, Bongey 87, Bonner P. 184, Bonnet F. 40, Bonneyfords 
Under Town 160, Bonny 4, -Foot 180, -ventor 32, Booda 184, Boodle H. 186, Bo'opath 
0. 160, The Boot 37, Boot-a 103, -C. 51, -field 18, -P. 110, Bor 3, -bas 134, Boring- 
stock F. 27, Bor M. 150, Bospiller 112, Botany Bay 203, Bounce P. 51, Boundy Down 
P. 18, Boundy P. 118, Bourage 150, Bousland 196, Bowbrill 46, Bowda 160, 186, 
Bowla P. 116, Bowlers M. 86, Bowie Cove 13, Bowl P. 114, Bowles H. 112, Bowling 
P. 41. Boxheater P. 153, Box-H. 157, -well 153, Boys Loye 78, Brackberry 141, Bracket 
47, Brack F. 27, Bradland 183, Braes 22, Brains Egg 147, Bramble Eastry 57, 
Eramlands 111, Branch Coombe 153, Brandies 159, Brandre 102, Brandy-Cr. 44, -P. 94, 
Brave Way 40, Bray H. 112, Breach Cr. 50, Breack F. 125, The Breage 89, Ihe 
Break 40, Breakhart H. 148, Bream F. 41, Breckon P. 123, Brecon 18, Brecondrea 

•Abbreviations here used : C, Close; Cr., Croft; D., Down; P., Field; G., Garden; H., Hill; M., 
Meadow ; Mr., Moor ; 0., Orchard ; P., Park. For key to figures see Preface, p. xi. 


ib., Brecondary ib^ Breeches Cr. 21, Breman C. 40, Bremin Mr. ib., Brenkers P. 
153, Brenna P. 192, Brenny 96, Brent 123, -ors M. 153, Brenzue Mr. 112, 
Brewars C. 75, l?rewell Cr. 4, Brewers 139, -Down P. 95, Brezzewell 40, Brick 
Mr 192, Bricknick 114, Bridal H. 123, Bridals ib., Bridge flam 159, Bridilow 142, 
Bridle P. 156, Bridwell Cr. 159, Brier C. 18, Brimble Ball 123, Brimhill 13, Brim- 
hillies 114, Brindle M. 18, Brink 47, Brisk C, 75, Briton C. 51, Broad- Avanna 
147, -Harper 136, -licks 153, -y P. lOO, -er P. 149, Brockland 203, Brood M. 72, 
Broom- Ball 150, -C. 75, -sherry 180, -slide 159, Browler Bread 114, Brown- Bread 
180, -Ditch 134, -sdOn 193, -Stew 114, Bruin C. ih., Brumball 123, Brummell 165, 
Brush P. 192, Brutage 136, Buhbys 145, Buchy Tree F. 147, Buckabin 116, Buck- 
ing-ham 51, -House 18, -P. 203, Buck-laud 184, -well 148, Buddie P. ib., Budge F. 139, 
Budget F. 48, Budiey M. 180, Budlow 153, Bud P. 147, Buffers F. 140, Bufflers Mr. 
83, Buildings P. 94, Bulenna 47, Bulkers 157, Bullen Mr. 10, BuUin P. 147, Bull Eose 

36, Bumpers H. 144, Bunberry 136, Bunchardon 159, Bunchy 0. 179, Bunicks 218, 
Bunkess ih., Bunking's Bottom 196, Bunky F. 10, Bunnings P. 144, Bunstows M. 
110, Buragh 5, Burralda 183, Bmee and -Hole 142, Burger 83, Burget P. 114, 
Burgles Cr. 20, Burial P. 125, BurlaiToe 115, Burlese M. 196, Burleys Mr. 192, 
Burnet 4, Burning C. 7, Burning Mountains 10, Burn Land 187, Burnt Cam I, ' 
Burrow-Ditch 198, -P. 114, Bmstick 139, Burtonew or Burton Newhay 132, Burts 
153, Burying F. 193, Bus C. 175, Bushment F. 193, Bushments 119, Home Bus 
Mr. 192, Bussavah 9, Bussella 5, Bustick 139, Butchers P. 119, Butter-Bread 
193, -Bun 147, -Hole F. 91, -P. 135, Butt-Hay 35, -Mr. 110, -Plot 177, Button P. 153, 
Butts-ford P. 175, -P. ib.. Buy- Bread 5, 177, -P. 187, Buzzes M. 27, Bydower 105, Bye 
or Bagger Lane 148, Bye-Lane End i&., -P. 122, Byes 118, Bynear, 95, Byways, 159, 
Cabel Cut M., 50, Cab Hay, 88, Caddence C, 132, Caddys C. 91, Caerloggas 100, Caflin 
F. 46, Cainbeare 45, Caines ib.. The Caines 9, Cain Hale 23, Cairne Hay 114, Cake- 
Bennys 153, -F. 119, -M. 118, Calage Cr. 8, Calages F. 86, Great Calehna 21, Calebs 
156, Calfs Plot 175, Calibs F. 147, Caliggas 51, Callaly F. 27, Callards F. 91, Callo- 
ways F. 45, Call Plight 36, Calver P. 90, Calves-Plat H. 179, -Plot i6., -West Land 
133, Cambey P. 159, Came Last 27, Camoose 111, Camp D. 100, Camra Mr. 102, 
Camys M. 18, Canada C. 110, Candanon 115, Cand HiU 148, Candle P. 118, Canes 86, 
Canga Pool 203, Canna-F. 118, -P. 110, Cannons F. 139, Cann P. 175, Canny P. 147, 
Cannys M. 45, Canute P. 160, Canvass H. 150, Capps F. 86, Cappy H. 100, Carbanon C. 
35, Carbeat 145, Carbose F. 21, Carcade 143, Care Down Mr. 175, Carews 140, 
Car Glean 31, Carleggas F. 100, The Carlumb F. 112, Carmouth 133, Cam-Betty Cr. 27, 
-Bolemna F. 12, -evithmg{Lizard), -Godna 39, -Lyer 29, Carnoe 39, Can- 136, Carrabones 

37, Carrafarrow 140, Carratarra 105, Carrot P. 125, Carsillas 72, Carthelegges 31, 
Caskv Lallah 29, Caslake 154, Castins P. 175, Castle- Cambria 7, -Gwinix 78, Castol 
69, Catch-F. 27, -Pit 10, Catern Dyers F. 91, Caters Mr. 112, Cates F. 27, Catneas 116, 
Catspen 150, Cattle P. 90, Catty Clew ib., Cattys Cr. 27, Catty Walters F. 50, Cause 
End 183, Cautrel M. 107, Cavelines P. 91, Cavilling P. 95, Cawker 177, Homer and 
Outer Cegars 135, Ceirter Mr. 5, Cercasen Pl, Cervadels ib., Chack P. 95, Chafers 
Ground 37, Chaineys D. 135, Chain F. 18, Chalcot Land 95, Chald M. 115, Chaldi'on 
40, Challicot 114, Chalwells 136, Chanwell 148, Chars F. 91, Chawell 160, Cheat 
35, Chedden 37, Cheleys 105, Cheva 67, Chewy-Hill 131, -Mr. and F. 14, Chicken 
P. 139, Chicks Piece 1^ Chillen 184, Chinese Plot 86, Chinoam 100, Chircle 193, 
Chivey-Chance 116, -H. 131, Choke the Gulls 18, Cholwell 163, Christening C. 85, 
Christians F. 12, Christmas F. 86, Churchen Derrys 179, Churchy P. 175, CiUa P. 143, 
Cisleys P. ib., Clap in Darvis 58, Clapper 111, Clappor Mr. 118, Clarys Hay 175, 
Claw 3, Cleanse 203, Cleaver Cr. 37, Clickers C. 78, Clincombe F. 159, CUses 
C. 53, Glitter F. 196, (litters 78, 160, Cloak P. 150, Clobleats 140, Clodgy Cr. 42, 
Cloggj' M. 1, Cloke M. 192, Clomelaud 186, Cloon H. 142, (lop Park 184, Clothes 
M. 150, Clouders C. 78, Clouter 91, Clovells 123, Clove Plot 187, Clover-P. 150, 
-Boons 21, -Stitch ib., Clowgea5, Clubbers P. 195, Clucka 90, Clue 95, Clump P. 183, 
Coal- Bank 85, -Pit M. 72, -Pound 1. Coarse-Flinger 179, -Coarse Mr. 147, -Slade 193, 
Cobbernoon 20, Cobelston 142, Cock-crowing 139, -hedge F. 27, -Lake 198, Cod 71, 
Codd 88, -P. 133, Coiches Ham 177, f^old-Beacon 119, -Frame H. 139, -gear 159, -en 
M. 164, -gowrey F. 27, -nocket 144, -P. 110, -Kodds Cr. 27, -Stick 192, -stile 148, 
-vallen 103, -win F. 27, Cole-hay 179, -ridge 160, Col-hay and -hay Ham 187, -lar 
P. 156, -ley Vague 160, -licks H. 72, -libeckon 119, -lej'S 132, -lyveas 72, -vada 136, 
-van 132, Com-ma 102, -mora H. 37, Con-agar 175, -eygar 90, -ey P. 22, -gow P. 90, 
-science C. 116, Coolbrake 193, Coombtown 157, Coomneck 181, Coomsacre ib., Corner- 
Cap 138, -cupboard F. 112, Corran 80, Cory you 164, Cost-alost 94, -esloss 180, 
-lost Ml-. 86, -meloss 42, -ly P. 196, -of Loss 100, -or Loss 112, -win 86, Cot-hon 37, 
-Mr. 101, -na 75, -ny Goon 4, -ter F. 45, -tys Ground 75, Couls P. 110, Couuterfall 
{Lizard), Count M. 87, Country F. 1, Course Plot 87, Court M. 78, Couters C. 57, 


Cove 156, -P. 133, -y 125, Coving Or. 37, Cow Breaking 1, P. 139, -Slip C. 18 
-Sutton 167, Cox Corur91, -Cr. 75, -P. 125, Cozons Cr. 24, Crabland 159, Crackase 
58, Cradle F. 153, -H. 150, Craggy C. 90, Craig Nellis 58, Cralack Or. 4, Cram 
F. 58, Crammock 148, Cramp P. 133, Cranny M. Ill, cranyra 4, Crap 184, -pey 
203, Crawallis 112, -gays F. 27, -lings M. 196, 'Cawl P. 123, Creag Denna 31,' TLe 
Creague 37, Cream C. 75, -M. Ill, -Shird 51, Credulas 84, Creeper Hole 160, 
Creigullow Cr. 29, The Crelar 37, Crenk 18, Crennicks 83, -nies 1 18, -cent F. 159* 
-sent 34, -ta 159, -ton P. 103, -well 192, Crevoada D. 192, Cribbage M. 110, Crick 
Dommick 35, Criffer 4, Crig 90, -Murrick, ib., Crim -P. 177, -Land 117, Crimson 150, 
Cringla 10, Crinkle F. 37, Crinnick 147, Crinnicks Plot 1 10, Cripple M. 147, Crock 
German 121, Crocker Cr. 40, Crone 24, -Bowyer 47, -Clies 35, -Cold 31, 
-Couth 37, -Cubert 46, -en Gale 132, -Gwidd 12, -Hooper 15, .Hryer35, -Nean 37, -Sheta 
37, -Singer 20, -Tithing 37, Crofty -F. 18, -Piece 27, Crooked -H. 72, -P. 160, Crooker 

181, Crookland 151, The Crooks 119, Crooksans 119, Crop -F. 37, -H. 71, -in soon 12, 
-Murse 37, Crops -F 86, -H. 157, Crosland 180, Cross Daws 101, -Movish 83, -Pen 136^ 
-Putty 86, -widden Lizard. Crossers 125, Crowgey Widden 34, Crowells H. 145, Crow- 
dillion 51, Crowser P. 113, Cruck Corner 78, Crugetty P 105, Crulloe 10, Crumble P. 
123, Crump -F. 187, -H ib., Crumple P. 95, Crumps 1, Crunnick 159, Cruno 4, Crush 
H. 144, Criistoe 3, Cruthers F. 1, Crutta Piece 159, Cuddy Ditch 184, Cue P. 177, 
Cullas Hays 143, Culms C. 100, Culver-Cove 203, -well 156, Cunner P. 193, Cup P. 
157, Curchey Ground 116, Carlew F. 58, Currahs Cr. 18, Currey 185, Currier C 110, 
Curry M. 148, Curter 9, Curved and Curvey F. 18, Cuse it 109, Cuseys 24, Cut C. 95, 
Cut in Crank 34, Cutlers Mr. 94, Cutletts 37, Cutmaddock 109, Cutters M. 145, Cutters 
Plot 18, Cuttes P. 193, Cutting C. 51, Cuttings Ham, 180, Cygney 157, The Daggs 175, 
Dagzes Lizard, Little Daily Pin 133, Dairy P. 147, Daisy P. 94, Dallcote M. 36, 
Dalleys M. 78, Dalls F. 105, Dalven Cr. 10, Damp C. 72, Damsel P. 133, Damscm Mr. 
148, Dam Year 35, Dancasters M. 37, Dancys M. 147, Dansy P. 115, Dannons D. 135, 
Darbarn 86, Darger 175, Darkeys F. 27, Dark-Hams 175, -Pons 69, Darley Fell Bridge 
160, DarropD. 165, Dar-ouse-rose 29, Dart Mr. 177, Darvrooth 37, The Dasies 76., 
Davere 29, Davendig 84, Daw's P. 198, Day P. 141, Deacon F. 110, Deadlane F. 53, 
Deadlake 110, Deadlick 192, The Deadmans Cr. 37, Deaf Hole 113, Deal -C. 110, -Tree 
F. 51, -Plot 177, The Deamon 18, Dean -Cr. 27, -P. 94, -combe 199, Dear P. 175, Death 
P. 118, Deble P. 193, Debner Cr. 24, Dee F. 118, Deepest M. 177, Deep-Hay 142, -hdge 

182, -P. 133, Deer P. 116, Delabol M. 160, Delaware F. 196, Delch D. 177, Delight 85, 
Delland 184, Delleberry 87, Demiraise F. 93, The Den 4, Denabol 203, Deuby 110, 
Denebole 133, Denhill 148, Denmoor 4, Denueis F, 141, Dennick 27, Deunickes Well 
148, Dennick F. 50, -Poverty 27, -s Ball 148, Great Dennis By 180, Dennisses 101, 
Dennislade 167, Dennybole IK), Dennys F. 91, Deptford 153, Derby Head 150, Derdew 
37, The Dergy F. 112, Derris P. 150, Derry 157, -Long F. 94, The Desert 37, Desper 
Common 143, Deata 3, Deveralp-. Durral 7, The Diabole 72, Diamond C. 51. Dibble 
P. 151, Dickys P. 133, Dice M 156, Dickers H. 143, Dickey 110, Didwells 186, Diggory 
M. 69, Diggy 40, The Diggy F. 18, Digua Burrow 180, Digses M. 184, Dills Ground 14H, 
Dimson 193, Dinabole 203, Dingey 85, Diumeur 181, The Dinna 3, Dinnabell ly^t, 
Dinna H. 153, Dinnas 3, Dinnaver 164, Dinner P 160, Dinners P. 144, Dinnerstone 
182, Dinny-bold 115, -bowl, 192, -piece 125, Dinnick 37, Dirty Ditch 37, Ditch Acre 183. 
Ditchen 180, Ditch Lane 139. Dizel D. 165, Dobbins 91, Dock Mead 1, Docky F. 147, 
The Doctor 100, Dodur 50, Doega 102, Doe P. 50, Dog-Acre 180, -gins P. 136, -hole 
200, -Leach 103, -pit M. 175, Doleberry 175, Doll Sandys Plot 1 10, Dolsdown 180. 
Domain Cr. 51, Donkey Mr. 107, Donkevs F. 18, Dons F. 29, Door F. 157, Dor-amuse 
139, -Boobah 29, -Cairn 29. -gal 86, -nian Pla 29, -rels 37, -Wol 29, Double Dors 
Lizard, -Edge F. 27, -P. 148, Doubles P. 193, Douglas P. 140, Doulin 50, Dowerricks 
50, Dowry 159, Dozer 45, Drake P. 147, Draught 179, Draw H. 148, Drawna 37, Dray- 
field 18, Drays M. 87, Drean Eose 7, Drev 72, Drillers M. 153, Dringey 143 Drinnick 
100, Drinnock P. 192, Drivers F. 18, Drot M. 186, Drought 147, Drown Shec]) 78, 
Drowsy P. 36, Druse F. 193, Dry-P. 110, -Door 136, -Nichel ib., -shot 86, Dryer M. 100, 
Dry House M. 93, Duceland 159, Ducking Pool 103, Duff Mr. 47, Dugles Marsh 159, 
Dukeys C. 50, Dumaver 143, Dumbells M. 147, Dumble P. 144, Dungar 53. Dung C. 
193, DunhillsF. 1, DunnyC. 35, Duodecimo 110, Dutch Acre 183, Dux Pool 37, Mount 
Dwen and Dwen P. 105, Eadies M. 40, Earliug 37, East-away 180, -er and -ern Lay 
175 -Gown 160, -P. 148, -side 141, -Toe 160, Eaver Grass 150, Edley Cr. l32,Eduovean 
Lizard, Eggott, Lizard, Edy Rise 175, Eight Shillings Piece 150, Elbow F. 50 Elder 
Bush 37 Elders H. 121, Elephants P. 110, Elinense 94, Ellamy 165, Ell-F. 18, -Mr. 
156, Elloith 101, EUy Cally 36, Elm and Ease 94, Elm P. 156, Elvill 150, Emative 186, 
Emlets 153, Emmetts M. 72, Empys 218, Enbalm F. 37, Endale 136, Engine- F. 100. 
-Hall 27, Ennetts F. 27, Envy 103, Eppel Mill M. 150, Ettry P. 184, Evas M. 53, Ewe- 
laud 153, Ewe P. M., 125, Ewes Hold 91, Fair P. 145, Falling C. 18, Fallow P. 50, 


Fancy F. llO, Far Away 135, Far P. 118, Farmers'-CoUy 159, -Ham ib., -Slade ib 
Farrows 143, Parney Cr 40, Farthing-land 142, -P. 115, Fary F. 184, Fast Wood lOs' 
Fatey Cr. 27. Fatigue 72, Fatland 192, Fat P. 83, Fatting F. I, Fawsen 175, Fearney 
F. 100, Felbridge 186, Fendewra M 29, Fennetts M 143, Fenteny WeU 112,Fenter-nean 
136, -nickle 136, Feuton-H. 136, -lenuow 91, Ferry D. 21, Fices F. 136, Fiddle M. 178 
Fidlers P. 147, Fiery Mountain 37, Fifteen Balls 110, Figgy F. 40, Figgy Pot 125 Figgy 
Pudding 86, Fillace Cr. 175, Filly 118, FiUeys M. 151, Filmal Cr. 20, Findle P 123 
Fine- and- Brave 41, Top 192, Fire- Beacon 136, -place 27, -stone P. 150, Fir G. 21, First- 
P. 150, -Tree M. 78, Fishers-C. 75, -P. 110, The Fishes F. 1, Fitch Barrow 142* Fitch 
Cr. 160, Pitchers C. 18, Flach Hay 179, The Pleas 18, Flail F. 110, Plankey F. 27 Flat- 
Ball 175, -P. 93, -Rocks 100, Flea Cr. 18, Fley P. 160, Flint Plot 18, Flisland 184 
Fhtchers M. 50, Float 180, Ploat M. 175, Moats M. 119, Flobadock 192, Flocksford lis' 
Floish 136, Floodgate M. 153, Plood-P. 94, -Hatch 107, Floor H. 187, The Floors 192* 
Flower Plot 148, Flukes 184, Plushet P. 7, Flutchet F. 40, Fly P. 118, Polands 198* 
Folgas 5, PoUautine 18, Fooley F. 94, Poor M. 21, Poot-P. 103, -steps 119, -way C. ib ' 
Fop Lane P. 27, Fore-Binnicks 135, -Bore 5, -Bow 111, -Door P. 139, -Hand 148* 
-Harvest 47, -laud 160, Pore-P. 93, -stitch 186, -Torr 160, Forget-me-not 18, Forty 
Jinueys 175, Fost P. 177, Fostis 159, Pour-Journey Ham 184, -land 193, -P. ib 
-Turning IQO, Fowl P. 72, Fox P. 125, France 109, Fradgeth 5, Franenworth 37* 
Pranket 27, Pranks H. 112, Pranky P. 105, Prant M. 175, Freath P. 175, Free C. 72* 
Freemans P. 150, French- land 196, -mans H. 153, -marsh 157, Fresh P. 135, Friars 
Lane 33, Friday P. 154, Priezeland 0. 196, Fritheys P. 121, Proga M. 133, Frog-ham 
115, -hole 111, -P. 133, -pit 141, Frolic Green 148, Front P. 114. Frozen M 86 
Fracture 5, Fruit M. 86, Frys M. 21, The Fuggan 18, Fugloss 144, Pull Foss 3' 
Funedena 181, Pungy P. 86, Funnel Cr. 27, Funny P. 157, Fur Acre H. 115, Furr House 
140, Furny F, 40, Furry C. 85, Furze-Balls 153, -Bank 118, -go 193, -P. 135, Purzy- 
wengen 10, The Gabe 8, Gable C. 35, Gaborlan P. 202, Gaff 111, Galenna 47, Galibba 
47, Galley Mead 1, Galleys C. 87, Gallys Vicary D. 102, Galloping Lane 100. Galmener 
35, Gambes HI, Gamblage 37, Gambom 46, Gambrel 111, Game at Cards 37, Ganders- 
Lane 27, -Neck 135, 179, -Nose 12, Gangway D. P 95, Ganow 45, Garbets Plot 177 
Garden-Cup ib., -and Bags 135, -P 135, Gare Well 116, Garland 137. Garland P. 
!38, Garmard 136, Garnwalls 167, Garre 1, Gavern 86, Gaws M. 186, Gaw Widden 
58, Gazel 106, Geans M. 58, Gears Ham 179, Gelding P. 114, Gelews 3, Gellytrap 102, 
Gellys 143, Genny P. 145, Genowas 100, Genwea Cr. 53, German Zag 148, Germs c' 
57, Gerneators 21, Gevaladra 29, Gays H. 85, The Gib 85, Gibber Coombe 136, Gibbet 
125, Gibbey M. 93, Gibs M. 78, Gidds H. 94, Gideons P. 27, Gig M. 115, Giggins M 
72, Gilberys 140, Giles F. 144, Gill P. 105, Gilleriah Cr. 18, Gillsmolkin P. 93, Gimmas 
.M. 86, Ginneys C. 71, Gish an Tolre 27, Givial Moyle 40, The Gizzard P. 1, Glan P 
114, The Glar 37, Gleece Morvast 58, The Globe, 110, Glove M. 114, Glory Hole H. ]' 
Glory M. 70, Gobben Higgo 29, Gobcorin 40, Gobbs 95, Goblet 36, The Goblets 4,' 
Gobma 85, Gobnack 31, Gobnan 3, Godbeer 103, Godgen 37, Goil 150, -M. 72, Goily 
M. 149, Golden- Acre 37, -Cap M. 50, -Gorse 86, -Pons 35, Goldiud 40, Gold-'p. 134, 
-ease 41. -mear41, Goldrea 21, Gold Twella 45, Golmae 27, Gommas Ground 58, Gony 
Gears 75, Good- Acre 72, -Fortune 100, -for nothing 27, -speed 50. Goonhellis 19,' Goose 
Pit 143, Goosy P. 136, Goss-H. 123, -P. 136, Gothan 147, Governors M. 94, Goyle F 
147, Gowley M. 86, Grace H. 87, Grades M. 139, Grahire 53, Grampers P. 160, Gramp 
P. 84, Grandowns 5, Grants Foot 144, Grass- M. 50, -P. 148, Grassy M. 110, The Gratis 
I". 112, Gratnass 192, Gratta P. 118, Grattins 115, Grattna 160, Grattons 118, Gravel 
P 1 14, Graze Land 133, Great- Age 125, -an Juan 27, -a P. 114, -by North 159, -va F. 
18, -way D. 193, Grebe 58, Greelane 184, Green-aberry 136, -Acre C. 86, -a P 119* 
-Drove 18, -End 159, -er P. 119, -hay 148, -head 192. -lake 165, -land F. 91, The -Man 
110, -lay P. Ill, -P. 150, -Pit 122, -sbury 119, -Sward 139, -Veal 90, -walls Marsh 
143, -wix 115, Greesy M. 100, Grenage 175, Grew Land 135, Gridget F. 5, Grim P. 95 
The Grizons 10, Groft below Baukey F. 27, Gropan 68, Grottons 167, The Grouses lOo' 
Grout P. 203, Grow 29, -H. 179, Grub P, 160, -Tree 94, Gruells H. 148, Grute Ground 
179, Guano P. 110, Guarth 37, Gubbans 72, Gucker F. 71, Guddua 91, Gudeage 29, 
Guddicks 102, Guinea Plot 18, Gull Brooth 20, Gulleys P. 105, GuUis 86, Gully Island 
F. 100, Gully P. 187, GiJstatmen 40, Gum Hill 94, Gummoes C. 72, Gummows M. 112, 
Gunners Nose 198, Gunuett 75, Gunnetton 83, Gunvenna 18, Gutter-and Lole 133 -f' 
203, Guts-F. 18, -Ground 114, -lade 203, Gwadar 27, Gwavias 86, Gweall-Daller' 29! 
-Drinkas 35, Gwealeigh 35, Gweal-Han 31, -Heir 31, -Hevenen 35, -Scarrow 35, -Wollas 
34, Habbinell 136, Habby Lands CoUas 145, Hackadock 175, Hacks H. 175, Hag<rart8 
M. 107, Haggerowel Cr. 18, Haggetty Marsh 184, Hale an Gore 31, Halfpence M.'l60 
Half Figure 147, Haligy 37, Hallabalus 18, Hallane H. 100, Hall Gooth 35, Hallivean 
100, Hallkisk 27, Hallovows 37, Halluben 35, Hall-Ven 31, -Walk 121, Halwerick M 
H6, Halwhist 9, Hamber P. Ill, Hambers C. 90, Ham-P. 148, -Knilly 148, -Hamer d' 


175, Hames 142. Hnrapton F. 21, Hand F. 27, Handkerchief 110, Handle F. 48, Hands 
Cross C. 188, Hang-F. 148, -ate C. 132, Hangland 125, Hannalis 18, Hannaws F. 50, 
Hanow C. 84, Harbour P, 151, Hard P. 180, Hardy Carnbine 85, Harget C. 175. 
Harnatts Lizard, Harpsichord M. 119, Harris 110, Harrish P. 196, Hars Strick 29, 
Hasliug 177, Hatchet P. 193, Hatters H. 153, Hatters F. 110, Hanlpiece Marsh 186, 
Haunts Piece 123, Havoc M. 116, Hay-den 10, -Lake P. 156, -maker 203, -Mead 1, -nes 
M. 110, -P. 148, -sides 151, -wood F. 180, Hazadah 203, Hazelwell 144, Hazer P. 105, 
Headweir P. 140, Heady Water 136, Heands Ground 135, Heden P. 18, Heathan 136, 
Heath P. 135, Heaton \i. 85, Heaver Hemery P. 170, Heavy Gate 83, Hedgacot 175, 
Hedge P. 179, Helchers Marsh 159, Heedless C. 63, Heel P. 165, Hellan Cr. 37, Hels- 
bury M. 133, Hem in Over P. 150, Hemland 179, Hemming F. 112, Hemneu P. 150, 
Hena Barr 159, Heuas dulmas 4, Henna C. 78, Henny P. 118. Henowls M. 100, Heunes 
P. 193, Hensa Mannel 8, Hens Nest 115, Heny Beer 177, Herby 153, Herding C. 186, 
Her H. 114, Heriots 153, Herlam Cr. 29, Hermit P. 144, Herridge 111, Hether P. 136, 
Heuvers 78, Hewau Cr. 29. Hewart F. 4, Hewas Teen 5, Hew Chapman 136, Hewes- 
bows 4, Heyna P 151, Hidden Land 183, Hideaway 194, High-P. 114, -Beams 132, 
Hillan M. 87, Hill-P. 93. -Ball 10, Bird 136, -bury 160, Hiller P. 119, Hillerv P 177, 
Hillestry 35, Hillevs 196, Hilly Cr. 18, Hither and Further C. 121. Hitlevs Glove 140, 
Hoara P. 196. Hobliouse 112, Hobbyhouse 112, Hobbys Chair Tor P. 147, Hobbys P. 
118, Hobley M. 159, The Hodua 3ii, Hodters F. 42, Hogady 186, Hoggets C. 114, Hoggs 
P 115, Hog Hole 187, Hogshead 193, Hole P. 159, Holes F. 175, Holleys F. 18, Hollie- 
coombe 160, riollow-Park 119, -Bow 40, -Gripe 144, -Gutter 2()3, -Stitch 133. -Trough 
144, -Well 125, Holm P. 134, Holwood Ball 157, Horeys F. 100, Horgans 183, Horn 
Blend 18, -field 10, -wys 8, -lane M. 148, Mill C. 18, -Pits 110, -Stitch 115, Horner 
120, Hornspark 147, Hornybrooks \l. 147, Horse Ham 177, -ley 192, -Stitch 181, 
Horsnev P. 110, Hospil Gue 10, llunds H. 153. Hou's M. 177, House-hold P. 192, -me 
Loams 37, -Plat 37. The Hove Head 112, The Howes 3, Hoyles D. 203, Moyses D. 37, 
Hoys Bellows 5, Hubbub 111, Hucknaby 156, Huddicks 143, Huddy F. 72, The Huez 
10, Hugga 5, Huggin^s+one 192, Hulk 177. Hump C. 18, Humps P. 196, Hunds 114, 
Hung F.' 78, H linger Hills 83, Hungery Well 135, Hurdle Way 183, Hurling F. 5, Hurly 
M. 7, Husbandry 75, Husbands F 159, Hushy Ham 180, Hustle F. 18, Huxen Ham 
182, Huxner 198, lairne 29, 111 P. 114, Improvement 27, Inchs P. 144, India 85, Indown 

157, Inkstands Home 60, Inn All 42, Innmans M. 1 18, Innovere 47, Irish C. 78, Iron- 
Box 91, -Latch F 44, Isaac P 159, Iselaud 147, Israels Piece I, Ivory Marsh 193, Jack 
P. 100, Jackass F. 180, Jackets F. 1 13, Jackey Piece 101, Jack Snipe M. 37, Jacobs F. 
1 10, Jaggey P 85, Jamwell 156, Jane Goth 18, Jane Plot 21, Janey's Stitch 12, Jarvis 
C. 10, Jav P. Ill, Jeakes C. 85, Jees F. 8, Jeftys C. 44, The Jelly 18, Jelly F. 44, 
Jennvs F'. 27, Jenny 180, Jerseys M. 78, Jesting P. 148, Jestment 181, Jet P. 177, 
Jewel 144, Jevvhorn M. 87, Joblin's M. 141, Jocky F^ 27, Jog H. 183, John F. 27, Johngo 
1, Joiners F. 110, Jointer i65. Jointure 72, Jollys F. 27, Joles Hay 184. Jollards H. 
139, Joner l>. 193, JooUys F. 27, Journey Well Plat 179, Jouse C. 87, Jousters P. 122, 
Juanda 12, Jugger P. i47, Jughill M. 193, July Cr. 40, Junas F. 5, The Jungle 18, 
Junket C. 18, Junnetts \l. i8. Justice 175, Justins 110, Justment 175, Kaden 10, 
Kales Cr. 50, Kames M 100, Kampler 150, Karhart 100, Karrick Keer 31, Karslade 192, 
Kates F 116, Rutland 184, Kearls 144, Kearns 100, Keast P. 147, Keel Alley 85, Regies 
Cr. 78. Keine 29, Kell Rose 47, Rellygores 132, Remp Purlo 112, Remrel 1 12, Kenners 
193, Kennys F. 50, Rennish 40. Rent 135, Rernibo 44, Rerzen 83, Kestle-Gwarra 
Lizard, - Poath 31, Keynes C. 18, Key P. 94, Reys Hej's 117, Ri-bbing, -bbining, and 
dning 10, Ricks above Town 150, Ridney M. 186, Rieve M 136, Rill P. 105, Rilla P. 

158, Rills F 158, Rilly-Phills F. 27, -Yawns 101, Kiln P. 93, Kilver H. 85, Ring Arthur's 
C. 160, Km-Hev and -Hir 29, Riuners 144, Rinnick Lake 114, Kins Rernel 22, Rinwens 
F. 24, Kitchen P 40, -Gate F. 27. Kites' Nest 144, Kithers 135, Kit Hill 160, Kitlowels 
105, Ritty Hall 151, Ritwell 193, Rnap H. 119, Knaves Acre 9, Knock D. 11, Knockers 
Hole 118'. Rnockine or Knoekme D. 18, Knottam M. 118, Riillore 29, Laddennises M. 
32. Ladder -P. 114, -Stile 183, Laddis 44, Lairs F. 3, Lake -M. 144, -P. 148, -Lane 
Quillet 148, Laky Cr. 27, Lamba P. 125, Lambe P. 11, Lambkins M. 75, Lambing P. 
95, Lambla 132, Lamb-stew F. 83, -pickers 78, Lamely P. 187, Lamhar 165, Lamma 
P. 133, Lammas P. 192, Lammel F. 27, Lamna P. 175, Lamshill 175, Lamskin 118, 
Lana P 183, -Mars 29, Lancal-lan, -land 78, Lanchet F 148, Lancrigg 87, Land-gate 
193, -head 140, -javils 91, -tadda 145, -within 119, -yokes 193, -End Peek 15, -Heads 
136, -Rirds 47, s foot 111, -Stab 4, -Winyets 159, Lang-maids 122, -stores P. 151, 
Lanna P. 163, Lannerts F. 40, Lanny F. 163, Lanson P. 148, Lare C. 45, Larger F. 
112 Lark P. 144, Larrick Ball 192, Larsenmeth F. 15, Lashes M. 118, Last -P. 50, 
-Grass 143, Latanum 85, Latch P. 144, Late F. 85, Laterena -10, Lates 159, -Cregum 
35, Latty 100, Lauchets M. 122, Laura P. 160, Lawidden Mr. 90, Lawly F. 40, Lawn 
144, Lawrey P. 100, Laws F. 3, Lay-awn 105, -Balls 158, -town 163, Lazar Ground 


1S6, Lead Gate 103, Leader P. 153, The Leamern 160, Lean -C. 42, -Chest 2?. -Steps ■ 
148, Leang G. 27, Leaper P. 114, Leary Conches 119, Lease P. 115, -Woik Hill 135, 
Leason H. 118, Leat P. Ill, Leather C. 110, The Leatry 100, Leaty F. 47, Leddias 18, 
Ledgeree 18, Ledra C. 100, Leeches M. 114, Leehill 175, Lee P. 147, The Leeward 37, 
Leg P. 148, -and Foot 100, -Gratua 157, -of Mutton 100, Legen P. 175, Leisex 86, 
Lemmings Cr. 50, Lenamonia 37, Lenhay F. 31, Lennard F. 27, Lenty Crock, 115, 
Lesco-nick, -rnick 18, Lesque 78, Lewleys F. 100, Ley Stone H. Ill, Lihby Hays 116, 
Licker 184, -Ham 184, Lig-gery, -ry 119, Limb 133, -Head 133, Lidyates 157, Lime P. 
27, Lime Head F. 119, Under Linch Marshes 143, Lindaby 111, Liney 42, Liiihams 10, 
Linhev F. 86, Lii:lock 29, Linny F. 50, Linter F. 160, Lin To\\n 196, Linyards 24, 
Lions'P. (44, Lipsons 115. Liquorice P. 110, Lisborn 112, Litter P. 142, Little-an 
Juan 37, -Bal 27, -Bye 192, -Good 114, -Hays 140, -in Sight M. 42, Liver C. 57, Livers 
159, Loaders P. 159, Loadys F. 118, Loaf-Gate 160, -ley 160, Loam 17"5, -ing Ham 181, 
ingham 183, The Loan 27, The Loar 44, Lobbs P. 148, Lobsley 119, Lobswell 143, 
Lock-Gates 156, -s Cr. 10, -woods 134, Locust 37, Lodge-P. 114, -Tree 127, Lodging P. 
180, Logages M. 180, Loga Stoggoth 29, Logus M. 83, London Brown 83, Lonely Kit 
175, Loney Slip mid Cr. 27, Long- Alley 32, -Body 143, -Convenience 53, -Cross 153, 
-Danes 193, -Hay 78, -Hays 180, -Lays 184, -ley 184, -Neck 94, -over 193, -Pales 177, 
-P. 148, -Quillet 8, -stones 88, -worthy M. 110, Longer Land 149, Lonpark 203, Look- 
Out F. 100, -Sharp 156, Lords P. 144, Los Bargus 78, Lose Arish 179, Loss P. 101, 
Lostbridge or Tolstick 159, Lots M. 136, Lottery 58, Lousey Bushey F. 114, Lounge 
M. 18, Lovage F. 18, Love F. 91, Lovel Mr. 53, Levis, 86, Lower- end F. 110, -side- 
way 143, Lowest F. 37, Ludyates P. 157. Lugers M. 50, Luggers F. 18, Luky F. 27, 
Lumley M. 103, Lummun Hal 29, High Lundy 112, The Lupine 18, Lupe Horn 71, 
Luthergwearne 8, Lyalls F. 100, Lyd Ham 184, Machlin Parnalls 100, Madams F. 156, 
Madley Cleave 192, Maggot Hay 177, Maggoty Mr. 86, Maggots C. 135, Maggys M. 27, 
Magots H. 149, Magpie C. 50, Maiden-Green 50, -hays 153, Maids P. 140, Main-C. 91, 
-Scaff 136, -wainder 182, Majesty 83, Majors M. 71, Malego 40, Malkin 136, -H. 93, 
Malleys F. 27, Mall-M. 105, -Champens M. 83, -s M. 143, Malt P. liO, Mamcrin or 
Mennacrin 131, Mana P. 184, Manaura, Lizard, Mancival 0. Ill, Mancle Cr. 37, Mand 
P. 175, Manes Bridge 115, Manganese F. 160, Manor P. 194, Man Land 142, -Moon 
IS, -Pane 87, -Twindle 151, Many Mr. 133, -weathers 105, Maple Burrow 122, Marble 
93, Mares H. 153, -Plot 202, Margarell C. 85, Margartes M. 183, Margates C. 90, Mar- 
gets Cliff 37, Marl-and 180, -Pit 33, Marn P. 160, Marrow P. Ill, Marsh -Ham 177, 
-lade 160, Marth Long C. 72, Marthas F. 27, Martin's Prade 139, Martyrs C. F. 18, 
Marys-land 123, -Mead 175, -P. 144, Mashey Freath P. 175, Masters-P. 150, -Bee P. 
112, Matches C. 91, Mathas F. 21, Matths Mr. 95, Mauls M. 159, Maunders P. 144, 
Maus 88, Mavius F. 175, Mawn 184, Meadow Shepherd 133, Meads Ball 119, Meadwell 
136, Meals C. 44, Mean-a P. 175, -Ham 179, Mee-mun, -moon 12, Melbury 193, Mel- 
land 165, Melting F. 1, Memmo-an, -on 24, Mena-P. 148, -field 125, -ward 32, Menai 
M. 160, Men Down 29, Menas 125, Mend P. 184, Meney P. 1 15, Men-idew 123, nas 71, 
-woon 29, -thownick 53, Menywidden 72, Mera P. 156, Merfield 193, Merleach 18, 
Midde F.-24, Middle P. 148, -sex 198, Mid Mr. 72, Milk C. 71, -Horn 27, Milking 
-Garden 10, -Hay 140, Millerds P. 133, Millinpark 193, Mill-P. 93, -rose Cr. 37, -way 
139, Milt Front 42, Milton M. 139, Mimens C. 85, Minawint 123, Mine P. 125, Mines 
P. Ill, Mineral M. 148, The Miney 8, Mingam 84, Minna M. 158, Minnerds C. 175, 
Minney P. 75, Minnis Gue 58, Minnow Groimd 157, The Minnows 87, Minorca 42, 
Mint H. 123, Mistresses P. 193, Mitchel Hay 91, Mitt Weath 35, Modlin Cr. 109, 
Moheens Ground 112, Molly Goods M. 136, Monegan 37, Money F. 149, Monjoy M. 84, 
Monop 29, Moonlight 160, Moor -P. 121, -Ham 202, -hayes 193, -Toll 21, -y Cr. 21, 
Merles P. 160, Morrish 58, Morriss 94, Morvast 58, Moses -F. 1, -Breeches 85, Old 
Mothey 111, Mould Cross 115, Moulla D. 193, Mound F. 53, Mount Breeze 113, -Etna 
158, Folly 110, -German 156, -Hay 150, -Hartford 48, Hemp 72, Holies 1, P. 153, 
-Pascoe 18, -Prickle 90, -Prospect 100, -Eascal 84, -Eugget 123, -Stamper 113, -Whistle 
47, Mountain 87, Mowed Marsh 140, Mow F 27, Mowhay-P. 144, -Kestle 88, Mowy H. 
121, Mud C. 51, Muddy P. 115, Muffles 135, Mule C. 50, Mungos M. 109, Murder F. 
78, Mushel P. 177, Mushroom M. 18, Mustace 184, Mustard M. 58, Musters 86, xMutton 
P. 83, Naalows M. 8, Na glutton nough 4, Najhe 10, Nancys F. 27, Nancy- Treves) ke 
135, -Gozzv 100, Nanneys M. 90, Nap 86, -P. 140, -H. P. 140, Narrett D. 145, Narrow 
P. 160, -Scrouse 103, -slip 21, -work 159, Nathans M. 116, Nathastile 165, Nathis Plot 
175, Nattys P. 158, Nazery 144, Nea P. 71, Neal-a P. 189, -Mr. 72, Nearer Mead 41, 
Near Nance 27, Neas iVir. 5, Neck F. 133, -aby 4, Necolla 70, Need P. 159, Nenchy 
Brake 78, Nether P. 198, Net Purse 188, Nettle -C. 18, -D. 180, -P. 105, Netts M. 142, 
Never a Good 75, Nevises 1, New-a P. 175, -England 144, -Gate 102, -hedges 183, -hill 
27, -Take 119, Next F. 139, Inner and Dry Nickell 136. Nickells 114, Nickey D. 85, 
Nickeys F. 83, Nickies D. HI, Nickys M. 83, Nigher F. 85, Night Cr. 50, Niles P. 150, 


Killirs Park 0. 150, Nimple Pit 0. 184, Mine Acres 27, -Pound M. 91, Niss M. 50, Non- 
pareil 0. 51, Norlollas 35, Noimandy 85, Nor Mr. 175, North Park To\\n H. 142, 
Northward C. 149, Noith^\aTS 1C3, Niiddens 10, Nnker H. 40. Nnns H. 145, Nutstick P. 
1.90, Nuttas Cr. 37, Oak.weil P. 148, -ey P. 147, j ^.i: 110, Oar C. 1, Oat P. 122, -well 
153, Oaten -P. 136, -Earish 112, -lay 32, Ockmore 196, Oddihorn 148, Odds and Ends 
87, Offer and Homer Furze P. 112, Old.hay P. 144, -Hill 114, -Lay 1, -\ians M. 75, 
-Eubys Walls 83, -Euius 144, -Skees 10, -Vrown 75, -Womans C. 51, The Outen 37, 
Outer -P. 110, -and Home Vineyard 50, Outland F. 133, Outlet Mr. 27, Out-Pale H. 
148, -Eun 144, Onyarriers 9, Oven P, 86, Over- Busies 183, -land 135, -way 160, Overs 
H. 144, Owl P. 113, Owlers P. 112, Ox -P. 144, -and Eean 133, -Eve 37, -Hay 136, 
'Worthy 133, Prck-F. lid, -jar 101, -saddle 44, Padder 85, Padge Pinner ''.7, Pallaford 
182. Pals 121, Palster F. 180, Pampeluna 44, Panyer 114, Papins F. 27. Papis Mr. 71, 
Papman 75, Papuveim 27, Paqueese 112, Parcelease 93, Pardon Drav 71, Pargolla 85, 
Park Alley 9, -Alelia 36, -an Beacod 37, -an Bellett 20, -an Braham"'34, -an Brays H. 
69, -and Frame 78, -and Garden 78, -and Jane 78, -and Joan 78, -and Trees 78 -and 
Warrell 18, -an Dzain 31, -an Ears 20, -an Fidios 37, -an Giggan 20, -an Gulfan 34, 
-an Gwidnow 27, -an Hel 29, -an James 37, -an Joppa 29, -an Ki, Lizard, -an Meage 
87, -an Nails 31, -an Pain 35, -an Prap 37, -an Praze 35, -an Prowlter 27, -an Eoper 13, 
-anSheta29, -an Sow 28, -an Tiiaze35, -an Tiringiia 40, -Argar 34. -Bain:el72, -Baunb 
72, -Bawden 78, -Bedd 29, -Bleudw 29, -Body 78, -Bows 34, -Brain 78, -Brawn 36, 
-Broungey 29, -BuUus 29, -Bush 29, -Columb 69, -Conel 102, -Crakey 78, -Creame 29, 
-Crearn 29, -Crescent 27, -Crooked 31, -Cuitis 36, -Dairy 90, -Denham 78, -Door 183, 
-Duckyers 67, -Ebbyer Lizard, Ebsar 29, -en Bowen 24, -en Butts 85, -en Chambers 
22, -en Constable 105, -en Danger 24, -en Danor 24, -en Fold 24, -en Gate M. 12, -en 
Gue 85, -en Pond 58, -Enpons 36, -en Schemen 12, -Enshaft 29, -Enskellow 29, -en 
Stamps 20, -en Trouble 24, -en Watch 72, -eth 29, Eug 29, -Field 27, -Glaston 31, 
-Golla 35, -Gribley 75, -Guaras 36, -GuUis 36, -Hallings 20, -Harvey 75, -Hedrap 39, 
"•Hedraps 39, -Herwer 35, -Hornett 35, -Hoskins 46, -Hoyle 37, -Iiurlis 35, -Hythan 
35, -Iain 36, -lairn 29, -in Bush 45, -in Close 85, -in Corner 40, -in Drain 37, -in Drea 
87, -in Dreas 87, -in Garrick 58, -in Hall 94, -in Hay 164, -in Head 91, -in Hoyles 37, 
-Inner Mr. 85, -in Pit 40, -in Found 87, -in Truckle 27, -in Teuton 50, -in Ventum 37, 
-in Younder 37. -Jaco 20, -Jaco Eange 20, -Jeffery's 37, -Jenkin 83, -Jenkins 75, -Josey 
27, -Joshua 35, -Jump 18, -Lawey 27, -Le Giggan 8, -Lenta 8, -Lest 10, -Liddon 37, 
-Little 37, -Lousey 24, -Lourtoda 18, -]y Hall 103, -.^'abgam 24, -Mabjain 24, -Maggy 
63, Matthews 100, -Maze 77, -Meadow 78, Mears 72. -Meers 37, -Melee 22, -Memeer 9, 
-Mewens 67, -:\iiehell 18, -Mimmies 36, -Mitchell 24, -Mint 11, -Mistress, Z/rorrf, 
-Moons 37, -Morga 18, -Nerwerth 37, -nets 37, -Nostril 50, -Nowan 18, -Nowen 86, 
'Nower 95, -Olissia 41, -Owen 75, -Page 86, -Pain 83, -Pavey 37, Pavia 37, Penzey 90, 
-I'erbo 37, -Perkins 32, -P err a 83, -Perry 86. -Peter 40, -Petty 87, -Pidgeon 35, -Pie 
86, -Pigeons 37, -Plane 36, -Polanghan 58, -Pollard 20, -Pounds 75, -Freddews 37, 
-1 robus 72, -Proctors Stick 34, -Purpose S6, -Eoger 36, -Eoselaud 78, -Eowland 75, 
-Eoy 37, -Eun 112, -Saice 35, -Saucer 8, -Screba 35, -Screbia 35, -Shewys 37, -Shiver 
18, -Skeba 34, -Skeber 34, -Skelas 36, -Skevar 27, -Skewes 37, -Skyber 47, -Slade 72, 
^Slades 37, -Sop 34, -South 27, -Sowell 37, -Sparable 35, -Sparrow 19, -Starved 27, 
-Statters 37, -Stephen 47, -Stile 72, -Stotum 50, -Stout 50, -Strachel 75, -Studies 37, 
-Syble 4. -Symous 86, -Talland 18, -Tannel 36, -Teath 20, -Thatcher 78, -Thomas 27, 
-Thump 37, -Tiringira 40, -Tobma, Lizard, -Todd 20, -Toddin 50, -Tom 41, -Tonkin 
37, -Totten 37, -Transome 37, -Trap 5, -Trenevas 37, -Tridlus 24, -Twist 18, -under 
Leat 100, -Undenvay 121, -Uren 20, -Vave 29, -Vellams 18, -Ventens 34, -Ventum 37, 
-Venture 44, -Visack 34, -Vose 41, -Vowels 18, -Wakem 75, -Wavan 29, -Wheal 20, 
-Withiel 35, -y Door 182, -Young 18, Parker Pie 94. Parksan Bodiggo 102, Parky and 
Mine 83, Parlour P. 94, Parson Garret 91, Parsons P. 165, Parian Tedus 37, Partlow 
Plane 42, Pass F. 18, Passage 183, Passel 199, Pass H. 136, -Horn 125, -well 157, 
Pasland 177, Passers F. 18, Past-Marsh 187, -White Cr. 27, Pasture Ham 159, Pasty 
Cr. 78, Path P. 147, Pattons 175, Patts F. 193, Paul Spriddon 37, Pawns 86, Pay 
-Money 148, -my Cost 21, -my Debts 18, Peace Piece 87, Peaches P. 159, Peachy P. 117, 
Peak Ham 186, Pear Stitch 140, Pearn 71, -Gweal 79, Peas P. 149. Pease P. 148, Peas- 
land 153, Peaton 119, Peddan Pey 18, Pedlars P. 184, Pedndiag 8, Pedn Tenjack 9, 
Peek 150, Peet P. 157, Peggy Lanes 187, Pegna P. 180, Pegs Mr. 95, Pelamoor 
143, Pella Mr. 147, Pellidena, Lizard, Felly Well F. 139, Pemligo 117, Pen M. 145, 
Penaton Coombe 181, Pendethes 114, Pendogg-et, -at 114, Pendolow 102, Peugalls 102, 
Fenhail 193, Penhalsnick 27, Penhill 115, 1 enlit M. 145, Fenny-chord 186, -Coal F. 
196, -dole 116, -land 181, -loaf F. 186, -Piece 113, -under Canal 175, Penonack 29, 
Penowel 40, Penpottles 94, Penshill 186, Pensinger 199, Pensylvena 85, Penters P. 
198, Penwen 116, Penwinnas 114, Penyeer 114, Pepper-corn 110, -hole 159, -mint 0. 
122, Perpeer, Lizard, Perrins Downs 156, Peter P. 150, -Pine 122, Petherpence 110, 


The Petherwicka 112, Petty C. 44, Phallys Marsh 179, Philadelphia 110, Philpots H. 

150, Phillibawdry Mr. 35, Phillies H. Ill, Phillys F. 179, Phipes F. 177, Physicis M. 
133, Pick Heath 58, Picked Little Steaddon 133, Pickens P. 115, Picket Lane 196, 
Pickets Down 134, Pickland 183, Picks 177, Picksy M. 196, Pidney P. 147, Pig -P. 117, 
-my-P. 125, Pigna P. 175, Pigney P. 123, Pigs P. 87, Pilaver 181, Pilbrooms 156, 
Pilchard F. 42, Pile F. 27, Pilfer Door 105, Pilgers 22, Piles Mr. 69, Piliver 192, Pill- 
Pan 123, -Stone 47, Pinch C. 95, Pine F. 110, -Apple 153, Piukland 144, Piuuocks P. 

151, Pinsents F. 122, Pinshare 165, Pinson 94, Pinters 75, Piper 114, Pisgroves 187, 
PiskeyPit 169, Piskie F. 8, Pissing Plot 187, Pit-Cam 137, -Lands 18, Piter P. 180, 
Pitt P. 135, Yonder Pittice 150, Pitties 144, The Pitts 133, Pitty -C. 86, -Cams 86, 
-Down P. 100, Pixter 203, Pixy 100, Pizwell 203, Place M. 148, Plague 10, Plain Sanc- 
tuary 177, Planvills 119, Plase M. 156, Plash P. 103, Plashes F. 27, Plat 139, Pleasant 
P. 144, Pleasure 75, Plefeet 4, Plinker 37, Plinky P. 159, Plod M. 196, Plot under Great 
Bun 75, Plota M. 193, Plough -M. 18, -xMangar 78, Ploughed F. 37, Ploughing Match 
140, Plovers C. 18, Plow F. 18, Plud F. 8, Plum F. 1, Plumb P. 125, Plump M. 125, 
Plushes 145, Pluvers Mr. 177, Pocket 0. 123, Point -P. 203, -Cr. 27, -Gilly 5S, The 
Pointer 18, Pointers H. 105, Poison C. 35, Pokeys M. 100, Poklers Ham lh6, Pokles P. 

159, Polards P. 135, Fold Garren 90, Pol-dow's M. 112, -gunnick 135, PoUween 147, 
Pol-mere 140, -peer 136, -rove 121, -ter 37, Pomeroy P. 144, Pomery P. 116, Pool-and 
133, -sEnd 136, -Water Pit 181, Poor Jackey IQ.— Continued Page 201. 

Tenements, Estates and other places. — Alternell 160, Alderbeer 174, Alex's 
Torr, 133, All Drunkards 169, Alviuney 145, Ambush Lake 144, Anvoas 31, Apes Head 
2, Augillion 1, August or Hogus Rocks 16, Austle 145, Backdou 178, Badash 189, r)a- 
diggo 102, Bagga Mills 202, Bag Mill 154, Bales H. 121, Balanimars 192, Balkin H. 3, 
Bamham 191, Bangers Whistle 169, Bankadeagle ?22, Bany 168, Barcelona 124, Barras 
Nose 136, Barris 46, Barva -njack, -jack 33, Bary Court 177, Basowsa 71, Bass or Beast 
Point 30, Bastreet 160, Batavellan 13, Bavella 13, The Baw Sand 78, Bawd-ah, -oe, 
-ow 119, Bawds Inn 0?- End, or Boards end 140, Bazill 144, Beals 119, Bearah 125, 
Beard 125, Beckabins 177, Beckling 42, Bodellah 97, Bedgale, Badgall 163, Bedigga 
102, Bedlam 186, Bedr-igga, -iggo, -ugga 85, Beglisti Mr. 4, Belidden Lizard, Bellowal 
9, BenboUet 135, Bendlowes 22, Benewals 86, Benna- or Bennet-cot 185, Beny 1(.7, 
Berwick 77, Bez-awn, -own, or Bezoan 84, Bezzack Rock 23, I esses Tenment 177, 
Bessies Cove 17, Betty thorn 171, Bickland 42, Bilkeys 84, Binnies 141, Bisland 123, 
Bissaunas 74, Bissom 53, The Bite or Beart 100, Bittams 196, Bittleford 201, Black 
-apit 151, -Bottles 153, -Cross 86, -havens 200, -Lane End 143, Bladders 153, Blaken- 
ford 160, Blankidnick 52, Blary 143, Blinkers Bed 6, Blue-Came 1, -Pool 27, -stone 47, 
-Top 175, Boardi-idge 185, Boarrah Tor 159, Bobamere t.h. 48, Bocoven 115, BoCowloe, 
Little Bo and Bomear rocks 2, Bodervennock 27, Bodraverran 21, Bohilla 57, Bodiiggan 

160, Bojorrow 35, Bomear or Sharks Fin 2, Bombers Mark 123, Bonaventure f.?>. 48, 
Bondwalls Mill 159, Bony Foot 180, Boquio 27, Borah 5, Bosehan 4, Bosspillers 112, 
Boswisnan 15, Boswissack 40, Bottaborough 174, Bovallan 13, Bowda 160. Bowdan 178, 
Bowden Rocks, or Boen Marks, or Cow and Calf, or Man and his Man 48, Bowdon 173, 
Bowl Cove 13, Box's Shop 169, Bragaton's Cross 174, Brandy Rock 1, Brays H. 175, 
Brazil 145, Bredvosy 185, Bree Shute 110, Brickavans 177, Bridals 123, Brim Parks 
110, Brimstone H. 1, Brinky Well 115, Broadneck 1, Brogan 31, Broo Mr. 3, Broules 
2, Browarth 1, Browda 159, Brownbridge 53, Brudnoe 34, Bruggan 31, Buccabu 1, 
Bucclesome 117, Bucka-Mills 125, -pit 151, Buckypit 150, Buckets 46, Buckhill 165, 
Buddies 71, Bunkings Bottom 196, Burgham 110, Burgwitha 37, Burney 98, Barnow 
34, Burnt-hill 1, -Town 53, Burralda 171, Burrell 202, Burrington il}., Burthallan 13, 
Burwood 171, Bush 172, Bushill ib , Buswednack 10, Butter Tor 133, Byngs 102, Ca- 
ledno 1, Caffa 104, Cagar 31, Caglinna 126, Caglonnon ib., Cain H. 123, Calloget 201, 
Callowden 143, Calls Thorne 171, Callyvardor Rock 103, Calmady 169, Calmanjack 40, 
Calmea 35, Calmudu 178, Ca- or Car-lumb 112, Calvauna 187, Calwodley 117, Calyze 
23, Canganes 143, Can -or Carn-acannow 100, Canier 166, Canmills 75, Cannaframe 
145, Cannap 27, Cannera 54, Cannis Rock 103, Cant 112, Capalloe 82, Cappadocia 184, 
Carbittle Burrows 50, Carcurrian 15, Cargoda Zawn 4, Carlauchard 36, Carliquoita 
Eocks ?, Carn-Base 1, -Bolenow 24, -Butts 36, -Cobbie 10, -Gwendra 75, -ivs 90, -jeweh 
100, -Levereth 1, -Sigga or Sugga 21, Carrabone 35, Carratarra 105, Cartmick 59, Car- 
vadles 91, Car- Veer 101, -Veor Mr. 101, Casehill 133, Caseleys Mr. 175, Caspard Pool 
143. Casterills 27, Castle Coy 28, Caswarth 91, Caswell 169, Catamark f.m. 123, Cats- 
hole Tor 133, Cawker 177, Challowater 132, Charlicott 192, Cherriton 180, Christalla 9, 
Chyngwith 84, Clnhar 29, Claun 108, Clicket 161, Clobleats 140, Cloon H. :42, Club- 
worth 184, Coal H. 186, Coales 96, Coals 90, Cobelstone 142, Cobthorne 175, Codda 
145, Golan 140, Cold-Quag 114, -scent 116, Cole-charton 193, -rose 63, Col-house 145, 
-liford 144, -loden 140, -onna Beach 78, -nathes 169, -ross 102, Comes 1, Conternuan 
t.h. 48, Conycoombe 194, Coodeys 124. — For continuation see End of Preface. 



About u-Jiich the Compiler solicits information. 

Fields.— Polgarren {S. Merryn) ; Polsdornack [Constantine) ; Polstaggg Ground 
[Bodmin) ; Ponselena [S. Just, P.) ; Potford [Lanreath) ; Pragra (S. Jnst, P.) ; Prauglera 
(do.); P-ras Ausk {Gluvias); Pratlers Meadow (QMef/i/ocA) ; Presstis Field (Launcells); 
Pretusence [IVendron); Prickley Yiue [Egloshayle) ; VxidLraowih. [Tywardreatli) ; Purple 
Park [S. Breward) ; Put Meadow (Gorran) ; Quail Park (Bodmin) ; Quadrant (Breage) ; 
Queelsham. {Lanteglos, C); Qmlla.v,-aj (Menheniot); {Egloshaijle); EadgonPark 
[Calstock) ; Eagginstone (Lezant) ; Eambleys Meadow (Landrake) ; The Eaudoms (S. 
Keverne) ; Eange (Lanreath) ; The Eap (Illogan) ; Eascal Vine [Zennor) ; Battle Back 
(S. Wenn) ; Eattle Park (Helland) ; Battle Streets (Lanreath) ; Battling Field {IVendron) ; 
Eedagins Park [S. Neots); Bedewan {Grade); Eeem Moor (S. Keverne); Beeps Down 
(S. Neots) ; Eemmick (Bitryan) ; Een-nau, -nance {S. Columb 3Ia.) ; Eeunow (Madron) ; 
Eennish (Constantine) ; Eetha (Withiel) ; Eewan Park (Padstoiv) ; Eewes Meadow 
(5. Thomas); Bex Meadow (NorthiU) ; Bibbon (Kemcyn); Biddle Park (Cardinham); 
Eiels Field (S. Neots) ; Bill (PiUaton) ; Billaton (Linkinhorne) ; Biug a Bingey (S. Neots) ; 
Eing and Walbiit (Veryan) ; Bing Gales {S. Germans) ; Eiug Croft (Pedruth) ; Eitbargus 
(Perranzabuloe) ; Bitchell (IVendron) ; Bittanna (Constantine) ; Eock Avon (Breage) ; 
Bock Boy (Piian Mi.); Boilers (S. Breock) ; Boll Stone Park (Helland); Boman Tee 
{Gluvias) ; Bomsdale (Lanreath) ; Eove andBoad (S. Columb Ma.) ; Bowdy (S. JVinnoiv) ; 
Bubble Close (Crantock) ; Bump Field (Kenwyn) ; Eussa Field (Paul) ; Ixusta (Tintagel) ; 
Euther Embla (Towednack) ; Saddle Park (Jacobstow) ; Safe (Crantock) ; Saggy Park 
(Liskeard) ; Sam (S. Austell); Scalson (Menheniot); Sclewes (Breage); The Sclewy 
(do.) ; Scoggaus Meadow (S. Winnow) ; ScoUagrove (Werrington) ; Scorbargus (Gorran) ; 
Scorple (Alternon) ; Scrabs Hill (Calstock) ; Scraesdon and Brockhole (S. Anthony, E.); 
Scrasis (S. Winnow); Scraps Close (Veryan); Scree-, Screet-chets Field (S. 3Iinver); 
Scrub Close (S. Columb Ma.) ; Scurry Close (do.) ; Scuddy Plot (S. Breock) ; Scurrator 
(Tintagel); ^cwcvy Ijook (Padstow) ; Bead (Temi^le); Seams lleadovf ( TintagelJ ; Seat 
Walls (Minster) ; Sent (Linkinhorne) ; Sess Meadow (Calstock) ; Setnett (N. Pethencin) ; 
Settle Park r-S. Clether); Shabwell (iYor«/»7/) ; ShalliYill (Blisland) ; Sha-, Shad-daford 
(Quethiock); Shadiick (Cardinham); Shaft Piles'. Agnes); Shafty Field (Breage); 
Shambles (S. Clether); Sham Hill (S. Minver); Sham Park (Kenwyn); Sharpland 
{Linkinhorne) ; Shaving Park (S. Mabyn) ; Sheals (NorthiU) ; Shearmans Field (S. 
Austell) ; Sheaver's Clove (S. Keverne) ; Sheepeuless (Mortal) ; Shebbannoon Park 
(NorthiU) ; Sheerall (Paul) ; Sheila (S. Slinver) ; Shell Gate (S. Teath) ; Shell Stones 
(S. Neots); Sherhill ( Stokeclimsland) ; Shilling Meadow (Anthony, E.) ; Shilly Park (S. 
Stexihens, L.) ; Shittle Park (S. Teath) ; Shoe Park (Bayton) ; Shot Close (Mawgan, P.) ; 
Shuggle Pavk (Egloshayle); Shred Moov (Tenqile) ; Shroiid Moor (Blisland); Shubish 
Hill (Probus) ; Shula Piece (S. Ste2)hens, S.) ; Shurs Beal (S. Teeth) ; Shutters Field 
(.9. Enoder); Sibbet Park (Towednack); Sicklers Field (P7«?Z/acA-;; Sidgeons (Gicennap) ; 
Sieve (Breage) ; Silk Brown Close (Probus) ; Simple Meadow (Gorran) ; Sinews Park 
{S. Germans) ; Singeroes Park (S. Austell) ; Single New Park (Liskeard) ; Sinks Park 
(Endellion); Sivel Wood (S. Ive); Skensgo (Davidstoiv) ; Skiddy (Lesiieicth); Skilla 
Park (Treneglos); Skimming (iS. A'cjcJ ; Sklues (Breage); Skudley Park (Davidstow); 
Skurry Close (S. Columb Ma.) ; Slapvillan (Paul) ; Slattram (Kea) ; Slave Park (Kenwyn) ; 
Long Sleave (S. Neots) ; The Sleave (S. Breward) ; Sieves (S. Clements) ; Sliggon (S. 
Minver) ; Slip go down ( Constantine) ; Sloddeu Field (Probus) ; Sloddy Goonhavern (do.) ; 
Slowney Well (S. Winnoiv) ; Slough Park (S. Breward) ; Slow Well (Mabe) ; Slunnows 
{S. Austell); Smelly Barn (Gluvias); Smiley Park (S. Cohmb 31 a.) ; Smocks Meadow 
(N. Tamerton) ; Smoke Ally (Breage) ; Smothy Field (S. Juliott) ; Smiitty Croft (Con- 
stantine); Snap Park (Y'. Tcnnerton); Snuggo (Sancreed); Sm;ff Bos Down (Linkin- 
horne); Sohj (Ruan Mi.) ; Solver Anna (Camborne) ; Sounding Pan (O/rv/) ; Southarrow 
Nail (Davidstoiv) ; Sowna (S. Levan) ; Sowder (Lansallos) ; Spacious Park (Landrake) ; 
Spade Hill (Cardinham) ; Spading Moor (Lanreath) ; Spang (S. Breock) ; Homer Spanga 
(Crowan); Sparable Point (L(sA-ca?-(Zj; Spare and Painful ( 6'. Austell); Sparring Down 
Park (S. Austell); Spas Spatten (6'fi77i;a?!s) ; Speame (5. Jwsf, P.) ; Speckle Park (Men- 
heniot) ; The Spit (S. Blazey) ; Spin Meadow (Whitstone) ; Spinnage Park (S. Breward) ; 
Spire Hill (6'. Teath); Spirs Field (Whitstone); Split Field (Crowan); Great Spranga 
(Croivan); SpringlePark (S. Neots) ; Springers Field (6'. Winnow); S^irity Yield (Padstow); 
Sprigs Park (N. Pethencin) ; Sprizes Meadow (Calstock) ; Spuckles Meadow (Linkin- 
horne); Spue Field (S. Columb Ma.); Spy Glass (Tywardreath); Stabilyus (P7u7/acA;) ; 
Stabbage Meadow (Laneast) ; Stades (Egloshayle) ; Stad Close (S. Martins, M.) ; Staddon 
(N. Petherwin); Siadi\ej (Menheniot) ; Staggy Moor (5'. Isscy) ; SiaiiPark (Menheniot) ; 
Stalmack Field (S. Just, P.) Standing Park (Lezant) ; Stang Stitcli (Launcells) ; Staplins 


(S. Winnow) ■ Start Field (5. Erth) ; Stara Park (Egloshaijle) ; Star Ball {Luxulyan) ; 
•Starch Field (Kenwyn) ; Stare Park {Lanreath) ; Starmack (Crowan); Starkes, or Strakea 
Meadow {Linldnhorne t ; Starra Park {Lanteglos, C.) ; Stars Cross Park {Linkinhorne) ; 
Start Field (6'. Erth) ; StarTey Park {S. Coliimb Major) ; State Park {Linkinliorne ; 
Statty Close {S. Austell) ; The Steer Eight Field {S. Minver) ; Steaddon Field {S. Breicard) ; 
Steulaway {tgloskerry); fcteel V&xk {Whitstone) ; Stent Bank (-S. A'eofs) ; Stents Brake 
(Liskeard) ; fetepua Park {Stokeclimstand) ; SterUng {S. Coluinh Ma.) ; Sterning Field 
(HciUy) ; btep an tide {S. Erth) ; Sterra Park (Davidstow) ; Stewert {Tremaine) ; Stick 
Park {Probus) ; btids Moor {Whitstone) ; Stiley Close {Gorran) ; Stir Town (5. Mabyn) ; 
Stonstick {Constantine) ; Store Close (P)ofci(s); Stove Packs (Dat'idstoit;) ; Stotheiidge 
{Launceston) ; Citourpili {Perranzabuloe) ; Stowey Park {Lesnewth) : Strang {Launces- 
ton) ; btrakeshaw Field (6'. Just, F.) ; fetrain Bridge Field {Menheniot) ; Strap (Laneast) ; 
Strecks Meadow {Antony, E.) ; Strevor Park {Cardinham) ; Btringham (PaztZ) ; Stringa-m, 
&r -n {Buryan) ; !Stii\iug Moor {S. Columb Ma.) ; Stubba Down {N. Tamerton) ; Stubby 
Park {Gluvias) ; Stub Croft {Zennor) ; Stunes Meadow {Menheniot) ; Stmi; {Lelant) ; 
Suas Meadow {Ladock) ; The Subban {Breage) ; feue Meadow {S. Breock) ; Sueys Field 
(6' Cleer) ; isumery Park {Talland) ; Sumney Croft {Buryan) ; Sush Croft {Wendron) ; 
Swadland Close ('/j ; bwainer Park {N. Tamerton) ; Swana Park {Stokeclimsland) ; Swart 
Meadow {Calstock) ; Sweena Park {Quethiock) ; Sweetbone {S. Breicard) ; Swiney Park 
{Lanreath) ; bwinging Head {Constantine) ; Swiugey Field {do.) ; S\sinster Meadow 
{Forrabury) ; Swish Close {S. Enoder) ; Sworn or Hum Field {Probus) ; Sychans Croft 
(iS'. Keverne) ; Sydes Meadow {Crantock) ; Sye Meadow {Blistand) ; Symlet Orchard (.S'. 
Minver); T Field {Lostwithiel) ; Tack-, or Tuck-amean Field (Gha-ias; ; Tailan Chuyth 
{S- Just, P.); Tailder {Wendron); Talan Yaughan {Mullion) ; Talgleduack (-S/f/iHe^/) ; 
Tapper Meadow {Veryan) ; Tappy Town {Blisland) ; Tam Field {Kemcyn) ; Taiton 
Downs {Landrake) ; Taunton iiays {S. Blazey) ; Tawney Plot {Breage) ; Tays Above 
Town {iitokecUmsland) ; Teasers Meadow {S. Issey) ; Teddy Hole {N. Pethericin) ; Tee 
Field {Hithney); Teek Field {Breage); Telt {Wendron); Temaught (Gorran) ; Tempy 
park {S. Cleer) ; Tempy's Meadow {S. Breicard) ; The Ten {S. Just, P.) ; Tenthi-ea {S. 
Mahyn) ; Tenthiill (?) ; Tentonian {Lanteglos, C.) ; Terngo Brake (6'. Dominick) ; Ters- 
waiu {S. Cleer) ; Teska {Buryan) ; Thafty Field {S. Just, P.) ; Thava {Lelant) ; Therews 
Close (6'. Columb Mi.) ; Throne {Constantine) ; Tidlers (S. Keic) ; Tie Close {S. Enoder); 
Tiger Park {Bodmin) ; Tights Field {Landrake) ; THand Field {Davidstow) ; TH Bridge 
(&. Keic) ; Tiles Field {atokeclimsland) ; Tillage {H. Winnow) ; Tinager {Launcells) ; 
Teneward {Probus) ; Tin Hatches {S. Keots) ; Tinivere {S. Cleer) ; Tinner {S. h'eots) ; 
Tithey Field {Crantock) ; Toddagor {S. Clether) ; Todd Park {S. Neots) ; Toddens Steps 
{Gerrans) ; Tolhorn {Zennor) ; Toll an Jame {Cury) ; Tollyodness {Lelant) ; TolteiTy {S. 
Austell) ; Toltick or Lost Bridge {Linkinhorne) ; Toltreach {Buryan) ; Tom Stone {Tin- 
tagel) ; Tong End {Launceston) ; Tongs {Coustantine) ; Toodle Hill {Liskeard) ; Tooks 
Field {Kemcyn) ; Top Bendown {Morval) ; Topnar {Gluvias) ; The Torber (&. Levan) ; 
Tox-mentaliield (6'. A'erer«e) ; Torran Hill (S. Co/u??i& J/t.) ; ToiTas (Pro&us); ToiTeen 
{Towednack) ; Total Park {Endellion); Touch Clo&e {Lanteglos, F.) ; Tour Close (Fer- 
yan) ; Tousey Close {Scilly) ; Town Floor (Landrake) ; Town Frow {Gorran) ; Town 
Boan {do.) ; Town Tanna {Gluvias) ; Transgares {Lanteglos, C.) ; Trap leeket {S. Just, 
P.) ; Trappa Stitch {Blisland) ; Trap Stile {a. Columb Ma.) ; Traunces Field (TTendron) ; 
Trebarford {8. Columb Ma.) ; Eastern Trebbus {S. Columb Mi.) ; Treble Park {S. Teath); 
Tree Deane {Whitstone) ; Treen Coth (Zennor) ; Trefomitain (PiV/afon) ; Trefoy (^ Ver- 
non) ; Iregenson's Meadow {H. Wenn) ; Tregivinin {Mullion) ; Tregony Jan (Gluvias) ; 
Tregulfean {H. Columb Ma.) ; Tregusus {Wendron) ; Trench or Trunch Meadow {S. Kew) ; 
Treloygath {kstithians) : Trering {S. Germans) ; Treshan Meadow {S. Mabyn) ; Treshot 
(do.) ; Trestram Downs and Top Trestrams {Buryan) ; Treth-ewys, -uses (iS. Sampsoii) ; 
Trewei-jwell {&>. Keveme) ; Trewga Field {Wendion) ; Tucka-man or -mean {S. Gluvias) ; 
Tulan {S. Just, P.) ; Tully Meadow {Constantine) ; Tult Staff {Budock) ; Tump Field 
{Stithians) ; Turfrey {Advent) ; Turley Meadow {Stokeciimsland) ; Tui-n Hayle {S. Kew) ; 
Tui-ney Quins {S. Columb Ma.) : Tweenas {N. Petherwin) ; Twinatown {Morval) ; Twin 
End {Treneglos) ; Twuihays {Pillaton) ; Twinna Park {Treneglos) ; Twinnatown {Wer- 
rington) ; Twiuwell {IS. Dominick) ; The Tye {S. Just, P.) ; XJdelow {Lesnewth) ; Uglow 
(do.) ; Ugly Park (S. Blazetj) ; L'mbrake {Ulogan) ; Usty Yeale {Breage) ; Yage Park 
{Alternon) ; Yain Field (Scitty) ; Yalentine Field {Davidstoiv) ; Yanes (Mawgan) ; Yangy 
Well {Morval) ; Yanstones {ti. Austell); Yarney's Moor {Ladock) ; Yariick Moor {Gorran) ; 
Vartol Field {Lizard) ; Yassy Close {Crantock) ; Yatta Moor {Tresmeer) ; Yeales Park 
(<S'. Isseij) ; Homer Yeals (»b. Columb Ma.) ; Yeils {Padstow) ; Yernon Hedge {S. Breock) ; 
Yerseans {S. Austell); Yei-yas {Veryan) ; Yespers {S. Stephens, L.) ; Yetan Tellan {Ger- 
rans) ; Yeysey Marsh {N. Petherwin) ; Yie Meadow (6'. Gluvias) ; Yie Park (& Austell) ; 
Yieldses {S. Columb Ma.); Yillabridge {Tintagel) ; Yilley {Tremayne) ; Yil Park (6. 
Austell) ; Yinegar Hill {Bodmin) ; Yinegar Park {Egloshayle) ; Yine Path {S. Merryn) ; 
Yingans {Madron); Yinjs Billaton {Linkinhorne); Yishes Stile {S. Neots); Yiskins 

Columb (_Blisland) ; Vitbans (Madron) ; Vobins iu Eosenitbon (S. Keverne) ; Volley (AT. 
Pethenvin) ; Vorn Castel (5. Levan') j Vounder Britain (5. Keverne) ; Tbe Voxen {Helkind) ; 
Voyage Waste (Grade) ; Voyland (Morval) ; Yimg{Gorran) ; Wacker {Antony, E.) ; Wad- 
dy Meadow {Crantock); Wadge it [Lanreath) ; Wadling Head {JVcrrington); Wads 
Meadow (Jacobstow) ; Walk I'ark {Helland) ; Wallows Leys [Tintagcl); Warelands 
(Antony, E.); Ware Park (Lezant); War Gallas (Grade); Warmer (S. Coliunb Ma.) ; 
Homer an^Z Onter Warps (Mandrake) ; Warrick Meadow (S. Austell); Wartba Bonds 
{S. Keverne) ; Warwick bill (EndeUion) ; Wasb Meadow (S. Neots) ; Wasb Moor (Bodmin) 
Wassail Plot (do.) ; Watcli Park (Kemvyn) ; Water Tarrow [Menlieniot) ; Watty [Buryan) ; 
Tbe Wavils ( Zi/Y'a.K/^) ; Way Vosportb (CmnfocA) ; Way Dennis (Gen-ans) ; WayKelliers 
(S. Erth) ; Weal Qneal (.9. Levan) ; Wedge Close (Breage) ; AVedrack (Zennor) ; Weed 
Park (A?^. Tnmerton); Weed Band (.?. ^eote) ; Weeder Park (S.Sampson); Weedy Park 
(Morval) ; Week Meadow (Camborne) ; Welcome to Town (S. Gorran) ; Well Breach 
(do.); Well Cm (Wendron) ; Well Cropbam (S. Keverne); Well Cat Moor (Probns); 
Wellems Close (Launceston) ; Wellis Plot (Davldstoiv) ; Well Kerrens (Mullion) ; Well 
Lay (Liskeard) ; Well Lakes (Cardinham) ; Wells Eye (do.) ; Wellsonjones (Camborne) ; 
Well Stitcbes (Lanteglos, C.) ; Well Town (Forraburry) ; Well Vosga (S. Eval) ; Welvals 
(Wendron); Wemarland (Cardinham); Wenny Wells (Blisland); Werris Croft (TFen- 
dron) ; Werrys Field (Breock) ; Western Eot (Kenwyn) ; Wetletts (Egloshayle) ; Wbeal 
Lang (S. Levan) ; W. Killaban (Camborne) ; W. Luckly (S. Teath) ; W. Truas (S. Just, P.) ; 
W. Toucben (Breage); Wbeat Caney Field (Wendron); Wbeel Way (S. Columb Mi.); 
Wbitclose (Gerra)is) ; Wbite Alice or AUis (Wendron) ; Wliite Allies (Breage) ; Wbite 
Bread Park (S. Ive) ; Wbite Lake (Linkinkorne) ; Wbitesbeard (LaunceUs) ; Wbite- 
smock Meadow (Forrabury) ; Wbite Stockings (S. Thomas} ; Wbite Well ( Bodmin } ; 
Wbiting (S. Mabyn); Wbitless (Lanteglos, C); Wbitta Park (Treneglos); Wbittaway 
Ham (Werrington) ; Wbitty (Helston) ; Wbole Field (Wendron) ; Wickwater (S. Blazey) ; 
Widegate (Morval) ; Wild Acre (S. Keverne) ; Wild a Moor (S. Clether) ; Wild Cat (En- 
deUion); Wild Dog (rfo.) ; Wilderness (Lanreath) ; ^YM Pa.i-k (Whitstone) ; Wild Stitch 
(S. Breward); Willy Downs (S. Enoder) ; Windalls (S. Stephens, S.); Winda Meadow 
(S. Teath) ; Wind Stall Field (We7idron) ; Windstock Field (S. Erth) ; Wink bills 
(lllogan) ; Wiunaver Moor (Helland) ; Winnegood (Probus) ; Winnocks (Breage) ; Win- 
nofore (Minster) ; Winnoway (S. Cleer) ; Winsbowe Park (S. Breock) ; Winstones Pul- 
lery (do.) ; Wish Town (Lanhydrock) ; Witfield (Kenwyn) ; Wooden Arisb (S. Columb 
Ma.) ; Woodrose (Forrabury) ; Woodwell (Quethiock) ; Woody (Laneast) ; Woon-Grey, 
-Greys (Luxulyan); Woonpits (Tov)ednack) ; Woon Summer (do.); Work Park (6'. 
Enoder) ; Wormside Hill (Probxis) ; Wormy Field ( Wendron) ; Wortbacre (Advent) ; 
Woval (Maiogan, M.) ; Wranger Park (Minster) ; Wrab Field (Buryan) ; Wrane (do.) ; 
Wreath Park (Quethiock); Wrencbford (Werrington); Wrinkles (S. Keverne); Yard 
"EielA (Wendron) ; Yarmen Peatb (S. Kevj); Yaxn. (Germoe) ; Yarn Gooih. (S. Keverne ; 
Yaxner (Tremaine); Yarrow Park (iScfliy) ; Yawna Park (Pi7/atoH.) ; Yealdaman (5. Jusi, 
P.) ; Yealings Park (S. Breward) ; Yeana Park Ham (N. Petherwin) ; Yellow Park 
(Tresmeer) ; Yellowver (S. Cleer) ; Yelloways (LaunceUs) ; Yellowest (Menheniot) ; Yellow 
Tor (Laiidrake) ; Yellion ( Tresmeer) ; Yellands Close (5'. Columb Ma.) ; Yerru Pare (5". 
Eval); Yogg-Park, -s V&xk (Blisland) ; Yoke Stitch (Camborne); Yolver Meadow (Cal- 
stock) ; Yonder Tory (Gluvias) ; Yonder Gustory (Crantock) ; Yonderberry (Antony, E.) ; 
York Hill (Zennor); York Hill Stitch (do.); Zackingbam (Tremaine); Zeekely (S. 
Do7ninick); Zetons Meadow (Jacobstouj); Zeiompevn (S. Merryn) ; Zox Moor (Landrake). 
Tenements, &c. — Polpenenna (Buryan); Polstangy Praze (Grade); Pomfel (Stoke- 
climsland); Pomish Downs (Kenwyn) ; Ponslego (Perranzabuloe) ; Voniixxs-, v.Vnnch.- 
CrosB (Lostioithiel) ; Porrown Berry (Gorran); Potram (Bodmin); Pottleder Bay (£. 
Looe) ; Powvallet Coyt (Lostwithiel) ; Pra (Breage) ; Praze Zawn (S. Just, P.) ; Prenestin 
(S.Michael, Car.); Puckerell (t.b., S. Agnes) ; Fnckwalls (Advent) ; 'Puddle (Laiiivet) ; 
Pudlins Break (Morwinstow) ; Pudners (Mlchaelstow) ; Puffeland (Duloe) ; Pugg-ies or 
-is Mill (C«??i&orae) ; Pugbills (Linkinhorne) ; PuUouris (Lelant); Pursile Bay (Scilly; 
Quantrel Morvast (?) ; Quencbwell (Kea) ; Quies (rock, Trevose Head) ; Quies Land (S. 
Cleer) ; Eadjan (Newhjn) ; Eadjill Cliff (S. Just, P.) ; Eame (Stithians) ; Eanney (ledge, 
Polperro); Eanneys (ledge, Scilly ; Eanty Cliff (S. Keverne); Eaplapit (, Polperro); 
Eay-, or Eye-man (rock, Ludgvan) \ Eecevan (Sancreed) ; Eeck Gate (5". Mellion) ; Eed- 
allan or -ellan (Breage); Eedding Point (Maker) ; Eeeks (t.b., S. Agnes) ; Tbe Eeem (8. 
Keverne); B.eevers (Wliitstoiie); Heleatli (Croivan) ; Eelewes (Maiogan, M.) ; Bellj (S. 
Germans); 'Kennies {rocks, Looe); Eeutemen (o.) ; Eeperry, Eesperrie (Lanivet); Ees- 
parvel (Boscastle) ; Eetanna (mine, Wendron) ; Eetarriers (SciUy) ; Eetew (S. Enoder) ; 
Eetire (Withiel); 'Rihhy (S . T^eej)) ; Eiddle (S.Austell); Eidga or Eigga (Ludgvan); 
'Ridgoe (Buryan) ; Eidbem (Bodmin); Eiffet Field (Wendron); 'Rigger Field (Btidock) ; 
Eiggs (Luxulyan) ; Eilly (S. Columb Ma.) ; Einging Zawn (5'. Just, P.) ; Eingwell (Feock); 
Eiskivers (Veryan) ; Eissick (Buryan) ; Eobnetts (Lansallos) ; Eockadons (Morwinstoic) ; 
Eock Drall (S. Keverne) ; Eogeuuu (Liskeard) ; Eombelows (Quethiock) ; Eome (Kea) ; 


Eouse (PiUaton) ; Ruddy (rock, Scilhj) ; Rude (Launcells) ; Rumps (rocks, Padstow) ; 
Ruth-oes, -res, or -ves (S. Columb Ma.) ; Ryall (^Scillij) ; St. Bodemny (f. Ed. iii, Ker- 
rier) ; S. Carak pille (Leland) ; S. Bellarmin's Tor (? S. Keio) ; S. Kitts (S. Gennys) ; S. 
Layers (Lezant) ; S. Lena (Buryan) ; S. Halves Moor (Mullion) ; S. Nonnio (Alternon) ; 
S. Sith's Beacon (? Advent) ; S. Syors (LuxuJyan) ; S. Winnolds (5. Germans) ; S. Warna 
Baj (Scilly) ; 8alem [Kenivyn) ; Sallock [Maker); Salvaddon {Illogan); Sandock (CaZ- 
stock) ; Savath (Luxulyan) ; Sawah (5. Levan) ; Scabuds (Tuckingmilf) ; Scad Hill (8. 
Neots); Sc&gells Hill (S. Breward) ; ScuAgick Tor {Altemon) ; Scanreagh. (Stithians); 
Scants Garden (Calstock) ; Scar-bine, -ibine (S. Mlnver) ; Scarret (Scilhj) ; Scarrows 
(N. Petherwin); Scar-, Seas-, Scis-sick (Treraegf/os) ; Scarrows (N . Petlierwin) ; Sclerder 
or Segoulder (Mac^TOn) ; Sconhoe (S. Austell); Sconner {Sheviock); Scope Hill (Les- 
neioth) ; Scoresham (Launcells) ; Scrapers Park (Morwinstoio) ; Screed (S. Gennys) ; 
Screeda (S. Austell) ; Scribble (Blisland) ; Scuslands (Quethiock) ; Scutchell (Calling- 
ton J ; Seaurcaugh (S'iJi/iians) ; Sell- ega.n -oga,n (Redruth); Sensham (Bridgerule) ; Set- 
cott (Jacohstow) ; Slieeralls (Paul); Sliernicks (Launcells) ; Shilcoom (Cardinham); 
Shilla Mill (Lanreath) ; Shorrish (Altemon) ; Shrubhendra (Endellion) ; Siblyback (S. 
Cleer); Sillaton (Pillatmi) ; Sin-a, -ia (Cardinham); Sing Moor (Quethiock); Skants 
(Liskeard); Skelly Wadden (Toioednack) ; Skidden (S. Ives); Skirrit Island (Scilly); 
Skonn-er, -or, (Sheviock); Sliddou (N. Petherwin); Sleeper Rock (Helland); Sleeve 
(S. Ive) ; Slue (Boyton) ; Smourn (S. Gennys) ; Spaddick (do.) ; Spain (Boyton) ; Spare 
Bean (t.b., S. Agnes) ; Sparnalls Weens (S. Winnoio) ; Spar Load Zawn (S. Just, P.) ; 
Simrna (Toiuednaclc) ; Speedwell (t.b., S- Agnes); Speddagrew (4Zfernore) ; North Sper- 
retts fiS. Cleer); Sperris (Zennor) ; Sprattan Cove (Illogan); Stable Hobba (Paul); 
Stalks (Tresmeer); Stampers (S. Stephens, B.); Standage (Maiogan, P.); Stand Cove 
(Lanteglos, F.); Stap Lakes (Landra/ce/' ; Stapland (S. Winnow); Staply ( Constant ine); 
Starabridge (Linkinhorne) ; StavmexB (Bodmin); Starr (Landrake) ; Starrick (S. Austell); 
Startafold (Altemon) ; Staws (f.m., Polperro) ; Steart (Davidstow) ; Stem Gove (Maicgan, 
P.) ; Stepper Point (Padstow) ; Steval Rock (Scilly) ; Stevern (do.) ; Stew (S. Kew) ; 
Steward (N. Pethenoin); Sterter [Lanlivery) ; Stibb (Kilkhampton) ; Sticker (S.Eive); 
Stickell (S. Tudy) ; Stick-, or Strick-stinton (Lanlivery) ; Sticklers Corner ( Kenwyn) ; 
Stoney Gwins (S. Dennis) ; Stours-, or Stur-combe (Lawhitton) ; Strand (S. Petherwin) ; 
Strangator (Landrake) ; Stradeland (Liskeard) ; Strasse Cliff (Mavjgan, P.) ; Streigh 
(Lanlivery) ; Stripple Stones (Blisland) ; Strilands (Altemon) ; Strips Hay (S. Dominick); 
Stuffle (-S. Neots) ; Siinney Corner (Gwennap) ; Suuondsham (Stratton) ; Swelcorner 
(Poundstock) ; Swellscombe (Lezant); Swilter (IVhitstone) ; The T Zawn (5". Jitsf, P.) ; 
Talea (Broadoak) ; Tallifrow (Veryan) ; Tall Petherwin (S. Petherwin) ; Talvans (Lan- 
drake); Talvar (Pelynt) ; Tamer (S. Neots); Timitethj (Trigg H.); Tam-, or Tom- 
perrowe [S. Kea) ; Tamsquite (S. Tudy) ; Tangist Mill (Mawgan, M.) ; Tankerslake (S. 
Thomas); Tap House (Broadoak); Tappara (Gwinear); Tarlawn Rock ( S. Neots); 
Tavma (Cardinham) ; Teason (<io.) ; Tegues (Towednack); Hemheath. (Mawgan, P.); 
Tembraze (S. Keveme); Tencriff (Mullion) ; TepT^ten^Tintagel) ; Tereardrene (S.Agnes); 
Terladmas (SancreecV) ; Terrars Pill (Morval) ; Tets-on, or -ton (Marhamchurch) ; Tet- 
terdu (Buryan) ; Tettaridge (Werrington) ; Thica Vosa, alias Hack and Cast (Gorran) ; 
Thongjore ( Scilhj) ; Thorn ( Warlegg on) ; Thome Gohmoor (Blisland); Three Stone 
Oar (S. Just, P.) ; Tibis Hill (S. Just, P.) ; Tiddy (rock, Mullion) ; Tidi (river) : Tilland 
(Quethiock) ; Tillacot (N. Petherwin) ; Tinne \^Landulph) ; Tinpel Downs (Budock) ; 
Tinpit (Mabe) ; Tip-hill or -well (Mullion) ; Tipton (S. Kew) ; Titch Beacon (Lesnewth); 
Titch Wihevin (Jacohstow); Tit Marsh (Warbstow); Titson (Bridgerule); Tobban 
Horse (rock, S. Agnes) ; Tokenbury (S. Ive) ; Toldish (S. Columb ila.) ; Tolerowan 
(Sancreed) ; Tolroget or ToUerugget (Endellion); Tolskirbit (Gwennap); Tolsooth 
(rock, Scilly) ; Tolteggan (Illogan) ; Tomoutha (S. Gennys) ; Tomrose (Blisland) ; 
Toplundie Cove (Padstow) ; Torbalk (Lizard) ; Torfrey (S. Sampson) ; Torlidden (S. 
Just, P.) ; Totens (S. Keveme) ; Touchburrow (Davidstow) ; Touching (N. Tamerton) ; 
Towan Blistra (S. Columb Ma.); Towan Rath (S. Agnes) ; Towan Veals (S. Merryn) ; 
Transangore (Cury) ; Trean Plat (rocks, Scilly) ; Treases Moor (S. Stephens, L.) ; Tre- 
batches (do.) ; Trebild (J/iu.ster) ; Trebost (Siii/uans) ; Tredellans (5. Jusi, i^.) ; Tredes- 
or Trees-mill (Tywardreath) ; Trefeefa (S. Enoder); Trefrogham (S. Teath) ; Trefunth- 
ken (o.); Tregarara (Madron); Tregas (Seven Stones); Trege (Warbstoio); Tregesdon 
or Tregenseden (o. ? Kea) ; Tregesteynton (Lanlivery) ; Tregilders (S. Kew) ; Tregigas 
(S. Ewe) ; Treginges (S. Keveme) ; Tregon-hillion, or -tillion (Veryan) ; Treg-orna, 
-renna (Altemon) ; Tregothas (S. Hilary) ; Treg-rathes, now -ethes (S. Ertli) ; Tregreen- 
well (Michaelstow) ; Tregunstis (mine, IVendron) ; Trehemb-an, -ourne, -rin, Trembern 
(S. Merryn); Trehingstow (Stokeclimsland); Trehorner (Calstock); Trehuxaev (Tresmeer) ; 
Treises in the Wood (Menheniot) ; Trekemlets (Lezant) ; Trelab-ris, -mas (Crowan) ; 
Trel-awthas, -owthas (Probus) ; Trelights (S. Teath) ; Trel-obus, -ubbus (We7idron) ; 
Treloquithack (do.) ; Trelowsa (Padstow) ; Treluga (Ruan Ma.) ; Tremelzer (S. Wenn) ; 
Tremudlot (Roach) ; Trenant Gert (S, Breock); Trenda (Pelynt); Trenestreal (Ruan Lan.); 


Trenigares {Lanteglos, C.) ; Treoigro {SoiithiU) ; Tre-rore, -ore (FndeUion); Trerafters 
(Linkiiihorne); Trera-dgon, -gin (Cahtock) ; Trerag-get, -et (,S'. Minver); Treringey 
(Crantock); Trescrowan (.l/a^?raH); Treseat (Drtrir/s^oic) ; Tresbee (Lu.r«/;/fl«) ; Tresith- 
ick {Feock)\ Tvet^key (ledne, Scilhj) ; Tvesmenk {Altcriwn) ; Tresmoani v. Smoarn {S. 
Genni/s); Trevalstra (7u'((j ; Tre-vanta, -waiita (Levannick) \ Trevanters (5. C/cf/jo-) ; 
Trevegro {CaUhuiton); Trevesham [S. Eraly, Trevilmick (/.aH/Zcc?-?/); Trevilsas (Prohm); 
Trevilson (Xeirlyn E.) ; Treviscick {I'oundstock) ; Trevoies {Stokcc'Ums/aud) ; Trewhitsoii 
(5. Minver); Tveweedlaiid (Liskeard); Trysnnner ((.6., S. Agnes); Tuckenbiuy (A irt'); 
Tumple (Cahtock) ; Tupton (S. Neots) ; Tyland (Advent) ; Usse or Uske {Lantcghm, F.) ; 
Valanbouuder Basbwasba (t.b., Gioennap); Vallaiicey Bridge (Forrahury) ; Valiton 
(Davkhtow); Vaudcombe (U'errington); Varley Poiut (Endellion) ; Vaultersbome or 
Voltersbolme (3/fl/,r)j ; Yenslo-e, -w, (Liskeard); Villatou (Botusfleming); Villa Parks 
(Minster); Vinegar Ledge (<!>Vj7/)/) ; Viverdon (5. ii/f//J0H) ; Yogneheloth (Illogan); Wnd- 
tast (ffhitstoiie); Walkey Trees (S. Clements) ; Wauga Park (Minster); Wauson or 
Wantsaud (Pr«(Hf?«f«c/i); Wants Mill (cZo. J ; Warp (Tresmcer); Warrow (Werrington); 
Watevstone {Marliamchurch); Way (^V. Tamerton); Wayswandi-a (Landrake); Wearde 
(Saltasli); Wee (coc/i, SciUy); Weens (S. Kew); Weir Parks (S. Thomas); Welemoor 
(Warbstow) ; Wellencotts [XorthiU) ; Welloe (rock, Breage) ; Wenfork (Lezant) ; Weu- 
worka (do.) ; Westows (Ladnck) ; Wetbel (Scilhi ) ; Wetberam (S. Tudy ) ; Wbeal an 
Strepon (t.h., St. Agnes) ; W. Barcla (do.) ; W. Busy (Kenwyn) ; W. Crab (S. Hilary) ; 
W. Delliack (t.h., S. Agnes) ; W. Dagger (do.) ; W. Gatbue (do.) ; W. Hen (S. Just, F.) ; 
W. Pink (Gu-ennaj)) ; W. Valine (t.b., S. Agnes) ; Wheatland (Landulph) ; Wbeaton 
(Broadoak); Wbetleigb (fVeek S. Mary); Whetstone (S. Gennys); Whiscan Poiut (S. 
Levan); Wbiston (Lanivet); Whitebay (Withiel); Whitlands (Duloe) ; Wbittey Croft 
(Kilkhamjjton) ; 'Whitw-ell (Advent) ; ^Yilencots (Northil/); Wild Duck (irt'»fZ;-o?t) ; Will 
(Poughi//^; Wilful (Illogan); Wilgarden (S. Ctether); Willy AUabury (Northill) ; Win- 
don, -sdon (N. Petherwin) ; Windstow (Lanreath) ; Winnacott (N. Petherwin) ; Wish 
Musbead (S. Ive); Wishtown (Linkinhcme); Wisbworthy (Lawhitton) ; Witbj'van 
{Warbstoiv); Witbedon (JrtcoZjsfoif) ; WitlywelKS. Teath); Wolland (5. Clecr) ; Wood- 
bury (Kea) ; Woodcocks Eye {S. Ive) ; Wood in Ham (Linkinlwrne) ; Woodkuowl (Mar- 
hamchurch); Wooldown (rfo.) ; Woolgarden (S. Clether) ; Woolpack (Sci//?/) ; Woolsome 
(5". Cleer) ; Woolson (S. Ive) ; Woolston (Poundstock) ; Wooscocks Parks (Btisland) ; 
Worm (Stokeclimsiand) ; Worstland (Mau-gan, P.); Wra, or Three Stone Oar (rocks, S. 
Just, P.J; Wrea [rocks, S. Kevcrne); Wrickle vmo Wrinkle (IF. Looe); Wrinkle Bar- 
rows (Boconnr,c) ; Wycoteham (o.), Wygenbrys (a.), Wythe (Sitlinexj); Yeard's (Pound- 
stock); Yeobu Bridge (S. Stephens, L.); Yellow Leigh (Launcells); Yeolsdown {ilior- 
winstov)); Yeuard Doyyn (Alternon) ; Yerdbiu'y (Stratton); Y'^oungcot (jY. Pethenvin); 
Zawn Turbis (Land's End); Zebuses (Endellion); Zichory Island (S. Columb Ma.); 
Zone Point (S. Antony, R.). 

Domesday.— Polefand, Easwal-e (e.d. -a), Eichan (e.d. Eicann), Eent-i or -in (e.d. 
Eentis), Eiguen, Eisleston, Eitwor-e (e.d. -i), Schewit (e.d. Eschewit), Tedintoue (e.d. 
Tedentona), Telbri-g (e.d. -eg), Thersent, Thinten, Treiitent, Tregrebri, Tregrenon. 
Treiswantel, Trelamar, Treli-ngan (e.d. -gaui), Trel-lewaret (e.d. -weren), Trib-ertham 
{e.d. -tan), Trin-nonec (e.d. -cnonet), Widewot, Woderon (e.d. Uderon), Woresliu. 

DoiiESDAY Tenants. — Offels, Eabel, Sistric, Vlniet. 

Inscribed Stones. — Quenetavus (Gutval), Silus or Sejus (S. Just, P.), Suani 
(Michel), Ulcagni (5. Breach). 

Bodmin Manumissions. — Proscen (s.), Proswitel (s.), Putrael (s.), Eannoeu (s.), Ein- 
duran or Sunduran is.), Eiol or Siol (s.), Salenn (s.), Sicreicus (w.). Sulcen (s.), SuUeisoc 
(s.), Sulmeuth (s.), Tancw-oystel, -estel (s.), Telent, Teritbian (s.), Tethion [w.), Ti- 
dhert, -tbert, -ttbert [ic], Uugust Cilifri (iv.), Unwalt {?), Walloth (w.), Wasso (w.), 
Welet (s.), Wuatbrit (?t'.), Wudrit [w.), Wuencen (/..^.), Wuuning (?<•.), Wuenumon (f.s.), 
Wunsie Conmonoc, Wunstan, Wurfwothu [s.), Wmtbicitb s.), Wurtbylic (s.), Ylcertbon(s.) 

Saint Beriona, — Colrogus, Mybard, or Mydbard, — Credanus, — Dellyn, Dillo, Del- 
lower alias Loy, — Dubslaue, — Dydemin, — Eloy or Eligius, — Elvan, — Elwiu,- — Elidius, 
■ — Ergan, — Faugan, — Gelys, — Juucus, — Lydda, Lyddy, or Lyde, — Meuua, — Monvetba, 
Naunton or Nounio, — Neomena or Nj'imiua, — Poteuciaua, — Sanganus, — Senseus, — Ser- 
vacius, — Tbebut, — Theona, — Villoc or Willow, — Wetbenya,— Wingel, — Witbinocus, — 
"Wynnel; also, many other Sainfs names unexplained, p. 142, &c. 

Family Names. — Norcock, Obeu, Oldon, Olivey, Oxnap, Pafford, Page, Paige, Pal- 
ford, Palreden, Parcocks, Pollexfen, Ponton, Powellmnn, Prater, Prates, Prestin, 
Quenite, Querquius, Question, Eabley, Eablin, Eance, Eankin, Eeddew, Eeuth, Eibbery, 
Eidge, Eidgman, Eidgment, Eiley, Eimmick, Eindeu, Eowatt, Eutger, Eycbeman, 
Eytcbes, Sage, Salt, Samblyn, Sarel, Sargeaux, Sarjeant, Saucy, SaYery,Sawlay,Scadgell, 
Scarlet, Scbollar, Scior, Scor, Score, Searell, Seaiie, Selwood, Senhouse, Sennett, ber- 
geaulx, Serjaux, Serle, Serral, Serscold, Shackelock, Sbakerley, Sharrock, Sharrow, 
Ihearm, Shear, Slieere, Sherman, Shilabeer, Short, Shorwell, Shrugg, Siers, Sigdon, 

Silly, Silvesdon, Simesdone, Sincock, Sings, Sireston, Sisley, Skerreston, Skeynock, 
Skin. Skitch. Skitscoome, Skory, Skryne, Skymes, Skynnard, Skyrne, Slake, Slannen, 
Slanning, Slangh, Sleep, Slegra, Slighton, Slocket, Sloggat, Sloggett, Smale, Smalle, 
Snagg, Snow, Sobye, Southeard, Southern, Sower, Sparks, Spraee, Sprague, Sprakelyn, 
Spriddle, Spye, Stage, Stallard, Staple, Staples, Stappe. Statt. Statton, Stark. Stead, 
Stebbridge, Steed, Steel, Steruhold, Stick, Sticklaud, Stiles, Still. Stocker, StockyU, 
Stomnour, Storlargh, Stormy, Stoterygge, Stoyle, Stowers, Stracheys, Stradeford. Stran- 
gar. Stranger, Street, Stribley, Stribbleliill, Stright, Strike, Stripp, Stripling, Stripney, 
Strong, Strongman. Stubb, Stnckey, Stuckle, Sturbridge, Sturgen, Sturton, Sturtridge, 
Stuttridge, Styles, Sule, SuUard, Sumaster, Swailly, Sweet, Sylly, Symes, Syreston, Tad- 
lowe, Tagget, Tallifer, Tapp, Taperell, Tapper, Tatchell,' Tanfield, Taw, Taverner. 
Temby, Terlin, Terrel, Terril, Tetchell, Thackworth, Thorn, Thomye, Thorton, Throwley, 
Ties, Tooze, Touche, Touchet, Toupe, Tovey, Transom, Transquillet, Travers, Traxerell, 
Treacher, Tredeleberg, Treden, Tregarya, Tregathalosse (14 cent.), Tregesove, Ireglow- 
naw, Trengthof, Trentheful, TrescuUierd, Tresherf (15 cfHi.), Trenref, Treuroofa, Tre- 
use, Trevewyth (14 cent.), Treviho, Trewitch, Trewoef, Trewychosa, Trolewith, Troot, 
Trom, Trosse, Trusket, Tuckfield Tummon, Turgoisel, Turner, Turpin, Turuly, Tuson, 
Tussard, Tyler, Vaghere, Valoer, Valler, Vanhouse, Vanar, Vansluys, Vareoe, Varundel, 
Vawdrey, Vaynfleet, Venables, Verrant, Vieth, "Vinisam, Voysey (Bj}.). Wadge, Wadling, 
Walkyndon, Wallop, Warham, Warlewast (Bp.), Warr, Was'sek, Wassel, Waxfer, Weath- 
erall, Wedlake, Weeks, Weimvss, Wellington. Wenlock, Wevin, Wheatley, Wherry, 
Whichcott, Whitburn. White, AVhitehau-, Whitehefd, ?= Whitehead. Whiteiock, Whit- 
leigh, Whitley, Whitta, Whitter, Whittow, Whitworth, Whylefen. Wibbey, Wichalse, 
Wickham, Wicks. Widbiny, Wilce, Wilcoek, Wilcocks, Willand, Willington,'Willoughby, 
Willis, Wingfield, Winmouth, Winnacombe, Wise, Wishcombe, Witha, Witherby, 
Withers, Withington, Woolcock, Worden, Worledge, Wortley, Wovard, Wray. Wrey, 
Wreford. Wrench, Wrentmore, Wroughtson, Wyard, Wybbery, Wycoke, Wyde, Wyet, 
Wyot, Wyllington, Wytte, VVyse, o. Wysa, Yandall, Yardeley, Yates, Yeld, Yescombe, 

Feesh Names from Tithe Apportionment, recently received. Fields in Eoman 
characters, Tenements, &c., in Italics. See also Page 200. 

S. Anthony in Meneage : Bengye Field, Great Calidnum, Little Callidrum, Gui- 
dalls, Harterow Meadow, John an goth, Irley Veddorn. Kirley Viddon, Kater Close, 
Killing Cliffy, Lower Kiltra, Higher Kista, Lane Butts, Mn^/^f rs, Pagigowa, ParkPavis, 
Park Maag or Mang, Pencadira, Persens Down, Eose Crees Hill, Tollengith, Victor. — 
Ckowan : Adjams Field. Beteta or Botedo, Binnerton, Bodryoyai, Crevenor, Croft Mayor, 
Deman, Dudlin, Dunning, Elrugar, Flanky Field, Gayer Draft, Gernick, Gold Maggey, 
Groats Close, Guel Mala, Hallegan, The Hannack, Hannock, Huddicaff, Inkey Bush, 
Ingle Bush, The Lucerne, The Luscombe. Park Gowdon, Park Total. Park Wat, Releath, 
The Saden, Split Field. Sogers Close, Starmack, Trelabvias, Turney Field.— Sithnet: 
Ange Beggan, Carn Clugh, Further Catlas, Little Chy Coulter, Covetous Eye, Croft 
Ladu, Foggy Toll, Giggan, Golmas. Guel Street, Guinea Field, Gweald Nors, Halvanance, 
Linger, London Field, Marer Orchard, Merer Moor, Minor];a, Park an Creans, Park 
Assow, P. Clyes, P. Cowas, P. Creave, P. Hingeys, P. Leor, P. Koune, P. Sutter. P. Tie- 
ach Lays. P. Yah, P. Vans, Prickle Point, The Remfry, Tagleduack, Tee Field.— S. 
Veep : Pantletts, PrinzcTj, Promose, Slivers, Treribbey, Tretall-ah, -ow. 


BoswELLiCK, house {bos) on the jnitt river (ick), T. ; ? i.q. Trevellech. 

Catin, to be struck out ; the true reading of the inscription is " Latin," W. lago. 

Chenalls, ? house {chy) on the {an) cliff {als). 

Chtnoweth, new {wnoedh) house {chy). 

Halvose, ? ditch, trench, or wall {fos) moor {hal). 

MEKTHEK,/or " Conanus," read " Coanus." 

Nanpuscar, strike out " {piscadur)." 

Paek Steat, add "? enclosure {pare) for stray cattle, or cattle pound." 

PoLDTS, St. Dye's pit or work, B. 

Poet to be substituted at the head and in the beginning of Page 134 for Poeth. 

EosENUEDEN, /or " furze," read "fern." 

Steat Paek, i.q. Paek Steat. 

Towedxack, [the church of] St. {ta, da) Wednock or Wynnock, T. ; the whitish {wed- 

nac) roof (to) ; or, white {wedn) dwelling {ty) near a port {ack), Pr. ; whitish {wid- 

nack) house {ty), D.G. 
WATEKPiT,/or " [field", read " [field]." 

See also pp. 194, 198, 199. 



a. — Armoric or Breton, mostly from Le Gonidec. 

A.B. — Eev. Alban Butler's "Lives of the Saiuts."— Alphonse Esquiros' " Cornwall and its Coasts." 

A.S. — Mr. Augustus Smith, of Tresco Abbey, Isles of Scilly. 

a.s. — Armoric saint ; many of these saints have names very similar to those who have 
given names to Cornish parishes, &c., which are commonly found suffixed to Lan, &c. 

B. — Dr. Borlase's " Islands of Scilly," " Antiquities," and " Natural History of Cornwall." 

Bax — VV. Baxter's "Glossarium Antiquitatum Britannicarum." 

ifeaZ— Eev. William Beal, author of "Britain and the Gael." His derivations, &c., 
mostly from the Irish Gaelic. He kindly corrected and annotated most of the 
proof sheets, and made many suggestions. 

J?L— Blight's '• Week at the Land's End," 1861, &c. — Names, mostly those of manumitters, found in the manumissions recorded in 
the Bodmin Gospels (British Museum, select MSS., 9381, A. 1, A.), first printed 
in Mr. Davies Gilbert's History, v, 3, p. 4o8 ; then in Eev. W. Wallis's "Bodmin 
Eegister," with a translation ; afterwards, more correctly, in Dr. Oliver's " Monas- 
ticon," p. 43 1 ; Kemble's " Codex Diplomaticus," v. 4, p. 308 ; and Thorpe's " Diplo- 
matarium Anglicum," p. 623. The names of these manumitters are for the most 
part plain Anglo-Saxon, a few appear to be Celtic : nearly all the slaves manumit- 
ted bore Celtic names; a few Anglo-Saxon and Bible (mostly Old Testament or 
Hebrew) names : the witnesses to the manumissions, mostly clerics, bore either 
Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, or Scripture names. 

Bo. — Dr. Bosworth's "Anglo-Saxon and English Dictionary." 

Boners (Thomas) "History of East and West Looe," with MS. notes by the late Mr. 
Jonathan Couch, of Polperro. 

Bp. — Bishop. 

Bullefs "Statistical Account of St. Just in Penwith," 1842. 

C. — Colonel Cocks, of Treverbyn Vean, who not only corrected and annotated several 
sheets of the Glossary, but also lent his MS. of Cornish Names with meanings. 

c— Old Cornish; the orthography mostly followed is that of Williams's "Lexicon 
Cornu-Britannicum." As the chief object of the Glossary is to shew how much of 
the old Cornish seems to be preserved in the local and family nomenclature of the 
County, it will be understood, that where a word is found in Italics {ivithin paren- 
thesis), this word, unless otherwise described, is old Cornish, mostly in its primary 
form, and is to be found thus spelt in " Williams' Lexicon." 

c. — Under Car-, &c., for castle, earn, or enclosure; under Paek, /or close. 

Cam. — Camden's " Britannia " (mostly Bp. Gibson's ed., 1G95) ; and " Eemaines concern- 
ing Britaine." 

Car. — Carew's "Survey of Cornwall," 1602. 

c.d. — The church or chapel is dedicated to . 

(ch.). — Chapelry, mostly extinct, from Oliver's " Monasticon," &c. 

Ch. — Charnock's " Local Etymology," 1859 ; "Patronymica Cornu-Britannica," 1870, &c. 

cent. — Century, showing the date of a document in which the name as spelt is found. 

c/.— Confer, compare. c.?i.— Christian or fore-name. 

C.S.G. — C S. Gilbert's "Historical Survey," 1817. 

H, — Danish ; the late Major Bickford referred many Cornish Names to this source. 

d. — Under Tee-, for dwelling. 

d.(^. — Name of a manor in the Domesday Survey, 1086. 

Dey.— Devonshire. The compiler has introduced among the names belonging to Corn- 
wall proper, some that would more properly belong to Devonshire. The river 
Tamar divides the two counties through the greater part of its course; but Boyton, 
in Cornwall, and Pancraswyke, in Devonshire, are partly east and partly west of 
the river ; as also is the parish of Bridgerule, but the east part is in Devon, the 
west in Cornwall. S. Budeaux, though wholly east of the Tamar, is partly in 
Cornwall ; and Maker, though wholly west, is partly in Devonshire, as are also the 
whole of the parishes of Werrington and North Petherwin, though west of the 
Tamar But these two parishes and S Giles in the Heath (east of the Tamar and 
in Devonshire) and the whole of Boyton and Maker are in the Archdeaconry of 
Cornwall ; while the whole of Bridgerule and S. Budeaux are in the Archdeaconry 
of Totnes ; and Pancraswyke is in the Archdeaconry of Barnstaple Thus, almost 
along the whole course of the river, from its rise in Moi-wenstow, the most north- 
ernly parish in Cornwall, and situated on the shores of the Bristol Channel, to the 
Hamoaze, where it falls into the English Channel, there is confusion between the 
ecclesiastical and civil boundary of Cornwall ^nd Devonshire. 

Mood." 1827; •' ?«»« hS„,7o1 Sora^a I "wtsl^ * ""''''» 

I)r.--Hitcliins' and Drew's "History of Cornwall " 1824 

'''l'e^B^n!^mt '"^'^"'"^ "^'-^"^^ °^ *^^ ^--«' Hills, Valleys, and Plains of 
£,— Eight Hon. Lord Eliot, of Port Eliot 

r.-Ferg,,son's ■• English Surnames," 1858 , •■ Biver Names." IsS "' 

/.?w.— Fishermen's Marks at sea. 

/s.-/sBm -Female serf, Bodmin Manumissions; see B.m. 

Francis' (W illiam) " Gwennap, a poem." 

«7a.— Gaelic, mostly that of Ireland. gr —Greek 

S'-wIirarHaTsTa? ''fs ^TT'."^?,' "i"'^ '^?^'""' ^^'^P^^^'^ ^ vocabulary, 18th cent. 

XI. wiuam Jlalss (17— 18 cent.) collections for a Parochial History • nrinted with 
omission o scandalous parts. &c., together with Tonkin's collectt7s,'irPolwheTe s 
?y r Lake'of TTm-o 'n-^'r .^-"-l-l " History of Cornwall, now publish ng 
aLui-d,^and';?liS:o"no''v"lu::"'^'""^ ^""^ '^^^'^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ f--'-«. ««en 

l~l'^^^r-^.T7 ^f'T '^f """' ^'"' ^r'^"^ ^" *^^ S«'^°^l^ Manumissions. 
i\.— Under Eos-, &c.. /or heath ; under Tbe-, /br house 

HaL— Halh well's "Dictionary of Archaic and" Provincial Words." 
Heath's "Account of the Scilly Isles " 1570 


Holloivay's (VViUiam) "Dictionary of Provincialisms," 1833 

Znn'f'SZI ^'r^^'^^^' °f Carsawsen, Mylor, who examined several of the latter 
fnrof tmLhtfmel"'"^ '^''''''''''' '^^"^^" ^°^°" ^^'^ ^**-*-- ^« the mean- 

i. — Irish Gaelic, e. — erse. 

i.q.-idem quod, the same as ; where the word following is in Eoman Caps if it re 
Some' nf ff^^'^f ^°"' '' ^^iH generally be found in its proper alphabet 'cal place" 
Some of these " synonymes " are mere variations in spellin.. the name of thA 
same place; others are found attached as distinctive names to Slfe'ent places 
though really the same name with a different spelling amerent places, 

I.T.- Eev. Isaac Taylor's " Words and Places." 

J. — P. W. Joyce's "Irish Names of Places," 1869 

"^'^Z^l' J^ll^^l^ellows of Gloucester, to whom the compiler is deeply indebted for 
most carefully examunng and correcting most of his proof sheets^ and for raany 
suggestions and hints, as also for some renderings from Gwavas's MSS. ^ 

J.Ca.- The late Eev John Carne. Vicar of Merther. from whose paper, in the Journal 

^ t:^^Sl^^S:^:^,S^^' ^«- ^' P- ^^^ --* ^^ ^y identi^catiorol 

f ?;~^-'" t"!''' ?.''°','^^' fi«liei-man, xMousehole ; terms in common use among fishermen 
^f Trigg Minor ''''''' '^ ^^" " ^^'°'^^^^ ^""^ ^^^H^ History of the SeTy 

Jo. C— The late Mr. Jonathan Couch, of Polperro. 

J. ir.— Archdeacon .John Williams' " Gomer," 1854. 

'•"SaiirriZ;^" °' '"''"'• '^°''^"'' '-^^^ ''^"' ^^ *^^ ^^-^- «^ ^'«i^«. 

L—^Lltim ^^'°'''' " °"' ^''*''^ Ancestors," 1865 ; " Our Vulgar Tongue," 1868, &c. 
h — Under Tbe-, Tbet-, &c., for land. 



Le.— Lelancl's " Itinerary," 16 cent. ; printed in Davies Gilbert's History, v. 4, p. 256. 

Leg.— Le Gonidec's " Dictionnaire Breton Fraucaise," &c., edited by Tli. Hersart de la 
Villemarqne, 1850. 

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Ly. — Lysons' (Daniel and Samuel) "Magna Britannia," 181-4. 

m.— Under Wheal, &c., for mine. 

m— Modern. 

Max M. — Max Miiller's " Lectures on the Science of Language." 18G4; " Chips," &c. 

m.c — Modern Cornish ; words now or recently in use ; Mr. T. Q. Couch, Journal of the 
Royal Institution of Cornwall, No. 1, p. 6; the late Mr. T. Garland, ib.. No. 3. p. 
45 ; also. No. 2, p. 75, No. 5, p. 39 ; Mr. VV. Sandys' " Specimens of Cornish Pro- 
vincial Dialect," with Glossarj% 1846, &c. 

Mc L. — Mr. H. Mac Lauchlau, of the Ordnance Survey, " On the Duchy X'anors, Castles, 
Earthworks, &c., in Cornwall," in the Eeports of the Eoyal Institution of Cornwall. 

mt.— mine. 

Moodi/s (Mrs.) " What is your Name," 1863. 

m.s. —Names found in the ancient " Inscribed Stones " of Cornwall, mostly Celto-Roman. 

M.— J. IV. M.— The Rev. J. W. Murray, Vicar of Mylor, who corrected many of the 
sheets of the Glossary, and made many suggestions, di-awu from his intimate 
knowledge of the kindred Welsh. 

Af«r.— Murray's "Handbook of Cornwall." 

N. — Mr. Edwin Norris's "Names of Places in Scilly," ' Ai'chseologia Cambrensis,' Jan., 
1863, p. 41 ; " Cornish Drama " 1859, &c. 

n./.— Family names, which the compiler has not found as names of places, at least as so 
spelt, in tlie County ; most of the Cornish names of estates, &c., are found as family 
names ; there are, however, many others from a great variety of sources and langu- 
ages ; very many patronymics, and corruptions of Christian names, and some 

tiiclcn. — Nickname. 

JVorrf.— Norden's " Speculi Britanniae Pars," 1728, written 1584. 

North's " Week in the Isles of Scilly," 1850. 

0. — Dr. Oliver's " Monasticon DicEcesis Exoniensis," 1846; "Lives of the Bishops of 
Exeter," 1861, &c. 

0. — olim, formerly, in olden times, or in old deeds. The compiler would feel obliged to 
any one having ancient documents, if he would communicate to him archaic modes 
of spelling. 

O.m. — Ordnance Map or Survey. 

o.«. — Old Norse. 

o.n./.— Old family name, mostly extinct. 

o.ic.n. — Old Welsh name ; many are marked simply (u\'), especially where it is thought a 
Cornishman, bearing the same or a similar name, has given his name to an estate, &c, 

P. — Colonel Peard, of Trenython, who kindly corrected and annotated the latter sheets 
of the Glossary, and has already given conjectural renderings of most of the Un- 
explained Names. 

Fed. — E. H. Pedler's "Anglo-Saxon Episcopate of Cornwall," 1856; "Names of Places 
in the Cornish Dramas," 1859, &c. 

yers.— Persian. jp/i. — Phcsnician. 

Po. — Pol whele's " History of Cornwall" 1806; " Historical Views of Devonshire," 1793, &c. 

Pr.— Dr. Pryce's " Mineralogia Cornubieusis," 1778 ; " Archseologia Cornu-Britannica," 
1790, especially the "List of Cornish British Names," believed to be chiefly those 
explained by E. Lhuyd, and alluded to by him in a letter to Tonkin, May 4, 1703, 
printed by Dr. Pryce. 

fr. — pronounced. 

p.s. — Marks most of the ancient parishes in the County (as e.d. chiefly does the modern 
ones), and shews the patron saint, chiefly as determined by Dr. Oliver. 

P.J5.A'.— The Rev. Richard Byrne Kinsman, Vicar of Tintagel. 

R.E. — Mr. Richard Edmonds' " Land's End District," &c. 

redup. — Reduplication, when the same word is repeated in a name in two languages, &c. 

R.H. — Mr. Robert Hunt, aiithor of " Romances and Drolls of the West of England," 1865. 

R.S.H.—Ihe Rev. R. S. Hawker's "Footprints," "Echoes," &c. 

R.W. — The Rev. Robert Williams, author of "Eminent Welshmen," where most of the 
Welsh personal names are found; "Lexicon Cornu-Britannicum," the authority 
mainly followed in the orthography and signification of old Cornish words, &c. 
Mr. Williams examined the MS. of the Glossary before it was put into the printer's 
hands, and corrected every sheet aa it passed through the press j the number of 


annotations, suggestions, and corrections made by him on some of these, would 
shew how carefully he did this, and how much the compiler is indebted to his in- 
valuable aid. 

B. — Under Venton &c., for spring, s.— Saxon, mostly Anglo-Saxon; in the lists of 
Unexplained Names, serf. 

sans. — Sanscrit — Serf. Bodmin Manumission. See B.m. 

5'c. — Scawen's " Observations on an Ancient Manuscript, the Passio Christi," &c , and 
" A Dissertation on the Cornish Tongue " ; Davies Gilbert's History, v. 4, p. 190. 
Mr. Scawen was Vice- Warden of the Stannaries, 17 cent 

S.G. — S. Greatheed's (Exeter, ]8o8) MS. notes, in Mr. Hugh Sims's copy of " Pryce's 

T. - Thomas Tonkin (18 cent.). See D., Gw., and Hals. 

t. -Teutonic. 

t. — Under Tre-, &c ,for town, town-place. 

Ta.— Tithe Apportionment. Wanted the loan of those named on the cover of Part IV 
(p 200), excepting those of S. Anthony in Meneage. Crowan, Sithney, and S. Veep, 
received since that part was published, in June, 1870.* 

t.h. — Tin bounds. 

T.C- — Mr Thomas Cornish, of Penzance, who corrected many of the sheets of the 
Glossai-y, and made many suggestions. The compiler is indebted to him also for 
the loan of " Particulars of the sale by auction " of large estates, with plans, and 
his renderings of many of the Cornish Names ; as also for provincial words col- 
lected by him at the Assizes, sessions, magistrates' meetings, &c. 

t.d.d.— Tenants named in the Domesday Survey; most of these names are decidedly. 
Teutonic ; a very small number can be at all looked at as possibly Celtic. 

T.Q.C. — Mr. Thomas Quiller Couch, of Bodmin, who is passing through the press " The 
History of Polperro." He kindly lent the compiler his interleaved copy of the 
" Index to Martyn's Maps," with translations of several names by himself and others. 

r.72.— Eichards" " British or Welsh and English Dictionary." Tr.—Dr. Tregellas. 

?;.— Vulgo, vulgarly, commonly. 

w Under Venton, &c.,/or well ; under Wheal, &c.,for work. 

w.— Welsh ; but in the list of Unexplained Names, witness. 

w.B.m. — Witness, Bodmin Manumissions See B.m. 

W.B.—Mr. William Bottrell, author of '■ Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West 
Cornwall." 1870, who corrected and annotated several sheets of the Glossary. 

IV. C.B.— Mr. Borlase. of Castle Horneck, Penzance; to whom the compiler is indebted 
for several renderings, marked B., from the manuscripts of Dr. Borlase. 

TT/i. — Whittaker's " Ancient Cathedral of Cornwall," 18U4 ; Supplement to Polwhele, &c. 

W.I.— The Rev. \V. lago, of Westheath. Bodmin. 

If'oodlei/'s " View of the present state of the Scilly Isles," 1822. 

W'..S'.— Mr. Whitley Stokes' "Passion," 1861; " Gwreans an Bys," 1863; "Cornish 
Glossary," 1870, &c. 

tt).s.— Welsh Saints; the names mostly taken from Eice Eees' "Welsh Saints"; and 
Williams's " Ecclesiastical Antiquities of the Cymri." 

W. rp.— Mostly William of Worcester's " Itinerary," Davies Gilbert's History, v. 4, p. 222 

W.fV.K.—Uv. W. Worth Kempthorne, of St. Ives. 

y.~Miss Yonge's " History of Christian Names," 1863. 

Z. — Zeuss's " Grammatica Celtica," 1853. 

? marks a purely conjectural rendering, &c. ; ? ? a doubly doubtful one ; confirmation 
or correction solicited from persons bearing the names, or acquainted with the 
history, traditions, and peculiarities of the places. 

1, !!, point to something more or less extraordinary, out of the way, and apparently 
unfounded. Such is often the case with Hals's derivations and renderings. 

= shews that the name is thought to be equivalent to the word or words following. 

EoMAN Caps used for a personal or family name, supposed to enter into the compo- 
sition of a local name, shew that that name, if requiring explanation, will be found 
in its proper alphabetical place. 

•The compiler begs to thank the many Clergy, and other gentlemen, who have 
lent or procured for him the loan of Tithe Apportionments. He would especially name 
the following, on account of the number they procured him : Eev. J. J. Wilkinson, Lan- 
teglos by Camelford; Eev. CM. E. Collins, Trewardale; Mr. T. Cornish and Mr. 
Bottrell, Penzance; Mr. N. Hare, junr., and Mr. T. A. Glubb, Liskeard; Messrs. Bad- 
cock, S Stephens by Launceston ; Mr. Preston Wallis, Bodmin ; Mr. Trewbody Carlyon, 
Mr. Whitley, and Mr. Symonds, Truro ; Mr. Cunnack, Helston ; Mr. Begiaald Eogers, 




His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Duke of CornwalL 

His Imperial Highness Prince Louis Lucien Bonaparte. 

The Right Honourable tlie Earl of Devon. 

The Right Honourable tlie Earl of St. Germans. (2 copies). 

The Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Exeter. 

The Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of St. Davids. 

The Right Honourable Lord Eliot. 

The late Sir Charles Lemon, Bart., Carclew. 

Sir John Salusbury Trelawny, Bart., M.P., Trelawne. 

Sir- W. C. Trevelyan, Bart., WaUhvjton, Nemcastle-on-Tyiu. 

The late Sir WiUiam Williams, Bart., Tregullozo. (i copies). 

Sir Frederick M. Williams, Bart., M.P., Goonvrea. 

SirChs. Trevelyan, K.C.B., London. 

Sir Edward Smirke, Broinpion, London. 

Sir John Maclean, F.S.A., PaUiwjswick Lodge. 

Adams, Rev. J., Stochcross Vicarage, Berlcshire 

Andrew, Mrs. Zaccheus, St. Day 

Andrew, Hemy, M.R.C.S., Trw-o 

Andrews, Henry, Truro Vean Terrace, Truro 

Arthur, Captain W. S., R.N., Penzance 

Arthur, Samuel PeUew, M.R.C.S., St. Day 

Badcook, Jlessrs., -S. Stephens by Launceston 

Baker, Rev. Charles, Bradninch, Devon 

Barham, Francis, Bath 

Barnett, John, St. Day 

Bamicoat, Rev. H. L., LandraJce Vicarage 

Bate, C. Spenee, F.R.S., Plymouth 

Beale, Rev. WiUiam, Liskeard 

Bellows, John, Gloucester 

Berry, Rev. W. Aubrey, West Cowes, I. W. 

Bickford, late Major, Tuckingmill 

BeUing, — Fore Street, Bodmin 

Blarney, Philip, Cusgarne, Gioennap 

Blight, J. T., F.S.A., Penzance 

Bloxsome, Rev. W. H., Mawgan Rectory 

Boase, Rev. Charles William, Penzance 

Boase, George Clement, London 

Boger, Deeble, Wolsdon, Antony 

Bolitho, T. S., Penalverne. (2 copies) 

Bolitho, William, Junr., Polwithan 

Borlase, Rev. W., Zennor Vicarage 

Bosworth, Rev. Professor, Oxford 

Bosworth, Thomas, High Holborn 

Bottrel], William, Jun., Penzance 

Brash, Richard Rolt, M.R.I.A., Ireland 

Briggs, Arthur, Bradford, Yorkshire 

Brougham, Rev. M. N., Gumoalloe Vicarage 

Brune, R. C. Pi-ideaux, Place, Padstow 

Buller, Rev. Richard, Lanreath Vicarage 

Carew, W. H. Pole, Antony 

Carlyon, E. Trewbody, Trevri, Truro 

Came, late Rev. John, Eglos-Merther 

Casey, Rev. E., Atlenborough, Notts 

Chappel, Rev. W. P., Camborne Rectory 

Chilcott, J. G., Gn-endroc House, Truro 

Chorley, Chas., Lemon Street, ,, 

Church, Rev. G. L., Chaceioater Vicarage 

Clarke, S. T., Doirlais House, Merthyr Tydvil 

Clogg, Stephen, M.R.C.S., Looe 

Cocks, Colonel, Treverbyn Vean 

Code, TheophUus, Marazion. (2 copies) 

Coffin, T. W., Stoke, Devoaport 

Coles, Robert, LL.D., London 

Collins, Rev. C. M. E., Trewardale 

ColUns, J. H., F.G.S., Falmouth 

Coode, Edward, Polapit Tamar 

Corfield, T. J. Tresidder, St. Day. (2 copies) 

Cornish, J. H., Market Street, Penzance 

Cornish, Thomas, Clarence Place, do. 

Co\ich, late Jonathan, Polperro 

Couch, T. QuUler, M.R.C.S., F.S.A., Bodmin 

Courtney, W. Prideaux, London 

Curgenven, J. Brendon, F.R.C.S., London 

Cunnack, James, Helston 

Dabb, Frederick W., Perrananoorthifl 

(2 copies) 

Daubuz, Rev. J. C, Killiow, Kea 

Davey, William, Ninnes, St. Day 

Davies, Miss, Penmaen Dovey, Wales 

Dix, W. G., Lemon Street, Truro 

Duckworth, Rev. Robert, Tiverton 

Edmonds, Richard, Plymouth 

Edmonds, Rev. Walter, Exeter 

Edwards, Thomas, Helston 

Ellacombe, Rev. H. I., Clyst St. George, Devon 

Enys, John 8., Enys, Penryn. (3 copies) 

Enys, Miss do. (2 copies) 

Falmouth, The Public Library 

Ferguson, Robert, Morton, Carlisle 

Fisher, Edward J., Ashby de la Zouch 

Ford, Rev. Prebendary, Bath 

Fortesoue, The Hon. G. M., Boconnoc. 

Fox, Cornelius B., M.D., Scarborough 

Freeman, John D., Falmouth 

Freeth, G., Duporth, S. Austell 

Garland, Mrs., Fair.tield, Illogan 

Genu. J. H., Liverpool 

Genn, W. J., Falmouth 

George, Mrs., Market Street, St. Day 

Gilbert, The Hon. Mrs. Davies, Trelissick 

Green, Richard, Trevarth House 

Green, William, Fenchurch Street, London 

Grylls, Lieut.-Colonel, Sewarne, Liskeard 

Grylls, WUUam, Redruth 

Hamer, Edward, Taiywaen, Monmouthshire 

Harding, Jonathan, Porthallow, Liskeard 

Hare, N., Liskeard 

Harris, Peter, Mellanear, Hayle 

HaiTison, Alfred, M.R.C.S., Walsall, Staffordshire 

Harry, Richard, Bow, London 

H;u-vey, Mrs., Greemoay, Devon (2 copies) 

Harvey, Frank, Foundry, Hayle 

Harvey, Wmiam, M.R C S., Penzance 

Hattam, Thomas, S. Anthony Lighthouse 

Haughton, late Rev. W., Manaccan Vicarage 

Hawke, Edward Henry, Tolgulla 

Hawke, late E. H., Jimr., do 

Hawkesley, Rev. J. H., Redruth Rectory 

Hawkesley, Rev. J. W., Lostwithiel 

Heard, Edward, Truro. (2 copies) 

Henwood, W. Jory, Penzance 

Herriot, George, Liskeard 

Hewitt, Mrs., Wesibury, Bristol 

Hext, Rev. George, S. Veep Vicarage 

Hill, Rev. George, S. Winnow Vicarage 

Hockin, Rev. Frederick, Phillack Rectory 

Hocking, John, Trewirgie, Redruth 

Hodge, Hemy, Bosustow, S. Levan 

Holman, Jliss, Church Street, S. Day 

Hoskin, Capt., 105th Regiment, Ellenglaze, Cubert 

Hughan, W. J., High Cross, Truro 

Hunt, Robert, F.R.S., London 

Hurden, Rev. J. Nott Dyer 

lago. Rev. William, Westheath, Bodmin 

Jackson, Joseph G., Belper, Derbyshire 

Jago, Frederick W., M.D., 


James, Rev. T., Nelherthong, Yorhahirt 

Jaue, Rev. John, Tavistock 

Jeffery, John, Perranarwoi'thal 

Jenkin, Silvanus W., Lisk-eard 

Josejih, Joseph, F.S.A., Brecon, Wales 

Karkeek, Paul Q., Chester 

Kempthorne, W. Worth, S. Ives 

Kennerley, Joseph Charles, London 

Kitt, William, Penzance 

Kneeboue, WiUiam K, Pensilva, Liskeard 

Lake, William, Boscaioen Street, Truro 

Latimer, Isaac, Plymouth 

Laurence, N. H. P., Launcesto7i 

Lee, Mrs. Chas. H. L., Matlock Bath, Derbyshire 

Le Grice, D. P , Trerei/e, Penzance 

Lemon, General, C B , Mutley, Plymouth 

Lockwood & Co., Messrs. London 

Longman, Green & Co., Messrs., London 

Lower, Mark Antony, Lewes, Sdssex 

Lysons, Rev S , Hempsted Court, Gloiicester 

Mackenzie, John W., F.S.A., Scot., Edinburgh 

Mann, A. M., H.M C, London 

Mairack, George M., Neu'lyn West 

Martin, John, Trethoicell, St. Austell 

Martin, Thomas, do. 

Mason, Rev R Williams, Anglesey 

Matthews, Benjamin, St. Day 
Michell, Edmund, Treslthney, Carharrack 
MicheU, F. W , MR C S., Redruth 
Michell, George, M.RC.S., St Day 
Michell, Henry, Wheal Rose, Scorrier 
MicheU, late Thomas, M.D , Redruth 
Michell, William, Trevethan 
Mitchell, Samuel, Perran-Coombe Mill 
Morris, E R., F.Eth.S.L., Gungrog Cottage, Welsh- 
Morshead, Walter, Temple, London 
MiiUer, Professor Max, Oxford 
Netherton, J. R., Truro 
Ninness, John, Chacewater 
Norris, Edwin, Brompton. (2 copies) 
Noye, William D , London 
Parry, T. Love D. Jones, M.P., Madryn Park, 

Pwllheli, Wales 
Pascoe, J. li. CardeU, Preston, Lancashire 
PauU, Alexander, F.R.C.S , Truro 
Pearce, Edward, Whitehall, Scorrier 
Pearce, luchard, Swansea 
Peard, Colonel, Trenython, Par 
Penrose, John F., Parkhenver, Redruth 
Pentreath, Captain B , Mousehole 
Pentreath, Richard, H.M C , London 
Pentreath, Richard, Blackheath 
Pentreath, Captain W., Mousehole 
Penzance Public Library 
Peter, John Luke, Treriijweath (2 copies) 
Petherick, T. 11. J , S. John's College, Hursipierpoint 
Phillips, Capt., Blacktcater 
Phillpotts, Rev Thomas, Porthgwidden 
Pode, J. D , Pcuhlington, London 
Polkinghorne, WiUiam, Woodlands, Par 
Polsue, Joseph, Bodmin 
Kashleigh, Kev Stanhope, S. Wenn Vicarage 
Eemfrey, George F., Truro 
Bichards, WUliam H , Stepney, London 
Rickards, Kev. R. F IB., Constantine Vicarage 
Roberts, Rev. W Pender, Trevalga Vicarage 
Robinson, Joseph B , Derby 
Rodd, Francis, Trebartha Hall 
Rogers, Miss, Penrose (3 copies) 
Rogers, Reginald, Canoinion. 
Rogers, Rev. Saltren, Gwennap Vicarage 
Rogers, Rev. WiUiam, Mawnan Sanctuary 
Roscorla, John, Penzance 

Rounsevell, John, Tregatherall 

Royal Institution of Cornwall 

Sanders, W. B., Wadham House, Liskeard 

Sandys, WiUiam, F.S.A., London 

Saunders, Rev. Cossley Diggle, Tarrant Hinton 

Scantlebury, WiUiam, Hyde Park (4 copies) 

Scrivener, Rev. Dr., Gerrans Rectory 

Sharp, Edward, M ll.CS., Truro 

SheUey, John, Plymouth 

Shuttleworth, Rev. Edward, Egloshayle Vicarag* 

Sims, Hugh, Scorrier 

Smith, Augustus, JVcsco Abbey (4 copies) 

Smith, J. RusseU, Soho Square, London 

Smythe, Warrington W., Marauon 

Solomon, Thomas, Truro 

St. Aubyn, John, M.P„ Pendrea 

St. Aubyn, J. P., The Temple, London 

St. Aubyn, W. J., 68th Light Infantry 

Stratton, Dr., R.N., Stoke, Dnwnport 

Stuart, John, F.S.A., Scot., Edinburgh 

Symons, John, Mayon House, Sennen 

Szyrma, Rev. W. S Lach, Carnmenellis Vicarage 

Tabb. WiUiam, Burna-ithan, St. Day 

Tatham, Rev. Prebendary, Bradock Rectory 

Thomas, Henry, London 

Tom, P. Sandys, Rosedale, Truro 

Tom, Miss, Treharerne, do. 

Tombs, Rev. J., Burton Rectory, Pembroke 

Treby, late H. H., Goodamore, Devon 

Treffry, Rev. E. J., D.C.L., Place, Fowey 

Treffry, George, Exeter (2 copies) 

Tregay, WUUam, Pednandrea, Redruth 

Tregoniug, James, Tolgullow 

Tregoning, WUUam, Skyburrier, Gwennap 

Trehayne, John, Exeter 

Tremayne, Captain, North Treskerby 

Trengrouse, Henry, London 

Tresidder, W. Tolmie, St. Ives 

Tresidder, S. J. N., H.M.C., Falmouth 

Tripp, C. Upton, Trent College, Nottt 

Tuck, WilUam R., Truro 

Tucker, E. Beauchamp, Trevince 

TurnbuU, G.W., M.D., Exmouth 

Tweedy, A. E., Truro 

Tweedy, H.J, Lincoln's Inn 

Tweedy, Robert, Tregolls 

Tyacke, Miss, Helston 

Tyacke, Rev J. Sydney, Helston Vicarage 

Vawdrey, Rev. A. A., St. Agnes Vicarage 

Vivian, Hussey, M.P., Park Wern, Swansea 

Vosper-Thomas, Samuel, Eastbrooke, Dorset 

Wallis, Preston J., Bodmin 

Way, Albert, F.S.A., Reigate, Surrey 

Wellington, R., Chyandour, Penzance 

Whitley, H. Michell, Penartk, Truro 

Wildman, A. C, Penzance 

Wilkinson, Rev. J. J., Lanteglos Rectory 

WiUiams, Miss, Tregullow 

Williams, Mrs. Colonel, Exeter 

WiUiams, George, Scorrier House (2 copies) 

WilUams, John, Penryn 

WLUiams, Michael, Tregullow 

M'iUiams, Richard, M.R.C.S., Truro 

Williams, Charles H., Treviskey 

WiUiams, B., Truro 

Willyams, E. W. Biydges, M.P., Nanskeval 

WiUyams, Arthur C. P., Bodrean, Truro. 

Wise, Rev. R Farquhar, Ladock Rectory 

Wright, Abraham, London 

Wright, Rev. F. H. A., Stythians Vicarage 

Wright, J., Boslandev:, St. Paul 

Wriijlit, Martin, Mousehole 

Wnlff, Rev. J. Gee, Illogan Rectory 


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